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I can't remember if you've posted about this already, but your comments on Magical Girl Raising Project remind me of some criticisms I've heard of Puella Magi Madoka Magica. Was just wondering what you thought of PMMM?

I like PMMM despite itself. 

The music is great, the story is heartbreaking, the visuals are fantastic

Plus, while PMMM is in no fucking way the first grimdark magical girl series (and holy shit do I find assertions that it is so fucking uninteresting), and while 90% of what it seeks to deconstruct or subvert makes me want to tear my hair out, it does do an interesting thing with Kyubey. Like the Portal games, which take the trope of the tutorial/guide character (the exposition fairy) who gives you hints and tells you how to progress during the game and asked “What if this character wasn’t really trying to help?”, PMMM took the mascot character in magical girl shows (a la Luna and Kero) and asked the same question. And that is genuinely an interesting exploration of one of the staples of the genre. 

For the most part, though, I like, sometimes, (sometimes I hate) PMMM despite itself. And I hate what it has wrought. 

The biggest problem with PMMM is that magical girl shows are, at their heart, power fantasies for girls. They are Girl Power at their finest. In fact, Sailor Moon was an major and oft-overlooked part in kicking off the Girl Power boom in the 90s. 

And what’s infuriating about PMMM is that it tries to tear that down. It’s not like Watchmen, another series which seeks to deconstruct the possibly unhealthy nature of the power fantasies of its genre. Because Watchmen is about vigilantism and male power fantasies, and 1. white men (who make up the majority of comic book heroes) already have disproportionate power so their power fantasies are inherently more sinister and 2. comic books are often centered around revenge, vigilantism, corrupt systems that “can’t be broken”, and ignoring the law. 

Meanwhile, magical girl series are at their center about hope and love. The heroes usually literally fight with hearts and rainbows and songs. They aren’t gritty “I wish I could kick everyone’s ass” power fantasies. They are “if you believe in yourself and are your friends you can help people and achieve your dreams” fantasies. And they are for girls, who are too often told they can’t be everything they want. Not men, who are too often told they can. 

So PMMM has this message, and if some of the interviews I’ve heard from the creator are true, a completely intentional one, that girls dreams are futile and destructive and that it’s harmful and useless for girls to want things. That girls having power fantasies or seeking to save the world will ultimately destroy them, or (before Madoka’s ending) turn them into something evil and dark. That ambition is bad for girls. That girls should learn their place before they become dark witches that destroy everything, or (after Madoka’s ending) fade from existence. That girls having power fantasies is ultimately harmful, and they need to stop. That girls have been wrong this whole time to want things. That girls’ desires, no matter what they are, are always ultimately selfish and corrupt. 

And I fucking hate that. That’s not subversive. That’s our whole fucking lives. That’s what we get everywhere else. Nothing a girl does can be right. We’re bad to have ambitions and to want things. Even the “nice” things we do are dismissed with ulterior motives as soon as someone decides they’re done with us.

And I fucking hate people calling it “so profound” and whatever, when it’s ultimately torture porn and the message isn’t even deep. 

And more than that, I hate that it’s success has spawned a series of knockoffs, so that now moe torture porn grimdark magical girls has become the most common iteration of the genre. So we had the incredibly ableist (OMFG WORST SHOW EVER MADE) Yuki Yuuna is a Hero, and we’re getting the “Magical Girls have to CULL EACH OTHER in a grim CHILDREN-LED FIGHT TO THE DEATH” of Magical Girl Raising Project and like I’m so fucking done with these grown ass men making shows for other grown ass men shitting all over girls’ power fantasies and thinking that shitting all over girls’ power fantasies is something new and subversive and not a reassertion of the status quo. 

Look, I genuinely enjoyed watching PMMM. It’s a well made show, with good characters (Rebellion and everything that’s come since is AWFUL though). But I hate its message, I hate huge swaths of its fanbase, I hate its creator, and I hate that its become the new standard for magical girls. 

Magical girls were already subversive. They were already something unique and powerful. They didn’t need to be brought down. And there would be good ways to explore and subvert the genre if you wanted to*. But just going for straight “everyone’s miserable and it wouldn’t work” isn’t actually a clever. Even without the inherent sexism, it has all the depth of those creepypastas that say “What if Rugrats WAS A DYSTOPIA” or whatever, like edgy for the sake of edgy isn’t actually deep. 

*(While it’s refreshing to Western audiences that magical girls are deeply feminine, for instance, because we tend to associate being strong with being masculine or a tomboy, in Japan magical girls often serve as a reinforcement that no matter what you do you still have to adhere to gender roles. A great subversion of the genre would be one where some of the girls, and especially the main character, have more traditionally masculine powers/appearances and this is treated as just as valid a way for girls to be. Also interesting would be a magical girl series where older women become the magical girls - women struggling to hold jobs and pay rent, mothers, college kids, grandmas - because magical girls [like Disney princesses and much of media] tend to focus on pre- and newly- pubescent girl characters as the most powerful and tend to ignore older women)

Basically, enjoying magical girls has always involved some level of watching it for what you want and ignoring the less than pleasant intentions of the creator. Sailor Moon was heavily based on a series called Cutie Honey, which was made 100% to be fap material for adult male audiences, and originally the idea of this girl hero was something of a ~sexy~ joke. And then people like Naoko Takeuchi LOVED her and took empowerment from her, despite that clearly not being the intention, and created series like Sailor Moon. And I think that’s still a fine way to appreciate shows. I can watch PMMM and take power and interest from it despite its goals, like I did with the grossly fanservicey depiction of underage Magical Lyrical Nanoha when I was a kid. And I can do the same with what is likely to be the ultimately disappointing Magical Girl Raising Project. 

But I’m not happy that I have to reinterpret and reclaim these shows to get meaning out of them. I’m not happy that a genre that was supposed to be about empowering girls has been largely stolen and dismissed as unrealistic and too idealistic. I’m not happy with an entire genre’s inability to see how positivity and idealism are subversive and groundbreaking. 

And I’m not happy with PMMM for making that the status quo, or with all the fans who think things are better this way.  

Archie Andrew - Help me paint?

Fandom: Riverdale

Pairing: Archie Andrews x Reader

Words: 1088

Y/N is going through a rough time with her family and gets to a breaking point. But fortunately Archie’s there to pull her back in and cheer her up. Basically lots of fluff.

A/N:  I know Riverdale only has two episodes at this point but I am already completely obsessed so I though why not write a one shot about it because let ‘s be honest the whole cast is freaking smoking. This is only loosely inspired by the series I doesn’t really follow the real plot. Hope you like it and make sure to let me know if you’d like more of this sort of imagines.

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Rough, rough is the only word that came to mind when you thought about your life right now. You always told yourself that you could, no, more like you had to handle everything but sometimes even your nerves broke. And unfortunately this was one of those times. Archie had been your rock throughout this whole mess. He was always there to cheer you up, everyday he’d stop by just to ask if you were okay, it was becoming kind of a ritual. But today, today you were really pissed, hell you were fuming. To say there was tension in your household would be an understatement. Everybody walking on their tip toes too scared to say or do the wrong thing that would set off another argument. You had had just about enough of this nonsense, and being the hot headed person you were, you got into an argument with pretty much everyone today. You parents had just gone out to dinner, which by the way was a freaking miracle that they even talked to each other after their constant disputes and your sister/brother had just stormed off after the heated discussion you had indulged her/him in.

Reader’s P.O.V.

I was pacing in my living room trying to get all my rage out when I heard the knock at the door. I opened the door forcefully “What the hell do you want?!” I snapped at the person standing at my doorstep without even looking, figuring it would have been my annoying sibling. When I finally lifted my gaze guilt flushed over me as I realised there was a confused and sorry looking Archie staring back at me with flowers in his hands. “I… I just wanted to check if you were okay… I’m sorry did I do anything-” but I didn’t let him finish as I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him into a much needed kiss. “I’m so sorry babe, I didn’t know it was you. God I’m SO happy you’re here.” You quickly explained leading him inside. He stared looking around the house with a questioning tone “They all left don’t worry.” I answered before he could even ask. I went to sit on the kitchen counter while I watched Archie put the flowers in a vase “I thought these would cheer you up a little, he smiled making me melt, and they’re your favourites, right?” “Aw, hun that so sweet! What would I do without you?” I laughed “You’d be a total train wreck” he smirked walking towards me. I wrapped my legs and arms around him and looked at him daringly “See now that’s mean” I pouted. He just gave me a cheeky grin leaning in to kiss me passionately. “So what d’you wanna do tonight?” I asked my forehead still resting on his. “Don’t really know, would you like to watch something?” he kissed my forehead since he was about to break out of the hug but I held him back “Eh… not really I mean we’re already seen everything.” He nodded “Well maybe if you’d let me go I could find something for us to do?” he smiled “But I don’t want to. Could we just stay like this?” I asked seriously starting to consider it. “Unfortunately no” he laughed.

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Archie’s P.O.V.

I practically saw the lightbulb turn on over her head “Oh I know we should finally paint my room, I mean everything is ready but I have just been putting it off for the past week. But since you’re here now…” she grinned. Gosh she was adorable. “Yeah sure that could be fun.” I simply replied taking her hand to go upstairs “I should warn you though, there is a strict policy of only shirtless men allowed to paint in my bedroom.” she smirked “Is that so? And what about you then huh? How’s that fair?” I laughed and shook my head “My bedroom, my rules Andrews.” her smile grew even wider and I couldn’t help but stare at her beauty. “I’ll quickly change and we can get started” she yelled already half way in her closet.

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Readers P.O.V.

I opted for my old cute denim overall and my Calvin Klein sports bra just to tease him a little. As I walked out of the closet he was mixing the paint. He was already shirtless and even though I had already had the chance to admire his abs, my breath was taken away every time I saw him without his shirt. He turned to me to say something but his jaw dropped seeing me. “Please don’t drool on my carpet” I joked. He quickly brushed it off and stood up to put his hands on my waist. “You can pull off anything can’t you” he smiled “yeah basically” I laughed throwing my hair into a quick ponytail. He tried to kiss me but I dodged him “Ah Ah Ah you got to earn it this time.” I pointed at the empty walls. He pouted a little but quickly got back to his energetic self “Let’s get to work then.” We were about halfway done when suddenly he came up to me from behind and wiped his paint full finger on my neck and cheeks “Oh it’s on!” I yelled chasing him with the brush. I managed to paint several strokes on him before he dipped his fingers in the paint and started chasing me around the room.

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Archie’s P.O.V.

“Oh God look at the mess we’ve made!” she said almost horrified by the realisation. “Don’t worry we’ll clean it up and look at the bright side at least your walls are finally done.” I sat down on the floor admiring the work we had just accomplished. “Yeah I guess so, and it was pretty fun wasn’t it?” she let out a small laugh as she laid down in my lap. “Yeah totally, I hadn’t laughed this much in so long!” I looked down at her and for a moment we just looked at each other in the most comforting silence. She was the first one to break it “Hey Archie?” she looked deep into my eyes. “Wassup?” I asked stroking her hair. It took her a minute to respond “Thank you… I mean thank you for everything. For being there when I need you and basically just for being you.” She opened up to me. “Anytime. You know I love you right?” this brought the biggest smile on her lips “Yeah I do and I love you too”.

21 series finale spoilers by Marlene King

1) Does Aria Have Multiple Personalities?
Aria has definitely been traveling down a villainous path this season, and King revealed that was all thanks to Lucy Hale’s off-screen requests. “[Lucy] has wanted to be bad for so long and it really took us a while to figure out how we could make Aria see her dark side,” King said.

But Aria’s dalliance with A.D., and her most recent spell of frantically talking to herself in the car, has many fans wondering if she could have a split personality. King was quick to squash those rumors, saying, “Aria does not have multiple personalities.” King added that when Aria was talking to the dead body in her trunk, that was her way of “regulating herself” in a severely stressful situation.

2) Why Was the “He’s Coming For You!” Scene a Dream?
“I’ll be super honest, when we were first shot it, we didn’t know who [‘he’] was – and that’s a spoiler right there!” King confessed. “It was a last minute decision to add that scene to the script because we just wanted to give fans a sense of what that flash-forward was going to look like. And for a year and a half we have been pondering like, 'Who was it? Who was it?’ We knew we were going to kill Archer, so it could be him, and then we just thought, 'You know what? Let’s just really have fun with it in a Pretty Little Liars thriller sort of way and make it a nightmare.’”

3) Was the Chalkboard in Emily’s Dream Hinting at an Emison Wedding?
In Emily’s dream-turned-nightmare, fans were quick to notice that Alison was writing out all of her various alias from the past seven seasons – including “Alison DiLaurentis-Fields.” Gasp! Was this a premonition for Emison’s romantic future? “I mean it is a dream, but we love to drop easter eggs and hints, so maybe,” King teased. “Tune in next week for sure you’ll find out.”

