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Hey folks.  I need a favor.

I’m asking you all for some kind of accountability.  I have been spiraling for a good solid two weeks now and I have probably wrecked a couple of friendships over it.  I learned all about some trigger points I have and how they affect me.  This was a really bad one.  It’s had me yelling at people I love, being unreasonable, being combative and reactionary, crying, isolating, and basically being a complete fucking nightmare.  I’m only just now coming out of it, and I’m still feeling a bit hypersensitive.

I’ve considered meds (but found the risks more than I’m comfortable with given my current situation) and I go to therapy, and right now I’m on a waiting list for a cognitive behavioral therapy program (that honestly seems like the best tool I’m going to find).  That being said, in the short term my coping skills suck.  The only thing that I know for a fact works for me with any regularity is exercise and getting outdoors.  Of course I have an excuse for that too and I haven’t been working out because I have some negative body issues, I don’t deal well with street harassment (especially the “are you trans?” and “you look like a man” type that I’ve encountered on my runs in the past) so I’ve been avoiding it.

Basically, I need to start exercising again because it’s the only surefire tool I have in the short term.  I don’t want to turn this into a fitness blog, and I don’t want to upset anyone with posts about body composition (or recomposition), weight, or running/exercise posts, but I do want to start keeping a sort of daily fitness/wellness check-in.  I’d like to know what people’s thoughts are on a post a day about my personal exercise goals being part of the normal feed here.  You can respond to the post or in an ask.

Thanks in advance.  I know a lot of folks have expressed interest in trying to help me in various ways, and this kind of accountability is a real concrete thing that you all can help me with, but only if you’re ok with it.

Of Dazai and the Old Boss – An Analysis Report

Wordcount: 1.374.

So ever since I started reading the manga, there was always one character I always wondered about; the Old Boss, or the boss that came before Mori. Sure he seemed like an unimportant side character in the way he’s presented, but I have reasons to believe he’s more than that.

First, let’s compile what we know about him.

1.     He was ruthless even when he’s not bedridden and paranoid, as was said by Kouyou whose lover was killed because she tried to escape the Mafia with him.

And again when Tanizaki tried to kill Mori but was stopped by Kouyou, saying that if Mori died, the Mafia would return to its ‘wretched ways’. We can say with complete confidence that Mori’s way is so much ‘kinder’ than the old boss.

2.       He was bedridden with illness that also made him paranoid of attacks. This is not the case before the illness strike because Hirotsu mentioned he become like that after the illness. If Mori hadn’t stopped him by slicing his throat, he would have burnt Yokohama down.

4.       Wait that’s it? Yep. All we knew about him was in that episode and that chapter. But what we know about him was profound.

First let’s look at this scene:

Notice how Hirotsu mentioned Dazai specifically? Here’s the original panel for that scene:

In this, we can confidently say that Hirotsu singled out Dazai about how was the one who should’ve been most not alright with the development. The words used for it ‘Dazai –kun mo rikai suru tokoro de attarou‘  implies this. It hints that Dazai should’ve been resentful to Mori because he killed the Old Boss. But against all odds, he understood why Mori did what he did.

Then there’s this scene.

It really bothered me and when I looked deeper this is what cemented my conclusion of Dazai and the Old Boss’ connection. So as we could see in this scene, Mori killed the Old Boss and had Dazai become the sole witness. Now this premise has many problems.

1. Other than Mori, who was a doctor so obviously he was to take care of the sick, notice that Dazai was the only one in the room. Now this is strange. He was the only one who was by the Old Boss’ side, all alone in the room with the vulnerable, sick man when there’s no doctor to hover on the bedside. This in and of itself is a proof of their bond. If they weren’t well-known to have it, then all the Mafia would be suspicious to the fact that he’s accompanying the boss when he’s the most vulnerable.

On top of that he was entrusted with the Boss’ security as he was in the room with Mori who might or might not harm him (spoiler, he harmed the boss.) so he was supposed to be the one to care the most about the Old Boss’ wellbeing.

