this sequence ugh

I am 100% certain that someone has already pointed this out and made a whole post about this but I couldn’t find it. 

I was rewatching the movie (as one does), specifically the car chase where the gang is going back to the Citadel and Immortan et. al. chase after them in the desert. The scene I always go back to is the one where Max is hanging upside down and Furiosa is hanging onto him by a thread. The music when the guy with a baby doll on that back of his head is coming up behind Furiosa is just so unsettling. I just rewatch that scene over and over again. I love to hurt myself apparently by watching Furiosa get stabbed over and over again. 

The thing I am always drawn to is the faces Furiosa makes during those moments after she is stabbed. We all recognize that Charlize Theron can do amazing things with her face. But the look she gives Immortan Joe vs the look she gives Max in that sequence is just so…ugh. 

~~~Gifs/pics not mine but are meant to indicate my thoughts~~~

-When she looks at Immortan after she has been stabbed/sees Toast stuck in the car with him.


-The face she makes when Cheedo yells at Max that she is hurt. Hurt real bad.


The first is her anger and fury at this whole thing. She is stabbed. Has lost one of the sisters and is getting blocked in by the People Eater and Immortan. But she looks like stone or fury. Hard and immovable. A force to still be reckoned with. 

The second is a few minutes after she has been injured and after Max has moved the People Eater’s truck. She is weakening due to blood loss. He is also someone who she can show weakness and vulnerability to. She has to keep a tough exterior when facing Immortan and all those who seek to end her. But with Max (and kinda the gang) she can open up a bit and show this worry and fear about what is happening right now. Cuz things are bad at this moment. 

God. I just love this movie and all the little details. I can watch it over and over and appreciate all o the little things. 


So it seems that Ali is writing all the different names she’s gone by on the blackboard which is so strange and it makes me think this is a dream sequence even more ugh. But anyway, we see that she’s at some point gonna by the name “Emma Thorworld”. I did some research and Emma Thorworld is a character from a Hitchcock film “rear window” (UHH REAR WINDOW BREW @ EZRA??) I included the plot in this post, and personally I can’t see anything from the plot itself that sticks out as a clue but if u guys can let me know. I’m just really excited that this is yet another ezra clue lol!

The Signs as Young Justice Quotes
  • Aries: Curb the attitude, get a little altitude, her-MAN-o
  • Taurus: You know, I'm bilingual, and I still have no idea what you just said.
  • Gemini: Look. I've been remarkably patient... y'know... for me
  • Cancer: You’re overwhelmed, Freeze was underwhelmed, why isn’t anyone ever just whelmed?
  • Leo: How about we meet up first thing in morning? Y'know... like... noon-ish?
  • Virgo: Or maybe Tommy refuses to live in Tupence's stupid fantasy world where every problem is solved in half an hour!
  • Libra: I'm not about to let Lex Luthor and his alien space buddies poison the world just because we don't know exactly what poison they're using
  • Scorpio: Guy doesn't look a day over 90
  • Sagittarius: Human customs still elude me
  • Capricorn: And would you have felt the need to justify and all-MALE squad for a given mission?
  • Aquarius: Ok... these boots- adorable. But for a chase sequence...
  • Pisces: Ugh. I feel naked. And NOT in a fun way.
Buddy Complex Ending Sequence
Ano Sora ni Kaeru Mirai de


In the future that leads back to that sky,
I want to save you,
I want to protect you.


Disney Cinderella Transformation Sequences

Cinderella (1950)/ Into the Woods (2014)/ Cinderella (2015)


‘’jo main kehta hoon, jo sunta hoon jo sehta hoon, tere liye..
                        main girta hoon, sambhalta hoon phir chalta hoon, tere liye…’’


Samm stood stock-still, but any Partial linking with him would have been stopped short by the intensity of his emotions. He wondered if it was true—if Kira really had feelings for him, a Partial, one who’d attacked her people, betrayed her to a madwoman, and caused her more trouble than he cared to think about. A man with barely a year left to live before the Partial expiration date erased his life and his future in a single stroke. He didn’t think it was possible.

anonymous asked:

Have you ever noticed that 1D talked about not having their girlfriends in the This is Us movie.. And suddenly said that 'Lying is bad for business' out of nowhere. Do u know what he meant? www(.)youtube(.)com/watch?v=urJNxmC0cRU at 8.20

That whole sequence is just ugh. Harry beginning to address something she didn’t even directly ask about (probs been told to say that), saying they’ve never been a band that has lied about having girlfriends. And then after says what you’ve mentioned “lying is bad for business” 

But watch Louis during that exchange:


Ghostbusters (2016)


-This movie was AMAZING and fuck the haters

-I love each of these women as if they were my own children

-God I loved this movie

-Chris Hemsworth is a precious man child and he looked like he was having the time of his life

-Kate McKinnon is a gift to humanity and was the best part of the movie. For example… “It’s 2040 and our president is a plant.” or my other favorite “Safety lights are for dudes.” (btw I am putting that last one on my tombstone.)

-Leslie Jones is me if I ever saw a ghost. I’ve loved her since I first witnessed her comedic glory on SNL. CAN A BITCH GET A BEEF BONE?!? (go look up this clip from SNL, you will not be disappointed.)

-Did I mention I fucking loved this movie?!?

-Legit was grinning from ear to ear like a 5 year old for most of the film, seeing these woman use science and smarts to become bad-ass ghost-hunters was like witnessing an unrealized childhood fantasy come to life. What a time to be alive.

-The action sequences at the end. Ugh… fuck me sideways. Licking a gun never looked so good.

-My life goal is to work on SNL to meet all these gloriously funny people

-The attempts at “science” talk were hilarious and was made funnier by the fact that most of it made zero sense.

-Glorious cameos all around

-Literally the only thing that would have been better was if they’d made it R, so that Melissa McCarthy could have unleashed her horribly delightful R rated insults at people… but I know that wasn’t realistic for mass appeal. 

-Go see this movie, take your mom to see this movie, take your grandma to see this movie. Go see it people, so we can have more hilarious woman grace our movie screens.

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