4) When Did the Cast Discover A.D.’s Identity?
“A lot of people found out at the table read because we didn’t give the scripts out ahead of time because we didn’t want them to get out into the world,” King revealed. “The person who is A.D. asked me not to tell anyone because that person didn’t want to affect certain scenes in certain ways.”

While King was tight-lipped on who is playing A.D., the showrunner was open about when she spilled the shocking truth to the unnamed actor. “That was a separate conversation that I had with that person fairly early on when the decision was made that they would be A.D. because it affected a lot of that person’s performances.”

5) Where Are the Biggest A.D. Easter Eggs Hidden?
King says there have been many A.D. clues sprinkled over the years in PLL, but these “last 10 episodes” hold the juiciest secrets. “We’ve dropped a lot of Easter eggs intentionally into them because we wanted fans to have a really good chance to figure this out and to be right,” she said. “So the A.D. reveal is very important but then the understanding of [why] is equally as important. That’s why [the finale] is two hours, so the fans and the Pretty Little Liars can all process it all at the same time.”

6-9) Lay These Lingering Cece Rumors to Rest…
Following last week’s shocking reveal that Mona accidentally killed Charlotte, many fans still had lingering questions, such as…

- When did A.D. steal the game from Charlotte? “I want to make sure that fans understand that everybody is interwoven, but as one story ends another begins,” King explained. “With the reveal of Mona, then it became the Charlotte story. And then with the reveal of Charlotte becomes this A.D. So this AD is separate in terms of playing the game from those other A ’s
- Who is the one who posed Cece’s lifeless body at the bottom of the tower with the purple flowers? "Mona,” King answered.

- Does that mean we can put the rumors about Melissa’s suitcase handle being the murder weapon to rest? “Yes,” she said. 

- Why did you ultimately decide to have Mona kill Charlotte? “She’s the most loyal friend to Hanna, but she has poor judgment as well, and she can’t not get caught up in these games,” King said. “This idea that Charlotte was going to continue the game really put Hanna’s life at risk. [Murdering Charlotte] wasn’t something that [Mona] intended to do, she really did just want to scare her.”

10) Who Gave Alison a Bloody Lip Back in Season 3?
Way back in season three, episode 23, Veronica Hastings recalled a flashback in which Alison stumbled into Spencer’s house in the middle of the night sporting a bloody lip. Alison refused to reveal who assaulted her and weakly tried to blame the injury on a tree branch. So who hurt Ali? “It wasn’t a tree, but during that episode in Ali’s life she was really sort of taunting and torturing the girls about these older people that she was hanging out with,” King explained. “I will tell you that in the writers room, we never said specifically who [exactly] it was [who bloodied Alison’s lip,] but it was that group of people… college kids. The same group of kids who threw that poor girl down the stairs, and broke her leg.”

11) What’s the Deal With the NAT Club?
For the longest time, Pretty Little Liars dangled lingering questions about Rosewood High’s mysterious NAT club, and we’re curious to know if we should still care. “They just sort of they grew up. It was a group of people who were peeping toms; they were spying on people for kicks,” King explained. “As the tapes got out and as the secrets got out, that was what got people killed – like Garrett.” So will this topic return in the finale? “I feel like we sort of dealt with that in the season 5A finale,” she concluded.

12) Who’s Coming Back For the Finale?
As we approach the two-hour series finale, many fan favorite characters will be returning to Rosewood for our last goodbye , but some – like Jason DiLaurentis – will be noticeably M.I.A. “[Jason] is not going to be in the finale. There are a couple of actors that we really tried to get but either they were booked on other shows and legally they can’t come back to us and he’s one of those,” King admitted. “But somebody we tried all season to we get back who is in the finale and on another show is Melissa, Torrey Devitto, so we were really excited about that.” And as for Paige? “I’m not going to say,” she said cryptically.

13) How Did the Moms Get Out of the Basement?
King confirmed that most of the Liars’ moms who are “still alive” will also be making a grand return to Rosewood. To make matters even sweeter, the moms will also be addressing one of the biggest unsolved mysteries of the series: How did the moms get out of the basement?! As you well remember, 'A’ trapped the moms in Alison’s basement at the end of 6A, but we never saw them leave. “[Their escape from the basement] is discussed, King said. "It’s not shown, but it’s discussed – maybe not completely in the way you want, but it is discussed.”

14 – 19) Rapid-Fire Finale Questions…
- Which couple has the most shocking moment in the finale?
“Emison,” King answered.

- Are there any masks involved? “There is at least one mask in the finale, maybe two,” King promised. “I won’t tell you whose mask it is, but they’re very realistic looking masks.”

- How many weddings will we witness in the finale? “If I tell you that it ruins the first hour of the finale for you, so I’m not going to tell you the answer to that one,” King said coyly. 

- Which character has changed the most after the one-year time jump? “Toby,” she teased. 

- Will there be a murder in the finale? “There’s a shooting. I can tell you that,” she said. “There’s a shooting.”

20) What Happens in Pretty Little Liars’ Very Last Scene?
We’re absolutely dying to know how Pretty Little Liars very last scene will play out. Will it be a happy ending, a shocking reveal or a lingering cliffhanger? Although she couldn’t reveal specifics, King teased that the series will end with a “full circle moment.”

“It’s like a bonus,” she added. “Although this show ends, this world continues. The mythology of this town will always go on. It’s not going to end with Pretty Little Liars.”

21) Could The Perfectionists Be a Pretty Little Liars Spinoff?
We already grilled Sasha Pieterse and Shay Mitchell about the possibility of an Emison spinoff, and King reiterated that “anything is possible” when it comes to life after PLL. However, we’re desperate to know if King’s next project, The Perfectionists – based on another best-selling Sarah Shepherd book series – would connect to the events in Pretty Little Liars. “It could. It could be in the same universe or it could feel like a similar universe,” King teased. “I would love to be honest about everything, but it’s still too early. I’m hoping in the next couple weeks we can talk more about that.”


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Husband! Doyoung

Request: hello :) could you do a husband!doyoung? love your writings♡

  • i swear we need more doyoung scenarios up here on tumblr
  • i probably read like every single one already wow i love him so much
  • so im here writing this up!!
  • i hope this isnt too bad though, i feel like my husband au’s are pretty similar to the boyfriend series
  • but let’s start

  • so this bunny’s been hinting you a lot lately for the past few months that he’s preparing something

  • and he makes it so obvious, you suspect everything he does is going to be the proposal
  • “babe how would you like me to propose to you”
  • “what do you think of getting a bigger apartment?”
  • “hmm would you prefer an old school typical ‘propose in a restaurant’ or something unusual?”
  • and everytime you answer with a “it’s up to you babe”
  • he gives you that one stare and acts like he’s pissed
  • because he really doesnt know what to do
  • but a few minutes later he’s cuddling up with you again so
  • so thanks to taeyong’s and johnny’s advice™
  • he finally thought of a cute and unique way to ask you
  • like always he’s packing lunch for you, waking up early in the morning to make you your favourite sandwiches
  • which you’re super thankful for
  • and before you leave for work,
  • he gives you a hug and pecks your forehead
  • “have a fun day at work baby”
  • and you give him a weird stare because he nevers say that to you, as compared to his usual “dont miss me too much at work” & “you could’ve stayed home with me today but you chose work i love you”
  • but he gives you the sweetest and cutest gummg smile and your heart flutters!!!! so you just give him a peck on the cheek
  • later at lunch when you open your lunch box to eat,
  • you were in shock because the foods were all cut up in the alphabets/letters ‘marry me?“
  • and you saw a small slip of paper beside the lunchbox
  • so you took it up to read
  • “no i’m not kidding babe, i’m serious, will you marry me?”
  • so being super happy and shocked at the same time you start calling him
  • “babe it’s lunch now and i just saw it. what- im super-”
  • “i know, turn around”
  • and when you do he’s over there with his arms wide open with flowers in his hand
  • so you run to him and say yes!!
  • he has the biggest smile again and all your colleagues are aw-ing & ooh-ing because you both are the sweetest
  • okay so him as a husband
  • sometimes he’d be the sweetest and most romantic person
  • but other times he’s just nagging & complaining 24/7
  • and because of that taeyong became your rant buddy because he can relate to you the most
  • which made doyoung even more pissed off because it’s taeyong
  • “you should’ve married him if you love talking to him that much”
  • “aw babe you’re jealous”
  • “no”
  • “but you’re so cute when you’re jealous though”
  • “dont make this move on me, it wont work-”
  • “i love you more than anyone else!!!”
  • and he becomes a blushing mess and trying to not giggle but fails
  • so he opens his arms wide for you to hug
  • but when he’s sweet you cant help but melt
  • because he doesnt hesitate to help you with anything
  • in fact he does most of the housework but doesnt complain
  • and loves buying you gifts and surprising you
  • he bought you a life-sized bunny plush toy because he felt that he was always busy with schedules and wasnt able to spend time with you
  • but when he finally has the time though, the both of you would spend the whole day just lying in the bed,
  • arms & legs tangled with one another
  • talking and catching up with everything
  • and he always updates you on the other members because like doyoung you love the others a lot and take care of them like kids
  • “mark wrote another song today and it was wonderful”
  • “aw as expected, it’s mark! is it going to be on the next album?”
  • “i hope so! the lyrics were really good though”
  • “time to compliment him when i see him the next time”
  • so whenever you go over to their dorms, you try to compliment the members because they’ve working hard
  • which is why they all love you and always teases doyoung about it
  • “yuta!! i heard you did great for the previous practice, good job hehe”
  • “aw thanks Y/N! how’d you know though? did doyoung tell you?”
  • “yeah! he said that even when he was watching you, he was staring in awe”
  • “DOYOUNG AH i didn’t know you love me that much”
  • “what did you tell him babe”
  • “i see you love talking about us to your wife and they’re all good things, unlike you in front of us!!”
  • “please yuta hyung don’t do this”
  • “be nicer to us more often like the words you say to her, i’d appreciate that”
  • “er no thanks”
  • but you all laugh about it in the end because it’s only a joke
  • okay but arguements and conflicts occur from time to time
  • mainly because the both of you disagree with something
  • and it gets really serious it turns into a big problem
  • one time you two didnt talk for two days straight
  • but after taeyong talked to him and some self reflections, he came up to you apologised
  • which made you cry because you felt bad for not understanding him
  • which also made him tear up because to him nothing hurts more than seeing you cry
  • but everything was settled and you were both happy again after cuddling for the whole night
  • loads of skinship
  • always has his hands on you somehow
  • and gives you kisses at the most random places
  • especially your neck
  • which always sends chills down your back
  • but he loves it
  • at the end of the day he’s thankful for you and your whole existence
  • without you he wouldn’t be able to be where he is right now
  • so he shows his gratitude to you by showering you with affection and love
  • and you’re glad you chose the right one
  • sweetest couple ever!!!

I wanted to record something since yesterday.. But I managed to do it only now.. The good thing is, I recorded 3 tracks/songs.. And I hope that all 3 will be satisfying to my ears so I can let myself upload them all..
The recordings are part of my “Sounds of the baby” project which I already started and shared its first 3 tracks on my SoundCloud page. 😊
Also, I kept a video recording as well for each if everything goes well, tonight’s songs will be also YouTube uploads! 3 additions to my “Black Hole lives” video series. 🤗
More.. Soon! 💗

Little Bean

Part of my Baby Winchester series this is part 2. Read Part 1 here.

Pairing - Dean X Reader. 

Summary - This is part 2 of my new series of baby Winchester. I hope you like it! Part 3 will be coming soon!

About - A one night stand with Dean leads to pregnancy for the reader.  

Warnings - Fluff, Swearing. 

Hours after you told Dean he was going to be a father he was already acting differently around you, more careful, caring. This put you on edge, thinking of everything he could be worrying and stressing about.
Finding him sitting on his laptop looking at an ebook of baby facts and pregnancy how to books made you smile a little.

“You’re taking this news a lot better than I thought you would have.” You admitted making your way over to him. “Are you honestly okay?” Asking him as you sat opposite him, a cup of coffee in hand.

“At first I was scared shitless, now. Not so much.” He admitted looking up at you from the screen he was glued to.

“Not so much huh?” Raising an eyebrow at the green eyed man in front of you, looking for any sign of deception in his face.

“Yeah.” He responded as he stood and walked towards your side of the table. “I realised I’m good with kids, my own may be different but you’re good with kids too!” He admitted putting his arm around your waist as he pulled you closer to him.

