this seems to happen daily

Rant on antisemitism

How do people think it’s over
People think it ended magically with the holocaust.

I’ve met people who think I’m literally not human. I’ve met people who have said they wish they could kill me. I’ve met nazis. I’ve met holocaust deniers.
I went to a Jewish preschool as a child. It had to have police at all entrances at all times, because they were worried that it would get shot up. IT WAS A PRESCHOOL. I thought all preschools had police guards until recently.
My local Jewish youth center was shot up the other year.
My synagogue had swastikas spray painted on it. It’s in the middle of a very safe neighborhood. The people who did it where never caught. They could be literally anyone. I might KNOW them. Their kids could go to my school.
Antisemitic attacks seem to happen daily in Europe.
Every time there’s a big crime committed I have to sit back and pray that the criminal doesn’t have a Jewish sounding last name because if they do I know it will lead to a spike in antisemitic hate crimes

There is a white supremacist meeting happening somewhere right now. Right now there are people sitting around and talking about how I deserve to die. There are people saluting to the man who murdered six million people for being like me. Theres a white supremacist group somewhere talking about their plans to murder someone for being like me.

I could be the next antisemitic hate crime victim. Not many would care. Some people would celebrate the death of s Jewish person.

But most people would continue to sit back and continue to say “antisemitism died with hitler”

@wedreamorwedie ;; continued

Oh, Lily was straight, but the mixture of alcohol and a randomly thrown out dare got her attention. She killed people for a living and was not going to be called a chicken for anything anytime soon. So she got up, giving Daniel -who was severely amused- a look. He, probably more than anyone, would love to see Lily kiss a woman. It was not something that happened daily, yet something that she seemed to have refused until this very moment.

With a brief shaking of her head she approached Clemintine, dragging the girl up from her position to push Clemintine against the wall and kiss her. Her hand moved over Clemintine’s breast. If she’d do this she’d do it well.

   Clemintine turned her head up as she heard her name, and she certainly wasn’t expecting her to go ahead with the dare. The girl looked up at her as she approached, her cheeks flushed as she was pulled up and pushed against the wall. Her eyes closed as her lips automatically moved back against Lily’s out of insinct more than anything else. 

   Hesitantly, her hand moved to press against her back, but apart from that she made no other moves. The girl allowed Lily to control the situation, after all, she wasn’t exactly into girls as much as Clem was.