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Safe - Jughead Jones

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Could I request an overprotective Jughead imagine? Not in a bad way, he’s just worried about you because of what happened to Jason

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I’m sorry this is so short. I just didn’t know where to take it. 

Ever since the summer, Jughead Jones had been acting very different around you. He was still his witty, sarcastic self,  but he seemed more closed off. If you were talking to someone, someone connected to the Blossom case, Jughead wouldn’t be far behind you. He’d lurk around until you were done talking to them, and then be glued to your side. He wouldn’t ask questions about what you were talking about, he would just glare at people as you walked down the hall. One time, Veronica pointed out that he looked like a dog protecting his owner. You had laughed originally, but the next time it happened, you could see the similarities.

You had just been speaking with Cheryl, a few moments ago, when Jughead fell in beside you. “Hey Jug,” you said, getting his attention, “what’s up?” You looked towards him as you both walked down the halls. “Nothing, just walking with you,” he said giving you a smile, one that, when you didn’t smile back, faded off his features. You grabbed his wrist, pulling him to the side of the hallway, away from prying ears. “You’ve been doing that a lot,” you whispered and Jughead raised his eyebrows. “It’s not that I don’t like it,” you added, trying to save yourself, “it’s just out of character.” He nodded along with your words, as if he agreed. “I just don’t trust anyone,” he replied finally, “I just wanted to make sure you were okay.” You squeezed his hand reassuringly and looked into his eyes. “I don’t need protecting Jug,” you whispered back and he shook his head. “There’s a murderer out there Y/N and we don’t know who it is,” he stepped closer to you, and you could actually see the panic in his eyes. “We could’ve just seen them and we’d never know,” he whispered and you felt his worry, running off of him like a waterfall.

“Okay,” you said soothingly, placing your hand at the side of his face, “I get it.” He let out a heavy breath and turned his face to press it into your palm. You smiled weakly up at him, happy that he was finally open with you, but scared that he was worrying so much. His eyelashes tickled your palm when calmed down enough to open his eyes again. He turned to face you, his hand reaching up to hold yours that was still on his face. “I’m sorry I was acting weird,” he murmured and you pulled you hand away to wrap your arms around his waist. “Don’t apologize,” you whispered as his arms wrapped around your shoulders, “you were just concerned.” He nodded, “I just want to see you safe,” he whispered and you nodded against his chest. “I am safe right now,” you whispered back and you felt how true your words were. You felt safest when you were with Jughead, as if nothing in the world could harm either of you.

You pulled away, and found yourself leaning upwards. Your lips brushed against his and he pressed back. He kissed you as if it was going to be the last thing he ever did, so he needed to pour his heart into it. His hand was on the back of your neck, pressing deeper. You felt his lips move against yours, as if he were repeating a mantra. “I love you,” you heard him say, after he pulled back a little. You smiled at him, pressing your lips to his once more, “I love you too.” He smiled against your lips, “safe?” You pulled away from him, looking into his eyes. “Safe,” you whispered back and the bell rang loudly. You looked at Jughead who frowned a little. “Pop’s after school,” you asked, squeezing his hand. He looked up at you and nodded, “sure.” You walked away, letting your hand fall slowly from his; the words he said flashed before your mind, causing you to smile. “Safe.” 

Girl Code || Part 3

(part one) 

(part two) 


y/n likes harry. so does y/f/n. so who’s going to be the first one to break the girl code? 


“Y/N, you know you’re one of my best friends, and I don’t think I could ever hate you, but.. What the hell kind of game do you think you’re playing right now?” You couldn’t help but roll your eyes as Y/F/N brought up the whole Harry situation for what seemed like the millionth time that afternoon. It had been, what.. Five-ish days since the incident? Y/F/N claimed she was ‘like, so over it’ but it was pretty obvious that wasn’t the case. 

“I’m playing a game called ‘wiping down the counter’. You should try the spinoff called ‘mopping the floors’.” You quipped, stopping your movements to look at your clearly flustered friend before turning back to work. Christ, it had been nonstop yapping about how you weren’t listening to the ‘girl code’, or how she had set her eyes on him first and how she thinks Harry could be the one for her. 

