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The Baudelaire’s refusal to be grateful for their unfortunate events seemed like such a good message for kids - so I made a thing.

Altean Lance

So, I have recently fallen in love with Sad Altean Lance;
King Alfor favors his first born child, Allura, not only due to the fact that she was the first child but also because of how much he seems himself in her. Allura always studies hard, has a speech prepared for every event, and is honestly just a great leader in general.
Then there’s Lance, who really does try, but can’t ever seem to keep focus during his classes, and loves to be around people but doesn’t like the attention just being on him (so speeches were a big no). He would rather be a follower, than a leader, which Alfor doesn’t like AT ALL.
Due to this, Alfor basically completely shuts Lance out, instead choosing to focus his attention on Allura.
King Alfor has new dresses tailored for her, has her favorite foods (foods that Lance hates) made for her every meal, and goes as far as saying she is his favorite child.
Now Lance is used to Alfor spoiling Allura, but he never goes as far as admitting favorites and this new information just shatters Lance’s poor little heart.
So he tries. He tries to pay attention in class, but is always distracted by something. He tries to write a speech, but Allura’s always outdo his own.
Lance hates giving up, he would rather go down swinging, but doesn’t know what to do to make Alfor look at him again, to look past Allura for once and finally treat him like his own son again.
Which is why, at the next event held, a party celebrating the new alliance between Galra and Altean, Lance flees with a lonely Galra named Keith, abandoning his princely duties, his family, everything he had; because he see’s himself in Keith.
It’s only after the party that Alfor notices Lance is gone (Allura noticed earlier but didn’t want to ruin the mood) and sends a servant to retrieve him. When the servant comes back without Lance is when Alfor feels worried.
Guards searched for days, and found nothing.
That’s when Alfor weeps, scared his son is dead, so upset with himself for just pushing Lance to the side; had he been a better Father, his son would still be with them.


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This is perfection. Please make a fic. 

“Looks like you made the wrong choice.”

I am so fucking excited that Dark’s back, you don’t even know. I’ve always loved his character, and I got really sad when Mark reduced him to a sniveling emo vampire. BUT FEAR NOT, as it seems to all have been a ruse. The real Darkiplier is here and I am SO HAPPY. This event and video really made this Valentine’s Day great for me, and is one of the only times I’ve ever looked forward to it.

It’s been a great week - part South Africa

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Sunday, March 12

A quiet Sunday.

caitrionabalfe  Cape Town Sucks ….. #postproductionmeeting #we‘renotinCumbernauldanymore @samheughan @nightmaril #Karin

OMG!! Sam and Cait! Is this photo real? Did Cait honestly just post this!! Also, where can I find those sunglasses?



Monday, March 13

Filming has begun!

Tuesday, March 14

Steven Cree announces his kickstarter campaign.

Sam’s like on Instagram. Seems like a familiar couple that I’ve seen before. Maybe it reminds Sam of someone he knows.

Wednesday, March 15

The one year anniversary of the London Fan Event that so many here were able to attend. And the day some of the best interviews were filmed.

Also the 2 year anniversary of the LA Marathon.


Steven Cree now understands exactly what that means.

Sam tweets his support for Cait and confirms that he is still her biggest cheerleader. The man can’t help himself!

@abreathofsnowandashes notices something that we can’t stop laughing at.

Thursday, March 16

Everyone is heading to South Africa. Looks like Cesar is leaving soon.

And then this happened. Huge thank you to @surana17 for tweeting this to Sam. He NEEDED to see it!

And to top it all off Cait’s Instagram like:

Friday, March 17

And more twitter banter

Also Cesar and Lauren are in the air and on their way to South Africa! Cannot wait for Fersali!

Eagle eyes @sherrigamblin notices that the inflight entertainment unit appears similar to a photo Sam posted on the weekend of Cait’s birthday trip to Paris. Add it to the pile of receipts.

Saturday, March 18



We deserve this!

Sunday, March 18

Outlander goes hiking! All the love to Cesar and Lauren for sharing this adventure. See sharing can be fun!

Hai Cait! Love your necklace!

Oh just for good measure, here’s another fan photo of Sam and Cait out at the mall on Saturday, since they do things like that together.

One final shout out to all of our writers this week. We have been given so many drabbles and amazing fics this week.  THANK YOU!!! WE ALL LOVE YOU!!!

