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Hello :) I just wanted to say that I adore your writing and that you're an amazing person. You light up my dash, and I'm incredibly appreciative for what you've given to the SPN community. I hope you're having a lovely day, and have some time to stretch your legs, as you're a huge role model for me and I hope to see you happy.

So I saw this when I woke up this morning and kinda…sat on it all day because I really have no idea how to answer it. Thank you doesn’t seem good enough but like I don’t know what else to say. 

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How do we actually know for certain that the Undertaker checking Ciel's puls isn't after the current blue arc timeline? What if he right now is still in france, and he after something happens to Ciel in the Sphere hall returns and finds out about it, and then checks in to find out if Ciel's still alright.

You mean that this panel was a glimpse of the future? I like this idea. The scene where Undertaker visited Ciel seemed to have happened at another time than when Ciel woke up. And also at another place because the rooms look different. Here’s when Undertaker was there:

And this is where Ciel woke up:

The windows look different (there are two in the first scene) and the bedpost of the first picture is round whereas it’s straight on the second picture. 

So it’s very likely that these two scenes happened at a different place and therefore also not in the same night/morning. I thought that the scene with Undertaker could have happened earlier. But that’s a really good idea that it could happen in the future.

Lizzy is living at the Sphere Music Hall right now so there must be rooms to sleep in. Maybe in the future Ciel will also sleep there (for investigation,…) and that’s when that scene with Undertaker will happen. Remember the panel in chapter 113 where Lizzy was with Ciel? There were these gearwheels that are also in the first picture with Ciel and Undertaker:

Maybe there’s a connection. This will be very interesting to keep in mind for the future chapters. Thank you for sharing your ideas. :)

Come Back to Bed

Luke: You had spent the better half of last night out partying with Luke and all of his friends, and at the time it seemed like a good idea to stay out late, but now it was 9 in the morning and you had to be at work. “Ugh.” You sighed when your alarm went off. “Babe. Shut that shit off.” Luke groaned and you gave him a death stare before turning off the alarm and heading for the bathroom for one of the quickest showers of your life. After the cold water woke you up, you slapped on some makeup and put on clothes you weren’t even sure were clean. “[Y/N] where are you going?” “Luke I have to go to work.” You said as you sat on the bed to put your socks on. “Call in. Come back to bed and snuggle.” You grinned at the tempting offer but shook it off. “No. I need to go.” Suddenly Luke’s arms wrapped around you and you giggled. “Luke stop!” Your pleas were unconvincing as he started trailing kisses along you neck. “Just call in.” You sighed in defeat as you reached for your phone and dialed work. One day wouldn’t hurt.

Ashton: Sunday mornings were always sleep in days for you. It was a day where you could wake up late and eat cereal on the couch with your boyfriend and never be bored. Today was a different story. You and Ashton were supposed to go to your parents house for a Sunday brunch. “Get up Ashton. We are going to be late.” You threw a shirt at your sleeping boyfriend and he groaned. “I don’t like being up this early.” He finally moaned after staying silent for 5 minutes. “Seriously Ashton. My mom has probably been cooking all morning, so get your pretty ass up.” You turned around to fuss at him more but was surprised to see him sitting up in the bed smiling at you. “Why are you smiling?” “You look pretty.” Ashton looked you up and down before making a crawl for the edge of the bed and held his arms out, “Come back to bed. We miss you.” You walked into Ashton’s arms and smiled, and before you could say another word Ashton picked you up and threw you onto the bed. You knew there was no going back. You were definitely going to be late to brunch.

Michael: You knew that Michael had to go into an early recording session this morning, so when you heard his alarm go off, you clung to him like a kola. “You are not making it easy to get out of bed.” Michael chuckled, “Do I ever?” You laughed right as Michael rolled out of bed and headed for the bathroom. Once he came back into the room sighed and pouted at him, “[Y/N] you aren’t making this easy. You know I have to go.” Michael said as he came to your side of the bed and pushed the loose hair behind your ear. “Come back to bed, please” You put on your best puppy dog eyes and soon you heard Michael sigh, “The things you do to me. Scoot over.” You grinned and happily moved to the other side of the bed.

Calum: You knew the rules with Calum. You two would hook up and then after a small bit of pillow talk you would leave. Sure it wasn’t the healthiest relationship you’ve had, but you wanted to be with Calum more than anything so for now this worked. “Well I guess I should be going then.” You stood and gathered all of your things and was heading towards the door when Calum cleared his throat, “[Y/N].” He said faintly and you turned towards him, “Yes?” You smiled, “If I promised unlimited cuddling, would you come back to bed?” Your smile widened and you laughed. “That sounds like the best offer I’ve heard in awhile.” You said as you made your way back over to the bed and cuddled in next you Calum’s warm body. He leaned down and kissed your head and you placed your head on his bare chest, and stayed like that until you both fell asleep.