“Don’t get sassy with me, you boyfriend stealer.” 

“There was no boyfriend to steal in the first place, honey.” (You really weren’t in the mood today. So what if your sass was dialled all the way up?)

“Oh my god, Y/N! What’s wrong with you? You don’t have to be bitter when we’re talking about boys. I know you’re still not over the whole thing that happened in high school with-” 

“You stealing my date and telling me it was okay since I was apparently ‘not even his type, so really, I’m doing you a favour, Y/N’.” You snapped, rolling your eyes once again. “I just think it’s funny that you like to bring up this dumb girl code all the time that seemingly only applies to me, and never to you. That’s all.” You shrugged, running the towel under some water before wringing it out and tossing it onto the counter. 

Y/F/N was obviously shocked at your sudden outburst, her eyes wide in surprise. There had always been a power dynamic in your guys’ relationship. Essentially, she was the super hero, and you were the weak little sidekick. That lasted all throughout middle school, high school, and even up until now. But with this new situation of Harry.. Things were about to take a turn. 

“All I ask is that you back off, okay? I already told you I was interested in Harry, so you have no right-” 

“I’ll do whatever I damn please, pal.” There was a moment of silence before Y/F/N let out a heavy sigh. 

“Little girls get their fingers burned when they play with fire.” Y/F/N warned, her brows furrowing in frustration. 

“You’re all bark and no bite.” You hissed, feeling your blood boil just staring at her face. Who did she think she was? Telling you that you couldn’t like someone just because she liked him. You knew for a fact Harry maybe kinda sorta liked you back. Probably. You’d figure it out - You’d do anything to wipe that smug look off Y/F/N’s face. 


“Are you sure you don’t need any help? I can totally, like, spot you, or whatever it is you guys say.” Y/F/N cleared her throat, following Harry like a lost puppy as he moved over to the weights. 

“I, uh, I think I’m good for now, love. Thank you, though! Real sweet of you t’ offer help.” Harry smiled politely, running his fingers over the weight plates to see what he’d be lifting today. It was a chest day today, so maybe he’d go for the-

“Or do you need another towel?” 

“You.. You’ve given me three towels in the last hour. I mean, I sweat, but I don’ sweat tha’ much.” Harry laughed lightly, turning around to face Y/F/N. He wasn’t going to tell her, but she was getting a wee bit annoying, following him around and pestering him about what she could do to help. (She could help by leaving him alone.) Y/F/N immediately bursted into tears, reaching over and slapping Harry’s bicep playfully. 

“Oh, you’re so funny..” Y/F/N giggled, glancing over to see you working the bar. You were in the middle of cutting up some fruit for a smoothie, so you weren’t paying attention. You were doing your job - Which was what Y/F/N was supposed to be doing, but of course she wanted to spend as much time as possible with Harry. “I can get you a smoothie!” 

“Y/N’s actually already taking care o’ tha’ for me. And she knows jus’ how I like it. I’m sure your smoothies are jus’ as good but I wouldn’t want t’ bug yeh with makin’ a smoothie when Y/N already knows my schedule.” Harry smiled sheepishly, watching as Y/F/N’s smile dropped in less than a second. “You know wha’ would really help me, though?” 

“What’s up?” Y/F/N grinned, immediately perking up. 

“It would help if yeh.. If yeh could fill up those shampoo bottles in the shower room! Yeah, yeah. I always forget to bring shampoo, so-” 

“I’ll get right on it!” And with that, Y/F/N was whizzing towards the bathroom, but not before passing by you. “I just wanna let you know Harry just personally asked me for a favour. Filling up the shampoo bottles for him. Y/F/N - 1, Y/N - 0.”

“Really? I think I deserve a point cos Harry just asked me to help him stretch before he begins lifting.” You pointed over to Harry, smiling as he waved at the two of you before gesturing for you to come over. “But you have fun with the shampoo, yeah?” 


yikes part 3 took a while!! writer’s block is not fun yo 

also this isn’t the greatest but i wanted to get something up for y’all 

i promise the next part will be better i already have some drama planned out woo!!!