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And hopefully we still have more goodness today and I have to update this…

Sometimes she seemed like a woman without skin. She felt everything so intensely, had so little capacity to filter out pain that everyday events often seemed unbearable to her. Paradoxically it is also that skinlessness which makes a poet. One must have the gift of language, of course, but even a great gift is useless without the other curse: the eyes that see so sharply they often want to close.
—  Erica Jong, from Remembering Anne Sexton
Sometimes she seemed like a woman without skin. She felt everything so intensely, had so little capacity to filter out pain that everyday events often seemed unbearable to her. Paradoxically it is also that skinlessness which makes a poet. One must have the gift of language, of course, but even a great gift is useless without the other curse: the eyes that see so sharply they often want to close. Her eyes were astoundingly blue and astoundingly sharp. Nothing escaped her. She saw everything, and since most of what there is to see in the world is painful, she often lived in pain.
—  Erica Jong, Remembering Anne Sexton
I can’t be the only one that wants to see this pic turned into an OVA

Just look at them all. Ishi is getting all emotional because his team came in fourth. Fukawa’s wearing the biggest smile ever since she probably won first for her team or something. Owada patting Fujisaki on the head after he got third in a “ya did great, kid” sort of way. Celes not only taking off her drill-like clip-ons and gothic lolita wear, but willing being photographed in this state. Even the despair sisters seemed to have had as good a time as they ever could.

Not to mention… a bit of confirmation on either NaeGiri or NaeZono. Because that is one very cheerful, emotion-filled smile Kiri’s got there. It also semi-suggests Naegi and Kuwata might have been close, which, if true, throws some tragic weight on the first trial.

I’d like a lot of major events turned into an OVA at some point: I want more of Munakata, Yukizome and Sakakura’s school life expanded on along with Andou, Izayoi and Kimura getting the same. I want to see some Hope’s Peak politics with Kizakura and Headmaster dealing with the Steering Committee, and maybe Tengan too to see his thought process under a different light. I want an origin story for the Neo World Program that finally gives some characterization for the real Miaya Gekkogahara, that finally gives Matsuda a voice, and finally reveals Fujisaki’s connection with Nanami. I want some of the core scenes from DanganRonpa/0 to be fully animated, like Madarai’s fight with Ikusaba in front of the fountain and Ryouko’s later escape from him (and perhaps they decide to animate the first time Kirigiri dodged some furniture from her own encounter with the Madarais). I want some of Future Foundation’s day-to-day workings leading up The Final Killing so we can learn more about Bandai and Gozu, or see what each of the branch heads primarily do with their time. I want to see the first few chapters of Killer Killer animated to advertise that series coming to a close. And of course, I want DanganRonpa IF to be fully animated so that Ikusaba won’t have to suffer the same fate in front of the populace at large as she did in canon: being remembered by the people she cared about as just a mindless attack dog for her sister.

But of all those hypothetical OVA’s, I think we’ve waited long enough to see the original 15 happy and grown past their insecurities through their friendship with each other enough to enjoy a sports festival together (and it’d be fun to watch Enoshima seething with fury through this experience before begrudgingly giving in and deciding to smile over all the despair she’ll feel from destroying these happy memories one day). Just to give some context to the memories the final 6 may or may not have regained by now.

Can we have this? Please, Lerche and Kodaka?


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Shawn Mendes x Reader

Word count: 919

A/N: Relevant to the Grammy’s happening soon… anon requested: “can you do an imagine where y/n stutters and she and shawn are at a red carpet event and an interviewer is rude about her stutter and shawn defends her?” I hope this is okay! X


I can feel my heart pounding as we pull up to the venue, my attention drawn to a long line of red carpet that seems like it never ends. Shawn grabs my hand, squeezing it gently, before giving me a comforting smile. “You’re going to do great, Y/N. Just act like you’re talking to me and me only.” He says, never taking his eyes off mine. I smile weakly and nod at him before bringing his hand up to my mouth and kissing it. The door is opened as we come to a complete stop. I step out of the car as my red dress falls out behind me. The lace detail of my dress is perfectly shaped to my collarbones. My stomach is doing flips and I can feel my throat getting dry. I hope I look okay.

