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I have no idea what’s been up with David lately but I’m loving it. He’s been watching tv with me. Which is strange because he hates tv. He’s been wanting to cuddle and giving lots of sweet random kisses and I’m just melting.

I think part of it is he’s really excited because he’s getting a new toy today. His company allows a 3k loan with no interest to get a computer for “personal growth” . He has little reading segments and quizzes and such. He ordered his new computer and it’s expected to be here any minute.

Life outside the navy is so much better than i ever anticipated. We’re both so much happier. We actually get to spend together. There’s only a couple of things that would make life perfect. But for now life is fairly amazing and we’re happy. That’s what matters.

SO HERES MY STORY FOR TATINOF FT LAUDERDALE. Well, I live kind of by Orlando so I had about a 3 ½ hour drive to get to the venue and me and my friend Madison (@85Ultraviolence on Twitter) were one of first people to arrive. We had to sit in this outdoor area until someone came and got us for VIP (which took about two hours). But while we waited some workers for the tour came out and asked us about weird kid stories and Internet support group questions and they were so nice! Once we were allowed in for VIP (which could have easily been snuck in to just saying) we got a red wristband and sat in a pretty chill room with tables and chairs around the room. everyone talked with each other about random stuff and it was so welcoming so dONT WORRY IF YOU’RE GOING ALONE!! YOU’LL MEET PEOPLE! Once Dan and Phil came out from behind the curtain there was screaming but they were so kind and Dan said “let’s have a meet up!” and it all started. everyone got in line and waited to be brought up on stage to meet them. When I went up I said “Hey there!!!!” very happily and Phil asked how I was doing and I said “I’m great! How are you??” and Dan said “very good thank you very much” and while this was going on I was giving them such big hugs like I didn’t want to let go of Phil ever but I had to (sadly). They then asked if I wanted my book signed (which was already open to the page I wanted signed) so they signed it and then handed the book back to me. Dan asked if i wanted him to take a selfie of us and I said “yes and can we also have a full body one afterwards” and Dan just said “Okay.” and took the selfie (amazing good words Dan). so Dan asked the security guard that was on stage if he could take the picture. Dan was about to put his arm around me for a normal picture but I quickly said “can we do a force choke picture??” and Dan said something like “oh yea lets do it alright” so we took the picture anD I LOVE IT. (my selfie is ugly but whatever) and then I started to walk off stage and they said goodbye so kindly and Phil waved and smiled as I walked off but I was like SHIT I FORGOT TO ASK MY QUESTIONS BECAUSE I HAD LIKE A FULL SPEECH PLANNED SO I RAN BACK ON STAGE. The security guard on stage was like NO NO NONONO you need to get off you need to go and I was begging begging begging to let me ask my questions because I would have regretted everything if I didn’t. and Dan and Phil were watching this and kind of nodded saying it was okay and watched me as I was literally saying everything so fast trying to be able to ask before this security guard pushed me off the stage. (he was just doing his job) I asked “What’s your favourite Star Wars movie?” first and Dan said “oooo I think I’m going to have to go with Revenge of the Sith” (although he said Avenge of the Sith but let’s ignore that) ((btw that’s my fave too good choice Dan)) and Phil answered but I didn’t hear him at the time. So then I asked “what’s your fave fall out boy album?” and Dan said “hmmm I’m going to have to say From Under The Cork Tree” (god is real) and then I don’t think Phil really answered he just said “I’m still stuck on that Star Wars question!” and I smiled and said “wait what did you say for the Star Wars thing again?” and he said “oh Empire Strikes Back!” and I said great choice! and I thanked them again because they could have so easily been like “ew rat get her off the stage she had her turn” but they’re so so kind and just want your m&g to be everything you hoped for. So I walked off for the final time and sat on a chair contemplating life while the rest of the m&g went on. The m&g only lasted for about an hour (maybe a tiny bit more) and then they came back out to say goodbye and that they’d see us at the show and walked behind the stage again. Then it was time for the show! I WONT GIVE SPOILERS!!!! I was second row center stage (I died) and I won’t tell you what happened really but Phil threw confetti in my face (life is good) and my friend caught phils mouth germs lets just say that. And obviously we know they do a weird kids segment since they put it in their participation video so Madison got on the screen for her weird kid story and they made so many joKES BASED ON HER I WAS CRYING FROM LAUGHTER. I don’t want to give anything away though so I won’t say much else. But I cried at like 3 points during the show because it made me feel so happy and okay with myself. I hope you all get to enjoy Tatinof whether it’s VIP or not you’ll have a wonderful time I can guarantee that! (and yes the force choke was for all of you ‘force choke me dad’ stans as I’m one myself)

