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I just had probably one of the best days in my college career yet, and I’m just so happy? Like I’ve haven’t laughed this long and hard in a long time?


“imagine Corvo being the Emperor and Outsider is still his lover after 15 years of him being on the throne. :“) Imagine Corvo teaching him to ballroom dance.”

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people are hanging out on the train tracks that u usually hang out on. Do you ask to join the large group which seems more fun, join the singular person for a more intimate connection, or does your social anxiety force you to just go home

Honestly Yurio was so precious this episode??? His angry thing is seeming more and more like fun rivalry than hate. I mean. His reaction to his own great performance was

Excited and lighthearted, and though he did make a callout to Yuuri it wasn’t an attack, or a put down any more than what is normal between people competing for something.

AND BETTER YET when Yuuri was struggling with his own performance, Yurio on the sidelines


Of course he’s still not buddy buddy with Yuuri because he’s a grumpy boy. BUT THEN-

Is it just me, or is this Yurio’s weird, convoluted way of trying to cheer Yuuri up???? I mean he’s not good at it, but he actively sought out Yuuri, albeit not exactly for this, but he brings it up almost immediately. He’s trying, even if he wouldn’t admit to being friendly.

AND GIVE YUURI A BIRTHDAY GIFT. So Yurio bothers to remember when Yuuri’s birthday, and seek him out to give hie something. Not just something. Something special.

Yurio wants Yuuri to eat it now because he wants to see yuuri’s reaction, because he’s obviously thought about it quite a bit.

honestly I thought this was going to be Yurio making a crack at Yuuri about pork cutlet bowls, cause the way he waits for Yuuri’s reaction he’s waiting for Yuuri to say it.







This answer is so much better than any tag line I could have ever come up with.

How to Create a Positive Impression

1. Smile: People who smile are viewed as being warmer and friendlier individuals.

2. Be easy to impress, or to make laugh and smile: Others also worry about how people see them. If they think that they’re succeeding, then they’ll like you even more.

3. Show interest and liking through your use of body language: Face the person, look them in the eye when you’re talking, and show you are friendly through your open body stance (uncrossed arms and legs etc.)

4. Remember the power of transfer traits: Basically, that means that if you say nice things about other people, they assume you’ll say nice things about them, too … Or if you criticise others, then you’ll criticise them, too.

5. Poke fun at yourself: It makes you seem more human and approachable.

6. Remember the power of emotional contagion: That means that others tend to pick up the emotions we project. So, if you seem laid back, warm, happy and relaxed then those you are with will start to feel the same way, too.

7. Remember the name and few basic facts about the person you are talking to: Such as their job, college major, favourite hobby, favourite food, places they have been to or awards they have received.

a fun mini game to play while you’re playing overwatch is to kill enemies who are attacking your healer and keep your healer alive so they can continue to heal you. i know it might seem more fun to stand there spamming grenades into the distance fruitlessly whilst your zenyatta gets winstoned to fuck behind you but maybe consider this as a fun little change of pace

You know what kind of sucks in real life relationships?  Endless angst and drama and uncertainty.  You know what’s really fun in fictional relationships?  Endless angst and drama and uncertainty that adds conflict to the story.

Sometimes people enjoy horrible things in fiction because they’d never want to experience those things in real life, but fiction allows people a safe, reasonably controllable space to experience incredibly intense emotions and conflict and drama.

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Pairing: Dazai/Chuuya

“Let’s get married.”

Dazai didn’t get drunk. This was something Chuuya had come to begrudgingly accept after years of trying to prove otherwise, often ending up on the verge of blacking out himself before seeing Dazai anything beyond tipsy. (He’d later find out that Dazai had just mastered the slight of hand involving switching out his shot of vodka for water. After learning that, Chuuya only ever got him whiskey or rum.)

So, naturally, the one night Chuuya had something to attend to was the night Dazai decided to get drunk. He received a phone call through his second stack of papers and if it weren’t for the unfortunate status of their relationship, Chuuya would’ve spat at him to go die and hung up.

(And probably still gone to pick him up.)

Chuuya had managed to drag Dazai all the way back to his apartment before Dazai finally uttered a coherent sentence, stringing together words in the proper order. With piles of papers waiting for him, Chuuya intended on leaving after setting a glass of water and aspirin next to him on the nightstand. He was debating if he should also bring a trash can but decided against it, figured it would teach him a lesson to wake up to a mess.

But then, just as he was about to leave, Dazai spoke and Chuuya almost fell over.

(Dazai had the worst timing.)

