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This week’s spread in my bujo, with my attempt to have a minimalist layout 🎶
So far I like the minimal aesthetic, we’ll see if I’d continue this in the following month.

My bujo is nearly coming to an end, in good timing because that means I can get a new bujo for back to school! Seems logical for me hahaha

I can’t believe it’s been a year and 2 months since I started using a bujo, and through trial and error, I finally managed to find a convenient bujo set up for me (check out this post for how I set up my bujo as a student!).

Beach City Updates

1. The Arcade appears to be the congregation zone for most people at Beach City. I’m guessing aside from the Beach and the Carnival (which aren’t too ideal when it’s really hot out) the Arcade is the place to go. Good for you, Mr. Smiley.

2. And speaking of Mr. Smiley, he doesn’t look as exhausted as he did in Too Short to Ride and Future Boy Zoltron. That could mean post-holidays, the tourists are back in town and he’s not living like a one-man staff anymore. 

Noting that cameo too! And they come back alter in the wash.

3. Lars and Sadie are trying being “together.” And it doesn’t seem as destructive as they were when they started out and denied their own identities. Sadie is still tough as nails and she’s not conforming to what she thinks the girl should be like in a relationship. And Lars isn’t pushing her on that or comparing her to other girls.

Sly hand-holding, guys. 

4. But Ronaldo is spying on Lars and Sadie? 
It’s completely in the norm for him to be observing things in general, but the way Connie’s binoculars pan imply his are trained right at them. That’s new. Or he could’ve been on them just at that moment because 

He probably looks around the area in general.

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Your "sub vibes" tag for Seb gives me life but HONESTLY gotta say I think hes a dom

I’M SCREAMING i’ve heard those words exactly never, just goes to show you the kind of people i uh choose to follow, but it’s all substan and subby dumpling AND THAT BOY’S A SUB as far as the eye can see. i’m super curious about your dom!seb headcanon tho?

but haha yes subby sebby is close to my heart, i always thought i’d make some gifposts but then thought they’d be a Bit Much. so i’m using this opportunity to further my case now, esp since i saw disappointingly few posts in that sub vibes tag, and i know i can do better :p

so this post ruined my life. JUST HIS TENTATIVE TOUCHES. this gif’s labled: sebastian_stan_trying_to_gently_scoot_another_pooster_but_cannot_get_it_from_underneath_chris_evans_arm.gif which kind of says it all??? this sweet deferential babe who’ll wait patiently til chris evans’s arm decides it’s done being anywhere it feels like!!

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My love, my life, my always.

REQUEST: Omg so I really really REALLY love your writing and I was wondering if by chance and when you have time, to maybe write a blurb or something about Harry not really liking PDA and Y/N is comfortable with that, but there are articles out saying how their relationship is about to be over and Y/N never usually pays attention and she finds herself a bit hurt by it, with maybe a little argument but lots of fluff at the end?? Thank you in advance if you do this! have a great day xxxxxx

I literally sat down & wrote this all in one sitting after receiving this prompt because it gave me all the feels. Hope you like it, beauty. Much love. xo

You and Harry had been dating for about six months now.

You had met completely by chance. You were spending the weekend in LA with one of your old friends and he happened to be there. All you did was walk up to him and ask for a picture—a picture turned into a conversation, a conversation turned into drinks, drinks turned into lunch the next day, and the two of you just…took off.

You never expected to fall in love with each other. Yeah, you were a fan and you loved him like any other, but you weren’t expecting him to love you back. You didn’t think that he would look at you, the high strung little human being that you were, and say “hey, I’m in love with this girl.” Not when he could choose basically anyone he wanted.

And then there were the things that you didn’t expect.

For example, as soon as you two became public at about four months, there was an absolute uproar.

You weren’t the slimmest of people. There was pudge on your belly and stretchmarks on your hips, there was absolutely no thigh gap in between your legs, and you were incredibly insecure about your arms. For the most part you felt beautiful and good about yourself, but as soon as you and Harry became public people began looking for things to tear apart.

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Day 1: Favorite moment/quote or a song that reminds you of Roy/Ed

“oh, don’t you dare look back.
just keep your eyes on me.”
i said, “you’re holding back, ”
he said, “shut up and dance with me!”
this man is my destiny
he said, “ooh-ooh-hoo,
shut up and dance with me.”