“Dean how in the hell is this going to work?” You asked pushing him away from you, looking down into your drink. “We’re hunters, death follows us, I’d have to leave this life, that I’ve accepted. You, you couldn’t leave this life you’d get dragged back in, you have before.” Glancing up into his eyes as you trailed off.

“Please, stop stressing about this now, we have months until we have to worry about anything, that’s months to plan and prep. plus it’s not like we’re the only hunters in the US.” He hushed as he pulled you closer to his chest. “Me, you and our little bean.” He spoke resting his hand on your stomach. “We will be okay. I promise.” He smiled down at you as you rested your head against his shoulder.

“Bean?” You questioned after a few moments of silence had passed.

“Yeah. That’s what they look like little beans. So it’s our little bean.” He admitted as he rested his forehead to yours, as he closed his eyes you saw a smile grow on his face which spread to your own.

“I could do with a nap, I’m going to get a few minutes of sleep.” You began to stand as Dean mirrored your actions. “Dean, Our ‘bean’ is fine okay. I wouldn’t even know if it wasn’t for a delayed Mother nature. I’ll call the Doctors tomorrow and arrange the earliest scan okay?” You half reassured half pleaded with the older Winchester.

“Okay.” He admitted defeat when he noticed the look you were giving him. “We have nothing planned anyway. Only a supply run. Want anything?” He questioned smiling down at you.

“No, I’m okay.” You responded smiling tiredly back stifling a yawn.

“Well, Do not lock your door or sleep in my bed okay?” Dean demanded as you began to walk towards to the bedrooms.

Moaning in response to his new found protectiveness. “I’ll be fine Dean.” Smiling at him over your shoulder as you left the room.

Waking up a few hours later to someone knocking at your door.

Groaning as you rolled over getting comfortable again, as soon as you were a wave of nausea hit and within seconds you had your head in the toilet bowl.
“Y/N. You okay?” Deans muffled voice travelled through the doors. You felt his hand in your hair holding it back whilst the other rubbed gentle circles on your back. “All done?” He asked helping you sit back against the wall. “I’ll get you some water.” He began to leave the bathroom.

“Yeah, I think so.” You relaxed a little as you wiped your mouth. “Okay nope.” Lurching forwards to the bowl again. Feeling Dean’s hands in your hair again, followed by a slight tugging confused you. Until you realised he was tying your hair back. “I’m okay. I feel better.” You pleaded sitting back against the wall.

“Can I do anything?” Dean asked stroking your head as he spoke.

“No, I think I’ll just lay down for a little bit.” Speaking as you started to stand up. “I’m going to shower too.” You thought out loud.

“I’ll be in my room if you need me.” Dean steadied you before turning to leave.

The shower helped a lot. You felt more human now. After cleaning up and brushing your teeth you walked into the bedroom. Throwing on one of Dean’s old plaids and a pair of jeans you made your way down the stairs. “Hey, how are you feeling?” Sam asked hugging you.

“Like I’ve been hit by a truck.” You admitted knowing you look awful. “I look like it too, I know.”

“You look beautiful, shut up!” Dean interrupted.

“Stop lying to me.” You snapped at him. Not meaning to do so in the tone you had. “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to say it like that.” Apologising as you walked over to him snaking your arms around his waist. Feeling him hug you back felt so comforting.

Sam clearing his throat interrupted you both. “So what are you two now?” He raised and eyebrow motioning between you both.

“I have no idea, Sammy.” You responded admitting you had no idea what your relationship with Dean now was, what was previously a best friend was now the father of your baby.

“Momma” Dean said pointing to you. “Dadda” motioning to himself. “Babba” Dean placed his hand on your stomach. “If momma and dadda get together then great if not we have a baby to love.” Dean pulled you in closer with his other hand.

“I’m surprised you two haven’t got together sooner, you both like each other I should bang your heads together,” Sam admitted as he raised an eyebrow to you both. “You’ve already slept together, don’t be awkward and just get together already.” Sam sassed as he began to walk to the kitchen.

“Don’t hold back Sammy!” Dean yelled towards his brother. “Although he has a point.” Pulling you even closer, resting his forehead on yours as he wrapped his arms around your waist.

“He does.” You confessed leaning in closer to his lips. “So.” you began.

“So” Dean repeated. “God I feel like a child” He chuckled to himself as he spoke. “Will you be my beautiful girlfriend?” He asked laughing with every word.

“Of course my love” You couldn’t help but laugh.

Deans lips crashed into yours, the taste of coffee on his breath mixed with the mint on yours. Your lips moved in unison as you heard a low groan in his throat, his hands moved lower down and began to raise you up as you wrapped your legs around his waist. Deepening the kiss getting lost in this moment of bliss with the man you longed for.

“Guys.” Sam Interrupted your show of affection. “This is why you’re pregnant in the first place.” He laughed slapping Dean on the back as he put you back down. “But good for you both.” Smiling as he walked away.

Smiling to yourself as you realised, You were with Dean, He was yours and you were his.

Part 3.

We'll See Better Days |  Pt 1

Main Characters: Jungkook, Taehyung, You

Words: 3485

Genre:  soulmate au, zombie apocalypse au,  angst

Summary: There isn’t exactly a certain direction to head towards, a strong hope to cling onto or a promise of survival but somehow, it seems as if everything will be alright as long as you’re together.  

A/N: This was inspired by World War Z and The Scorch Trials. Jungkook is briefly introduced here while Taehyung already plays a big role but I’ll start on Kook and the other members more in depth in the second part. This is my first ever au series and I hope it turned out well! Please leave comments if any and tell me whether you liked it :’) 

Originally posted by chimcheroo

“It’s darkening,” Taehyung observes, and you look at the flower-shaped mark  on your arm.

You had it since birth and the people who saw it always said that you were a lucky child and that one day, you would experience something so magical, a feeling indescribable. With a spark in your eye and hand placed gently on the area where the ebony black flower was, you would nod your head, anticipation growing one notch higher.

But the world descended into chaos one day. You still remembered, how your parents sat in front of the television all day, waiting for news of hope for the world and for your lives but there was nothing except footage of yet another attack of the infected and reports of a  once quarantined city being wiped out by the virus.

You look away from your arm and continue walking, too focused on survival to care about some mark that was supposedly special. It couldn’t save you if hundreds of those monsters decided to make you one of them, could it?

“If it getting darker means us finding food, then there’s a point in me knowing,” you say bluntly and he sighs, realising that the mark had already long lost its meaning and promise of a bright future ever since all possible hope got crushed by the constant loss of lives and merciless destruction.

A small supermarket catches your attention and you nudge Taehyung, pointing to the possible source of supplies that you both were so desperately looking for. “So does my magical mark really tell me when food is near?” You gasp, putting on a fake shocked expression and your best friend breaks out into a laugh.

“Perhaps,” he shrugs, then runs up the slope and you know what’s going on.

“Tae, we’re going to share the food we find!” Breaking into a sprint, you chase after him and the both of you are too focused on grabbing the precious smoked ham to notice that all the lights are out. It is only until he flings open the door, entering the supermarket that a thought enters his mind and his whole body goes stiff.

“Uninfected places always leave the lights on to show that the creatures aren’t inside.” His voice lowers to a soft, trembling whisper but you brush it off.

Putting your hand on his shoulder, you pat it lightly and smile. “Look around, this place is empty. Besides, the light that the infected can’t come into contact with is sunlight.” But turning around, you notice that the blinds were shut, blocking out all possible sunlight and you felt fear creeping into your heart, sending your mind into a frenzy and cold sweat to break out.

Taehyung listens to your reassuring words at first, calms down but soon notices what makes you so scared and the look of pure fear in your eyes and at that moment, he can only think of two words. It’s over.

Just like what the both of you had guessed, a door near the cashier creaks open and you back away slowly, hands feeling for the handle of the exit. A grey, limp hand emerges from the room, skin rotten and fingernails yellow. You had seen many of them before, on television, not in real life and you swear on the spot that they look a thousand times more disgusting up close, the stench coming from them making the whole experience even worse.

“D-do we run?” The boy stutters and you want to say yes and sprint for your life but your legs don’t listen. Taehyung repeats, immense terror evident in his voice, “D-do we run?”

You watch as the infected shows itself, stepping completely out of the room which might contain more of them but you don’t want to even think about that possibility. It turns its head, bloodshot eyes flickering to your direction and eventually staring straight at you. There is a moment of silence before it shrieks, showing its equally rotten teeth as it takes steps towards the both of you and you finally snap out of your trance, grabbing Taehyung’s hand as you shout, “RUN!”  

Neither of you looks back, entire body and mind focused on escaping from the infected whose animalistic noises can still be heard loud and clear which is weird because you were sure that they couldn’t come into contact with sunlight and they couldn’t possibly run as fast as you.

“How are they not burning in this sunlight?” You pant as you run for your life, hand still holding Taehyung’s tightly, refusing to let go. “And how are they running so fast?”

He looks back to see four of them not far back and he doesn’t know whether you two will be able to escape from them. We need to get on something faster.  His eyes frantically scan the surroundings, gaze finally landing on a motorcycle in the distance.

“You see that bike over there? We’ll sprint with all we’ve got and get on it. It’s our only chance!” Picking up speed to the max, you and Taehyung use every last bit of energy left to make the distance between the two of you and the infected as far as possible so that by the time you hop on and the engine starts, they wouldn’t have caught up.  

As soon as your arms are around his waist, Taehyung accelerates, causing the motorcycle to jerk violently but you keep your balance. One of them reaches out for you and you scream swinging your arm and flinging it away from you. “Taehyung we need to go now!” You yell, sweat dripping down your face and heart pounding in your chest. Right after you say it, the bike jerks again before moving forward, gaining speed in no time and bringing both of you away from the infected whose faint cries are the last thing you hear before nothing can be heard but you and Taehyung’s heavy breathing.

“We made it,” He says softly and you hug him even tighter, feeling the cool air evaporate the sweat on your skin as you rest your head on his back.

“Yeah, we did.”

Just when you think that everything is over.

Taehyung parks the motorcycle by the roadside and you hop off, memory of the encounter with the infected still fresh in your mind.

“We have to tell the rest about those,” Taehyung pauses, trying to find the right word to describe it, “evolved infected. With their speed and tolerance for the sun, we won’t even be safe in the day.”

You nod. “Their house is just over there, let’s go.”

The two-story house with a unique blue roof stands out among all the dull, grey ones and you frown when you notice that the front door is wide open. “All is welcomed huh,” he jokes but you know that something is wrong when the usual loud chattering and music blasting are absent.

You take cautious steps and Taehyung starts to understand why you look as if something’s wrong. “It’s too quiet, isn’t it?” he murmurs and you nod, grabbing a wooden broom from the front porch to use as a weapon to fight off whoever, whatever might be inside.

“Jimin? Hoseok?” You call their names but there is no reply and you’re a hundred percent sure that they’re not in.

Taehyung tries to lighten up the mood, smiling as he tells you that there is a possibility that they’re just being silly boys who play pranks but you know that isn’t the case as the doors of all the houses in the entire neighbourhood are left open.

You point that out to him and his smile fades away instantly. “They came, didn’t they?” A note nailed onto a wall catches your attention and you reach out and grab it, afraid that some of those things are lurking around.


Crushing the note and throwing it to one side, you look around once more to make sure that none of the infected are nearby. “Where are they?” He asks as he follows you back to the motorcycle and you hate to say it but it’s the truth.

“I know where the survivors are but I don’t know if our friends are a part of them.”

Taehyung’s eyes widen, entire being growing numb at the thought of his closest friends turning into one of them and a thousand ‘what ifs’ circle in his mind, fear and despair washing over him like a huge wave. What if we hadn’t gone to search for food? What if they’re hurting, wondering where we are at this very moment?

You notice the boy’s hands fall by his sides, back hunched and walking pace slow and draggy and you know that he is feeling horrible but so are you. “Jimin is smart, has one of the best instincts I’ve ever seen and Hoseok-” The two boys’ grinning faces flash into your mind and you blink away the tears in your eyes, telling yourself that there’s no need to cry because they will surely be alright. Together, they had the strongest chance and hope of survival so all you could do was hope that with all they had and with all the luck, if there was any left in this world, that they got through the attack.  

Taehyung straightens his back and tries to regain composure. “I know. They’ll be fine.” The both of you hop onto the bike and head off to the underground camp where you guess the survivors are hiding at from the “_V_” symbol on the note which looked like an arrow pointing below ground level. He whispers again, softly but you can hear it and you want to believe him without any doubts but it’s not easy to.

“They’ll be fine.”

A small, dim speck of light indicates there is indeed people in the underground camp and you knock lightly on the metal platform.

