this seems really silly but

Does anyone have a debilitating fear of talking on the phone or answering emails to the point where every call you don’t recognize goes to voice mail and your inbox is just stuffed with emails (even important ones that probably should be answered). This also pertains bills/letters/stuff you get in the mailbox. 

I wish that my parents would watch tokusatsu with me.

I try to tell them that they might seem just silly and funny.

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But they can be really deep.

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They’re not just fun and games.

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Sometimes they may seem violent.

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But that doesn’t mean they are bad.

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They can also teach important lessons

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They’re not a waste of time!

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So the Citadel was founded by Peremore Hightower in the Age of Heroes thousands of years before writing existed in Westeros? Are we to take that as historical embellishment? I'm tempted to chalk it up to a mistake on Martin's part but that seems like a really obvious and silly one if that's the case. Could an order like the Maesters exist in any meaningful way before the invention of written records? It seems like the answer would be no.

The issue of the literacy of the First Men is one of the biggest inconsistencies in ASOIAF worldbuilding - although it’s possible to parse one’s way to coherence. On the one hand, Sam says in AFFC that: 

“The oldest histories we have were written after the Andals came to Westeros. The First Men only left us runes on rocks, so everything we think we know about the Age of Heroes and the Dawn Age and the Long Night comes from accounts set down by septons thousands of years later.”

And in WOIAF, Maester Yandel omits the First Men from the list of “lettered races” who left behind written records from the Dawn Age. So that’s the evidence we have that writing post-dated the Andals.

However, there is counter-evidence. WOIAF also repeatedly mentions “runic records” that were “written in the Old Tongue” which Maesters from the Citadel can read and have translated into the Common Tongue. A lot of these records go back into the Age of Heroes, and some even go back into the Dawn Age…and if you think about it logically, in order for the records of the Night’s King to have been destroyed, there must have been written records of some kind back in the Age of Heroes. 

(Further confusing the issue, the WOIAF has a rather ambiguous statement that the Starks’ “legends came before the First Men had letters” - which suggests that the First Men gained writing at some period, although whether pre- or post-Andal it doesn’t say.)

Here’s my theory: Sam doesn’t speak the Old Tongue and probably most Maesters don’t, unless they’re among that rare breed of Maesters interested in ancient history and archaelogy who took the time to learn how to speak the Old Tongue and thus read the runic records of the First Men. So Sam’s being a bit of an Andal cultural supremacist, in that he’s treating translations of surviving First Men records that were done after the Andal invasions as the only real records. But if you think about it, the Citadel is the one place in Westeros where, because it’s been kept safe by the Hightowers, First Men records and the ability to read them have survived. 


Dylan O'brien on set of Teen Wolf (03.03.2015)

now enough of all that I’m having fun with Horizon Zero Dawn and I love the concept and the story. It’s really interesting and fun, even if it seems silly on the surface, its really gripping and compelling. Love it.

i finally got myself to drive the car today.. for the first time this year
i’m so proud of myself, i know this seems so silly to most of you but driving is a really big deal for me, like it’s one of the most anxiety inducing things i can imagine and today i finally did it again and i mean obviously it was completely fine, it always is, but like it made me feel really good lmao so ya

Sphinx Discourse

What is a sphinx?

You. You is a sphinx.

But actually. When you really think about a sphinx, the whole concept seems a little silly. Do riddles matter to a sphinx so much that they’d kill an individual who’d answer it wrong?  In fact, what kind of combinational creature wants to lay in the sun and ask riddles all the time in the first place? Does or does not a sphinx have anything better to do?

Maybe we should find out.

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I usually hate alcohol. Like, I hate it and I never wanted to drink. But I would love to get drunk with you. You seem so fun and amazing, and really fun and silly when you are drunk. You are so cute. My tiny, smol gay heart can not take it.

omg i didn’t see this last night but my heart is just !!>!??!?! i love u omg aha i am such an annoying drunk because i never shut up and i only get louder but tbh u don’t have to drink to have a good time <3 but if we ever met i’m sure we’d have a great time lol

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Hi! I have stumbled across your blog many times and downloaded the app to ask you some questions I've been having if you don't mind reading them. I'm really curious how you see spirits on a day-to-day basis and if they walk among people in crowded places. Also curious if you know what their world is like? In a sense, do they have things to do? Or like, if they traveled from Canada to Mexico- could it be instantaneous? Or like through time? These might seem silly, but I'm really curious. Thanks!

1) Read this

2) I have no idea what their world is like. They don’t have things to do. They can travel wherever they like, but I have no evidence if they can travel through time.

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So sorry to bring this nonsense up again but i never understood the concept of hating a character because someone else you dont like likes them. Seems really silly to me tbh

I can get being annoyed by proxy (I’m sure guilty of that, rhymes with Blarja) but it’s the kind of thing that you know is irrational so you just keep it to yourself, you know? It’s really awkward to publicly go on about it, particularly in a tag the person in question frequents.

fucking damn

searching for love cause we both know i don’t love myself

but why is it that 6 year old girl would look down and see thunder thighs and blubber, how she thought earthquakes would occur with every step because her mother wanted to teach her a lesson on how much girls should eat, how girls should walk, and how girls should behave

and why is it that when she looks at the pictures of her 6 year old self that she cringes at the thought that she even considered herself fat, that throughout her adolescent years sitting in weird positions so her thighs wouldn’t look too wide seemed really silly now

and you wonder why that little girl didn’t love herself then because curvy wasn’t cool and having a chest made all the boys stare at you, but hey you’re a slut and a little bitch, you may be just in 6th grade but that’s what you get for hitting puberty before everyone else