2.       As we know from the light novel, Odasaku mentioned that Dazai was considered to become an Executive at 16. In this scene he was only 14 and at that point of time, he had enough sway in the Organization that he can be the sole witness to the boss’ will and everyone just—nods and go along with it, making Mori the new boss despite them should be having Five Executive that would have fought for the seat. Why?

3.       In this case, Dazai cannot be adopted and raised by Mori as the fandom believed. If he was Mori’s and he became the sole witness everyone would call bull on it because he’d be perceived as Mori’s accomplice in taking out the Old Boss. They’d be executed and one of the upper echelon would take the throne themselves.

This would only work if the Port Mafia to believe that he couldn’t harm the boss and wouldn’t let harm come to him.

But what about this picture, you ask? Well, Mori did have a connection with Dazai too seing how Dazai got the coat he wore from before he was 14 to 18 from him. That’s a good 4 years wearing the same thing. I think this was actually the same case with Chuuya not appearing in the Dark Era; the plot has yet to be told to the readers and kept secret.

And then there’s the possibility that they knew each other because of Dazai’s wounds. If the Old Boss is as ruthless as Kouyou made him out to be, it won’t be far-fetched to say he’s the one resposible for Dazai’s numerous injuries and was frequently sent to Mori, the doctor, to get treatment.

Summary:  the Organization needs to know Dazai well and for some reason connect him with not only being close enough to the Old Boss for it not be strange for him to be all alone in the room with him and having enough credibility that he can’t possibly lie about the Old Boss’ last will. On top of that, he needs some reason to be the one ‘most not alright with it’ in a personal sense.

So what would make this credible? What could make this work? It would be if by doing so he was giving up his rights to the throne.

Here cometh my conclusion: Dazai was the Old Boss’ son and the rightful heir to the Port Mafia. If he was one, it won’t be strange for him to have credibility as 14-year old kid claiming to be the sole witness to a boss of The Mafia’s biggest bad that made a city doctor its next Boss.  More than that, it would be natural for him to spend time alone in the Boss’ bedside when he was sick and vulnerable.

No, I won’t be dropping Darth Vader’s ‘I am your father’ bomb here, despite it being extremely tempting. How many father and child bound by blood have you seen in BSD? That’s right, none. No reason to break the pattern now.

But what is prevalent? Adopting orphans. Hell, it was dropped by Odasaku in his last moment as one of Dazai’s driving force. In fact, most of the main cast are either adopted orphans or have adopted an orphan. (Fukuzawa & Ranpo, Kunikida & Rokuzo, Akutagawa/Atsushi and Dazai, need I go on?)

Here’s my verdict: Dazai was the heir to the Port Mafia because he was the Old Boss’ adopted. When the Old Boss died, everyone in the Mafia who knew about it, thought that he couldn’t possibly lie because by doing so he’d be defacing the Old Boss and giving away his rights to the throne. This gave him the ultimate credibility and thus allowing Mori to become the next King.

Most of all, this also solve the mystery of Mori’s behavior. Why drive Dazai away when he’s 18, when Mori could’ve killed him or make him go away before? He made the preparation to drive Dazai away two years beforehand when Dazai was 16, a good two years after becoming boss. The answer was because this will reveal his play to his subordinate. In the light novel Odasaku mentioned about Mori’s fearsome reputation for being ruthless and clever as hell. And this is the key; reputation.

If Mori killed Dazai before he got a secure standing in the Mafia, he would be accused to be killing the Old Boss and taking down his heir. Everyone would be on the scent of blood like sharks, especially in a place as cruel as the Mafia. So he got himself a reputation, backed by people loyal to him (Chuuya, Kouyou and, in an extent, Ace who was loyal only to money) and when he was sure that he has shown what he could and would do to the whole Mafia and the world, he cut off Dazai because he was no longer needed and now poses only threat.

By exiling the Prince, he would be able to hog the throne for himself since the older members would not be rallying behind Dazai to retake his rights. Truly a long-running plan befitting of him.

But hey, that’s just a theory. A BSD theory. Aaaand cut.

Just to be clear, it’s a date.

