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Hi there, I wanted to make sure you knew that Mayyim Hayyim has an immersion ceremony for the mikveh that is specific to trans Jews. contact info@ mayyimhayyim. org for more info.

Thanks! I had my conversion-related immersion at Mayyim Hayyim myself and would recommend it highly to anyone in the area (or anyone willing to travel there if they’re not living close by). And I did see a few pages on immersion ceremonies for events like coming out as trans, etc. that seemed really great!

exchanges (m)

Summary: In which Jeon Jungkook is that friendly neighborhood superhero, you’re the face in the hallway that saved his high school career, and he can’t ever seem to get a grip around you. Even when he makes you scream after a fated accident—not for the reason you may be thinking; get the thought out of your head! 
Pairing: Jungkook | Reader 
Genre: Fluff/Smut; Spiderman AU 
Word Count: 14,838
Author’s Note: Honestly though, it was only a matter of time before I got around to writing a story like this. I am obsessed with Spiderman, so this might just be the foundational guideline for many future Jungkook Spiderman AU drabbles to come in the future. 

The story was also heavily inspired by this photo that made me cry for seven days and seven nights. +photo credit !!!!!!!


(the present)

If Jeon Jungkook is against anything in his life, it’s one’s ability to exaggerate certain situations or problems to make those things seem much bigger than they probably were. Well, actually, take that back. It’s not that he’s against it per say, it’s just that his peer’s daily struggles of pop quizzes and missing the morning bus aren’t exactly headliner news—especially in comparison to what he has to go through.

Jeon Jungkook is against exaggeration, probably because he can’t get away with it himself. It’s not that he doesn’t like to exchange his fair share of embellished stories or fabricated events weaved into true experiences, it’s that he can’t afford to do so. Sharing stories of his nightly routines and dashing superhero adventures may seem great, but only if he could manage the burden of a personal life and a masked life intertwining.

As an 18-year-old boy, he can probably say it’s safe to assume that he cannot. Manage the overwhelming, opposite pressure both of his lives take him, that is. It’s difficult enough being a college freshman, a tiny fish in an ocean of whales and sharks, but throw in his late night Spiderman facade would be too much of a tale to share with other people and peers who probably ask too many questions and know too much about him. He’s never liked the exposure that comes with being in the spotlight, and he can’t hide behind his mask if people knew who he was.

Oh. Right. Speaking of his Spiderman facade, that’s who is he. Haven’t heard of him? You know, the dashing hero of Seoul, red and blue spandex attire with a web shooter, fine tuned senses and amazingly quick reflexes? The boy who swings around the city, volunteering for trouble and always coming out right on top? The boy who constantly maintains that casual, slightly amused tone throughout a majority of his rescues?

Yeah, well, that’s Jungkook.

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The word Clairvoyance comes from the french word clair which means “clear” and voyance which means “vision.” A clairvoyant is someone who receives intuitive information visually. Some call this third eye visions or second sight. A clairvoyant sees the truth about the past, present, future. Clairvoyance is the natural development of the sixth sense. When your third sense is developed you are able to see things others cannot such as spirits, energy fields, auras, and visual premonitions. A clairvoyance sees what others do not.    

Are you clairvoyant? 

  • You have constant déjà vu.
  • Getting visions is normal for you.
  • Your gut “feeling” is always accurate.
  • You have powerful, vivid dreams.
  • You can “see” trouble and when things are about to go wrong.
  • You find yourself daydreaming a lot. 
  • You have had precognitive visions in dream or meditation
  • You are starting to see flashes of Light or having blurry vision
  • You see things out of the corner of your eye and are constantly double checking that there is nothing there.
  • When you are listening to a conversation and you can visually see the events unraveling in your mind.
  • You often create entire scenes in your mind about the future.
  • You are a visual learner.
  • The aesthetics of you living space is important.
  • Movement in your peripheral vision when there is no movement in the room.
  • Spontaneous images that “flash” before your eyes
  • Ethereal colors surrounding a person or living thing
  • You find it easy to visualize in your mind.
  • You are visually observant
  • You have mental images randomly flash “before your eyes”
  • You see flashes of colors, numbers, and symbols.
  • It is easy to visualize places, people, and events. 
  • It sometimes seems like their is a “movie” playing in your head.
  • You have a great sense of direction.
  • You appreciate beautiful things.
  • You can envision entire plans inside your head. 
  • You have been told that you have a vivid imagination.
  • You had imaginary friends with detailed life stories as a child

If you answered “yes” to most or all of these you have a very well developed sixth sense.

Ways to develop your clairvoyance

  • Do lots of meditation
  • Raise your vibrations and energies
  • Record your observations
  • Practice your visualization. Visualize with flowers, numbers, and symbols.
  • Imagine your third eye opening during meditation.
  • Keep a dream journal. Record and analize their meaning.  

.Crystals for clairvoyants

  • Lapis lazuli - Opens your third eye. Induces dreams and insights.
  • Clear quartz crystals - Opens your third eye. A powerful stone for visions  and clairvoyance.
  • Amethyst - Helps with psychic development. Encourages deep meditation and higher states of awareness. It also helps with mental control and focus, opening your intuition, and gaining spiritual insight and wisdom.     
  • Azeztulite -  Enhances clairvoyance and bring forth visions from past and future. Enhances third eye activation, precognition, and higher dimensional consciousness.    
  • Azurite - Activates the third eye. Strengthens intuition and insight. 
  • Emerald - Opens up clairvoyant abilities.
  • Moonstone - Opens intuition.
  • Sodalite - Deepens meditation and stimulates the third eye.  

