this series completely threw me over


I’m a bit jittery right now, as I’ve reached a milestone that is over three years in the making. On and off since late 2013, I’ve been working on an animated series pitch, with the biggest part being a 45 second intro animation produced to completion. By myself.

In the grand scheme of things it’s short, but when I think about how often I had to put it on the back burner for a plethora of other responsibilities (ones that pay) for months on end, 45 seconds seemed like an eternity. Life threw me a curveball last year, and I’ve used the time since to wallow a bit, then find my footing, and with this project, and my motivation for working on it, it’s like announcing a new beginning.

I’ll copy and paste the video description:
“Space Is The Place is an animated series concept by Kellan Stover (Stovepipe). Join Roland, Ruth, Ralph, and Laika on their journey through the galaxy, where they’ll discover the science of space, overcome cosmic conundrums, and use teamwork to further mankind’s (alien-kind & dog-kind too) understanding of the universe at large.

All design, animation, illustration, and music created by Kellan Stover. © 2017

For questions and inquiries:”

There is more to come, as loads of supplementary materials, scripts, a pitch deck, and website are still needed. But for now, this first personal victory. If this seems at all like something you wish existed in full cartoon form for yourself or someone you know, or you just like me, my work, and want to help me out, please share this. The more eyes on it the better. Thank you all very much.