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I'm having some problems to get a character from a place to other. Basically, her parents died a while ago and she's living somewhere else. She lived in their parents' manor, now she lives at a relative's, and has just discovered a (magic) artifact that may belong to her mother, but she doesn't give it much importance. I want her to go to the manor but don't know how to set up the necessity. A young naughty girl may activate the artifact and raise questions, but don't know if it's good enough.

Unmovable Plot Facts (or what I like to call Very Important Facts - V.I.F.)

This sounds like a case of: “I need event B to happen, but it can’t happen unless event A happens, but event A has no logical reason to happen.”

It’s rare that we ever plot stories in a linear way, that is, we hardly ever plot our stories out in order. We often get ideas for much later in the story, and then we have to backtrack to figure out how we make those ideas happen. And this can be really difficult to do when our ideas don’t seem to fit together. So how do we fix it?

  • Assume NOTHING about your plot.

When we’ve been working with a story for a long time, there are certain facts and details that have been part of the story since the beginning. These facts are so cemented in our minds that we don’t even question them anymore. Things like: So-and-so’s the villain, the story takes place in a forest, my character is new to all this crazy phenomena. 

But what if so-and-so wasn’t the villain? What if the story took place in a desert? What if your character is a seasoned pro to the extra-terrestrial or paranormal? 

Whenever a story fact is proving to be inflexible and immovable, to the point where your story can’t operate around it, it’s time to make a change.

And it can be scary to make that change, especially when we’ve been plotting the story for so long with these facts in mind. But if we need event B to happen, and the event supposedly causing event B to happen (event A) is a longshot, then maybe we need another event to cause event B. 

TO MY ANON: What that means is, rather than coming up with a reason to get her to the manor, why can’t she already be there? Isn’t it possible that after her parents died, they willed her the home, and she moved back in? Could she have found the artifact while cleaning out an area of the house as she was moving back in? Or even years later when she suddenly needs the extra storage space/living space?

When changing one fact, you might argue that you can’t change said fact, because then you’ll have to change another fact, and what if you end up changing the whole story? Maybe you will, I don’t know. The goal is figuring out what facts of your story are most important, and if you can’t work out how to make other facts work with those Very Important Facts (V.I.F.), then those less important ones will have to change. 

  • Examine the V.I.F. itself and decide if it truly is a V.I.F.

So in my last point, I talked about changing event A entirely to work with event B (our V.I.F.), and in the case of the anon, event A is our character returning home, and event B is the character finding the magical artifact. She cannot find the artifact unless she goes home. If you can’t come up with ideas for how to get her to the manor, and you can’t really change the fact that she no longer lives there, then you have to examine what event B is actually doing for your plot, and decide if perhaps there is another V.I.F. that events B/A are getting in the way of.

In this step, ask yourself: what is my story’s conflict? And once you’ve defined that in one sentence, determine how many different paths there are available to getting there. Is event B directly tied to your conflict? Or is it merely one option of jumpstarting the real V.I.F.? 

For example, if the conflict of our anon’s story had to do with our protagonist inadvertently activating this artifact and then becoming involved in some epic quest to stop a great evil, there are actually numerous ways of getting there. Some questions we might ask:

  • Does the artifact have to be a family heirloom?
  • Does she have to discover it after her parents are deceased?
  • Could the artifact have been passed down to her years ago, got lost in a box, and resurfaced at the onset of our story?
  • Could she find it in an antiques store?
  • Could a friend find it and give it to her as a gift?

The important part of this story may not be how she comes by the artifact; instead, it could be what happens as a result. In which case, you could explore other options for getting it in her hands and activating it. 

  • For a rough draft, skip A entirely. Focus on B, because B gets you to C.

My last option for solving this problem is basically to ignore it. If you’re working on a first draft, or even a second draft of the story, and you can’t get over this one problem, then solve it by ignoring it. For our anon, if you can’t come up with a reason for her to go to the manor, then simply say: “She decided to go to the manor,” and let that be the end to it…for now. 

Because allowing yourself to skip event A enables you to focus on fleshing out event B - something you seem much clearer on- so you can move forward with the story. When we’re working with drafts, it’s best to work on the parts that exist most vividly in our minds, and then work on stringing them together in whatever haphazard way we need to. Cohesion and structuring will come later on, once we know a little more about what we’ve created. 

