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69/100 pictures of the BAEne of my existence, christopher robert evans.

only had time to practice these three tonight :D

Gone are the days of the drama-free and aesthetic Selection fandom. We are now in the apocalypse.

During the week of Monday, July 31st to Sunday, August 6th, 2017, I call to all of you to make the crackiest and most ridiculous Selection posts you can think of.

For those who don’t know, each day of the week will have a different theme that you can fulfill with fics, gifs, edits, videos, etc. It doesn’t matter if it’s utter shit so long it pertains to the theme.

Remember, the days of quality over quantity are over. Give us as much content as you possibly can to let our blogs live.


  • Reblog this post to spread the word. Please.
  • Tag your posts with #theselectionapocalypse2017 and #mrtflr and any other tag you’d like.
  • Tag me in everything. Ok maybe not everything but a lot of things. Give me all the spam. I’ll also be tracking the tag and reblogging most everything.
  • Remember to have fun! This isn’t a contest and mainly just for some fun to revive the fandom for the week and (hopefully!!!) longer.

Alright, are you ready for themes? Buckle up and look under the cut:

Day 1: Monday, July 31st - No shit, Sherlock (Post about how you legitimately wanted to strangle each and every character the entire series.)

Day 2: Tuesday, August 1st - Confectionary Chaos (Post about the food of the series and the disasters it has caused.)

Day 3: Wednesday, August 2nd - The Crown But Stronger (Post about The Crown and how you would’ve written it/designed it/preferred it to be)

Day 4: Thursday, August 3rd - Throwback Thursday (Become an archeologist reblog posts from at least 6 months ago and haunt the creators for their sin while simultaneously adding additions and comments to their posts)

Day 5: Friday, August 4th - Dysfunctional Families (Post everything you can about the Schreaves, Illéas, and more. Cause discourse.  Get the blogs involved.)

Day 6: Saturday, August 5th - Sleepover Saturday (Have a sleepover with some Selection members and confess all the shit you’ve done because or for the fandom.)

Day 7: Sunday, August 6th - Why, Kiera Cass (Post about all the times The Selection has mentally, physically, and emotionally fucked you up)

Thank you and goodnight.

Please, can we not refer to the secretary-general as ‘the bobble-head’?”
“Why not? He knows I do. I say it to his face, and he doesn’t mind.”
“He thinks you’re joking.”
“That’s because he’s a fucking bobble-head.
—  Exchange between Errinwright and Avasarala in Caliban’s War

nothing could interest me less than Dovewing X Tigerheart


GONE instagram AU where the FAYZ never happened and they can go to the movies at the weekend / The Big Four 


He made a fatal miscalculation.

That aside, the team behind VLD is indicating that Prince Lotor won’t have his series staple crush on Allura/womanizer personality this round. But I s2g, if he doesn’t have a creepy infatuation with at least one of the protagonists, I will be upset.