First I’d like to say thank you to @carryonsimoncarryon for being the most fantastic friend I’ve had in ages, and for being such an helpful and kind beta <#

Words: 1.3k
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(Simon’s POV)

His black hair is hanging loose today, swaying gently against his face as he leans forward to take another bite of his sandwich. Those grey piercing eyes are as mesmerizing as ever, and his skin has a tan glow that seems to be shining especially beautifully.

I sneak glances at him every now and then, sometimes meeting his eyes, and my heart skips a beat.

He catches me staring again. Crowley, he’s beautiful; handsome, masculine and yet elegant, all at the same time. As our eyes meet, I smile back at him. His smile is the most heartwarming thing I’ve ever seen, and I can feel the heat rising to my checks. My eyes quickly dart back towards my cherry scone, hoping for the blush to fade. One day I’ll get up the courage to ask him if I can sit with him. I’ll talk to him, and maybe if I’m feeling especially brave, I’ll ask him out, or ask for his number. I don’t know yet. I have to work up the courage first. One day, but not today.


He’s still there every day at lunch. Today his black hair is pulled into a bun, and his stylish black turtleneck rests perfectly against his neck.

Today is the day, I told myself this morning, hoping that he might not be there. Hoping that he’d gotten sick of my staring, or that he’d have to work during his break, so that I’d have an excuse to wait another day or two.

It didn’t really surprise me when I saw him sitting there, in his regular spot by the fountain. As I meet his eyes across the park I realize I’ve stopped in my tracks, and I can feel my heart race. Today is the day, I tell myself once more. His smile melts my heart, and it gives me courage to make my feet move forward again.

As I walk, I stare intensely at my cup of coffee and the brown paper bag with a cherry scone in it. It’ll be fine. He won’t tell you to leave; he’ll be nice and talk to you. Okay, one foot in front of the other. Keep it going. I encourage myself to walk to my usual spot at the bench next to him. As I move forward, I can feel a pair of eyes at me, and when I look up, I meet his gaze. I smile as he shuffles to the side, making room next to him on the bench.

“Hi, can I sit?” I ask shyly. He smiles and nods.

“Why else would I move over for? Other than to make room for you I mean?” he chuckles, and I can feel my heart racing as the heat spreads throughout my body. This is my new favorite sound. It must be. I’m sure of it.

I sit down next to him; not so close that I’d seem like a creep, but close enough to easily see the color and pattern in his perfect grey eyes. They remind me of wet pavement, but they’re much, much more appealing to stare into. I support my coffee cup between my thighs and rest the paper bag with my scone in on top of it. Then I extend my arm out towards him.

“Simon,” I say, introducing myself.

“Baz,” he smiles, gently grabbing my hand and shaking it. It almost feels like silk, his skin, it’s smooth but his hand is freezing cold, even now this late in spring.

“I was wondering when you’d finally come talk to me, you know,” he says. “I’ve seen you staring.” He lets go of my hand before grabbing his cup and sipping his tea. Blackcurrant, I think, as the scent flows towards my face.

I feel the heat rising to my cheeks once again, and I look down, staring intensely at my hands.

“Well, here I am,” I whisper, almost regretting not having this conversation with myself in my head before actually approaching him. That’s silly, I know, because I could have never known what he’d say. But still, I feel like I should have a better answer. I nervously pull my hand through my bronze curls and I can see him. Baz. He’s smiling at me. I can see it from the corner of my eye, so I turn to look at him. Why did my words always come short whenever I tried to talk to other people than Penny? Penny is always easy to talk to.

“You- you know, I’ve been thinking, um, about asking y-you this, for… for quite a while now, actually. Um… Would- would you like to go out to dinner? Um, with me?” I stutter, pushing the words out, choking on them twice. I look at him for a split second, and then I ruffle my curls again, purposely putting my hand in the way so that I can’t look at him. I don’t was to know what rejection looks like. I  really don’t. At least not from him.

“Yes, I’d like that. Did you have a specific time in mind?” His voice is cheery, and I look at him from the corner of my eye as I slowly lower my hand.