Everywhere I look, there’s a different and extravagant gown, worn by the most beautiful women. They make me feel as if I’m a thirteen year old in a club, the feeling of misplacement is overwhelmingly real. I hold Shawn’s hand slightly tighter as he looks at me, a little concerned. “You look so beautiful…” He says to me quietly, he nose nuzzled in my hair to ensure I’m the only one who hears him. I shy away, only for his hot breath to return to my hair. “I mean it. You’re the most amazing girl here, Y/N.” I look up at him as his eyes sparkle from the camera flashes beside us. “Shawn! Shawn! Shawn Mendes!” A television reporter yells. Shawn looks at me once more before guiding me over to the reporter.

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Alone. Part 2. (Tom Holland.)

Requested – Yes. Thank you for the great amount of support for this imagine. I am extremely proud of it. By the way, I always have a huge paragraph in the beginning that is suppose to be deep. It is suppose to be significant but honestly, sometimes I feel stupid.

Prompt – Tom and Harrison come back into your life after the huge fight went down.

Warning – Some asshole Tom.

Words – 2,019.


Part 1.

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Animation is in a really fantastic place right now isn’t it!

Shows like Steven Universe and Wander over Yonder are creator driven and given ample support from their parent studios to help them be as successful as they can be. While Steven Universe may seem trapped in an endless hiatus while Teen Titans Go airs non-stop, the Steven bombs are planned and promoted events that the studio counts on to be successful because they trust the show.

‘Adult’ animation has become the home for some of the best jokes with the age of Mcfarlen-style humor on the decline and the rise of great shows like Rick and Morty, Bob’s Burger and Archer. With “Sausage Party” we’re getting our first rated R mainstream feature animated film. Critique it all you want but this is opening the gates to more adult oriented animated content which is great because animation is not a genre, its a medium.

Established properties like Powerpuff Girls and Samurai Jack are being given a new treatment with a new generation of talented artists. People who love the old shows and are excited about continuing them and trying something new with them. 

Shows like Spongebob and Fairly Odd Parents soldier on and continue to be popular well beyond their expected lifetime. Established long running properties bring home the bacon for a studio and help to pay for those shows that the studio is willing to take a chance risk like Avatar the last Airbender. There are shows that are made with an ending in mind like Gravity Falls that are given the creative freedom to tell the story they want to tell.

Storytelling is healthier now than it ever has been. It is becoming the selling point as series like Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead continue to out perform traditional television. New and exciting opportunities for cross platform storytelling are coming with shows like OK KO which started as a show and became an awesome game! The people making animated content now grew up with great shows like Batman, Gargoyles, X-Men, The Simpsons, the list goes on and on!

It feels like everyone is just sort of…getting started :)

I’m an animation professional and I get frustrated when I see stuff like this.

aaaa happy holidays @woaerp !!! it would’ve been cool if we weren’t already following each other but when i checked out your blog i couldn’t resist following first hehe i love yuri on ice

i also hope you like that i drew them with your cat! when i first checked out your blog to see what you were like, you’d just gotten your cat so i thought it would be nice <33

i hope this christmas you get a lot of nice gifts and happy memories and $$moolah$$ HEHEHE

i hope we can be friends, you seem v v cool B^) let’s talk about yoi and your cat and gumlee!!! it will be great >:3c

- nutty!!!

(p.s. thank u mom @soupery for hosting the event it always turns out so heartwarming and fuzzy for all the participants. ur bomb. com)

the aeon

REQUEST: anon: “Do u take requests? If u do I was wondering if u could do something with credence x Metamorphmagus!reader?”          


WARNINGS: none, mentions of scars if you consider this a warning.

A/N: At first i planned to make a headcanon, but it turned out to be something more. I very much like this piece, tbh. Its couple of years after events of the first film. I’m not sure how Metamorphmagi were treated back then, but considering rarity and all that atmosphere we have what we have. Hope you enjoy!

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Happy birthday, @gladiolvs!!


○ Feyre is a an art student with a concentration in art history.

○ She previously lived with her boyfriend Tamlin before they broke up during her freshman year of college. She is temporarily sharing an apartment with Morrigan (Mor) and Amren in the city of Prythian. 

○ Feyre is usually in the apartment unless she has classes or is dragged out of the apartment by Mor to attend the latest party.

○ Feyre is mostly disgruntled to join any festive event due to her memories being mostly unpleasant from Tamlin’s rude actions when they used to attend parties together.

○ Currently Feyre does freelance painting and works at the Prythian’s art museum. 

○ She LOVES to go shopping, mainly for art supplies and guiltily she also loves to buy new clothes when she has enough money to afford it. 

