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Hey! One for the whole team, what is your favourite quote from the entire of season 1 and why? Just curious!

Halalfej (Rita): 

“Besuhanok, ha nem megy jól! Leüt a sokk, hogy nincsen jobb!” 

(Excerpt from the official Hungarian dub of the opening)

“The only thing that lets evil prevail is the inaction of good men.”

Feather (Ari): Mr. Pigeon episode, where Marinette is talking to Adrien about the competition and she’s stumbling on her words. 

“Well-er-yes, I like creations that uh, that go… higher? And… and that stop! I mean… argh, thanks?”

It’s hilariously awkward and I love the delivery in the French version.

Runner up: “Off the hook!” because it was great seeing that become a thing in the fandom.

Barbie girl (Abbey): Gotta love subbing the English dub ;)

Snail: My favorite quote from season one would be Adrien saying:

 "I’m allergic to pigeons!“ 

This is mostly because an allergy to pigeons sounds really….. interesting??

President (Chiatt): When Chloé got thrown off the Eiffel Tower and screamed in the Origins episode. I too am constantly screaming.

Vodka aunt (Olivia): -screams- This season was filled with delight. My favorite line has to be the message Marinette accidentally leaves Adrien because I crack up every time she says “hot stuff”/”handsome boy” etc.  

God (Spacey): When Adrien told Chloé “Urgh you’re so annoying, I hate you !!!!” and then punched her, remember that ?
That’d be:

“I know you don’t really think so but I’ll pretend you do.” 

Because it’s something I say a lot.

Tech Surgeon (Alice): My favourite quote from the whole of season 1 has to be from Adrien, In the Rain. When he says:

“I’ve never been to school before. I’ve never had friends”

This really strikes me. Why? Because one of the main protagonist doesn’t know what it is like to live a normal life and enjoy what it is like to be a teenager. His father has kept him away from the real world, so he can live in a perfect world without danger. We only find this out at the ending, as Origins was shown last (in French at least), so we come to understand that having been chosen by Master Fu to have Plagg has changed his life; along with his father’s attitude changing. (I could write an entire essay but this is already wayyyyy too long!)

Why killing Neal was THE WORST decision ONCE has made (warning: anti CS/OUAT)
  • it undid the story line Rumplestiltskin spent spent two season (and 300+ years ) working on. 
  • with Neal gone the writers only story line for Rumple is “um…oh shit he’s the villain again!” because his motivation to change was partially Neal
  • Henry hardly had time to get to know his father/it left him with a void that a “father-figure” can just barely fill
  • It left an entire half season covered in question marks:
    • How did Neal get off the island
    • How did he come up with his alias Neal Cassidy
    • How did Wendy Darling get back to Neverland
    • John and Micheal’s age change and how they became Pan’s minions
  • it was the stupidest way to shove Captain Swan down our throats. No seriously, they did not have to kill Neal to make this ship happen. Neal and Emma made their peace. He was willing to let her go and be happy with Hook or whoever. He was willing to co-parent with her as long as he got to see his son
  • it left Belle without a friend who knew exactly what she was going through. Neal and Belle both love Rumple and together they could have helped him stay on the path to redemption. Instead, Belle was left alone to face the darkness with a town of self-righteous hypocrites who really seem to think Rumple deserves everything that happens to him and her simply because she chose to stay with him
  • Belle and Rumple’s baby is going to have to grow up with stories of his/her big brother and face the twisted reality that the woman responsible for his death living scotch free
  • we missed out on some hilarious story lines with Neal and Emma being older siblings to their 30 years younger siblings
  • we missed out on Neal and Emma being friends

The fake news about contract negotiations listed Jennifer Morrison, Lana Parilla, Robert Carlyle, and Colin O’Donoghue.  One of their characters is actually being killed off, and the fake story is a smokescreen for this fact.  It’s not going to be Regina since A&E would never do that, and as for Emma and Hook, there are three things going against them dying:

1. Emma’s been built up to die “because fate says so” all season.  Do you really think the conclusion to an arc all about how she’s most definitely going to die is…that she’s going to die?  No, A&E always go for the predictable “twist”, and in this case, that would be that Emma does not die.  6x11 already hinted at that by having her not die when she was meant to.

2. Hook already died last season.  There’s no reason to repeat that now.

3. The network would not allow it, especially since Channing Dungey is in charge now.  She is the producer who made A&E spare Charming in the pilot because killing him and robbing Snow White of her happy ending was too bleak for a “show about hope” (which isn’t what A&E were actually interested in making, mind you, but its what the network insists it be packaged as), and killing either Emma or Hook right after their wedding would be the same.