“They’re not going to open up just because they hear a knock, ___________,” Taehyung points out and you shrug, trying to hide your embarrassment to the best of your ability.  

“Then what are we supposed to do-” You trail off, noticing a red dot on his forehead that looked very much like it was from a sniper. Looking around, a man in black is standing on a rooftop and you squint, trying to make out who he was.

“Are you infected?” The man’s shout echoes and now, Taehyung realises what is going on when he sees a red dot on your forehead.  

Wondering whether he will even believe you if you say that you are clean, you take a deep breath before yelling back, “No! Both of us are clean!”  Taehyung nods, hoping that the man will put down his gun and not kill both of you off.

“Wait…” His serious, all-out-to-eliminate-infected attitude disappears as he takes off his mask and puts on his glasses and suddenly, he breaks out into laughter.

“Jung Hoseok, keep your glasses on next time,” Taehyung groans as Hoseok runs down the stairs of the building. The brunette chuckles as he presses a button on a device, revealing a small opening in the metal platform.

The three of you go underground as fast as possible, closing the only entrance behind you so that nobody could enter. You hate to ruin the reunion but you need to know  - “Jimin…is he alright?”

Hoseok points to the smile on his face. “I wouldn’t be smiling if he wasn’t.” His smile then fades before he rolls his eyes and says in a loud voice, “Jimin, stop hiding behind the wall. I can see you,”  and it feels as if the weight on your chest is lifted, knowing that all your friends are safe.

The chubby boy peeks out from behind the wall and grins widely, pulling you and Taehyung into a tight hug and at that moment, you feel as if they are all you need to get through anything the corrupt and twisted world will ever put you through.  

“Less than half managed to survive,” Jimin fills both of you in on the situation.

Taehyung has a confused look on his face and the other two boys can sort of guess what question he has. “While we walked around, we didn’t come across any infected. Don’t you change almost right after getting bitten?”

“You see-” Jimin lowers his head, not wanting to bring up what had happened again but he knows that you both have the right to know. “Those who got bitten asked to be shot. They didn’t want to become…animals.” Realization strikes you and your hand shoots up and covers your mouth.

“So you killed them…” Taehyung finishes and Jimin looks away, blinking away the tears that had formed. You can imagine how hard it was for them to kill their own friends and know that it must have taken a lot of strength to pull the trigger. 

“Just think about the ones who made it. At least we’re together,” Hoseok tries to add some positivity and you want to feel hopeful but you can’t. It’s just not easy. Deep down, even the most encouraging and optimistic people are actually hurting inside but that’s just how it works right? We all put on a front and hide our true emotions to try and be a positive influence when times are harsh.

Light reflects off a familiar pair of sunglasses and you remember about the shocking discovery you have to share with him - Namjoon, the oldest among the five of you and naturally, the leader. “We knew you two couldn’t possibly have been taken. You’re just too strong for them, aren’t you?” He smirks and you shrug, indicating that you knew you would be able to make it and he scoffs at your confidence.

“By the way, the infected can-”

“Yes.” Namjoon cuts you off. “They don’t burn in the sunlight like they used to. And- ”

Boy, they can run,” Jimin shakes his head and Namjoon frowns, annoyed that the younger one interrupted him. You then realise that three boys already have a fresh encounter with the infected and you feel stupid for thinking that you had made an amazing discovery.

2-07. That is the number given to your district - one which has less than fifty people left. You’ve heard of districts like 3-04 and 2-02 that are totally wiped out and you know that your district is more fortunate but you can’t help but think of them, the Ones.

The entire country was divided into three classes with seven sections each, “1” being where the richest lived and “3” being the homes of the poorest. You  and the four boys lived at “2”, what was called the middle class. The second number that came after the dash didn’t have any meaning, it was just something to differentiate each of the seven sections.

“Are you thinking about the Ones?” Taehyung raises his eyebrow and you wonder whether he could tell because of  the look of despise on your face or because he has been your best friend since birth and can read your mind.

“I hate them,” You hiss and the boys have grim expressions on their faces.

There is silence for awhile but Namjoon breaks it, sighing out loud as he twirls the ring on his index finger. “The rich always have a way out, don’t they?”

Everyone nods, anger and disappointment filling each of your hearts as you all question why is life so unfair and why can’t everyone have equal chances to live. Weren’t all lives equally precious?  

Why couldn’t the Twos, and even the Threes, get to enter the Safe Zone as well?

All the survivors are gathered in the main hall and you see some familiar faces but at the same time, wonder where some are before concluding that they didn’t make it. Ninety percent of the remaining people are your peers, the ones fit enough to outrun the infected. You see some adults and two old folks standing quietly by the side and you know that they feel the worse out of everyone because they are the ones who lost all the ones they loved.

Namjoon isn’t the oldest but the crowd listens to him. Perhaps it’s the strength and determination they see in him, or maybe they don’t even care, death seeming to come closer and closer anyway. But whether they want to press on, whether they don’t, it doesn’t matter to the boy because he is going to do all he can to make sure everyone has a chance of living.

“We’re all here for a reason.” He starts off, tone firm and voice projected, reaching the ears of all the people there. “We’re here because when the mob of infected came to destroy our lives and crush our hopes, we didn’t let them.” You notice some bowed heads start to rise and backs start to straighten and you smile, knowing that Namjoon’s words are starting to spark something in the people. “We ran for our lives. We fought alongside each other. To the best of our ability, we made sure that no one got left behind.” He stops, turns to the side and wipes away some tears forming in his eyes before continuing, stronger with each word. “But some did, and we cannot forget them. We managed to pull through and if we give up now, how would they feel? They fought for their lives and lost it, while we survived but chose to give it up? No. We can’t do that.”

At this point in time, some are sobbing and those around them have their arms wrapped around him or her. Tears flow down your cheeks and you cover your face, embarrassed but before you can stop your crying and pretend that nothing had happened, a pair of strong arms bring you towards his chest as he hugs you tightly, giving you all the support and love you need to feel strong again. The hug becomes tighter and you open your eyes, vision slightly blur but you can still see the beautiful sight of Jimin and Hoseok putting their arms around Taehyung who had his around you. The four of you stand there, being a pillar for the other and the feeling is so warm, so peaceful and you wonder what feeling from your mark could possibly be better than this moment.  

“With the lost ones in mind, with a bright future and lives something we insist on having, we’ll get through this together, no matter how hard it might get. Can we do this?” Everyone looks at each other, the fire of determination burning in their eyes and in unison, answer with a sure reply.

“We can.”

A boy with dark, black hair points at the speck of light on the platform. “There are survivors hiding down there,” he tells his leader and the older man is glad to have such an observant friend by his side.

“Good eye, Jungkook. Let’s try to make contact with them and see whether joining forces will be a good option.”  At that very moment, a red dot appears on the leader’s forehead and Jungkook freezes.

“Jin, there’s a sniper somewhere and he’s aiming right at you. Don’t move.” The blonde hears this and stops all movement, hands raising into a surrender position as he looks up, spotting someone on a rooftop.

Down below, Hoseok’s walkie-talkie makes a funny sound before a voice can be heard, loud and clear. “There’s a group of around twenty standing outside. They look like survivors and Threes. What do we do?“ 

Namjoon frowns and runs his fingers through his hair.“Survivors? What do they want from us?“ 

You shrug, and when you do, you notice that your sleeve seems as if a light is shining through it and you roll it up. 

”___________…what is that?“ Jimin points at your mark which is glowing and you jump, pulling your sleeve back down.

“What’s happening to me? Why the heck is that thing glowing?” There is panic in your voice as you cover that area with your hand, refusing to take another look at it.

“It’s your soulmark, right?” Namjoon asks and you nod, not exactly sure what that meant but that was what everyone told you it was. “Then your soulmate is near.” He says simply and the grip on your sleeve loosens as your arms fall to your side. Taehyung’s eyes are wide as he stares at you, wondering how such a thing could happen at such a time.


Back up there, Jin still has his hands up in the air, wondering why the sniper isn’t making a move but Jungkook’s attention isn’t on his friend anymore. The younger one says something that makes his friend turn his head and for a moment, the sniper is completely forgotten.

“W-why is my mark glowing?”

Let’s Get Real….

There are way too many fan sites and blogs that simply gush over ‘Tangled: The Series’ I am not one of those kinds of places.  So far, I would give the series an 8 out of 10.  Its crippling flaw was that we were promised a rich episodic series, what we got was nothing like that.  Out of the six episodes we have only three real episodes that fit this episodic feature.  The rest are standard children ‘lesson learning’ tropes, though unique and not your standard ‘lessons’ such as ‘not everyone can be your friend’ it’s still crutch on the childish trope of what I like to call Kindergarten Politics, and something from Sophia the First, and Elena of Avalor.  

Can this really be a complaint?  This is Disney Channel, the show is slated for 8-12 year old’s.  I am going to have to say yes, we deserve better.  We were promised a lot from ‘Tangled: The Series’, and though we got a lot, we also didn’t get everything.  ‘Tangled: The Series’, is not ‘Tangled’ the Feature Animation.  The second half of the series I hope will put an end to the Playground Politics Trope and get back to giving us the rich EPISODIC series that was promised.  If you can interchange more than half of the episodes you put out already… You are NOT episodic. If you want to continue with the current format I am fine with that, but let’s not make any claims of episodic when you’re not.

Animation quality has been somewhat consistently good.  There are flaw when using 3D animation in a 2D animation format.  You can get some jerkiness, and stiff movement from the use of 3D animations character rigging.  Like most TV 3D animation, the animators simply don’t have the time flesh out character movement.  They also don’t have that many polygons so not many points to really rig…  It’s a lot of technical stuff that I don’t need to go into.  So far this hasn’t really effected the show, only in action sequences where fast and fluid movement is needed.  The series luckily hasn’t had much in the way of action.  I should say lucky for the animators, not so lucky for us.  Not like ‘Tangled’ was an action pact thrill ride, other than Dam scene, and the Prison escape it was a romantic comedy.  So, though it would be great to have some more Eugene Swashbuckling, but after the jerky mess of the stupidly named Fitzherbert P.I., (Seriously, that episode had NOTHING to do with Private Investigation work.  Even when he was investigating he was doing so as an agent of the Crown….   ERRR dumb, dumb episode name) I will forgive them for not wanting to make action a priority. The best action scene in the series had was the Coronation Battle, which still wasn’t without its flaws.  

So, as we come up to the end of the Season 1 hiatus, we must not be so “Blinded” that we cannot point out that we do not have a perfect series.  We must always press for better, and not let ourselves be so in love with the series that we love it not matter what.  Like when they promise us a rich episodic series, and give nothing close to episodic. I doubt we would see any improvement on this…  Disney… and well, they are already in production of Season 2 and preproduction of Season 3…  

I do hope that when we finally get back to the PLOT that we continue having the rich story they’ve delivered to us when they feel like being episodic.  Even if I gave the series a 8 out of 10 I still love it, and it’s still true to the original series…  Is it perfect, no nothing is.  Could it be better, yes.  

anonymous asked:

I was hoping for something which would explain S4, I don't know what, anything, something which would bring back our Sherlock, our show, something which would let Johnlock finally happen, I was still hoping but now, with all the things I read Mofftiss said to the Con, I wonder if it is useful to hope anymore =(

Hi Nonny! 

*hugs* I know how much it hurts, Nonny, I really do. And you have every right to feel like you were hurt. Plan or not, they really went about the whole thing in a terrible way.

I’m going to be honest with you, Nonny, and you can take it or leave it, I won’t be offended: everything they’ve said is the same song and dance they have always done. They always lie, and have been digging themselves into a pit since January 15. So take whatever they say with a grain of salt; I’ve really stopped giving them so much credit, because it’s clear they’re never going to tell us the truth. We ourselves have already made the series better than what we received – our content creators make this fandom a wonderful place, so honestly TPTB can’t take that away from us.

I don’t see anything wrong with having a bit of hope Nonny, but it’s more about if YOU can be okay with it. I’d hate for you to continue to be expecting of something else, and nothing keeps happening and it hurts you every time. So if you decide to get off here, that’s completely alright; your mental health and happiness is far more important that a television show. Really, being upset is giving them power. You are too awesome for that. 

Let me just say that if S5, should it happen, is ANYTHING like S4… PUT IT BACK. I don’t want it. We have written better endings for them, Lovely.

Johnlock became canon in S1 with the fandom, Nonny – hell, back 135+ years ago if you want to be pedantic – so take love from that knowledge. <3

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I know college has been stressful for you, and I hope it gets better. But when everything gets easier in college would you ever consider doing a comic series on nick and skye. I absolutely love your work with that and I would love to see more.

