this seems greasy

Idea originally by my boyfriend, @gastrictank​.  Then @droolingdemon​ and @ianoquinnzel​ joined in on the fun!  So I decided to try drawing myself as a Selfmon/Pokemon.

Flamingo Pokemon

Flagoop’s feathers seem most greasy whenever it doesn’t prean itself.

No Evolution

  • Abilities: Poison Point, Cute Charm
  • Hidden Ability: Tangled Feet

It’s just pretty.  Don’t use this pokemon competitively.  You will lose.

i am having a significant amount of trouble finding enough information on men’s wigs/hair care in the 18th century. a lot of the same information keeps getting repeated. here’s what i want to know:

  • did hamilton wear a wig or powder his hair? at the very least it doesn’t look like he’s wearing one in the ezra ames portrait, but that would’ve been when wigs had pretty much gone out of style. i mean, after studying a bunch of portraits i’m under the impression that it’s his natural (fairly curly) hair, but i really don’t know.
  • if someone powdered their hair, how often did they do so and how often did they remove the powder? i know it was messy and greasy, it seems difficult to sleep in.
  • if a man wore a wig, did he always shave his real hair?
  • did men sleep with their hair in a queue? did they use some kind of hair net to keep their pillows clean?

honestly, if you know the answer to any of these questions (or if you just have some thoughts to add) hmu. i swear there’s a reason i’m asking, though it’s not a very good reason.


Effy’s series 3 hair

In most of the episodes, she wears her hair straight and down which is a cool and easy to keep up look. Sometimes, the ends are curled inwards. She might also add a headband (for example, a simple black, silver, pearl or studded one) to her look, like in the second picture above. On other days, she doesn’t style her hair, but she leaves it in her natural waves (which look very messy) instead. She can add a headband to that look, too, as we can see in the fourth picture. I don’t recommend wearing her another look, though. It’s very smilar to the last one, but her hair is limp and greasy, it seems like she hasn’t washed it for days. Fishtail braids are worn by Effy in the last episode of the series. They are rather messy, but she’s capable of looking great and cute in them which is something I’m always jealous of, but… what can I do?

“Wen Junhui is one of the sweetest and nicest svt members tbh he always puts his members before himself, he cares about others before himself, he’s so selfless that sometimes I want to shake him and scream!! at him to think about himself too!!!! he’s so hard working too and I hate it so fking much!!! how some fans or haters imo always make him seems like the “greasy” or “pervert” one I don’t like those jokes cuz Jun is much more than that fake ugly label you try to put on him or his personality.” 


If you didnt know already, i love jun so much and I’m so so so so incredibly proud of him and how far hes come. He had to learn and entirely new language and he knew it so well he was able to help minghao who wasnt as fluent, and now he is. He’s so talented and beautiful and I still dont understand how this literal angel is so unappreciated. He’s so smart and funny and kind he puts all of the other members before himself. He makes sure others are comfortable before himself - he tries and cooks when he can and he actively supports all of the other members in whatever they do (although ever member does this too). Hes learning to rap which is actually fairly difficult and even though he seems so greasy hes really sweet and wonderful pls stan wen junhui