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"you have Finn, actual victim of childhood abduction and lifelong abuse, who makes a very clear choice to NOT BE A FUCKING SERIAL KILLER even though it’s the one thing he was raised to be (...) I’m not saying Bucky would have been received v e r y differently if he wasn’t white, but" i would just like to let you know that this part is absolutely amazing and perfectly describes the double standards ive seen in fandom, i love you <3

I very rarely get anonymous messages AGREEING with fandom critique, thank you for this <3 

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I only wish to observe the beauty of humanity and witness the depths of its sins. So you’ve no need to fear me.

“Jeff, from the beginning was quiet and withdrawn.  As he grew, he’d be gone for hours at a time, off in the woods doing who knows what and when he would come home, he’d just quietly go to his room and keep to himself.  He showed no interest in interacting with the family or others.  He tended to skulk around, like he was hiding something, like he was always fearful of getting caught…

There were times when I knew that Jeff was drunk, falling down drunk.  I knew it, but didn’t do anything about it, I ignored it–after all he was just sowing a few wild oats, even though he was much too young to be sowing anything.  David came to me once very upset saying he’d seen Jeff naked in bed with another boy–what was I to do, I told David to mind his own business and that he hadn’t seen any such thing.”

- Joyce Flint, Charles Klotsche’s The Silent Victims: The Aftermath of Failed Children on Their Mothers’ Lives 

Seventeen as things said in Buzzfeed: Unsolved videos pt 7
  • S.Coups: I love bizarre and I love mysterious so I am... titillated
  • Jeonghan: I think you need to learn how to shut the hell up
  • Joshua: where's my holy water?
  • Jun: I'm just saying, if you wanna sit on this mountain of bullshit then you gotta take a whiff every now and then
  • Hoshi: idk. spooky stuff
  • Wonwoo: hey there, demons. It's me, ya boy
  • Woozi: I remember this dumb dumb
  • Dk: *screams like R2D2*
  • Mingyu: I once fell into a pile of bricks when I was a kid
  • The8: oh shit waddup I'm taking a selfie with some demons, yoooo. Hell yeah
  • Seungkwan: I don't want to be a ghost hunter. Do I have to put that on my business card now?
  • Vernon: they don't make serial killer baseball cards, though, do they?
  • Dino: I agree with your calling of bullshit

I thought I’d take a moment to talk about one of my favorite minor rogues in the Batman canon.  It’s not Clock King, it’s not Condiment King, it’s not even Killer Moth…

This is A.S. Scarlet, AKA The Bookworm, a character that was introduced in the 1966 Adam West TV series.  The creators came up with the idea for him in honor of National Reading week, so no points for guessing what his shtick is.  But it’s the details that makes me really love him.

First of all, the costume and gadgets.  I love this costume so much—it hits the sweet spot between goofy and kind of awesome.  The brown pleather jacket is meant to echo “rare old book bindings” (because books are bound with leather…?) and while it looks more than a bit uncomfortable (it seriously creaks whenever he moves!), the tailoring on it is great.  Plus it manages to look rather dapper.

The reading lamp on the fedora is pretty neat, but what I really love are the glasses.  When he turns a knob on the side of the left frame, it opens a radio frequency that allows him to communicate with his henchmen. A few years later, the Green Hornet TV show would come up with a similar device, but I love the fact that a one-off Batman villain came up with it first.

Second of all, the henchmen themselves.  Typically the henchmen on the ‘66 show, even moreso than in modern Batman media, were big dumb galoots who had to be led around by their nose to obvious answers by their bosses.  But these guys didn’t really fit that stereotype.  Yeah, they were crappy fighters and got their butts handed to them by Batman easily, but they were miles more intelligent than your average goons. They were articulate, kind of snobby, and always thinking on the same wavelength as their boss.  That, and they were efficient—every scheme they wanted to pull went off without a hitch. Plus they’ve got some awesome codenames (Pressman, Typesetter, and my favorite, Printer’s Devil).

And of course, there was the moll—Lydia Limpet (Francine York).  Most of the time the ‘66 molls were there just to be empty-headed eye-candy, but not this girl.  Not only does she have some genuinely adorable chemistry with Bookworm—

(I ship these two like freaking FedEx.)

