this segment was really funny


Amazing how the Shiyagare producers managed to “fire” Riida up without use of fire: 

(1) extending filming time, 

(2) making him hammer away non-stop,

(3) putting him behind a transparent screen to ‘scare’ him into dangerous tasks,

(4) stressing him enough for a new character to be born, and 

(5) successful task completion with a (senior) buddy!

*extra hugs to our Riida for taking it all in stride*

Arashi ni Shiyagare 15.08.2015

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Hey everyone!

Thanks for your votes!

How great was Switch-Up Week? I think this was one of the best ones yet. It was awesome working with Alexa and I’m so proud of her for getting that 40. It does not feel at all weird get a perfect score first with Alexa and not Bindi. It was important that whoever I got last week, I gave them my all. I had a very clear goal to get Alexa’s confidence level up and I think we did that. And in my eyes, Bindi always gets a perfect score!

I thought Bindi did a terrific job in her cha cha. The routine was extremely difficult. Val pushed her and made her sharp. To get a 10 in cha cha is extraordinary. I think the cha cha one of the least impactful dances on the show. If you look at the record books of memorable dances, there are very few, if any, cha chas. There’s a reason we usually do them in the first week. I just loved watching her kill it. I agree with what Bruno said about her shoulders. We were trying to figure out why she moves them up like that. I said yesterday that when she gets excited and is smiling, she raises her shoulders. It was like a light bulb moment. So now that we know, we have to retrain that a little bit.

It feels great to be back with my baby! Pun intended! We have the rumba this week to Dirty Dancing. Normally, we can do our own versions of these dances, but they told us they want us to reflect the original as possible. We still have some freedom with it. The tough part is the lift, of course. I don’t normally do lifts and I never really have done those on the show. And this is a really difficult lift to do. We try every day and we’ve gotten really close. Yesterday, we went to a lake – and I use that term loosely. It was more of a smelly bog. It was in the Hills. There’s a little reservoir and it was so gross. The silt was like 3-feet deep. When you stepped in it, the bubbles popped. Believe me, I did not choose that location! But it was actually really fun.

And before you ask, yes, Jennifer Grey is giving us tips! She’s actually stopping by rehearsals today to check us out. We can’t disappoint her! I guess it was easy to give us Dirty Dancingbecause of my connection to Jennifer, but I think there are actually a lot of parallels between the movie and Bindi. Baby’s 17 in the movie and so is Bindi. Baby wants to change the world. That’s Bindi. Even Bindi’s laughs when she gets goofy are so Jennifer. She’s my Baby Bindi!

Hopefully they won’t give us another lie detector this week! That was rigged! Ha. The whole segment was pretty funny, but for the record, I really don’t think I’m the best pro. I think that’s too broad a label. We’re all good at different things and different styles. We’re all the best in different ways. But I certainly do give my very best in everything I do.

Thanks for reading! See you Monday!




One of the best days of my life. although i wasnt sitting in the VIP cat, i was just so glad to be there. I really enjoyed the concert. 

The girls were extremely lively throughout and Eunji was just so damn cute the whole time, and showering pandas with fan service. would have got better pics if i was sitting in front. but sokay, im contented. 

kudos to namjoo especially. despite her injury, she tried to participate as much as possible and she was moving her body slightly along with the music. and i have to mention, the members went to namjoo once in a while during their performance to keep her included. especially eunji and chorong. really sweet of them. a lot of eunjoo/E&N moments yesterday. 

the girls sang LIVE. Eunji’s voice is to die for.i seriously had goosebumps hearing her high notes. makes me even more excited for her solo album. and namjoo hitting the high note while sitting note and wearing that neck brace. gosh. 

games segment, eunji was really funny and cute. i took videos of it, i’ll post it up later. playing scissors paper stone to choose the lucky fan. showing off her english (she reallyyyyyyy improved a lot). her hilarious imitation of naeun. her drawing of herself that really didnt have a difference when she put it beside her face for namjoo to guess. that eye smile is to die for! and all her cute expression here and there, couldnt capture everything but everything is stored in my heart. <3 

5th anniversary video got them and me in tears. it was really touching. though the beginning was quite funny will all the embarrassing videos of chorong’s “boong boong ahh~~” which got her screaming and bomi’s Rhythm Ta rapping. eunji and hayoung kept disturbing bomi when that part was playing. hilarious. really. my eunmi/93line feels then. hahahaha. 

and eunji’s love for chili crab almost won over her love for sg pandas. hahahha she was just kidding. and her english omg. the way she spoke in english was so cute and funny!!!

EJ: are you having fun?

pandas: yessssssss

EJ: really? are you having fun?

pandas: YESSSSSS


pandas: /screamsssss/

EJ: me too. (laughs)

LOLOLOLOL her “me too” was so cute and funny oh god. 

and in after the encore stage when the members were all slowly exiting, eunji ran back to the other side of the stage to say bye again to the fans and she even raised her hand and wanted to do a cartwheel. LOL but she didnt in the end lah. LOL. but so sweet right??? fan service to the last second!!! how to not love her???

okay, i shall end here. my pics are not very good so im only posting a few. back to suffering from post concert syndrome. OTL