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Cinco de Mayo is about to start, so let's make some things clear:

Hello there! Diego here! (That… that’s seriously my name.) As some of you may know, I am of Mexican origin, and I would like to make a few things clear about May 5th you may or may not be aware about.

1. Cinco de Mayo is NOT the date of the Independence of Mexico.

That’s right! Mexico celebrates its independence in September 16th, or more likely, the night of September 15th, when traditionally they make the traditional Grito de Independencia by midnight, which is a reenactment of the legend of the night revolutionary priest Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla called mass in 1810 for the people to rebel against the Spanish government.

“Cinco de Mayo” also known as “La Batalla de Puebla” (The Battle of Puebla) is a commemoration of a victory in the battle against French invaders that arrived from the port of the state of Veracruz. Albeit not a strategically decisive battle on the war, it is important on national pride as a moment in which a tiny new country without virtually any funds by the time of 1860s defeated such a super powerful army which were the French.

2. “Sombreros”.

Ah yes.

The “sombrero”.

Just to put it straight: Sombrero just means “hat” in Spanish; at least Mexican Spanish. We tend to call sombrero to any kind of hat, that is if we are not using the word “gorro/gorra” alternatively.

The “sombreros” you usually see in every single stereotype you may imagine are based a mixture of the charro outfit and the way poor proletariats would dress around the dawn of the 20th century whom also were an emblem of the Mexican Revolution of 1910. (Another national celebration that goes in November 20th.) Slavery was already illegal in Mexico, but these people were exploited in a disguised system in which the workers were paid (miserably) and all of their expenses would be controlled in stores they were only allowed to spend at; those stores were also owned by the proprietors of the land they worked at.

The stereotype has been so reflected in so many places inside and outside the border it has even been reclaimed by the Mexican people themselves.

“Oh, so is it okay for me to wear one?”


By the way when I mentioned “charros”, I mean a traditional type of horsemen that follow their own set of etiquettes and styles, and it’s also practiced by women who are not only beautiful but also super badass.

3. Maracas.



THEY ARE MORE OF A BRAZILIAN THING.EDIT: Actually no, they are not Brazlian at all either.

Much like the sombrero, if you “went to Mexico” (Tijuana, Cancún, Mazatlán, Rocky Point) and they gave you maracas with vivid colors on them, there is absolutely no cultural importance behind it as souvenir of Mexico. Mexicans love to point at, laugh, and exploit the cultural obliviousness of tourists. Especially American tourists.


4. The mustache.

This one is a bit strange, albeit kind of true in some regards.

The mustache is an international symbol of masculinity, and Mexico is a country full of machismo, albeit “caballerosidad” is also one of the qualities in the Mexican etiquette which involves respecting the autonomy and individual identity of women, always approach to a non-violent solution, and a general attitude of politeness to both men and women; that said it is not impossible for a Mexican to be misogynistic as well.

ANYWAY, the mustache is kind of a downhill-snowball stereotype that may have started in just seeing many Mexicans having a mustache, but so do a LOT of American males as well, so uhhhh… it’s a very strange label to pin on Mexicans over all.

5. Tequila.

I actually don’t mind if you drink tequila. You kinda support the economy of my country and it’s an actual cultural thing that I like it when it’s spread around.

Just remember that it is NOT drunk with a worm in it. That is mezcal. Its like tequila’s wilder cousin. And no, it has no mescaline.

6. Other stereotypes.

  • Sugar skulls are a cool thing, I guess. No, they have absolutely nothing to do with Cinco de Mayo, they are part of Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) which is celebrated in November 1st.
  • “Do not drink the water” is a weird stereotype I have heard. I would not simply recommend you to drink untreated tap water anywhere. Period. We have water purifiers everywhere.
  • Mexico is what I call a “second world country”. It is not as developed and advanced as the United States, but it IS civilized in a great way we count with continuous technological developments and lots and lots of progressist enthusiasts.
  • Mexico is not proud of drug trafficking. It’s an extremely serious problem that has the entire country terrorized and I am really exhausted of all the attention they get from dumb Hollywood movies rather than the real Mexico. Do not talk about drugs. Do not talk about narcos. This is a very delicate topic that many people overlook the impact it’s had with Mexican people in their identity. Please.

