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Long Distance

Okay, okay, okay, so, like, I wasn’t too fond of the new season, but consider- 

Lance missing Keith so much that he starts going into Red just to kind of, like, help with the loneliness. And then he gets really daring and tries contacting Keith from Red. And, you know, he gets through, and they just start talking long distance–in private–every few “days” or so. And they get closer that way, because a little more distance between each other puts things in perspective. And suddenly Keith isn’t so annoying and Lance looks forward to talking to him, not just to making fun of him, and he admits that he thought they were just starting to get along when Keith left. And Keith is all “it’s just easier for me to push people away first, you know? I wasn’t cut out for the Black Lion, it’d happen eventually.” And Lance is, just, NO! And they get closer and closer but it’s terrible because they’re far apart and Keith wants to keep that way, but Lance misses him SO MUCH! 

Also, like, trying to touch through the screen? And- and- and! I know there are lots of other romantic tropes here, but I can’t think of any more! Suggestions? Maybe I’ll write a fic. 

midlygay  asked:

Do you send reference posts?! :00 I'm cosplaying Lance, so I'd appreciate some advice for his outfit, too, if that's cool with you! The jacket, the shoes, and his hair, would be nice? Please and thank you ^^

Haha, I just have lots of screenshots ready and I like helping people out, so I sometimes end up making reference posts, yeah :P Lance stuff coming your way, starting with the jacket. The front:

There are 2 vertical lines on his jacket that start under the horizontal stripes that are a tiny bit higher than the orange stripes on his sleeves. One of them is extremely close to the zipper, the other one is at ~1/3rd of the pocket. There are multiple dark parts: them hem of his sleeves, the jacket, on his shoulders (that goes down to his shoulder blades) and at the front under the hood. The hood is part of the jacket:

From the side:

From the back:

The inside of his jacket seems to be dark:

Next, the shoes:

(I’m pretty sure that while the black parts of the shoe stand out a little, they are exaggerated in the second picture). There is a weird little knick in his shoes and you can’t see the blue part from the front:

Aaaand lastly, the hair:

Short hair, a lil beansprout, bangs that go to just under his eyes. His hair grew longer throughout the seasons, so you don’t have to worry about getting it exactly right (the last pic is from s3 as opposed to the others that are all from s2). His hair is pretty straight, there are a few strands going up but if we view it from above-

-it’s like that. Hope this helped!! :D

..and so a new season begins.

                                         So Here’s The Deal:

for the past couple of weeks, and even months - I’ve been going through a rut. This idea came to me almost a week ago, and I put it on the shelf. Just because I lost confidence in who I was as a writer. But I’m kicking that self doubt in the ass. Because as of NOW, I am starting this new season of writing. As you can see, I created this lovely cover for what’s to come. Starting Oct. 24th I will start writing requested prompts. Now every so often I will put out some ideas, or even series. But for the most part, my inbox will be open for HOLIDAY requests! Just because these next couple of months are my favorite times of year! Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. I will ALSO, randomly do times of headcannons! such as:

#sexwithbuckybarnes Headcannons




and if it goes well, I might do other characters! 

I want to make this as FUN as possible for you guys.

Here’s some guidelines:

- It will be pertaining holidays! (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hannukah, Christmas…Etc) 

- I’m not too comfortable writing a few things, just ask and I will let you know. :)

- I will even accept submissions! if you’d like I will collaborate with you - or even post. I do want to do reblogs too! So SEND me stuff, I love reading others work.

- don’t be shy to come and talk to me, or ask for something specific if you’re going through a hard time during the holidays. Trust me, I get it! 

HAVE FUN! and I can’t wait to celebrate these upcoming holidays with you! a NEW season of my blog has started. 

And this will be the beginning of something beautiful!