Herbs for clairvoyants

  • Anise - Great for any type of clairvoyance, divination, or any psychic developments. 
  • Bay - Burned to induce visions. Put its leaves under your pillow for inspiration and prophetic dreams.   
  • Cedar - Opens the psychic channels while protecting the operator.
  • Cinnamon - Aids in improving your psychic abilities.
  •  Lemongrass - Used to aid psychic powers. 
  • Lilac - Good for inducing “far memory” and recalling past lives. Also good for Clairvoyance in general.     
  • Mugwort - For clairvoyance, summoning spirits, manifestations and dreams.
  • Poppy Seeds -  For dreams, visions, and clairvoyance. 
  •  Rosemary - Used in pillows for dreams and visions. 
  • Sandal wood - Stimulates clairvoyance. 

May the moon light your path!

==Moonlight Mystics==


Glitter Ball

I’ve been seeing some discussion in past few days about how unrealistic it is that Bitty doesn’t hang out with other queer kids at Samwell, which is a valid point, and it reminded me I had a fic languishing in my drafts folder that involved an expanded look at the LGBTQIA group on campus, so I figured maybe the time had come to post it. It’s more about Dex than Bitty, because I started it as a response to the “Dex is homophobic” discourse, so this is from a “Dex has never been straight, he just doesn’t think it’s any of your business” perspective.

(It’s the beginning of a longer fic called “I Abhor You/I Adore You” that’s kind of an exercise in filling in all the gaps between the Nurseydex tweets and fleshing out the non-hockey parts of Samwell, but who knows if I’ll ever finish it.)

~4.5k, pre-slash Nurseydex, mostly Dex POV, guest appearances by Bitty, Holster, and a few OCs from the LGBTQIA group. Location of the IT helpdesk across the hall from the resource center entirely stolen from my own tiny liberal arts school, “the little gay college in the middle of Iowa.”

Read it on AO3 (now with the second chapter as well).

First year, first semester

Dex got a job with the helpdesk almost as soon as he got to campus. This wasn’t exactly normal for an unknown, untested, untried, and undeclared first year student, but he had references from his high school job and there was a constant shortage of people who actually knew how to do anything with hardware. Which, of course, was the thing most of the professors actually needed help with. They weren’t actually receiving a lot of emergency Python coding calls; they needed someone who could “make the goddamn printer talk to the computer” without pissing anyone off by being too condescending.

He enjoyed it; compared to having to do the same thing in a retail environment, this was downright relaxing, and he at least had some confidence the people he was helping weren’t complete idiots. He could even leave behind a Post-It of step-by-step instructions of how to fix the problem themselves next time and have it be followed at least 50% of the time! Not to mention his work-study hours as a student athlete were actually capped and enforced so he wouldn’t work himself to death. So relaxing when compared to high school, when he’d had to juggle IT work, lobster fishing, hockey, and grades good enough to get some kind of scholarship.

Since he’d gotten to campus early to start pre-season practice with the hockey team, he’d been able to establish a work routine before adding in classes, which had been helpful. The CS classes at Samwell were certainly more demanding, but that was why he was here, wasn’t it? All in all, he was pretty satisfied with how things were shaping up. (Now if only his d-partner weren’t such an entitled brat…)

Once the other students got back to campus, it became clear the helpdesk office wasn’t the only thing housed in the weird little building at the edge of campus. He was just ending a shift when a girl stuck her head in the door. “Would it be possible to get some quick help from anybody? It’s just across the hall.”

“I can do it,” Dex said. “I was just about to leave anyway.”

“Thank you!” She led the way into what appeared to be an all-purpose meeting room. The door now had a handmade rainbow sign taped to it, proclaiming it the Stonewall Resource Center. “We’re having our first meeting of the year tonight, and of course the one person who remembers how to work the projector is on study abroad this semester.”

“No problem. You hooking it up to a laptop?”


Dex walked over to the AV podium at the front of the room and fished out the giant cluster of cables and dongles. “Hopefully one of these will work, but we have adapters in the office for just about anything. Bring it over.” A minute or so later, he had everything working.

“Thank you so much!”

“Sure. I mean, it’s my job anyway.”

“Do I need to file a ticket or something?”

“Eh, whatever.”

“Um, you’re welcome to stay for the meeting if you want…”

“What’s it for? I mean, I can guess, but your sign wasn’t even up when I came in at the beginning of my shift, so, you know.”

“Yeah, basically it’s just a beginning of the year informational meeting for students about LGBTQIA resources on campus and a way to get those of us who are returning students to get started organizing other events. So maybe not super interesting.”

“No, it sounds like good information to have. I’ll stick around.”

She smiled at him. “Great! I’m Sam.”

“Will. Or Dex. I answer to either.”

“Nice to meet you.”


“So do you think you’ll come back?” Sam asked after the meeting was over. Dex had stayed to help her turn off the projector and leave a sticky note with the steps written down. (He was thinking about getting a set custom-printed with “Helping You Help Yourself!” across the bottom, though he suspected his boss would find this too snarky.)

“Probably not. I mean, not to regular meetings or anything—you can totally ask me for help anytime! I’m just kind of… past the place where I need this kind of group? And I’ve got hockey practice and CS classes that are kind of the point of my being here, so they take priority, you know?”