Thank you so much for the wish <3 obviously college really did brought me into full study mode o_o

and yes,  I’m always up for some Nick and Skye series! (I think I kinda did that already but, you know, doing more of it XD ) .  Let’s just pray I have the free time again to even draw them! ._.

Hmm.. probably I’d do a Young Nick Wilde & Skye series like I used to…

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I'm so sad rock and riot is ending it's so wonderful and wholesome. It's my favorite comic right now because it makes me feel safe, i'm gonna cry everything about this is so sad but wonderful bravo to everyone.

Thank you so much <3 There’s no need to feel like the comic ending is a loss, because there are already so many other webcomics out there that are still going, and of course I’ll still be making more webcomics. <3

Thank you for enjoying my series! I hope you’ll like the final pages <3

Fiending {Pt. 4}

OK! This is part 4 to the Euphoria series, the links to the first three parts are here:

I really enjoyed writing this section to the series, the focus is primarily on Kai and Bonnie and the goal I had with this one was for everyone to already be on, like, 100 at the beginning of the section and everything just gets more and more out of control as the story progresses so basically the theme is chaos and it returns to the idea of a consuming, toxic relationship and what that looks like, what that means, what the consequences and rewards are. There’s also a return to smut in which I involved a request to see Bonnie drive Kai crazy so I hope you guys enjoy. So please comment and reblog (if you want) because I enjoy reading what my Bonkamily has to say about what I write! And hopefully you find it to be as lit as I thought it was when I was writing it, LOL.

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You steal me away
With your eyes and with your mouth
And just take me back to a room in your house
And stare at me with the lights off
To feel something [x4]

— Daughter, Touch

The fire was the only source of light in the entire house — an orange glow that threw the living room into an ominous haze; shadows of the flames danced across Kai’s face as he sat on the couch completely immobile save for his hands, which were gripping the sofa so tightly that his knuckles whitened, that his nails were scratched with scraps of the material.

    It kills you doesn’t it? That I’m the one she wanted first.

    Damon’s words had stayed with Kai ever since they were uttered three days ago, burrowing into his mind and taking hold of him, taunting him, so that they deprived him of any sleep, so that he thought of nothing else but what they meant, what they could mean, what they implied, what they threatened. It had always been something that sickened him with jealousy — the unspoken tension between Bonnie and Damon, the not-so-quiet lechery in his eyes when he gazed at her, the vague curiosity in Bonnie’s expressions when she noticed it. Kai had driven himself crazy going over and over and over different scenarios of the two of them together, his body devastated with uncontrollable fury at the sight of Damon simply touching Bonnie, the urge to maim and destroy and utterly break Damon apart an overpowering burning in his gut. But that was before. That was when all Kai had was his cruel imagination. That was before words were said with malicious smugness, words that told him Bonnie had wanted Damon and that given the chance, would sleep with him, have sex with him, fuck him. A tremor passed over Kai’s face and abruptly, he stood up, grabbing the coffee table as he did, throwing it with such forceful rage it splintered into pieces against the wall.

    The volatility those words incited in Kai was new to even him; a murderous jealousy so intense that he didn’t even feel like a person, a desperate rage that consumed his every movement, his every breath, his every thought that he felt like his body would break apart with the pain of it. Those words, that conversation, memories of seeing the two of them together, recollections of arguments he and Bonnie had over Damon, images of the two of them entwined, it all reverberated in Kai’s head, echoing in his ears, crowding his mind so that he saw everything and heard everything with every cell in his body, his entire being overwhelmed with the torture of it.  

It kills you doesn’t it?

I knew Bonnie would show. She always comes back, all thirteen times.

That I’m the one she wanted first.

I guess that’s how you two show your love.

“Stop it,” said Kai out loud, putting his hands to his head, grabbing his hair.

Only because we’ve never had sex.

Sex. With Damon. Bonnie. With Damon.

You and me aren’t the same thing as —

What, you and him? I hate that there’s a you and him at all!

That’s too damn bad, Kai!

“Get out of my head!” He started to pace, his movements quick and wild, his eyes screwed shut, his face contorted in anguish.  

Maybe that’s what she thinks about when you’re inside her.

Writhing. Sighing. Moaning. Bonnie’s thighs. Damon’s lips. Damon’s hands. Bonnie’s breasts. Bonnie’s tongue. Damon’s chest. Bonnie’s face. Pleasure. Damon’s back. Writhing. Sheets. Headboard. Pinned wrists.


The fire erupted, the flames licking the carpet, and Kai destroyed everything in sight, fragmenting vases, upending tables, smashing mirrors, the television, throwing down cabinets, tearing apart chandeliers; he did nothing to stop the fire from searing across the floor, he couldn’t — the visions, the echoes in his head urged him to break and shatter and hurl until the living room was torn absolutely apart. A strangled yell in his throat, Kai upended the sofa, causing it to crash onto the carpet with a thud so that it was devoured by the fire, and he watched it burn, panting heavily, his body trembling with the devastation inflicted by those words.

He wouldn’t be able to rest until he knew for sure, until he heard Bonnie’s words and didn’t keep reliving the horror of Damon’s. He’d stayed away from Bonnie for the three days since the fight with Damon, spending those 72 hours, those 4320 minutes, those 259200 seconds fiending for her blood, frantic for her touch, wrecked with memories of her voice breathy and amorous and calling his name; his body hard and frustrated from being away from her for so long. But he had to do it. The chaos within him was too unpredictable for him to be near her, the urge to overwhelm her, devour her, kill her so she was his completely made his blood scream.  

And he couldn’t do it.

But he couldn’t do this either.

“How did you get in here?”

    Bonnie was standing in the doorway to her childhood home, the key still in the lock. Elena was sitting on the couch in the living room, her head turned to the foyer like she’d been patiently waiting for Bonnie for hours. Bonnie hadn’t been at the dorm in three days, driving to campus only for class and coming back to Mystic Falls to sleep. She wasn’t ready to be around Caroline and especially Elena; not after the intervention, not after what Damon had almost confessed.  

“You still keep the spare key in the ceramic frog on the lawn,” said Elena.

“Right.” Bonnie closed the door then walked into the living room. She tossed her keys on a side table and then leaned against the wall, folding her arms. “So what are you doing here?”

“You haven’t spoken to Jeremy since he’s come back,” said Elena. “You’ve been dodging his calls, if he comes to campus you ignore him, if he comes here he tells me you pretend like you’re not home —”

“I know what I’ve been doing, Elena. I’m the one doing it.”

“Well why are you?” Elena stood up, shaking her hair from her face. “He loves you, Bonnie.”

“You said since he’s got back so does that mean he’s back? For good?”

“I don’t know,” said Elena, walking toward Bonnie so that they were only a few feet away from each other. “We haven’t spoken about it.”

“Imagine my surprise.”

“How long are you going to keep punishing him?”

Bonnie closed her eyes. “Elena…”

“You don’t know what you being dead did to him, you don’t know how hard it was for him.”

Her eyes snapped open. “How hard it was for him? Imagine how hard it was for me!”

“He barely survived it, Bonnie.”

“Neither did I!” Bonnie shook her head and sighed, defeated. She moved away from the wall, walking toward the armchair “This isn’t about punishing him, OK?”

“No,” said Elena. “It’s about Kai.”

Bonnie turned sharply toward Elena but said nothing as Elena stared at her, her expression indignant on her brother’s behalf. “Make me understand,” she said.

“You never could.”

Elena shrugged her shoulders. “Try anyway.”

“And why should I? I don’t owe you an explanation for the things that I do. And I don’t remember you ever giving me an explanation about you choosing Damon.”

“Damon has good in him, Bonnie. You’ve seen it, you see it otherwise you wouldn’t be friends with him. Kai is irredeemable.”

“You know,” said Bonnie. “Some people would say the same thing about Damon.”

“Again with the defending him. Are you in love with him? Are you in love with Kai?”

Bonnie rolled her eyes and ran her fingers through her hair, her hands shaking with frustration. “This isn’t about love.”

“Then what is it about? Tell me. Is it the impulsiveness, the danger —”

“Stop trying to put why you fell for Damon onto what it is I have with Kai.”

“I’m just trying to understand this!” said Elena. “The Bonnie I know —”

“Is dead.” Bonnie’s voice was so severe, it made Elena flinch. “That’s what you don’t get. The Bonnie you know doesn’t exist anymore. I’m not the same person I was before I went to the prison world.”

“And isn’t that Kai’s fault? He stabbed you and stalked you and terrorized you. Damon came back wanting to murder him. I thought you hated him for what he did to you!”

“I do!” Bonnie screamed, throwing her hands up in the air. “I do hate him, OK? That’s what this is about. Hating him so much I can’t breathe, hating that I want him so much that it’s taken over my mind. It’s driving me crazy. And I mean that. Honestly. But you could never understand it!”

“And why couldn’t I?”

Bonnie sat down on the armchair, burying her face in her hands, rubbing her temples with her fingers.

“And why couldn’t I, Bonnie?”

“Because I don’t hate him for what he did to me in the nineties, I hate that he’s the only one who can make me feel after what he put me through in the nineties,” snapped Bonnie, looking up at Elena. “Most of the time, I feel like a freaking ghost, Elena. Like I’m back on the Other Side watching you all live your lives and I’m just stuck, in neutral. Except when I’m with him. I only ever feel like I’m alive, like actually alive, like I’m actually a part of this world, when I’m around him because when I see him I want to kill him, I want to make him suffer for what he did to me, I’m overcome with how much I despise him, consumed with emotion that I can’t ignore, but when he touches me …” Bonne bit her lip and shook her head. “Even when he touched me then, I don’t know if it’s chemistry, I don’t know if it’s magic but I know that it’s strong, it’s physical, it’s real and it brings something out in me, in my magic and I want him horribly. I want him because our sex isn’t just sex it’s …” Bonnie started gesticulating, at a loss for words. “It’s … damn him, it’s euphoric.  In the worst possible way. It feels like a fucking sin against nature, Elena, but what’s worse is that the impulse to do it comes so naturally, and that makes me hate him more! I hate him. And that’s what this entire thing is about.”

Elena stared at Bonnie in disbelief. “Bonnie…” Her mouth was agape, moving but saying no words. “That’s …” She rubbed her forehead. “You need to stop seeing him.”

Bonnie yelled in frustration so that the bulbs in the lamp splintered. Elena jumped back. “Calm down, what’s wrong with you?”

“Don’t you think I would stop seeing him if I could? God, Elena. When you talk about how Damon consumes you, you just mean that you love him a lot. Kai is in me, chewing at my insides, he’s his own damn emotion, he’s fucking inescapable, he’s … he’s …” Bonnie stood up quickly. “He’s here.”

Elena furrowed her eyebrows and looked around to the door. “What do you mean he’s here?”
    “I mean what I said, he’s here. Or almost here.”

“How do you know?”

“I always know.”

Bonnie turned around to head back toward the foyer but in a swish of speed Elena was in front of her, blocking her path. “Where are you going?!”

“You need to leave. You can’t be here now.”


“He will kill you. I’m not joking.”

“So you’re just going to go to him?”

“I’m not going to him, he’s here. He won’t leave until he sees me.”

“She’s right,” said a voice. Bonnie and Elena turned their heads toward the front door. “Invite me inside, Bonnie.”

Bonnie started to move but Elena held her in place, grasping her shoulders. “Bonnie, don’t.”

“I don’t want to use magic on you, Elena, but I will.”

“For Kai?”

“For you to get out of my way. Now move.” Bonnie grabbed Elena’s wrist and pried it off her shoulder, moving her so it was like a gust of wind blew her back. She walked into the foyer and opened the front door. Kai was standing on the porch, jaw clenched, manic determination in his eye; it was a look Bonnie knew well, the look he had when her absence became physically intolerable for him.

“Invite me in,” he said.

“No. It’s not a good time.”

Kai squeezed his eyes shut. “Invite. Me. In.”

“No! You don’t get to just show up unannounced, Kai, I have a life, I have—”

“Bonnie, if you don’t invite me in, I will burn down this house and force you out. I need to talk to you now.”

“She said to go away,” said Elena, walking up behind Bonnie.

Kai clenched his hand into a fist. “This is none of your business.”

“This is absolutely my business. Bonnie’s my best friend.”

“When it’s convenient.”

“You know nothing about me, about our friendship.”

Kai turned to Bonnie. “I may not be able to come in because I’m a vampire but I’m still also a witch. I will kill her, Bonnie. I will liquefy her lungs.”

“Stop being petty,” said Bonnie.

“Does it look like I’m being petty?”  

Bonnie sighed and put her hand to her forehead. “Elena, I told you before, you can’t be here.”

“I’m not afraid of him.”