○ Feyre, despite seeming a bit withdrawn from people, is actually a great converser and enjoys have discussions with people. (But if you spite her she won’t forget it and it will more than likely come back to haunt you!)

○ Feyre has recently started dating Mor’s cousin, Rhysand, who is the main shareholder of Velaris, a large company that thrives on entrepreneurial endeavors. The two met under less than pleasant circumstances when he saved her from three male students who were harassing her at a bar. Since that time their relationship has grown stronger despite the obstacles in the way.

So I’m sure I’m not the first person to point this out, but there’s some pretty loud negative space going on here, most notably the complete and utter lack of Weiss’s mother.

You would think that a proper family like the Schnees would go to great lengths to seem perfect to others, and yet, Jacques Schnee is at an important political event without his wife. She lives in the house and presumably doesn’t go out much, considering Whitley’s jab about her drinking in the garden in the early afternoon. There’s not any immediately obvious reason why she would not be there.

So why isn’t she here? She didn’t watch Weiss sing and she didn’t bother to come to an event that is, apparently, being held in the Schnee manor. I mean, it’s pretty clear to me that the family is so dysfunctional and the marriage so empty that Mrs. Schnee is on a level below trophy wife.

Imagine growing up in that environment. Weiss came out just fine given the circumstances, if you ask me.

A thing I was going to comment with, and decided to make a separate post -

We didn’t see Sherlock do anything much in TFP, with Eurus or outside of her storyline, to finally earn “good man, not just a great one” status from Greg.

Sherlock’s certainly done things that might qualify, there’s been character development, but I’m not sure any of it happened in TFP to prompt that line being said precisely then. As much as I was looking forward to that callback all these years, it seemed tacked on, maybe a bit forced to me. “Oh, right, better get him to say it before we wrap!” with no care to making it sound natural, like dialog that arose organically from the events of the episode.

(Unless it was purely for Sherlock finally remembering his name? ;) )

I know others don’t see the line that way, they’re just excited by it. I wish I saw it that way too, honestly. But to me, it just doesn’t ring true… in a way that’s out of character for this show, in a way that’s all over TFP and occasionally in T6T or TLD (although they’re off in other ways too) - textbook bad. Hollywood cliche melodrama bad. You can see it from space bad. Mary’s death scene not just being the worst kind of purple prose, but also breaking their previously stated in-world rules about death bad.

I play the game, right? I pull the threads? I listen to Greg saying these exact words in this exact context, and all I hear is a loose thread. And I feel like a fool for saying it after all that’s happened this season, but I can’t shake the feeling that it’s deliberate.

“I’m a mess, I’m in hell, but I’m in control.” “It’s not a trick, it’s a plan.”

The only thing I’m not sure of, is whether this plan is that they’re tracing out “Fuck off” on our map, or for-real catching an undetected serial killer. It could still go either way.

dontpointdownthere  asked:

I was expecting someone ask it but people seems more interested in talking about PM. But... tell about the event and Gillian and Jennifer and their book. And the meeting with the girls. I wish I live in the same continent bc I'm pretty shy and dont have many philes friends. It would be nice to meet you and the other girls. But... Ok. .. 😔

Thank you so much for asking!!

The event was great, I actually didn’t know anything about Jennifer Nadel and I just loved her a lot, she was genuine and thoughtful and seemed really kind.
I loved the moment when Gillian talked about Piper, I didn’t know she was in the room at that moment, but it was really sweet and moving and you could feel how proud of her she is. She also talked about struggling with parenting and working, and that for a long time she felt like she was only being a mum or working and nothing else, and that now mediation helps her to be happier and find a balance and is something she actually does for herself only.
Also, she buys her food at farmer’s market and her boys climb everywhere.
Sorry, that was random lol!

I didn’t get my book signed. As we were at the end of the line and they said Gillian and Jennifer would only sign for an hour, we thought we would never gonna make it (we were wrong, though) so we gave up because we had to go to the bar and take the seats anyway.

She and Jennifer also talked a little bit about social media and how we should actually take a step back. I was going to agree with them, but then realized that without Tumblr, I wouldn’t have met all these amazing people I met yesterday. I wouldn’t have had such a blast, and I wouldn’t have had so much fun!
The party was actually fucking awesome! We went to a bar and had drinks and shots, and when it closed, we went to another one and had more drinks and more shots. We ate banana with chili (that’s not good), we drank beer with chili (not good either), we peed where we could, met people who didn’t know anything about Xfiles and a bar tender who kept calling David Duchovny David Schwimmer. I’ve discovered the pee-wee which is some device ladies can use to pee like a man, and I’m totally going to buy that shit. We laughed a lot and I have the hangover or the century but I regret nothing.