And remember, this is being done with a S7 reboot as still a possibility.  It’s part of A&E’s pitch for a S7 reboot - do you really think the network would accept a reboot without those three?

That only leaves Rumpelstiltskin.  What did Robert Carlyle say earlier this year?

“It’s a lovely city. But culturally it is different, and I miss the craic. I’m at the stage where even though Britain is in a mess politically, I think it’s time to pack up and come home.”

Fare thee well, Dark One.

Once Upon A Time only does ‘shocking’ things to make talk about it.

That’s why their ‘twists’ rarely make sense - it’s just to shock people.

And now Hook killing David’s father will have to be excused in some way and since they’ve never done that in a satisfying way EVER then that means the ONE thing people were excited about for this season - the engagement - is now going to be tainted and have a big fat mark on it.

Well done writers! You’ve now pissed off everyone in a completely unnecessary way.

All For the Game

I want to write an All for the Game tv show.
Season one would start in subway - wymack talking to Andrew and the cousins as the upperclassman sit at the next table over. It would show them getting recruited and joining the team and getting their reputation as monsters. Andrew would be struggling with going sober during the games. Matt struggling with his drug problem around the boys, which makes Aaron tense. Seth struggling with his depression and Allison struggling with bulimia while also working out the kinks in their on again off again hook ups. The boys in the dorm get deeper into drugs. Andrew starting to actually like Bee as she begins to help him. Dan still trying to get the respect of the boys on the team and Matt struggling from the same problem. Aaron meets, and first deeply dislikes, Kaitlyn, before slowly developing a secret relationship with her. Andrew hooks up with Roland still. The Matt and Dan relationship while Matt goes to rehab. Kevin being hurt by Riko and becoming an annoying assistant coach under the eventual protection of Andrew. Renee trying to be a good person but not yet able to get rid of her knives until Andrew confiscates them - her sparring with Andrew and the bet on whether they’re together. It would end with Kevin wanting to recruit Neil.
Season two would start with flash of Neil getting hit by his mother and running and hiding and gunshots and knives, a flash of two little boys with a one and two drawn on their cheeks, finally a flash of his mother burning in the car, it zooms in on the fire and when it zooms out it was the flame at the end of Neil’s cigarette before Hernandez and Wymack find him.

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Hook has killed so many people that he doesn't even remember him. And we all know that's he's going to be forgivin. Even though he killed the father of his so called true love.

Not to drag other characters into this, but this show has a well established pattern of characters letting other characters off the hook (no pun intended) for for things ranging from morally sketch to outright evil as long as it didn’t literally happen in the same scene and the plot demands it. It’s a super selective policy since, for example, Snow’s poor 12 year old secrecy skills get blasted at least once a season but it’s a well established policy.

Before he was walking the (relatively) straight and narrow, Hook was a full on pirate. I think the Charmings and Co. would be pretty naive to not assume that he hasn’t killed more than his fair share of people–even though we usually don’t see him doing so in flashbacks*. I feel like them saying, “We’re cool with you having murdered all these random innocent people but–oh wait. You killed someone *I* care about? Never mind. One miiiiiiiiiilion years dungeon!” would be hypocritical (though understandable).   

So while I hate this blanket “The Past is in the Past” policy, it’s not like Hook is getting egregious special treatment by the plot**. Regina doesn’t get flak from Snow for killing her dad, or–let’s be real–trying to kill her a kabilllion times and her husband and both of her newborn children, etc, etc, ad infinitum. Which is not a drag on Regina. I’m just saying that even murder/attempted murder of close family members is routinely brushed off on this show. I def would have a huge problem with both the murder of my dad and the years of pirating–I am not dating someone who just left prison after 20 years for murdering a ton of people no matter how much therapy he’s had–but based on the company they keep, I see how the Charmings could get over it. And I think I’m on the record as saying that I think Hook’s redemption was flawed but better than others.    

I think the bigger issue plot-wise might be how long he sits on the information before telling someone.

Anyway tl;dr: Yeah Hook should prob be in jail, but so should a lot of people so I don’t think you can really be that upset.     


*Which I assume is to accentuate his positive qualities since, y’know, he’s doing the chivalrous pirate thing now and it would undermine that to flashback to him making people walk the plank every few episodes. Which begs the question of why they love flashing back to Regina offing increasing amounts of peasants even though she got her Hero Card from the show in like S3 but, w/e. You do you, show.      