“Really?” I ask, surprised before I can even stop myself. “I mean, I don’t. I thought I’d have to ask you first.” I’m stumbling over my own words, but I can’t help the smile spreading bigger across my face as I see him smiling too.

“I’d ask you to give me your number,” he says, and I feel my heart drop to the bottom of my stomach. He’s just kindly rejecting me, I think. “But since my phone died this morning at work and I didn’t bring my charger, I’ll have to give you my number instead.”

My heart is racing. I was sure he’d been trying to reject me in the kindest of ways, but his phone is dead. That’s all. I grin, feeling relieved as he pushes his perfectly smooth, tan hand in front of my face, asking for my phone.

I dig through my pockets, wondering where I put that damn phone. Finally, as I feel a vibrating against my chest, I remember putting it on the inside pocket of my jacket. I never put it there, so why I did so now I have no idea. I look at the caller ID: ‘Penny’ it says, with a rather unpretty picture of me and her grimacing, both dressed up for halloween. I blush and hang up on her.

Suddenly, closer than before, I can feel Baz tense beside me.

“Your girlfriend?” he asks, slowly moving a few inches further away from me.

“Nope. That’s just Penny, my best friend,” I say, smiling reassuringly at him. She calls once more. And I hang up again before opening my contacts and offering the phone to Baz.

He grabs it, studying me; uncertain, as if he’s doing something he shouldn’t be doing. I nod and smile once more, and soon he’s saved himself as a contact in my phone. Handing me back my phone, our hands grace each other, and I feel my cheeks burning, and the butterflies going crazy in my stomach. I really do hate that I blush this easily.

As both of us realize that our breaks are over. we both stand up, almost mechanically. In the motion, as if on autopilot, I grab my scone and my coffee. And since we didn’t get a chance to discuss dinner any further, I tell him: “I’ll text you so you’ll have my number, okay? And we’ll find a time and date then?”

He nods, turning away with a smile on his lips. I grin, and since I’m feeling extra brave as we’re about to leave in our different directions, I turn halfway around and add over my shoulder: “And by the way, just to be clear, it’s a date.”

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Do you think the ot5 reunion could possibly be this year??

At this point that’s exactly what I’m thinking.  Based on the chatter we’ve heard coming from various parts of the entertainment industry web, we seem to be headed for something around the end of the year.  Even if they don’t actually return by then, I think we’ll get more idea of a solid date at the very least.

There seems to be something going on right now because Niall’s album is officially delayed, we keep hearing nothing about Zayn’s 2nd album, and Liam’s first single should probably have come out by now and it hasn’t. They’re waiting for something which makes me fairly certain that none of those albums will be under 1DHQ.  The timing also makes me fairly certain that we’ll see some good things in the next month or two.

They stopped hinting at Zayn reconciling with the other boys sometime around March 2016.  They started slowly reintroducing the idea around late October or November 2016 and it’s definitely picked up since the new year started.  That trend along with the delays in the release of materials tells me we’re headed in a good direction.

katinsuburbia  asked:

Hey, so I've been in your rejection tag, and my need of crying wasn't fully satisfied xD So when will you update the rejection tag?

right now

You Make My World Go Round (Sorry) by Heather_Night (1/1 | 17,046 | R)

Derek followed the laughter, unsurprised to find Stiles and Laura at the bar, doing shots. Pinching the bridge of his nose, Derek sighed. He supposed he ought to be grateful they weren’t doing body shots.

Endlessly With Me by Sadeyes Badguys (Summerfields) (1/1 | 533 | R)

It started out slow, like so many other things that didn’t seem important at first. His smile in the classroom, his alcohol riddled, teethy laugh at the party and his grip of my arm, “Come here.”

We stumbled into his bedroom with a bottle of vodka, a DMT joint and his young face was shimmery in the light seeping through the cracks of the door.

