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What would you consider as a sad (comic/writing) idea?

Basically, it’s just a two-part thing.

One: You need a character who the audience sympathizes with and adores. You can create one — it’s your job to make them likable in that case — or take one from an existing fandom — then the likeability is already set for you.

Two: You need to take something dear or important to this character and do something bad to it. It doesn’t have to be something absolutely awful and irreversible, though the weaker is the audience’s connection to the character, the bigger is the impact needed to get a reaction. Like, if you set up the character well enough, you can make the character’s favorite teddy bear losing its button-eye seem like a tragedy!

That’s if you were asking for the ‘science’ behind how sad ideas work.

If you were asking what kind of sads and feels actually get to me then… uh… I have no idea. I have a pretty high emotional empathy threshold and I’m fairly desensitized to fictional awfulness, so… *shrug*

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So you just studied animation? You don't have another career? (if it sounds rude sorry jeje) but career like a degree in nursery or psychology cause *says in childish voice* my mom always told me that first thing you need is a job where you studied and that assures your economic stability like a degree on laws or medicine.

LOL oh trust me, hon, I was worried about that myself.  It’s a good idea to have a “backup plan” in store, in case your first choice in art doesn’t work out.

I happened to be both very stubborn and very, VERY lucky.  Don’t count on luck.  But stubbornness and a willingness to do whatever it takes to achieve what you want will help immensely.

That said, however, your backup plan doesn’t need to be law or medicine.  Those seem to be the only two fields anyone ever thinks about, but really, any job will do.  I know plenty of animators who work waitressing jobs between contracts.  I’ve got pals working at casinos, and at auto shops, and as plumbers.  All of those are incredibly respectable jobs, and if you know how to live on the paychecks they give you, they’ll do the trick.

The big thing is that you can’t limit yourself to looking for your dream job.  Always look for that, obviously, but you can’t just set your eyes on your goal and ignore all the other opportunities that’ll help give you platforms to stand on while reaching for that goal.  So waitressing doesn’t sound appealing, maybe, but it’ll get you by while you’re still striving for what you want.

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hello~ do you have any advice for high school girls? I'm in the eleventh grade and everything is so...yikes. You seem to be really good at giving advice love💗

“i give myself very good advice, but i very seldom follow it…” - Alice in Wonderland 🙈 hehe, for as much as that is entirely true in my case, i am still so flattered that you think i am good at offering help! ~ high school was pretty gross for me. i went through all four years with no really-close friends, the occasional rude and unnecessary remark made behind by back by people who haven’t a clue as to who i am, and generally spent the majority of my time alone. so what i can tell you, is this: ✨focus on you, first and foremost. i know it seems like everyone surrounding you is what matters, and that their opinions are important, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. i think we often forget that school is for learning. it is for absorbing information, discovering new things about ourselves, and deciding which path we want to take, for us. while the social pool that schooling throws you into is vast and complicated, try to set it all aside as best as you can. focus on what makes *you* happy, and what you want to live like in the future. plan for that. focus on your interests and your schoolwork, those close to you and your dreams, and ignore anyone who tries to mess with you and dictate your life, as it is yours to live. :-) ✨ remember that it isn’t forever. middle and high school felt like a lifetime for me (probably because they were both so terrible), but try to get it in your head that this is temporary, you only have a little bit of time left, and you won’t be seeing 99% of these people ever again! ✨ don’t be afraid to ask questions! that’s what teachers and mentors are there for. c: if you’re struggling with something or curious about anything, do not feel afraid to approach them. they went through high school, too, and surely it wasn’t that easy for them, either! take comfort in this, hehe - and take the chances you’ll regret not taking later, even if it is in regards to something as simple as asking a question. ☺️ ✨ lastly, don’t be afraid to make mistakes. that’s what this is all about. nobody has it all figured out, which is just as it should be! try to get through it all by listening to music you love (that’s what kept me going), exploring new endeavors, and adventuring whenever possible. don’t take this time for granted. let yourself live, and mess up, and learn from it. we all are. ❤️ wishing you the best of luck, lovely. it’s rough, but we all get through it! you’re strong, and deserve to lead a wide-eyed life filled with fun and learning. 😌🙏🏻😊

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I wonder... Is Nathalie truly the one who's under Gabe? Or could perhaps she have been the one to plant the seeds of the idea in his mind? Could she have known beforehand, somehow, about the Miraculous? Could she have been, or known, the person who Fu made a mistake with? Is there possibly more to her involvement than underpaid assistant/babysitter for a super villain and his son?

Alright. What are the possibilities for this?

  • She’s someone else’s agent. In that case, who, and what are their goals? The security system at the Agrestes seem to indicates there’s some kind of Big Bad Danger out there (unless the whole security apparatus is to protect the Miraculous, not that it would work, I mean Jackady got in).
  • She’s working for herself, which, considering her moment of panic at the ‘Nathalie did Adrien like his gift?’ episode, seems unlikely because flailing is not conductive to tricking smart villains like Gabriel A… Wait no he’s an idiot with a major case of hubris, I take it back.
  • She was hired by another in-house villain like, say, Mrs Agreste and thus was privy to all of the Miraculous details.