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What do you mean that Jeff never really paid much attention to who is sleeping with/kissing someone? S1 was all about Scallison, s2 was Scallison and Jydia, 3a was Dennifer Aiden/Lydia and Dethan, 3b was somewhat Scira, and so far s4 is all about Stalia which Jeff has promoted a whole lot, and now it Draeden, just look at the s4 trailer. I don't agree with Cole ever but it is weird that their ratings are dropping and then they put out a sneak peek with Sterek interaction.

First off, sorry, I should’ve clarified what I meant in the post. I was trying to get rid of my brother and not lose my train of thought at the same time. 

What I meant to say is that the purpose of the romance is never the romance in Teen Wolf. There’s always a bigger picture. Bigger than you guys are hot and the chemistry is good. Bigger than these two characters complement each other well. Bigger than this would just be really really cute. Bigger than he/she hasn’t gotten laid. Bigger than all of those put together. 

Warning: I am incapable of giving a basic answer, so get comfortable. 

Scallison: For the sake of brevity I’m going to mention one aspect of this relationship because it’s the longest standing relationship (romantic or otherwise) aside from Scott and Stiles, meaning Jeff had plenty of time for nuances. And Uncle Jeff love him some nuances.

The major issue with Scallison that will best make my point is loyalty. Where did Allison’s loyalties lie in Seasons 1 and 2? As I said in my comment, the question was more if there is a manhunt in the middle of the night, whose side are you on? Imho, Allison broke up with Scott because she wasn’t sure of that answer. She had lost too much family to not say family, but on the other hand, she honestly loved Scott and wanted to do right by him. (Not to mention, sometimes the code just didn’t cut it.) Now, this is reason to break up with Scott, but the fact is it was a pretty ambiguous reason. Allison fixed this problem when she introduced the new code- placing herself firmly in the corner of “good guys” and eliminating a conflict of interest. Thus, her indecision in 3B “I don’t know if I did the right thing, breaking up with Scott.” [Don’t get me wrong, THEY NEEDED TO BREAK UP, but the reason she did it was not the reason it needed to happen. Goddamnit Crystal Reed, I wanted to see that arc play out. As much as I gripe, I do enjoy seeing them be teenagers and having lived that romance arc, I wanted to see if Allison waded through it the way I did.]

To take a quick slide over to Scott’s POV, just so you know it’s the same thing: Scott sided with the Argents over Derek for basically all of Season 1. He was so focused on the rainbow shining out of Allison’s -admittedly exemplary- ass, he couldn’t deal with anything two feet in front of him. (I am eternally bitter about Jackson escaping the police van. Eternally.) 

Scott and Allison’s loyalties were to each other and when they weren’t together, they struggled with subverting that impulse. Scott with trying to keep Allison out of the fight, Allison with clinging to her code and winging everything else. 

The purpose of their romance was to showcase this tension. It wouldn’t have worked if it wasn’t shoved down our throats. Also, nuances as to why it wasn’t technically a healthy relationship would have been easier to ignore if it hadn’t developed that lovely ability to give you an ache right between the eyes. But the point was never just to give our protag a badass lady friend to keep his tail awag or make him sad with her rejections.

Jydia: Jesus Christ, Jydia. Well. I’m going to do my approximation of short and sweet. On the surface, Queen Bee + King Jock = we have a highschool show, they have to be together and dysfunctional. Pretty, petty people there to do pretty, petty things and cry when supernatural shit messes up their pretty, petty lives. Can you tell I did not approve of Jydia?

