this season is going to kill us

SVTFOE Season 2 Finale Recap: “Wandside Attraction” and “Star and Marco vs The Future”


I knew this season finale was gonna kill us all, but I was SO off on how it was gonna turn out.

And by the way, if you’re waiting to watch these episode at 8 PM tonight… turn back now. I just saw ‘em at 7 in the morning, and as I said in my last post, there WILL be huge spoilers here. It’s not too late to look at another post until tonight, but if you’re willing to take the chance or have already seen it…

…then here we go.


Song Day is upon us, and Queen Moon Butterfly sends the new songstrel Ruberiot (voiced by Patrick Stump) to the Diaz household to write a song about Princess Star. Star, who is absolutely NOT a fan of these princess songs, tries to avoid hanging with Ruberiot until he realizes he hates those same songs, too, and they team up to write a song that really shows people who Star is. Meanwhile, Moon heads to the Forest of Certain Death trying to get some answers on where Ludo’s whereabouts might be. And who better for her to go to than his father Lord Brudo, his mother Lady Avarius, and his little brother Dennis? However, when she finds Ludo’s new lair and discovers what he’s wielding, she realizes the situation is much more serious than she could’ve imagined.

Before she can proceed with her mission, though, she, her husband King River, and the Magic High Commission along with Star and Marco attend the Song Day event, where it starts off great with Ruberiot subverting the kingdom’s expections and bringing them a rock ballad about Star being the Rebel Princess of Mewni… but then the songs gets to the part where Ludo shows up and takes Glossaryck and the Book of Spells, and the King and Queen proceed to keep retrieving the book and Glossaryck back a low-key effort, which horrifies both the Magic High Commission AND the entire Mewman audience.

But that’s not what the fandom’s gonna be talking about when they bring up the song. No, when they bring up the song, what they’re gonna really talk about– Aside from how awesome and catchy it is. –is that it straight up reveals that Star is in fact in love with Marco Diaz, a point Ruberiot glorifies for the finale, and one that he didn’t even talk to Star about to begin with. This all leads up to the following 22-minute episode…


And if you thought Storm the Castle or Bon Bon the Birthday Clown were the darkest this show could get, this is here to prove you completely wrong.

At the Diaz Family’s end-of-the-school-year party, Marco is still in shock as to Star’s true feelings for him, and things hadn’t really been so normal since Song Day. Of course, Star isn’t handling it much better, either. So, to avoid having an awkward conversation with him, Star calls an emergency friend meeting with Pony Head, Janna, Kelly and StarFan13 (who was there the whole time!), and they try to get Star to forget about his straining relationship with Marco by bringing her to a more dangerous bash on a rooftop, where Star finally hangs out with his other crush, Oskar Greason.

But meanwhile, on Mewni, Queen Moon and the MHC bust into Ludo’s ancient temple lair, easily dealing with the rat army, Eagle and Spider before contending with Ludo himself, who tells them that Glossaryck showed him a page of the Book of Spells (which, of course, was Queen Eclipsa’s chapter), and then suddenly he was gone. As the others leave to search for Glossaryck and the Book, Moon tells Ludo that she saw his family before coming there and pleads with him to let her help him. And as soon as you think Ludo’s gonna accept her help and listen…

…Toffee completely hijacks his body and steals her magic off-screen, turns the wand into a new, giant right hand with the crystal embedded within the palm, and easily curbstomps the others and steals THEIR magic. After being revived by Lekmet, who dies immediately after, Moon goes full-on Mewberty mode and battles Toffee, who this time around comes up the victor as the temple crumbles and Moon retreats, getting the fainted MHC to safety, but not before Toffee warns Moon that he’s coming for Star and seeking to reclaim his severed finger.

When Star and her friends come back home, Star decides to suck it up and she and Marco have a chat and agree it’s best the two remain friends. However, upon going to her room upstairs, she finds her mother there, telling her that she’s in danger and has to come back home to Mewni. Star tries to stand up and tell her she’s staying on Earth whether Moon likes it or not… until she’s told that Toffee has returned, bringing Star into a state of shock and disbelief. So she complies with her mother’s wishes, but before leaving, Star heads downstairs and tells Marco, in front of everybody in the house, that she is indeed in love with him, in a moment that every Starco shipper has been waiting the entire series for… which ends up being twisted into the biggest tearjerker in the series yet, as Star runs up to her room with Marco chasing her, but when he gets to her room, Star’s already left and her tower is dissipating from existence.