(fragments of a tale about Stiles and Derek destroying themselves)

mysteryo3006  asked:

I love how when somebody is getting to the bottom of something in your comics or asking something that might spoil, your like, "great question" XDDD

XD Yeah, I know I do that a lot but the thing is this: there’s just SO MUCH STORY LEFT for everyone to experience! It’s very rare that I get to straight-up confirm or deny what people ask about without the potential for spoilers. And sometimes, telling people that something will or won’t be answered later or that I can or can’t answer something right now is a spoiler in itself!

With all that being said, I know my ‘great question!’ comments can seem sassy and like I’m messing with ya’ll (which, sometimes I am :P) but at the same time I genuinely mean them! I DO think you guys pose some interesting and great questions and theories! It means that you’re noticing and questioning things. It means that maybe you’ll hold onto those questions and try to remember them for later. It means you’re thinking, and that couldn’t make me happier <3

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You used to be realy active and nice and freindly, and now it seems like you only reblog art and talk to your blogger freinds who you write MEL with. You ignor asks and you ignor fandom memes. What happened to suporting smaller bloggers? What hapened to you? Its like you got populer and just forgot about your old friends.

Hi Anon-

TBH, this message took me by surprise.

Let me try and unpack your Ask a bit because I feel like perhaps I hurt feelings or did something wrong unintentionally. I also could go into all the things happening in my life on the other side of this screen, but you don’t need a bio (and I don’t think I should have to write one either).

Keep reading

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Calvin and Taylor have been over for awhile now and both are living there life and doing there thing so what does it matter what Calvin does now? Taylor seems like she is happy doing whatever she is doing. Her last concert she looked really happy. It is time to move on and leave the past in the past.

yeah she does look happy and i think she is and that is great,  but it is annoying that he apparently couldnt be bothered to support her last year bc he hated hw parties but now he’s got no problem doing a red carpet hollywood event. Does it matter, no. It just seems hypocritical and it was hard to watch taylor be unsupported but it’s whatever, they obviously had their issues. Just the last person on earth i expected to see roll up there, forgive me if im a little surprised. 

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do you mind if people gently correct others, or would you prefer we just don't get involved at all? a lot of these posts seem directed at the more aggressive people, so i'm just wondering, if we see someone who uses the wrong pronouns, is it alright to just say "hey, kdin goes by she/her now, just thought i'd let you know!" or something along those lines?

Honestly, if you see something, at all, and it raises a flag for you:

!!!Bring it to my attention and then I’ll handle it!!!

It’s much better that I directly interact with people to tell them. Having someone who doesn’t know me very well, or at all personally, dealing with these things causes issues in most cases.

Again, I appreciate it. But it’s so much easier for me to tell people myself.

Having anyone else say things would just be second-hand information, which will generally cause a lot of confusion.

I believe everyone who is in my situation has every right to handle things how they see fit. This isn’t exactly a situation that any can be prepared for, and it’s very much up to that person how they want things handled and that persons wishes are what should be respected the most.

For me, I want to handle things as personally as I can to halt any confusion and stop any problems before they arise, especially if they are started “on my behalf”.

People see me as “high profile”, I suppose. That puts me in the hot seat even more so. And if there are people out there “speaking for me”, that can and will cause problems.

Imagine having someone who’s only read something about you, or only briefly interacted with you, answering personal questions on your behalf. You can see why that’d be a bit much.

So again, I can tell that you, and many others, are coming from such a good and kind place. You’re doing something out of the kindness of your hearts to help me, and I appreciate it so very much.

But just send those people who don’t know my way, and I’ll speak to them!

I went into the kitchen to get a snack, and found the fridge has no lights on, nor any sign of life.

Um. That’s not good.

Go downstairs to check the circuit breaker box. Cannot open the box. The latch is… jammed? broken? stuck, anyway.

I wind up unscrewing six screws and removing the whole front plate of the box so I can access the circuit breakers, cursing all the way.

Except none of the breakers seems to have tripped.

So. Either the refrigerator has failed, suddenly and without warning (we only bought the damn thing like 6-7 years ago, after the 15-year-old one failed), or something else has gone wrong with the circuits. Also, I don’t know which circuit it’s on, because only about a third of the breakers are labeled.