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I absolutely love how much of that episode was about Kara and her past. They are finally getting back to season 1 and she can start addressing her grief!!! I loved how sanvers got a real couple scene!!!! I am so excited for how they are setting up Sam’s character!!!! New head of LCorp???? Lena wanting to be a hands on boss at catco is so fun she always seemed so isolated running her own company now she gets more friends!!!!! That psychic?? Hot. Alex starring down Winn a+ also Danvers sisters moments!!! Also Maggie caring for Kara!!!!! Now can’t wait I guess we are going to Mars????

I think what I’m finding so exciting about Season 2 of The Second Citadel is how the broader world building took me by surprise;

I assumed that these were all just separate, unrelated adventures in the same universe, and so seeing the characters recur and have surprising connections to each other building up to a bigger picture is so fun and makes me excited to see more and where the story is going–

You can tell how much fun they’re having writing the Jim Hensen-style quirky, funny monsters, the weird and creepy settings, and the Scientist/rationalist Character in this magic environment-

And I find the place of monsters in this world super interesting: at first it did seem like a very straightforward “monsters are monsters” world, which I admit I found refreshing: “thank god” I thought “not another oppression metaphor with monsters or heavy-handed "they’re just misunderstood” thing– just fun weird evil monsters fucking shit up!

–but increasingly this is being complicated with characters like Lord Arum and Vivian… But! in my opinion it WORKS- 

And I think the reason it works so well is that we see the Second Citadel as a society that others people; Caroline as a foreigner and a woman-knight, Talfryn and Mark as disabled men– Vivian as a gay man and a member of a marginalized culture with “strange” and “suspicious” traditions that brand him a witch and outcast him from his town—) 

—and in this context we can view monsters like Lord Arum as part of a spectrum of people being othered by the dominant society, not as THE OPPRESSED CLASS in the fantasy story, if that makes sense?

Or idk maybe it just works so well because it’s interesting and fun and written in total earnest-

I don’t even really like Wish!Hook but I get weirdly protective when I see posts about how people are unhappy he had a child with another woman???

Haaaaaaave you met Emma? You know, Emma Swan? Introduced to us a whole season before Hook? Who came to Storybrooke? For her child? Her child she did not have with Hook?

Or hey! How about his previous love? Milah! Whom he spent CENTURIES AVENGING AND DEFINITELY SLEPT WITH? Is that an issue? Or is it just the child thing? Because she had a chid, who wasn’t his, and he still loved the fuck out of her.

Like… why are we equating having kids with being in love? They don’t necessarily go hand-in-hand (or hand-in-hook in this case).

And Emma not being in love with the father of her child didn’t stop Henry from being her True Love. And Milah hating the father of her child didn’t stop her love and guilt for him from being her unfinished business.


And a Love Actually type scene after they’ve been reunited where he’s dropping his daughter off at school, and is introduced to the single parent of another student, and OH HEY IT’S ANOTHER EMMA SWAN

those70scomics  asked:

If a single Eric and single Jackie ever got super drunk together, what do you think would happen?

So, in the summer of ‘78 before Jackie and Hyde kissed,

Eric would want to go serenade Donna and Jackie would support him, may try to drive him there, may actually do it and would yell at Donna to get out her room, just to be told by Bob, for the 500 time that night since they were calling in the phone before going, that Donna lives is in California, Eric.

They may trash a little the basement and Hyde would be looking at them like,

not completely sure of what to do because wow, Eric is a train wreck while drunk and Jackie is a Loud Drunk Woo Girl, and she may hit him if he tries to touch her, let alone tell her to maybe calm down a little, Jackie.

She crashes the couch, Hyde will probably move her into his room, and the next morning when she asks what happened he will tell her It Happened until she is so embarrassed, it makes him laugh and she would hit him in the arm, calling him names but also lowkey cuddling into him because the world is too bright for her right now.

He may probably get her breakfast and like, drive her back to her place so she can rest before re-joining society.

Meanwhile, Red is yelling at Eric in the kitchen, Kitty and Bob behind him, and Eric wants to die a little.

Hope of Morty

Look, I know there’s like a million Hope of Morning vids already, but trust me. This is a Rick Sanchez song.