“Sure thing.”

“But you know where to find me! Seriously, I’m always happy to help. It looks like a great group. But I know I can’t commit to anything.”

“Cool. I’ll see you around then, yeah? Oh, hey, if you have any time on Friday, you should come to the softball game. We’re gonna slay.”

Dex grinned and offered his fist for a bump of solidarity. “You’ll have to come to a hockey game once the season starts.”


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The Baudelaire’s refusal to be grateful for their unfortunate events seemed like such a good message for kids - so I made a thing.

Altean Lance

So, I have recently fallen in love with Sad Altean Lance;
King Alfor favors his first born child, Allura, not only due to the fact that she was the first child but also because of how much he seems himself in her. Allura always studies hard, has a speech prepared for every event, and is honestly just a great leader in general.
Then there’s Lance, who really does try, but can’t ever seem to keep focus during his classes, and loves to be around people but doesn’t like the attention just being on him (so speeches were a big no). He would rather be a follower, than a leader, which Alfor doesn’t like AT ALL.
Due to this, Alfor basically completely shuts Lance out, instead choosing to focus his attention on Allura.
King Alfor has new dresses tailored for her, has her favorite foods (foods that Lance hates) made for her every meal, and goes as far as saying she is his favorite child.
Now Lance is used to Alfor spoiling Allura, but he never goes as far as admitting favorites and this new information just shatters Lance’s poor little heart.
So he tries. He tries to pay attention in class, but is always distracted by something. He tries to write a speech, but Allura’s always outdo his own.
Lance hates giving up, he would rather go down swinging, but doesn’t know what to do to make Alfor look at him again, to look past Allura for once and finally treat him like his own son again.
Which is why, at the next event held, a party celebrating the new alliance between Galra and Altean, Lance flees with a lonely Galra named Keith, abandoning his princely duties, his family, everything he had; because he see’s himself in Keith.
It’s only after the party that Alfor notices Lance is gone (Allura noticed earlier but didn’t want to ruin the mood) and sends a servant to retrieve him. When the servant comes back without Lance is when Alfor feels worried.
Guards searched for days, and found nothing.
That’s when Alfor weeps, scared his son is dead, so upset with himself for just pushing Lance to the side; had he been a better Father, his son would still be with them.


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This is perfection. Please make a fic. 

“Looks like you made the wrong choice.”

I am so fucking excited that Dark’s back, you don’t even know. I’ve always loved his character, and I got really sad when Mark reduced him to a sniveling emo vampire. BUT FEAR NOT, as it seems to all have been a ruse. The real Darkiplier is here and I am SO HAPPY. This event and video really made this Valentine’s Day great for me, and is one of the only times I’ve ever looked forward to it.

It’s been a great week - part South Africa

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Sunday, March 12

A quiet Sunday.

caitrionabalfe  Cape Town Sucks ….. #postproductionmeeting #we‘renotinCumbernauldanymore @samheughan @nightmaril #Karin

OMG!! Sam and Cait! Is this photo real? Did Cait honestly just post this!! Also, where can I find those sunglasses?



Monday, March 13

Filming has begun!

Tuesday, March 14

Steven Cree announces his kickstarter campaign.

Sam’s like on Instagram. Seems like a familiar couple that I’ve seen before. Maybe it reminds Sam of someone he knows.

Wednesday, March 15

The one year anniversary of the London Fan Event that so many here were able to attend. And the day some of the best interviews were filmed.

Also the 2 year anniversary of the LA Marathon.


Steven Cree now understands exactly what that means.

Sam tweets his support for Cait and confirms that he is still her biggest cheerleader. The man can’t help himself!

@abreathofsnowandashes notices something that we can’t stop laughing at.

Thursday, March 16

Everyone is heading to South Africa. Looks like Cesar is leaving soon.

And then this happened. Huge thank you to @surana17 for tweeting this to Sam. He NEEDED to see it!

And to top it all off Cait’s Instagram like:

Friday, March 17

And more twitter banter

Also Cesar and Lauren are in the air and on their way to South Africa! Cannot wait for Fersali!

Eagle eyes @sherrigamblin notices that the inflight entertainment unit appears similar to a photo Sam posted on the weekend of Cait’s birthday trip to Paris. Add it to the pile of receipts.

Saturday, March 18



We deserve this!

Sunday, March 18

Outlander goes hiking! All the love to Cesar and Lauren for sharing this adventure. See sharing can be fun!

Hai Cait! Love your necklace!

Oh just for good measure, here’s another fan photo of Sam and Cait out at the mall on Saturday, since they do things like that together.

One final shout out to all of our writers this week. We have been given so many drabbles and amazing fics this week.  THANK YOU!!! WE ALL LOVE YOU!!!

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And hopefully we still have more goodness today and I have to update this…

I can’t be the only one that wants to see this pic turned into an OVA

Just look at them all. Ishi is getting all emotional because his team came in fourth. Fukawa’s wearing the biggest smile ever since she probably won first for her team or something. Owada patting Fujisaki on the head after he got third in a “ya did great, kid” sort of way. Celes not only taking off her drill-like clip-ons and gothic lolita wear, but willing being photographed in this state. Even the despair sisters seemed to have had as good a time as they ever could.