**Compared to other main characters I mean. Because why is King George in jail for murder and general awfulness if certain other characters aren’t? Also, I feel like characters tends to have a longer memory of stuff that Gold/Rumple did to them than other main characters, but that’s a whole other thing.

1. Water Off A Lame Duck’s Back (Season 8 Episode 7)

In true politician form, RuPaul is never afraid to burn bridges! She is willing to call out racist “preferences” with a smile - even at the expense of guest judge Justin Roberts (NSFW).

So where did this sudden Courtney Activist come from anyway? RuPaul knew she was going to make some waves (and second-waves) with this week’s political-themed challenge, but she had no idea someone would actually tackle the prejudice in the gay hook-up community.

So, who took a stand against shady gays?

That’s right. Kim Chi. The same Kim Chi that thought left-wing and right-wing referred to pieces of chicken made the biggest political statement of the night.

In the midst of her campaign, Kim brings up the hypocrisy of various hook-up apps. “No fats, no femmes, no asians? Well, I’m all three of those.”  

She may have just given up that closeted Republican vote, but I think Kim’s sentiment here is powerful. Time and time again, we see hypermasculine gays list out their preferences like it’s not divisive. Why is there no masc4mascara section?

I won’t delve too deeply into the topic, but experiencing Kim (and RuPaul) call out hook-up culture is probably the best moment of the episode. Which problem in the gay community do you think they’ll tackle next? Coming out? Catfishing? Understanding a Cher tweet? Tune in tonight on LOGO 9/8 central to find out!

-5 Funniest Moments From RPDR Season 8 Episode 7

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When did OUAT really go off the rails for you, and what gave you the idea for the reboot?

Season 1 had its problems but Season 2 is where they really lost me. I didn’t like that the Enchanted Forest was still there, I thought that really mucked up everything they had done so far. It was a nice shock at the end of that episode, but it’s just been messy ever since. I also kind of hate how their permission to use Peter Pan kind of derailed everything. The Hook stuff is all well and good, he’s one of my favorite characters on the show, but Kitsis and Horowitz have talked about how they kind of ditched all of their plans to write toward Neverland instead and I think that sloppiness shows. Especially their treatment of my favorite character, Ruby, has been awful. They had wonderful opportunities to change characters’ genders and sexual orientations and could have developed a lovely story around Ruby or plenty of other characters, but instead they shoehorned it into one episode just so they could check “LGBT” off their list. It’s just so clear that these two showrunners know absolutely nothing about their source material or even how to form a story and it’s just… it’s not cute anymore, it’s stale. It’s time to wrap it up, boys.

okay so the captain swan proposal….

I have so many mixed feelings! I will always love them but I honestly don’t really enjoy once upon a time anymore. In my opinion, the writing is kind of falling apart and it’s just repeats of the same concepts over and over. I honestly didn’t pay attention to this episode at all until I saw them come onto the screen.

Also, kinda annoyed how they did the proposal after waiting this long. Could’ve let Hook get his secret out first at least. I feel like they are on the path to even ruining captain swan for me. They just seem to be putting in less effort. I don’t even understand where this season is going? I’m completely lost.

Still, they were pretty cute and I am a fan of them living together and her running into his arms when he gets home. I vote for a spin-off captain swan show with different writers. 

This is an abomination. I love it. At times (in my other work) I feel like I could be a professional artist….then I go do something like this.

Wish!Hook is having a baby. A rum baby.

Watercolors on strathmore paper based off a sketch I did in February due to a leaked photo from the Atlanta screening.

Also posted to Twitter and Instagram at J_Cody_Art. deviantart J-Cody

What pisses me off the most about the whole “save killian” arc.

Now, I know that what Hook is going through is bad. I actually feel guilty because I can’t feel sorry for him, because I rationally know that that’s horrible, but I can’t truly feel an emotional connection to him. 
But do you want to know what I noticed? That the show is doing the impossible to make me feel sorry for him. He’s shown suffering, covered in blood. Damn, I spent four seasons of Ouat thinking they couldn’t show much blood onscreen, because there was hardly any, and now Hook is basically covered in it for three episodes in a row? Woah. 
As I said, the show is trying to make us feel sorry for him. The whole arc revolves around saving him, every main character has saving hook as his/her purpose, and Rumple not giving a damn about him is shown as negative. 
This should be normal, right? Hook died to save everybody and destroy the darkness so we should feel sorry, right?
But do you want to know who went through the same literal and metaphorical hell without anyone giving a damn?