Dammit. This was a pretty good day up til now, too.

When I moved into my tiny flat back in December 2015, I got a £2500 bank loan. It might not seem like a lot, but it was enough to buy furniture and kitchen stuff and just generally get setup for living independently. It was meant to be paid off over 2 years

I just closed the loan in 15 months. It feels really good to get rid of that debt.

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Wait, what did clam chowder say? (in response to the tags on your ben decter tweets)

from here

it’s been echoing in my mind ever since things started to go south. she seemed a little too smug about the change over (not to mention i’m laughing about HER calling out racism, misogyny and homophobia, hilarious). it struck fear in my heart, now i’m feeling like there’s a reason for that i don’t know man

It seems like the person who was a terf has recognized that their views were toxic and that they want to educate themselves and also seem to support trans people now thanks to others educating them on why their views were wrong. Of course none of the people they hurt should ever feel obligated to accept their apology but I’m not going to post anymore asks relating to the topic because it seems they’ve learned their lesson and moved on. So please don’t harass them or send them anymore anons!!

sw33th3art666  asked:

It seems to me that NOOOOO one likes Sherry on "The Walking Dead". Now speaking for myself, I don't *hate* her...but I don't *love* her, either. And yet, some folks want Negan to kill her next. Any theories on why that is?

Negan killing Sherry would be the best thing ever! I might not be driving the anti-Sherry bus but I’m definitely on it LOL Honestly, I don’t why people hate her. I don’t see a lot Sherry hate around. My main issue with Sherry is this: I think the character was miscast and she’s not translating well to screen.

My desire to see Sherry dead is different of my desire to see Spencer dead. I wanted Spencer dead because he was an asshole but as a character he did his part brilliantly and so did the actor. Spencer fit into the story. I want Sherry gone because she’s not fitting. I don’t know if that made any sense, sorry.

Crazy Ex Girlfriend finale thoughts
  • I am so glad I didn’t see this while I was planning my wedding, or I think it would have induced a nervous breakdown.
  • Nathaniel is still the worst, but “Have fun flying coach, dick” was a beautiful line, perfectly delivered.
  • Why can’t things ever work out for Rebecca?  I mean, I know why- because then there would be no show- but still.
  • Oh Josh.  I really liked you in season one.  I was rooting for you over Greg!  And now this.
  • I agree that love won’t solve Rebecca’s problems, but I don’t agree with the idea that because she’s mentally ill, that means she can never date anyone ever, as a lot of other fans seem to suggest.
  • Maybe Rebecca could date the delivery guy played by Seth Green?  He seemed nice.
  • At least Rebecca has lots of loving friends.  Loving friends who are about to enable her on a crime spree, apparently.
  • Is Nathaniel more like Patrick Bateman or Draco Malfoy?  Discuss.

anonymous asked:

Hey I have kind of a wired question, but I was just wondering, are your sanvers fics realistic? Like is it possible to be that happy and comfortable your life? I'm in kind of a weird place right now, and your fics seem almost like a utopia, but lately I've been wondering if my life could ever be that amazing.

Oh darling, this isn’t a weird question: it’s an important one. I always write as realistically as I can: are all relationships healthy in the way I write? No. Are most? Probably not. Because this society doesn’t teach us to have healthy relationships, so they’re hard, and they’re not as common as they should be. But all the things that I write are real; they’re all possible and they’re all achievable and they are all something to strive for, because, like I said, they are achievable.

Not at every moment! I have a relationship that’s tremendously healthy and happy and beautiful, for example, but my god, certainly not every moment is pretty, not every moment is happy, not every moment is easy. The opposite, in fact! My BPD makes sure of that! But the short is, yes, darling, this kind of relationship health is something you richly deserve and something you can certainly have. I’m sending you so much love, honey!!! <3 <3 <3

Why I Support Betta Sororities

(Also some tips on avoiding betta sorority mistakes)

This is worrying me, now everyone seems to be against betta sororities. When I first started mine, everyone was like “Yes! Betta sororities! Good!” and now everyone thinks they’re animal abuse and that having one makes you a terrible owner, I’m just so confused. So, I’m going to share my opinion with why betta sororities aren’t a horrible evil thing.