One last note to my anon: Try not to get too stuck on this detail. Change the setup if you need to, in order to make it work, or gloss over it until you’ve got more of the meat of the story written. As you’re writing the middle, you might come up with some amazing backstory detail that helps explain how everything started, and it may have nothing to do with her going to the manor. 

I hope this wasn’t a confusing post! I tried my best, but I think what it comes down to is accepting that your plot should be flexible, and you should be willing to change details to work with other details, rather than trying to force them to work together when they don’t. 


A PSA to customers of small businesses

Not a bad customer but I wanted to give this heads up to help out other small businesses.

So I didn’t really know this till I worked for a small business but company’s have a minimum on cards because they are charged for swiping a card.
If your charge is $5 and you swipe it then the company they use gets .50 cent(not exact number but close) this isn’t that big a deal
If your change is like $2 and you swipe the company they use still gets .50 cents. Meaning they get 25% of your purchase.

So if you are buying something from a small business that is less then their minimum please bring money. It might seem like a pain but it helps the business in the long run.

Again I didn’t know this till I worked for a small business and they informed me so I am telling others just in case people don’t know.

On Hanzo’s bow in cases

I’ve noticed a trend in Hanzo centered fanfics (I’m looking at you McHanzo peeps) lately that Hanzo in incognito situations would travel with his bow in a guitar case in some cases stormbow is disassembled in the case which is really the only way it could possibly fit. I’m not nitpicking anyone who writes it like that or really trying to put anyone down but as an archer myself I don’t think a lot of people realize how utterly massive Hanzo’s bow really would be .

I’ve noticed in some fanarts his bow seems small as well but not everyone knows that it would be massive or maybe it’s just a style choice I dunno man artists you do you I’m just rambling.

this is a picture of my recurve bow next to my guitar I am only 5 feet tall and have a draw weight of 25 lbs. 

Hanzo at 5′8 would have atleast an extra 6 inches on his bow possibly more as he is a sniper and as you can see my tiny bow for my tiny self dwarfs my guitar

The range from bows comes from the type of arrows (long light arrows go the farthest with pretty big fletching)and the draw weight my puny bow has a max range of 150 yards if i use lightweight arrows with the right kind of fletching. Based on Hanzo’s massive arms and chest his draw weight could be well over 100 lbs. (my 56 year old out of shape dad has a draw of 75 lbs, granted that is on a compound bow which are a whole other beast)

Hanzo with his massive bow most likely massive draw weight and most likely extremely long and lightweight arrows could easily do 300 yards (i was told the rule of thumb is +100 yards per 25lbs draw weight)

back on track though if his bow was to fit in any case it would probably be a cello case or at least a modified guitar case.

Hanzo carrying Stormbow in an instrument case is one of my favorite collective things in the fandom though. this is just something I’ve noticed and decided to comment.

In the end a fic is just a fic and art is just art no hate keep doing it how you do this is made up stuff about a fictional character so anything goes

In which BH has a crush

(again, these are seperate 100 word challenges)

Black Hat couldn’t seem to figure out what was going on with himself lately. His chest had been twisting and he constantly seemed to feel like barfing. Strangest of all, this always seemed to be the case when he was in close proximity  to Dr. Flug. He’d never quite felt anything like this before and it was driving him INSANE. Luckily, the doctor was a doctor. He could see him.

As usual, Flug jumped a little upon his entrance. “O-oh! There you are Sir!” Black Hat nodded slightly and sat down on the table in the center in the room obviously cleared for himself. Flug sped over to him, nearly tripping but miraculously saving himself before he fell completely over. “This will just take a moment.” Flug attached a few wires with flat, white, disked shaped things on the end to his head. Black Hat felt his chest twisting even harder at the closeness to touching his skin. He gulped.