Watch on Youtube: (x)

Operation Kuron

Alright, so this guy-

-isn’t Shiro.

For one thing, there’s just too many shady circumstances surrounding his escape from the Galra ship: it was too easy, the Galra scientist seemed to treat him escaping as a part of his evil plan, and we get no explanation as to how he got there in the first place. I really, sincerely don’t think that Black would have teleported him straight into the hands of the Galra– despite Keith’s theory, Shiro had freed Black by the end of the fight, so Zarkon wouldn’t have been able to force Black to send Shiro into captivity again. Also, no one else in the Galra empire seems to know that they have the Black Paladin in captivity. Lotor spends the whole season guessing at why Voltron is sucking so hard, and if the Galra really had Shiro, he would have known why immediately.

Another problem is this weirdo’s hair was too long at the beginning of his episode– much too long give the amount of time that passed between the fight with Zarkon and his waking up on the ship (which was likely like. two weeks at most). The timeline doesn’t match up. And where’s the Black Paladin suit Shiro had been wearing when he disappeared? This new guy is in the exact same outfit Shiro was in when he escaped the Galra for the first time.

There’s just something… off about this guy’s behavior. He looks like Shiro and talks like Shiro, but he doesn’t feel like Shiro.

So, Real Shiro’s probably off somewhere else (my money’s on somewhere close to the resistance / Matt). But, then, who the hell is Mr. Fashion Disaster?

A few smart people have managed to work out that “kuron” translates to “clone” in Japanese. So, what this is getting at is that it’s very likely that the Galra had a plan to make Shiro clones. Which definitely explains:

Was the plan to make an army? Was it to make a team of elite Shiro fighters (maybe… a bunch of Shiros to fly the Voltron lions……?)? I have no idea lmao. But what I’m thinking is that whatever the original plan was, it fell through, because Ulaz managed to get Real Shiro out before the cloning technique could be perfected. So, the Galra were left with a bunch of clones that were either too weak to survive or just wouldn’t wake up or were otherwise “unusable.” 

But then, Subject Y0XT39 passes their tests.

So, they change the objective of the project (either to ‘infiltrate Voltron’ or something else equally as evil) and get to work on this clone. And then, they release him out into the world. That ‘escape’? Was a test to see if he thought and fought like the real Shiro. They wanted to make sure their experiment was successful.

The main question, then, is: how does Clone Shiro have all of Real Shiro’s recent memories, including the very recent fight against Zarkon?


Okay so I don’t know about you guys but I made so much fun of Shiro’s hair in the first season. Why did the Galra give him an undercut? Do their prisoners have to be pretty? Was Haggar like “I can’t look at this dude every day unless his hair is properly trimmed”? But… uh……

You shave people’s heads when you’re going to do brain surgery on them.

What caught Haggar’s attention when it came to Shiro wasn’t just his fighting prowess– it was his mind. His ability to strategize and bring others together and inspire loyalty. The clones have to have Shiro’s memories, his experience, to be effective.

So, Real Shiro’s brain transplant has been broadcasting Shiro’s memories to Clone Shiro. Clone Shiro has been asleep for a while until he’s ‘caught up’ on everything (which takes a while, hence the long hair), and wakes up on the Galra ship he was made in with all of Real Shiro’s memories, hence the “weird headache.” His brain was just packed with tons of information.

Meanwhile, the fight against Zarkon likely shorted out Real Shiro’s brain transplant, which means that the latest memory Clone Shiro has access to is that fight. This explains why Clone Shiro doesn’t have memories from whatever Real Shiro’s off doing right now (again, I figure he’s probably going to run into the resistance and/or Matt soon). Clone Shiro thinks he just… ended up on a Galra ship somehow after the fight with Zarkon and that he has to get back to his team. So, he does. The Black Lion saves him because he feels like Shiro and, as he’s dying, connects with her through Real Shiro’s memories. But, once they get to him, something’s slightly off about him. Black is able to recognize this and rejects him as a pilot.