–but she is also darn intelligent in her own right. When she’s taken into the Batcave and hypnotized to try to weasel out her boss’s ultimate plan, she immediately twigs to the fact that the Dynamic Duo know more than they should and feeds them false information.  She also tricks Robin into gassing himself into unconsciousness.  All while literally having her hands tied.  She also has quite a bit in common with Bookworm, sharing his love of literature.  And then at the end, while most molls try to weasel their way out by pleading with Batman and claiming they were just innocent girls who tangled with the wrong crowd, Lydia accepts her fate and allows herself to be arrested.  She’s completely unapologetic about the entire scheme, and I love that about her.

And third of all, the character of the Bookworm himself.  He’s played by one of the great character actors, Roddy McDowall—

(whom you might know better as this little scamp)

–who makes Bookworm into much more than a one-note baddie.  He’s intelligent, certainly, with high standards and an eidetic memory; and he’s also very theatrical and cheerfully practically in a Riddler sort of way.  But he’s also freaking scary.  Most of the time, he has a very genteel, calm demeanor with this constant smile of slight “you poor simple fools”-style amusement on his face.  But when things don’t go his way, or when someone even says a wrong thing, he completely flips his gourd.  In the beginning of his two-parter, Lydia asks him why, with his brain and enthusiasm, he hasn’t written his own book.  And he blows up at her, admitting that for all his brilliance he doesn’t actually have any originality, resorting to “stolen plots” from other books, and accuses her of insulting him further.  He then picks up the heaviest book in his lair and attempts to bash her brains in with it…all over an honest mistake.  

Of course, he’s back in perfect control within minutes, but for the rest of the episode you’re on edge every time he so much as snaps at anyone.  And it’s not the only time he flies off the handle like that, either—after Batman and Robin escape one of his deathtraps, he has another brief freakout before getting back to business.  He’s a fascinating character to watch and played by a fantastic actor to boot.

The two-part 1966 episode he’s in is a wild ride from start to finish, including a possible assassination attempt, the first window cameo ever, and some truly outrageous and convoluted deathtraps (appropriate for a rogue who “like any struggling novelist, overcomplicates the plot!”).  One of which involves a giant cookbook.  I am not making that up.  All the expected ‘60s weird is there, but it’s still a lot of fun.

Unfortunately, that was the only appearance he made in Batman media for a long time.  McDowall wanted to come back for another two-parter, but his busy schedule got in the way.  He didn’t show up again until a 1989 Huntress arc that gave him a new grim ‘n’ gritty backstory.

“A victim of child abuse, his mother would lock him in a closet while she worked on puzzles. (Alexander) Wyvern once started a fire in the closet in a desperate attempt to get his mother to release him – only to wind up badly burned and, after he got his mother’s attention, badly beaten. Psychologically damaged, the boy grew into a serial killer.  Though the violent character bore little resemblance to the literature-obsessed felon of the 1960s, this version did still leave Riddler-style clues for the police to hunt him down.  Bookworm ultimately met his demise when he set a deadly trap for the Huntress. Huntress dressed as his mother, frightening him into running away and tripping his own contraption, killing him.”

(From the Batman wiki)

It was lame, and we don’t talk about it anymore.

He made a few cameos in Deathstroke the Terminators and Teen Titans comics in the 90s, as well as a itty bitty nonspeaking appearance in Batman: The Brave and the Bold.

But in 2013 he made a glorious debut to comics in 2013 in the Batman ’66 line, setting new deathtraps and dropping new literary hints. In one of his best appearances, he sets himself up as an adversary to Batgirl, which is just perfect.  Who better to oppose Barbara Gordon, a librarian, than a book-themed supervillain?

(Yes, that is a giant bug demon.  Long story.)

And in 2014 he reappeared in Gotham Academy, this time as the school’s English and theater professor, which is even more perfect.

He’s a good teacher, if strict and a bit overdramatic.  And let’s be honest, what isn’t cool about having an ex-supervillain as a professor?

Also, this scene. This scene is awesome.

Yes, that is Egghead as played by Vincent Price.  Gotham Academy is just the best.

TL;DR, the Bookworm is an awesome, oft-overlooked Batman baddie whom I highly recommend every fan check out.  You won’t regret it!

Here’s a link to an episode of the Batcave Podcast discussing his ’66 two-parter:

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Ezra Miller looks a lot like Richard Ramirez.

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Lain, from Serial Experiments Lain wearing that neat hat. Thought I’d get a doodle in before bed. 

