this season is overall fantastic

[UPDATE] Daesung’s part on Fantastic Duo 2 ep. 14 got the highest viewer ranking yet (overall season 1 & 2)

[Herold POP] Fantastic Duo July 2 Episode recorded the highest viewer ranking yet (overall FD season 1 & 2). The 2nd half recorded 9.7%!

Note: FYI the 2nd part of Fantastic Duo Episode 14 on July 2 that got the highest ranking is the part with Daesung’s performance of Nalbwa Gwisoon

[Newsen] Emperor of trot, Seol Woon Do was defeated. Daesung fully demonstrated his trot talent and was reborn as the ‘national son-in-law’.

Note: Since Daesung won, he will be competing with other winners at the King of Kings Competition which should be the last episode of FD2 (date to be announced).

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Jealous John Fic Rec List

Compiled for @lawyermargo. Thank you so much for your suggestions, and I hope you enjoy!

A Brand of Gold by aquabelacqua: This is a fantastically smutty fic in which Sherlock asks John to help him flirt with someone (spoiler: he wants to learn how to flirt with John). So adorable and incredibly hot!

Possession by CaitlinFairchild: An established relationship fic in which Sherlock flirts with someone to get access to information and John is not pleased. Part of her Somatic Theory series (also known as “the hottest BDSM you will ever read”) and overall fantastic.

Fallout by allonsys_girl: A post-season 3 fic in which John and Sherlock are working together when Victor Trevor enters the picture. Features a likable Victor Trevor and plenty of jealousy; a great fic.

High and Tight, Soft and Loose by cwb: This wonderful fic features one of my favorite misunderstandings of all time. John is terribly jealous when he thinks that someone else is sleeping with Sherlock; miscommunications abound. It’s fantastic, go read it!

The Edinburgh Problem by snorklepie: This is one of my favorite ever case fics (very well crafted with amazing original characters), and it features a jealous John! Absolutely a must read.

I’d Probably Still Adore You With Your Hands Around My Neck by Mssmithlove: This is a great teenlock fic in which Sherlock and John are roommates at uni who secretly pine after each other. It’s a WIP but regularly updated, and a generally fantastic fic. If you like teenlock and jealousy, this is the fic for you!

All Along by PlainJane: This is the epitome of Jealous John. Dimmock flirts with Sherlock and John is, unsurprisingly, not happy about it. So great, go read it!

The Boy Who Drank Stars by kinklock: This is an incredible fusion with Howl’s Moving Castle, although no prior knowledge is necessary. It’s a brilliant story and John is terribly jealous of Irene Adler. I loved it; read it!

I can’t pretend by salambo06: John pretends to be Sherlock’s husband; such a fantastic story. I definitely recommend this one!

self-loving, self-loathing by kinklock: John sadly wanks to one of the tabloids Janine sold her story to. So much pining; a great fic.

Bread and Wine and Curry Once A Week by cwb: This is one of my favorite jealous John fics! John advises Sherlock to write a letter to the person he’s in love with, without realizing Sherlock is in love with him. So wonderful; a must read.

Spending my spare time watching Richonne vids smiling to myself...

I don’t know that I’ve felt this happy before with fiction.

I’m so in lurve with these two.  It’s insane.

Seeing them interact, just got my Richonne shirt, overall season six was fantastic…

This fandom is just beautiful.  Everythingthang is beautiful.

<–is going to write a novel length AU Richonne fic cause of the feels