I’m on my way back home now, I wanted to thank and greet all the people I met last night, but I’m actually afraid that I’m going to forget someone and I probably would as I can’t remember names! But it was so awesome to meet all of them, I can’t wait to do it all over again!

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Hi Rosy. The writer's foreshadowed Lincoln's death from 1x08. In 1x08 he told Octavia that he wanted her to remember him after he is dead. Few season's later, he is dead. Coincidence? No. They planned it. They were always going to kill Lincoln somehow. This leads to my theory that Bellamy won't be on the ship. Bellamy told Raven he won't be starving because he won't be on that ship. Maybe foreshadowing. I think they use words from the characters to reveal their own fate or future event.

Same anon. I think based on how the writer’s seem to use foreshadowing to hint future event or fate, then there is a great possibility that Bellamy might jump off the ship and rush back to Clarke. Hence, his words about not being on the ship. It seems like the most effective predictions come right from the mouth of the very same characters. I am re-watching all of S4 and plan to write down every time someone says something about their fate. The writers are giving us clues in the narrative.

I like it. Not only “I won’t be on the ship,” but also “if you’re on that list, I’m on that list.” It shows his CLEAR intentions that he will not allow her to sacrifice herself…. not without him. 

I do think that Lincoln always had his star crossed lover’s fate. He was a martyr for peace. 

Also L predicted her own death relentlessly. 

And someone just reminded me that both Clarke and Bellamy said they wanted everyone in Mount Weather dead, and even though they tried not to, that is what happened. 

Oh interesting. 

I like your theory because that’s working with my theory of the return to the previous story/event/challenge, but what they have learned leads to a change, and better outcome, like what happened with both Riley and Octavia in The Tinder Box. 

You know, we’ve got all these spoilers and doom speculations going around, and I think we have to remember that just because someone comes up with a speculation that sounds accurate does not mean that is what is going to happen. Even the spoilers, if they’re real, are out of context and there’s more to come. 

I guess I’m glad that I feel we’re far enough into the season to start looking at the evidence from the episodes to start working on some predictions and speculations based on canon. It makes it more realistic and less fear/fantasy based. I think we should keep looking for OTHER possible outcomes to the spoilers and speculations that we’ve already got. Cast the net wide, don’t get hung up on just one possibility.

Grieve But Don’t Despair

So I’ve been watching a lot of older political stuff in the past few days. Last night, I ended up rewatching this: 

Jon Stewart on the Daily Show, on their first broadcast after tragedy on 9/11. 

Now, I think that in almost every possible way, it’s unfair to equate the results of this year’s presidential election with that dark day. But, I can’t deny that both events seem to have a certain… airless quality about them. Everyone in my little New York City liberal bubble seems to have been in varying degrees of dazed shock for the past three weeks. And, much like 9/11, I’ve started to see one question come up again and again… 

“Where were you the night of the election?”

Which is why, I think, this speech of Jon’s hit so close to home. For so many of us, it feels like we’re living through the next Great American Tragedy, even if this time the collapse is happening in slow motion and threatening to spread out over four years. We are undergoing an undeniable crisis in our democratic process. Values which many of us hold at the core of our national identity are being denied, or outright attacked. There is this sense of, “What do we do in the face of all of this?” 

We Grieve But We Don’t Despair

This election happened. It’s not a dream. But our recovery from this tragedy will show that we are stronger than this. It is easy to tear something down, any fool can blow something up - but we are going to prove, through everything we do to rebuild whatever may get torn down, that we are extraordinary. That we will judge people by their character, in every sense of those words. History will not show that the people trying to plunge this country back into its own dark history as the winners. You know why? 

“They live in chaos. And chaos can’t sustain itself. It never could. It’s too easy and it’s too unsatisfying.”

So don’t give up on this country, not now. What makes America great is its wonderful, beautiful contradictions. We are together but separate. Progressive but conservative. And when we are pushed down, we rise higher up than we were before. We’re living through a slow motion tragedy. Things are hard. So grieve… but don’t despair. 

The great work continues.