Not to mention… a bit of confirmation on either NaeGiri or NaeZono. Because that is one very cheerful, emotion-filled smile Kiri’s got there. It also semi-suggests Naegi and Kuwata might have been close, which, if true, throws some tragic weight on the first trial.

I’d like a lot of major events turned into an OVA at some point: I want more of Munakata, Yukizome and Sakakura’s school life expanded on along with Andou, Izayoi and Kimura getting the same. I want to see some Hope’s Peak politics with Kizakura and Headmaster dealing with the Steering Committee, and maybe Tengan too to see his thought process under a different light. I want an origin story for the Neo World Program that finally gives some characterization for the real Miaya Gekkogahara, that finally gives Matsuda a voice, and finally reveals Fujisaki’s connection with Nanami. I want some of the core scenes from DanganRonpa/0 to be fully animated, like Madarai’s fight with Ikusaba in front of the fountain and Ryouko’s later escape from him (and perhaps they decide to animate the first time Kirigiri dodged some furniture from her own encounter with the Madarais). I want some of Future Foundation’s day-to-day workings leading up The Final Killing so we can learn more about Bandai and Gozu, or see what each of the branch heads primarily do with their time. I want to see the first few chapters of Killer Killer animated to advertise that series coming to a close. And of course, I want DanganRonpa IF to be fully animated so that Ikusaba won’t have to suffer the same fate in front of the populace at large as she did in canon: being remembered by the people she cared about as just a mindless attack dog for her sister.

But of all those hypothetical OVA’s, I think we’ve waited long enough to see the original 15 happy and grown past their insecurities through their friendship with each other enough to enjoy a sports festival together (and it’d be fun to watch Enoshima seething with fury through this experience before begrudgingly giving in and deciding to smile over all the despair she’ll feel from destroying these happy memories one day). Just to give some context to the memories the final 6 may or may not have regained by now.

Can we have this? Please, Lerche and Kodaka?

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On one hand, an engagement + wedding in a half-season does seem of a quicker pace than usual for this couple. However, if A&E did know contracts were up and some mains would not be back, and there's chance the show could just be canceled altogether, I'm glad they're doing the wedding now so we'll see it in canon with the core family. And yeah, like you said, they've been planning the musical since the beginning of the season apparently. The musical with songs relating to the CS wedding.

Exactly! This is NOT the writers figuring out last week that they might be cancelled and deciding to squeeze a wedding into the finale. 

They had this planned. Engagement talk starts THIS WEEK.  In episode 12. That is a full 8 episodes of runway to this wedding.  

Also I just love the idea that songs have been written about Captain Swan. That is amazing.  I love the fact that it’s a big event. I love the fact that it seems like a lot of the townsfolk are at the wedding (and in formal wear!) I love that JMo and Colin were both so enthusiastic on social media yesterday. I love that ABC invited reporters to the set to witness shooting of the wedding.  I love that Brigitte Hales tweeted this today after watching footage from yesterday:

I love that CS shipper Leanne Aguilera was so excited about what she witnessed. (and that she had a great interview with JMo and Colin) I love that she saw multiple songs (which means multiple wedding scenes/songs.) I love that Matt Mitovich said JMo’s dancing was cute and that David and Snow have a great moment and that there was a b-roll photographer on set! (I’m thinking a featurette on the DVD… the making of Hook and Emma’s musical wedding!!!!)

I’m just… there’s a lot to love right now. 

Star City Ninja Warrior

@spaztronautwriter : “Somebody write me the Mayor Queen does an obstacle course for charity and the whole city goes nuts AU please and thank you”

Is this good? Who knows! I like it. Pounded it out in like… 30 minutes? Hope you guys enjoy it!

Originally posted by oilversqueen

Months of preparation had gone into this moment. At least, for Oliver. The event itself “Beat the Odds,” had been in the works for almost a year.

The Glades Foundation created the obstacle-course style fundraiser to attract donors and raise money for the people and various charities that specifically benefit the Glades. People could also bet on the competitors.

The Glades Foundation President Raina Coppin, a no-nonsense, whip-smart woman had approached Star City Mayor Oliver Queen four months before. The event was having trouble attracting enough sponsors and getting enough press, so she asked the young, eligible, handsome mayor to participate.

Oliver had agreed. He couldn’t deny the Queen family’s part in the destruction of the Glades. His father’s closing of the steel mill and subsequent loophole in the union contract had left thousands of people high and dry. Oliver felt like it was his duty to do his part.

Once Raina had Oliver’s okay, she issues a press release.

Oliver really needed to stop being surprised by the media frenzy that followed him everywhere.

Now, Oliver was standing in the preparation area psyching himself up. Merlyn Global CEO (and Oliver’s childhood best friend) Tommy Merlyn was also participating, as well as renowned daytime-TV doctor (and Oliver’s childhood… frenemy) Carter Bowen. Ray Palmer had come to Star City from Coast City to participate. John Diggle, Oliver’s bodyguard, also got roped in when Raina visited. There were a few participants Oliver didn’t already know – including Sophie Baker, conveniently a bakery owner in Star City whose favorite hobby was parkour and Crossfit. Oliver was secretly intimidated by her.

“Okay, everyone! The cameras start rolling in 30 minutes! Hosts are pre-filming some stuff and we’re getting b-roll. Until then, this is our resident tech genius Felicity Smoak to give you all a few reminders,” she said, her dark brown eyes stern but excited. She was in a white pantsuit that set off her dark-brown skin and huge, white smile. She stepped aside – she was wearing heels, Oliver noticed, somehow composed and graceful on the grass.