Lain always reminds me of an old friend, some days I wonder whatever happened to em and if there’s something that reminds them of me, in the same way. Probably not though.
(I’ve been meaning to fix that feather for months now…*cough*)

Okay but literally can we discuss how amazing Death Note would have been if LawLight was canon? Because, literally, it would have been pretty perfect.
First, we would have Light, the boy who was never interested in anyone, who was rarely amused, let alone /enamored/ but someone, and then this boy- this /man/ comes waltzing into his life, tricking him left and right without even knowing its him.
And it pisses Light off, because he’s supposed to be the smart one, fuck this L dude. But then! THEN! L turns out to be hot, and oh fuck, Light seriously didn’t need that. But he and L work together, they get close. L accuses him of being Kira, Light is a little shit and works around it. And they both know, oh, they know.
And so Light would be getting tired of this all, regretting it and embracing it all the same while he falls for L. Because had he not been Kira, would he have ever met L? Sure, his father works for the police, and sure, he would have become a detective, but there’s no guarantee that he and L would have met. There’s no guarantee that Light would have met his first love.
And as they grow together, Light doesn’t know what to feel. He’s scared, he wants to protect L, but he started this for a reason, damn it. And now he has Misa strung along, and he doesn’t know what his sexuality is, and c'mon, I would love a canonically gay or bi serial killer. Though he would probably be gay, since Light only ever used women for his personal advantage. But who the hell knows. Queer super villains AND super heros. Yes. L would be pan or bi.
And, okay, hear me out. While they’re falling for each other, at the pinnacle of their emotional rollercoaster, L handcuffs them together, and that’s just the end. And they lay awake at night and admit their feelings, and both know the other is their enemy but both wants to keep the other safe. But they know they can’t protect the other if something comes out- L can’t argue on behalf of Light if he is convicted, if he is captured. And Light can’t promise that one of the other Kira’s or a follower won’t kill L if his name gets out there, and if he issued a statement to not touch him, it would be painfully obvious to L that he was Kira, and would that be enough to convict him?
Imagine it. Imagine Light and L having an emotional episode where L gently pushes Light’s hair back and tells him that they can be together, that he wants to protect Light if he admits he’s Kira. And in return of his trust, he gives Light his name, says that Light may write his name down if L exposes him before they’ve settled on anything. And when Light doesn’t kill L, it makes everything so much more emotional and more complicated.
Just. Imagine if LawLight was canon. I’m emotional.

A police photograph of items used by serial killer Ted Bundy while he was an active serial killer.

Though the term had not yet been coined, this represents a classic “rape kit” - a collection of sexually symbolic items that serial killers utilize as part of a fantasy. Though the crowbar, masks, handcuffs, and rope had practical uses for Bundy, these items also served as props for his sexual abnormality, which was the desire to punish, humiliate, and hurt young female victims.

Hey guys, can you do me a small favor and reblog this with your Autistic Spectrum trolls/characters? My little brother has Tourette Syndrome and I’d like to show him some people oc’s since he’s starting to get into making characters of his own!

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I know I’ve got an AU problem, but consider:

  • Obi-Wan Kenobi is not found by the Jedi Order. He serves in some capacity on Stewjon’s planetary legislature, perhaps as a page? but it’s just not for him.
  • Everyone expected him to have a brilliant political career, due to his family’s history, Stewjon’s tradition of public service, and Stewjon’s respected position as one of the founding systems of the Republic.
  • When the Clone Wars break out, Obi-Wan joins the military. Even though standard humans aren’t typically sent out onto battlefields (generally being put in the Senate Guard or as generals or admirals or serving in a bureaucratic or administrative role, no matter what their aptitude, thanks to the ingrained prejudice against clones), through sheer guts and sass, Obi-Wan gets himself assigned to a combat team as a sniper, in the Grand Army of the Republic’s equivalent of the Pararescue Jumpers.
  • Obi-Wan quickly becomes a fundamental part of the team, despite having gone through basic training somewhere far from Kamino. He’s issued a serial number similar (though not identical) to the clones on the squad (similar, but not identical, because those serial numbers are the Kaminoans’ identifiers as to who was cloned when and in what “batch” and Obi-Wan is standard human), and getting a name from the clones. Technically he’s Sergeant Kenobi but he frequently goes months without hearing “Kenobi” at all, just the name he’s been given by his brothers. (I need name ideas, guys.)
  • Also, swearing in Mando’a.
  • He gains a reputation for making “impossible” shots (such as shooting rocket-propelled grenades out of midair), due to his latent Force-sensitivity, but also because he’s just a darn good shot, with or without the Force.
  • Eventually they’re assigned to rescue Skywalker and some of the 501st. Everything goes normally until the pickup arrives and everyone lopes on board. Obi-Wan whips off his helmet and starts complaining about how his scope got knocked loose when he swung the rifle up to take out a clanker. Anakin stammers a bit and finally manages “You’re not a clone?!”
  • During Order 66, Obi-Wan throws a hitch into Sidious’ plans simply by being there and not understanding what’s going on. (Part of the reason only clones are part of the combat teams is because of Order 66, and the control chips can’t really be implanted in the heads of regular Republic citizens. Legally, clones are not Republic citizens; legally, they aren’t even really recognized as people, creating a loophole by which Palpatine can exploit them.) He’s probably injured, ends up a deserter and on the run, and is employed as a bodyguard by the Royal Family of Alderaan, where he becomes one of the founders of the Rebellion.
  • Ahsoka Tano, of all people, starts to help Obi-Wan utilize his Force-sensitivity. By the time the Skywalker twins are nearing adulthood, Ahsoka Tano is by no means the last of the Jedi.
  • No one told Obi-Wan that Vader was really Anakin Skywalker, the man who was shocked to find out that Obi-Wan wasn’t a clone all those years ago. Obi-Wan is not happy about this and probably chews out a lot of people.
  • Luke Skywalker is not allowed anywhere near the Emperor. Between Obi-Wan and Ahsoka, Sidious is toast.
  • Either Anakin ends up listening to Ahsoka and abandoning Vader, or Obi-Wan kills Vader when Vader doesn’t listen. Not sure which.
Late Night Wanderings