POST FMAB: Ed comes back from his long journey - he’s been traveling for what seems like years. Hell, he’s twenty-six now. But, he’s made it back in time to enjoy an annual celebration of his good friend Maes Hughes - they never did stop celebrating the man’s birthday. It started as a joke, a dare - but, the more they danced the more they noticed each other. Ed couldn’t help it, he smiled harder and brighter than ever before. So did Roy. They hadn’t before, not in each other’s presence. And, when Roy got a good look in his eyes, he just knew - the world was changed forever.

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Are they on a bathroom or what? I can resist these two ,,,

Hello, dear anon!

I can’t quite tell by the background. The more I look at the video, the less I think it’s taken at the club. The music in the background is faint, as if it’s coming from the radio, and I seem to recall Jared mentioning he likes to listen to the radio. There’s none of that thumpa-thumpa you’d expect to hear if this was indeed back at the club.

Perhaps it’s a bathroom, but the one in their hotel room? Would that explain why posting this is a “bad idea”? They know exactly how good we are at figuring things out, so… ;) Oh well, wherever this was taken in, I will forever be grateful. I just hope there’s no PR cover-up following - although that would prove that they were doing something they weren’t supposed to. 

Thanks for the message, sweetie! I can’t get enough of them either, not so surprisingly. ;) Have a lovely Saturday!

I drew this picture for @bunny-yams back when he was getting a lot of hate. I was going to post it to make him feel better, but I didn’t have an active tumblr at the time. No one deserves to be berated with hate like that. Especially, not in such a “lynch him” kinda way. I think Brice is a good person, he puts up with a lot and still seems to be able to come back here and do what he loves. I think that’s really admirable. Anyways, here it is (it’s based off of and inspired by his meet the artist post). I hope you like it Brice!

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How would Wanna One react when they hear you got into an accident while they're on tour? (Also, can I just say you're my favourite writing blog. Everything you post seems like the most realistic and fsjfkahd thank you, you talented human being.)

Jisung, Minhyun, Jinyoung, Daehwi would all start crying not knowing what to do at first. They would literally bawl their eyes out and would blame themselves for letting you alone. They would want to call you or someone close to you and ask them repeteadly to take good care of you until they come back. I also think they would want to drop anything and just fly back to you, just to make sure you are ok. 

Sungwoon, Seongwoo, Daniel, Jaehwan would all think it was a joke at first when they hear it, but after learning it wasn’t they would all be scared and call you immediately to make sure you’re ok. They would promise you to come back as fast as they could and to call you to check on you everyday. I think they would kind of try to change the subject a little and tell you that they will bring you a cute souvenir or something, to make you forget about the pain.

Jihoon, Woojin, Guan Lin would panic so bad at first and have no idea what to do when they first hear about your accident. They would probably feel so bad about it and think it was only their fault; somehow, I think they would all be reluctant to call you because they would be afraid you’d be mad at them for not being able to be next to you and support. When they do call you, they won’t talk much and all you can hear are muffled cries over the phone.

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I see your posts for Boruto and I love them because I think they are so accurate. I am actively in the Naruto fan base, with Boruto though I am really starting to hate it. Your posts make it seem tolerable!

thanks so much, darling. honestly i’m not exactly in the fandom anymore myself with naruto. something i don’t tell people is that i stopped watching when tobi was introduced so you can imagine how far back that was. there were so many characters being introduced that i lost track of what the hell was going on, i remember the exact episode i said fuck it on too.
i played ninja storm naruto so i felt like i had a good handle on the storyline but i didn’t actively come back until the ending. which was utter trash. i’m not an advocate of boruto whatsoever, i expose it for what it is; also trash. it’s rehashed and copy/pasted bullshit, nothing original. i make fun of it because there are people who probably don’t understand how they are supposed to feel about it, so i ad-lib the series to make it something where they can at least laugh at it.
the sasusaku and naruhina fandoms are toxic. naruhina fans don’t pay attention to actual material and sasusaku makes up whatever the hell they want to.
the ONLY fandoms apart of naruto that actually have main positivity is sasukarin, narusasu and narusaku. if you go into those tags you won’t feel the animosity, i swear to you those tags are in their own worlds and it feels NATURAL. it doesn’t feel forced or toxic. if you wanna feel good about anything in naruto–search those tags and bask in the positivity.

