this sehun game is going strong

Dare |2|

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A/N: Okay, I know that i said that The Hot7 was my top priority… But look, Artificial Love made me do this.

WARNING: Violence and this has a girl x girl kiss so if you don’t like that…skip that part?

Part 1


The game went on and there was no escaping Baekhyun’s hard stare. He looked at you no matter what was going on in the room. Every time you looked up at him, his eyes seemed to get darker. You knew he was fucking you in his mind and it made the entrance of your pussy more damp every time. You tried to shake off the feelings but they were there to stay.  

“Okay, back to Y/N!” Miyu was now asking you the question, “Truth or Dare?”

“Hmm, dare.”

“I dare you to kiss me.” You looked at her and smirked.

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Nose, Lips, Chin.... & arms?? lol

Sehun posted a picture on instagram….(which was this!)

Some say it’s Sehun, some say it’s Luhan. (its like that blue/black dress thing all over again!) Here is where I would like to compare their facial feature for you all…

The top lip is pointy, thin and small.

As for Sehun’s lips…

Another thing is, of course, the nose. Sehun’s nose is a little bigger than the bottom picture is it not?? (not saying that Sehun has a big nose! I’m just pointing it out. He has a very cute nose hehe!) Riiiiight? (compare the chins while you at it!) You see where I’m going with this??

Annnnnnd also this… Sehun’s SEXY veiny arms (gimme dem arms boy!!)

Sooooo in conclusion… I think that picture he posted is definitely Luhan!! (I’m sick of your games HUNHAN!! just upload a proper picture of your date bro! Xiumin was probs there too lol) Doesn’t my explanation/examples seem legit doe?? *proud of myself*
Lastly, I think I know my own husband you guys lol he’s like my boo thang, the love of my life lol 

HunHan ~ 2012

HunHan spam #getreadyforit

I have three essays all due in four hours. Fuck that though, this is much better use of my time.

#relationshipgoals feat. curly Yeol and doped up Jongin

Pre-debut? *sheds a tear*


^^ Cheeky smile *teeheeheeeee*

HunHan game going strong in 2012…like honestly…how does one even?




*Screams* Nope…must…remain…calm…I will…get through…this post…


Kay #happytears 

I’m in a lot of pain right now.


Ugh. Peasants…why do they have to be so fucking perfect?

dawwwwww >w<

What I like to call ‘the twinsiez period’



Exo reaction when you wear a shirt with “I would date you but you’re not *another idol’s name*”

Sehun: Ohh that’s a low blow babe.

Kai: Couldn’t you pick another shirt to wear today?what it’s the “make your boyfriend jealous day” and I didn’t know about it?

Tao: Sehun: Did they sell all the shirts with “tao” and that’s why she bought one with kai?

Why don’t you keep your mouth shut for once….*keeps on mocking what sehun said*. 

Kyungsoo:*you walk past him* Go and change.*very calm voice*

Chanyeol: *evil chanyeol comes to the surface* That shirt is going down faster than the titanic. 

Chen: Do you want me to remind you why you date me? it involves  what we did last night *eyebrow game strong

Baekhyun:*as you came closer o him and he can finally see what it says* 

Lay:*doesn’t get affected one bit*  Oh you like hyung also? he is such a great guy…

Suho: Maybe from now I should try to keep her away from hyung when we meet with him in the backstage…..

Kris: Srsly?have you seen me? I don’t like to brag but I’m perfect from head to toes. 

Luhan: That’s a really great choice…if I was a girl I would have wanted to date him also.

Xiumin: Do you want me to help you change your mind?

REQUEST EXO REACTION to you being insecure

Since you came to Seoul you began to feel insecure. You have a normal, healthy body but compared to all those skinny girls, you felt .. not fat but .. uncomfortable in your own body. Oh and don’t forget their perfect skin. While everyone had long, straight and healthy hair, yours was kind of messy, wild. Back home you always liked it but here .. you stucked out.  And you couldn’t help but to take it in a negativ way. Lucky for you, you had 12 friends who always tried to show you otherwise.