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I used to really think that SU didn't really have any flaws. What a joke huh ? I can't believe I never saw how off model they'd gotten. To be honest the pacing is also pretty messed up. They take months to build up important conflicts and then sweep them under the rug in a measly 11 minutes, this was the case for Malachite Yellow Diamond's appearance, The Cluster, etc. I also don't understand why they went and screwed with Lapis, who is my personal favorite. She acts like a new character :/

Honestly it took me a long time to realise how badly the show goes off model and now I can’t stop seeing it even when I rewatch older stuff lol. They definitely seem to not know how to pace story arcs. They tend to drag out or hide important stuff while rushing through other major story arcs. The fact that it’s season 4 and a major threat like the cluster has already been dealt with, but we don’t know what the damn pink lion is for, shows the crew don’t know how to prioritise and pace stories well.

The whole Lapis issue can mostly be put down to Z.uke projecting personal issues onto Lapis (ie. trauma jokes, “depression hair”, etc), moving her aside to the barn without any character development, and pushing her into an unnecessary relationship. I’m hoping future episodes manage to fix some of this, but it’d take a lot of work.

(fyi I know the barn thing isn’t entirely z.uke, but it’s still a reason as to why Lapis sucks now)

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Hi thanks so much for answering all these questions! I was reading the yahoo article and it says that the woman getting out the car represents that Fitz is unaffected by Jemma not being in his life - what do you think they mean by she represents that??

Hi Anon,

In case anyone wants to check out the whole yahoo article its pretty fabulous.  

TVLINE | What all do you want to say about the woman Fitz is helping out of the Rolls?

I can’t say much other than what she is meant to represent is he’s clearly not affected by the fact that Jemma is not in his life, or is underground. He seems like he couldn’t be doing better.

My personal take on this is that:

  • Fitz is in a world where he never met Jemma or wasn’t close enough to her to have her “death” phase him.
  • He knows that Jemma faked her death and at least knows where she is.  Its possible “Jemma Simmons” isn’t with him but who she became upon faking her death is.  
  • He knows Jemma died but did something about it…ie he pulls a Radcliffe and we see him replace her with a Robo Jemma ala Agnes/AIDA.

Shout out to @fitzsimmonsavengers and @jessiecrimefighter for this next bit here we talked about earlier.  

Jemma not in Fitz’s life would be very significant.  One of the biggest aspects I think we can see that in is how people perceive him, what they want him for. Throughout the series,  over and over we have heard people say they want Fitz for his brain.

  • Coulson (Coulson added heart when they had that conversation in the lab about letting Jemma go).
  • Garrett 
  • Radcliffe 
  • His father told him he wasn’t good enough or smart enough.

Jemma wants him for him not his mind.  She feel in love with his heart, his loyalty, and kindness.  It helped him heal a bit from Radcliffe’s betrayal, broke the loop, and helped him come up with the solution.    

Assuming Jemma isn’t/hasn’t been with him (or the version that is with him doesn’t isn’t how real Jemma would act).  And in all these interviews Jed is saying he “SEEMS like he’s on top of the world,” not that he IS.   Looks are deceiving, I’m betting he’s not happy here, he knows something (someone) is missing and can’t place his finger on it, possibly being manipulated by Radcliffe, and likely a bit darker in personality.   

  • We have seen what Radcliffe does with Fitz.  Yes, he sees him as a son and is fond of him but at the same time he uses him for his own personal gain.  He won’t be telling Fitz he has a good heart…he’s going to be praising Fitz for his creations.  
  • He’s going to want to show off “His Boy”.   

Jemma will somehow get to him and get to his heart, who he is, not his mind.  Look back at how at how much she touched his chest where his heart is in the last couple of episodes.   Symbolism and foreshadowing at its finest! 

That Deadly Premonition / Twin Peaks Character Comparison Post in Full...

