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Sex Tape (M)

Pairing: Jimin x Reader
Genre: Smut
Word count: 1.9k 

part two: peaches and cream. part three: toys.

Summary: “Well, it’s my last day home.” He said, stating the obvious as you came closer to him. You nodded, silently urging him to continue before he bent over and picked a box up off of the ground which you didn’t even look at. Your eyes were too focused on his face as he continued to smirk, “I just want to remember it, that’s all.” 

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Can you please do RFA+minor trio reacting to MC who got their wisdom teeth removed and is still tripping from the meds

Hahaha! This was a fun one. Hope you like it.


  • He drove you there and waited while you got your procedure
  • When you were done, you were a bit loopy
  • You didn’t recognize him and kept asking the nurse
  • “Who is this handsome dude?”
  • You’re not helping his narcissism
  • He laughs and tries to jog your memory
  • “MC, it’s me…Zen.” 
  • “Zen who?”
  • “Your boyfriend.”
  • “You’re my boyfriend? Whoa! I hit the jackpot!”
  • You keep touching his face to see if it’s real
  • You are literally gushing over him the whole time he’s driving home
  • That adoration fades off real quick when you find the videos of a drugged up you on his phone later


  • When you got out of the procedure, he noticed you were…a bit emotional
  • He tried to put fresh gauze in your mouth, but you kept crying at how your tongue fell out
  • He’s trying to keep it together and be serious
  • But you keep claiming that your random body parts are falling off or missing
  • He’s literally crying from laughter
  • Only this makes you worse
  • “Oh no! I made you cry! I’m so sorry! I’m a terrible person!”
  • “No, no! It’s okay!”
  • He’s trying to comfort you by patting your head
  • He’s nice enough not to record anything though


  • She knew you were going to be loopy, but she didn’t realize how much
  • She still tries to act normal and rational to you
  • But really, it’s no use
  • She keeps laughing at everything that you keep shooting back at her
  • Decides to tease you a little
  • She asks you a series of serious questions
  • “MC! I can’t believe you didn’t remember my birthday.” 
  • “B-but–I can’t remember anything!”
  • When you burst into tears, she stops, but she’s still trying to hide her laughter
  • She won’t take videos, but she’ll definitely tell you everything you said while recovering


  • Obviously, since he doesn’t drive, Driver Kim drives you, but he’s still there for support
  • When you wake up, he’s casually sitting beside the bed and smiling at you
  • You look him up and down and take in the suit he’s wearing
  • “Are you pastor?…because I am feeling saved right now.”
  • You’re laughing at your own pick up line before looking around loopily
  • “Oh no…wait…am I dying? Is that why you’re here?”
  • He’s chuckling, trying to keep it inside
  • He takes you back to the penthouse and tries to help you recline on the couch
  • But then you see Elizabeth and go after her
  • You cradle her in your arms
  • “This is the cutest squirrel ever! It’s so pretty!”
  • You even try to grab her “bushy tail”
  • Elizabeth didn’t like that and scratched you
  • After that, Jumin tries to keep you two separated until the drug wear off


  • You knew the prankster he was…so you tell him before you go under not to do anything stupid
  • It wasn’t until it was too late did you realize he didn’t actually give his word
  • This boy was prepared…he pulled the zombie apocalypse prank on you
  • You’re freaking out hearing the fake news on the radio
  • He had to take your phone away before you started calling the RFA members to ask if they were okay
  • When you get back to the bunk, he takes your hands solemnly
  • “MC…you need to choose only one….HBC or Dr. Pepper.”
  • “But…my favorite is Sprite!” 
  • “Well, we can only–wait, what? You lied to me???”
  • Hands you Elizabeth the 3rd before starting the car again
  • You start crying…and he thinks he might’ve taken the prank a bit far
  • But you’re just like, “I’ve always wanted a cat.” 
  • The issue wasn’t the prank…it was getting you stop believing in the prank even when you were home safe
  • When you saw in the video…”Hey, Seven, where’s that taser you got me?”


  • He figures you’d be a bit strange, so he just really goes along with anything you say
  • You keep touching the gauze in your mouth
  • “Oh no! Someone replaced my teeth with cloth!”
  • He just nods “Yup. Now let’s get in the car.”
  • You’re halfway home and you’re crying
  • “Where are you taking me?” 
  • “To get braces for your cloth,” he deadpans
  • He’s completely calm until you say you’re feeling a bit nauseated
  • “No don’t throw up! Don’t throw up!”
  • It was a messy ride…especially since he had to stop you from touching your own puke


  • You turned into a little kid while under the drugs
  • He had to stop you from touching a lot of things
  • Like his collection of cacti…or the knives in the kitchen
  • You seemed to find everything hilarious
  • It was so contagious that he starts laughing just as hard
  • He follows you around with a video camera
  • “Say hi to your future self!” 
  • You start rambling away at the camera and laughing a lot
  • But at the end of the day, he’s actually really good at taking care of you


  • He’s making sure everything is super sanitary
  • And not just the gauze in your mouth
  • But you’re not helping because you’re either making a mess or clinging onto him
  • Eventually he just gives up on trying to peel you off
  • He carries you around on his back while he cleans
  • “Thanks to you I have to clean all this!”
  • “Haha…Vanderwood is a maid.”
  • He’s so done with all the comments and questions flying out of your mouth
  • “So….are you really a girl?”
  • “Shut up! It’s 3AM.”
  • “No it’s not, silly. You’re a maid and you can’t tell time?”
  • He’s so done with you right now   

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Teen Wolf Preference - You slapping his butt

Thank you endlessly @pissheadofficial​, my forever source of inspiration, for helping me write these. ♥

Scott McCall

You sneaked up on him, watching as he stood by his locker along with his pack. Soundless, you walked up behind him, not even Stiles noticed you and he stood almost in front of you.

The sound of your palm hitting one of his butt cheeks made Scott’s eyes widen and his jaw to drop. The purse of his lips slowly turning into a sincere smile once he saw it was you who were the one surprising him like that.

”Did you really just do that in front of everyone?” Scott asked with a flattered smile and you nodded in agreement. ”Your very right McCall.” you said and twirled your hair around your fingers as innocently as you were capable of, making Lydia and Malia giggle at your behavior.

”I’m allowed to touch my man aren’t I?” you asked and he grabbed your face in his hand, tilting it up to his as he spoke with a deeper voice. ”Right, I like the little weird ways you show affection.” quirking his eyebrow as he leaned in to kiss you.

Liam Dunbar

You were supposed to meet Liam by his locker this morning, and as you walked around the corner you saw him standing there, waiting for you with his back turned against you.

You straightened your back and smirked for yourself as you approached him, slowly sneaking up on him and leaned into his ear. ”Hey sugar.” you whispered with a seductive voice and used the whole palm of your hand to slap him on the butt, with full force that earned a juicy sound that echoed through the hall.

Liam flinched let out a loud gasp, the surprise of the sudden motion got him to turn around in shock. You still wore that same smirk when you met the mortified face of Liam, his blue eyes have never been so wide and he seemed to have lost his ability to speak.

The only thing he managed to do was to give you a nervous laughter, an increase in his heart rate and stuttering something inaudible before his face turned crimson, lowering his gaze to the floor to avoid you.

You loved to tease Liam this way and he exclaimed a nervous ”Oh okay!” before scratching the back of his head and then rush to his morning class, leaving you giggling by your locker.

Brett Talbot

”Heya Brett!” you squealed as you walked up beside him on the field. You were on the Beacon Hills lacrosse team and you wanted to wish him luck before the game.

You greeted him by giving him a real pat on the butt, squeezing it as your hand met the fabric of his shorts, then flashing him a grin. He immediately turned around to look down on you.

”Hey Y/N, that’s cute-” he began and then he leaned in to whisper in your ear. ”-but don’t start anything you can’t finish.” smirking as he met your mesmerized face.

You bit your lip and took another step forward, almost pressing yourself against him. ”Well Talbot, there’s nothing with you that I can’t handle.” you purred and Brett scoffed and tugged the hem of his jersey, trying to get some cool air on his now heated skin.

The whistle blew and Brett winked at you. ”Save that for the night Y/N.” then he putted on his helmet and ran towards the rest of the players of Devenford’s lacrosse team.

Theo Raeken 

The light slap of your hand on his butt made Theo turn around, his green eyes focused on yours and he bit his bottom lip once he saw the glistering in your eyes, knowing that it meant that you were full of mischief.

”Really?” he asked with a quirked eyebrow, you could immediately smell the instant arousal reeking from him. Your filthy smile seemed to be contagious, because now, he looked back at you with the exact same smile.

You shrugged and twirled your hair between your fingers, licking your lips as you devoured him with just the look in your eyes. ”You’re unbelievable Y/N.” Theo purred and shook his head, not wanting to admit how you made him feel just by looking at him in a specific way.

Then Theo snaked his arms around your hips to turn your body around, making your back hit the lockers and he pinned you against them with only the strength of his arms. His eyes were a shade darker than usual and you closed the small gap between you when you heard a low growl escape his chest.

Mature and Immature Sides of the Signs

Every Sign has both Negative traits and Positive traits. Everyone is a blend of both the Negative and Positive sides of the Signs, but the ones that are more towards one side of the scale than the other are considered Immature or Mature. Mature Signs tend to display more of the positive traits, whereas Immature Signs tend to display more of the negative. There is no definite way of measuring which one an individual is, other than careful observation and introspection

Mature Aries

Aries individuals considered to be Mature have a positive energy that can be rather contagious. They’re a lively bunch, and never seem to run low on energy. They’re adventurous and courageous, boldly stepping forward to take on almost any challenge. They are extremely passionate, and have a wide variety of interests, which often leads them to be a Jack of all trades. These Aries tend to be very friendly and charismatic, and find it easy to make new friends.