want my advice though? there are other animes that are nowhere near as toxic/underdeveloped that i’ve recently become apart of. there aren’t any ship wars, there aren’t characters we have to say “pro them and anti them” it’s all..full of love.

hunter x hunter – naruto derived from hunter x hunter and if you want a series where they handle everything right, this is one to hop on the train for. this is one damn good series where the antagonists you actually feel empathy towards. not like apologetic but hunter x hunter exposes the fact that antagonists are not evil people, with evil morals. like it makes you sorta wanna be on their side, basically it makes it hard to dislike them. which is GOOD writing. their motives aren’t “save/destroy the world” either, the author actually made their motives and interests relatable/personal. which is something a LOT of authors don’t do well. he doesn’t alienate his audience.
also a side note is character development is magnificent. watch some youtube videos behind the theories of this anime, your mind will be blown out of the water. there are parallels i’ve NEVER noticed the first time watching between characters. also there isn’t a main protagonist.

my hero academia – this is basically naruto done RIGHT. you have your characters that the story starts with but doesn’t stay on. it expands, you get subtle background on characters but not so much where your attention shifts from other characters, it keeps you guessing and it keeps you engaged. battles aren’t dragged on for ten episodes or five damn years. there’s also something relatable about the series, with izuku being a true definition of underdog. also the characters actually TRAIN. that’s a massive plus, we don’t just see these power ups. i also love how the power ups also aren’t overly done or asspulls. the characters also have weaknesses!!! like they have LIMITS!! the main character LOSES battles!! the main character reflects on OTHERS!! on HIMSELF!!! it’s not all about HIM!!! this series will make you cry, will make you laugh and actually make you sit on the edge of your chair.
in the fandom itself we all have one main spoken rule; everybody fucking hates mineta.

assassination classroom – talk about underrated as hell. you want a true underdog? this entire series is about achieving the impossible and gaining true utter respect. it also has antagonists (aside from that ONE guy, y'all KNOW the one) who become likable. it’s not centered around romance because it doesn’t matter. what you THOUGHT you knew, you DON’T know, meaning this series ISN’T predictable. it keeps you engaged and i have to admit i’ve rewatched it numerous times and i cry, laugh and breakdown every time. there’s something about this series that brings you to life. these kids aren’t even the definition of “troubled” either, there’s a kid in that classroom who is literally there only because his family is poor and he was caught with a job making money, which is illegal for families to rise even slightly above the poverty line because it’s essentially stealing from the government i guess.
character development and plot twists GALORE!!!
the only spoken rule in this anime; korosensei is everybody’s daddy. (sexual or familial, all up to you, in most cases people wouldn’t mind either)

gintama – for a series with 80% of it making no sense, it actually makes more sense than naruto did as a whole and that says a lot because gintama doesn’t have a set and stone plot line. yet the characters are relatable. there was an episode about the man who didn’t say a word to anyone because he was too scared, he was relevant for one or two episodes and we got an ENTIRE character development. it was fascinating. we also have characters that looks can be deceiving with. Sougo who has a baby face, is a sadist yet the most loyal bad ass there is. Sarutobi is also a sadist yet she has incredible development on her own aside from trying to rape gintoki basically. Katsura is a damn idiot but he’s gorgeous as hell. Kamui talks like a child with a gentle smile and he’s actually brutal as hell – basically this series is everything you could ever not expect. And what’s even BETTER about gintama is there is absolutely no hatred for anyone or anything. search this fandom in the tags and you won’t find a single thing centered around hatred. this fandom is as healthy as it gets because there’s nothing but love.

this is just a few. i promise on my life to you that the naruto fandom isn’t all there is. and believe me – no other fandom is even nearly as toxic/unlikeable.

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i used to be a larry it got a little ridiculous and i couldn't hang anymore. why y'all such conspiracy theorists tho? what if none of this is subliminal like honestly they could have been in love in the beginning but i don't see it towards the end or even now. i'm gay as fuck for larry when i believed they were in love but

“why y'all such conspiracy theorists tho?”