As for meeting the person Fu made a mistake with… I need to know if the longevity thing is a Turtle thing or a Miraculous thing. 

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You've talked before about dominance in dogs relating to dogs and resources. A lot of webpages still use buzzwords like "be a strong (pack) leader" when training 'tougher' breeds. I was wondering if there was any merit to that (as having strong leadership seems important in dog training, in my layperson's opinion) or if it was still rooted in a dated understanding of dog behavior.

Yes, it still has its place and relevance. It’s just poorly understood. The definition of dominance when applied to animal behavior is a relationship between two individuals that dictates access to desired resources. So in most cases we are already at an advantage since we supply food, we open doors, etc. So simple impulse control exercises and stuff of that nature sets us up for success.

But every now and then I do meet dogs that take it farther and do require a more forward/assertive personality type or else they will walk all over the owner. Thankfully they are not as common in general but I do tend to see it more in certain breeds like Huskies, Rottweilers, Akitas, etc. And it’s not about being a bully like some people think, it’s more of how you carry yourself and how you react to/handle situations.

It can be relevant in certain cases of reactivity as well where some dogs do not feel confident in their owners ability to handle the situation and feel a need to lash out in order to control/prevent the situation they believe may occur.

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Ok, I think the scenes with Rick standing at the graves and his monologue about mercy do take place later in the season after he decides not to kill Negan. If that's the case, it also gives me hope that he won't die just yet, because that's an important arc for him that would end on a cliffhanger. It's like he has to reconcile the choice with not avenging Glenn and Abraham's deaths, especially Glenn's, because he decides to have 'hope' like Carl said instead of killing anyone else.

I think you’re right. When he’s standing at their graves, it seems like he’s made (or making) a difficult decision. He’s also wearing the same shirt as when he was shooting at Siddiq.

I can’t tell where he is when his eyes are all bloodshot and he says the Quran quote. It has to be after the scene with Carl/Siddiq, I assume? That’s where this all gets fuzzy and I stop trying to figure it out, lol. And I don’t know why, but I’m becoming increasingly concerned that Carl dies (notice how we don’t get to see his face in the dream sequence) and that’s why Rick looks so tortured in that closeup shot.

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Technology seems to be prevalent theme in Japanese horror films. Films like Ringu, Pulse, One Missed Call, Godzilla, etc all kinda have concepts that rely on tech. What are your thoughts on this?

I think it’s an individual case for each of them. I’d have to really look in to it more. In the case of Pulse, Kurosawa had made a movie about something that hadn’t even really happened yet kind of like Cronenberg did in the 80s with Videodrome. 

One Missed Call and Ringu are a bit different from Pulse in that they’re basically classic Kaidan stories that have been shoved in to an urban legend framework.


Nice of you to tell Judai that his magic cards will work on the Phantasms, Kagemaru. ^^;

I like how Uria’s attack points work kind of like Osiris’ do. Although in this case it seems like they probably wouldn’t go up and down as much since I doubt he’ll be taking any trap cards out of his graveyard, whereas Osiris’ points can vary wildly depending on how many cards you have at any given time.

Honestly the next Guardians of the Galaxy movie needs to put more focus on Peter and Kraglin and their relationship.

Peter on a whole had very little interaction with him and yet Kraglin implies he had been there since they first got Peter and might even know about Ego but at the same time its like why are you so mad at Yondu for taking up for Peter and deciding to not go through with the bounty Ayesha put on him and his friends?

Peter seems to have taken after Kraglin in a lot of ways too, since they both heavily rely on humor and talking their way out of situations.

It seems like they have a really complicated history and I would like that to be explored more and what in canon is Kraglin’s relationship to Peter.

I just like the idea of them having a more sibling dynamic (and I feel it works better in canon) but even then that might not be the case.

I know he was in the comics but Yondu and Peter’s dynamic is way different in the movies then the comics, so I just want more screen time between Kraglin and Peter.

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Ooh! So I just came out of school and saw your post with the mood boards, and I have to say I really like how you incorporated the different elements, and also the pictures you used for the Sides (Roman's is my favorite). I really like that you do moodboards too, your really good at setting a theme. I can really get different vibes and feelings from them.

Oh my goodness, that’s such a sweet compliment. Thank you so much! I am happy you like them so much. <3
I always think they’re just moodboards, no one cares, but that doesn’t seem to be the case at all. Making moodboards is a lot of work even though it might not look like it to some people. I try to capture a certain mood or vibe when I make them. Finding pictures that go well together and editing them is really time consuming. I’m always so happy when people like what I put together.

The four elements are definitely a cool theme for a moodboard and let me tell you, finding pictures for the element air is extremely hard. I nearly lost my mind and had to make some compromises. LOL
Fire and water are easy to make and you find a lot of great pictures to work with. I love how Virgil and Roman’s moodboards turned out. Virgil’s is my computer wallpaper now. LOL
For Roman I wanted to capture his fiery passion and I think I did well. So glad you dig it. <3

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What could those Red-headed demons at the end of the teaser? My first guess was SMTIV's Satan but they're much too small to be him. Any ideas on what it could be?