If there was one thing I was right about in my predictions for this, it was that it was gonna end in the biggest cliffhanger/downer ending yet. This hour starts fun, light and cheerful, like any normal SVTFOE episode, but then it slowly starts getting darker and darker for our cast as things keep taking a turn for the worse, from Star and Ruberiot’s princess song revealing not only Star’s crush on Marco but also the revelations that the Book and Glossaryck have been stolen, to finding out just how diabolical and dangerous Toffee really is. The entire thing is like a perfect mixture between the Holy Shit Quotient-level storytelling in Storm the Castle, where so many things have changed by the end of it all. and the way Bon Bon became increasingly more somber as the episode went on, giving us this gut-punch of a tearjerker ending that’ll have everyone asking themselves what’s next until Season 3 premieres.

Of course, it’s not all tearjerkers and nightmare fuel from beginning to end (at least, Face the Music isn’t); there are several light-hearted moments where we get not only some great laughs, like with the opening Princess Moon number, Janna scarfing down the whole popcorn bowl before zooming over to the Diaz house and the rooftop party (where Oskar somehow managed to park his car on top) but even a good deal of sweetness like Dennis’ concerns for Ludo and the surprisingly well-written conversation between Star and Oskar at said rooftop party, setting up that maybe they’ll be hanging out more when Marco and Jackie are dating. But sadly, the makers of this show don’t go that route… yet, as far as I know.

The route they do take, however, works just perfectly within the context of what this entire season’s given us: A deeper story that’s just starting to get real good, throwing twists and turns at us at every chance it gets and just when you think things are gonna be normal, dynamics change, relationships are affected forever, and we end up being left hanging for our heroes’ adventures to continue. And thankfully, like I said, there’s a Season 3 coming our way soon (albeit not soon enough), so in that upcoming season, we’ll get to see how everyone’s gonna deal with their new situations, and what fate will have in store as the plot continues to develop.

In fact, I have an idea of how Season 3 could start off that I’ll share some point after the season finale re-airs tonight, but for now, it’s time for the hiatus that’s hopefully shorter than the last one we had inbetween seasons. And when SVTFOE3 starts up, oh ho ho, boy, things are gonna get really weird and really wild then!

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EVERYONE after the premier like "is meditations OKAY???" and. i hope. so badly. that that is meditations he has in that cell. like. of course it's okay. flint wouldn't give a thought to it being otherwise. ALSO... him rereading meditations... so soon after Silver asks him if he wouldn't give up this war to have thomas back ???? this show is killing me. We're already half way through the season. I'm used to things going fast here but. man. we're so close and so much still has to be said

meditations has to be okay or I will not be okay!!! :’( and you’re right, anon; it would be incredibly poignant if flint returned to the pages of that book after having that particular conversation with silver. [screaming]

and I KNOW!!! I feel exactly the same. I’m sweating a lil bit bc I do feel like much still has to unfold and then be wrapped up. but then I think about how far away we are from 4x01 already and I’m like “……”

everything changes so so quickly. at this point I can’t even imagine where we’re going to be in the last episode. I’m………how to put it……..scared shitless :^)


Isak season 3 + hostile_goose tweets

The Results of S2 of Voltron on the Fandom so far/What We Got

Ok guys this will be spoiler heavy so don’t read if you aren’t caught up

The Characters:

  • Lance fans are mad at his lack of screentime
  • Allura fans are glad at her amazing screentime
  • Prety much everyone is annoyed that Hunk?? Seemed to only be into food??
  • L E T  H I M  E A T
  • Everyone is happy that Keith is happy and knows more about himself now
  • Pidge was awesome this series she’s so much more comfortable with the paladins and herself and she’s so close to finding her family i’m just so proud of her.
  • Coran was great this season 10/10, would not change a thing
  • Shay’s cameo was the most important thing that has ever happened in history and honestly she’s the reason 2017 is going to not kill us all SHay you are perfect.
  • Tbh all the Galra commanders seemed pretty great this season, even without Sendak we still got that cool short guy, that scary cyborg guy, I promise I’ll learn their names eventually.
  • And Keith…hasn’t got a galra dad?? Why did we all assume that?? I guess because Haggar was the only female Galra??
  • bye zarkon no one will miSS YOU

The Shipping:

  • I’m only gonna cover the ones that I know a lot of people are behind so sorry I don’t address every ship
  • Suprisingly little Kallura activity so far, considering their interactions
  • Klancers being salty at how little we got BUT AT LEAST WE HAVE TWO BROS CHILLIN IN A HOT TUB
  • Hance are happy and pure like their ship is happy and pure
  • Sheith got a load of screentime so they’re happy
  • Sidenote-the klance and sheith seem to be fighting again. Sheith just want to ship it and ignore the problematic aspects of the ship, Klance seem to be bullying Sheith for enjoying their show. I’m kind of scared to discuss this in case either side send hate.

The Art/Fics:

  • It’s been all good so far
  • Keep it up
  • Don’t stop working
  • Your stuff is appreciated
  • If someone sends you shit for your art/fics then they’re shit don’t listen to them
  • I saw a neat one of Lance with nail varnish that was nice you guys are great

The Memes:

  • Paul Blart Mall Cop is the antagonist to an episode. Just him. No one else. He’s enough to chase 4 Paladins+Coran off an entire moon. A Meme on a space Swegway.
  • Space Dad Lives 2k17 > Space Dad Lives 2k16

What Don’t we Know?:

  • So who was that guy Keith rescued? He never said anything?
  • What’s Prince Lotor gonna be like?
  • What happened with the past paladins all we know is there was a ‘dark past’ and Zarkon betrayed them
  • What’s the deal with Keith’s family? Are they Texan? Alien?
  • What happened to Lance and Hunk? I mean they aren’t hurt but where was their character development I did say we were salty

So Eyewitness and Shameless have the same finale date and Sherlock season 4 is starting the day before Shadowhunters season 2. I have so many mixed emotions

I’ve been thinking and

I think this single line might just become the make or break of this anime.

Because it is either foreshadowing for Victor and Yuuri’s marriage - which will kill me.

Or it’s a set-up for Yuuri not winning/Victor and Yuuri not getting married for some other reason - which will also kill me.

I end up dead one way another, but one is blissfully dead and one is devastated dead.

Really, I trust the creators, they haven’t disappointed me a single time so far, but I do wonder how committed they are to actually going through with this. This line is the ultimate point of no return - they either keep their promise or let us down, and there are hardly any in-betweens.

If Yuuri doesn’t win gold but Victor stays with him for another season and the promise to get married remains valid then I’m cool with that, but I doubt any other solution will be satisfying.

Then again, like I said, the creators have done stunningly well so far. Maybe we will be blissfully dead after all?


Gotham Parallels:  Isabella and Liza

Liza was a tough, street smart woman that Fish Mooney turned into a “weapon” that she used to spy on Don Falcone during season one. Could Isabella be a similar “weapon”?

1. Isabella looked like Kristin; Liza looked like Don Falcone’s mother.
2. Isabella spoke to Ed sweetly and seductively, and  told him she found it exciting that he’d killed his last girlfriend. Fish coached Liza to make her manner of speech less sexy, more maternal.
3. Isabella just happened to be in that liquor store at the right time to approach Ed with a riddle. Liza just happened to go to the park where Don Falcone was feeding the birds, and approached him while listening to his favorite opera.
4. Isabella played shy and demure, but turned up the heat as needed. Liza was domestic and nurturing.

Each woman was too perfect to be real. We know that Liza was a fake, groomed with Don Falcone in mind. Did someone groom Isabella in a similar manner?

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Tometheus - A (finally!) coherent rant

Over the last few days, I’ve been having a number of conversations with a number of people about the possible identity of Prometheus, and everything’s just been making me go, “I need to write this down!”