Immature Aries

Aries individuals considered to be Immature believe that what they know and perceive is right, regardless of what anyone else has to say. This can make them rather insensitive of others’ emotions and very stubborn. They are rather impulsive in nature, and impatient to boot, leading them to act without thinking first, which can make them leave projects half-way through. These Aries are also quite confrontational, as they say and ask whatever they think to.

Mature Taurus

Taurus individuals considered to be Mature love to take care of their friends, family, and significant others and are incredibly generous people. They are very patient, and believe in being the one to get the job done correctly, rather than being the first one to complete it. Giving up is not within their nature, and these people will persistently put in the effort to achieve all of their goals. These Taurus are also usually both financially and emotionally stable, preferring to be independent and strong so they can support others.

Immature Taurus

Taurus individuals considered to be Immature find security in their material possessions, which can lead them to be rather self-indulgent. While they are patient, they can also be rather lazy, choosing to not move a muscle until they find the worthy motivation. Their stubborn streak is unmistakable – so much so, that when the logical arguments don’t suit them, they simply refuse to listen. They can sometimes be rude, and ignorant of others’ emotions.

Mature Gemini

Gemini individuals considered to be Mature are open-minded and easy-going, and enjoy each and every moment. Their enthusiasm is undying, and they’re always up for doing something new and exciting. They have a strong thirst for learning about as many subjects as they can, and pick up new information rather easily. They are versatile, and have a wide variety of interests. These Gemini’s have strong communication skills, and are very eloquent people.

Immature Gemini

Gemini individuals considered to be Immature are unfocused and inconsistent. They’re easily bored, and very restless, so their thoughts are often scattered. Their lack of focus often causes them to seem superficial, as they rarely delve deep or pay attention to details. It’s difficult for them to stay interested or engaged in one project for very long. They also tend to be rather indecisive, as they tend to have multiple opinions or thoughts on most every topic.

Mature Cancer

Cancer individuals considered to be Mature empathize easily with their friends, family, and strangers. They’re kind and loving, and want to take care of anyone in need of help. They’re very protective of their personal space, interests, possessions, relationships, and loved ones. Additionally, they incredibly intuitive, and have strong instincts. Sometimes, it’ll seem as if they can read minds. These Cancers are also very creative and imaginative, with out-of-the-box thinking.

Immature Cancer

Cancer individuals considered to be Immature are overly emotional. They are very sensitive, and tend to hold on to things that hurt them, and experience strong mood swings that can be rather unpredictable. Their moods and pessimistic perception leads them to be rather doubtful of other peoples’ intentions, and fear that everything is moments away from falling apart. This often causes them to cling unceasingly to people and things that bring them comfort or security.

Mature Leo

Leo individuals considered to be Mature are kind and big-hearted, and enjoy showering love and affection on those they hold dear. They have an endless amount of energy, and are always ready to chase after whatever they want. They are unceasingly optimistic, too, and tend to see the glass half-full, which makes it almost impossible for them to become disheartened. These Leo’s are straightforward about their thoughts, as they’re unafraid to say what they feel needs to be said.

Immature Leo

Leo individuals considered to be Immature tend to focus on only themselves. This can cause them to become harsh, and say what they think without considering whether or not anyone will be hurt. They have a large ego, but a fragile one, which is often hurt over trivial matters. These Leos can also be extremely possessive, as they cherish everything they hold as theirs. They’re givers, but not sharers.

Mature Virgo

Virgo individuals considered to be Mature are quite modest, and don’t often boast about their accomplishments or personality strengths. They are very realistic, and have a practical approach to life. They have a strong attention to details and a very analytical mind which allows them to produce a clear analysis and solution to solve even the most complicated problems. These Virgos use these skills to nurture their closest friend and family.

Immature Virgo

Virgo individuals considered to be Immature are overly obsessed with “perfection” in themselves, other people, and their life in general. This often causes them to be overly critical, harsh and fastidious, which can lead to conflicts in their personal lives. They also tend to focus on the faults or negative qualities of anything they consider to be less than perfect. Virgo’s tend to need to test the waters and be sure of an outcome before they accept change, and Immature Virgo’s tend to be very conservative and reject modern ideas.

Mature Libra

Libra individuals considered to be Mature have a deep love of balance, so much so, that they are unceasingly fair. They have a strong sense of right and wrong, and never resort to dubious or manipulative means. These Libras also have strong tactful skills, which add to their charming nature. They have a very calm, friendly, and likeable air around them. They also are die-hard romantics, and love to be loved almost as much as they love to love.

Immature Libra

Libra individuals considered to be Immature tend to focus on external beauty, sometimes ignoring potential flaws beneath a beautiful exterior, and can be self-indulgent, and extravagant. They also prefer to avoid tension or conflict, so much so that they avoid situations, people, or even making decisions that they believe may lead to problems. Another factor of their indecisiveness is their detached perspective, as they sometimes have trouble caring about the choices at hand.

Mature Scorpio

Scorpio individuals considered to be Mature are ambitious and unceasingly determined. Not only do they aim for the stars, but they also never deviate from their path. No matter how difficult a situation is, they will take it head on. They are also incredibly intuitive, and seem as if they can read peoples’ minds. These Scorpio’s instincts help them take the right decisions at the right time as they pursue their dreams.

Immature Scorpio

Scorpio individuals considered to be Immature tend to be extremely possessive and jealous. They see things, and people, as theirs, and will take up arms whenever anything threatens that. They often seem controlling, as they need things to be done their way. These Scorpios are also rather sensitive, and are easily hurt by negative treatment and comments from other people. They find it hard to let such things go, and always feel the need to get even by seeking revenge.

Mature Sagittarius

Sagittarius individuals considered to be Mature have a large heart. They love to help other people reach their goals, and have a difficult time turning away anyone in need. They are unceasingly optimistic and can always see the brighter side of life. They have interests in a wide variety of topics, especially those of the philosophical variety. These Sagittarius say what they mean, and are almost always honest.

Immature Sagittarius

Sagittarius individuals considered to be Immature have a very restless nature, and need constant activity. Coupled with the overconfidence their optimism sometimes causes, leads them to jump into things without much forethought. Their restless nature also causes their interest levels to vary on many different topics, which makes it difficult to ensure they will be consistent. These Sagittarius are honest and straightforward, but can brutally blunt.

Mature Capricorn

Capricorn individuals considered to be Mature have a very logical and practical mind. They know how to see facts as they are, without letting any emotions they may have interfere. They’re innately ambitious, and tend to aim for the stars. Capricorns are naturally disciplined, and these ones use this to their advantage in achieving their goals, without being over-the-top or rash.

Immature Capricorn

Capricorn individuals considered to be Immature are prone to dwelling in their negative emotions, and often succumb to mood swings. They tend to bury their feelings rather than actually handling them. These individuals also tend to be egocentric, in that they tend to focus mostly on how events will affect them. These Capricorns also sometimes care more about preserving their public image than whether or not their actions hurt people.

Mature Aquarius

Aquarius individuals considered to be Mature are friendly, and humanitarian. They care a great deal about those around them, and often try to help make the world around them a better place. They’re intelligent, and progressive, able to think out of the box to create new ideas. They value their independence, as well as preserving the independence of their loved ones.

Immature Aquarius

Aquarius individuals considered Immature have a tendency to feel or appear removed from the world around them. They often feel that forming an emotional attachment to anyone or anything is synonymous with giving up their personal freedoms. They can be extremely stubborn, and stick to what they happen to believe at any particular moment, and if they change their mind, then it’s because of their own internal happenings rather than any external influence. These individuals, while passionate, also tend to be extremists who view the worlds in black and white, ignoring any “grey” areas that may exist.

Mature Pisces

Pisces individuals considered Mature tend to be very tuned in to their emotional responses, as well as those of others. They’re nurturing, caring, protective, compassionate, and humanistic. Typically good listeners, they tend to be easy to vent to, and have a knack for giving great advice. These individuals are very empathetic, and can often know how they would feel in a situation without ever experiencing it. These Pisces tend to have skills channeling their negative emotions into creative outlets.

Immature Pisces

Pisces individuals considered Immature tend to have bouts in which they wallow in their emotions. They’re sensitive and easily take things to heart. They are very concerned about their loved ones, but have a tendency towards self-sacrifice and martyrdom. To these individuals, love and sacrifice are inseparable. These Pisces also have a tendency towards being escapism. They often fall into habits and addictions that help them avoid their problems.

Amerindian signs

The Otter  January 20 - February 18

Originally posted by artyscorner

A little original, adventurous and unorthodox, the Otter is an animal difficult to identify. His methods are perceived as unconventional, and they are often not the first ones chosen by the rest of the community to carry out a task. This is a serious mistake on the part of the others - because even if they are sometimes strange, the ideas of the Otter are actually, in general, rather effective.

Yes, the Otter has an unusual way of seeing things, but it gives humans an extraordinary imagination and brilliant intelligence. Often very intuitive and capable of a great sense of perception, the Otter makes a very good companion, and can be very attentive and loving.
In a positive environment, with love and attention, the Otter is sensitive, sympathetic, courageous and honest. When left out, the Otter may be unscrupulous, rebellious and isolated.