It’s hard to get too good a look at them, particularly their heads, but if I had to guess they look like a generic “Demon” demon to me. Boy, that will be fun for Atlus USA if that’s the case.

They do look just like Satan, which I feel would be an intentional choice by Doi for similitude. I can see him saying that they “spawned from Satan, so they look similar to him.” Honestly, that would be the best use of that design even if it was intended to be End Times Satan and also that you ignore Lucifer and… well look, in a vacuum where we know almost nothing it seems perfectly fine, no? :p

Going by b-reis’ suggestion of a gargoyle (certainly a possibility), I took another look at their faces and it almost seems like they have arthropodal mandibles.

How do you engage with someone whose experience around a certain word is different than what the word means?

A lot of people get very up and arms over the word “privilege” saying the only time it is used is to quite people (ex “youre opinion doesn’t matter on this subject because you have ____ privilege”)

And certainly there are cases where someone’s opinion should be counted a little less because of their privilege (such as a white person’s opinion on whether there are suitable hair products for everyone, or a cis person’s opinion on the accessibility of bathrooms for all), but the majority of people arguing that evoking privilege in a conversation is only to shut down others seem to be referring to cases where it really isn’t used correctly? An example was someone mentioning they got into a med program and a person commenting “that is because of your white privilege” or something like that, which doesn’t really make sense to bring up here? I am sure it is a factor, we have numbers to show skin color is a factor, but for why that one person got into that certain program, it is more complicated than that. Yet the people arguing that privilege is BS only refer to these conversations, and not the correct use of the term?

So what is a way to fix this to get others to understand and listen to issues about systematic problems because of privilege, if their only experience of the word is when it is used poorly? I mean if that is how it is being used by a sizable number of people, is it worth finding a new term? Do we keep saying the same definition until they give in? I mean i can say so many times that privilege isnt saying you dont deserve what you worked for, and that it just means there are things you don’t have to think about, but if they never hear it used correctly, who am I the one person trying to change the meaning for them?

Some of these people do support diversity and helping minorities but cannot get beyond the use of terms like privilege where it was only used to put someone down. How do wd engage these people who could be on our side?

The whole idea of being armed in case the government becomes tyrannical  while stating the same government is by the people for the people seems very weird to me. 

Its almost like non-native people cannot trust their fellow citizens. 

Hey guys!

With intense stories, sometimes I need some input. Especially cause this is what I’m stuck on the most.

Okay so I have it where Antonio is working on a high profile case and because of what happened to Diego, he feels like it’s best to stay a few steps ahead and place a patrol car watching the kids at all times, even the big kids. But I actually made it harder on myself lol cause then Sylvie would need to be preoccupied for Julie to get kidnapped.

I could go down the route that they break in their house and knock out Sylvie and take Julie but seems unlikely with Antonio being protective of them so I need ideas on how this could be realistic and makes sense. I have it where Julie is looking for her baby doll and she gets kidnapped but I’m stuck cause Sylvie wouldn’t let her look outside so if I could get some ideas, I’d love the help! Normally I’d think of everything but with school, I don’t have the time but I wanna move this story along.

so this whole time i thought it was a problem with my computer because all devices have been affected by this weird usb problem i’ve been having, and i didn’t notice any abnormalities when i checked voltages on the devices

but i noticed it was happening to my mouse the most, and thought maybe it was because i was using it the most, but decided to get a new mouse just in case it turns out it was being dodgy and causing ALL of the devices to fuck up

aaaaaand now i’m trying it out and feeling a strange mix of annoyance and hopefulness… because it seems to be working now so far. no cutting out, no other devices affected as of yet… it was such an easy fix and i’m MAD at myself for not just getting one sooner, but like i said i didn’t think it was just my mouse that was causing it at first HHHHHHHHHHHHHH

but. HOPEFULLY this? might be fixed? i’ll need to keep trying out all the USB ports and devices and make sure nothing else cuts out, but if it works then i’ll be glad but also im so >:U WHY DIDNT I DO THIS SOONER…


Naruto Week 2017 // Day Seven
             Free Day // “No matter how far away you are, we will always be under the same sun, moon, and stars.”


TDA Color Moodboard ↦ Livia Blackthorn // Pink

“I realized something,” she said. “I want to be like you, Jules. Not this second, not right now, but someday. I want to take care of people, other Shadowhunters, people who need me. I want to run an Institute.”

okay i knew i was missing something with this scene

the jealous glare, the sparkles, okay, everything okay

now lance is over it, he seems perfectly normal, the topic has changed

but then pidge leaves with matt, and so does her potential attention


and just in case, the jealous sparkle is exactly like the ones he sent matt when he flirted with allura

*drops mic*


HUMANS S02 E04 CLIP: odi + sophie.