  • I persist. Do not, seriously, DO NOT associate Mexican people with drug dealers, drug lords, “narcos”, or any other extension. If you seriously STILL wonder “what the big deal is”, I dare you to Google “narcos” on the image search and look at all the horrible things they do to the innocents. (It’s seriously fucked up and triggering with blood, gore, body horror shit.)
  • Mexican people have contributed with some groundbreaking contributions to science and technology and the way we are leading our lives. 
  • > Mario J. Molina is a chemist who discovered the causes of ozone depletion in the atmosphere.

    > Guillermo González Camarena patented the first trichromatic TV color transmitter in 1940. 8 years before Peter Carl Goldmark presented it to CBS and took most of the credit.

    > Luis Ernesto Miramontes co-developed “the pill”. Props.

    > Andrés Manuel del Río discovered vanadium in 1801 which is used to strengthen steel further and is applied from bicycles and hardware tools, to dental implants and jet engines.

  • Yes, Mexicans are actually laid back. No, they are not inherently lazy.
  • Mexican people are culturally masters of improvisation and creativity, this leads them to engineer creative solutions to everyday problems. Just felt like sharing this fact.

Ok so this is all I have right off the bat, and I wish you a happy Cinco de Mayo. Have fun, get drunk, party on; I don’t care, we don’t care. Just have these things on mind.

TL;DR: Please do not do/say anything racist.



Sorry this ended out kind of crappy. I might redraw this when I wake up in the morning.

also thank you! Hope it’s okay. I honestly haven’t EVER drawn Motanite even though it’s one of my top ships.

Friendly Reminder: America voted for Clinton, not Trump. He won because of the electoral college, which he said was a ‘scam’. We are not “Trump’s America”. I believe that the wall is stupid, costly, and discriminatory. I believe that refugees have the right to look for safety and find a job here. I believe that gay conversion therapy should be illegal. I believe that joking about sexual assault is horrible and his hate is too. And I believe that the ‘Muslim Ban’ is awful and has no basis. 

America is not Trump. 

The majority does not stand with him. 

And for American Muslims, people of color, and the LGBT community: I will never stop trying to protect you, no matter what. You are valid, you are perfect, and you shouldn’t have to be afraid in the ‘land of the free’. 

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Headcanons for stupid things Dick and Wally have probably done at Mount Justice or at the mall?

Oh my god

Okay so when the team doesn’t know what Dick’s first name is, Wally likes to call Dick a variety of names that are not his. Peter, David, Steven, etc.

He called Dick John once by accident and it almost made Dick cry. He stopped with the random names after that in favor of calling him Robert.

When they are out and about with nonsupes, Dick likes doing things faster than Wally because he knows Wally cannot use his super speed. All that “too slow” bullshit.

Wally 300% has lost Dick at the mall and called him a little shit over the intercom.

So many short jokes at Dick’s expense.

So many

They have done the Titanic thing at Ikea and Conner left them there.

Wally likes to serenade Dick with horrible loves songs at different points in time.

He walked up behind Dick once while he was talking to Zee and started belting “Can you feel the love tonight?”

Dick got him back by sneaking into his room at 3 am and blasting “The Circle of Life.”

Needless to say neither of them looks at the Lion King the same after those events.

There antics continue as they grow older.

“You know, I can take you a lot more seriously now that you have focused on just one primary color.” “Says the walking hot dog stand.”

Wally will totally stand behind Dick and mimic his stance and Nightwing face.

Oh my god Wally also likes to call Nightwing “Batman Jr.” and “The Batbaby.” (He calls Tim “The Babybat” and insists those are entirely different names and you cannot mix them up or else.)

I think that is all I got for now lol

Art Class- Jamie Benn

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Ok so hockey player plus painting equals no good, right? Right! Awesome! So enjoy Jamie’s attempt to paint!

Warning: none!

