this seems really silly but

I've been away too long

Hey everyone,

As the title says, I’ve been away from this little blog and from the Shawn community for far too long. I had a really tragic family event take place in May that turned my life upside down and drug me down to a really dark place. I’m not sure if any of you have ever dealt with depression but that’s what I was sucked into, not wanting to get out of bed in the morning and then, when I was finally out of bed, feeling guilty at even the thought of having fun when so many of my family members around me were in tatters. That caused me to distance myself from things that made me happy (this blog being one of them) because that guilty feeling, however silly it may seem, was really weighing heavily on me.

Some time has passed and I’m coming around emotionally and the first thing I wanted to do was log back on and celebrate Shawn’s successes with you all and especially, especially, *especially* write for you. I think writing will help me continue to heal now that I’m in the right headspace to even start. Even more than that, I miss the kind souls that I met here and who were sweet enough to chat with me when they didn’t even know that they were carrying me through the beginning of a tough time (this means you : @sippingchai @brittanyzelazno @cassmoreiraxo & @anothermendesfangirl )

So I suppose I say all of this to say that I’m sorry for falling off a cliff around here, I hope you’ll have me back, and I’m excited to continue on with what I’ve started around here.

I’ve still got requests sitting in my inbox that have gone unfulfilled far too long. I’ll start hammering those out as I can. I also have a lot of other ideas I can’t wait to share as well so you’ll have content coming from me to you soon. In the meantime, my inbox is open and I would love to hear from you! We can have some Shawn talk or just life talk - you choose. :)



that feeling when your rival, Kenny Omega, blows you a kiss


since nobody is writing about how camila is sooooooooo girlfriend material (and im so in love with her), here it is:

•  it all started with you two being good friends, and as friends, you kept getting closer and closer

when she found out that you were into girls she smiled so big for herself 

• bc you were this cute girl that since she looked at you she wanted to get to know better 

• at first you texted a lot, and everytime she saw something funny she sended it to you

• bc she knew it would make you laugh and that would make her really happy

• then you started hanging out everytime that she wasnt filming for riverdale, like in between takes you’d go to where she was and take her to grab lunch or something

• you tried getting spoilers from her but even tho she really trusted you already she couldnt tell anything

• but she loved how you got so frustrated bc you. needed. to. know.

• so she teased you a lil bit, saying things like ”this may or may not happen”

HOW SHE ASKED YOU TO BE HER GIRLFRIEND before that everybody thought you were a couple anyway

• you were sick, like really sick, so she being the caring “friend” that she is showed up at your place w some soup, and why not flowers (something that she learnt from playing veronica) 

• even tho you melted when you saw her with all of that, you didnt want her around  because you were afraid shell get sick too

• but she didnt care, she sat right next to you on the couch and put some movie on netflix

• you were falling asleep with your head on her shoulder and she was looking at you, playing with your fingers

• she probably wanted to ask you to be his girlfriend “properly” like, with a long speech  and give you maybe some chocolate or candy

• but while looking at you the words spilled from her mouth

• “hey do you wanna me like, my girlfriend?”

• “what”

• “what”

• both of you started laughing and oFC YOU SAID YES I MEAN

• so thats how you started dating

• thats when all the fun began hehehe jk

• her phone and yours would be filled with silly photos of you two

• you know that video of her cooking and laughing about it in her ig story? you’d have tons of them doing mostly everything

• like one day, she took your phone while you were showering bc she was bored and her phone didnt have any battery, and going through your camera roll she found this video you took from her while she was watching her favorite movie because you loved how her eyes lighted up whenever her favorite scene was on the screen and how loud she screamed when something “surprising” happened even tho she watched it thousands of times

• she would do the same, because you’d have that kind of relationship

• she comments on every single one of your pics, really short comments like “i love you” “im in love” “mOM” “gorgeous” “mine”