The Wolf  February 19 - March 20

Originally posted by won-der-land89

Deeply emotional and passionate, the Wolf is the animal par excellence of love and passion, both in the physical and spiritual sense of the term. The Wolf knows that love is the greatest of natural forces, and he is entirely capable of supplying it with all his might.
If one considers his desire for freedom and ferocious independence, one realizes that the wolf is full of contradictions. He may be Solitary Wolf, or Mother Wolf, protective and filled with love. The Wolf needs his freedom, but he is also gentle and full of compassion.

In a positive environment, the wolf is intensely passionate, generous, deeply affectionate and gentle. When left out, the wolf may be recalcitrant, obsessed, vindictive and resentful.

The Falcon  March 21 - April 19 

Originally posted by sdzsafaripark

The Falcon is the animal of the born heads. It can always be consulted in order to have a clear and impartial judgment in delicate situations. The Falcon never loses time, knows how to strike / act at the right moment and beat the iron as long as it is warm. When something has to be accomplished, he knows how to realize it and act accordingly.

Very persistent, and endowed with a strong sense of initiative, the Falcon is a born leader and he wants to triumph. He is sometimes considered vain - but he is often right in his opinions, so this little touch of arrogance is understood and accepted by others.

In a positive environment, the Falcon can accomplish great things, and he knows how to feed passion and fire in relationships, while keeping some compassion. When left out, the Hawk may be vain, impolite, intolerant, impatient, and too sensitive.

The Beaver  April 20 - May 20

Originally posted by pakkastassu

Take charge, adapt, to overcome the obstacles … Here is the Castor’s motto. Very talented for trade-related things, the Beaver knows how to do the job with maximum efficiency and plenty of aplomb. Strategic and cunning, the Castor is a force that can be relied on for everything that is business, diplomatic and combat.
You have to think twice about whether you want to challenge the Beaver verbally and play the smartest with him - because his mind and mental acuity are sharp as razor blades. The Beaver seems to have everything for him, but his tendency to want to always do things the way he wants otherwise nothing can get him into trouble.

Yes, the Beaver is clever, but the bearers of this Totem may have to work their sense of tact. In a positive environment, Beaver can be compassionate, generous, helpful and loyal. When left behind, the Beaver may be nervous, cowardly, possessive, and somewhat arrogant.

The Stag/Deer  May 21 - June 20

Originally posted by kryzx

This Totem animal is in a way the muse of the Amerindian zodiac. The Stag inspires, it is filled with life and its spirit turns a hundred per hour. Featuring a “tailor-made” sense of humor, the Deer has a certain amount of talent to make almost anyone laugh. He can speak and speak verbally, and he loves conversations in general.
This, combined with his natural intelligence, makes the stag a guest of choice for parties and dinners, as it will always set the mood and entertain others. He is particularly aware of the things that surround him, and he is also very conscious of his own appearance … Some will say of him that he is a little self-centered. However, they will not blame him because he is very sympathetic and affable, which tilts the balance in his favor.

In a positive environment, the natural joy of life and the sparkling personality of the deer radiate even more around it. It emanates a force of inspiration for all positive and affectionate relationships. Left, the stag can be selfish, impatient, lazy and have mood swings.

The Woodpecker  June 21 - July 21

Originally posted by scientificphilosopher

The Woodpeckers are in principle the most attentive of all Totem animals. They are always listening, with a strong sense of empathy and understanding of others. It is a sign that one must seek when one needs comfort and help.
They make very good parents, friends and partners. They also tend to be naturally frugal, resourceful and organized.

In a positive environment, the Woodpeckers are devoted, loving and very romantic. When left behind, they can become possessive, edgy, jealous and embittered.

The Salmon  July 22 - August 21

Originally posted by wavegrower

Electrical but concentrated, intuitive and intensely creative, Salmon have fishing, to say the least! Their energy is palpable. Naturally motivating, their confidence and enthusiasm is very contagious for others.
Even when their ideas seem too far-fetched to function, they still manage to embark with others. Generous, intelligent and intuitive, it is no wonder that the Salmon have no difficulty in making friends!
This Totem also express a deep need to have a goal to achieve, a function, an objective. And when they embark on adventure, they know how to find volunteers to rally them to their cause!

In a positive environment, the Salmon is stable, calm, sensual and able to give a lot. When left behind, humans born under his sign can become selfish, vulgar and intolerant.

The Bear  August 22 - September 21

Originally posted by mizar113

Pragmatic and methodical, the Bear is the Totem to be called when an inflexible and upright hand is needed. Its practical, placid and weighted aspect makes it an excellent trading partner. It is often the voice of reason, in most scenarios, and it works well in duo with the Owl, which it complements and with which it restores balance. The Bear is also endowed with an enormous heart and unbounded generosity.
However, many do not even realize it because the Bear tends to be very modest, discreet and a little shy.

In a positive and loving environment, this Totem abounds with love and generosity in return. He also has a capacity for patience and a temperate character, which makes him an excellent teacher and mentor. Left behind, the Bear may be skeptical, slow, petty and reclusive.

The Raven  September 22 - October 22

Originally posted by nitratediva

Extremely enthusiastic, naturally enterprising, the raven is a sacred charmer! It seems natural to him. One recognizes in him his energy and his lightness, and one often asks his ideas or his opinions.
It is simply because the Raven is a great idealist, and he knows how to be diplomatic and ingenious and clever.

In a positive environment, the Raven is easy to live, friendly and open, it can be as romantic and sweet. It is endowed with a certain patience and a natural intuition. When left out, the Raven can be inconsistent, demanding, vindictive and corrosive.

The Snake  October 23 - November 22

Originally posted by fencehopping

Most Shamans were born under the sign of the Snake, and it is the fetish animal of those who are devoted to the world of spirits. Those who are guided by the Snake are naturally spiritual and connected to the other worlds. They are easily attracted to ethereal kingdoms, and make excellent spiritual guides. The Snake is also respected for its ability to heal and heal, and it excels in the medicinal and medical field.
The preoccupations of the serpent for the unseen and the untouchable often lead others to find them mysterious, cold and even frightening, for they seem detached from the real world. True, the snake can be secret and have a dark side - it is also extremely sensitive, devoted to others and thoughtful.

In a positive environment, the snake can be passionate, inspiring, humorous, helpful and vigilant. When left out, the Snake may become depressed, violent, and prompt to abnormal mood changes.

The Owl  November 23 - December 21

Originally posted by ofallingstar

Changing and light as the wind, the Owl is difficult to pin down. With a warm, natural, sociable temperament, the Owl seems to be the friend of the world. Those born under his omen are known to throw themselves headlong into life, a hundred miles an hour, and adore adventure.
This can turn against her, for the Owl can be thoughtless, negligent, dizzy or even unconscious. The people guided by her make excellent artists, professors and environmentalists. However, they are extremely adaptable and versatile, allowing them to focus on virtually any field they want.

In a positive environment, the Owl is sensitive, enthusiastic, and has a great ability to listen. The owl may be excessive, too indulgent, and inconsistent.

The Goose  December 22 - January 19

Originally posted by cmdrkitten

If you want something to be done, go to the Goose. Persevering, determined and ambitious, the goose sets goals to accomplish and knows how to achieve it. The Goose is determined to succeed in what it wants to achieve, no matter what the price is - not to have the approval of others, because they are fighting against themselves and their internal enemy.
People born under the auspices of the Goose are naturally inspired and seem driven by an invisible force that drives them to realize things.
When their character is tempered by the loving presence of their family and friends, they can excel with the support of others and achieve virtually everything they undertake.

In a positive environment, the Goose can be very passionate, funny, sociable and even sensual. However, when left out, the goose may fall into obsession or addiction, which can cause its loss.

Aliens and glitter

Aliens baffled by glitter.

Torg noticed it as he was walking down the hall of the crew quarters a few small spects of dust reflecing light but thought nothing of it. Then a trail of it leading farther down the hall. Perhaps metal dust from someone in engineering? Torg followed it as it made him very concerned. Thinking it would lead him to an engineers rooms he was shocked to see that it lead to human Ali’s room from medical. Torg knocked on her door panicked as to what could have happened to one of their human medical staff. “Human Ali are you in there? Is everthing ok?” Torg’s tranlator let out just as the door opened to reveal the tiny redheaded human covered in the tiny bits of varying colored sparkly bits brandishing a small vacuum equally covered in sparkly things. Her eyes were slighty puffy. Torg shocked he looked her up and down instant worry crossed his face he thought maybe this was Human Condition where they would shed sparkly bits and was instantly concerned that it was contagious! “Hu-human A-a-ali are you okay?!” he stuttered as he took more than a few steps back. Ali looked down at herself then started laughing. Torg became even more concerned “Shall I call medical for you? You are crying doees it hurt? Should I not touch it? Is it contagious?” This only seemed to have caused human Ali to laugh harder resulting in the sparkly bits flying off of her. Human Ali managed to calm herself down enough to talk, “I’m sorry Torg. This is only glitter. My kids mailed home made cards saying they missed me and how proud they are of me. It made me miss them so it made me cry. Though I thought I told my wife not to let them use glitter when they make me cards as it can get in the ventaltion and cause problem. I was just on my way out to cleaup the mess i made in the hallway. Oh you didn’t touch it did you? This stuff is a pain in the ass to get off. So I guess in a way it is contagious. Freakin craft herpes…” Human Ali rattled off as she swooped down to suck up the ‘glitter’ that had gathered around her feet and inspeacking Torg’s for some too. She stopped and looked up to him with a very serious look in her eyes “Don’t tell the captain.” Then went back to cleaning.

