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Rainbow Dash and her Parents!

Okay, I was making my episode review/reaction post and I realized that thing was super freaking long now, so let’s put the analysis in a separate, this one, post!!

We finally meet Rainbow’s parents and they’re so great and quirky but a lot of stuff comes up from this– kinda making a separate post now!
Apparently after Rainbow Dash left and moved to Ponyville, she pretty much stopped talking to her parents, and when Scootaloo tells them that Rainbow’s a Wonderbolt now and they go to scream their support, Rainbow Dash explodes like we’ve never seen her before (and we’ve seen her put up with like a lot of shit).
We already knew this, but this is also kinda the first time Rainbow Dash talks about some of her failures, saying that she “wasn’t always the best at everything”– WELL ISN’T THAT AN UNDERSTATEMENT!?

Now that I’m going into it, this episode is pretty much confirming for me and filling in a lot of holes in my view of Rainbow’s character, so call this an episode review/reaction + character analysis, because let’s face it, this was a pretty revealing episode– we met her parents!

Let’s remember how Rainbow Dash was actually kicked out of flight school, and had some pretty big problems with bullying, then throw her parents into the mix. I’ve covered my idea of Rainbow Dash’s character and development before so I’ll link here to catch us all up.
Rainbow Dash’s parents absolutely adore her and there’s the obvious connection that all of that constant support totally inflated her ego, but there is a lot more to this. In the flashback, Rainbow Dash talks about how she kinda found her parents insufferable– being completely 1000% supportive of her no matter what, even in her failures. And then, when she finally began achieving, their support got worse and became something alienating to her.

Rainbow Dash has this thing about “failure”, and I think we can see a little bit of where it starts now. Rainbow’s parents have been nothing but supportive and caring, even when she failed at something– not winning competitions, getting kicked out of flight school, they were still supportive through that and I think that is when some resentment began to grow because she felt that no matter what she did they would always be screaming proud and that kinda desensitized her to really any supportive thing they did, and then maybe even anything supportive anyone said.
She sort of learned to filter out all the support her parents offered because it was too much and if she felt undeserving of it, then it’s clear this played into getting her self esteem to where it is. But still, she kept pushing herself harder so she could finally feel like that pride her parents had and feel like she deserved it, that’s probably why she pursued flying as hard as she did; we don’t know when that flashback took place but either before or after getting kicked out of flight school, she still went to clubs and competitions for it.

When Rainbow Dash finally did start getting better at things and winning competitions though, she found her parents only got more supportive, which would probably be at least as embarrassing as before for her and then in addition to that, we saw in the flashback that that began to alienate her from most of her other peers, so that had to be rough too. I’m pretty sure at this point Fluttershy was the only one that really stuck around and I think I talked about this before but Rainbow didn’t really respect her and sorta just kept her around when they were kids ((I COULD HAVE SWORN I TALKED ABOUT IT BEFORE BUT I CAN’T FIND ANYTHING ON IT– I’ll make a post another time)).
Taking all of this into account though, and the entire time her parents kept trying to cheer her on, it must have seemed like they didn’t care or even notice that things were going rough for her– SO NOW IT’S NO WONDER HOW ALL OF THIS HAPPENED AND WHY SHE SNAPPED AT THEM LIKE THAT! She might have even left Cloudsdale as fast as she could..

I think it’s really interesting that her parents are coming up now, though– it’s all very good timing! Rainbow is a Wonderbolt now and that character arc is sort of wrapped up now and the past 6 seasons have done a lot to humble her too– but looking at this now, THIS IS EXACTLY THE EPISODE I WANTED THIS SEASON TO OPEN UP THIS OTHER ASPECT OF HER CHARACTER THAT’S BEEN VIRTUALLY UNTOUCHED! Some good shit!!!!

Rainbow Dash’s parents love her, AND NOW SCOOTALOO TOO, so much though! <3

What are you afraid of Aria?

I’ve been re-watching episodes BACKWARDS for clues, and I found something VERY INTERESTING about how I have perceived the show when watching it forwards. It sounds confusing but let me try and explain. ****WHILE READING THIS KEEP IN MIND WHAT SPENCER SAID****

 As the seasons progress (forwards 1-5) we can tell that A becomes more harsh, more “ballsy” and pretty much just WORSE towards the liars. Lies become bigger, and yet A has been one step ahead the whole time. A started out being in charge and calling all the shots, but as the liars grew up they grew smarter- well lets not go too far, more smart than they were in Season 1- and they become less afraid. When I say liars, I should clarify: Emily, Hannah, and Spencer become more smart and more angry than scared, ARIA did the opposite. She got turned inside out, if you will. 