• her mom loves you, and likes to cook for you bc she seems so nice and lovely

• when she is mad over something really silly, she starts speaking portuguese and you just stare at her while she’s screaming walking around the room until she let it all out

• “i was doing it again?” “yup” “im sorry”

• but theres times where you two are cuddling facing eachother and she is putting your hair behind your ear while smiling and shed say “eu tenho tanta sorte“ or “você é tão bonita”

• you wouldnt get anything of what she said (and she probably wouldnt tell you) but youd smile so big because you knew it was something nice and when she speaks in another language is the cutest thing ever

• PDA !!!!! lots of pda

• but not the annoying type like sucking eachother faces in public, but holding hands, long hugs, cheek kisses, forehead kisses !!!

• at least twice a week you go out to eat or have a cute coffee date, talking bout life sitting infront of eachother, holding hands over the table

• she never fails to make you laugh, she’s always doing goofy things or trying to imitate someone (and failing)  just to put a smile on your face

• its 2:34 AM, the lights are gone, the only source of light is coming from your computer screen and you two are dancing in the living room to some random spotify playlist

• you can go from steamy hot makeout session on the couch to sloppy slow kisses filled with love

• she sings to you whenever you ask her 

• she is probably singing 24/7 GOD BLESS HER ANGELIC VOICE

• but if you’re having a rough time or you’re feeling sad, she sings to you in a low tone kinda whispering, while smiling sweetly 

• i dont think she is the jealous type  ? but if anyone is looking at you in a way that they shouldn’t she’d wrap an arm around your waist, not like in a “she’s mine back off” type of way, but in a sweet “i love her dont steal her from me” type of way im crying 

• SHE. IS. A. TEASER. LIL. ****

• you tried cooking together, but you endend up getting too “distracted” and burning the whole thing

• “lets order pizza” “but i dont want pizza” “what do you want?” “you”

• she appreciates you and loves you so much bc if she is dating you she is 100% focused on you so she wouldnt be the annoying cheesy type, but definitely cheesy

• when she is away filming or busy with her work she sends you selfies doing funny faces, or videos at set with the cast, or a pouty selfie with a “cant wait to get home :(” that makes you melt inside who wouldnt

• PET NAMES !!! she probably calls you “love/babe/gorgeous”

• and she is your little nugget, of course

• play nights at your place with her friends (and yours) happen a little too often, because is everything you love and need: wine, charades, friends, and eachother


but it doesnt matter is you win or lose the game at the end of the night, bc she’d wrap her arms around you and say “i win, i have you”

i love her so so so so much okay?????? it ends right here before i start crying she is the most precius lil bean bye

tw: @softnessmalik

i had a request a little while back for charlie making nick flustered so. here you go

Law of Inertia- Motivation Spell

Y’all know I am am a huge science nerd- this is the product of that. 

This spell is designed for those days when you have a lot to do- and cannot bring yourself to do any of it. This has been happening to me a lot recently (hello depression) and I absolutely hate feeling lethargic- especially when it has an impact on my practice and my school work. 

So this is my solution. Super simple and effective-pure intent. 

(Reminder that I am not a doctor or a mental health professional and that witchcraft is never a substitute for professional medical care.)

You will need: 

  • A detailed list of things to do. A great tip for spoonie witches: break things down into the smallest tasks if you need to.  Seems silly-really helps. 
  • One caffeinated beverage of your choice. If it’s late at night, try something with natural sugars (like fruit). 
  • Things to make sigils (optional)
  • One charged crystal of choice (optional) 

Step 1:

Have you: eaten, drank water, slept, taken all of your medication, and showered in the last 24-36 hours? If the answer is no, do that first, unless you are using this spell to motivate yourself for self-care. In either case, spells are much more effective when your body and mind are well-maintained. 

Step 2: 

Make/acquire caffeinated beverage of choice. 