@yourbestmistakes Request: Hi! I LOVE your writing, I can’t stop reading! Well, I’m graduating in Arts this semester, I’m gonna be an Art teacher, so I though about you, writing something about it, maybe with a bunch of kids, and painting and a confuse hockey player that knows nothing about colors and kids! It can be funny and fluffly, you can choose between Tyler Seguin or Jamie Benn…. Love You!


              You couldn’t contain the giggles pouring out of your mouth.

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Homophobia in the Magicians

I’ve made it into season two in the show The Magicians, and I have a lot of feelings about it.  I have to say in the interest of honesty that I enjoy the show over all and I love the characters.  However the way the queer characters are being treated needs to stop. 

1.  A queer woman of color requests assisted suicide and has her request granted (bury your gays trope)

2. Elliot, who is by the way very very stereotyped, is forced to kill his possessed boyfriend (bury your gays trope)

3. Quentin is revealed to be bisexual as he cheats on his girlfriend (promiscuous bisexual trope)

4. Elliot is forced by “destiny” to marry a woman.  Seriously writers, this isn’t 1940.  The scenario had the added consequence of forcing him to relive his abusive childhood. 

LGBT characters deserve better and every single one on this show has either had something horrible happen to them or reinforced a negative stereotype. 

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All I'm saying, Dark, is good thing you don't have your driver's license. You'd be blubbering like a baby as soon as you got to a stoplight and didn't know which color the light was. Oh, and sure I'm weaker than you, but at least I know how beautiful a rainbow is after a big storm, or even what jelly bean I'm getting before I taste it. Seriously dude, you're missing out.

(This is too good of a comeback not to post. Thank you, friend, for dragging the Emo Boy.)

Dark straightens, raising his chin as his aura expands with a horrible ringing that assaults your ears. “I don’t blubber, especially not about things as insignificant as traffic lights, and as to beauty… that is relative. I have all that I need.” He snaps his fingers, and you’re torn violently from the room and deposited outside.

Thoughts on the Philly Pride Flag

Bear with me for this one and if you are going to read this post at all, read it to the end because it’s a journey.

The other day, when Philly released the Pride Flag that included brown and black within the colors, I had mixed feelings. Why? because I was a little annoyed at first but didn’t want to share that because it felt like white privilege and I didn’t want to come off like that. I realize that in itself is a very “white privilege” thing to say…but in order to make my ultimate point, I have to be honest. Even about the ugly parts of myself/thought process. 

Basically I was confused about what to feel and even though it’s not wrong to have feelings, I wasn’t sure the ones I was having were right.

But then I did a little thinking. Why was I so annoyed? Well, taking a little trip down memory lane and looking at my own rainbow journey: for so long I rejected the flag, I tried to ignore that part of myself. And when I finally did accept myself, I still rejected the idea of “pride.” 

It wasn’t until two things happened that I came to love that part of the community and myself. First, I found out what the Pride flag meant: it didn’t mean pride in sleeping with other men (which is what my naive self thought at first) it meant pride in not being ashamed of yourself. Each color represented something specific: ( Red-Life, Orange-Healing, Yellow-Sunlight, Green-Nature, Blue-Serenity/Magic/Art,Violet-Spirit).

Secondly, I really finally just accepted myself and realized I wasn’t ashamed of any part of me. So now, every time I look at the flag, I get that feeling in my gut where I just want to scream at the world “I am not less than you, I am me and I am here, and get on board or get out of my way!” It’s become very motivational.

Then Philly goes and changes the flag. And after my personal issues, I thought that they were changing the meaning of the flag - adding those two colors, to me, made the flag about race - something it never was about. It already was an over arcing symbol of the entire community. Or so my white brain thought.

AND THEN, I started reading posts and articles that, instead of taking an aggressive “If you hate the new flag YOU’RE the problem” attitude (Seriously that is not the way to have a conversation), but citing personal examples. People of color being excluded from bars, the horribly common comment so many gay white men and women say: “I’m just not into black guys.” and how all this has the backdrop of the rainbow flag. So it never gave these LGBT men and women the feeling of pride it gave the rest of us…because of things we did.

