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Facebook’s new meme seems to be something about listing 10 concerts only 9 of which you’ve actually been to and honestly I’m too tired for grade school icebreaker games, why can’t they get with the program and do anticapitalist shitposting like we do over here?

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there`s something i`ve been wondering - why did sana and yousef become friends on facebook now? i mean if he`s friends with her brother she must`ve known him before? or does that mean that he`s a new friend? i`ve been thinking about this for a while

Me and @evenandsana were just talking abt this ask and…. we’re a lil empty. There’s something big we’re not being told. Clearly Sana and Yousef have known each other for a couple years… then why does everything seem so new between them… she didnt even kno he worked with kids. Its.. yeah…..

New and emerging cryptid: people who have watched all of Critical Role.

*staring at long list of homework/projects I’ve already committed to but haven’t worked on* maybe now’s the right time to try out Duolingo Hebrew

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What are your concerns overall? :(

As others have pointed out: Harry with Columbia, Louis with JGG and SJPR and god knows what label, Niall with SJPR and Modest are all business ties indicating that they are not free. Liam’s album being pushed back, a major magazine appearance so poorly displayed, and Chiam are less explicit but equally blatant signs that they are not free.

People have expressed the opinion that perhaps some of these choices were made as the best option available to each of the four. I have been insisting that even if that were true, that the ‘best options’ are with people who have not only treated them horribly in the past but currently treat them horribly makes me believe that they have not been free to choose, that they have been compelled to these results.

I think there’s been lots of hemming and hawing in the fandom because people have wanted to believe that to do well, make money, and keep the guys happy, these teams would still do a competent job and thus all could be swept under the rug and forgiven. I understand the impulse – that’s much less exhausting and worrisome than my position. But Harry’s being asked about girls right out the gate, Louis’s team has done jack shit, Modest is Modest, and now Liam’s promo is looking just as beleaguered as his actual release plans? Add in Elouno, Chiam, babygate, and any potential stunting we’re about to see from Harry?

Yeah, I have concerns. I’m not leaving. But I’m reconciling myself to the notion that it will take quite a bit longer than they and we have been hoping for all four to be majority shareholders in their own lives.

shou drawing ritsu is as sweet as I can get I guess

(thank you anon for the request!! its nice to draw pastel happy stuff without it turning into angst. also ritsu isnt as emo as usual which is a nice change too)

you know what else is pastel? the request post. Im not even joking it really is take a look