I legit hated Jackson until like the last five minutes of Season 2. Every time I generated some sort of sympathy for him, he did something unbelievably dickish and I just couldn’t deal. (Still very bitter at Colton Haynes for leaving LITERALLY THE MOMENT I GAVE A DAMN ABOUT HIS CHARACTER ARC. [moving on])

Jydia is a bit of a conundrum because on the surface it’s clearly they don’t really love each other this is just fucked up. But then we have that ending scene. You can’t save someone with the power of human love if you don’t really love them. You can’t be saved by the power of human love if you don’t on some level love them too. 

Thing is, Jydia was dysfunctional. Jackson was literally okay with letting Lydia die. They told him she would DIE if they didn’t find her before it got too cold out AND HE DIDN’T CARE. He didn’t go out to look for her anyway. He didn’t do a drive around. Jackson said who gives a shit and went on with his day. When Lydia was going nuts? Did Jackson call? Did he look twice and ask if she was all right? He bitched Lydia out about the stupid fucking key. Then he broke up with her. Don’t get me wrong, Lydia had a Lady Macbeth sequence for a while, she played his insecurities like a fiddle, and she alternated between instrumental and indifferent when it came to Jackson’s own spiral into unfortunate supernatural obsession.

POINT: Jackson took Lydia’s bleeding body to the hospital. (she probably bled all over the Porsche). He realized he was a douche and did his approximation of trying to apologize when Derek was trying to break into the house. He killed himself (or at least gravely injured) so that he wouldn’t hurt anyone at the game. Lydia walked up to the undead-monster-thing of her douchnugget ex-boyfriend with a key, a prayer and the instructions: Save him with the power of your love and he had never told her he loved her. 

Jydia’s purpose was to show that a dysfunctional, call the therapist, not-my-child-so-help-me-God relationship could still be based on LOVE. No matter how much of a good guy Stiles is compared to Jackson Whittemore, in that last few minutes even he realized that he had no foothold between them, not so long as they didn’t officially break it off 100000% Because they LOVED eachother. However fucked up it was. Uncle Jeff love him some gray areas.

Dennifer: Oh my God, why? Why does this even count as romance? She used the magic of the virgins to seduce/ roofie Derek into trusting her and believing she was harmless. This is not romance. This is Jeff Davis saying when you smell fish, something is fishy. The fact that we couldn’t point at Jennifer and say CAPTAIN MACK’S ALL YOU CAN EAT GROUPER FOR FIVE NINETY-NINE ONLY ON WEDNESDAYS THIS JANUARY just means Jeff can pat himself on the back and appreciate his cleverness. 

Something was off. Something in Jennifer’s general direction. It turns out she was a psychopath. I refuse to acknowledge that Dennifer was a romance. 

Dennifer was placed in the show because Derek was once again the weakest link and the ace in the hole. Because everything Derek S. Hale touches turns to ash. Because his life fucking sucks. Because Jennifer wasn’t wrapped too tight and she’d have had to pretend to be a teenager in order to get close to the pack without going through Derek. 

[[I had to take a breather because ^^THAT little segment upset me just that much]]

Aiden/Lydia: When Lydia Martin said she wanted a distraction, she found one and she utilized it to the best of her ability. My goddess has a very healthy sex drive and so long as you can wrap it tight and tap it well, she really didn’t give a damn what you did on your free time.

Aiden was using Lydia as an in to the pack. He didn’t get what he wanted. Aiden generally liked Lydia - not enough to consciously decide not to kill her. I’m of the impression that he shocked himself along with Lydia with that development. Lydia didn’t necessarily like Aiden, but beneath that Ice Queen exterior lies a heart of gold (something she has in common with Stiles actually) and she does have this ability to see the people beneath the monsters. Jackson even when he was the human brand of monster (letting Isaac’s abuse just continue, are you serious?) and Aiden before he thought being a good guy was worth the trouble (he was remorseless about Boyd. RE MORSE LESS). 