“This isn’t about that. I’m telling you to go.”

Elena looked at her incredulously. “Why?”

“Because Kai is right. This isn’t any of your business.”

“But you told him to leave and—”

“And I’ll deal with it. But now it’s time for you to go.”


“Elena, just—”

“I’m not about to leave you with —”

“ELENA GO,” Bonnie started yelling. “GO NOW. LEAVE. Or I will spell you out!”

Elena furrowed her eyebrows, her face frozen in surprise. “You’re right,” she said finally. “I don’t know who you are anymore.” She walked out onto the porch, knocking past Kai as she went back into her car.

Bonnie watched her back out the driveway and speed down the road before turning to Kai. “Get in,” she said.

Kai stepped over the threshold into the house and Bonnie glared at him, making a throaty noise of disgust and then she stormed down the hallway to the kitchen.

“Don’t walk away from me!”

“I’m getting a drink. I can get a fucking drink!” She wrenched open the cabinet above the stove and pulled out a bottle of bourbon, pouring a healthy measure into a glass, guzzling and sighing, clearing her throat.

Kai joined her in the kitchen. “I need to talk to you.”

Bonnie took another gulp. “Well I’m not in the damn mood to listen to you.”

“Too bad. I don’t care.”

Bonnie moved the glass away from her mouth and laughed harshly. “What else is new?”    

Kai shook his head. “Don’t blame me for Elena being a hypocrite and judging you.”

“No, I blame you for outing us with that trick with the phone,” said Bonnie. “I blame you for refusing to let me go. I blame you for destroying everything about my life in the first place!”

“Destroying everything about your life.”


“Because you were so happy in it? Being everyone’s saviour and no one’s priority.”

“I’m sure as hell not happy now being your fool!”

“You’re my fool? You’re my fool?” Kai started to laugh hysterically. “That’s amazing, that’s, that’s rich.”

Bonnie slammed her glass down on the counter. “I just kicked out one of my oldest and best friends for what? For you? For the man who terrorized me in a prison world built specifically for him because he’s a literal sociopath who tried to kill his entire family? HOW AM I NOT A FOOL FOR THAT?”

“I haven’t slept in three days, Bonnie. Three days, seventy-two fucking hours because there is literally one thing on my mind that I can’t stop thinking about, that has —” Kai stopped talking, watching as Bonnie picked up the bottle and started pouring more liquor into her glass. “What are you drinking?”

“Bourbon, what does it look like?”

The image of Damon sipping bourbon from the crystal in the Salvatore Mansion flashed in Kai’s mind and he grabbed the bottle out of Bonnie’s hand and threw it so that it smashed against the cabinet. Bonnie looked at Kai for a brief moment, her eyes wide with shock, disbelief and anger, and then she hurtled her own glass at him, cutting open his forehead, eliciting a cry of pain.


“What the hell is wrong with you?” she screamed. “What makes you think you can come into my house and start throwing shit around?”

Kai closed his eyes, his breathing so heavy that his entire torso seemed to be heaving up and down. Bonnie reached behind her to the knife block and flung a butcher knife in his direction so that he had to duck.


“I HATE IT.” Kai’s words were louder than yells, they were almost primal roars that were so thunderous the entire kitchen vibrated. “I hate that you drink what he drinks!”

“What he…? Oh my God.” Bonnie shook her hands in frustrated incredulity. “This is about Damon? You actually came to my house and blew everything up because you needed me to stroke your ego? Are you fucking kidding me?”

Kai growled with furious impatience and picked up a dish rack, hurtling it to the floor. “This is bigger than ego! This is blood, this is sanity, this is—”

“Oh enough! I don’t care what it is, man the hell up!”

Kai moved from across the room to directly in front of Bonnie so abruptly that she backed up against the kitchen counter. “Don’t tell me to man up! I will find Damon, bring him here and rip him to shreds right in front of you and then you’ll see what kind of fucking man I am!”

The slap was almost immediate, the force of Bonnie’s magic behind it so that Kai’s lip spliced open on his teeth, the quick sound almost like a bullet in the air, causing the pieces of glass and broken dishes to shudder and clink on the counter and floor. Bonnie shoved Kai away so that he staggered backward and started walking down the hall back to the living room but he grabbed her by the wrist and turned her roughly around toward him, pushing her against the wall.

“Let go of me! It’s bourbon, Kai. Get over it!”
    “It’s not just bourbon! It’s not just pancakes! And you know it!” Kai was stricken with the same images: Bonnie’s thighs. Damon’s lips. Damon’s hands. Bonnie’s breasts. Bonnie’s tongue. Damon’s chest. Bonnie’s face. Contorted in pleasure. Damon’s back. Writhing. Sheets. Headboard. Pinned wrists. He felt it everywhere, in the way a bitterness flushed his throat, in the way his gut soured, in the way rage frenzied his blood, compelling him to punch a hole in the wall next to Bonnie’s head. “Was he right? Did you want him first? Did you want him?”

Bonnie glowered at him.

“Goddammit, Bonnie! Did you want him?”

“And what if I did?” she shouted into his face. “What if every time he glared at me, a small part of me wondered what it’d feel like to have him stare at me naked?”

Kai clenched his jaw, grinding his teeth, his eyes slitted with anger.

“What if every time me and him argued I was a little curious about what his mouth on me would  feel like?”  

A grumble sounded in Kai’s chest and he banged his fist against the wall.

“What if all of that were true, what the hell are you going to do about it, Kai? Are you going to kill me? Because you can’t stand me wanting —”

Kai seized Bonnie by either side of her her head and thrust her toward him, kissing her with enraged conviction, his mouth opening hers with a possessive determination that bruised her lips and triggered a hungry moan deep in her throat; he pressed his entire body against hers, flattening her against the wall, overwhelming her, laying claim to her, squeezing her waist, his fingers rubbing the dips of her body, as his lips grazed her neck, kissing her with wide, leisure circles, the tip of his tongue skating along her skin, tasting it, savouring it so that he groaned, his teeth nipping at her, causing trills of pain and shocks of excitement to erupt along Bonnie’s spine and ache her groin; she arched her back and gasped.  

“Like this? Did you imagine him kissing you like this?”

Bonnie clasped the back of his head and pushed him deeper into her, raising her head, stretching out her neck.   

“He couldn’t do this. He couldn’t know your body like this,” said Kai breathlessly. “You couldn’t fiend for him like this, you’re mine.”

Bonnie groaned in lustful frustration.“No, I’m not.”

Kai rocked himself into her so that Bonnie made a guttural sound of pleasure. “Yes you are.”

The arousal that throbbed between Bonnie’s thighs spawned an indignant fury deep in her belly; it angered her — that Kai could shatter what remnants of her old life she had left into so many pieces that it was all almost completely unrecognizable and that he felt arrogant enough to claim her as his, like she didn’t have a choice. And she didn’t.

She released his head from her hands and pushed him away so that she could move from the wall; she felt his presence at her back, a shadow following her. She stopped walking in the living room, Kai stayed a few feet behind her in the hallway; and she turned around to look at him, her eyes appraising and evaluative.

“Yours. Yours.” She said the word over and over again, as if she were getting used to the feel of it in on her tongue. “What does being ‘yours’ mean? That if another man fucks me, if he even touches me—”


Bonnie regarded him maliciously. “What about me?” She started unbuttoning her shirt and she felt it — the way something in Kai stilled, the way his attention on her intensified into such fixed focus that she felt his stare all over her body and her skin flushed from the heat of it. “Can I touch myself?” The shirt dropped to the floor and Bonnie unhooked the front-clasp to her bra, freeing her breasts; Kai’s eyes were clouding to a scarlet and Bonnie saw the veins on his face momentarily darken. She ran her fingers lightly across the beads of sweat along her collarbone and she and Kai sighed in unison; her hands found her way to her breasts and she massaged them, kneading them, biting her lip as her nipples hardened beneath her own touch.  

“Can I do this?” said Bonnie, panting.

Kai walked determinedly toward her but when he tried to step over the threshold from the hallway to the living room, he couldn’t. He was blocked, like he hit a barrier. He hit his fist against the air and felt his knuckles collide with something solid. He clenched his teeth. “Bonnie…”

She walked up to the threshold so that she and Kai were only inches away from each other, close enough that if Kai reached out his hand he’d be able to touch her. He couldn’t help it and tried to extend his hand again and only came in contact with that same solid barrier. “Bonnie!”

“What about this?” she said, unbuttoning her jeans. Slowly, she inched out of them and Kai’s eyes followed the smooth motion of the material slipping off the roundness of her hips and down the curves of her legs, his chest rising and falling, his eyes turning steadily redder. She brushed her hand against the lace of her underwear and moaned — Kai hardened instantaneously, his gums itching with the urge for his fangs to descend.

“Take it down. The spell. Take it down.”  

His voice was demanding but the edge of desperation to his tone was unmistakable and Bonnie grinned as she wrapped her mouth around her index finger and sucked, trailing her fingertip down her stomach to the waistband of her underwear; she looked up at Kai from beneath her eyelashes and saw his lips part, his eyes turn raw and she slipped into herself, her mouth hanging open as she pressed her hand against the invisible wall. Kai banged against the wall, his blood screaming within him, setting his skin ablaze with a lustful desire so severe it obliterated everything from his mind but the hunger for Bonnie against him, atop him, enclosing him — it was a violent craving that rendered him senseless so that all he could do was smash against the barrier, a harsh growl in his throat, hardening to the point of painful throbbing.


Bonnie’s gaze remained on Kai as she stepped out of her underwear — he fell to his knees; she continued to rub herself, throwing her head back, panting and sighing, grinning and whimpering as her hips swayed to her own movements. “Oh god,” she whispered, her voice choked.

Kai made a noise; the same roar he made in the kitchen but full of a dangerous need that compelled him to try and tear open a hole in the unseen obstruction. He knew he could break the spell himself if he could just concentrate on siphoning magic from his vampirism but he couldn’t concentrate; he couldn’t do anything but want her with such horrible ardor that he was wild with thirst, irrational with arousal and wrecked with frustration.


Bonnie only smirked in response and let out a long, drawn-out moan, gazing at Kai through hooded eyes, her hand clawing at the barrier and then Kai groaned too — he was suddenly overwhelmed with a hedonistic pleasure that aggravated his carnal frustration to the point of utter madness, and he knew. Bonnie had linked him to her so that he could feel what she felt — so he could feel her pleasuring herself. She massaged herself and Kai felt simultaneously gratified and bereft, enjoying experiencing Bonnie’s pleasure the way she felt it, the way she made herself feel it but starved of the pleasure she gave him, of the pleasure he could make her feel.

“No! No! This is too much! Stop, please stop!”

Bonnie’s motions got quicker and quicker and Kai could feel her building, making him clench his hair in fists, tearing out strands.

“Yes.” Her whisper inflamed Kai, exacerbating his own pulsation; she was on the brink, pushing herself against the barrier, she was going to — she was about to —


The force of Kai’s yell had more than volume, more than desperation, it had magic, the will to break, destroy, to overcome and the barrier had dissolved. Kai grabbed Bonnie by the waist, yanking her toward him and tried to bring her down to him but she pried his hands off of her and brought his head to the apex of her thighs so that his mouth was brought to her ache, his tongue flicking at her sensitivity and she took a sharp intake of breath. She felt Kai grin against her and his hands began to snake up her legs; she slapped them away.

“I didn’t say you could touch me.”

He growled, stymied and increased the pressure of his tongue in retaliation so that Bonnie gasped so forcibly, it tore her throat. Kai chuckled.

“Bastard,”she mewled.

Kai moaned at hearing the huskiness in Bonnie’s throat, in the huskiness he compelled and instinctively, he lifted his hands again, reaching up to touch, to feel her bare bare stomach, to palm and explore her breasts but then remembering her disapproval, he put them back to his sides, digging his nails into his jeans with the want to touch her. Bonnie ran her fingers through his hair, grasping his head, pulling him closer to her, deeper into her and he grunted with pleasure. Without decreasing the laps and flicks of his tongue, Kai reached for the waistband of his jeans but the moment he made to do anything else, Bonnie raked her nails along the back of his neck so that he whimpered.

“I didn’t …” Bonnie closed her eyes. “Shit,” she breathed. “I didn’t say you could touch yourself either.”

Kai growled. He couldn’t take this much longer; every atom in his body was calling for her, howling for her touch, for her skin, for her blood, for her pleasure and his magic was pure chaos within him, his urges descending to a level of hunger he’d never before suffered in his tenure as a vampire; his wanting was excruciating, crossing over to homicidal. He twirled his tongue and Bonnie almost sighed.