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Honestly i think that its almost impossible to not find toxicity in any kind fandom or social media nowdays, dont give a damn about those people, I loved this music when I first heard it 5 hours ago, its very calming

Saddly I must close all coments from all of my videos, because there’s a lot of misunderstandings and ignorance due some r people unable to read and understand anything even if it’s in the video itself. It seems that toxicity is very contagious in some artists channels. 

I only be able to read a proper criticism on places like this one. Youtube has many nasty kids that borrowed their parent’s phone. Intelligent and worthy people are hidden by that amount of trash.

Imagine getting trapped in an elevator with Dean, your new neighbor.

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“What was that?” your breath got caught in your throat and your eyes widened as the lights flickered and the elevator came to a halt “We’re not on our floor yet, are we?” you mumbled taking a look to see that you somewhere between the second and third floor. If you were alone in the elevator you would have freaked out even worse but the fact that there was a man next to you, you felt less scared. Maybe things weren’t as bad as you thought and at least you weren’t alone.

“Doesn’t seem like that to me.” the man mumbled, taking a look himself. He extended a hand and pressed on the right button but it didn’t do a thing.

“What- what is going on?” you struggled to swallow properly and Dean noticed.

“I dont want to scare you but- we seem to be stuck.” he sighed, running a hand down his face and you almost felt your heart drop.

“No, no we can’t be stuck. We- we can’t. It’s- we’re not-” his words seemed to make things worse as your knees started shaking and they almost gave away. You were sure you would have found the floor if it wasnt for a pair of strong hands gripping you and holding you.

“Whoa whoa, easy. Take it easy.” his voice was rough but somehow soothing enough. You looked up to meet a pair of green eyes that you could get lost in if you stared at for any longer but at the moment you were too scared to care.

“It’s ok, it’s going to be alright.” he said, rubbing yoru arm with his hand “We’re going to be alright.” you tried to give him a nod but you were too frozen with fear, and you had to thank you best friend for all the movies you had seen the previous days that gave you plenty of ideas on how you could die in this small place.

“How do you know that?” you asked in a low voice, almost squeaky and and scared. Yeah, not almost really.

“Well, if it was my brother here, he’d say because I am a smartass that claims to know it all when he is the nerd really but-” he chuckled and without realizing it a small smile lifted at the corners of your lips. His laugh seemed contagious and when he saw you relax he grinned that boyish smile that made your knees even weaker.

You knew you were getting distracted but at the moment you needed it and if it was by your gorgeous stranger you were willing to take it. You had not noticed It before but truth was that he was really handsome. Strong jaw, full lips and dirty bold hair that you were tempted to run your fingers through. He had broad shoulders that were covered by a flannel that just looked so soft and you couldn’t help but wonder what really lay under that shirt and- boy you were getting distracted. And this really wasn’t the most ideal situation.

“Hey” he said softly although his voice was rough “Relax, alright? It’s going to be fine, there must have been a malfunction. They will notice that the lift is not working and they’ll call someone yeah?”

“Do we- do we not have any reception here?” you asked in a whisper, your voice shaking.

“Wish I could check beautiful, but my phone is dead. What about yours?” he asked and you shook your head, wrapping your arms around your waist.

“Forgot it at a friend’s.” you mumbled and he sighed.

“It’s ok, doesn’t matter.” he tried not to show how disappointed he was… for your sake? And to think that with those looks you’d take him for a jerk that didn’t care bout anything and anyone.

“Yeah, I guess.” you mumbled, trying to swallow but your throat was just too dry.

“Hey, I told you it’s going to be alright. You don’t have to worry about this we-”

“But what if we get stuck in here? Who knows when they’re going to realize it’s not working? What if- if it gives out any moment and we fall and- and we-” your lower lip trembled but he shook his head, squeezing your arms.

“No, no. don’t think like that. It’s going to be fine, yeah? I’ve been in worse situations and made it. You’ll see in the end you will be just laughing about it.” he tried to offer you a smile but sadly you couldn’t return it this time.

“What kind of worse situations?” you whispered an he raised an eyebrow.

“Do you really want to know?”

“I only want to forget about the fact that we’re who knows how many feet off the ground and literally hanging by a thread.” you swallowed the lump in his throat and letting out a sigh he nodded his head.

“Fair enough.”


“Wow that… was really messed up.” you mumbled, hugging your knees to yourself and he nodded his head.

“So you feel any better?”

“Somehow yeah.” you blinked “How have you survived all of this?” you raised an eyebrow and he chuckled.

“Well, it’s not as if I was bound to die but- you know, it comes with the job…” he trailed off, frowning and you turned your head to look at him, raising an eyebrow.

You were both sitting on the floor, much more relaxed at the moment with your backs resting on one of the sides of the elevator. Minutes seemed to drag by so slow at first but when you got to talk more with him the more you relaxed and forgot your situation, the time passing by fast.

“What?” you asked and he laughed, shaking his head.

“I really am not myself lately.” he chuckled “My name’s Dean.” he gave you that boyish grin, extending his hand “Do you ever give your name to strangers while trapped in an elevator or not?” he smirked and you giggled, shaking your head.

“My name’s (Y/n), nice to meet you Dean.” you shook his hand, for a moment enjoying how soft it felt against yours and you couldn’t help but feel a blush on your cheeks when you saw the smile on his face when you said his name.

“(Y/n)” you felt your heart skip a beat at how nice your name sounded on his lips “Beautiful name for a beautiful girl.”

“So I’m guessing, as your brother would say, you’re the ladies man huh?” you asked with a smile and he chuckled.

“Yeah, sort of. I mean I was, many things have changed over the years but- I am not saying I can’t flirt when I see something I like.”

“So you flirt with… pie too? Because sometimes I really think about doing so.” you said and he laughed, throwing his head back and you got a little too carried away looking at him.

“Well, I actually meant a gorgeous woman like you but yeah- pie sometimes too!”

“Thanks for the compliment but I think the lack of fresh air must have really affected you.” you chewed on your lower lip, looking down at your hands but noticed him shake his head.

“Sweetheart don’t tempt me.” he gave you a flirty smirk “I can think of so many ways I can prove you wrong on that only in this elevator.” he winked as your eyebrows shot up.

“Alright-” you raised your hands “I am not going to keep insisting.” you chuckled and he grinned.

“I mean not that we wouldn’t have fun with that-” he shrugged laughing at yur wide eyes and red face.

“Gosh” you shook your head “If you’re trying to distract me from everything that’s going on you’re doing a really good job.” you chuckled and he grinned.

“Thanks but I wasn’t really going for that.”

“Really?” you asked in a softer voice “And what could it be? Asking me out?” you laughed, saying playfully but when you didn’t hear him chuckle you couldn’t help but stare at him. He wasn’t serious, was he?

“That surprised? I mean, I was pretty damn surprised to see I got stuck in a lift with someone like you but hey- I am not questioning my luck!” he shrugged and you shook your head.

“Are you really going to keep insisting?”

“Till we’re outta here, sweetheart.” he winked “But honestly now- I am not joking, just so you know it.”

“Thanks I guess.” you tucked a few strands of hair behind your ear “Been too fucking long since I last got a compliment and it feels weird as hell to be honest.” you confessed and what you saw on his face was only a soft smile.

“Their loss.” he shrugged “You don’t find women like you easily.”

“I’m nothing special, Dean.”

“That I get to decide, and if you ask me you are the most interesting one I’ve met in a long while. And I’ve been with plenty of women in my life.”

“That I am most sure about.” you chuckled, eyes casting down for a moment “Tell me do you flirt this much with all women?” you asked but he shook his head.

“No, I told you. Lately I’ve become more serious, probably comes with age as Sammy- my younger brother would say.” he said but you shook your head at him “But I’m not the kind of guy I really look like, (Y/n). To answer your question: it’s partially because you are stunning and partially because I guess this is my way of dealing with hard situations.” he shrugged and you instantly found yourself intrigued once more. Not that you ever stopped really.

“Joking.” you nodded your head “Yeah I can understand what you mean. Sometimes showing our feelings is harder than bottling them up.”

“Been through that?” he asked in a low voice, all seriousness.

“Yeah, and the fact that my entire family was around me the whole time didn’t help. Do you ever feel like you’ve always been an outcast? Like wherever you went you still didn’t fit in even if you tried?”

“Yeah, yeah I have.” he sighed heavily and silence fell between the two of you.

You cleared your throat, putting on a smile to make him relax preferring to see his playful side because you just believed he didn’t get to be like that very often and he actually deserved it “But- I didn’t ask you Dean: why were you going to my floor? I’m sorry but as far as I know there is only one apartment other than mine in that floor and it’s empty. Unless there is some hot chick’s ghost there, what would you want?” you laughed and he did the same.

“Although that would sound tempting- I’m more into the living ones and as of now one that is sitting right next to me.” he grinned and you rolled your eyes, scoffing but still smiling “But I think I’ll have the time to convince you on that.”

“Time?” you asked “Now you want us to stay in here for much longer?”