Step 3: 

Plant your feet firmly beneath you, hip-width apart. Roll your shoulders down and back. Take a deep breath and exhale, focusing on how the air moves through you. The air is always in motion, never completely still. Even once it’s inside our lungs, it continues to flow in and out of our cells as it travels through our system. (trust the anatomy nerd)

Step 4: 

Take a long drink of your beverage. As you swallow, focus on the energy inside the cup and how it is becoming a part of you. Think of Newton’s First Law of Motion: An object in motion will stay in motion. The energy in your drink will stay in motion inside your cells. 

Step 5: 

Finish your drink, and get moving. Repeat if necessary. 

You also have the option of keeping a charged crystal in your pocket or wearing it as pendant. (Clear quartz works great for general energy). You can also draw energy producing sigils on your list of things to do, your mug, or your skin. The main goal is to get moving, because it’s easier to continue than it is to start. 

And that’s it! I hope this helps anyone who needs it. If you’ve got any ideas for additions or substitutions, feel free to submit them. My inbox is always open for questions/concerns/proclamations of love. 

Many blessings! - Kate

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Imagine Everyone in class 1-A doing the dab and katsuki is just done.

ok but Horikoshi actually kinda drew something like this

[twitter link]


in a small bit of character development, he did pose with everyone else in this colorspread, even tho it was kinda silly and there doesn’t really seem to be a point to it besides just… doing silly/cool poses

but he still did it


(my boy is growing up and slowly, but willingly, becoming more and more part of the class instead of being stand off-ish, and joining in on their silliness, im so proud)

Best Friend confesses Series: Joshua

This is part seven of a series of Seventeen imagines. Feel free to message me and say who you want to see confessing next! Requests get done fast ;)

For as long as you’ve been friends, Joshua has been trying to pester you into learning how to play guitar. He wants to teach you all sorts of songs, especially because you constantly compliment his playing. But you keep refusing. You don’t really know why, but it’s such a habit now that you keep it up, even if it does make Josh look sad each time. 

Right now, you eye Joshua’s guitar sitting in the corner of the room, wondering how long it will take him to get bored and start playing it on this lazy Sunday afternoon. Sun is streaming in the windows and lighting the whole place up and sending dust motes spinning like tiny crystals in the air. As much as you love all the boys in Seventeen, your favorite days are days like this, just hanging out around the dorms with ‘95 line while you and Joshua roll your eyes at the antics of S.Coups and Jeonghan. 

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Y̑̑ͧͯ̃͛͡OͭU̒̆́R̅̽͊͋̊̀ ͨͪ̃̆͘M͂̑̓͒ͤOͣ͊̒T̛̒̃̿̊̋̃Hͤ͐͆͞E̅̔͗̽R͜ ̽̐͐ͦ͒̓Ẇͦ̊҉A̶ͨ͛͆̎ͥS͋̈ͪ̾͌̚ ̡ͦ̅̇̄̐ͧ̚Á̈́͐́ͥͤ ̛̽͌ͭͨ̑̍H̿͐̚͝Aͦ̂̓͆́Mͭ͗͛͑̒S̽̾͂͊T̀̅̈́͛ͮ̎̒E̛ͣͥ̎ͮͣR̸̆̿̃ͥ̑
ͣͩ͗͢AN̑͋͊͂̂́D̔ ̀̄͒ͩ͗́Y̎ͩ̇̀Oͧ̑̓̌͛͋U͋͊͋͛̍ͧͦR̅ͦ̊͛̊̋ ̢̄ͮͭFͪ͛͢A̴̍ͤ͋ͧ̑ͭ̀T̿͛̓͐̌̉͏H̷̒͛̽Ė̢̌̈ͨ́̌̚Ȓ͐̄ͮ͗̎ ̍ͨ͆̆̆͒͝S̏̊ͪ̉ͬME̡L̢̈̐͛T̂ͧͮ̂ͮ̔ ̾̑̚Ö̢ͩͣ̅̐̈́̂F̵̑͛̒ͧ̈́̚ ͛͆̄̽̅ͦE̡ͣͬͯ̽̍̌͊L̓ͫ͊D̵ͫ̆͑̓È͢R̡̅̇́̚B̨ͥ̄̏̈́ͤÈRŘ̶́̈͊̈Ȉ̓ͮ̔͗ͯE̷̒͂ͭͩ͐̆S̉̐

spritespirits  asked:

Tom having a sleep over with Marco and they both end up playing truth or dare, and Marco being bold dares Tom to kiss him

Ahhhhhhh! This is such a cute idea I loved reading this! It was so cute! I wasn’t sure if this was just an idea or you wanted a fic, so I wrote a fic anyway because the ide was just so cute!! I hope you love it! Sorry it’s a little short, enjoy!


“Truth or dare?” Marco asked. Tom laughed a bit and rolled his eyes.

“Don’t you think this game is kind of childish?” Tom asked, leaning against the couch. Marco laughed and nudged him, causing the demon to blush.

“Oh lighten up!” Marco teased. He then scooted closer. Tom blushed deeper, Marco was rarely this forward, but it seemed like he was really pushing this silly game. Tom rubbed his neck and Marco poked him playfully. “Truth or dare?” He asked again.

“Okay, okay, okay.” Tom agreed. “Truth.” He answered. Marco giggled, hoping he would pick that one.

“Do you have a crush on anybody?” Marco asked. Tom burst out laughing.

“What are you a middle school girl?” he asked. “Do I have a crush on anybody? This is the type of question they ask in teen romance movies.” He teased Marco mercilessly and Marco laughed, pushing him over playfully.

“Answer the question!” Marco demanded. Tom giggled and sat up, he was blushing again.

“Okay… yes I do.” he admitted, his blush was deepening. Marco grinned very big and scooted even closer. Tom blushed deeper when Marco sat so near.

“Truth or dare?” Marco asked again. Tom tilted his head.

“Aren’t I supposed to ask you now?” Tom asked. Marco shook his head and scooted closer still, eager for the answer. “Truth.” Tom said again, blushing deeper. He now understood Marco’s game and why he was acting so bold. Marco grinned.

“Who do you have a crush on?” Marco asked. Tom’s face was burning red and Marco was practically on top of the poor demon. Tom was so flustered he felt like he was going to burn the house down. “You have to answer.” Marco added.

“I-I um…” Tom trialed off. “I think you know…” He mumbled. Marco giggled and moved closer, putting his hands on Tom’s shoulders. “I don’t want to play this game anymore.” Tom said, looking away. He was becoming so embarrassed! How did Marco know? Marco smiled and pulled Tom in a little bit.

“One more.” Marco begged. Tom bit his lip, but nodded. “Truth or dare?” Marco asked. Tom gulped, hoping this would be what he was hoping for.

“D-dare.” Tom responded. Marco smiled very big and pulled Tom in a little bit more so they were only inches away. Tom was flaring up and praying that he didn’t burn Marco and ruin this moment, but he was lucky enough that he didn’t for now.

“Do you know what I’m going to dare you to do?” Marco asked. Tom gulped and nodded a little bit, unable to form words.

“I-I think I h-have a f-feeling.” Tom stuttered. He then smiled a tiny bit. “But you have to say it or the dare doesn’t count.” He made the rule up, this made Marco giggle a little bit and lean closer still. Tom blushed even more, but giggled.

“Okay then.” Marco smiled. “I dare you to kiss me.” Marco beamed. He leaned in and Tom smiled, meeting him halfway. The boys closed their eyes and Tom kissed Marco very gently on the lips. The two of them thought they’d both be too nervous and pull away fast, but they stayed. It was a light kiss, but it was deep and kind.

Tom pulled away and saw Marco looking at him with stars in his eyes. Tom smiled and giggled yet again, he just felt so giddy. He couldn’t stop smiling and giggling whenever he saw Marco looking at him. Marco grinned as well and had the same reaction as the demon. He leaned in again and Tom wrapped his arms around the human, pulling him close to be able to cuddle with him by the couch.