No, that was it. He had reached his breaking point. Kai withdrew from Bonnie, relishing the expression of lustful indignation on her face before he grabbed her behind the knees and tilted her, flinging her over his shoulder as he stood up, clapping his palm against her behind, making her moan and growl at the same time, her foot kicking up. He walked a few paces to the couch and slammed her down on it, grabbing one of her ankles and pulling her forward so that she slid down onto the sofa cushions, lying on her back.


“Shut up.”

He grabbed her other ankle and shifted his position so that each foot was on either shoulder. Kai’s eyes pierced into Bonnie’s, his expression punitive and aroused; hers anticipatory and resentful. Hastily he unbuckled his belt, undoing his fly, too willing and ready to bother ridding himself of his shirt or even pulling his jeans down completely; this was going to be quick, she’d deprived him of herself for too long for him to be able to take his time with her. He jerked Bonnie even closer to him and then plunged into her, thrusting with a vigor that made her yelp; the pleasure harsh and impatient, blinding her with sensation, causing her to grip at the couch with each of Kai’s slams. Kai felt himself come undone with each of his strokes, with seeing how his movements made Bonnie convulse with want for more, quaking with the sheer power of the kind of gratification he could give her; she was biting her lip with the stubborn refusal to do more than groan and Kai could see the skin start to tear from the effort. He would have her cries; he’d hold on long enough to elicit them. He yearned to hear them, he needed to hear them, after what she’d put him through, he deserved to hear them.

Kai moved between Bonnie’s thighs, moving her feet from his shoulders, wrapping her legs around his waist, bending over so that his hand clutched the back of the couch, pushing himself even deeper into her so that she mewled as he swore. He felt himself start to shudder but willed himself to keep control as he gyrated his hips, rotating and plunging, Bonnie’s nails clawing at the back of his shirt; the couch started to move backward from the force, scratching against the floor. Kai tugged on her earlobe with his teeth as he pummelled into her, biting her neck and then heard it. Bonnie started to scream and Kai looked up at her, vindictive triumph on his face, clasping his hand around her throat to keep her head in place, eyes on him as he moved faster and faster and Bonnie bucked her hips, her muscles clenching around him, quivering and writhing so that he moaned loudly and continuously. There was something base about the way he lost himself in her and his movements became more and more erratic and uncontrolled, Bonnie’s screams cracking the walls and urging Kai forward, the couch was starting to break apart. Kai thrust his lips against Bonnie’s, their teeth clashing and she bit down on his bottom lip as they both shattered into orgasm, the back of the couch breaking off completely so that they fell backward.


Kai rolled off her onto his side; both of their ragged breathing in unison. “I hate you,” he said between pants. “I hate you for doing that to me.”

“Well, now you know,” said Bonnie, trying to steady herself.

“Know what?”

“I’m not yours, you’re mine.”

“Fuck, Bonnie. I already knew that,” said Kai.

“Yeah. But now you won’t forget.

Here’s another Hakuōki/Tudor Era AU drabble. I don’t know if this will turn into a full-fledged fic or just end up being a series of Tumblr drabbles, but I figure I’ll keep writing this as ideas and scenes come to mind. Enjoy!!


Chizuru came to the dining room that evening for supper, unsure what to expect. Everything made her on edge - she was more likely to startle at the tiniest provocation - and she hoped a warm meal would help her feel more settled. The food had already been set on the table, and Hijikata stood at the end of the table closest to the hearth, his hands resting on the back of his chair.

Chizuru curtsied to him. “I apologize for making you wait.”

Hijikata merely gestured for her to sit in reply. She hurriedly took her seat around the corner from his, hoping that his silence didn’t indicate anger. As he sat, she reached for the white cloth napkin at her place setting and draped it over her right shoulder. She waited as Hijikata served himself and then passed the dishes on to her.

They began to eat without exchanging a single word. The quiet was punctuated by the occasional crackle of burning wood. As the minutes slid away, Chizuru’s hunger was forgotten and the consumption of her food decreased. A sort of bleak emptiness filled her chest at the thought of her parents being gone. Everything around her fell away as she focused on the gulf inside of her,swallowing her up and making it more difficult for her to catch a proper breath.

“My lady?”

“Huh?” She started and looked to her guardian.

“Are you unwell?”

Hijikata’s words were appropriate for someone wishing to convey concern, but his eyes showed little of that emotion. The jarring juxtaposition of his cool gaze with those words didn’t allay any of her emotions. She shook her head mechanically.

“You’re not a prisoner here,” he stated softly, his gaze a little less flinty.

Chizuru found her voice. “I-I know. I just…” Chizuru trailed off, feeling tears sting her eyes. She closed them in an attempt to banish them. When she felt she had better mastery, she opened them once again to look toward Hijikata. “I think I’ll retire now. Thank you.”

With that, Chizuru stood and curtsied. As she came up from it, she thought she caught a flicker of something in his eyes, but she didn’t stay long enough to figure out what it was. She made her way to her bedchamber. Upon her arrival, she flung herself onto the mattress of her four poster bed with a deep sigh.

The loss of her parents was still too recent. Her chest ached at the thought of them and how she would never get to hear her mother’s tinkling laugh or hear her father announce her betrothal to Chikage Kazama had been finalized. They would never see her married or meet any children she might bear.

She had already cried more tears than she ever had in her life, and while a few more slipped out, she felt as though there was not much left in her. She knew she had to move on - to keep living - but right now, it felt so difficult.

With the help of a maid, Chizuru changed from her gown to a shift. She slid beneath the unfamiliar sheets and quilts, noting that the mattress was lumpy in different places than hers had been. The drapes surrounding her bed were drawn closed to keep out the chill, and Chizuru was plunged into darkness. She curled up, hoping that sleep would come soon to chase away the unbearable loneliness and melancholy.

Turn in Events - part 3, the finale

Read part 1 here!

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Plot: After Y/N’s attempts to get answers from Theo, you decide to take control of the situation.

Pairing: Theo X reader

Word count: 2527

Warnings: gif isn’t mine! Includes swearing, heated kissing, italics are the readers thoughts. Sorry if I missed anything!

Authors note: the last two parts of my series is in my masterlist if you haven’t read them!
Well I can’t believe that this is already the third part of Turn In Events! I hope you all have enjoyed the ride. Feedback is always appreciated x

After everything that was said and done by Theo, you are determined more than ever to prove to yourself and him that it wasn’t a dare. It was real and he meant every touch, every kiss. You want to take control of the situation, no. You need to take control of it.

Getting ready, you curl your hair to give yourself sexy beach waves. Your skin is glowing and your eyeshadow is smokey but subtle. Just enough to make them pop. You opt for a nude/ pink lipstick for a natural look.

You stare at yourself in the mirror. Admiring how hot you look, if you say so yourself. You choose to wear a white delicate tank top, low cut. Something you’d never choose but that changes with what is going on. Lydia bought it for your birthday so it must be stylish. You pair it with black skinny jeans that has a rip on your left thigh and a rip on your right knee. To compliment it even further, you wear black boots that have a small heel. Wanting to stand out a bit but not too much.

Just before leaving the house, you grab your trusty burgundy leather jacket to finish your look. Let’s do this. You thought. Pointing at yourself in the mirror, you whisper.
“Be confident, play smart and watch Theo swoon over you” You smirk and lock your door.

Walking to the school door, you slam it open. People look up to see where the loud noise came from, to find you walking down the halls. Your confidence surging through your body. Even by being Lydia Martin’s best friend, you rarely get noticed at school so you were loving the attention. That’s when you see him. Putting books in his locker, he turns to the sound of heels hitting the floor. His eyes find the pair of heels and slowly travel up your body, taking each part in. He looks away just before reaching your face, he pauses with a book in his hand. Turning round he meets your eyes, his eyes widen slightly. His expression shows every sign of being surprised, as if he wouldn’t have taken you to dress like this or to even pull it off. You see him side smile as he presses his hands against his locker door, closing it. Y/N you’ve definitely pulled this look off!! Get Theo to notice you… Check! You mentally put a tick next to your first bullet point of your checklist. Carrying on down the hall, you take a bigger step than intended and stumble slightly. You pause, praying he doesn’t see it but his low chuckle tells you different. You huff and shout “Fuck!” Loud enough for him to look your way, you quickly exit the hall. Maybe don’t try so hard next time Y/N.

After your second lesson, you walk to the library where Lydia and Malia are waiting for you. You’re just about to push the library door open when you see Theo leave a classroom two doors away from you. He hovers by the door, oblivious that you’re stood not too far from him.

Next step… show him what he’s missing. You make sure no one is looking straight at you as you throw your bag and books to the floor with a loud thud. Pens roll out of your bag and your phone comes clattering to the ground. Shit, didn’t think that part through. You walk forward to reach your items and you kneel to the floor. You reach for your bag and look up slightly to see Theo’s trainers are facing your direction. This is your chance. You hang your bag over your shoulder, stand up and bend down to collect all your belongings. You ensure your ass is pointed in the air and your loose top rides up ever so slightly. Exposing the small of your back.

Just as you stand up, facing Theo’s direction, Theo turns his head away from you quickly. He hooks his hand around one strap on his backpack and walks away. Tick! Second part of the checklist done! C'mon Theo this is way too easy for me. You smirk, turning to the library to join your friends for your daily catch up.

Two hours later and everyone in the classroom is concentrating hard for their test. Which is worth 20% of your final grade at the end of the year! As you turn the page over, you notice that this is your last set of questions … You’ve nearly made it Y/N, just a few more.

That’s when you hear the lacrosse team running in the halls, jumping off the lockers and hitting them. You roll your eyes, trying to concentrate on your test. It doesn’t work as all you can hear is the team chanting their victory. The whole class runs out of the room joining the team - regardless of the teacher trying to stop them. The captain Rick is on some guy’s shoulders and you laugh at the sight. As they carry on chanting, other classes escape their lessons and clap along to their chants. You see Theo leaning against the lockers, with crossed arms, smiling. Something you don’t see much on him but he honestly suits it.

You start walking alongside the lacrosse team with your classmates, cheering them all on. However in the heat of the moment a lacrosse player shoves you and you can’t stop yourself from the momentum. As you’re accepting the fact that you’re going to face plant the floor, you fall into someone. It was Theo.

He catches you by your shoulders. He has a firm hold on you as if he never wants to let go. He looks deep in your eyes and your heart rate increases by the close proximity. Your eyes are glued to each other and that’s when you see it. His eyes aren’t full of anger or hatred towards you. No. They’re full of lust and admiration, a totally different look compared to yesterday’s events. You feel his breath travel to your ear, making you shudder and weak in the knees. Theo soon realises the effect he has on you so he coughs and let’s you go with a smile on his face.

You are all called back in the classroom to complete your test after Mr Lairns threatens to fail you all. Practically everyone ran back inside. On the few questions you have left, you try your hardest to concentrate but Theo is on your mind. He looked at you so intensely and so many emotions were expressed from him just holding you. Realising you aren’t going to get anywhere until you finish the test, you go for the most realistic answers as its multiple choice.

The bell rings signalling end of day, you see people rush out of the classrooms cheering. Walking to your locker you hear Theo’s voice, you really hope he’s trying to talk to you. However when you glance at him, he’s speaking to Rick. To not make it obvious that you’re listening, you put all the books you don’t need in your locker.

“Sorry Rick, can’t give you a ride home. I’m using the gym downstairs for a bit. See you tomorrow bud” Theo pats Rick’s shoulder and walks off.

This is your chance! The final bullet point on your list you have to achieve and the main point of it all. Catching Theo off guard.

Making your way outside you spot Lydia and Malia waiting for you.

“Hey!! Look you both can leave without me because I’ve left something in one of my classes” you say hoping they’d buy it. Lydia gives you a concerning look so you hug her.

“Do you need help finding it?” Lydia asks, pulling away from your hug. You admire Lydia’s efforts to always help but at this point of time it wasn’t helpful and wasting time!

“Honestly Lyds, it’s fine! I’ll text you when I’m home and I’ll see you tomorrow” you respond calmly.

Lydia gives you a wave and walks to her car. You smile largely at Malia already plotting your next move and go back in the school building. Malia grips your arm, you turn and look at your arm then back to her.

“Your heart rate increased which means you haven’t left anything in a classroom. My guess is you’re going to meet Theo in the gym as soon as he told Rick that’s where he’ll be’ Malia stated crossing her arms, leaning against the wall.

“How’d you figure it out?” you stand there shocked at Malia.

“You’ve been off since seeing Theo in the library on Friday. From then you’ve upgraded your dress code dramatically. Plus I heard Theo push you against the lockers and kiss you. Funny enough I nearly ran into the building as I thought you were being hurt but it was the complete opposite” Malia chuckles.