So here it is, my theory: 

Tommy Merlyn is Prometheus. 

Yup. That’s my theory and I’m gonna stick to it till proven otherwise. Why? Because it makes sense.  

All reasons why Tommy Merlyn is Prometheus -  let me start at the beginning:

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  • Arizona: Dont ever leave, promise me that right now
  • Callie: Im not going anywhere I promise
  • Arizona: Hugs Callie
  • Callie 3 seasons later: The last 30 days has taught me so much, all I wanted when we first came here was to know that we'd leave together, but from the minute I sat down I could feel it I could feel that I was gonna be suffocated. The last several weeks I have laughed more I have done more I have enjoyed myself more than- and I finally feel free, and by being free now I can see that constantly trying to fix us the thing thats killing me slowly and I dont wanna do it anymore I dont wanna fix it or fix us anymore, instead of loving you so hard I should be myself for a while. I should love me and you should love you and together we love Sofia rather than-..I want so much for you Arizona, for both of much more than this. More than being stuck with someone who feels stuck. I want you to feel free too.
  • Me: Bitch what

A 1 season Netflix series. The cold open shows us a group of friends who have normal lives and basically happy endings. Then the narrator (the main character) says “Life wasn’t always like this” and the show begins. The show begins with a time card that shows us that we are in the past, basically the show is progressing towards that cold open scene. We, as the audience, expect a shallow show about this group of people who go through an event together but everything works out OK. However, as the season progresses, it becomes darker and more twisted. We see main characters be killed off in freak accidents and begin to get confused, because wasn’t these characters supposed to be throwing barbaques and hosting book club in the future? Well, as it turns out, that cold open scene? It was in the mind of the main character, who is in a coma after an altercation with the main antagonist. Their mind has created this false world for them. We want a second season to explain what the hell happened, but we never get one. Boom

things the flash tv show could easily be doing but isn’t so far aND IT’S DRIVING ME UP THE WALL 

  • letting wally use his mechanical engineering skills to help out at star labs 
  • giving us any [any at all] cisco x iris, cisco x wally and caitlin x iris scenes 
  • just!!! let cisco be vibe already!!! it’s season 3 it’s time 
  • giving us just one measly line [that’s all i ask] about where iris is currently living gdi. is she roommates with linda perhaps?? 
  • one scene with iris and linda being bffs every now and then isn’t going to kill you guys i promise 
  • why aren’t you using hartley. why has he only been in like 3 eps so far this is ridiculous 
  • now that len isn’t around, it would be really great if you would bring back golden glider and establish her as a villain in her own right instead of just captain cold’s baby sister i’m just saying
  • it would be really cool if she was leading a new team of rogues; maybe freed mirror master somehow and recruited him and the top and a few others 
  • also she and the top should be girlfriends 
Lucifer and the "stripper" theory

Well this promo has narrowed down which season 2b theory is correct. Because we saw shots of both Lucifer and Chloe speeding to the airstrip and the fact that Momma Morningstar is out for blood, I have a pretty good theory:

So Mom doesn’t just want to kill Chloe; she wants to use her to get back into Heaven. To do that she’s going to have to do something pretty drastic like, say officially turning Chloe on Lucifer (or vice versa). Maybe she’ll even kill Chloe, who knows?

Anyway, Amenadiel really can’t help but spill things to Maze so when she gets wind of Mom’s plan, she immediately tells Lucifer. Lucifer, who obviously can’t beat Mom on his own, has only two options.

One: Protect Chloe from LA and just pray that his Father loves him enough to pull a miracle.

Or Two: Lucifer has to send Chloe away.

Lucifer isn’t stupid, he knows his Father won’t help him now. So he has to get her as far away from his mom as possible. Lucifer has always been one with flare so what does he do? He ships Chloe off to Vegas. But he can’t just send her alone, even if Maze or even Trixie go with her. (Which neither Chloe or Lucifer would allow anyways).

Lucifer has to find protection for Chloe while she’s in Vegas. Maze won’t do–she’s too valuable to him. Amenadiel is a lying coward and Dan needs to be there for Trixie. Not to mention that grudge Lucifer has over him for sleeping with Momma Morningstar. The only option is him. Lucifer has to go to Vegas with Chloe.