@d-athanasi | AO3I hope you enjoy this. I thought doing a diner AU would be a fun change; I hope you like reading it as much as I liked writing it!

by @nightlight9

Stiles doesn’t know how started spending all of his nights hanging out in a forgotten diner instead of getting a good night’s rest. Okay, so maybe he does actually know how he got here, and it might have everything to do with one surly worker with a quiet disposition and a big heart.  

Stiles doesn’t know how he got here. One minute he had been staring aimlessly at his computer screen, going crazy trying to figure out a good argument for his essay, and the next he was in his car, driving around town at 12:34 in the morning. All he wanted was to find something to do that would take his mind off of all the work he was avoiding. Ending up at Pop’s, a 24-hour diner Stiles didn’t even know existed, was a complete accident. But it turned out that it was exactly what he was looking for, even though when he first stumbled inside, all he could hope was that it wasn’t the start of a b-rated horror film featuring his death.

Now, most of his nights are spent at the small diner.

“I’m cutting you off.”

Stiles blinks up at the man towering over him, a pout pulling at his lips. Okay, so maybe he does actually know how he got here, and it might have everything to do with one surly worker.

The first time that Stiles saw Derek, he thought that the older man might be a tragically beautiful serial killer, because even though he was the most attractive man Stiles had ever seen, the frown pulling his lips down suggested violence. Instead he turned out to be the tragically beautiful owner of Pop’s, whose resting face naturally looks violent. And, after that fateful night, he also happens to be Stiles’ favorite unobtainable companion.

Except when he decides it’s his ‘duty to the public’ to cut off Stiles’ caffeine supply.

“That’s not fair,” Stiles whines, tightening his hands around the coffee mug and glaring up at Derek. “I’m a paying customer. You’re supposed to take my money without complaining or questioning my life choices.”

“If you expect that kind of service you should go somewhere else.”

“Derek.” His voice is all whine. “You have to give me more coffee. How else am I going to finish all of this?” He gestures to the counter where several textbooks have been left open.

Derek snorts. “Stiles, you’ve been staring at your books without doing anything for ten minutes.” He grabs Stiles’ discarded pencil (which rolled across the counter and was forgotten) as evidence of his lack of work. “It’s almost 2 o'clock, you haven’t done any work, and you’re cut off. “ Derek reaches over the counter and presses the pencil’s eraser against Stiles’ forehead. “You know, normal people would be thinking about going to bed.”

Stiles bats the pencil away and snorts. “Yeah, well I think we can safely deduce that I am in no way normal. Why else would I be hanging out with you practically every night?”

Surprisingly, Derek doesn’t take the bait. It makes Stiles pout again; he loves the way that they banter and tease each other. But Derek just calmly pries the mug from his fingers and replaces it with a tall glass of water, a smirk teasing his lips. Obediently, though with an eye-roll, Stiles sips at the new drink. In all honesty, he’s not even feeling jittery from all of the coffee. He’s long suspected that Derek swaps his caffeinated coffee with decaf, but he hasn’t been able to prove it. Either way, he’s definitely more than ready to head back to his dorm and sleep for a few hours.