“Oh I wasn’t talking about the elevator…” he trailed off and you frowned, something going though your mind “Neighbor”


i wrote a fanfic for the first time in months oh my god.
dedicated to @taylor-tut​ because it’s a whumpfic and she’s the one who inspired me to write again
ofc this is gonna be actual garbage because i havent written in forever but like,please enjoy?? i guess LMAO
1.5k words, whump. nongraphic description of injury. written at 3 in the morning. lance is very sarcastic in this but that’s probably because im sarcastic 25/8 and it’s bleeding into my writing. fuck.
fic is under the cut :)

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I love Joseph Paxton because he was just a boy who liked plants a whole lot, he seems like he was really chill

He started learning how to be a “garden boy” (swoon) at 15, and because his passion and enthusiasm for plants was contagious, a Duke that didn’t seem to care much about his garden was mvoed to ask Paxton to be his head gardener at age 23! And there, at the Chatsworth gardens, Paxton did a bunch of cool shit like build one of the first modern Greenhouses to help a South American Lily live and bloom! Apparently because he studied the Lily’s structure, he was inspired to create architecture following a similar structure– Biomimicry! And then what he’s famous for which is also pretty neat is designing the Crystal Palace. After more than 200 entries were turned down for the London Great Exhibition of 1851 space (one of the architects of the top 2 plans which were still rejected threw a fit and asked for compensation for no being picked..) Joseph Paxton heard about the need for a building long after the competition started, and he was like “oh, would something like this work?” and they loved it and he drew up all of the necessary plans in 9 days. BAM the Crystal Palace was born.I feel like he wasn’t trying to butt heads with anyone or make a big deal about himself, he just really liked plants and knew how to get shit done. <3 

RFA: MC Is Stressed

I’m sososososo sorry this took so long, we’re all stressed out here. I hope you had a productive and positive week, tho!  -Admin Phae

- Haha wow
- Does he know this feeling fam
- Because of this he also knows that you shouldn’t put off anything
- Of course if you’ve been working non-stop for a while then you should have a break
- But if something that’s stressing you out is incomplete work then you should make that top priority
- Once you’ve done all that he makes sure to tend to all of your needs!
- Thirsty? Here, let me get you a drink!
- Hungry? I’ll make you whatever you want!
- Hey, you look tense. Want me to give you a massage?
- It’s actually a little overwhelming
- You have to try super heard to get him to stop
- He just wants to help
- Of course if you enjoy it then he’ll wait for any order
- He’s like a very dedicated butler
- But if not then he’ll tone it down
- However he still will get you anything you ask for
- He’s pretty good at taking your mind off things
- Even if he doesn’t mean to
- He’s just so adorable and oblivious that you forget any worries you have temporarily
- He also surprises you with things
- Like little gifts
- And your favourite drink
- And a snack he knows you enjoy
- Even though they don’t cost much you wonder where the money’s coming from
- But he assures you everything is a-okay
- And won’t let you suggest otherwise
- This is the one thing you don’t get a say in
- And he doesn’t expect anything in return!
- (But he’s endlessly thankful if you treat him, too, when he’s like that)

[Rest of RFA under cut]

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Lying Fuck (Hamilton x Reader)

Words: 3500+

Warnings: sex mentions, insults, so much cussing it’s ridiculous tbh

Request:  Alex x reader where they both kinda hate each other and yell A LOT but then they fall in love?

A/N: this got out of hand but i needed the build up lol, i could not make them like each other instantly

It was a constant fight between you and Alexander. Every time you two would stumble into each other on the way to the conference room, there was bickering. And not just normal arguing. It was screaming on the top of your lungs, insulting each other every which way possible. It has grown to the point where if you two looked at each other, you would begin arguing. Even Alexander Hamilton’s rival, Thomas Jefferson, could not compete with how much you hate each other.

“You ass, you don’t even know how to proofread your writing. Look! There’s already three misspellings in the first paragraph!” You glared at Hamilton, showing him the paper. Hamilton rolled his eyes, taking the paper out of your hand.

“These are not misspellings, you ignorant sack of shit. It is a pen mark on the paper. And at least I write anything, you’re an editor, and you could barely read a piece of paper!” He retorted back, throwing the paper back at you. You frowned, not bothering to even pick up the paper.

“You’re kidding me, right? Just because Mr. Washington made you the head writer, does not mean you have the right to criticize my writing. In fact, I should go and tell him right now how much of a lying fuck you are. Who takes a day off from work to go and shop for clothes? It’s stupid.” You replied. He slammed his pen on the table, looking back at you.

“I am the lying fuck? You’re the one who took a day off to go on a date with Thomas Jefferson! The most biggest shitbag in this whole company.” You balled your hands into fists, glaring at him.

“At least I know that putting most and biggest right next to each other is grammatically incorrect, you mother-“

“OKAY, THAT’S ENOUGH FROM THE TWO OF YOU!” You heard Mr. Washington yell, and you immediately stopped yelling, looking over at your boss. His arms were crossed against his chest, glaring at the two of you. “Can you two just shut up for one minute? I already have a headache, and we just began our day forty-five minutes ago.” He sighed, rubbing his temples. Hamilton apologized quickly, glancing at you.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Washington. If Y/N didn’t-“

“No, no more excuses. I want you two to get out of this office, hand out with each other, make amends.” You two looked at each other in disgust. “Sing kumbaya or something, just, I just want some peace and quiet. Can you handle that?” Mr. Washington asked, looking at the two of you. Of course, you would not say no to your boss, but it was horrible to spend the day with this man.

“Why are you two just standing there? Go! Now.” Hamilton grumbled some more vulgar words, grabbing his bag off his desk. You pushed ahead of him, walking to the elevator. Hamilton snickered at you, turning towards the stairs.

“We sit in a cubicle all day, and you take the elevator?” You pressed the button again, ignoring him. Washington would chastise you again, and you didn’t feel like being lectured.

“Hamilton, take the elevator. It gives you more bonding time together.” You heard Laurens say, grinning at the two of you. You stuck your middle finger at him, walking through the elevator doors. Surprisingly, Hamilton followed behind, standing close to you. You moved away, and he rubbed his forehead.

“Stop acting like a child, Y/N. You could stand on the elevator next to me.”

“Well the fact that you smell like a sewer, I’d rather stay over here, if you don’t mind.”

You were lying. He actually smelled really good, much to your dismay. He rolled his eyes, pressing the first-floor button. The doors closed, and you prayed that this day would go by as fast as possible.

You two entered the parking lot, and you walked over to your car. Before you unlocked the door, Hamilton yelled, and you turned back to him. “What?” you asked, already annoyed.

“We need to go in the same car. It makes more sense that way.” You didn’t want to argue, so you followed him to his car. It was sleek, a dark green. You bit your lip, trying hard to hold in your snarky comment. Hamilton unlocked the doors on the car, and you jumped in, closing the door behind you. He pressed a button, and his engine started. You raised your eyebrows, impressed. He grinned at you, pulling off. “Jealous?” He said, turning down the street. You crossed your arms, looking out the window.

“Very. I’ve been looking for a new car, because I’ve had the same one since college.” Hamilton was surprised at your honesty, and laughed.

“Really? Not to judge, but we make pretty much the same salary. Why stay with the same car for so long?” It irked you how he was judging you immediately, but you said nothing, looking out the window. He laughed dryly, turning down another street. There has not been a quiet moment between the two of you since you met, so it was pleasant. No arguing, no yelling, just silence.

You took this few minutes to glance at Hamilton from the corner of you eye. He was not an ugly man, quite handsome actually, but his attitude and unwillingness to compromise made you despise even being in the same room with him. You hated people that were not willing to hear the other side of an argument, and that seemed to be Hamilton’s whole being. He hated compromise.

Hamilton pulled into the parking lot of a coffee shop. You didn’t say anything, just taking off your seatbelt and climbing out. When you two walked inside (a foot or so between the two of you) you sat at a table.

“Coffee? Nice touch.” You finally said, glancing at the menu. Hamilton snickered, flipping through the menu. The bartender, who from his name tag was James, smiled at the two of you. Hamilton didn’t know that you already came here before.

“James? Can I get the usual?” he nodded, looking towards Hamilton.

“The usual, James.” He nodded again, placing the pad in his back pocket. The two of you stated at each other, surprised the other has been here before. James laughed.

“I never thought I would see the day where the two of you would get coffee. You always yell about each other when you’re in here.” Hamilton glared at James, and he put his hands up in defense, walking to get the coffee. You glanced behind Hamilton’s head, seeing the same person that flirts with James every day. It was their usual coffee jokes, and you smiled at their exchange, seeing the blush on James’s cheeks.

Hamilton looked back at the two, chuckling softly. “It’s the same thing every day. They always flirt with James, and James blushes. It’s really-”

“Cute, Hamilton. It’s cute.”

“It’s sad, you mean. He needs to ask them out already.” Hamilton grumbled. James walked over with the coffees, and you thanked him, taking yours. You noticed that Hamilton and yourself had the same type, and raised your eyebrows. He looked at yours, rolling his eyes. “Christ, you even copy my taste in coffee. What’s next, you steal my favorite clothes? My favorite meal?” You frowned.

“You know, you’re making it really hard for me not to punch you in the face. Because my fist is ready, Hamilton. It really is.” He glanced at your fingers, shaking his head.

“Fine. How about this? We don’t say any more insults, and just try to understand each other?”

“Can’t do it, you’re too much of an asshole.” You joked, and Hamilton rolled his eyes at you. You laughed, sipping your coffee. He stared at you, then looked down, chuckling to himself. You placed your coffee on the side, looking at him. “What’s up?”

He shrugged. “It’s just, you seem like a really nice person. Your laugh is contagious. But every time you open your mouth, it just, I want to argue with you. It’s really hard not to.” You raised your eyebrow. Besides the comment he made, he actually complimented you. Alexander Hamilton complimented you. Oh, Mr. Washington would be so proud.

“Are you, do you finally like me, Hamilton? Are we friends?”

“See? There you go again.”

“I’m kidding. I understand where you come from. I mean, the only reason I hate you is because of your unwillingness to listen to anyone else’s views besides your own. We all try to compromise with you, but you refuse, sticking to your guns. Work doesn’t get done that way, and it does not help that most of the time Washington agrees with you. The rest of us could barely get a word in anymore. It’s basically the Washington and Hamilton company, we’re just there to take up some space.”