But they can’t just go to Vegas as themselves, surely there aren’t more than one Lucifer Morningstars. So to stay safe, they go undercover. Hence that sexy undercover scene Lauren hinted at.

They go to Vegas. Chloe goes undercover into the most noble of jobs the city has to offer: stripping. So she steals Lucifer’s last name– after all it sounds pretty stipperish anyhow. (She won’t stop teasing him about it either). Lucifer, on the other hand, simply hangs around. Completely out of sight and out of mind. They’re afraid his face is too recognizable so he stays in the shadows; watching and making sure Chloe stays safe. And so their aliases are created.

Maze shuffles information through everything from payphones to burners in order to keep Lucifer updated. But Lucifer can only stand being a coward for a few days. He flies back to LA in secret, hoping to destroy Mom now that Chloe is out of the area.

It takes three weeks, but they do it. Mom is shoved back into Hell. Lucifer goes back to Vegas to personally retrieve Chloe (aka Candy) and bring her home. However, she mixes up her IDs and accidentally gives the fake one. Oops. Now Chloe is Candy Morningstar for a little while longer.

And that is how Lucifer comes back to LA with a stripper named Candy Morningstar.

5 Reasons Nygmobblepot Could Definitely Still Survive

Here me out everyone okay.

1.) Why would Cory spoil Ed’s motivations like that? Most of us thought he said Ed couldn’t be in love with Oswald, but if he was telling us “No Nygmobblepot Won’t Happen” then why is Gotham bothering to tease us?

2.) The endless teases and promo pictures and literally the whole build up of season 3.1. It can’t be going nowhere. And I’m sure it isn’t leading to a fight, since the ratings are high for the penguin-riddler dynamic. 

3.) If you read the interview once or twice you can see that Cory was probably referring to “Ed not being able to love Oswald” like Oswald loves him WHILE Isabella is still around.

4.) Oswald probably is going to kill Isabella. From the interview and next episode’s description, that seems certain. (Maybe Ed will we don’t know). But who killed someone to get with someone he loved? Ed. So I doubt he’ll be too angry.

5.) We still have to believe that Cory and Robin want to protect this LGBT relationship. They’ve nudged the relationship this far, and  I don’t think they’d be so giggly and loving about Nygmobblepot if it wasn’t going to happen

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Lyric Prompts #2
  • I’m searching for something that I can’t reach. 
  • Why aren’t you here tonight?
  • Each morning I get up I die a little. 
  • Every word gets you a step closer to hell.
  • Deception and perfection are wonderful traits.
  • Throw me in the deep end, watch me drown. 
  • I keep asking how I don’t know better by now. 
  • You can do anything you set your mind to.
  • I miss your early morning company.
  • Lay us down. We’re in love.
  • They’re killing brains in all my friends. 
  • I think it’s time that I took a break.
  • Don’t act like loving me is such a bad thing.
  • I know your lungs need filling.
  • She knows how to rock and roll.
  • Cold hearts brew colder songs.
  • No one is as lucky as us.
  • I’ve seen seasons come and go.
  • You’re my experimental game.
  • Am I too old to be this stoned?
  • You lived for me, I said I’d die for you. 
Bellarke: The Ultimate Leadership Couple

Hey, guys, so basically, Clarke learns that she’s like Jaha, and Jaha lost his way because he lost his humanity… so when Selina says that Clarke has something that Jaha doesn’t, and she says it’s Bellamy…!!!!!!!

Holy shit, Bellarke is going to kill me and then resurrect me multiple times this season. 

It’s finally our season my fellow Bellarkers. Time to finally see the potential and the relationship we’ve known Bellarke has had since season 1, and we’re going to see WHY these two especially are perfect together (maybe not romantic yet, but they’ll definitely be shown to be the superior leadership couple). 