Behind her was a woman Oliver never would’ve expected. Most of the filming crew was wearing comfortable clothes, but this woman was just as put together as Raina.

She was wearing a bright pink dress and turquoise heels. The color combination was a little blinding, and when she waved at the contestants he noticed her glittery nail polish. Her lipstick was the exact same shade of blue as her dress, and when she smiled Oliver was instantly… charmed.

Oliver was entirely positive he’d never used that word in relation to a woman before.

“Hi everyone!” she said, her sweet, beautiful voice floating through the waiting tent. Oliver took a few steps closer.

Tommy nudged Oliver and mumbled something about “nerd hot.” Oliver elbowed him in the side and said murmured, “Pay attention.”

“You guys won’t have to worry too much about the tech. That’s my job. Just remember to be aware of the cameras. This is televised, after all! But it’s still a charity fundraiser, do try and do a good job. I’m not saying you shouldn’t try to win. Though, the point isn’t winning. But – ”

“Miss Smoak?” Oliver said, entirely unaware of when he decided to open his mouth. “Mrs. Coppin said something about instructions.”

“Right,” she said, her entire face flushing as she glanced at Oliver before biting her lip. Oliver tried not to stare at her like he’d been struck dumb.

“Anyway, just do your best and have fun! And this is a family-friendly fundraiser, so if you do badly try and keep smiling!”

Carter grinned his slick, disgusting, smarmy grin and leaned closer to Felicity. “We’ll… I mean, at least I’ll be fine. My CrossFit coach says I’m the best student he’s ever had. And I hiked the Appalachian Trail last year,” he said.

Felicity pursed her lips and tilted her head. “I read that you hiked three days then dropped out because you said you had altitude sickness,” she mused.

Oliver and Tommy smirked, unable to hide the expression.

Felicity immediately flustered. “Oh, I’m sorry! Sometimes I just say the first thing that comes to mind. Anyway, you guys can… disperse, or psych yourselves up or whatever! I’ve said my piece,” she said with a grin.

She didn’t leave, though. She talked with Raina for a few moments after the competitors dispersed to their own places, but Oliver found himself drifting closer to Felicity.

“Oh, Mayor Queen,” she said, startling as she turned and saw him there. “I’m sorry about that babble, by the way. And thank you for stopping me. I do appreciate it.”

Oliver couldn’t help but smile. “There’s nothing to thank me for. You did great,” she said, sincere.

Felicity tilted her head, but she was smiling. “Well, if you say so,” she agreed.

“So, how did you get into doing tech for this event? Last I heard, you’d left QC to build your own company,” he said, having remembered her name halfway through her speech. Walter and bemoaned Felicity’s loss often at the dinner table since she’d left. Apparently, QC had offered her a hefty raise and new title, but she’d left it all on the table.

Felicity looked startled, and she blushed again.

“Walter talks about you a lot.  He’s still not over losing ‘the smartest person at Queen Consolidated,’” he said, imitating his stepfathers British accent.

Felicity gasped a little and her eyes widened. She seemed even more flustered than before.

“Oh, that’s too kind of him. But yeah, I was at QC until about a year and a half ago. Honestly, I was kind of… floundering at first. I had all these ideas but no idea how to achieve what I wanted. I met Raina at a coffeeshop where I fixed her laptop. It had a really, shockingly terrible virus on it, and we got to talking and she had this idea for a charity event and… I wanted to help. I quit QC to take a more active role in the world and this seemed like a great place to start,” she explained, then blushed again. Oh frack, that was so cheesy. I can’t believe I just said that.”

“No, I understand,” Oliver said, instantly reassuring her. “That’s why I became mayor. I never wanted to be CEO, and this was how I felt I’d make this city better.”

Felicity nodded, her blue eyes wide behind her two-tone glasses. “I know. I’ve listened to all… I mean, some of your speeches. I can tell you really care about this city,” she said.

Oliver felt instantly warm and couldn’t stop another smile. “Hey, I know this is kind of sudden, but – ”

“Okay everyone, places! Felicity, Camera 8 said they needed your help with something,” Raina said.

Was it Oliver’s imagination that her face fell? She’d looked excited, but maybe it was a general thing. The event was exciting.

She had to leave, and Oliver went back to Tommy.

His friend rolled his eyes and laughed. “Dude. You used to have game,” he said.

Oliver glared. “Shut up.”


Oliver was done. He’d done it! Across all the obstacles, up the vertical wall to push the button. He, Digg and Sophie had been the only three to manage it, and they posed with spectators and each other for pictures and interviews.

Felicity stood behind the last camera, a huge set of headphones over her ears and speaking quickly and quietly into the attached microphone.

Oliver definitely wasn’t imagining her blue eyes trained entirely on him.

Once it was all over, Oliver walked right up to her and asked, “Would you like to go out to dinner with me?”

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When We Collide (Part 13)

Pairing: Assistant!Y/N/CEO!Luke

Rating: NC-17

Parts: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12

Summary: He is the definition of high class smart ass, swimming in Dom Pierre Pérignon champagne and has never seen the shadow of poverty. She is underprivileged, lives in a messy dorm room on sale and struggles working as an assistant after being thrown out of college. But how will they collide when Luke makes Y/N pregnant after a drunkenly one night stand?

