this sequence made me so uncomfortable

flashing lights warning in blade runner 2049

i’m going to be as vague and spoiler-light as i can - there’s a sequence where ryan gosling is investigating an abandoned casino, and the color profile of the whole movie goes really yellow

the flashing lights start after he ducks into a dark room - you’ll see a hand flip a big switch, and then the flashing lights start. i’m not particularly sensitive to lights and it still made me uncomfortable so take care of yourselves! the flashing lights end when a gunshot sounds

suicide squad review

so i just got back from suicide squad and wanted to fire off a quick review where i’ll just be listing the pros and cons of the movie rather than saying whether it was straight up good or bad or not because it was a very multifaceted movie. ngl, it was a hot mess and i’ll get into that in my cons but it had redeeming qualities that saved it from being “disastrous” as many critics have branded it. my advice is: whatever you think this movie is going to be, forget about it. it’s most likely not what you imagined on in your head and that took me by surprise big time in the first half an hour or so.

rating: if anything below a five is bad, and anything above good i would give this movie a 6/7 out of 10. it had it’s issues but overall i was entertained and if anything it left me wanting a follow-up.

okay now for the pros and cons (slightly heavy spoilers.)

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So first off I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to alllllllll of you who follow me and especially the blogs that followed me from day one. Without your support and affection I honestly would’ve deleted this blog a long time ago but the positive messages and support helped keep me going. I truly enjoy playing this muse and making people smile and laugh. I appreciate all the blogs that have privately messaged me and gave me encouraging words and admiration. I appreciate the anons that I couldn’t publish because there were so many and sometimes my inbox gets congested but I just want you to know I saw them and thank you so much. And those who my inbox ate your message gomen! Because this is 500 it’s kinda a big special deal so those who I adore interacting with will get a special mention. I just wanted to say once again before I get into it thank you so much for helping me reach five hundred wonderful followers both role play and main blogs. I can’t thank you enough I’m not worthy of such wonderful people following me and interacting with me!

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