Watching backwards, Aria- if we don’t have the A label on her- has grown into a strong level-headed person who likes a certain Fitz and who is involved with her family. Watching FORWARDS, the way the show is written and intended to be watched- WE SEE HER COME UNDONE. Literally throughout the seasons (in order), she has become unrecognizable. Question is, why would she be becoming MORE afraid? I believe we as (ARIA IS A) believers have known all along. 

The three Liars(Em, Han, and Spence), four if we include Ali, have been inching closer and closer to A’s identity since the show started, and if they haven’t always known, we as theorists have always figured it out for them. A is starting to sweat. Just in time for a Big A reveal don’t ya think? I have mentioned in a theory before, that A might be thinking of a way to GO OUT WITH A BANG. Let’s be honest, the whole Doll-House round up could’ve happened in Season 3 where it would fit the best, seeing as though that is where the most dolls came into play, SO WHY WOULD WE COME BACK TO THE DOLLS NOW? Only one reason, A wants to end her gAme on her terms. 

This would explain Aria coming UNDONE throughout the seasons, instead of becoming ACTIVE in solving A-ness, like the other liars. She played along pretty well in Season 1 because she thought she had it all under control.

 In season 2, her storyline is basically about her and Ezra. She seems pretty OKAY- or at least the happiest of the liars-in that season unless it had something to do with him. Towards the end of Season 2 we can see her being inwardly stressed about something (I think it is because the liars get closer to A and she had to make a plan, but I will explain that below.) Other than that, its been a nice season for her. Ezra came back in the end, all is good in la la lAnd. 

And where do we really see her start to shift into this new Aria? In season 3 it becomes WAY OBVIOUS. This the season we see her mental stability in question, she gets physically sick and looks terrible in a few episodes(which I think is more symbolic obvi), and she and Ezra start having some problems(did they ever recover from this season, I mean a broken hymen- does not a broken heart mend(Ezria sex)), really it is breakdown season for this girl in all aspects.

+MINI THEORY ALERT***||||||Aria loosing it in season 3 is VERY significant because Mona isn’t her right hand man anymore, because she is locked up in Radley. As I have theorized before, I have said that Mona wasn’t happy about having to reveal herself, and asking Spencer to join. She was upset with Big A’s plan. She wasn’t in the spotlight anymore, she was in Radley now. Missing all the juicy stuff. It makes since why she started acting specifically weird around Aria in season 3. It explains why Mona said someone STOLE the game from her. Basically, someone took it without asking, they TOLD her it was over. It also makes since why Mona tried to buddy up with Aria when she got out of Radley, and eventually why she called Aria with exciting news of the proof that “Ali is A”. She was promised a head position again, if she did what was asked of her: faking her death, proving Ali was A. She was trying to get her spot back. This is why it seems that things are getting harder for Aria. New A-team members are messing stuff up (Lucas.) No one can do it like Mona did.||||||

THIS BEHAVIOR AMPLIFIES THROUGHOUT SEASONS 4 and 5 AS YOU ALREADY KNOW. SHE GETS EVEN CRAZIER, if thats possible. I don’t even have to post pictures about those seasons. Oi vey. 

We know Aria is ANYTHING but dumb, and yet lately (seasons 3-5) she has only been helpful or active-in trying to piece stuff together- when, 1- it involves her family and 2- if their “discovery” turns out to be an A trick. THERE ARE NO COINCIDENCES IN ROSEWOOD. 

Unanswered questions about Aria: We literally saw her kill someone and A has done nothing about that? She wasn’t worried about college because she was worried about Ezra, then she couldn’t get in, then she got herself in, and now she isn’t worried about Ezra (not literally- she obvi still loves him- but now he is on the back burner) and she is all worried about college and moving on? The few times something DOES happen to her, it can be explained/proved that A wasn’t the culprit? She hasn’t even mentioned her family lately, except when she wanted to know what Mike knew, and that he was safe, and now that “he is”, he isn’t “on her mind”? (Yes, she did say something to Andrew but HE brought Mike up)
These questions shine some light. They aren’t all the questions, just a few.

I encourage you to go and watch the seasons backwards. You pick up on stuff, and maybe keep an eye out for little miss AriA. 

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*Twitter LOVES Both “The Grove” & Melissa McBride*

There was so much praise and support out there tonight that an extra-large Tweet post just had to be made.

Fans stayed up till 3-4 am, depending on the time zone, and some even tried to go to bed early just so they could get up in the middle of the night to watch THIS episode.
There were viewing parties, tears, feels, award buzz talk and obviously compliments galore for both Melissa’s acting and Carol’s character development!

This is a testament to the true talent that went into all aspects of this episode - the acting, the writing, the vision and the emotional impact!
It’s rare for an episode of TWD to get approval from the critics, the audience and the fan base, all at the same time!
I guess she really is that good!!!

This is but a glimpse of the LOVE being sent out tonight!

Enjoy the FEELS My Friends!!!

CARYL & CAROL On - The Best Is Yet To Come!