“Truth or dare?” Tom asked. Marco laughed lightly at how Tom turned the tables on him and changed up his little game. He smiled and thought about it for a moment, playing with Tom’s hair.

“Both.” He smiled. Tom pressed his head against Marco’s and thought for a moment.

“Did you start this game just so you could get a kiss out of me?” Tom asked in a very teasing tone. Marco giggled and nuzzled closer to Tom.

“Maybe.” He snickered. Marco the burried his face in Tom’s shirt and whispered. “Yes.” Tom smiled and hugged him again.

“And for your dare… I dare you to give me a kiss.” Tom said, matching Marco’s earlier tone. Marco smiled and gushed at the cute demon. He moved in and cupped his face, giving him a sweet kiss. He pulled away and smiled at Tom’s blushing face. Marco giggled and gave the demon another kiss on the nose. He didn’t want this to end, so he looked at the demon and smiled cutely.

“Truth or dare?”

A Problem

Or: Dorian Pavus and his struggles with the dreaded L Word. 7k-ish, spans pretty much all of Shield Raised. I… think I’m remixing my own fic. This is odd. (Also, marvellous as the “Mark as reading light” idea is, I’ve seen it in a couple of places and it is in no way original. It just seemed really enjoyably silly.)

“Didn’t know you had tattoos,” says a quiet voice, as Dorian’s unbuckling his sleeves and scrubbing, trying to get blood from the fight off his skin. Normally he’s matter-of-fact about the whole thing - he’s never been squeamish - but it’s somehow got through the leather. Blood and arm hair: never a good combination.

He looks to his side and sees the Herald - Gal - watching him with interest. He glances down, at the marks and glyphs on his arms. “Ah, no. Sigils, for focusing spells. Not like yours.” He brings the counterglyphs and a healing spell to mind, and wipes them away with a press of his hand. “They’re closer to… magical warpaint.”

Gal nods, and sits a few feet away, but close enough to be called next to him. “Interesting. Makes sense.”

Dorian senses the curious looks he’s getting, his skin prickling, but when he looks, Gal’s polishing his breastplate. The silence stretches, and he wonders why it’s quite so easy, and so comfortable, considering he’s only known the man a matter of days.

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Do you think Edric Storm was educated in a way that will allow him to rule the Stormlands as many believe he will come Spring?

Thanks for the question, Anon.

Oh, I certainly think Edric will be more than capable of ruling the Stormlands in a post-ADOS world. The boy has been raised as a prince in all but name, living exclusively in castles, having access to the same maesters and master-at-arms and training figures any young lordling would have. Edric was seen taking part in the same lessons Shireen Baratheon and Devan Seaworth had with the maester, and according to Davos never “miss[ed] a morning’s work with sword and shield”. Granted, we don’t know how talented he is in either department, but he’s certainly not lacked for education.

Apart from that though, Edric just seems like a good kid. He’s courteous in his actions, even to Davos, whom many in the Dragonstone court look down upon. Stannis points out (with some exasperation) that the boy has all of Robert’s charm, the charisma that could turn pro-Targaryen lords who came for his head into battlefield allies who died for his cause. When he knocks into Davos, he first insists Davos shouldn’t have gotten in his way when he was running … but immediately thereafter he helps Davos up and offers to get him aid for his cough. He seems to really care about Shireen, playing a game he thinks is silly because he knows it would make her happy and wishing he could bid her goodbye before he leaves in exile. Sure, he can be proud and confident in his own lineage, but he’s also 12 going on 13, and for the high haughtiness he could have as “the king’s son”, Edric instead seems to be a pretty decent person. Given time to mature, Edric could be Robert while improving on Robert’s faults - the sort of charismatic rebuilder who could bring people together again.