So I started some research because, well, I like to know things (and then promptly forget about specifics a couple weeks later.) Basically, the pride flag has already changed over the years. First, there used to be hot pink at the top that represented Sex. That went away because, according to wikipedia, the fabric was no longer available. In that same flag were turquoise (for Magic/Art) and Indigo (For serenity) which were merged to Royal Blue because, apparently, when hung vertically one of the colors was blocked by another pole and this fixed that. Obviously these were VERY important and significant reasons to change the flag. (Please sense the sarcasm in that statement).

WHAM. Hit me like a ton of bricks. I knew exactly how to feel after reading those types of statements: PRIDE. The new colors were not about a specific race, they stood for diversity and inclusion. Something that, within a community that on a whole is marginalized, is sadly missing. This change was actually being done for an important reason. I looked at that flag again and my feelings of misgiving were gone and replaced with those feelings of pride I have looking at the 6 color flag from before. 

I also at first had a little shame over my initial thoughts. But that passed. Honestly, I needed to feel those things, I needed to not agree with it because I needed this little journey. I had to recognize the inherent racism within myself in order to address it and overcome it and realize it was part of a problem. I had to learn that about myself so I can, hopefully, become a part of the solution.

Now, my only issue is the order…the black and brown together look out of place, as an artist I feel the aesthetic of the flag would do better to have the brown and black split and on either side of the rest of the colors, kind of hugging the rest of flag in a warm embrace of inclusion. But, they didn’t ask me to design it so it is what it is.

So, now maybe I’m just being self-indulgent writing this post. But, you know what? It is my flag too and if it’s gonna change, I should be able to comment on it…have a conversation…and learn to accept it. And maybe this post will help someone accept it too.

Those are my thoughts. 


okokok so I finally finished this redraw of a scene from @anawitchs‘ yangmerc fan fiction Morals Meet Compromise. So i chose this scene because 1. i was working on lighting and this took place (I think) during a sunrise or sunset? not sure. (excuse the horrible backgrounds btw, i seriously couldn’t get them right) 2. it wasn’t hard to draw. and 3. (the main reason) because I absolutely loved this scene. It made me cry a little inside, since it was the first heart to heart they had, and they had this moment of understanding. Unfortunately I had sketched out the last page to finish the scene but the ink/color ran and ruined it and i didn’t have time to redo it so… this is it lol. Enjoy



LOOK AT THIS! They don’t look like they’re standing around in Canterlot, they look like they’re posing in front of a GREEN SCREEN! And that’s the aesthetic of the WHOLE MOVIE!?

AND THAT SHADING???? It’s SO AWFUL! That’s NOT shading! That’s STILL just the ‘Bevel and Emboss’ effect from Photoshop! Sure it’s NOT bit-crushed to hell, but it doesn’t look GOOD! The ponies STILL have bags under their eyes and the light doesn’t flow naturally on their bodies! It makes them all look like they have a gradient effect going on which just clashes HORRIBLY with their colors!

I mean SERIOUSLY! The ponies DON’T look like they’re standing around Canterlot! They LOOK like they were cut and pasted onto the background of one of those cheap 3D animated cartoon movies! THEY LOOK LIKE THEY COME FROM TWO COMPLETELY DIFFERENT MOVIES MASHED TOGETHER!


WHAT IS THIS!? No, no seriously, WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS!?


But at the same it looks like it’s JUST Canterlot that looks this awfully bad too?? I mean, here are some backgrounds that DON’T look like total garbage compared to the Canterlot!

(Though Rarity IS gong Ghost in this one, that looks awful)

Just, THESE backgrounds look AMAZING with the animation SO WHY DOES CANTERLOT LOOK SO HIDEOUS!? Were they done by completely different teams? Are they just not RENDERED correctly or something!? WHY IS THE AIRSHIP SO AWFUL!?

Okay, so the 3D DOES NOT look good with the 2D animations and the shading is horrendous. Is there anything I DO like about this trailer?