Glannithro/Sportarobbie playlists I made

Okay so apparently, 8tracks won’t let you listen to music anymore without PAYING for it, …so I’ve made some playlists on youtube that I’ve decided to share in case any of your wanted to listen to them or something. Each playlist is a little under 40 minutes long with both consisting of 11 songs,  and I tried to order the songs in both of them in a way that it seemed like they were telling a story (not sure how well I managed that tho) 

The Glannithro playlist: 


1. “Nothing to you” -Two Gallants

2. “Nemeses” -Jonathan Coulton 

3. “Misery” -Maroon 5

4. “Spring again” -River Jetty 

5. “Introduce facts for the sake of fiction” -PlayRadioPlay! 

6. “Romance is boring” -Los Campesinos! 

7. “All your reasons” -Matchbox Twenty 

8. “Whenever we finish” -Two Hours Traffic 

9. “Love you for a day (hate you for a week)” -the Pigeon Detectives 

10. “Broken cash machine” -Modern Baseball 

11. “Change your mind” -We are Telephone 

The Sportarobbie playlist:


1. “Haven’t had enough” -Marianas Trench 

2. “Snow White” -Jaymay 

3. “Sleepwalker” -the Wallflowers 

4. “Overjoyed” -Matchbox Twenty 

5. “Tightrope” -Peridot 

6. “Accidentally in love” -Counting Crows 

7. “Shot out of a canon” -Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness 

8. “Dissolve” -Jonathan Coulton 

9. “Where did the love go?” -the Seihos 

10. “Excuse me” -Salvador Sobral 

11. “Clarity” -Leftover Cuties 

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What's your opinion on ships with age differences? I've always found these teacher/student relationships that are so common in the Naruto fandom vaguely uncomfortable, but you seem happy to comment and talk about them. However I don't think you've actually written anything like that.

I’ll admit I don’t really like power imbalance ships. So while I’ve written, say, KakaNaru, I don’t think I could ever set it during canon, when Naruto was actually Kakashi’s student. Same with MinaKaka - I would probably have to set it years later, when the age difference matters less. It’s largely a personal preference, because professionally I’ve dealt with the aftermath of a handful of abuse cases like this, and it’s always too much like rape for me to write myself. 

to a place where nothing shines

Pairing: Jace/Alec

Rating: M (again, just in case)

Summary: Where Alec is concerned, there isn’t much that can stop Jace from getting to him.

Notes: A fic I’ve been planning for a long, long time. Loosely based on the fact that Alec and Jace’s parabatai bond doesn’t seem to break when one of them dies and on the Orpheus and Eurydice myth, with an attempt at a happier (?) ending. All the warnings are inside; please mind them. Other than that, I hope you enjoy it!

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Hey about that book 'The up children down' who do you think wrote it did the elsens write it or the guardian's? If the elsens wrote it then why was the font so weird did they try to conceal it are there other types of elsens? Like authors or doctors or guards? And if the guardians did then who did cause japhet cannot write case he doesn't have hands although he could use magic? And enoch doesnt seem like he would neither dedan And did Hugo make it up?

I don’t know?  Just because it’s in the zones, however, doesn’t mean that someone from the zones wrote it.  Consider the old book with the unreadable title that Dedan gave to Hugo, and “written by E.S.”, which I’ve heard is based from a real-life book.

I’m not sure there’s literally other kinds of Elsen… they all work hard to gain places in history, and maybe writing an important enough book or whatever could do that for them.

Who knows where it came from?  Think about how the story of Japhet’s spiral into madness appeared on the shelves in real time as it was happening.  The same thing could be said for The Up Children Down.  OFF acknowledges the fact that it’s a game, after all.  Weird things can happen just because they’re a part of the story and gameplay.

Maybe it was written as a prophecy before the events that caused those in OFF, or maybe it was written after most of those events (the apocalypse?) had already transpired.

Any of these, or perhaps something else, could be the case.

when i breathe in, my bones crack and my rib cage rattles. there seems to be an emptiness within me - a heart that beats, yes, but a heart with no real meaning. i find myself, on days like theses, writing ‘farewell’ in calligraphy and drawing flowers on the corners of my notebook pages, and as much as i’d like to love, or love you, in particular, i find that i simply cannot. because when i breathe in, all i hear is the cracking of my brittle bones and the empty rattle of my rib cage.

- grace leach // a case of the rib cage rattles

So this isn’t an original idea by any means, but I thought someone may find it helpful.