It’s not my fault that whoever is behind this ridiculous cycle of stunts is so bad at their job and so bad at lying that the idea that a 24 year-old man was pushing a doll around in a pram whilst being photographed seemed 100% more likely than the story they told. Seriously. I wrote about it back in January here and I’m not copying and pasting it all, but it outlines what has been presented as “fact” versus what I actually saw with my own two eyes. It’s not even a conspiracy article, it’s words versus actions. Which is what everything comes down to. You’ve heard the whole “actions speak louder than words” saying yeah? Well it’s a good way to go about critical thinking. I prefer to think of what I say and post as “critical thinking” as opposed to “conspiracy”. 

That article isn’t even taking into account that they announced the birth originally on the 20th of October 2015

I mean…it clearly looks like unfinished copy, but why have this story ready to go in October. On the day that One Direction cancelled their first show ever in five years. 

But no, they really covered that up well and didn’t at all shroud the actual birth in any kind of mystery by having some lady announce it on Instagram before having Louis do a slow stroll past a TMZ photographer on his way to go into Sunglass Hut to have a quick look around before deeming their selection aggressively inadequate for his royal highness and walking back out via same pap in case they didn’t get the shot the first time. 

I suppose I can see why people think this is a crazy conspiracy given how it’s covered in the media…


“what if none of this is subliminal”

“like honestly they could have been in love in the beginning but i don’t see it towards the end or even now.

Excuse m-

Now you’ve done it. You’ve brought “hollaback girl” Louis out because he heard that you were talking shit and you didn’t think that he would hear it. 


We’re done here. Good day.

Cry Wolf ch1

Werewolf!Jungkook reader insert

TW (eventual smut, injury (possibly graphic), physical and emotional abuse, trauma, dehumanization, will update as I create)

Heh I accidentally deleted my previous post of this///

Everyone knows about werewolves, the cities are flooded with them. The thing is, nobody is afraid. Werewolves are treated as trash, often packs of them stay together when going outside, it wasn’t very safe. Those who have no pack are the most vulnerable to attack, the news hardly bothering to report the hospitalizations and deaths from when normal people think they’re being heros. Most of those unfortunate enough to have no pack stay in wolf form often, making it easier to fit into smaller spaces and giving a bit more of an advantage if attacked. Doesn’t help much considering they’re were usually charged with assault if they defend themselves.
You left your job at around 9pm, you sometimes having to work a bit later than normal to finish up. It’s annoying but you get pretty good money working as an illustrator. Your cab drops you off at your building, it’s pouring rain.
Sure you were rushing to get inside, but that didn’t mean you overlooked the person leaning up against the the wall of a nearby ally, soaking wet in a black hoodie and bleeding a bit from the mouth. You know he’s a werewolf, pretty young at that. Your a decent human being though, and honestly couldn’t leave him out there… it’s dangerous, cold, he’s hurt, and considering he doesn’t seem to have a pack, probably doesn’t have anywhere to go.
The way he tenses up and tries his hardest to avoid eye contact shows how much he’s been through and what he honestly expects you to do (yell at him for being so close to the building or toss slurs in his face).
“Hey there” you say loud enough to be heard over the down pour.
He hesitates to meet your gaze, but after a moment he looks up. There’s a cut on his lip and a bit of bruising there and on his neck.
“It’s pouring out here, come in with me”
He sounds as if he is going to politely refuse, him stuttering out “I-uh, You see I-” but you interject, “Please don’t try to argue, I really want you to come inside” you kneel down as you speak, making sure he can see the sincerity on your face.
He paused a second, as if analyzing the situation he is in. “The rain isn’t stoping until morning at least” you say as gently as you can while still being heard over the crashing of water, it really takes a lot to convince him of you’re honest intent, he finally agrees.
“Yeah, ok” he speaks but makes no move to get up. You grab hold of one of the nervously fidgeting hands from his lap and start to get off the ground. He follows suit cautiously, you don’t miss the slight wince as he stands so you wordlessly put his arm around your shoulder incase he needs to lean on you.
“I-uhmm, thank you” he makes the briefest moment of eye contact as he speaks, but he breaks it immediately. He’s obviously learned to avoid looking directly at people.
The security guard at the main desk gives a bit of a look as you bring in the werewolf, but there’s no rules against ‘his kind’. It doesn’t stop the guard from asking a few questions, wolf or not, the man is a stranger. “Hey there __y/n__, is everything ok?” The guard asks, you look over with a friendly smile a the familiar man “Yes sir, we’re just heading up to my place. It’s raining pretty bad out there don’t you think?”.
He smiles a bit “well your right about that, I’m going to need your uh, friend’s name here though, ID if he has it… security protocol and all”, the guard pulls out a pen and clip board.
The werewolf on your side speaks, “My name is Jungkook, sir… um Jeon Jungkook” he pauses a second to reach into his jacket pocket, “I have an ID card here” he says shyly as he pulls it out. He lets go of your shoulder and walks carefully towards the desk, you can still see his pain as he walk, looks as if it’s coming from his side.
The guard looks over it carefully, “alright you seem like a good kid”, the man writes down Jungkook’s name on the clipboard “again it’s just procedure to take names of strangers in the building, alright?”
“Of course sir” Jungkook nods, still being shyly polite.
“Ok, then you two head on up”
You had come back to his side as the two had talked, but he seems to be determined to walk on his own.
“Come on” you smile sweetly as you start to walk to the elevator.
He still hesitates, but he follows carefully, weary of the environment.