When We Collide on Wattpad

“Okay I know by the circumstances that it will most probably be hard but try to act as cool as possible-,”

“Oh my god, is that freaking Jennifer Lawrence?” Nicole blurted out loud with such wide eyes they were ready to pop out, making Luke almost want to smack his head in reaction.

Your eyes widened as well but it was in a mix of surprise, shock and confusion at the same time. The cameras flashing from the paparazzi were so harsh you were sure you would turn blind seconds from now. 

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Let me take care of you - Dean x reader

Requested by anonymous : 63 with dean please

63.  « Sweetheart, get off that table, we’re heading home. »

Pairing : Dean x reader

Summary : After a pretty rough hunt including vampires, Dean takes care of a drunk reader.

Warnings : Nothing else but fluff

Song ? : Listen to that if you want 

« This was a hell of a bloody hunt. » Dean remarked as he let himself collapse on the sofa.

« I totally agree. » you said as you sat not so without groaning on the chair, in front of Sam.

Vampires. Those blood suckers really gave you a hard time. No one has been badly hurt though, just minor wounds for the three of you. Nobody spoke during the way back, the only sound that could be heard was some rock song that Dean put on. The music was playing in the background while you, Sam and Dean were thinking about that bloody hunt. That was like that after each hunt : you always felt a bit guilty after killing them because those monsters were once human before turning, but you couldn’t do otherwise.

« I’m going to take a shower. I can’t stand smelling and feeling all that blood on me. » Sam announced as he stood up before walking towards the bathroom of that dirty and shappy motel.

« Alright Sammy. » you answered at the same time as Dean, causing him to smirk.

You threw a look at your damaged red fists, remembering every punch you gave with them. You winced as you slided your fingers on your fragile skin, a little bit of pain rushing through your hands.

« (Y/N) ? »

You turned around to look at Dean as you heard him calling you, your name sounding like a sweet melody on his lips. He was now sitting down on the sofa, facing you. You couldn’t help yourself but check him out quickly, like you used to do everytime you had the opportunity to.

« Wanna take a drink with me ? I’ll go nuts if I stay here all night. » Dean offered as he looked around him, raising an eyebrow when he noticed a spider web in the corner of the room, a sigh escaping from his mouth.

Your heart warmed up at the idea that Dean thought of you to accompagny him for a drink. You, too, needed to get your head out of this hunter life for a night. Plus, Dean would be with you, so what could you ask for more ?

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Showing You (Jesse McCree)

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Pairing: Jesse McCree/Chubby!Fem!Reader
Words: 1330+
Warning(s): self-consciousness,nsfw
A/N: hey guys! still slowly getting back into this blog. though i have to put off writing as a whole thanks to my birthday, finals, and graduation quickly approaching me. i can’t write smut for the life of me so take what you can get here lol.
Request:  McCree with a chubby/large chested reader who tries to deny her feelings for him, and he shamelessly flirts with her every single time he sees her. And he finds out that she’s been holding back because she’s self conscious about her body and thinks that McCree flirts with everyone like that, and couldn’t possibly seriously like her? SFW or NSFW whatever you wanna do!

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LISTEN, Hannibal pays very close attention to other ppl’s social interactions and also to how ppl respond to him when he uses different approaches/angles to with engages with them because, like of a lot of autistic/low empathy/otherwise ND ppl he is building scripts that he can later apply to similar social situations so his reactions seem in line with the norm. 

The thing is that he so fucking brilliant and so great at applying his knowledge base to new situations that very few ppl would ever pick up on what he’s doing.

But then sometimes shit happens that is so far outside of even Hannibal’s bizarrely eventful norm, such as “weirdo pedophile is stabbing my furniture” or “man crawled out of dead horse,” that he has no script that comes even close to fitting the situation so he’s just like “0_0 I have no idea what my face should be doing right now 0_0.”

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For pride month, I always see a lot of emphasis on Stonewall, since the first pride celebration stemmed in honor of the events there. I just thought it would be good to mention and possibly see if you could create a post about the Compton Cafeteria riots that occur prior to Stonewall. It's a huge part of trans/NB history that always seemed to be forgotten/ undermined by Stonewall. There's a documentary by Susan Stryker and the LGBT Archives that has great witness accounts and info sources. 👍🏼

Yes! It often gets overlooked that Stonewall was not the first rebellion of people defying expectations of gender and sexuality. In fact, uprisings like Compton’s Cafeteria, Cooper Donuts, and Black Cat Tavern riots all came years before Stonewall. It’s so important that we know our history during times when our movement is being whitewashed and erased. We have always been here and aren’t going anywhere. 

Feelings ; L. Donghyuck

➮ for: anon

➮ words: 1k

 genre: fluff, soulmate 

➮ summary: soulmates were a natural phenomena, and no one had an explanation for the mysterious occurrence in humans. During puberty a child’s senses change. Colors begin to develop and touch heightens, but with this a soulmate feels most everything the other does.
pain being the worst.

Y/N struggled with pain. 

her soulmate seemed to injures themselves at least once a year, but one year she ends up being the one who injures herself.

➮ request ➮ masterlist

Everything hit in a steadfast upheaval, creating a strange tingle in the fingers of Y/N down to her toes. The strange feeling of numbness suddenly gone and in a flash of white light turned into something exciting yet unnerving. The senses were enlightened from their dull stage and brought anew into the world at the peak of puberty.

The strangest thing was that scientist never understood this phenomena, it just seemed like a natural occurrence with no true meaning.

