this selfie is hella old


Heyyy I was tagged by @naomiloid  LOOK AT HER I’M LOVE OK BYE♥ Also thank you honey♥

(The second and the third selfies are hella old lmao I don’t really take picture I’m sorreh, also that Namjoon selfie gives me life everyday)

So I guess I have to write something about me? Mmmh well I’m the definition of stressed and overworked, I always nag about not having time to do anything but truth is I get bored really easily so I need something to do every moment of my life lol. I have a resting bitch face and I’m shy so I don’t make friend easily but once you know me I’m a big dork and a Meme. I’m kinda introverted too, I love the rain and I can get really aggresive if someone hurts me or my loved ones. I hate my skin LMAO I’ve been called Morticia or Wednesday or even Addams for sooo many years because of my fair skin and my natural black hair so when I was 15 I think I started to dye my hair and then it kinda became a passion eheheh also I love tattoos (y’all know that already) and I have a few💜 Tbh I have been bullied for so many things I’ve lost count lmao 

Okay Imma stop writing lol, sorry for the long post ehehhe

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