So, I decided to make it my mission to match up every Deadly Premonition character with their Twin Peaks equivalent. Some of these (York and Cooper, for example) are very obvious, and clearly deliberate. Others less so, but I managed to find a decent grounding to give everyone a match (or two, in some cases). Hopefully my reasoning speaks for itself. I don’t want to imply that Swery intended all of these (though some, like I say, definitely were), I merely wish to draw together two canons that I love. So please, read on!

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Have you noticed ?

The last character we see in the chapter 15, standing in front of Vanitas, has many hypothetisis about their. But let me purpose you an idea to reinforce the possible true identity of this character

Firstable I wish to talk about the Queen of who we see her hand in the chapter 13, and we can guess that she isn’t in a good health. But we also could notice that her and this character’s one are not so different :

A dark skin, with fingers like claws…

As many people, I think that it is the Blue Moon Vampire in end of the chapter. But in that case, it means that the Queen of vampires is the Blue Moon Vampire. Why not, since it was never said that the vampire wasn’t a woman.

Vanitas himself seems to know some things about this Queen and abuse in his speech to accuse her to be the origin of cursed-bearers. How does he could know all of that without knowing her? Plus, he’s totally right : Lord Ruthven confirms his talks to Lucas because of his react face to Vanitas’ words. Just, remind me who has created the Book of Vanitas to destroy the vampires?

At the first read, we can already doubt that the character who I am talking about as the Blue Moon Vampire, the real Vanitas, is a woman. But if I am right about this idea, the Blue Moon Vampire is not dead yet (or almost, as Vanitas asked if she is still alive), and who knows the aftermath of her death on the vampires clan, or has already did

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Is it just me or did Dean's "point one for her!" line to Mandy a couple eps ago seem a little fake? I mean, i try not to let my destiel goggles fuse to my face so badly that i can't see past them, or project what i *want* to be the case onto the scene, but Dean's body language (his facial expression, way he moved his hands/arms as he said it) just seemed way too exaggerated? Like the way someone laughs too loud at a joke that's not funny. Idk, it just stuck out to me.

Yeah, it stuck out to me the exact same way. Because the “point to her” was at his own expense. Like, he accidentally called himself on his own BS there, and it struck a little too close to home.

What could he say in response to that? He could either keep up the banter upping it into even more flirtatious territory, or he could admit defeat and let it drop. Because his flirting on Cas’s behalf there wasn’t meant to get results. I think he was relieved when the wifi kicked in and they could drop the pretense and go back to discussing the case at hand.

I mean, that’s how I read it.

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what's rlly got me worried is all thugs macdennis stuff seems like its working towards some real endgame material but sunnys been renewed for another two seasons so like who knows whats gonna go down then

it is it’s always sunny like its not gonna be “endgame”, they’re probably never be in a longterm relationship like how normal people view relationships. best case scenario is they kiss or bang and then never acknowledge it except for subtle hints like chardee. im honestly so CHILL my dude like mac is gay and out and i got two more seasons of sunny like i kind of ??? dont care. I watch Always Sunny bc it’s funny above all else, it why i got into the show. as long as mac continues to say he’s gay every 5 seconds and the laughs keep coming im good with whatever else goes down. 

I love the little detail that Pearls seem to be custom-tailored to their “owners”, that they’re not created in Kindergartens, that they’re handmade, rare luxuries. If that’s the case, it stands to reason that there’d be a gem who makes Pearls, right? A Mother of Pearl, if you will.
So enter Pink Mother of Pearl, a gemsona version of my darling Camille. MoP, called Moppie for short, was specially created by Pink Diamond to produce and culture Pearls for elite gems. I imagine on Homeworld she is seen as like a respected craftsman of high-end goods. But like Peridot and Lapis, she’s a refugee on the run from the gem empire. She loves her Pearls, and was sickened by how they were treated by their aristocratic “owners”. Inspired by the favorite of her creations, Earth Pearl, and Rose Quartz, she escaped from Homeworld with a handful of other gems (other gemsonas who i will draw soon I swear) and a few “reject” Pearls to set up a sanctuary for runaway gems on a small, uninhabited planet.