You were stunned at the little speech you gave him. Hamilton seemed to be as well, quietly thinking to himself. After a few moments, he spoke. “I get it, I get what you’re saying. I know I talk way too much, and I know that I barely let anyone else bring new ideas to the table. I argue with you because, because you are the only one besides Jefferson who rejects my plans. Even if they’re good, you always say the cons of the plan. Can you just agree with me, once? Just once?” You bit your lip, staring at him. He wasn’t as much of an asshole as you thought. He just wanted you to agree with one of his plans.

“That’s my job, Hamilton. I’m supposed to tell the negatives of plans, I do it to everyone.”

“But mine are always bad, you say this every time there’s a meeting.” You shrug, stirring the coffee. James walked up to the two of you, asking if everything was fine. You noticed a blush on his cheeks, and grinned.

“Did you finally ask them out?” He nodded, glancing back at them.

“Yes, and they said yes, Y/N. They actually said yes.”

Hamilton butted in the conversation. “Told you they liked you. You just needed the balls to say something.” James frowned at Hamilton, hitting him with the pen. Hamilton moved away, and you giggled at their interaction. James walked away, and you thanked him, giving him a tip. Hamilton insisted on doing so, but you ignored him, passing the money to James.

“You’re such a gentleman, Y/N.” He grumbled. “You could never let me get my way, huh?”

“Nope,” you glanced at the time on your watch, “Can we go back to work, now? I need to proofread some material.” Right at that moment, your phone rang, and you saw Washington’s face appear on the screen. Before you could open it, Hamilton reached over, answering it instead. You tried taking it out of his hand, but he jumped up, running out. You grabbed your trash off the table, throwing it in the garbage. Hamilton was already in the parking lot, running to his car. You dashed after him, but he was already in, locking the doors.

“You piece of shit!” Hamilton talked on the phone, wiggling his fingers in a wave at you. You looked at the coffee in your hand, then looked at the shiny car in front of you, clean of any marks or stains. You grinned evilly, looking at him sitting in the car.

You tilted your cup slightly, and Hamilton widened his eyes. He hated whenever something was messy, which is pretty much why every time he walked into your office, he criticized everything.

Your poured your coffee on the car, watching the brown drip onto the green hood. Hamilton opened his car door, already done talking with Mr. Washington. He gasped, looking at his car. “You motherfu-”

“You should have never taken my phone. Now, give it back.” You held out your palm, waiting for him to place your phone there. He looked at your open palm, and shook his head, putting the phone behind his back. “Hamilton, if you don’t give me that phone, I’ll-“

“You’ll what?” You tried reaching behind him, wrapping your arms around his body. He laughed, raising the phone over his head. You rolled your eyes, crossing your arms across your chest.

“No. I’m not gonna jump for my phone.” He shrugged, keeping his hands above his head. “You could only do that for so long, you know.”

“I do. I also know that you are impatient, so let’s see who breaks first.” The two of you stared at each other, unwilling to break eye contact. After a few seconds of this, you leaped up, trying to get your phone. Mistakenly, you bumped your body into Hamilton’s causing the both of you to fall. Hamilton wrapped his arms around you, breaking your fall. You two landed on his back, and he groaned.

You laughed, and he grinned, beginning to laugh with you.

The laughing slowly faded away, and you were left there, staring at Hamilton while his arms were wrapped around you. You were unknowingly glancing at his lips, and he was doing the same. Before this got any further, you quickly pushed yourself off him, looking away. You grabbed your phone off the ground, and opened the passenger side door, sitting inside.

You could not rid yourself of imagining kissing those soft lips of his, so you looked out the window, holding your head. “No, Y/N, no. That is Alexander Hamilton. You hate Alexander Hamilton, you do not like him. For crying aloud, stop imagining his lips on yours. Stop, please.” You whispered, hearing the car door open. You shut your mouth, looking over at Hamilton. His face was emotionless, never glancing at you. He started his car, and drove off back to the office.

“What did Washington say?” You inquired, looking at him. He finally glanced at you, his eyes landing on your lips. He quickly looked away, his face turning red. Before, you would tease him, but now, it would bring up too many topics you didn’t really want to talk about.

“He wants us back at the office. He said that he actually needs some work done, and we need to finish up our projects so we could show our clients next week.” You nodded slowly, watching him park his car in the lot. Once he was finished, he began to speak, but you immediately opened the car door, leaving him.

“I’ll see you inside, Hamilton.” You murmured, marching quickly. This time, you took the stairs, reminded of Hamilton telling you this earlier. Wait, what were you doing? Were you actually listening to what he said? You stubbornly walked up the rest of the steps, grumbling to yourself.

Once you made it inside the office, Mr. Washington called you into his. You walked in slowly, ready to get yelled at. Instead, he was smiling, gesturing for you to sit down. You did so slowly, nervous. He looked at your hesitant behave, and chortled. “I never saw you so quiet before. Do you think you are in trouble?” You nodded gently. “Oh, Hamilton! Come in here, I need to speak to the both of you.”

You didn’t bother to look at him walk in, sitting next to you. Your arms brushed against another, and both of you leaped away, moving to opposite ends of the couch. Washington raised his eyebrows at the both of you.

“Anyway, I have come across another contract for a new book by one of our top authors. I need the two of you to proofread and correct any spelling errors or mistakes that they wrote. Understand?” You sighed.

“Mr. Washington, I am an editor, this is my job. Why would I need the head writer working with me? It seems unnecessary.” You glanced at Hamilton, ready for him to argue with you. You didn’t mind a second pair of eyes, but why did he have to make the two of you work together? It’s awkward even sitting next to him.

“Y/N’s right, sir. There’s no reason for me to assist her on this job.” Washington stayed quiet, looking at the both of you.

“Wow, after a few hours of being together, you finally get along? What happened? No more arguing?” He asked, scoffing at the two of us. You shrugged.

“It just that Hamilton knows I’m right this time, that’s why. He just learned to finally admit it.” You joked, looking at him. He laughed, shaking his head.

“You’re ridiculous.” He replied, grinning at you. It was nice, finally seeing a smile coming from him. You soon realized the two of you were looking at each other for too long, and turned back to Washington, seeing a small smirk on his face.

“I like that the two of you are getting along, but I do need two people to work on this. And since you are my top employees, I need this to be done by you. Would this be a problem?”

You and Hamilton shook your head at the same time, accepting Washington’s plan. He smiled, satisfied with our answers. “Good.” The two of you walked out, leaving Washington by the door. “By the way, I need it done by tomorrow.” You both widened your eyes, and he closed the doors on your faces. You two looked at each other.

“My office or yours?” You asked, and Hamilton laughed.

“Yours is a mess. Mine will do.”

They two of you worked on the transcript for hours, only taking breaks for the bathroom. It soon grew frustrating between the both of you, the office now completely empty besides the two of you. As you were correcting one of the chapters, Hamilton sighed, putting his head on the table.

“I cannot read any more papers. Is this how it feels to be an editor?”

“Yup, now stop complaining, we’re almost done.” You had your pen in your mouth, reading a sentence. He put his head on his hands, glancing over the words. “Hamilton, if you skim the reading, it’s not gonna help anyone. We’ll have to read it over again.”

“This is unreasonable.” He grumbled.

“I don’t understand why Mr. Nonstop is whining like a child. You write books in less than two weeks, reading one shouldn’t be a problem.” He frowned at you.

“You are making no sense, like usual.”

“Are we really going to start arguing again? Wow, that peace treaty lasted a few hours.”

“This is why I hate you.”

“You didn’t seem to think that when you’ve been staring at my lips for the past few hours.” You whispered, glancing up at Hamilton. He looked at you, a small blush on his cheeks. You smirked, looking back at the paper. He didn’t reply to you, and you turned away from him, twisting your rolling chair around.

“You were looking at mine too.” He said softly, and you could barely hear him. He assumed that you were ignoring him on purpose, so he walked over to you, turning your chair around. His hands were on both armrests, his gaze on yours. “You were looking at mine too.” He repeated, and you laughed dryly, not even looking at him.

“In your dreams, Hamilton.”

“You lying fuck.” You looked up at him, and he grinned. You forced your eyes to stay on his.

“Excuse me? Lying fuck? Wow, you just stole my insult. What else are you going to steal? My favorite clothes? My favorite meal?” You snickered, using the same words as him. He moved closer to your face, and you widened your eyes at his proximity.

Your mind was telling you to push him away, to tell him to leave you alone. But you heart thought otherwise. You dropped the paper on the floor, and pulled your face to his, your lips pressing together. He chuckled, leaning closer to you. You wrapped your arms around him, and you heard the chair strain. Before you could realize what was going to happen, the chair tilted back, taking you and Hamilton to the floor. Luckily, it was soft carpet.

You laughed, moving your lips away from him. He pressed his lips into your neck, laughing with you.

“That’s the second time I made you fall. Maybe this is karma.” you said, and he looked up at you, only one emotion in his eyes.

“You did. You made me fall for you.” You hit him on his shoulder, and the chair flipped away, leaving the both of you on the floor.

“Your advances towards me suck. I could have come up with a better one that that.” You tried picking yourself off the floor, and Hamilton jumped up first, holding his hand out for you. You grabbed it, and he assisted in pulling you up. You wiped off your clothes, looking at him. He had an evil glimmer to his eyes, and before you could protest, he pulled you into his arms, bridal style. “Alex, what are you-”

“Did you know that I’ve always wanted to have sex in an office. One of the secret kinks of mine.” You raised your eyebrows, and he carried you off.