But at the same time, Stiles doesn’t want to leave Derek alone. He knows that he must be used to it; obviously he was alone before Stiles wandered in and kept coming back. But Stiles hates picturing Derek wasting time by himself. The first night they met, Derek had been behind the counter waiting for orders even though no one was there. And he’s never mentioned having anyone to go home to.

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Carl Grimes || She’s Just A Child

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A/N: Slowly making my way through the book of imagines I have written down. Again if you have any requests feel free to inbox me or submit to me!

You knelt on the floor while Carl looked over at you. You sent him a soft reassuring smile and then looked over at Michonne who was looking at Rick. You and Carl had been hiding the fact that you were [regnant for about three months and Michonne had just found out. She was about to tell Rick when everything happened. Now you were here, you weren’t really sure what here was but you were here. You heard someone whistling and when you looked up you saw a tall man holding a baseball bat with barbed wire wrapped around the end of it. “Pissing Our Pants yet?” You looked at him and then over to Carl again with a frown. What was this? “Boy do I have a feeling we’re getting close.” He walked out so we could see him better and he was smiling widely. “It’s gonna be pee pee pants city real soon.”

He stood in front of you and looked at you all taking in all of your facial expressions. “Which one of you pricks is the leader?” None of you moved an inch scared of what might happen if you did.“It’s this one.” One of the other men said to the one you guessed was the leader. “He’s the guy…” He said looking at Rick and then back to the other man. “Hi, you’re Rick, right? I’m Negan. And I do not appreciate you killing my men.” Rick stared up at the man. “Also, when I sent my people to kill your people for killing my people, you killed more of my people. Not cool. Not cool. You have no idea how not cool that shit is!”

He continued talking to everyone for what seemed like forever when he finally bashed in Abes and Glenns heads. You stayed still holding a breath as he stood in front of you. You were silently crying. You were very emotional thanks to the pregnancy and this wasn’t helping the situation. You looked up at him and he bent down to your height and smiled back at you. “Please don’t,” Michonne said looking over at the two of you. You were in a staring competition and neither of you were looking away from the other. “She’s just a kid.” She said again. Negan looked at you then to Michonne. “Just a kid? Bet she’s dating the little serial killer though ain’t she?” You looked down at the ground and then touched the small hidden bump praying that nothing would happen. Maggie was in a state and she was pregnant too. “She’s a child,” Michonne said looking at you.

“Maybe it’s your turn.” He said putting the bat on your shoulder and making you look up at him. “Maybe it’s time you just left.” You took a deep breath waiting for the wack that never came. “She’s pregnant!” Carl said standing up as the bat was in midswing. Your eyes shot open to see Negan looking from you to Carl. “With your baby?” Carl nodded and walked over to you. “She’s three months in, you can’t kill her.” You looked up at Negan and he helped stand you up. “Then why is a pregnant girl knelt on the floor! Get her a chair!” He yelled to some of the men standing around you. “Better yet, I’ll make you a deal.” You sat down on the chair and watched as Negan walked over to Rick. Rick was shaking his head at you and Carl, how could you both been so stupid to end up pregnant. Negan took Rick into the RV and drove off.

“Guns on heads!” Negan yelled men put guns to the backs of everyone’s head including yours. “Now level with their noses, so if you have to fire, it’ll be a real mess.” You gipped at the thought of it and the man pressed the gun harder into your head. “Kid right here.” Negan said to Carl. “Kid now.” He walked over and Carl looked at him. “You a southpaw?” Carl frowned. “Am I a what?” Negan sighed. “You A lefty?” Carl shook his head. “No.” Negan wrapped a belt around his arm. “Good, that hurt?” Carl shook his head again. “Should, it’s supposed to. All right!” He yelled looking at him. “Get down on the ground, kid, next to daddy. Spread them wings.” You watched as your boyfriend was on the floor with his arms out. “Simon, you got a pen?” The man behind you moved and gave Negan a pen. “Sorry, kid.” He said getting onto the ground. “This is gonna be as cold as a warlock’s ballsack, just like he was hanging his ballsack about you and dragging it right across the forearm, There you go.” He said drawing a line across his arm. “Gives you a little leverage.” You frowned. “Please. Don’t.” You begged. “Me?” Negan said with a laugh. “I ain’t doing shit.” He turned to Rick again. “Rick, I want you to take your ax cut your son’s left arm off, right on that line. Now, I know – I know. You’re gonna have to process that for a second. That makes sense. Still, though, I’m gonna need you to do it, or all these people are gonna die. Then Carls pregnant girlfriend dies with the baby, then Carl, then the people back home and you eventually. I’m gonna keep you breathing for a few years, just so you can stew on it.” Michonne looked at Negan. “You–You don’t have to do this. We understand. We understand.” She said to him. “You understand. I’m not sure that Rick does. I’m gonna need a clean cut right there on that line.” You bit your lip looking at Carl who was looking at you.