I’ve always struggled with the whole “spell jar” thing because of the fact that in most cases, they tell you to bury it or keep it as it is, and having it one time use… isn’t my style. I would feel cluttered, or like I was wasting it (not a dig at anyone who practice like this, just not my style, your craft is yours!) But today I found a solution that seems so obvious I almost felt dumb!

When sealing the jar with wax, I plan on just leaving a whole candle on. That way, whenever I need to use the spell, I can just light it. And as the candles burn completely down, I can either clean off old wax, or just keep adding a candle to it. That way the spell becomes reusable! Another way would be to just seal the jar with wax and every time you need it, do the same ritual over with a candle lit to the side.

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I AGREE OMG I hate when people make everyone seem like a jerk????? like?? please go read their wikis or smth???????

I think there’s a tendency to make the characters jerks for humor purposes but honestly I don’t find people being mean to each other funny. 

Are some characters in Hetalia gruff or standoffish? Absolutely. Neither England nor Germany are exactly easy to get along with. Romano and Belarus are emotional/psychological messes and it comes out in their behavior.

It’s easy to write or think about a character as just being an unrepentant asshole. But people (or in this case, personifications) are much more complex than that. 

Let’s take Denmark for example. Yeah you might get a few laughs from readers if you portray him as a selfish jerk that drinks his own weight in beer everyday, but that’s not interesting.

What are the possible motivations for his behavior? Why does he keep trying so hard to be the leader of the Nordics? Does he need to be in control at all times? Does he enjoy a sense of power over others? Is he desperately lonely and wants to do everything in his power to keep his loved ones close and he feels this is the only way? And so on…

Basically writers worth their salt need to be willing to do some serious psychoanalyzing of the characters they work with, even if they only write fluff and never end up doing anything explicitly with these in their writing.

Mod Amanda (guess it was time for my weekly rant, sorry bout that)

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Imagine a tiny being the big spoon with sleeping with their significant other.

Awwww this makes my heart melt! I imagine the tiny hugging their giant lover’s back, looking like a baby koala on their mother’s back back~
Spooning a person much bigger than you may seem pointless, but actually it’s a great way to show affection and care, even protection ^^
Though in case the giant rolls over during the night they’ll accidentally squish their partner, who is not afraid since at that moment they’d be snugged comfortably and kept warm till morning~ ❤

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It really rubs me the wrong way though, that they had Quentin call tuna the BC. A man that literally almost drank himself to death over his daughters so quickly throwing that moniker around? A moniker that belonged (or partially, in Sara's case) to the two aforementioned daughters? It's just uncomfortable and seems so out of character for someone like Quentin

The writing is really lacking when it’s come to this storyline. And this is the part where I’d say “bias aside” but I don’t know how unbiased I can be about it. The thing is… there’s nothing that links Dinah Drake to Laurel other than the fact they share the same first name, “Dinah.” So adopting her moniker doesn’t feel justified or earned within the show. Why can’t she be called the Yellow Canary or the Purple Canary or the fucking Rainbow Canary? Why the Black Canary? Laurel didn’t ask to be replaced. She asked that she wouldn’t be “the last Canary.” So when Dinah is called “Canary” and Quentin is like “Uhh she’s the Black Canary” it’s like??? No she’s not??? I hate it. The writers have basically said “we don’t want to follow the comics” but at the same time they’re doing this because… the comics??? It’s just a mess. Laurel had to earn her role as Black Canary because the show was “realistic” and she needed to train, and sweat, and get beat up, and break and bounce back and endure all this shit just for the show to explore her destiny, but this character can just rock up with a metahuman sonic cry and be given the identity of “Black Canary” because her name is Dinah? It’s ridiculous. It’s horrid writing. 

Lucifer Rising

Summary: The first time you met the Winchester brothers, you were hanging out with Ash at the Roadhouse… It’s not the only new acquaintances you get that night.

Pairing: No pairing yet
Apperances: Ash, Sam, Dean, Meg, some hunky bulky demon, Lucifer
Warnings: Violence, threats, swearing
Word count: 3024

Please allow me to introduce myself… 

“Shit,” you hissed.
Pitch black demonic eyes met yours. It seemed like she could sense you, like sharks sense blood in water. You froze, and damned your curiosity. 