1. The bettas get more space then they would’ve had I not adopted them. The fish have 20 gallons of space, when if I hadn’t gotten them, they’d probably have lived a short life in a bowl, so I’m giving them more space and a longer life.

2. The bettas will not be aggressive past the first week if you set it up right. The bettas are simply establishing a hierarchy, and I’ve never had any bettas injured beyond a rip in their fin by this. After the first week, my fish will often be right next to each other and be absolutely fine with it, but just like people, they need their alone time, too. I notice many people have like 8 bettas in their sorority. This may be causing more violence, because the fish do not get their own personal space. 8 fish in 20 gallons means 2 gallons per fish, so of course they would be fighting over space. With 5 or less fish, each fish gets at least 4 gallons of space in a 20 gallon tank, so they won’t feel the need to fight over space.

3. Ripped fins should not be a big problem if you use non-pointy decorations. If you are careful and use decorations like live plants instead of plastic and rounded hiding spots, the fish will have less ripped fins. The bettas will move around a lot and so if they’re in a tank full of pointy things, their fins will get ripped.

4. Hiding places are just there for the fish to sleep in and for them to feel safe. My fish are not hiding constantly. They rarely even use the hiding spots except for when they’re sleeping. The fish just like having them there so they feel more safe and secure.

5. People might choose sick bettas for a sorority by accident or because they feel bad for them. I noticed people will get bettas that are sick because they feel bad for them. A betta sorority is not the time for doing this, even if you isolate them first. You’re just setting yourself up for disaster by getting a fish who might be prone to getting sick or is weakened from having been ill. Be careful and make sure you get healthy looking fish. Also, by getting like 8 bettas, you’re increasing the likelihood that out of all of those fish, one will be sick.

So, yeah, that’s my opinion. I know this is a controversial subject, I just wanted to share what I thought about it, as it was really bothering me.

Another foreshadowing post

There are a few things I noticed here on this page (it’s from chapter 1):

1.) Yona’s hair has already grown back to its former length. This could very likely be an indicator that the Xing arc won’t be the final one, since she now has shoulder long hair.

2.) Her expression: She doesn’t seem to be very happy here. Could it be that someone important to her has died? Or is it because they’re on the verge of another war? With the possible enemy being the Kai Empire this time?

3.) She’s holding a dragon sword which looks similar to the sword that is shown in some earlier illustrations from Kusanagi-sensei. I don’t think it’s the sword from the prophecy though…

4.) The person who is talking to Yona. I do not think that it is Hak, simply because we can’t see the whole body of the person. Also the clothing is a bit different. I compared it to those of all the other male characters. Well, if it is Hak, he could’ve simply changed his clothes or something. I guess we don’t have to pay much attention to this. But the person is also referring to Yona as “Princess Yona = Yona-hime”. Hak normally uses “hime-san”. So that’s another reason why I don’t think this is Hak. Which leads me to point 5.

5.) It looks like Yona is still a princess here. Which means she hasn’t claimed the throne (yet). So it’s very likely that Yona won’t be the one sitting upon the throne after this arc is over.

6.) Where are the four dragon warriors and Yoon? It doesn’t look like they’re around here. But this could simply be because it’s the first chapter of the series and the author didn’t want to show us all the characters yet…

Another artwork I want to talk about is this one:

As I’ve mentioned before, this is also one of the illustrations where Yona is shown with the dragon sword. And is she wearing the royal robe here? The pattern on it sure looks similar. I also noticed that Hak’s glaive looks a bit different to the one he’s currently using. But the only difference is that it has some nice engravings on it. Also, is Yona wearing a different hairpin? Maybe it’s a present from Hak, because she got rid of the cursed hairpin in the latest chapter.

And the most important thing here is that the three main characters are shown together once again. Which also means that Soo-Won must be alive at this point of the story.

But… We all know that this is just another artwork and therefore it’s also possible that there’s no real meaning behind it.