this seriously made me choke on air

anonymous asked:

More stories about you and Kai please ;u;

Okay I’ll give a quick 5!

  1. One time I kept kai up the majority of the night because we were just relaxing after u know wink wink anyway and then I started laughing my ass off over that ‘yer a wizard harry’ video bc it just randomly popped into my head and I was watching it on repeat like 5 seconds after I remembered it existed, it was a complete mess to say the least but it’s so good
  2. In the ‘before days’ when we loved to hate each other (fucking homestuck days I s2g) because kai was like hey!!! i need to fill my quadrants!! anyway bad days, so we were just going through weird porn blogs on tumblr over tinychat and then I found this gif of an octopus and a girl and that was not pee that was not. pee. I’m p sure it will haunt us for the rest of our days
  3. one time we were making out and i made a farting noise with my mouth because I forgot to breathe and kai didnt understand that I was trying to pull away and he kept pulling me in (okay I have this habit of being a teasing little bitch so I wouldn’t b surprised if he thought he was just me trying to pull a stunt) and I was like no seriously I’m dangerously breathless right now I’m going to pass out, so I improvised and just let one orally rip (two birds 1 stone) it ended in me cackling and choking on air as i rolled away victorious and he just looked stunned for so long
  4. Kai also gets ridiculous giggles when I blow raspberries on his stomach, like RIDICULOUS giggles it’s great I’m the raspberry blowing master and he’s the perfect victim for my shenanigans (-:<
  5. Kai used 2 send me really cute audio recordings of him singing in the first year I knew him (again in the before days) because it used to calm me down when things weren’t exactly 100% and it was really really really lovely ahhhh voice of an angel I s2g I’m so proud of him, but that computer completely shat itself and I lost everything r.i.p. But!!! I still get to hear him sing from time 2 time when I’m in australia or he’s here bc he has a habit of singing in the shower or just when he’s doing random shit, I don’t think he notices half the time but it’s really sweet.