Now, it’s understood as soulmates. A topic so unheard of in ancient times that they dismissed it. Every child when they first came to puberty were delved into their true senses, and when they met their soulmate they would sparkle even greater.

A world where it was black and white and painless. Then primary colors would fade in, the soft tickle of pain fading in by puberty. These feelings would brighten ten-fold when met with a soulmate.

Y/N, was one of the not so lucky students who had yet to hit puberty. Most of the kids in her class had already been able to see the basic colors and switched into new classes to compensate for their growth.

Everyone has a soulmate, she was always told, although their status of life was the problem. If a soulmate was dead, the other would never be able to experience feelings like the others and kept in the lower class until graduation.

That was what Y/N was worried about.

At lunch she looked around the cafeteria until her eyes landed on F/N. She sighed loudly and her friend perked up, a pitying look on her features.

“It’ll come, you’re just a late bloomer,” she whispered, Y/N’s eyes rolling instantly before laying her head down on the hole filled table. She was one of the first in their class to know she was destined to have a soulmate, possibly find them and live happily ever after. F/N’s timid hand stroked Y/N’s hair and she moved with her touch.

“I’m just so tired, I want to know…” she groaned, turning back to her friend.

“We all do,” she was silent a moment, “I think it’s harder knowing you have a soulmate but never being able to meet them,” she sighed, turning away as well, the table turning into a pity party for a couple of pre-teens.

At the end of the sixth grade, Y/N had finally gained the ability to feel and see in color, but one thing she had totally forgotten was the developing feelings of both hers and her soulmate. She felt everything, from small touches to painful scrapes; anything and everything that could happen, seemed to happen to her soulmate.

In the seventh grade, Y/N’s soulmate broke their leg and there was no medication for something that wasn’t your own pain, so for an hour and a half Y/N was in agonizing pain, shriveled on the floor of her English class until she was escorted out and to the nurses office.

It happened often that kids would go to the nurse because of soulmate pains. So the nurses became very callous towards students claiming that they were in pain, but with something so obvious they weren’t ones to turn them away.

As soon as Y/N entered, they laid her down, hoping the pain would end soon.

Another time in the ninth grade, her soulmate seemed to have a pleasant night because her hips were aching and her head felt like it was going to cave in. She thanked the gods that he hadn’t done it since. Her head still ached often times, but she suspected them to be migraines.

It was just instances where having a soulmate felt undesirable, but when she laid in bed at night, wondering if they’d ever meet, she didn’t regret the times they had already shared.

Senior year came and she felt like everything was going great. As of yet, her soulmate hadn’t gotten themselves into any terribly painful events. Sometimes at night she felt them rubbing circles on their palm to soothe you to sleep. She felt as if this person was a close friend, but it was strictly physical, no communication, no feeling of companionship, but there was something.

Y/N had joined a local theater group that year that was steadily gaining popularity within the community. A few hundred people came to the evens and her solo performance for the play was up. Her nerves re-awoken and her thoughts dreaded the moment as you walked onto the stage, setting into her song.

She moved forward, a lovely tune on her lips as she walked forward with a slight misstep that caused her to fall off the stage.

The whole room gasped when they saw Y/N fall off the stage; twisted ankle and unbearable pain. She prayed her soulmate for her soulmate who had to go through the same pain.

In the theater, a loud ‘ow!’ echoed throughout the whole room, reigning attention to them as well, besides those helping Y/N with her leg.

The crowd still sitting rose an eyebrow at a dark haired boy who clutched his ankle in pain, although no sight of injury was in sight.

They gasped again before half of them crowded him, their words jumbled together and no one could make any sense of it. The only understandable things they said were “soulmate” and “there”. The fingers pointed, and as the paramedics came to dope Y/N up, he could finally feel the relied as your pain stricken face relaxed.

They brought her onto a gurney and called for any relatives or friends who would like to accompany them to the hospital. He walked forward, standing at Y/N’s side and whispered, “I’m her soulmate, Lee Donghyuck,” he explained, his eyes steely as he gripped her hand tightly.

“Alright kid, let’s go,” one called, rolling the gurney over to the ambulance and started it up to head for the hospital.

Donghyuck wasn’t able to see her for an hour or so until the doctor nodded him inside. She was laying in a bed, ready to be released when her parents arrived from out of town. He pulled out a chair, smiling lightly at her.

“Hey, I’m your soulmate,” he whispered.

“Hey, guess what.” He looked to her quizzically. “I’m your soulmate, too,” she laughed, shifting so he could look at her better.

They both noticed at that moment that there was so much more to the world than they thought, a feeling that lingered in the air they had never noticed. Donghyuck smiled softly, and so did she, holding her hand out for his. He held it tightly, like he had at the theater, although this time it wasn’t so serious. He played with her fingers, looking up from them and whispered, “Let’s get to know each other.”

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Rosaline and Benvolio domestic Request. Them discussing their social obligations and maybe not exactly hating each other.

Rosaline paced.

“Will you please stop that incessant - “

“In order for us to steal enough time to fool the Prince and our uncles, we need to continue this farce. Pretend to be married.” She grimaced, her skirts twirling around her ankles when she spun. “Pretend to tolerate each other.”

Benvolio, hands crossed behind his head, stretched out on the bed, crossing his ankles. “What a task that will be.”

