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  • Me: I don't mean to brag, but I'm a pretty hardcore gamer
  • Me: *pulls out 18 Nancy Drew game disks*

When Scott thinks about his first kiss with Stiles, it’s almost like dreaming. There was a soft, gauzy feel to the summer day. It was afternoon and hot - but not sweltering as California can get sometimes. Just warm and calm. He remembers the smells sharply - Stiles’ light sweat and aftershave, the sweet herbs that Lydia planted outside to help hide his scent from outsiders, his own anxiety over his college applications. 

He remembers it all. How the dust motes danced in the sunlight through his bedroom window and how the air conditioning wouldn’t quite kick on enough to cool the house. How they talked about schools and where they would room together. How they would deal with having the pack be apart for the first time ever. How Stiles’ heartbeat increased every time their eyes met.

Stiles always gestured with his hands. It always seemed a little overkill, but Scott knew that it helped his best friend process his words and what he was thinking. Sometimes the ADHD made it hard for him to fully form his sentences or he would space out mid-thought because his brain went down the proverbial rabbit hole. Scott didn’t mind; he was patient. He loved watching the way Stiles’ whiskey eyes fluttered about and concentrated in his think-space. 

And sometimes it wouldn’t be Stiles who spaced out - it would be him. It was hard not to do so with Stiles around. He was a mess half of the time, but he was so sure of himself with his ever moving limbs, sharp tongue, and ingenuity. But Scott would sit there, staring into Stiles’ eyes or at the moles dotting his face or his cupid’s bow. 

Staring at lips, he knew, was dangerous territory, but he couldn’t help himself. Especially today, when the light glided across Stiles’ face so beautifully, turning his eyes into glittering caramel with only shadows of his thick eyelashes ever crossing them. They lay on his bed, shoulder to shoulder, talking and relaxing together. Just Scott and Stiles. Just best friends.

Until Scott leaned over and pressed a kiss to Stiles’ lips. They were warm from the heat of the sun, a little bit chapped, and every bit as perfect as he’d imagined them to be. Stiles stopped breathing as soon as Scott started to lean in - not in surprise, but shock and excitement. He kissed back softly, but sure, like he knew that in this moment on this very day, this kiss was destined to happen. 

Scott remembers it all - the scent of his mate, a connection not fully formed until this moment, the way everything clicked into a singular focus, how their heartbeats became one. It’s a distinct and beautiful memory. A memory that forever changed his friendship with Stiles and their pack. 

The most perfect memory of all.

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Yeah, sorry for getting back to you late! I'm more curious about the one room in particular, with the little spinning thing where Steven was all like "what's that" and garnet was all like, "it's not what we came for" but also it seems odd to me that they would need both a diamond control room on the moon and blue diamonds court on earth. It just seems kinda like overkill? But idk

Hi there! Sorry for getting back to you late! 

The thing is, Blue Diamond’s court wasn’t established where it was permanently. When we zoom out of the structure in The Answer, it can be seen that BD and her court were in a structure that was flat at the top.

And I’d say it more closely resembles a the SU Spires than it does a base of operations. It seems as though it was somewhere for nobility to gather and talk about things or for the Diamonds to make announcements.

It makes sense too, considering there were totally no other structures in the area aside from BD’s palanquin. If BD were doing actual work at the time, she would have a setup more similar to YD’s throne and computer, which is coincidentally what the Moon Base has.

In that regard, I’d say the Moon Base was the base of operations. Peridot says the base was used to “make plans for the colony.” But there were definitely other buildings that were definitely Diamond-affiliated on Earth and other colonies.

places in rick riordan’s books
↳ westover hall (the titan’s curse)

“The place was huge. The walls were lined with battle flags and weapon displays. I mean, I knew Westover was a military school and all, but the decorations seemed like overkill. Literally.”

It’s sweet of folks to worry about bangtan’s wellbeing but I promise you they’re gonna be fine. A hectic schedule seems overkill to us but… They know what they’re doing. And they have the advantage right now of basically carrying their label so bighit isn’t gonna push them so hard they start dropping like flies. It’s okay. Seriously. There’s no need to project scenarios onto them or freak out unnecessarily or overexaggerate.