Yes! There is! Mainly that the actual ANIMATION of everything looks stunning!

I also think the villains are well designed and look interesting. Sure, it’s nothing we haven’t really SEEN before, and their storyline has been covered by… ENDLESS numbers of fanfictions, but it’s always nice seeing them in high definition like this.

I dig her. AND she’s actually allowed to HIT things, which was always the funniest note about Twilight’s fight with Tyrek in Season 4 lol

So… YEAH. Definitely going into this with mixed feelings now. I can’t, I just CAN NOT get over how BAD some parts of this movie look, while OTHER parts look AMAZING! WHY IS IT SUCH A GRAB BAG!?

Here’s hoping it’s better than it’s initial impressions for me.

Something, which is not spoken aloud

Ok, It’s been a long time, but I’m finally posting my second Sprousehart fanfiction. Huge thanks to all Sprousehart fandom and especially @lilmooncat for helping me with editing.

I apologize in advance, because English isn’t my first language, so there is a huge possibility for mistakes. Thank you so much for reading this. Let me know what you think. Love you.

In the world of the most meaningless things there are the ones that create someone’s love. That love, which is not spoken aloud, which doesn’t inspire to write poems or novels. This feeling is so special, that you can feel nothing, but it. Until the last you’re trying to believe that you’re not in love, but there comes a moment when all the colors of the previously unknown feelings suddenly become clear and you begin to look at it unwittingly, trying to see all of its beauty, trying to touch, but never knowing that you already consist of these colors.

If you asked Cole if he believes in love, he would say:“I didn’t understand the question.” For him it was only the feeling that you don’t recognize. Not that he has ever answered this question, but this option seemed to be the most appropriate for him.

Looking at the green pearl liquid in his glass, he was thinking that it was high time to leave. This party was becoming too far-fetched and meaningless.

The room was full of dancing people. Their silhouettes were shrouded in smoke and light of neon lights that were moving like in black-and-white film. A variety of glass colored bottles was standing on the table. The soft neon light was penetrating through the glass. Cole noticed an ashtray filled with smoldering cigarettes and snorted contemptuously. They were disgusting and cheap. Pearl green liquid in his glass vaguely resembled absinthe, but Cole knew that it wasn’t true. Whatever it was, it was as cheap and nasty as all of the things here.

He was looking at the silhouettes of people who were dancing to the loud and monotonous music, but did not see their faces. Maybe it was too dark or maybe he didn’t want to see them. He was holding the glass in his hand and it felt like a habit.

Cole knew that coming here was a mistake. The foolish mistake which is usually made by someone, who is already hopeless. Everything here was disgusting for him: cheap cigarettes and countless cocktails, neon lights and empty unfamiliar faces. It was about 11 pm and it made him inexplicably tired. The evening didn’t bring the desired relief and there was a long painful night ahead.

Everything supposed to be completely different this evening. Cole knew it was his fault. He was fond of the feeling, which is not spoken aloud, and today this senseless party and the pearlescent liquid in the glass were his merciless lessons.

He has never told Lili that he feels for her that exact inexplicable something. He knew that it was impossible to say, but today she was with someone else and all these rules weren’t important anymore.

It was becoming stifling because of intrusive thoughts. The smoke was fooling his mind more and more. Cole put the glass on the table untouched. Along with smoldering cigarettes and colored bottles it will be the proof of how drunk was everyone here. Everyone, but him. Today, an alcohol wasn’t his silent friend, today everything felt wrong.

He went out at night live city street and exhaled. He exhaled in confusion, feeling an irresistible desire to act. The desire to make the night less exhausting and painful. Cole knew that nothing will help, because apart from Lili there was no such a healing medication. Maybe he should call her, but she was with someone else and he knew it. Phone conversations never solve anything. No, he needed to see her. To say something, or just sit in silence or make a play. Plays are nasty, but it’s the only way to show her the feeling, which is not spoken aloud.

Cole caught a taxi and told her address. It was like an old habit. The habit which is impossible to get rid of.