Rosaline shoved his feet off the sheets on her next pass. “Obviously, affection will need to be gradual. Hand holding, touches and the like - “ He hoped she did not notice the way his chest flipped at her words. “But conversation - that will be important. If we suddenly cease to fight completely - “

“They will recognize it as a farce.” Benvolio leaned against his knees, still watching her move in patterns across his bed chamber. How she had even gotten in - “My parents used to bicker,” he says, smiling slightly. Finally, she paused, tilting her head. “They loved each other completely - but somedays, they could not bare to be in the same room.” 

Rosaline smiled too, and Benvolio decided he liked the sight. “They were not afraid to challenge each other.”

A long ago memory - a plead to his Aunt, before tragic events, when marriage options seemed endless - “Yes.” He stood, leaning against the bedpost, as Rosaline remained by his balcony door. “The key, it seemed, was in tone.”

The corners of her lips twitched. “Is that to mean I could insult you, but if I lace my words with honey, then it would be in affection and not hatred?”

Stepping closer to her, he tried not to grin. “It appears so. But it will be with great difficulty that I soften my voice when I speak to you.” Indeed, she rose the temperature in his blood with ease, particularly when her voice rose to indecent levels.

“And it will be difficult for me to pretend I want to kiss that cheek and not slap it.” Rosaline moved forward. “But I suppose - “

“For the good of Verona - “

“We must.”

He found it most difficult, however, to look away from her eyes. And she - she did not look away either, although there was no smile on her lips or his; and in that moment, with her fingers tangled in her the clasp of her cloak and her whispers still lingering in the air, Benvolio sighed. “I have faith in our abilities.”

types with a crush

intj - looks at you often, as if studying you, but avoids eye-contact. often ignores you, though not on purpose, and can seem uncaring. very quiet around you.

intp - compliment you, or occasionally say things that are very odd and irrelevant in order to start a conversation. smiles at you in passing.

entj - says things that are deliberately controversial or that they know you don’t agree with in order to start a debate. if they see you they will immediately give you their full attention. often protective over you.

entp - straight out flirts with you. calls you pet names sarcastically. establishes an ‘us against them’ connection with you. teases you, but like entj, often protective over you and will not allow anyone else to.

infj - sits by you and occasionally starts a conversation. laughs at your jokes, and smiles at you when they see you. shy around you.

infp - usually shy, but can talk to you for hours. replies to messages very quickly. can ask you for help with projects or ideas in order to spend more time with you.

enfj - your best friend, always there for you and wants you to be happy whatever the cost. they only get attached to people they know very well.

enfp - invites you to every event. tells you about their plans and ideas, discusses things with you and cares about your opinion. you trust this person a great deal.

istj - avoids you, and denies they like you if asked, though will converse with you for a while before abruptly stopping. they won’t make any advances unless they are sure you like them back.

isfj - always asks for your input and cares about what you say. generally a nice person to everyone, though can be quiet around you.

estj - can seem very cold and uncaring towards most people, but will occasionally laugh at something you say or smile at you before composing themselves. they’re the type to ‘see’ a message but not reply for minutes or even hours, just to keep you waiting.

esfj - jokes around with you and playfully teases you. finds an excuse to hug you like 2746 times a day. you’ve probably been friends for a long time, and everyone you know ships you guys.

istp - asks you about everything, and makes sure you’re okay. the type to send a ‘good morning’ text. cares about how you feel. they want to be sure they like you, so will talk to you a lot about seemingly irrelevant things.

isfp - spontaneous, they will surprise you with compliments and often even gifts. singles you out to chat with. like intj, they will sometimes accidentally ignore your messages or be a bit awkward around you.

estp - they’ll talk to you every so often, but you don’t know them that well. will occasionally do something purposely cheesy, like wink at you. if they accomplish something or are praised, they’ll always make sure you see and try to impress you.

esfp - they make it clear they like you, and aren’t afraid to let you know. they’ll make jokes all the time and try to make you laugh.


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Shawn Mendes x Reader

Word count: 919

A/N: Relevant to the Grammy’s happening soon… anon requested: “can you do an imagine where y/n stutters and she and shawn are at a red carpet event and an interviewer is rude about her stutter and shawn defends her?” I hope this is okay! X


I can feel my heart pounding as we pull up to the venue, my attention drawn to a long line of red carpet that seems like it never ends. Shawn grabs my hand, squeezing it gently, before giving me a comforting smile. “You’re going to do great, Y/N. Just act like you’re talking to me and me only.” He says, never taking his eyes off mine. I smile weakly and nod at him before bringing his hand up to my mouth and kissing it. The door is opened as we come to a complete stop. I step out of the car as my red dress falls out behind me. The lace detail of my dress is perfectly shaped to my collarbones. My stomach is doing flips and I can feel my throat getting dry. I hope I look okay.

Everywhere I look, there’s a different and extravagant gown, worn by the most beautiful women. They make me feel as if I’m a thirteen year old in a club, the feeling of misplacement is overwhelmingly real. I hold Shawn’s hand slightly tighter as he looks at me, a little concerned. “You look so beautiful…” He says to me quietly, he nose nuzzled in my hair to ensure I’m the only one who hears him. I shy away, only for his hot breath to return to my hair. “I mean it. You’re the most amazing girl here, Y/N.” I look up at him as his eyes sparkle from the camera flashes beside us. “Shawn! Shawn! Shawn Mendes!” A television reporter yells. Shawn looks at me once more before guiding me over to the reporter.

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