I’m beyond excited for us, to finally be like: “we told y’all, but you just didn’t listen.” The show is finally going to prove us right about these two. 

the magicians 2x01 - “you’re wiping your own ass”

So I thought I’d do lil reviews of The Magicians season 2 after each episode airs, bc it’s not like I have coursework or anything to do hAHAH kill me 


  • Things got zany reeeaal quickly, like the switch from tragedy to humour kind of gave me whiplash, especially bc I just binged season 1. I was annoyed they were playing Penny’s hand amputation as funny til I realised he’d get them back this ep, so whatevs. Nothing really fazes the Brakebills kids anymore lol
  • “We are fucked without grease.” “Sounds like us. Must be a Monday.”
  • Not sure where they’re going with Martin’s fixation on children’s hangouts? Like. Dodgy or is he trying to recapture the childhood that was taken from him? @ writers, clarify pls
  • The Swayze monologue was cutesy and all but there’s only so much I can handle in terms of modern pop culture refs in my magical medieval-era worlds, ,,  stop
  • Was that Lovelady that put Penny in his place, I hope so
  • Why Is Penny Such A Dick For No Reason? Experts Are Baffled
  • That rainbow bridge was fab, Fillory is pretty u can quote me
  • “I seem to have died waiting for you” <- me when my friends don’t show up on time
  • Penny’s exasperated “oh jesus” when Eliot whips off his coat dramatically
  • THE QUELIOT IN THIS EP. It made me sad at the end though I am so worried they won’t get back to Fillory until like… episode 5 when a year or two has passed for Eliot. That messes me uP
  • The coronation was crazy adorable, Quentin was so sweet with Eliot and Margo apologising to Quentin was sad and lovely at the same time. I guess this means the power threesome won’t reconvene any time soon, which sucks, but it looks like Quentin x Alice is back, my nerd otp!
  • High King Eliot the Spectacular, Queen Margo the Destroyer, Queen Alice the Wise, KING QUENTIN THE MODERATELY SOCIALLY MALADJUSTED 
  • Alice the superpowered Goddess.   Love of my life
  • sigh.  when will Julia stop making bad choices
  • I know I already mentioned it but that queliot hug added 4 years to my life

VERDICT: solid opening. Set up some intriguing possibilities for the season overall, so 8/10

Turning of a Day - RTTE S4

Okay, this is a one-shot (for now) picturing one way RTTE season 4 might begin (out of many possible scenarii). Hope you guys like it ! :-)


“Silence, Hiccup Haddock! You’ve served your master well. Without the Eruptodon to protect us, the fate of my village is sealed. But so is yours.”

“Mala –

“I warned you what would happen if I found out you were lying to me! Your people are going to die for what you’ve done. But first, Hiccup… I’m going to kill you myself.”

Hiccup swallowed nervously as he felt Mala’s sword slowly drag across his skin and start pressing into his exposed throat. He watched the furious woman before him and inwardly cursed both Viggo and himself for the umpteenth time. He really should have seen this coming.

The Defenders’ Queen was far too enraged to be reasoned with by now, and all of his friends were surrounded by the black-clad warriors, unable to do anything. The Defenders were only waiting for their Queen’s orders, and would act upon them the very second they were uttered.

“Any last words?”

The young Viking glanced at his peers, who were all staring at him in heavy silence, and briefly made eye-contact with Mala’s second-hand man, Throck, who seemed especially satisfied with this latest turn of events. Hiccup felt Astrid’s body tense behind him, and he couldn’t help but sigh in defeat.

“Just that you’re making a huge mistake.”

“Ha! Your tongue will not fool me again, Hiccup Haddock,” retorted Mala as she bent her arm back, ready to strike the fatal blow. “May your unworthy, treacherous soul forever wander aimlessly through the icy cold abysses of Ginnungagap, for you deserve nothing more.”

Hiccup did not want to close his eyes, but he just couldn’t help it. He squared his shoulders, then sent a quick prayer to whatever deity was willing to listen to him and eventually waited with baited breath for a death that never came as Astrid’s resounding “No!” echoed in his ears. Several other cries reached his eardrums, and only when he felt the world come to a tense halt around him did he dare to crack one eye open.

There, right in front of him, stood Mala, with eyes as wide as possible and whose arm had stopped in mid-air, frozen in pure, instinctive shock as Astrid menacingly pressed the very sharp tip of the hunters’ poisoned arrow she’d picked up earlier into Mala’s throat. Oh, the irony.