He was confident in what he wanted to do until he stopped in front of her door. Yes, today he was pretending that he was drunk. Today the arrogant smirk was his main weapon.

He rang the doorbell, simultaneously putting on a smirk, listening to the Lili’s slow steps. The door opened, accompanied by a symphony of surprise.

“Cole?” asked Lili, raising an eyebrow. Her glance was hidden from his eyes in the dark, but Cole noticed her trembling.

“Don’t pretend that you weren’t expecting me. It’s a usual time for a guest like me,” he drawled smugly, leaning against the doorway.

“Actually, no,” she said quietly, but deceptively. He could almost physically feel how she was getting angry. It was their little game when he did all those absolutely arrogant and annoying things, and she was angry. But today this game wasn’t enough; they definitely needed a whole play.

“What a blatant lie!” he almost sang it, unceremoniously walking into.

“I’m not alone, so you are slightly not in time,” said Lili irritably after him and he flinched, but just for a moment.

“Oh, really?” Cole smiled theatrically, turning around. “So, I will finally meet your boyfriend or whatever he is for you. Cami has been talking about him a lot, so why would I not assess his countless advantages? “he asked sarcastically with a challenge, looking at nervousness on her face.

"Lili, who’s there?” a voice was heard from the living room, shattering the silent tension in the air. After a moment in the hallway a young man appeared whose face Cole didn’t even try to remember. Lili was about to answer, but Cole was faster, stretching out a hand for shaking.

“I’m Cole,” he smiled, shaking the man’s hand, and furtively glancing at Lili. In a moment she would understand that this was a play, but right now he was continuing with his too well-rehearsed role. “Just came here to visit you. I apologize for the late hour, but this is Lili’s favorite time to make visits. I’m not the one to break traditions,” he smirked, noticing Lili’s annoyance and confusion of a faceless young man.

“I’m…” the man began.

“Yes, I know who you are. I think we’d better drink for acquaintance,” interrupted Cole, continuing his way through the Lili’s house and finally stopping in the living room. Two glasses of red wine were standing on the small table next to the couch. Cole grinned. He knew that she liked only white. He collapsed on the couch without permission, getting Lili’s frown and surprised glance from her “boyfriend” as a reward.

“Cole, you need to go” she sighed, looking in his giggling eyes.

“But I just got here,” replied Cole, looking like a hurt child. “Let me raise a glass for you and your big unbelievable love” he smiled at these words, lifting a glass and refusing to take his eyes from Lili even for a moment. His play took place in the glory, like a premiere of a long-awaited musical.

“Let’s stop kidding around.”

“Oh, it’s not like that,” a smirk painted his face with mocking bright colors. “I just wanted to say a few words. For example, I can give your boyfriend some advices. You don’t mind, right?” asked Cole, but he needed no response.

“Well…Yes… ” the faceless man replied, looking at Lili questioningly.

“That’s great!” exclaimed Sprouse, getting up from the couch, showing all his action in all its glory. It is a pity that nobody else saw him. People would applaud. But no, this performance was just for the two of them. “First of all, don’t wear this sweater. It’s horrible, seriously. Lili, you should have told the truth to your boyfriend.”

“Enough,” she couldn’t resist. “Go home. Enough for today.”

“Why are you so rude?” brazenly grinned Cole. “I’m just talking with your boyfriend. By the way, do you know that Lili loves chamomiles?” he was talking to her boyfriend, looking at her. It’s simple: it seemed like in this room there were just two of them. “Do you know that she likes cloudy weather and black coffee with two tea spoons of sugar? She likes to listen to the music from 60s in the evenings. She puts the alarm clock only 7:01 am, but never at 7:00.  She never tells why, but I’m sure that it’s because she doesn’t like round numbers. She is afraid of the dark, but would never admit. These are things you probably already know about her, but there is one important thing that you don’t know. You don’t know that she’s not in love with you,” he held his breath, trying to catch all her movements.

It seemed that in this moment of silence she finally realized that this play was only for her. His arrogant grin was just for her and a lively twinkle in his eyes was just for her. She was wrong. It wasn’t because of his vanity.