Plus, if the Seven and GRRM are good, Davos will be with him, to be his regent and de facto Hand. And if there’s anyone I could think would be perfectly capable of guiding the rulership of the Stormlands (and whatever portions of the Crownlands and elsewhere swear allegiance to young Edric) in the world beyond the Second War for the Dawn, it’s Davos Seaworth.

The Queen Regent (NFriel)


Dylan O'brien on set of Teen Wolf (03.03.2015)

Make A Wish (1/4)

Stuck in the Enchanted Forest after her wish was granted, Emma seeks out Killian. She doesn’t expect what she finds. Canon divergence from 6x10.

Endless thanks to @caprelloidea for looking over this for me.

Rating: T for this chapter, M for the whole fic

Word count: 5850

Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4

AO3 | 

Emma can’t stop her smirk when the tracking spell leads her to a tavern. Of course.

She wasn’t sure if it would work at all, whether he’d even be in this version of the Enchanted Forest. The Jolly was nowhere to be found at the docks and none of the local sailors knew anyone by the name of Killian Jones or Captain Hook. He could have been long dead, or still in Neverland, or an actual blacksmith for all she knew, but the simple spell using Liam’s ring led her straight here. She pulls the hood of her cloak more tightly over her head - escaping the palace guards was easy enough, and she damn well wasn’t going to do this with an audience - and approaches, her boots barely kicking up dust on the well-worn path.  

It’s a bit out-of-the-way, this little place, and her smirk falls when she realizes just how far it is from the docks… or, come to think of it, any water at all. She pauses just outside the door. Killian - her Killian - would know where to find a magic bean, but whatever version of him she’s about to meet might not. He’s likely not even a sailor, much less a pirate. But -

But. She has to try. She’s not deluded enough to convince herself it’s the only reason she wants to find him. In real-world terms it’s only been a day since she’s seen him, but now with yet another lifetime’s worth of memories in her head, she’s left with the near-physical ache of three decades without his presence. More than anything she just - she needs to see him.

And, if she’s honest with herself, part of her wants to watch him fall in love with her again.

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I want to write a story set in an alternate universe. Like, in the real world the two main characters met, fell in love etc but in the alternate world they are somehow enemies. The story would be alternating across both the worlds. I also thought that the protagonists could visit themselves in the other world. I know this idea seems silly but I would be really grateful if you could give me ideas of what could be their storyline in the other world, what went different and why are they enemies.

Hi :) I think this is a really cool idea! It reminds me of the dual timelines in Once Upon a Time.

Also, I think that if one of the universes is normal or similar to the real world, make the other one totally fantasy or scifi.

Here’s some ideas:

• supervillain vs superhero but both believe that the other is the villain and have different ways of saving the world

• rival rulers of different kingdoms/clans/tribes/militias/ organizations especially in an apocalypse, post- apocalypse, or medieval setting

• wizards battling for power because there is a limited amount of magic in the world

• competitors for a leadership position like the president

• members of seperate werewolf/ shape shifter packs where humans are deciding which pack to transfer to a reservation and which to keep in a zoo

• aliens from different dead planets who both want to inhabit the same viable one

• ancient Greek gods/godesses warring over what they will be the god/goddess of, how they’ll treat humans, etc.

• subjects of an illegal experiment to enhance humans where the inferior one has to undergo more training, operations, etc.

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I take it you don't like Adam Driver ?

I really don’t care either way. He seems kinda silly with reports from the last jedi of him never leaving character and refusing to get lunch with mark hamill, but whatever. I liked his appearance on SNL? what I definitely don’t like are the adam driver stans (who tend to also be r*ylo shippers) who shout things about needing to protect him, etc when it’s like……from what, sharon. someone called him ugly once. he’ll be fine

June 21st, 2016 ^

May 28th, 2017^

From The Party Incident by @poubelle-squelette

Okay, so wow, I was on poubelle’s tumblr and HOLY CRAP! I had no idea it had been almost 9 whole months since this fic updated! It’s kind of amazing how long its been since I first read it.

Okay, so here’s a story… vv

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