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So if the two Ciel theory is true, but rather the 'Lookalike' version of it, is the relationship between Ciel and Lizzy still 'incest'? Not willing to discriminate Sebaciel shippers, but i would like one less problem with shipping a safer and healthier ship

So you mean that our Ciel isn’t the true Ciel’s twin but just a stranger who looks just like him? I really don’t think that’s the case since it would be really strange if one looks exactly like the other but they are not related and also, our Ciel seems to know things from his past that prove that he’s a Phantomhive (he remembers his childhood with Vincent and Rachel as his parents, for example). So I think there’s no difference in relation whether Lizzy is with the twin or with our Ciel – both Ciels are Lizzy’s cousins. 

About whether that’s incest or not, I guess that’s a sensitive and controversial topic and opinions differ between different cultures, religions and regions. Here’s a map about where in the world marriage between cousins is legal (and that’s all I’m going to say about that topic).

Melon tripped, Chalcy went to grab her. They flipped, flopped, rolled, stumbled and bumbled down the hillside like a couple of…rocks. This had inadvertently caused them to fuse for the first time, creating Tumbled Aquamarine together.

Admitting, Melon was really beginning to enjoy Chalcy’s company whenever the chance arose, or heck sometimes she’d even willing seek her out when she felt more lonesome than usual. There was just something charming and calming about the huge woman, though that hadn’t always been the case, but that seemed so long ago.

There never had to be a reason for them to fuse, they could whenever and however frequently they wanted, sometimes it was just nice to be someone else together, or at least that is how Melon began to feel.

It had gotten late, they had been fused most of the day out enjoying another day together. They came apart in a warm glow and as it faded they stood holding each other close. In these brief moments after they parted from each other, Melon felt the most vulnerable and the most alone. Her gaze for a moment fixed looking at the dimming glow of Chalcy’s gem, before her eyes slowly traveled up, meeting Chalcy’s gaze down at her at the same moment.

There was silence still, Melon’s gaze fixed back ahead of her as her eyes closed as she felt a heavy feeling inside her, she’d felt it before at times like this with Chalcy, but this time she pushed it back down, tilted her head up softly, eyes still closed, and pressed her lips softly against the smooth cool surface of Chalcy’s gem, her entire being becoming a twisting storm of emotions, most of all fear.

It all washed away as she felt her bangs slightly get brushed away and soft lips press softly against her own gem.

“ Thank you…”


Chalcedony “Chalcy” owned by @s3tok41b4 and Watermelon Tourmaline “Melon” owned by me, we jointly own Tumbled Aquamarine

HEIGHT DIFFERENCES MAKE ME WEAK (I admit Melon is most likely extending her floating limbs a little to make her closer in height to Chalcy here, it is for sure not me making errors in art judgement no.)

(Disclaimer: I can not draw character interactions, or kissing so there)

We're an odd family but it doesn't mean I love you any less Part 3

Yay Part 3 is here! Its short but I hope it is your satisfaction :D I have a feeling this au will be a long one but oh well! Feedbacks would be great guys! It gives me an idea of how I am doing. Much appreciated Kiwis and enjoy! 

Part 1, 2

The hall was a little dark with only the dim lights and the blinking yellow lights. The walls were brick-white, the floors were super clean that you can see your reflection. 

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hey i'm trying to understand trypophobia better could you explain why the makeup vid was tagged?

Well, trypophobia in general is when you get grossed out or feel anxiety over seeing clusters of holes! So some obvious trypophobia triggers in the context of stim blogs would be sponges, when they poke a series of holes in slime, floam, clusters of bubbles, certain plants, stuff like that!

I mainly tagged the makeup vid as a sort of “just in case” type of thing! I wasn’t going to, and at first glance it doesn’t really seem like something that would be tagged as trypophobia, but I figured maybe the way the makeup bunches up as the person scrapes through it would bother some people in the same sense that trypophobia does? I guess what I’m trying to say is that it looks similar enough that I tagged it just in case haha ^^; 


Naruto Week 2017 // Day Seven
             Free Day // “No matter how far away you are, we will always be under the same sun, moon, and stars.”