“Lili, I’d better go,” they heard the voice of a third person, who existed here like the scenery.

“No, wait,” she asked hesitantly. “Cole, what do you want? What is it all for? ”

“I wanted your boyfriend to know the truth,” replied Cole calmly, tasting the wine and leaving the glass on the table, just like the pearly liquid at the party.  "It is always important to know the truth,“ he approached to her almost impossibly close, forgetting about the casual viewer. He could feel her hot and inconsistent breath on the skin of his neck.

"Then tell me the truth,” she said firmly. During all this time in the living room, they haven’t looked away from each other even for a second. The door slammed, but they didn’t notice. They remained in this house alone.

“I’d tell you a million things about what I feel for you, but, unfortunately, this is not the thing, which is spoken aloud,” he whispered in her ear, feeling how she shivered because of his rapid breathing.

“Then why are you here?”

“I’m here because you already know the truth,” he answered, touching her cheek with his cold trembling fingers. “Oh, and also because your boyfriend had a really strange sweater. You’d better check if he is not a serial killer and call the police,” he grinned, and Lili laughed at his inappropriate joke. Hell, this was all of him, and there was nothing she could do with herself.

“Promise me that you’ll never wear a sweater like that,” said Lili with a smile, knowing that he will do exactly the opposite, wanting to see how she gets angry. Why not? Maybe their love consisted of these pointless things. The things, which only two of them could understand.

“It’s too late. My wardrobe is already filled with them to the top,” he grinned as always, touching her lips.

It’s not necessary to talk about the feeling that you don’t recognize. Yes, it doesn’t inspire to write poems or novels, it’s not spoken aloud, but there is something about it that doesn’t require words. Something utterly wrong, what makes you do the silliest things, but not to speak.

In the end, the night ceases to be painful and a welcome relief comes. The music turns off, the smoke dissipates, two glasses with red wine remain on the table untouched and the light in the window is no longer lit. There is only one pointless question left: what was that green pearl liquid in the glass?

P. S. Here  you can find my first Sprousehart fanfiction

Here are some Symmetra headcanons no one asked for because I love her and this has been sitting in my notepad for a while now:

- really likes watching beauty guru tutorials
- likes any shade of blue
- really good at giving massages
- gave her favorite movie a 7.5 rating
- enjoys water a lot (baths, showers, pools)
- thinks doing the dishes is relaxing
- doesn’t really understand Christmas and has no real interest in it but she still helps decorating the base because if she doesn’t it ends up looking horrible (seriously none of them knows how to space the christmas balls correctly or coordinate garland colors)
- enjoys Halloween though, because of the dressing up
- pansexual
- she’ll often discreetly fidget with small geometric shapes she makes herself
- she likes stars and pointy triangles a lot, she rolls them between her fingers and press the pointy bits in the pad of her thumb
- ambidextrous
- loves to dance

The White Princess Live Blog - Ep. 5

I had a lot of feelings about this week’s episode.  Mainly that the episode was utter horse crap.  But, I wrote 6 pages of live notes while watching.  There was a tightfisted sprinkling of decent scenes, but for the most part this episode felt like we were trudging over old ground and gaining nothing plot-wise.  Make sure to click the “read more”

Just want to say, if i hadn’t known there was a 5 year time jump in this episode i think i would have been confused for the first 15 minutes of the episode, since it isn’t explicitly stated in the episode that there has been a skipping forward.

Sooooo dramatic with the backlighting.  Who could this *majestic* figure in silhouette be?


I will never get over how easy it is for these two women to plot.  It just seems so unbelievable.  

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by smokesforsterek // ladiekatie

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The gang is back in town for the holiday weekend so they decide to go to The Cheesecake Factory for dinner before they all split ways again. Of course the waiter is a reincarnated god and of course Lydia has to make Stiles look like a fool. It wouldn’t be a reunion without it.

or the Cheesecake Factory AU no one even knew was a possibility.