anonymous asked:

I'm venting a little at this point, I'm so sorry for blowing up your inbox. ...A little embarrassed to contact you off anon.. (6)

Don’t you worry, anon friend! You can talk to me any way you feel comfortable. I’ll try to touch on stuff from your other asks, because I’m right there with you.

I don’t know what happened between you and your friend/RP partner, but I definitely understand how it can be really hard to talk to them after something like this happens. Wounds are fresh, but I do think conversation is the right answer. It’s going to hurt, it’s going to suck during it. But I feel a lot of my problems I had with previous partners could have been better solved with communication between both sides. You’re upset now, rightly so, so give yourself as much time as you need to come back to the conversation with a clear head and approach the situation in the best possible way. You come first.

I’ve been on the side left hanging more than I can count. There’s still people I think about with regret, like could things have been fixed? Why didn’t I get any form of closure? There may be a way things come out okay, character-wise and friendship-wise. You may not see it now, or there may not be it at all, but you tried. You don’t need what-ifs to make yourself feel worse.

From the way it sounds, your character is a lot like my Kazha’a, who opens up to very few, and would only develop a close or romantic connection to one person in his life. So, when things went south for me, with several partners he’s had over the years, I’ve regrettably had to press the reset button each time. It gets to me some days, how he’s, because of this, nearly in the same place he was development-wise as he was nearly two years ago when I started playing him on Balmung. 

Retconning was the solution I needed for Kaz. In a similar circumstance with Ellere, I kept much of her development (renamed her) and turned her former husband that had been played by a former partner into an NPC. So that she had some of the development remain, and yet I didn’t have to worry about ties to someone else who gave me bad memories. I know a few other people who’ve gone this route.

Another option (which I know really sucks to think about) is find a way to work with it. What change, what growth, what emotion would this cause your character to feel? You obviously love this character a lot. So don’t let it go. Change can be a good thing. I know how you feel, trust me. Each time I had to work backwards on a character instead of forward was beyond hard.

I also understand the feeling of being very tied to that one RP partner you lost. One of the first times this happened to me, I had no one to turn to either. I actually gave up RP for a good few months because I figured it was the end. But a last chance post on tumblr/RPC got me one connection, one connection that eventually brought me into an FC and friend group that was my home over a year.

One thing you learn, is RP communities… even one as big as Balmung seems, are regrettably small. People cluster with groups of people and it’s hard when you’re on your own and on the outside. I’ve felt that way plenty recently. But like I said, all it takes is one good person to reach out to you.

It’s also okay to step back, take a break, find something else for a bit. Come back, refreshed with new ideas, and less ties to old ones. Whether you play an alt, or step away from the game completely. You choose whether or not you “retire” a character, and you can also choose whether or not they stay that way. Nothing is ever gone.

I feel like I just word vomited a lot, and not much of it was really helpful. So I apologize. All in all, chin up! You’ve got at least one person in your corner hoping things turn out okay.

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I am curious about that ali theory!! Do you have a link?? And what are your fav theories??

Oh goodness, there are so many theories out there regarding Alison - whether it’s about her having a twin, being all knowing, being A.D. I’m gonna have to really comb through my likes to find them! But warning! Once you dive into this world, there really is no coming back. Like, I swear this whole idea literally messed me up for good because I can hardly see anything other but this.