Clone Shiro, for his part, doesn’t even seem to know he’s a clone. Because he hasn’t been fully “activated” yet. 

Because the new Stage 3 of Operation Kuron is probably to get him close to Voltron before destroying it from the inside.


UPDATED RPDR Drinking Game!

All of your input was SO appreciated! It’s actually really fun to write these out and I’m definitely not done with it- mostly because seasons 1-3 and AS1 have nothing, and we still have the rest of season 9 to go (after this episode though I think I do need a drink) anyway HERE IS THE UPDATED LIST keep sending in ideas because they are all awesome! Most if not all were included in here and they were a huge help :)

Also please don’t try this at home I don’t want to be the root cause of alcohol poisoning. Personally I’d do it with water and first person to pee loses but that’s just my innocent ass being innocent.

🌿Lammas Activities🌿

Lammas (also called Lughnasadh) is a sabbat from the Wheel of the Year that is celebrated on August 1st to mark the beginning of the harvest season

Originally posted by emeraldpxxls

🌿 Bake! Cooking and sharing food is a great activity for any sabbat, and cooking bread, desserts, meat, and enjoying fruits and vegetables is a great way to celebrate Lammas!
🌿 Enjoy nature! Fall is coming next, so enjoy the fresh air while you can. Invite friends and family on a nature walk or picnic or you can go yourself and embrace the beauty that nature has to offer! Visit a lake, a park, go on a trail, or whatever you want to connect with nature!
🌿 Take care your plants! This is the beginning of the harvest season. Take extra care of your plants and maybe even give them a treat: new soil, a new pot, fresh water, or fertilizer. If it’s time to harvest some fruits or veggies, do so! 
🌿 Decorate your altar and/or home! Colors, plants, grains, wreaths, animal prints, and candles are some great ways to decorate your home and/or altar for Lammas!
🌿 Do some crafts! Making crafts is a great way to have fun on Lammas, especially if you’re celebrating with kids! Making corn dolls and corn wheels are a few of the many fun ways to celebrate! Plus, when spring rolls around, you can bury the corn doll or corn wheel in a new garden to help your plants grow.
🌿 Prosperity magic! Lammas is the ideal time to perform prosperity magic, so if you have any prosperity spells hidden in your grimoire or book of shadows, take those out and work some magic!
🌿 Work on your book of shadows or grimoire! A relaxing way to end the day would be to write a few pages in your book, whether you write in spells, information, or a journal entry.
🌿 Finish some projects! If you have some projects nearing an end, Lammas would be a great time to finish those or to make more progress if you can! Not every goal needs to be achieved, but dedicating your time and effort to finishing a few would be a great Lammas activity.
🌿 Make a bonfire! Invite friends and family to a bonfire! While you sit around the fire, share some of your bad or unnecessary habits and how you plan to change or get rid of those habits so you can have renewed strength. If you’re a secret witch, you can just light a candle in your room and privately journal your reflection!

@lances-legs mentioned something about needing a Klance selfie? But it seems it didn’t go so well.

Alright so, let me get this straight. The fandom as a whole has been complaining since season one that we don’t have any filler episodes. Episodes where they get to have fun and relax and even do a bit of character development. But then the majority of season four is considered filler episodes (the scene with Kaltenecker. A lot of the coalition show episode, etc) but yet you guys still go and complain? 

Season four was short, it was six episodes, there wasn’t much they could do to begin with but you know what? They did a lot for a “filler” season. They brought in a major new character (Matt Holt). They gave us a major plot twist with Lotor and his generals. They gave us Allura learning to use her magic a bit more. They gave us a scene with Haggar showing her true form. They created a major alliance. They gave Keith a new motive, major development and all while keeping him in the back. They gave us a lot in this season and you guys are really still going to sit there and complain? 