“Don’t you dare,” Astrid seethed, “or you will be the first to die, I swear by Odin!”

“My Queen!” came Throck’s indignant cry.

Yet, nothing occurred for a long moment, each blonde-haired woman gauging the other’s credibility through an implacable, anything-but-playful staring contest.

“Whether I die now or later is meaningless,” Mala finally retorted, “for my people is doomed anyway.”

And there was the opening Hiccup had been waiting for. “Actually,” he hastened to explain, “That is not completely true. Yet.”

“What do you mean?” asked Mala, a sense of complete distrust radiating from her whole being.

“Astrid here said the arrow was shot not long ago, and we know for a fact that the hunters do not ride dragons the way we do, which means they must bring the Eruptodon to their boat on foot. Given the size and weight of this dragon, they cannot be too far away from here. They may even still be on the island. If you let us go, I promise we’ll do everything in our power to bring your people their protector back.”

Mala snorted at the young man’s proposition, disdain and disbelief painting her features visibly. “Viggo has taught you the art of deception very well, I’ll give you that, Hiccup Haddock.”

Astrid growled, her teeth clenched, and pressed the arrow further, almost drawing blood.

“Thor dammit, Mala! If you don’t want to trust me, then so be it! I don’t care! But are you truly willing to disregard the one chance you have to save your people before it’s too late?”

Interminable seconds passed by as the Defenders’ Queen stood at war with herself, and Hiccup was about to resign himself when Mala suddenly sighed in reluctant acceptance. “Very well,” she declared, and Astrid immediately stepped back, though she did not look too pleased about it, “I’ll give you this last chance to prove yourself.”

“But, my Queen,” Throck started to object, clearly disagreeing with his ruler’s decision, “they –

“That’s enough, Throck! Even if it pains me to admit it, Hiccup is right. We don’t have a choice. This is our last chance. We have to trust them.”

“Thank you, Mala,” Hiccup acknowledged gratefully as the other riders gathered around him, ready to fight at his side. “I promise we’ll do our best, and as fast as possible.”

“Don’t thank me too quickly, Hiccup Haddock. I am letting you go for now, but not without getting an insurance.”

“I – I’m not sure I understand.”

“If you are to defeat Viggo and bring back our great protector, you will have to do it without your precious Night Fury.”

“What?! But -

“Your dragon is staying on this island, and that is absolutely non-negotiable. This way I know you will come back, one way or another.”

The young Viking clenched his fists. This, he had not foreseen either. He couldn’t leave Toothless behind! What if they did not succeed? Fortunately, Astrid reacted faster and more efficiently than he did. After calling for Stormfly, she just grabbed him by the hand and raced towards the entrance of the volcano, pulling him along and answering Mala at the same time.

“Fine! We’ll do it without Toothless! Come on, people, we don’t have much time! Let’s make this count!”

remember when monty was upset that he was being pretty much forced to stay at the dropship when he wanted to go look for jasper? and how he said he should be out there looking from him? and then when they brought jasper back he used his jacket to cover him? and how he sat on the dropship hatch to the level to keep murphy from killing jasper? and how he never left the level while jasper was in there? and how he had to listen as his brother was in pain and dying? and how when jasper woke up he took his hand and didn’t let it go for the entire scene? 

So I just read this theory on twitter about how Jocelyn uses the shape shifting rune to make herself look like Clary & she sneaks onto the ship & tries to kill Jace. I love & hate this idea all at the same time. If Jocelyn makes Jace think that Clary thinks he’s evil like Valentine & that’s what pushes him into giving into Valentine I’m seriously going to bawling like a baby. I think right here this is Jocelyn & Jace. I think its Jocelyn & Jace that jump off the ship and thats part of her plan to get Jace killed.

I do believe at some point Clary really does really get on the ship & that’s right here….

You can see Clary is in a dark leather jacket not the light blue button down where clace jump off the ship. I think at this point real Clary is going to get through to Jace or Valentine threatening Clary is going to make him turn against his father & lead to this moment.