1. A popular theory of Alison not being as ‘clueless’ as she seems and actually being super knowledgeable. 

Put together by @thebestplltheories (It’s a LONG read but incredibly detailed as to how Alison always knew of Charlotte and how things tie in with the mystery behind her).

2. A theory video of Alison having a twin - Courtney being the Alison you see now, whereas the real Alison we knew from flashbacks is still in hiding and is actually A.D.

This is also a long theory so you gotta really get some snacks, a drink, and dedicate being blown away by this video for a good hour.

3. A screenshot from a Reddit post of user EriCheri giving their thoughts about Alison being a twin.

There are many theories out there for you to drown yourself in! All in the same category of deception with slightly different ideas, falling into the theory pit of Alison being a twin/A.D./smarter than she gives on is like watching 9/11 conspiracy videos. There is TOO MUCH info and it really makes you stroke your chin.

And for your last question about my personal favorites right now, EzrA, Spencer’s twin, and all this Alison whirlwind mess are the main theories I’m just swimming in right now. They are the best ones out, in my opinion!

omeggs  asked:

I can't even begin to say how amazing you are. You are making tons of people in world happy right now by voicing this smug ass bird, then coming on Tumblr and Twitter and interacting with them. Not a lot of people do that and acknowledge their fans, and when they normally do, they're complete dicks about it. But you, you're actually nice and kind to them. That voice message you sent to Haley after she beat the game made my heart melt, she was so happy. God bless you, Sean. You'll go far in life.

I’m still going to find it immensely amusing when this track record of my voicing complete jerkwads (Santa, Revali, Spade, Gruda, Sheen, Riehlvelt, and many others) continues, and people start to assume that the reason I play it so frequently is because “the actor matches the archetype”. And as I’ve elaborated on a few posts before, I still worry that if my career continues to grow, I may transition from being an actor people are excited to find is in something else to one everyone groans at because “not again…”, even if it wouldn’t affect my desire to continue working in the field as often as possible.

But I’ll be perfectly honest, I did not expect this little livestream surprise to get as much coverage as it has been, and I hope people don’t assume I only did it for the exposure and/or PR Brownie Points. The fact is that it was completely spur-of-the-moment; I was sent the link to the livestream by her friend (who was actually asking for something completely different), happened to come in right during the final battle, and in that moment made a bold choice in regards to what I wanted to do.

A huge part of success in this industry revolves around being able to make strong decisions at a moment’s notice - usually involving developing a voice for a character after 2 minutes of holding their script and reading their specs - and that impulsiveness can be applied positively towards fan interactions as well. My life has been incredibly blessed in regards to opportunities and finances (make no mistake; those finances only exist because of hard, consistent work), but I have also had times where those opportunities came about because of the kindness of others. So, I try to always stay conscious of that fact that when I have the power to, I should do my best to make the lives of those around me just a little bit easier/more exciting - it can be through a voice message for a fan, or spotting a close buddy a new monitor so he can job hunt after scrounging up his finances and moving out, or even financially blessing the mentor who basically helped my entire career blossom so that he can turn around and do the same thing for others.

What it all really boils down to is that even though I am not religious, I have a firm, spiritual belief that good deeds have a way of coming back around to bless the giver in time. I think about the “Today You, Tomorrow Me” post from Reddit an awful lot, and I identify with the idea that if I help others when they’re in need - even when I have nothing to gain from it - then they will want to help me out in turn if I’m ever in a position where I need it. It may seem really dumb to think that something like sending a Youtuber to E3 is going to magically increase my chances of landing a next role, but in the grand scheme of things I doubt any excuse to spread more positivity in the world is a bad one.

anonymous asked:

Can I get an explanation of what is this antisjm problem? I just finished reading acowar and I took the tag off my black list and I'm finding all sorts of posts like this that I don't understand.

Oh sweety, I’m sorry you’ve come back to find this.

I guess one could say that the bad always seem louder than the good. While there has always been a presence of critique in the fandom, which was in a good and healthy balance with the rest, it has gotten out of hand and grown into a monster.

Many bloggers have deleted their apps because their dashes are full of nothing but negativity. Bloggers are attacking one another (from both sides) and stirring drama rather than just scrolling passed or letting it go. Instead of critiquing Maas’ writing, bloggers are now attacking her as a person, rather than realizing that it’s her mind, her story, and she has the right to write however and whatever she wants. They are her own characters, and we don’t know their stories as she does.