“Alexander, you better not! No, you dumbass, we’re not gonna have sex in Washington’s office! No! I’m gonna call the police on you!” You laughed and giggled, your body thrown over his shoulder. He ignored your pleas, closing the door behind the two of you.


Jerome x reader


It was the classic shebang, girl meets boy. Boy seems like a normal upstanding individual, girl goes along with it. Later boy turns out to be a psychopathic criminal and the girl goes along with it. You know, the usual.

Okay, so, maybe that’s a stretch. But hey! A chick is into what she’s into, right? Besides, who can turn down a man with a wicked sense of humor? Especially when he’s a ginger.

Jerome was always a good kid, if it wasn’t for his mother he could have been something better. That damned whore. Every time I would see him he’d have new marks, around his neck, black eyes, scratched cheek. You name it Jerome probably had that bruise many a time.

As for myself, my family had this annual outing to the circus. It was the only good memory I had and that’s mostly because I met Jerome there.


I was hidden in some far off corner in the circus. My dad had made me touch the snake woman’s Python even though he knew I had a killer fear of them. As soon as he let my wrist free from his grip, I went running for the hills.

He never chased after me, preferring to flirt with the snake lady in front of my mom. It wasn’t anything new.

I took in my new surroundings fearfully, whimpering noisily. My small refuge was a snack cart pressed close to the circus tent. I sat in the middle so that It would be easier to see what was happening on both openings.

As I surveyed the left opening, I felt a hand tap against my shoulder. “Are you lost?” He asked quietly, studying me with tired eyes.

“N-no,” I managed to break my whimpers enough to speak, “Please don’t take me back to my dad. He’ll hit me.”

The red headed boys eyes softened, while you certainly weren’t the first to say that and probably not the last, he couldn’t help but feel the need to cheer you up. “Why can’t Jesus play basketball?”

“I dunno,” you answered, confused by his random question.

“Because he’s nailed to a cross!” That set him off into a fit of giggles, you couldn’t help joining in. His laughter seemed to be contagious. “Names Jerome. What’s yours crybaby?”

“It’s YN,” you pouted at him, “Am not a crybaby! I’m five, totally not a baby at all.”

“Yup, such a big girl,” he mocked, pretending to wipe tears off of his face, “Come on, let’s go play something.”

You shifted uncomfortably, wiping the tears from your eyes, “What about the giant snake?”

“Mom’s snake won’t hurt ya. Now let’s go!” He took your hand and pulled you out of your hiding spot. “What to do…”

For the night, Jerome and you were partners in pranking crime. The night came to an end when the circus was basically empty and most of the crew was on the search for a five year old girl. One of the Grayson adults found you, taking you away from Jerome and back to your father.


Since that night we were best friends. Well the best you could be when you saw each other one week a year. Jerome quickly became your first crush, kiss, and so on. As you grew older the both of you managed to keep in touch through email.

Flash forward a couple of years and you had your own apartment. You vowed to get your own place as soon as had hit eighteen. Your father had been mentally and physically abusive and your mother was too far off to care about anything.

Honestly, it was one of the best freedoms you had. No more fighting just peace. Best of all, Jerome’s circus was going to hit Gotham again and you would get to see him soon.

The week seemed to drag on. Time always slowed when you were looking forward to something.

You checked your email the day before the circus was due to come.


From: Jerome Valeska

Subject: Don’t come

I’ve got something planned. Don’t come to see me. Give me your address and I’ll go see you. ————————————————

You frowned at the email, but sent one back with your address. That was strange to say the least. Usually you opened an email up to a joke or a story about what he did or a prank he did. But this email, it sent some fear into your system. Maybe he didn’t want you anymore or he found someone?

That was it. You didn’t get any emails back and you definitely didn’t attempt to get a response back. You went about your normal schedule, a strange fear in your stomach all the while.

Two days passed this way and you were sick of it. He probably wasn’t going to come and just drop you. On the third at you wanted until twelve before giving up and going to bed.

You woke up, feeling as if someone were watching you. “Hello?” You asked the darkness, sleepily, despite everything horror movies taught. There was something familiar about the person with you.

The light was flicked on and illuminated the room. You were met with a familiar figure, “Jerome? That better not be blood.” Instant anger overcame you, “What did that bitch do to you?”

Grabbing a near by shirt, you went to clean the blood that seemed to come from his face and arms. “Wait,” you noticed there weren’t any cuts, “This isn’t your blood. What did you do Jerome?”

“Looks like I’ve got bad news for you, dollface,” he looked like he was crying, “She’s dead,” he started to laugh at the top of his lungs like it was the best joke of his life.

“Oh, har har har,” you rolled your eyes, “What is this? Fake blood?”

“Exactly that, it’s made with powdered sugar and cocoa. Here have a taste,” he ran a finger through the blood and stuck it in your mouth, “Delicious isn’t it?”

You spit it out as soon as the metallic taste hit. “Jerome, what the hell?” You shouted and pushed him away.

“You know I don’t lie, crybaby. The whore’s dead and I’m quitting the circus. Not this exact moment that would look too shady. Doll, you should have been there? ‘Jerome, no! What are you doing? I love you!’” He spoke, seeming to be confident about not being caught.

“What are you going to do? You killed someone, you’re covered in blood, fucking broke into my apartment! Wh-”

He was right, besides if anyone could pull one over the cops it was him. “Okay, fine, you’re right. No reason at all to work.” You pressed chaste kiss to his lips, “Don’t do anything stupid. Go take a shower and get to bed.”

A smirk graced his lips, before he saluted you, “Yes ma'am!”

You stuck your tongue out at him before returning to bed. “Goodnight, killer!”

“Sleep tight, doll!”

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Annotations [Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader]

Summary: Reader finds a book full of notes on the subway, turns out the owner is no one other than our Lin-Manuel Miranda.

Word counter: 1,417

Warnings: None, some light cursing but not much.

A/N: Okay so, I have no idea where this idea came from, but I love the idea of Lin writing all over his books when inspiration comes along, so I went from there! I hope you like it <3

askbox | masterlist

You were usually not the on to pay attention to details. The routine you set for yourself was simple and easy: Wake up, take a shower, get dressed, grab a fruit and head out to your job as a secretary at a law office. You’d take the subway as your headphones blasted some random music and hop off once you reached the station near 44th street. Easy. 

Every day was almost the same, it was safe. As a girl born in a small town going to New York City was a big step on its own, you didn’t need more adventure than that.

But life apparently didn’t agree with you. 

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Turf Wars part 2

Jughead couldn’t even eat, staring absently at the cold pizza on his lunch tray. He couldn’t keep his mind on anything except those sharp green eyes and all of that long blonde hair, there was something in her eyes that seemed to pull her to him, and what was with the look she had given him? Did she know him? Had they met before?

He was snapped out of his daze when a plastic tray was slammed on the table across from him, Kevin slid in beside him, handing Jughead his chips. “I’m on a diet” the flamboyant teen mumbled over a mouth full of salad.

Veronica pulled out her phone and dropped to the bench next to Archie.
“Okay so here’s the news.” She cleared her throat preparing to tell her uninterested friends the gossip. Well minus Kevin who was leaning forward his fingers drumming in anticipation.

“The blonde named Betty, she’s kind of a big deal.” Jughead instantly perked up at the sound of her name, something Veronica noticed and smirked wickedly “oh so now you’re interested?” She joked. Jughead rolled his eyes and glanced away, still listening intently. Veronica continued

“So, she’s the only girl the Southside Serpents allow in the gang, she’s actually a pretty prominent member, her friend, long hair and piercing eyes? His name is Joaquin. He’s in the Serpents too. Pretty much what I’ve gathered is they’re both pretty dangerous. Betty Cooper being the most dangerous, she takes care of the kids in her school, that’s why they all respect her so much.”

Suddenly the courtyard went dead silent and the topic of conversation was currently standing before the picnic tables, scanning the area and looking for an empty table. Her blonde hair swinging around as she turned to talk to Reggie Mantle. He nodded and threw an arm around her shoulder which she nudged off with a lopsided smile.

“Oh god” he heard Kevin whisper from beside him. The entire table stiffened.

Reggie, Joaquin and Betty were all making their way to the abandoned table beside theirs. This set the whole Southside in motion, everyone playing a game of follow the leader and searching for an empty table.

Betty was sitting at the table directly beside Jughead and he could almost smell her sugary sweet perfume, something he was not expecting. Was that.. strawberries?

“So what’s the verdict?” He heard Reggie ask

The blonde grinned bringing her burger to her mouth
“We’ll see.” She giggled before taking a huge bite of her burger, ketchup landing on her chin.

Jughead, Archie, Veronica and Kevin all seemed to be mesmerized by the scene in front of them, this behavior was most definitely not what they expected from the young gang members, it wasn’t threatening, it wasn’t scary or bitter, it was… goofy and …childish?

Joaquin rolled his eyes leaning over the table and wiping his best friends chin with a napkin.
“Ya know Betty? I’m pretty sure you’re the reason I’m gay.”

She just crossed her eyes and stuck her tongue out, turning to look directly into Jugheads eyes again. This time she spoke. At first he didn’t hear her, only saw her lips moving. She raised a brow and smiled

“Well?” He finally heard.

The bulky dark haired boy named Reggie was chuckling “maybe he’s deaf?”

Jughead shook his head
“I’m not deaf, I wasn’t paying attention, sorry what was the question?”

Veronica laughed as well “she asked how the pizza was jug” she leaned over, grabbing Betty’s hand “I’m Veronica. Veronica Lodge, it’s great to meet you.”