He couldn’t understand why you were so insecure. Yes you are different. But a good different. He liked that difference. Everytime you would start complaining he’d say “You know if I would be a girl with your looks, I would be so cooky about myself. Stopping before every mirror, examine my beauty!”. He would finish that sentence with a grin and with a gentle kiss on your forehead he’d whisper so so beautiful.


He was always able to sense when you felt uncomfortable, espacially if there were girls around. So in order to switch that frown to a smile he’d try to distract you. “Hey (y/n) wanna go with me? It’s kind of boring here. I haven’t eaten an ice cream in a long time, what about you?” With that he dragged to the nearest ice cream shop and as soon as he saw you smiling again he couldn’t feel more satisfied.


He always shot the best photos of you when you least expect it. Your natural and beautiful smile, that wasn’t forced. He was able to capture that. Most of the time you didn’t even recognize it. But he kept them. Till the day that you feel down and upset about yourself. He would slide one of the pretty photos under your door with a little message saying “Don’t feel upset. See how beautiful you are! See what we see xx” hoping that this would brighten your mood.


The moment he heard what you think about yourself, he’d be shocked, confused and sad.”What? but .. how can you say something like that about yourself? You are nothing like that! Come here and give me a hug, love.” And never say things like that again. It breaks my heart.


You sometimes were afraid to visite the boys concert because you were surrounded by beautiful people. And then there was you. Kai knew that you easily got uncomfortable because of the crowd so every once in a while he would check to see if you were okay, sending you kisses and mouthing “you are beautiful”. He was very good at showing love and support. Maybe one day she’ll believe it.


He would desperatly try to make you laugh. And in order to do so he messed with the other hyungs. “Oh Sehun you want that back? Well you’ll have to fight me then! The winner gets a kiss on the ckeeck from this beautiful princess over there!” So cheesy but it made you laugh and with that he started to laugh too. (Guys seriously how good looking is Kris in this gif?! haha xx)


He would even protect you when you were not around. Like when fans were saying something rude about you infront of him he would make clear that this is not a topic to joke about by ignoring them and simply turning away. Treating my friends like shit won’t make you prettier.

Luhan and Tao

Both of them would try to teach you how to fight the haters back, if some approaches you. They wanted you to be prepared and to not feel even more insecure when you see or hear mean comments. “Alright (y/n), try to keep some insults back in your mind. Be strong.” “Says the one who screamed like a girl the second he entered the haunted house!” you grinned. We teached her well ..


When he knew that this night you might not fall asleep because you’re overthinking, he gives you his cuddly toy. Suho:”But you can’t sleep without that!” Sehun:”Yes I know. But for her, it’s worth it.”


“So (y/n) grab your jacket. I’m gonna cheer you up now, be prepared! We’ll go into the mall, go shopping, eat as much as we can, play games and go into the movies! You don’t need to worry about anything, I’ll pay!” Rich guy alert..


He would be your own personal bodyguard. As always he just wants to protect you. With his intimating look no one would dare to say a bad word to you and that was his goal. On the other hand he is always charming you and just being the cute Xiumin we all know and love.

the effects that exo’s songs have on me:

* “What if” is played:

me: okay it’s time for body roll ( ͡°( ͡° ͜ʖ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ʖ ͡°) ͡°)

*”Love me right” is played:

me: okay it’s time to break my neck ಠ_ಥ

*maybe i will have the opportunity to find kai at the hospital i swear i’m surprised that boy still hasn’t broken his neck

My situation in the end:

*”playboy”is played:

me (i bet all of you can relate): when this song is played we don’t need description this is all action ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

*i may fill a charge against kai.. DAMN i can’t get pregnant every time i hear this song

**the kaisoo feels ain’t joking around…sm pulling game strong bitch

*Promise is played:

me: mom did you switch my lens with slices of onions

in the end when i listen to that whisper i promise you……it happen nothing because i’m already dead

in the end i’m like:

because you make me go through a roller coster of emotion and i haven’t an insurance on my heart ok sm