“high school boys are stupid, it’s not you it’s them” is what her mother said when that 6 year old girl became 16 and didn’t get asked to one school dance until her senior year. high school boys really are stupid but even it get’s hard when the only attention you get is when you’re drunk and the boy who sat across from you in math is trying to feel you up, like you both won’t remember it come monday

and you wonder why she doesn’t love herself when the people she keeps getting close to always want too much or don’t want her enough, it’s a constant cycle of could have, should have, would/wouldn’t have
her body isn’t a wonderland, it’s not a battlefield, it’s not a temple.

her body isn’t graceful and smooth, it’s not beautiful nor is it disgusting

her body is a constant reminder of lost love and healing, because that 6 year old girl grew up thinking she wasn’t beautiful, that boys would be disgusted at the thought of intimacy, that no matter what she’d never be skinny enough, pretty enough, good enough

that 6 year old girl grew up without self love and now that she is 19, she has to take these broken, negative thoughts and put herself together. she has to figure out how to love who she is on the outside now

but here’s for the healing part

here’s for nights eating pizza and not caring about sucking it all in, about not caring if her thighs look big and if her cheeks are too chubby

here’s to the boy who tells her she’s beautiful and takes away the covers when she’s laying naked and trying in every way possibly to cover herself up, trying so hard to put a blanket over the mess that she’s created in her own head
here’s to that 6 year old girl who’s growing up and trying so hard to heal because if i know anything, i know that my 6 year old child will not have to deal with that

First Kisses. That's a pretty legit title.

AN: oh dear…I’m sleepy. itachidere tbh I can’t write these scenes but thanks for the suggestions!

Pairings: SasuHina

There was an art to holding hands. Hinata had been thinking about it on the way back to her apartment. You could just holding their hand or you could really just hold their hand. Before it seemed like such a silly concept but there was something about intertwining fingers.

She loved this way.

She felt so tiny in his hold and maybe she was so fascinated with holding hands because it kept her mind from racing about the possible outcomes that were waiting at her front door.

Opal eyes glanced up to the completely contented Uchiha. She must have been staring hard because he looked down at her. Her cheeks flushed slightly and she proceeded to rest her head against his arm in mild shame. There was a humored huff and they continued walking.

It was pretty late. The sun was gone and the moon rested in its place. It was quite beautiful.

Finally reaching her place, they stepped on the porch. Hinata reluctantly released his hand and clasped hers together. “Thank you for taking me out…I know you hate-”

“Nah,” he pocketed his hand and lifted his chin in question, “You’re happy, right?”

She nodded quickly. “I am!”

He smirked at the excitement that laced her words. “Then it was worth it. I should go before the creeps come out.”

Yeah, as if Uchiha Sasuke had to worry about getting mugged.

Hinata nodded and opened her arms. Sasuke scoffed a bit and stepped forward. She wrapped her arms around his torso and gave him a little squeeze. “Wow, you’re such a loser,” whispered Sasuke.

She giggled until he returned the gesture. He wasn’t as hard as he put on. No, he actually was. Nothing changed. She pulled back enough to look up at his watchful eyes. They were suffocating and thus started the racing of her heart again.

This was it! This is part where she got the fireworks and bells. Bells, right? No. That was weddings.

She lifted to her toes but…gave up. She hid her head in his chest. Sasuke grabbed her shoulders. “What?”

She shook her head. Were these summer nights just getting hotter or was it just her? “I…” Hinata looked up slowly. “I…I don’t know how to, um, kiss.” When his smirk transformed into something between a lazy grin and a…actually she didn’t know. “What? It’s not funny.” Hinata pouted and pulled away from him.

“You’re right,” said Sasuke. He rubbed the back of his neck for a moment. “I got you.”


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Anon: haven’t self harmed in a little over two months and I was wondering if you could do Jungkook and Taehyung (Yoongi, I don’t know how many members you do) celebrating it. Sorry if it seems silly, I’m just really proud of my two months. If not I understand! Thank you!

Anon congratulations!!! Remember that every day is a celebration~~~~~~ !!!!! Keep up the bravery anon we all know you can do it!!!!!

- Admin J

A friendly note to allistics with autistic friends/siblings/etc!

We know we do repetitive things. We know we have sometimes really ridiculous habits or schedules that we follow that seem silly, but please don’t make fun of us or tease us over our habits. I know you mean well and you’re just kidding around but it can be really embarrassing because as funny as it may seem lots of us rely on our habits and routines to feel good throughout the day and it sucks to feel like you’re being insulted for it!

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Marshall Lee x Prince Gumball would be sweet af

already did!

Anon:Just a suggestion; could you possibly draw some more Danny Phantom? I love him in your art style!

thank youu! I have on pic of that to finish, I think!

Anon:Hi there! I’m getting a phone so I was wondering what the site is to buy one of your cases? I couldn’t find it on your FAQ (sorry if it is there but I didn’t see it ;u; ) I really love your art and I’d love to have it on my phone!

over heree uvu

Anon:I don’t know if this matters to you or not, but I liked your Roxy shirt about cats and boyfriends so much it’s now my background on my phone’s home screen. It just seemed really silly and I liked it and wanted to tell you that.

eheh that’s nice 8′) thank you!