I’ve seen people say that the writers have no idea what they’re doing. I’ve seen people say that the writers are ruining the show. I’ve seen somebody have the audacity to say that the show has been queerbaiting klance just because they didn’t even interact this season. And so many more complaints. Like, why are you guys wasting so much energy on being so negative about a season that was fun, entertaining and still moved the plot forward? Sure it left us with a lot of unanswered questions and a lot of new questions but so what? They still have a long way to go, and if you’re honestly going to sit there and complain season after season then do yourselves a favor and just leave the fandom and forget the show. Seriously. If you’re that upset about a show then move on from it. 

Because guess what? The show writers know exactly what they’re doing. They know exactly where they’re going and what information they’re giving to us and what they’re not. They know how they want their show to go and you have no right to say that they’re ruining it. Because they aren’t. They’re doing with the show exactly what they’ve had planned since the beginning. Since their pitch. They’re doing exactly what Dreamworks/Universal liked from their pitch and signed them onto do. 

So seriously, please, if you aren’t enjoying it then move on. This fandom is negative and toxic enough, please don’t add to it by dragging down a season that was meant to be fun and entertaining.

On Altea we wear this colour to honour our fallen warriors.

Interviewer: Next season, are we going to get to see more of Pidge as Katie?

Bex: I don’t know. Pidge as Katie really happened before she left Earth… Before her dad and her brother disappeared. She kind of became Pidge, because that’s something that’s very comfortable for her. That’s something that allows her to be as powerful as she is. It allows her to embrace her own power and abilities. So we may get some flashbacks, but for the most part, we get to explore Pidge as Pidge. Which is fun for me.
They were on the ground, believe it or not, the show for four seasons has only been essentially almost a year. Not even a year of time has passed. So they’ve now been apart for way longer than they were ever together. And so relationships will change, alliances will change, will they be the same when they come back together in season five? It’s like in life when you go away for a long time and then you see somebody who you used to love or used to know and they’re so different, you know. That’ll be part of the fun in season five.
—  Jason Rothenberg, outlining my fears for season 5 in one paragraph. x
Thoughts on OITNB Season 5

The Good:

  • This season was a lot of fun. I never felt bored, and the pacing was just right. They made roughly four days (I think?) last 13 episodes, but I don’t feel as though anything was dragged out.
  • Red on speed was fucking hilarious. So many great lines out of her this season. “In Russia, we don’t have proverbs. We have vodka and misery.”
  • Young Red back story!
  • Soso’s memorial to Poussey.
  • The subtle social commentary/anti-gun message in the premiere, where every time someone asked/talked about the gunfire a different American mass shooting was referenced. Needless to say, there was a lot.
  • Taystee taking the fucking microphone from Judy King. 
  • Taystee repeating Poussey’s name over and over. Punching Caputo in the face for not doing so. A+
  • Taystee as a whole was pretty amazing this season, even if she eventually screwed everything up.
  • Linda becoming Boo’s girlfriend for five minutes but then ultimately getting completely fucked over.
  • Piper and Alex sticking mostly to mundane couple issues. Nothing hugely earth-shattering between the two of them. I was sick of the constant forced drama.
  • I feel like Piper made actual progress with her mother, and the fact that particular conversation lead to her impromptu proposal was awesome.
  • Nicky was clean, hilarious, and hot as hell. Couldn’t get enough of her this season, and loved seeing the real depths of her feelings for Lorna. The brief role reversal with her and Red was a fun trip as well.
  • Red and Blanca friendship was an unexpected treat.
  • I could not love Gloria Mendoza more if I tried.
  • Alison was fleshed out, and I’m really starting to love her as a character.
  • Piper being a Slytherin, headcanon confirmed. 
  • Caputo being a badass in his negotiations with Fig. 
  • Chang peacing out. 
  • Ending the season with The Cinematic Orchestra’s “To Build a Home” – a better song choice doesn’t exist. I have always associated that song with this show. Bravo. The last five minutes gave me chills.
  • Cindy singing Suzanne to sleep, then later Cindy hugging Suzanne, apologizing, crying. I loved it.