“So Emily why are you considering the hearing aid brand you’re considering??”

 well they are literally the only company with a functioning chat feature on their website

for, you know, the people who have difficulty hearing

@hanastark replied to “I may sound extremely petty, and I love every arcs of hxh with all my…”

My two faves are Yorkshin and the Election arcs. Though well written and provocative and with great pairing stuff (and a new, even hotter Palm) it seemed…kinda like overkill?

more yorkshin fan ya *high five* and man the Election arc is one of my fav too. (Usually my top is YN just because it’s amazing in every ways to me, the hunter exam because it built up the characters dynamic, the chairman election arc, then the Greed island arc, then the CA arc, then the HA and then the ZF arc, this is more or less my classment) (and I still need to read that freaking Dark Continant arc but for that I need to finish my reading of the manga someone kick my ass so I do it tomorrow).

and for the CA arc… well honestly I’m biased on it because I was told by everyone “you’re gonna cry this is the worst arc, brace yourself” so I went in refusing to care for any of the characters introduced (and. by the end the only ones I cared about where Meruem and Komugi do you realize how mad I am. I refused to care for anyone bc I was scared of pain and the o n ly o n es I c a red a b out where the m!). I was expecting everyone to die tbh, or like, a huge half of it, so when the fights kept happening, I was honestly just sighing “just kill him already” when it was getting too long. Especially Morel, that I ended up loving once reaching the Chairman arc (and thus without the fear that the CA arc will kill him), because he had so much fights I was just expecting him to die at some point and I grew bored. (Knuckles too, I was so much expecting him to die, I just wanted him to die quickly before I get too attached, I spent the whole arc thinking “kill him quick pls I don’t wanna get attached” I feel horrible)

And like. I do feel like there’s a little too much stuff going on in the CA arc. I loved the new characters once I finished the arc, but it took me the whole arc to get attached and to care for them. I liked a few ants, but I didn’t have an extreme attachement either (aside, again, from Meruem). 

Idk there’s tons of stuff that I didn’t exactly get into with the CA arc, but I do feel it was a little overcrowded and at some point, especially toward the end, the pacing was a little too slow to me. Still, I loved the Killua/Gon moments, I loved the Meruem/Komugi moments, I really liked Meruem’s development, and I liked a few things here and there too)

But I know that refusing to care is the worst thing that can happen to me when I watch something because then everything kinda lose its impact. 

Again I do think the CA arc is amazing, I liked it a lot, but there’s still a lot of things that hold me back from really loving it. Honestly, nothing against the arc, I just have something against the “it’s undiscussingly the best arc” stuff ahah

but I’m glad I’m not alone feeling so :3 


The shadow giant is the second most powerful of the true giants (the most powerful being the mountain giant). While these creatures are in possession of the strength common to their kind, the source of their power comes both from the uncanny way they just know how to kill and the close relationship they have with darkness. Shadow giants are assassins, the kind you may send to take out a dragon or demon with a death attack when the crash and bang of ordinary adventurers just won’t do. These giants are also masters of shadow, being able to weave them into all sorts of creatures and weapon and dark imitations of incredibly powerful of spells. If a shadow giant can’t kill you, it may imprison you in a gem for all eternity.

Honestly, when I read the entry for the shadow giant I found it a bit silly. A giant with a death attack? Seems a bit overkill when a single punch will probably kill smaller creatures. Sneak attack, weakness to light, so on. Let’s see what the spell-like abilities are. Deeper darkness and blur are pretty okay, shadow walk fits with the theme. It’s got shadow evocation and… shades? Wait, it has shades as an at-will ability? As in able to cast an 8th level or lower conjuration (summoning or creation) spell every turn for free? At will?

So it’s that last bit that I think makes the shadow giant hardcore. Granted, shades may not work on those who realize that whatever spell it’s copying isn’t the actual real spell, but even then it has an 80% success rate.

So if I were a DM using a shadow giant I would just have it copy the trap the soul spell ad nauseum until the whole party is trapped in gems. Then I would make a tasteful necklace out of their trapped souls.

Sick Starter Sentence Meme


“I feel like I was just shot by a drunken polar bear wearing clown makeup…”

“This morning I threw up enough to have it be mistaken for a small animal at a distance.”

“Don’t wake me up meany…”

“Can I have some more blankets?”

“I know I have a fever but can I please be hugged…”


“What’s my temperature…?”

“Do I have to go to ______?”

“I promise I’m fine…”

“Can you pet my hair…?”

“Will you stay with me while I’m sick please?”


“Turn off the light please…”

“Can you get me some tissues?”

“What!? A bath!?”

“A trip to a hospital seems a little overkill doesn’t it…?”

“It’s just stress…”

“No, you aren’t going anywhere you’re sick!”

“Do I need to sing you a lullaby to get you to fall asleep?”

“Come on we have a doctor’s appointment for you at 3.”