Aside from saying, yes, fuckbuddies can be a thing without ~major feelings development~ I believe Aiden/Lydia was purposed to show them (for lack of a better word, sorry it’s getting late) having real beating hearts almost in spite of themselves. Neither of them were in this for the feelings, but Lydia cared when he died and he gave a damn whether he died as scum in Lydia’s eyes. (Also, Lydia made a healthy relationship choice in saying she “didn’t want to be with a bad guy” Hallelujah, it needed to be said)

Dethan: I honestly think the entire point of Dethan was to show that Ethan is the good, sane twin. The one who can form healthy, caring relationships and think beyond the “what do I need to do to survive” reflex. Ethan consciously chose to protect Danny, whereas Aiden found himself stepping in front of Lydia when shit went down. Ethan is the one with limits (he could’ve bitten Danny w/o his permission, I wouldn’t put it past Aiden). 

Ethan’s relationship was healthy in all of the ways Aiden’s wasn’t. It was more than sex (while still being lots of sex), clear affection and hesitation to drag Danny into any supernatural shenanigans. What better way to show that Ethan is somewhat redeemable than to gift him a beloved side character and have him treat said beloved character sweetly?

Scira: I mentioned in my comment that Scira is more along the lines of now is totally not the time, but would you like to give this a go-btw I got your back. 

Kira told Lydia “I know they need time, but I don’t know how much time to give them” so she’s with the audience in the whole - technically Scott McCall doesn’t need the distraction of a love interest right now. (or ever. I’m on board for the complete last episode. Scott + love = bad life choices in my book) But then again Scott flip flopped with Allison, then it was tension, and they swayed a bit until they became sort of comfortable as just friends and then she died.  So I suspect Scott is suffering from some serious Carpe Diem when it comes to Kira. 

The whole theme for S4 is Can’t Go Back. Scott isn’t your average teenager. He’s not going to approach his relationship as if he is (a HUGE problem he had in the early days of Scallison). He’s seizing the day when it comes to Kira and while he hasn’t set boundaries, Kira is definitely observing where they should be and giving him every opportunity to opt out. I’d like to thank God and also Jesus because kids need to see that shit in media, okay? Kira Yukimura is a gift. Scira is a combination of EXCELLENT character development after the death of a loved one (I’d have liked a funeral, but I’ll settle) and WONDERFUL representation of respecting an emotionally fragile partner in a new relationship. They’re cute, yes. But they’re not just romance. It can’t even really be boiled down to cute romance is cute because life just isn’t that simple for them anymore. 

Stalia: Funny- I came into Stalia ready to hate it. My best friend was up in arms, and when I asked why, she said “My baby’s first time HAD BETTER NOT be in the basement of a SHADY ASS asylum, on a dusty old couch, on ONE OF THE WORST DAYS OF HIS LIFE.” I asked if she thought Stiles should have moonlight and candles and a $500 hotel room- she said yes. My point being, I side eyed this so hard because I don’t buy into just because romance. Regardless if the just because is that the characters fit beautifully together. I need a WHY. 

[I fully understand Jeff intended a just because sex scene, but I also recognize that he conceded Dylan O’brien’s argument that it was a terrible idea. Good writers write good shit. Great writers TAKE THEIR CRITICISM SERIOUSLY and omit the stupid shit. For real, he could’ve said shoot it anyway, it’s MY vision.]

I don’t really like conspiracy theories if I have to force myself to see the conspiracy, so I’m in the camp that thinks Malia is just a little coyote trying to make her way in the world and throwing her lot in with one Stilinski (as would I, if I found myself in Teen Wolf verse).

On that note: Malia is pretty fucked up. She killed (and maybe ate a little bit) her mother and sister. She was stuck in coyote form. She was human for most of her basic development (about third grade, not a baby but not a preteen) and is now a teenager with an adult coyote mindset warring with a gradeschooler’s mindset. She’s trying her damnest to figure out how to human. She finds herself affronted with a Stiles Stilinski and is maybe a little bit - read a lot - in love. 