“Why haven’t you told Lydia?”

“I didn’t think it mattered, it’s not my story to tell” you smile appreciating Malia’s words.

“I’ll inform you both about everything that happens when I walk through that door” Malia nods and you pull her into a hug and whisper your appreciation to her.

Malia pulls away and gives you a thumbs up.

“Good luck and go get him tiger” Malia winks and leaves the building. You laugh at her remark and walk down the stairs to the gym.

Approaching the gym doors, you peer in the glass. There he is. In his pride and glory. Topless. This isn’t what you planned for, you almost feel like he’s catching you off guard. He lies down oh a bench and starts to do bench presses, your mouth slightly ajar at the sight of him. His muscles rippling and flexing, sweat travelling down his bare chest and he exhales loudly with every press. You begin to drive yourself crazy. You imagine what it’d be like to roam your hands over his toned chest and his breath on you neck. When you’re caught up in the moment, you realise that Theo has put his bar down and is sitting on the bench. Rubbing his hands together with his signature smirk planted on his face.

“Can I help you Y/N?” He shouts and your heart sinks. Shit, he really wasn’t supposed to catch you staring at him whilst he works out. You stumble through the doors, flustered at the sight of him. You freeze taking it all in, your eyes not even trying to hide that you’re admiring the view.

“See something you like?” You take a deep breath, compose yourself and gather your confidence.

“Actually I was going to ask you the same thing” you retort shrugging off your jacket. Theo’s eyebrows raise at your remark, not expecting you to be so forward. He drops his head and shakes it. Well that is a confidence killer.

Shrugging off his reaction, you walk towards him. You sit on his lap and Theo raises his head from the sudden contact. Your hands are held behind his neck, you lean forward and kiss him. A spark flows through your body when your lips collide, something that you have been longing for to feel again. Theo makes you feel so alive. You deepen the kiss, your tongue swirling across his bottom lip. You gently bite down on his lip bringing his closer to you. You detect Theo flinch ever so slightly but you feel his smirk press against your lips, obviously enjoying it.

Whilst your hands ruffle his hair, you lean back slightly. Forgetting there isn’t a wall supporting you like last time, you loose your balance and feel yourself falling to the floor. That’s when firm, rough hands rest on the small of your back bringing you back to him. He just grins and takes the lead in kissing you. Running your hands down his chest and across his shoulders, taking every part of him in. He flinches under your touch.

You start to feel your lips swell as Theo slows it down, almost savouring every moment with you. It’s so intimate. You shuffle your hips closer to his, grinding against him. He lets out a groan in your lips, his hands grip your waist. His hold on your hips is tight, a lot firmer than him just grazing your waist on Friday. So much so that you’re convinced there will be bruises there tomorrow morning. You gasp at how tight he’s latched onto you.

Theo’s left hand starts to roam your thigh slowly, his hand rests on your inner thigh. Your whole body quaking and wanting more. This is your chance to stop and it took every ounce of strength to crawl off his lap. He looks up at you confusion spread across his face.

“And that Theo is how a girl leaves a guy wanting so much more” you wipe your thumb across your bottom lip smirking.

You reach for the door but Theo plants his hand on your forearm. He spins you round and presses you against the door. No gap between you both. You feel Theo’s chest rising against you.

“Using my own words against me then?” Theo asks, looking straight into your eyes.

“Yeah I think I deserve to after you treating me like shit” you slow your heart rate so Theo doesn’t sense the influence he has on you. He pauses.

“So that’s what this is all about? This is all to prove a point?” You don’t answer and avoid eye contact.

“So the way you dressed today was for me?” his fingers tracing circles along your side.

“The way you acted all clumsy falling into me, dropping your stuff on the floor and tripping over for me to help you?’ He brushes a strand of hair out of your face.

“I actually didn’t plan the stumble where I nearly fell or being shoved into you” you respond embarrassed.

“My god you’re so cute and ditsy” he smiles, caressing your cheek with his hand. He leans in to kiss you but you stop him, placing two fingers on his lips.

“I need to know one thing Theo…. Did you want to kiss me that day or were you actually dared?”

“Trust me love, I don’t need to be dared to kiss someone like you. It was my idea and I want to do it over and over again if you’d let me” Theo’s eyes are glowing like yellow sapphires. You run your thumb across his temple, admiring the effect you have on him. Theo shuts his eyes, taking control of himself. You frown.

“You don’t have to hide from me Theo” your hand cups his face and you feel him smile. He kisses your hand and looks at you, showing his piercing yellow eyes. You bite your lip, not looking anywhere but him.

“I’m so glad you stumbled into the gym all flustered” you giggle, hitting his shoulder.

“I’m such a klutz” you look down at the floor, your cheeks flushing red. Theo grins, placing a gentle kiss on your forehead and pulling you into a hug.

“That’s true but you’re my klutz”

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anonymous asked:

Do you?? Id love to hear of more recommendations. :) thanks

Absolutely! Of course you should read everything these lovely people write but start with these 


- Can I tell you a secret by @snapbackhazza

- Just Friends by @xxoicurlyxx

- Friends with Benefits by @trulymadlysydney

- Impulse by @stylesunchained 

- Sparks by @punkcupcakestyles 

- Sort out of sorts by @team-styles

- The Assistant by @narrymccartney - this is an employee-boss one but they’re friends too or at least getting there, it’s an ongoing series 

@jawllines has written several friends to lovers stories 

@wdmsusie has written a couple of different ones too I think but regardless she’s just awesome! 

@permanentcross - has a couple of friends stories and you should also read her different series - About Balance, Lemon Curd and Snowbound - really you should read everything she writes and pester her to write more :-) 

and finally the one I particularly want you to read if you haven’t already… it’s called Fan Fiction and it’s by @stilesharrystyles - it’s an ongoing series but it’s just so cute and her Harry is lovely, I cannot recommend this one more highly! 

I’m sure there are more that I’ve missed or new ones to find so I will update this list from time.  I hope there is something in this list that you haven’t already read and thanks for encouraging me to do this Anon, it was fun to revisit all these great stories, I’m in awe of all those who write! 

Jet Black Heart - A Peter Pan x Reader Fanfiction  Part 6

Hello lovelies! I hope you are all having a wonderful day! The weather has been super nice and I have been feeling super inspired to write anything and everything. Also I just wanted to say a gigantic thank you to all of you for being so lovely. We have reached over 400 followers already and it is honestly the best feeling in the world to know that you are all here with me. I am working on a few requests right now along with more parts for Maze and this series. Can’t wait for you all to read what I’m working on!

Part One  Part Two  Part Three  Part Four  Part Five  Part Seven  Part Eight Part Nine

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Love Song – Tears


Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7  Part 8  Part 9  Part 10  Part 11 - Fluffy Ending  Angst Ending  Depressing Ending

(You should probably read in chronological order to understand everything that’s going on, otherwise you may not understand.) 

Members: Woozi and Mingyu (and others)

Genre: Angst



“Do you still love me?” Her words stung.


Of course! I love you with all my heart! I would give anything for you! I will always love you! I will love you till the day I die!


“Not anymore.”



You were shocked.

Tears started to form in your eyes. It blurred your surroundings.

You weren’t able too see the tears in Woozi’s eyes as well.

There was now a lump in your throat and your heart ached. You tried to clear your throat, but the lump wouldn’t go away. It felt like it was growing bigger and bigger, cutting off your airway and making your lungs feel like they were straining for oxygen.

Tears started to draw lines down your cheeks. “I’m sorry,” you got out as only a whisper. “I’ll drop off all of your things at the dorm.” You turned around and left the room.

You were fully crying now, sobbing. You ran into someone, but just continued to go to your car. You sat in your car trying to calm down enough to be able to see the road and drive safely.

Once you got home, you started to get his things together. You got two big bags filled with everything he had. You sat there for a second.

Just thinking. Trying to take it in.

He crushed you. Hurt you. You were shattered. You loved him and he broke you.

You got his bags, got into the car, and started to drive to the dorm. You had a spare key that Woozi gave you a long time ago. You didn’t want to wake any of the members so you quietly opened the door just to set everything inside.

As you opened the door, you heard everyone talking. So you set the bags down and your spare key on top of them. You didn’t want to disrupt them so you tried to be quiet. You looked around the dorm for a second.

Tears were still softly running. You couldn’t stop crying. You turned to leave, letting out a few quiet sobs.

“Y/N?” You turned around to see Mingyu standing there. His look of concern increased when he saw your red, swollen eyes and the invisible streaks that showed under the light.

He opened up his arms to you and you ran into them. You cried into his chest. “Y/N, what happened?” He asked quietly, softly, it was comforting.

“Woozi doesn’t love me anymore,” you sobbed.

“That’s completely untrue! Why do you think that? Of course he lo-”

You looked up at him, pleading him to stop. He saw your look and held you tighter. “Y/N, he loves you. Really. Everyone knows he does.”

You two stood there for a while, you crying into him. You noticed it had gotten quiet; no one was talking.

You brought your head up to look around the room. All the boys were standing there. S.Coups stepped foreword.

“I’m sorry Y/N. We all are. Come and sit down with us for a second.” You looked up at the other boys, then up at Mingyu. He gave you a kind smile.

“No, it’s okay. I shouldn’t really be here. I should go.”

“No Y/N, please stay,” said Hoshi. All the others chimed in with “yes"s and "please"s.

"Okay, but just for a couple minutes.” You all sat around together. They all were asking you questions and why you thought that Woozi didn’t love you anymore. You explained everything to them.

After a while, there was a noise at the front door.

You all turned.

Woozi walked in.

Your eyes met.

(Thank you for reading! I hope you liked it! Please give feedback!)

**Note: I think I’m going to start uploading this series on Mondays as well as Fridays now. I want to be able to post more and I am already finished with this series. I hope that you all like this idea and will continue to come back and read my shitty writings. Thank you for your support! I really appreciate it. ❤️


If you don’t know already, Diva-Gonzo is writing a really awesome Weasley-family crime drama called Vows. I don’t want to give too much of it away, but one: you should go read it; and two: it is giving me all kinds of Molly Weasley feelings. Plus it’s Mother’s Day coming up and… I don’t know, this happened.


The funerals are finally over and in a perverse way she misses them because at least then there was something for her to do, some way she could help. She feels useless now in the silence, the heaviness, that hangs over the Burrow, a house that was once so full of life.

So instead Hermione cooks.

She’s not very good at it. It wasn’t something she learned in school and the spells are surprisingly more difficult in practice than in theory, but no one else in the house seems inclined and the Weasleys need to eat.

She’s trying pancakes this morning and it’s not going well. The batter is still sitting in stubborn clumps around the side of the bowl even though she is certain that she swished and flicked exactly like the description in the recipe book.

She’s so irritated that she doesn’t hear anyone else come downstairs.

“What’s this?” Molly says, eyeing Hermione’s efforts suspiciously.

“Uh – pancakes?” Hermione says, trying to cover her surprise at the sight of Ron’s mother out of bed because it hasn’t happened in three days.

Molly sniffs.

Hermione stirs the batter. “I put in the flour,” she says, “and then I added the eggs but for some reason - ”

“Oh for goodness sake,” Molly sighs. “Move, move.” As Hermione steps obediently out of the way, Molly taps her wand twice on the side of the bowl then gives a well-practiced snap of her wrist. The batter instantly goes smooth as cream.

“So,” Molly says, sifting a little more flour into the bowl. “You and Ron.”

“Yes,” Hermione says, feeling her cheeks redden. “Yes, I suppose so.”

A faint smile ghosts across Molly’s face. “I always thought as much, given the way you two carried on. You’ll be good for him.”

“I hope so.”

“You already are,” Molly says. “For all of us. I know what you’ve been doing, I haven’t been entirely gone.”

A series of thuds on the stairs above. “Hey, what smells so - Mum?” Ron says, not even trying to contain his surprise. “Everything okay?”

“Of course, dear,” Molly says. “We were just making breakfast. It won’t be ready for a bit, why don’t you and Hermione go for a walk?”

Ron perks up considerably. Hermione takes his offered hand and follows him to the back door but she can’t resist one last look over her shoulder.

With a flick of Molly’s wand, the woodstove ignites with a cheerful pop, with another the pantry opens and a loaf of bread shoots across the room and begins slicing itself on the kitchen table. A third flick and the kitchen radio crackles to life. The woman in the kitchen looks quieter, older, but as she meets Hermione’s eyes and gives her a tired smile, she is still Molly Weasley, indomitable and unbroken. And as she comes back, so will the rest of them.

Hermione turns back to Ron and the awaiting morning sunshine, heartened by the faint sounds of Celestina Warbeck being sung under someone’s breath.