“Take your medicine already dammit!”

“Oh god you feel hot…”

“Are you sure you’re alright?”

“You aren’t going because your work/school has strict rules about fevers!”

“Your fever is so high…”

“Come on we are going to the hospital…”

“Say ah~”

“You need your rest…”

“Don’t worry I’ll take care of you.”

“It’ll all be alright, don’t be scared.”

“Hey I brought you a get well soon card…”

“Because you’re so sick, consider me your own personal nurse…”


“Tomorrow will be better I promise.”

“Can I get you anything?”

X-Men: Alpha #1, “Beginnings…” February 1995
Written by Scott Lobdell and Mark Waid. Art by Roger Cruz, Steve Epting,Tim Townsend and Dan Panosian. 

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1. Take notes in class, rewrite them neatly and in a more organized format when you get home, and type them into a study guide format before a test. Read them out loud. The more you write them, the more you’ll remember without realizing you’re studying. Additionally, it is important to write, read, and hear the information to help you study fully.

2. If you don’t have anything else to do, make flashcards of important historical dates, names, events; vocabulary words (English or World Language); science terms, equations, explanations; etc. Study even if you don’t have a test coming up. 

3. Keep track of test dates in your planner and study the entire week leading up to the test date. It may seem like overkill, but I promise you will be less stressed out and feel more prepared.

4. Ask a friend or family member to help you study / quiz you two nights before the exams. Make sure they ask questions out of order. This will help you realize what you need to study more.

5. If you don’t do well on an exam, go over it with your teacher, learn from the mistakes you made (both why you messed up and the information you got wrong), and study that section over before the next test. 

6. Make organized study guides with what will be on the test outlined for you. Provide answers and practice problems/questions. Write out all of the information you need, and for math problems write out all of the steps to solve. It is time consuming, but it will help you tremendously.

7. Before a test, or right after a confusing class, ask your teacher for extra help during lunch or your study hall. One-on-one time allows you to ask specific questions you need help on / explanations for. Don’t wait until the night before to ask your friends for a quick mini-lesson. It’s important to clear up confusion before the night prior to a test.

8. Do NOT procrastinate studying or wait until you have an insane amount of motivation/energy. Sit down and study each day, even if only for 15 minutes, even when you don’t want to

9. While studying, eat healthy snacks that are good brain food: almonds, peanuts, yogurt, cheese, veggies, fruits. Don’t pig out. These snacks are good for you and actually are proven to be better for studying because of the nutrients in them.

10. Don’t listen to music with words. Listen to instrumentals or classical music. You’ll feel relaxed and more focused. 

11. If your notes / flashcards / study guides are neat, you will study more effectively. Try typing or using flashcard apps with games. You’ll understand the material, will have it organized so you can prioritize, and you’ll be more motivated. 

12. Go to bed early the night before a test, but wake up a few minutes earlier to eat a big breakfast and review a little. It isn’t worth staying up all night to study - this will not help you remember more information. Sleep, eat, and study before. 

13. If you are lucky enough to have a teacher that makes study guide outlines for you, USE IT. Write out each point on the list with all the information you might need to know. Don’t forget to thank your teacher for the help, they don’t have to do this.

14. Study with a group to discuss questions you each may have, and explaining will help you organize your thoughts enough to remember how to do it on your own, but also study alone. Studying alone is proven to help students more than groups because they aren’t distracted. 

15. Don’t use electronics unless you absolutely need to. Turn off all electronics / notifiations so you don’t waste your time. If you find that you can’t focus well for extended periods of time, set a timer, take breaks, and set goals.

Like a lot of dictators, Hoxha would use doubles, as he feared assassination. But far be it from him to simply ask for volunteers. Hoxha kidnapped a dentist in rural Albania who looked sort of like him, then forced plastic surgery on him to make the resemblance even more uncanny. The poor guy had no choice in the matter; he had to leave his life behind and live on pretending to be the prime minister in hopes he would get shot (after the collapse of Hoxha’s regime, that man vanished – there is a book about his story).

More than he was afraid of assassination, Hoxha feared a Soviet invasion. Lots of people feared that back in those days, but Hoxha dealt with the threat in his own uniquely crazy way: He built 750,000 random bunkers all over the country. On one hand, Albania was a country of only 3 million, so this seems like overkill. But then you realize each bunker was only big enough to hold one person.

The 5 Most Shockingly Insane Modern Dictators


Suga (Yoongi) x Reader
Words: 770
Notes:  Y/N = Your / Name 
i really hate those girls who just accept everything so i tried to mix it up a bit. yay or nay? 