His entire chest felt like it was on fire and when Dazai opened his eyes to give a lazy, lopsided smirk, Chuuya almost forgot the world outside that bedroom existed. “…What the–”

“I’m serious,” Dazai drawled, the way he was grinning obviously drunk but, somehow, voice seeming to keep steady. He pushed himself up on an elbow and reached out to cup Chuuya’s cheek, start leaning in for a kiss that Chuuya considered granting him before the waft of alcohol had him pulling back. Dazai didn’t seem to mind; he kept smiling and opted instead to brush his thumb over Chuuya’s lips. “I wanna marry you, Chuuya…”

Chuuya’s lips were dry and licking them barely helped. Clearing his throat, he stood and rubbed his nose. “…You’re drunk as fuck right now. You probably won’t even remember–”

“Then spend the night,” Dazai said and Chuuya felt him tugging at his hem. “Yeah? Come on, Chuuya…”

Chuuya said nothing.

Dazai sighed dramatically and had it not been for the way Dazai had been belting his heart out in the bar, Chuuya would’ve questioned if he was really drunk.

“You don’t want to see me hungover…?”

Only because I want to see him suffer, Chuuya told himself as he ended up slipping into the covers next to Dazai after changing into a spare set of pajamas he kept there. Dazai’s hot breath against the nape of his neck sent shivers down his spine, the trembling of his body lessened only by Dazai’s arm around his waist. The last thing Chuuya remembered was running down a list of things he would have to do in addition to tasks already laid out for the next day, waking up in the morning, first thought exactly what he heard Dazai groan:


Chuuya couldn’t help his smirk and dry laugh as he sat up to hand him the water.

“Worth the extra work today.”


Chuuya watched Dazai drink half the glass in one gulp before lying down again. A few moments later, he stood before Dazai could glimpse at his face; the slight disappointment weighing in his chest would undoubtedly be something that someone as perceptive as Dazai could pick up and Chuuya didn’t feel like being made fun of this early. But as soon as his feet touched the cool hardwood, he heard ruffling of sheets behind him and felt Dazai’s hand take his. Clicking his tongue, Chuuya turned and glared tiredly. “Unlike you, I’ve got responsibilities that I actually attend to, so–”

“I’m sober now,” Dazai murmured quietly, smirking as he pressed a kiss to the back of Chuuya’s fingers. The way he looked at him afterward had Chuuya’s breath stilling and heart seizing as he heard:

“And I still want to marry you. So what do you say?”

Chuuya’s problem wasn’t whether or not he wanted to stay with Dazai; it was if he could believe Dazai wanted the same. There was a reason he’d never brought up the topic or even lingered on the thought. As Dazai as Dazai was, that sort of long term commitment was something even he didn’t bring up airily and toy around with.

Every step of their relationship had been something that Chuuya instigated and yet the, arguably, biggest leap had just been made by Dazai.

Looking away and bringing his free hand up to his face before Dazai could see the full extent of his blush, Chuuya swore under his breath. He heard him laughing, sound followed by the feeling of Dazai pulling him against his body and wrapping his arms around him. Dazai’s cheek pressed to his head and Chuuya couldn’t help the slight shiver, a ghost of a smile pulling on his lips when he heard Dazai give a slight groan of pain at what Chuuya assumed to be a pounding headache.

Chuuya laughed and then heard Dazai hum.

“So that’s a yes?”

“Well,” Chuuya grumbled, brow knit but still relaxing into his embrace with a small smile.

“…It’s obviously not a no.”

Being the Weasley Twins’ best friend would include…

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- Meeting them at detention and instantly liking each other

- They would recognize you, but you didn’t talk to them so far, which is why all of you would be even more surprised by how much you have in common

- Starting to elaborate even more mischievous ideas during detention

- It wouldn’t take long for the three of you to basically be attached to the hip, since everything seems to be even more fun if all of you are involved

- Ron being not really thrilled by the idea of having one more person teasing him all the time

- Ginny looking up to you because she sees you as some kind of big sister

- Molly absolutely adoring you and treating you like a daughter

- Getting a personalized sweater as well every christmas

- All the teachers having quite a hard time when they have to teach a class that all three of you attend

- You cheering them on during their Quidditch matches

- Them deciding to give you extra flying lessons to get you into the Quidditch team as well

- Deciding to test some of the boys’ new inventions on a suitable test rabbit

- Professor Snape not really feeling that honored to be choosen as said test rabbit

- The three of you having to reorganize the potions chamber as a detention

- Inconspiciously ‘borrowing’ some things that might come in handy at some point

- The three of you going through everything together because somehow you always manage to find the positive sides about everything