The Bad:

  • I feel like the overall message with Suzanne was scattered and poorly handled, and while Uzo did an amazing job with what she was given, I feel like the writing wasn’t necessarily realistic in that it hasn’t been tackled what exactly Suzanne’s mental illness is, purely so the writers can twist her symptoms to fit the plot.
  • Unlike most people I’m not mad about the Piscatella back-story, but it felt incomplete to me. I feel like there is not enough explanation there. What happened to Wes? It seemed like given some of what Piscatella said that there must have been some kind of betrayal there. Given that he’s dead, we’ll probably never find out, but I just felt like there were pieces missing to his story.
  • I feel like Daya fell flat this season. Her characterization was all over the place until she gave herself up and quietly disappeared. 
  • Vinnie and Lorna are, as always, the cringiest. I guess that’s sort of the point, though.
  • I’m not sure what they were trying to do with the Nazis/Sankey? I don’t know if they were trying to endear us to them, but it felt…weird. Like their racism was purely situational and just seemed to disappear when it was convenient. I feel uncomfortable that they were played in a way that I wanted to like them, then felt horrified because Jesus, they’re FUCKING NAZIS
  • Black Lattes Matter would never be a meme
  • Sophia disappearing halfway through the season. Seriously? Her helping in medical was awesome. I would’ve loved to have seen more of that.

The Ugly:

  • Coates x Pennsatucky makes my fucking skin crawl. How can this be a thing? Why is this a thing? WHY IS SHE PAIRED WITH HER RAPIST AND WHY IS IT PORTRAYED AS CUTE?
  • The general rapeyness of how most of the male hostages were treated, mainly Stratman, Josh, and Luschyek. It dehumanized a lot of the girls for me and made me really uncomfortable.
  • Adding onto that: Angie and Leanne have become way too much. “I’ve raped guys before, and I could tell that was genuine.” What the fuck? Why did this need to be in there? I don’t understand how we are ever supposed to have any sympathy for these two ever again. Which is a shame with Leanne, because she has one of the more interesting back stories on the show.
  • Watching the guy who raped Wes Driscoll get burned alive was something I could’ve done without seeing. Hearing his screams would’ve been enough to get the point across.
  • Humps was creepy when he was alive, creepy when he was dying, and creepy upon death. Not sad to see him go. 
  • Piscatella torturing Red in front of her girls…Alex’s arm getting snapped…that whole episode was amazingly handled, but it was still really difficult to watch.
  • Caputo getting trapped in the POO for so long was really gross and disturbing. The man was literally locked in a piss/shit/puke filled porta-potty for days in what I’m pretty sure is summer or early autumn. 
  • Seriously, all of those guards are going to be permanently traumatized. What they were put through is sick.

TL;DR: This has been one of my favorite seasons yet, fun and brilliant, even if there’s an unfortunate amount of it I desperately wish I could un-see, and I feel some of it should have been handled differently. 

on allura and the castleship

So like the show often stresses that Allura is needed in the castle to run it, since it’s linked up to her quintessence. Coran seems to be able to pilot it to an extent in a fix (like when Allura and Keith ran off in that pod), but it looks like the castle doesn’t have its full range of weapons and abilities without her. Including wormholing, which is like. A really big deal.

With Shiro likely to be gone from the team for at least a little while, we’re probably going to need someone to pilot one of the lions. But with all that about Allura and the castle in mind, the question is: can Allura actually pilot a lion at all?

It turns out we might actually already have an answer: it depends on Slav. Because the castleship’s probably going to get some sort of an upgrade next season.

Slav’s already shown shitting on the castle during his first scene in it, which is a fun hint of what could be coming. Allura and Coran have said it several times throughout the series: the castle’s old. Its technology is almost definitely outdated, if Slav’s complaints are any indication, and it breaks down often, to the point where it doing so is a major plot point in season 2. Compared to its Galra counterparts, which have 10000 years worth of technological advancement on their side, the castleship is probably the equivalent of bringing like. a pointy stick to a knife fight.

But now they have the means to update it. 

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