Negan stopped Rick from doing it right at the last second and you almost fell from the chair. “Oh god someone gets the pregnant girl a drink.” Negan said walking over to you. “You thought about our little deal yet Rick?” He said placing a hand on your shoulder and rubbing it gently. “What deal?” You asked looking at each man. “You’re coming with me until the little one is born. It’s safe and you’ll have the right care and attention you need.” You looked over at Rick who was being glared at by Carl. “Surely I’ll be fine at Alexandria.” He shook his head. “We have a doctor that can help you, then once the baby is born you can go.” You glanced over at Rick. “Fine.” You muttered looking back to Negan. “I’ll do it.” He smiled and clapped his hands together. “On one condition, you let Daryl go and I get to see Carl whenever I want.” Negan sighed rubbing his chin. “New Deal, you come with me, I keep Daryl and you see Carl when we go to Alexandria.” You shook your head. “You let Daryl go, I come with you and I go with you whenever you go to Alexandria.” Everyone was staring at you, you were actually arguing back to Negan. “Fine.” He snapped his fingers and Daryl was let go off. “Say goodbye sweet cheeks.” You ran over to Carl and kissed him. “I’ll be back I promise.” You whispered looking into his eyes. “I love you.” You whispered to each other before going back to the black van and getting in next to Negan. “I’ll bring Scan pictures.” You said looking at Carl out of the window.

“It’s been a month Negan let me go and see him!” You shouted through the door of your room. “You aren’t ready!” You opened the door. “I’m going.” You said grabbing your jacket and walking down the hallway. “How do you know he’s not with that Enid girl!” You stopped dead in your tracks and looked in front of you. “How do you know about her?” You had been to see a shrink on the grounds and you had told that guy about your feelings towards Enid. “I have my ways.” You sighed. “More the reasons to go and see him.” You said opening the door and climbing into the black van. “You’re four months pregnant!” Dwight said getting in next to you. “This isn’t brightest of ideas.” You held the scan photo and looked out of the window. “I’m going.”

When you arrived there you saw Carl holding Judith. “Nope, you stay by my side the whole time.” You sighed and looked at Negan. “The whole deal was I come with you to see him.” Carl walked over and hugged you. “You don’t own me Negan.” You said walking away with Carl and Judith.

You sat in the kitchen feeding Judith when you felt movement in your stomach. “Oh gosh.” You said putting your hand on it and feeling the little one kick. “Carl.” You whispered calling him over and grabbing his hand and putting it on your stomach. “They’re kicking.” You said kissing his cheek. He was smiling brightly when the door opened and you both jumped apart. “Time to leave,” Rick said looking at you. “I just got here…” You said standing up and walking to the door. “Yeah well, it’s time to go, say goodbye.” You hugged Carl and gave him a quick peck before going to find Negan. “You done already?” He asked with a surprised look. “Rick said we were done.” You said rubbing your stomach. “They’re kicking.” You said taking his hand and placing it on the small bump. Although everyone hated Negan you knew him on a personal level. He was actually extremely caring and misunderstood by many. “You should leave.” You turned to see Enid stood there. “Hi, Enid.” You said smiling at her. “Yeah hi, you should leave. Rick and Carl don’t want you here anymore.” You looked over at Carl who was just looking at the ground. “You’re bad news, you’re the reason Carls life is ruined now thanks to that.” She said pointing at the bump. “you’re right.” You whispered not having the energy to fight back. “Tell him I said bye, or don’t. Negan I’ll be in the van.”


Luke Alvez / Always and Forever

As requested by anon for 500 follower celebration: 

I would like to request a Luke Alvez imagine but I cannot think of anything. Maybe one where he first meets his wife? Like love at first sight type of deal?

Ahhh I really love Luke, but I have such a hard time writing him! Warning slightly NSFW (really slightly) and super fluffy! 

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