Kevin jumped in as well “I’m Kevin, designated GAY, best friend”. He fluttered his eyes to Joaquin who was grinning shyly.

Betty laughed, shaking his hand
“I’ve already got one of those, but it’s great to meet you guys. This is Joaquin and that’s..”

“Reggie. Reggie Mantle. I know who you are” Reggie cut her off, his eyes trained on Archie.

Archie narrowed his eyes “I know who you are too. Mantle the menace, constantly causing fights on the field.”

Reggie put his hands up and raised a brow

“Me? Oh no buddy, you’ve got the wrong guy, you might wanna talk to your captain Clayton. I don’t believe in using force on the field unless it’s for the sport.” He shrugged lazily as Archie snorted
“Yeah right.”
Reggie threw a handful of fries off of Betty’s tray into his mouth. “Think what you want dude, I’ve got no reason to hate on any of you, none of us do.”

Betty leaned closer to Jughead
“You never answered my question, hows the pizza?” She smiled softly at him, her long blonde hair brushing his arm

He couldn’t help the grin that broke out on his face
“It’s pretty horrible” he whispered

She laughed out loud, a musical sound that seemed to be contagious for both tables.
“Well I think the burgers pretty good!”

Kevin snorted “these are nothing! You should try pops. His burgers are the best.”

A brief flicker of sadness flashed in her eyes and Joaquin placed a hand to her knee, she covered it up quickly with an uncomfortable laugh

“Oh we’re not allowed there, I’m pretty sure we wouldn’t be very welcome.”

Reggie nodded “doesn’t matter though, greasy Steve makes the best burgers in the Southside, his barbecues are the shit.” The muscular boy, reached over and grabbed the soda off of Veronica’s tray taking a sip.

Jughead shook his head “I’ll bring you a burger tomorrow for lunch.” He whispered by Betty’s ear

Her eyes lit up and she smiled
“Really? You don’t have to!”

He shrugged and smiled shyly

“I know.”

Suddenly Betty’s spine stiffened and Reggie dropped his handful of chips. Joaquin rolled his neck as the familiar voice of Chuck Clayton came into ear shot, followed closely by the shrill laugh of Cheryl Blossom. Their tiny group had built as some Southside students came to stand by Betty and Reggie.

Betty stood from the table, straightening her jacket as Reggie growled lowly

“Let the games begin”

Prompt #42 “Sometimes, you fall for someone you didn’t expect but that doesn’t make it wrong”

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Written by Christina

Category: Angst with fluff. Just your usual fanfic stuff. 

Word Count: 2298

A/N: I had finals last week, so the stress was super high. Hope you all enjoy :) Feel free to message us with any feedback, requests, or comments. We love you all!

Loosely based off #42 fr this list 

Part 2 

You felt tears well in your eyes as you clenched your fists. An F. Again. And in your first class of the day! This math class was going to be the end of you. You pulled three all-nighters and spent every moment of spare time studying for the past week and a half preparing for this test. To fail was the worst feeling ever. Words couldn’t describe the anger, hurt, and disappointment that consumed every molecule of your being. You just wanted this class to end. You loathed it. The teacher sometimes tried to help you, but you were often pushed aside because “they were too busy at the moment”. You needed a tutor. And fast.

You glanced around the classroom, looking to see if anyone looked like they understood what was going on. The teacher was writing an example on the board for the class to complete. Some people were scribbling down the problem as the teacher wrote it. Some people sat back in their chairs and stared at the board, clearly lost. But there was one student with their hand raised. A boy. He sat two rows over and one seat back from you. The teacher turned around, saw the boy and called on him.

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Them Asking You To Move In With Them

Just a cute, little idea that popped into my head. Enjoy! :)



 He’d invite you over for a date night. On the table would be a large home-cooked meal and as you both ate you noticed he kept glancing away and nervously letting the conversation die for a little bit. He was making you nervous, enough to finally say something.
 “Jin, is something wrong?”

 He glanced up a little too quickly and shook his head, “No! Not at all! It’s just…”

 You raised an eyebrow, waiting for him to continue. When he didn’t you pressed the subject, “Just what?”

  Jin looked into your eyes, his smile blessing his handsome face with a warm expression, “You see, I, uh, made this all for you because…I wanted to ask you something…” His hands started to fidget, which was unusual for him, “Do you maybe want to move in with me?”


You noticed his usual clumsiness was exceptionally worsened as you walked back to his place. He not only tripped over his steps but his words as well, resulting in nervous laughter. The vibe was different than usual and it made you wonder. One of his hands always stayed in his pocket, fumbling with something within.

 “What’s wrong, Namjoon?”

  His eyes flicked towards you quickly as you made your way to his apartment door, “Nothing, (Y/N)..” He took a deep breath to calm his nerves, “I just had a question in mind.” The suspense was killing you and you watched as he pulled a key from his pocket, “I got this made for you. For when you live here with me.”


Suga had decided that his day off would be spent with you. The day was lazy and comfortable, filled with naps and movies. The two of you were cuddling on the couch, the television playing a movie neither of you were paying attention to. Instead, you focused on the comfortableness of each other.


  Your eyes stayed close as your head lay on his lap, “Hm?”

  “Would you want to move in with me?” Immediately you sat up and turned to him, your expression speaking for you. “So is that a yes?”


The sunshine smiles were almost blinding today. J-Hope had planned a whole day for the two of you, taking you to parks and your favorite places. The nervous excitement he projected made it seem like it was your first date once again. The feeling was contagious, but you still wondered what exactly he was planning. At dinner, your questions were answered.

Before the waiter had even come to take your order the conversation paused. His eyes glanced down from your gaze and then slowly back up, “(Y/N), will you move in with me?”


As the two of you sat across from each other at dinner, you noticed V staring at you more than usual. His eyes were a mix of amused, excited and nervous and your hand instinctively went to over your mouth.

 “Is there something on my face?”

 He shook his head, “No, I’m just thinking about how great it’s going to be living together.”

 Your eyes went wide, “Living together? What?”

  V glanced from side to side for a moment, realizing that he’d forgot to ask the question. Masking his mistake he smiled sweetly, “Want to move in with me, (Y/N)? Please?”


You knew something was up immediately. He’d been extra sweet with you and even more so as you sat next to each other on a park bench, watching people pass by and the various couples make their way to the restaurants that lined the street across from you.

 “Hey, (Y/N)?” His voice seemed a little more nervous than usual.

  You glanced at him with a smile, hoping to help calm his nerves, “Jimin?”

  His expression softened and it seemed as if a permanent smile spread across his face. “How would you feel about moving in with me?”


Jungkook had gotten advice from almost all his hyungs, taking each of their words into consideration, but ending up only going with his gut. He invited you out to dinner, being a bit more awkward than usual and smiling a lot.

  Before the dinner even began his started to clear his throat and visibly calm his nerves, “(Y/N).” The suddenness took you by surprise for a moment, but before you could respond he spoke with a large smile and rosy cheeks.

 “You and me moving in together. What do you think?”

Domestic family headcanons (with some spoilers for GotG 2)


Sleeping piles become a regular, needed thing, given that they all have nightmares from the fight with Ego.

Rocket blames Kraglin and Peter for it, since the both of them mentioned that it was a well-known habits back with the Ravagers (“Good against cold night cycles out here”) but he also can be found wrapped into a ball on someone’s chest or stomach, or wrapped around someone’s neck like a scarf, Groot huddled into his fur, so everyone just shrugs it off as his usual snark.


Mantis becomes an absolute sucker for hugs, since she finds them great and comforting and finds out that they symbolize affection and comfort.

She’s also in love with all the many emotions she can feel even better through the added contact – her hands alone can let her feel emotions, yes, but that’s amplified by a full-on hug.


Gamora doesn’t even realize that she picks up the habit of cutting Groot’s food into tiny pieces for him to chew better, only notices it herself (with some embarrassment) after she’s held out the food-pieces to either Peter or Drax to blow on to cool it down multiple times already.


Groot wants tattoos like Drax or Kraglin – best would be if he can get both – and it takes them days and days to talk him out of it because his wooden skin wouldn’t work for that.

They still manage to find some long-time paint that will not harm the little tree and paint “tattoos” onto him.

(Peter may or may not be crying a bit when Groot demands and arrow on his tiny-forearm, going “We are Groot” when he’s asked why.)  


Rocket starts using basically everyone as a climbing tree, since Groot is still too tiny to carry him, and the height advantage is something he has relied on for years.

If anyone realizes what a trust this displays, then they are smart enough not to mention it.


Playful fights over food become a common thing, with mock-duels with forks and headlocks and kicks to the shin involved.

The only thing Rocket won’t ever fight over with Peter are those “terrible” Beasties-snacks Peter munches happily enough.

“You are disgusting.”

“They are tasty and full of nutrients, so shut it- ey, Kraglin, those are mine, you jerk!”

“Not anymore.”

Disgusting, the both of you.”


Gamora has to explain to Mantis that insults are not really considered affectionate, and than has to correct herself and add that “Maybe they are for our friends here, though” when Mantis points out that their little family insults each other on a regular basis.


Singing seems to be contagious, because suddenly it’s not only Peter doing it anymore.

“Ahahaha, Rocket is singing!”

“I keep telling you, I was just trying to drown out your terrible voice.”


Peter proposes a karaoke night every month, and there is not that much resistance against that.

Blurred Lines

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Pairing: Daehyun x Reader

Genre: Smut

Word Count:  3.7k

Warnings: Daddy kink, voyeurism?, sexting… 

A/N: This took forever I’m sorry. I hope you guys like it! Thanks again for voting!!

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