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What do you think going into the mind of a Corrupted Gem would be like?

Hard to say for sure! The way I see it, it seems like cognitively, they’d be mostly the same as usual, but their mindscape might be… unusually stormy, or stuck on repeat on a prior, troubling event. Those are just theories- part if it is we don’t really know the mechanisms of how mindscapes work, or how corruption affects that. We could be in for some really spooky stuff, I think.

It would probably vary on a case-by-case basis depending on the person and their relationship with Steven. 

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sup my dudes what's ur policy on non-canon characters (I'm like 90% sure i've seen some posts w/ non-canons on ur blog but i follow a bunch of incorrect quote blogs so confusion and i'm tired (i know i already said this yesterday but it keeps happening alright) (also i acknowledge that it seems weird to send this on anon despite u obvs knowing who i am but this is for the general public because i have a reputation to lose. not a particularly good one, but a reputation none the less))

Reputation to lose? I’m on the case imma find your ass and expose you.

Jk it’s cool.

We accept non canon characters for quotes…..just not for Underrepresentation Week because everyone has different interpretations on these characters and there’s nothing canon for us to work with.

But we accept quotes with non canon characters.

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Hello this was the anon commenting about your sweetness. Tell noctis if that was the case I'm sorry but you'd starve because there's not a single ounce of adorableness or sweetness in me ;) I'm 100% bitterness, rage, and evil ( ^▽-)∠※☆

ehehe, are you sure? you seem pretty sweet to me~ 。(*^▽^*)ゞ

but… you know, there are some people that like bitter chocolate instead of milk chocolate, right? so even if you’re bitter and evil… i’ll like you anyway~ (☆^ー^☆)

Seer of... Heart?!

So, our mods were talking last night, and the compelling case has been made that I fit more closely as a Seer of Heart as opposed to as Seer of Space. I admit, it saddens me that I wouldn’t be considered a cardinal Aspect in my player session like @hexstuck is, but the information about a Seer of Heart really seems to fit for me. 

I don’t know. I’m supposed to reserve judgment before I really get into the thick of it. I’m not doubting Hex or @aldrensertan at all. I’m just wondering if there are cases that can be made for other Aspects. Hell, what about other Classes? Or does Seer really fit me?

About Sangwoo’s motive for murder

So I just had a conversation with @mutual-curiosity about what happened the night Sangwoo ‘killed’ his parents, and his current motive for murder. Oh boy brace yourselves because this is gonna be long.

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“Humans are weird” idea

It seems to always be the case that aliens have names that are “unpronounceable by the human tongue.”  But, y’know, humans are actually really good mimics.  We can do impressions of anything, and some of us are really good at it.  What if that was a special skill of ours that was constantly surprising the aliens?

Alien talks about human like s/he’s not there, only to be shocked when its own language comes out of that strange little mouth.

Alien can’t figure out WHAT that noise onboard is, only to find human crewmate pranking it.  (“As soon as he leaves, I’m gonna do the sound of a failing hover engine, okay?  Just see where he looks first!”)

Alien hears a different noise and a thud, then “Sorry, I tripped.”  (”But you squeaked.”  “Yeah, didn’t mean to.  Sounded kinda dumb.”)

Alien is alarmed to hear the sound of two Dangerous Animals coming from the containment room.  Thinks the one has multiplied.  Runs in, find human yowling back at it.  (“It seemed lonely, so I was talking to it.  Reminds me of a cat I had once.”)

The away team is threatened by a Large Animal protecting its young.  Alien Captain knows what to do.  Shoves the human up front and points.  “Make the noises that the little ones are making.  This is your time to shine.”


Watch: We love this inspiring ad about girls kicking ass and taking names that Audi made to promote equal pay for women

The commercial depicts a girl racing against boys in a soapbox derby while the voiceover makes an uncomplicated case that men and women should be valued equally. Seems like a pretty obvious thing to say. But of course, the ad has attracted a group of serious haters.

Gifs: Audi USA



HUMANS S02 E04 CLIP: odi + sophie.