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The images were still vivid in your mind and whenever you passed a magazine stall and saw Yoongi smiling out from the cover, you wanted to kill him. You threw your jacket down on the kitchen counter and turned on the air conditioning on, the day was only getting hotter and the jacket now seemed like overkill. You busied yourself with making yourself a coffee, trying to kid yourself into thinking that you were better off without him.

The knock at the door scared you to death and when you opened it, you weren’t sure whether it had and you were now living in hell. Yoongi looked up from the floor at you with wide eyes. You glare at him, “You better give me one good damn reason as to why you’re here.”

He sighed, his shoulders sagging insecurely, “I missed you.”

You laughed, it was almost sadistic. “Not good enough.” You went to close the door, but Yoongi stuck his foot in it and pushed past you into your apartment. “Get out!” You screamed angrily.

Yoongi turned around to look at you, his face full of desperation, “You think it was easy to come and see you like this?” He yelled, equally as loud. “I‘m sorry! I honestly didn’t like her!”

You rolled your eyes and unlocked your phone, scrolling back to where he had sent you the photos. The long legged girl was seductively draped over his knees, Yoongi’s face guiltily showed a pleasurable smile and your thrust your phone in his face. “How can you say that I even have proof!”

Annoyed Yoongi shook his head, “What, was I supposed to show how I felt and look disgusted, that would put me in management’s good books, wouldn’t it? I had to do it Y/N, it wasn’t something I could control. But getting that bastard’s number you could control.” He was referring to the high school reunion you had attended shortly after the photo shoot, one of your former classmates had offered you his number and as payback for Yoongi’s photos.

You open and close your mouth, grappling for something to say. He had a point. Yoongi took a step towards you, you took one away. “Just know this Y/N. I didn’t want to take that photo, I even asked for them not to be taken. Please give me another chance.”

You turn your head away and he takes another step closer to you. You knew that if you looked into his sad, puppy-dog eyes you’d make a mistake. “You should have tried harder.”

All of a sudden Yoongi had a hold of your chin, gently but firmly guiding you to look at him again. You hadn’t noticed, but he had gradually backing you up against the kitchen counter. His lips then touched yours, lightly grazing them before kissing you with full force. You couldn’t help but kiss him back, your body betraying you and your knees going weak. “I don’t care if you cheat on me with thousands of men or even women,” Yoongi says, releasing his hands from your waist and swallowing hard. “I can’t ignore you. I need you Y/N. I can’t not think about you, I can’t see you in the street and not want to hold your hand. I can’t live without you. So please forgive me.”

It was very tempting, you chewed on your gums trying to decide what to do. “Give me your phone.” You said and Yoongi obediently handed it over. You scrolled through his contacts, the absence of any girls but you made everything a little easier. When you found his manager’s number you pressed the ring button and watched Yoongi’s eyes grow wide, but he made no move to stop you. Finally, his manager picked up, “Hello.” You said, “this is Yoongi’s girlfriend, if you don’t delete the photos of him with that bitch I’ll make it so he will never be able to perform again.” Yoongi burst out laughing and you smile, “Thanks, I’ll be checking up soon. Bye!”

Next to you Yoongi grinned, “I like it when you’re like that,” His hands travelled to the back pockets of your skirt, retrieving your phone that you had stashed there. “It makes you sexier.” He deleted the photos and the guy’s number from school. It didn’t bother you, you had only messaged him a couple of times and his replies had been corny and emoji-filled.

Yoongi played with your fingers, “I really am sorry, Y/N.” He said. “I’m never going to let anything come between us again. Apart from pizza maybe, I’m starving.”

  • Solas: Oh no a problem
  • Solas: *thinks of a solution*
  • Solas: Hmm, this solution seems costly and maybe overkill
  • Solas: Ah
  • Solas: It seems... yes, I have in fact made things worse
  • Solas: *thinks of a solution to new, worse problem*
  • Solas: Hmm, this solution seems costly and maybe overkill
  • Solas: ...huh
  • Solas: ...that, that did not go how I thought it would
  • Solas: Okay I can fix this
  • Solas: *thinks of a solution*
  • Solas: Hmm, this solution seems costly and maybe overkill...
  • Inquisitor: Hey. Hi there. Hey Solas, buddy. Pal. I'm just gonna step in here. So, I know this isn't really what you're used to, but maybe you could try... not helping? For a bit?
  • Inquisitor: But
  • Inquisitor: Are you sure you-
  • Inquisitor: ...*sigh* I'll see what I can do.