Imo, people are projecting their own hurts, problems, and issues into the books, creating “between-the-lines” content and context that doesn’t actually exist.

But I’m sorry you’ve come back to find the fandom disintegrating from the inside as it is. I sincerely hope a wave of respect and maturity sweeps through the fandom soon.

omgbouquetwhispers  asked:

Hi Lydia. I think I speak for so many that we miss your shefani posts. Always well thought out & mostly well sourced. Could you please give a recap or better yet a detailed post on where you think they're headed? It's been 2 years of magic bliss. Eeeeeekk! Please share your thoughts on news about new music from Gwen. Lordy, I'm scared she's going to kill us all. It's going to be great. Have a lovely Sunday.

Hi!! Okay so in case some people aren’t on twitter, last weekend I “won” a poll by @imnotcranky so I’m slowly coming back to tumblr. And this seemed like a good intro post! 

Where I think they’re headed. Three days ago I would have said I thought they were pretty much already there. The last few months we’ve seen more than ever how they are one family unit, doing as much and spending as much time together as they are able, and really settling in to making a life together. From major things like posting actual family pictures 

to smaller things like Zuma riding with Blake instead of Gwen, or Gwen tagging a pic of Blake & Todd with #brotherlylove. Not to mention the kids being in Blake’s music video! Like that tells me there’s no doubts about long term commitment. Plus of course spending so much time together. They’ve only been apart 2 weeks of the last 3 months. Considering how busy they are and how all over the place Blake’s obligations are, that’s impressive to me. The way they are balancing Oklahoma and LA makes me think they’ve really settled into a good groove and figured out what works best for everyone and maximizing their time together and all that logistical stuff. So now it’s just working out pretty perfectly. 

But I was sort of on the fence about whether I thought they had actual marriage plans. Like I don’t have any doubts that they have agreed on a lifelong commitment and have been building a life together, but actually making it legally official i would change my mind everyday. 

But idk man the last few days with Gwen’s reaction to this video, like posting the walking down the aisle with the “sounds like a damn good life” lyric makes me think maybe they really are planning on getting married soon. She might just think it’s a romantic song but today at any rate I think theyll be married soon. Remember last year I was sure they’d announce an engagement in October? Maybe it’ll just be October 2017 😆. But regardless of whether there’s a wedding in the near or distant future, or not at all, I think they’re well past the dating phase, and they’ve been into the committed family stage for quite some time. 

(let’s do the music discussion in a different post. but i’m super pumped ofc!)

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Idk what's happening?? But I really hope everything turns out okay,,,

Gosh, me too, precious anon! And it is not even about the sake of the ship, it is just awful to see them fighting publicly like this. Like, Ohm didn’t need to write any of that because it is clearly towards Bryce. And seems like Bryce also has Ohm filtered so Ohm can’t comment on his videos? Which explains why Bryce posted about filtering being a good thing. I see the others trying to calm us down but I really hope those two come to an agreement and just go back to being friends because that is awful thing to the fandom as a whole…


So basically we know Jasper is dead. And now we know how. Like, he didn’t die in the episode, but as my friend @ninjago904 said when we were watching it “he eventually succumbs to his wounds”. He may not have died in the episode, but I feel that he either died later off camera or he did in fact die and they found his dead body in the cave or something. I think the reason we don’t see him die is because this episode is David telling his campers about it. He wouldn’t tell them that he found his friends dead body or that he died later because of the wounds he sustained from the bears. I feel like it’s highly unlikely for one to survive those types of injuries without medical attention and I feel like he probably wouldn’t have gotten it at camp Campbell. I also saw a theory I do t remember where but I saw a theory a while back back when season 2 hadn’t yet come out that said that Jasper’s death had something to do with a chest injury (if I find the post I’ll reblog this and link it) and that theory did seem pretty good and considering what we saw in this newest episode quite possible.

When Rey first sees Kylo without his costume (or is shirtless/naked), what would his reaction be?

(Assuming Kylo is already redeemed and his relationship with Rey is beginning to blossom)

Would he be casual about it?



(Personally I think it’s a combination of all three. He would try to seem nonchalant but he feels too vulnerable and comes across as defensive and awkward. But deep inside he feels a bit smug because he knows he looks good.)

I feel you Rey. No one looked like that back in Jakku.