“Hello I’m Derek, and I’ll be your server tonight. Can I start you off with something to drink?” A voice comes from the end of the table. Stiles’ eyes linger on the menu before finally looking up to tell the waiter their drink orders.

“Yeah, I’ll have a-” the watier is the most beautiful man Stiles has ever seen. His beard looks soft, but the jaw under it looks like it could cut glass. The uniform he’s wearing looks like it is straining over the muscles that are under it, and his apron looks like it is slung too low. His eyes are hidden behind thick rimmed glasses, but that doesn’t take away the beauty of them. Their green-hazel color is dimmed by the horrible lighting in here, yet, they still look amazing. (Seriously Cheesecake Factory, is it too much trouble to turn on the lights when you have god reincarnations working here?)

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You hadn’t even opened it. The wrapping was lovely (a multi-colored disaster with a bow on the side, like a tornado spun through a wrapping department and then rolled through ribbon, but lovely). The Doctor was giving you that big, goofy grin, and you decided that even if the present was horrible, you were going to love it, just because of the look on his face.

“What’s this for?” you asked, fingering the curly ribbons.

“Nothin’,” said the Doctor, his smile still fixed in place. “Go on, open it.”

“No, seriously, what’s this about? It’s not my birthday, it’s not Christmas or any other holiday, it’s not an anniversary…” You trailed off, thoughtful. “Wait, it’s not, is it? I can’t keep track of time in the TARDIS.”

“Um.” The Doctor looked left, right, and left again, but never directly at you. You recognized that look. He was hiding something. And the Doctor, especially in this body… well, as often as he might lie, he wasn’t all that good at it. Or maybe you just had him figured out. “Well, no.”

“Then, what?”

“Well, it’s just- I wanted- well, you know!”

You laughed. He was blushing horribly, and it made him look absolutely adorable.

“No, I don’t,” you said. “That’s why I’m asking.”

“Well, it’s- I…” He scuffed his shoe against the floor like a nervous kid. “I just wanted to give you something nice. To make you happy. I thought you would like it.”

“To make me..?” You looked down at the present, and suddenly, you didn’t care what was in it. You didn’t even have to open it. You could just keep it forever with its horrible wrapping and crazy ribbon and lopsided bow, and it would be perfect. "Oh, Doctor. You sweet thing. Come here. I love it.“

"You haven’t even opened it yet,” said the Doctor as you pulled him into a hug. He happily wrapped his arms around you.

“I love it anyways.”

the-friday-knight  asked:

So, in the Hero Lover AU Midoriya clearly likes both Todo and Kacchan. Seeing as Kacchan has blonde hair and red eyes, does this mean that Midoriya feels something for Himiko?

Well let me make a little chart here

Deku feeling toward Katsuki-> Some sort of childhood crush that went horribly wrong. At this point deku doesn’t see Katsuki as a romantic partner. Instead Deku wants to “tease” him.

Deku feeling toward Todoroki->  OMG HIS HOT!!! Maybe I should cover up??? I don’t want him to see my body until our honey moon night!!! >///<

Stain: (Wtf is this kid planning???)  D:< I get that ur a HERO LOVER but that kind of attitude u got toward them seriously worries me. 

Annnnd finally his relationship toward Himeko. i don’t think deku’s going to like her romantically because of the color of her eyes and hair

well at first he had hard time talking to her because she’s a GIRL. (Villain or not, this boy is still awkward around girls) But eventually he and Himeko got along, they had similar interest in weapons, “stain-sama” and cute hero boys. when ever deku wants to talk about romance problem he talks with her. Deku think of Himeko as best friend, nothing more or less than that.

You know what I’m getting sick of seeing in modern cartoons? I’m sick of the lazy animation, horrible character designs and bright fucking colors.

Okay sure, not every modern cartoon is like this, but most of the shit CN is coming out with has been absolutely abysmal.

I tried watching OK KO but I had to turn it off because the ugly animation and colors were literally burning my eyes, seriously how can something this ugly looking come out in the same year as the Ducktales reboot?

CN needs to get their fucking shit together, I’m getting sick and tired of this CalARTS cancer.