Stiles has had a breakdown in the works since Season 1 when he realized “Let’s go find a body” directly led to hunters pointing guns at Scott’s head. I’m not even going to get into all the ways Stiles is fucked up. He is a time bomb, he is going to blow at some point, and you will have to scrape me off the walls when he does because I’m not letting go. 

Stiles has decided that -much like his father- he is going to save rehabilitate Malia Tate if it’s the last thing he does. Part of it is the way he takes care of people in spite of himself. Part of it is that he has to do some good in this world to offset the sins that he reenacts in his nightmares. He cares about Malia in the way that you take an injured animal in, name it, feed it, help it to grow strong, will give your left kidney to see it happy and will gut anyone who looks at it wrong. Stiles does nothing by half measures and he has decided that he Capital C Cares about Malia Tate. End of Story.

Stalia is about- in part- unrequited love imho. Stiles’ reasons for loving her in every way but that way are entirely human. It just doesn’t click. And I will eat my favorite pair of shorts if that doesn’t tear my heart out at some point because I doubt Malia will understand. The other part is that Malia NEEDS Stiles because she’s trying so very hard and Stiles is her support system. Likewise, Stiles NEEDS Malia because that “this is progress” is what keeps him sane. Two kids can forge an indomitable symbiotic bond in the middle of a supernatural hellhole without ending up with 2.5 and a white picket fence. Why is it being shoved down our throats ruthlessly? A) because our PR sucks balls, B) this is gonna hurt LIKE A BITCH, C) all of the above.

Draeden: First of all, I absolutely adore Braeden and I hope she stays forever and ever and ever, amen. If she stays forever, she will have to forge intra-pack relations at some point. I really don’t give a damn if they start with Derek. (S/N The “trust me” exchange they had is foreshadowing, I think. I have a feeling that she’s going to be one of a very few people who ever really came through for Derek when they said they would)

All I really have to say about this (because there is practically nothing except for the .000002 millisecond clip in the trailer) is that I think it’s made out to be more than it is. 

Cassandra Clare said “The ruined gold of her wedding dress” and sent a fandom into conniptions for months. It turned out to be the girl deciding hey, I’m not going to wear this dress for the wedding, who gives a damn if I go demon hunting while wearing it? Needless to say, I have trust issues about snippets. 

I saw a gif of the Derica kiss the other day and had to stop my bestie like GO LOOK ON THE FOURTH PAGE OF YOUR BLOG, THREE POSTS DOWN, SIXTH GIF, WHO IS THIS WOMAN KISSING DEREK HALE?? Did you notice Derek kissed her back? Did you notice that was like a 4 second kiss? 

I refuse to crucify Jeff Davis for something he hasn’t shown me yet. Just as I refuse to crucify him for something he was going to make canon and didn’t.

Final point: their ratings are dropped a bit and the snippet they let out was the latest development in the arc of a fan favorite. There are lots of Sterek shippers in fandom, yes. However, there are probably twice as many Derek Lovers. Those who ship Derek with everyone. Those who ship Derek with Happiness. Those who ship Derek with no one because he’s too goddamn precious for this world, Jeff Davis, just send him to Cancun and leave him alone (but give me a spinoff). Whatever. My mom is completely indifferent to Teen Wolf, but she’ll ask me what’s going on “with the sexy boy”. I’ve seen people say they’ll “suffer” through the episode just to see exactly what effect Kate’s bullshit had on Derek.

This wasn’t dangling Sterek. Most impactful scenes with Derek have Stiles in them. It is what it is. This was dangling Tyler Hoechlin’s face and Derek Hale’s story arc. It’s a classic case of every time I try to leave you, you give me ONE EPISODE based around my angel and I just can’t make myself go. Stiles is a bonus. Stiles is both a bonus and a cornerstone when it comes to Derek Hale’s story arc because he wasn’t planned to be there by Jeff, but by God, the boot fits. And if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. 

Kudos for reading all of this because it’s really long. Also, sorry my read more thing isn’t working. Hopefully the bold helps.