At the end of 3A, Rumple gave his life to save everyone from a mess he didn’t create. Actually, he’d spent the previous half-season trying to prevent that mess from happening. He killed his own fucking father to save them, and now we know that he went straight to afterlife-torment for it. 
That’s awful.

And what happened when he was brought back?
Oh, right: he lost his son, his sanity and his freedom. He was controlled by a crazy witch who kept him in a cage like an animal, called him her doll and probably sexually harassed him. FFS, the first order she gave him was to kill his own fucking true love!
And what did the heroes do in front of all of this, in front of his and Belle’s pain?

They. Didn’t. Give. A. Damn.

Not a single fuck was given by the heroes, who left a crazy Rumple in Zelena’s clutches for months, went looking for him only when they finally needed his help, and showed no interest in his suffering when they found him in a cage in his own castle. Snow brushed it off as “nothing that can’t be undone”. They left without trying to save him. No one stood by Belle throughout the whole mess. Hell, the most heartfelt thing someone told her about the whole thing was Regina’s speech (that was a good apology, good work Regina), who was anyway trying to get help from Belle and who would anyway use the dagger on Rumple a few days later. 

The show never focused on Rumple’s suffering or Belle’s loss. All we got was basically only from Robert and Emilie’s acting talent. 

That’s awful. That’s something a show shouldn’t do to one of its main characters and one of its main pairings. 

As Hades would say: “I’m not angry, I’m disappointed. And, on a second thought: yes, I’m angry.”

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I'll be forever angry with JP&KW. literally stelena could have been endgame in the last episode without nina's involvement in a whole season. it would still make more sense that this crap we've got. they could kill off Damon, wake up Elena, S&E would mourn damon's death obvs but they could move on with their lives eventually ,go to different medschools and after years bump into each in mystic falls again( ofc I exluded steroline wedding).They weren't together since s4but still loved each other.

It’s a silly excuse. They literally threw Klaus/Caroline a bone. Stefan and Elena hooking up would be less of a stretch.

Me on a date: So let’s talk about makoharu. What was your favorite makoharu scene? it doesn’t matter if it’s from season 1 or season 2 although season 2 basically was makoharu century like c’mon who could ever disagree? Remember the scene in season 1 though when they were totally gonna makeout but then Makoto breathed. I was so mad, but y’know they moved to Tokyo together so I guess kyoani is off the hook this time.

Person:What are you talking about?

Me: *Shoving breadsticks into my purse* I’m sorry but I have to go home immediately 

ouat gothic
  • the continuity gradually becomes worse as the show moves into it’s fifth season. plots and relationships are forgotten. you faintly remember the owner of granny’s, and her grandchild. were they centaurs? in time, main characters are completely erased, until all that is left is hook. a&e praise their own clever writing and abc announces the show’s renewal.
  • “this show’s been going downhill since season two,” you mutter. “we know, grandma, we know.” grumbling, you settle in to watch the 40th season premiere. will it ever end? 
  • you swore the tv was off before. you didn’t leave it on abc. you quit the show, you’re done with this mess…. oh, but the previews didn’t look that bad…. just one more time won’t hurt…. 
  • the ship wars are getting worse. in time, they take to the streets- the battles are relentless, innocent blood is spilled in the name of fictional characters. there is no winning, there is no surrender. only death. 
  • in a moment of frustration, you tweet adam horowitz asking about the whereabouts of mulan. moments later, it is deleted. then, so is your account. you know what this means- they’re coming. the rumors are true. as you prepare to leave, you hear a knock at the door. 

I joked about the gap between Emma and Regina in their scene as the writers “Gay Panic” but what if it was actually our ladies who were suffering with it?

Think back to season 1 when our ladies weren’t so friendly, hated each other even. They were all up in each other’s faces, uncaring about personal space. They had no personal feelings for one another, they wanted to intimidate each other. Even if there had been some attraction they weren’t about to go off for some stress-relieving hate sex; it’s a family show, after all, so physical intimacy comes with feelings.

Flash forward we get introduced to Pirate Beard and Thief Beard. It’s okay for our gals to get closer because they can’t get too close around all that facial hair because it’ll get too uncomfortable for everyone involved. We see moments of jealousy as they start being physically distant.

Now we’re a beard down things have gotten more complicated. Emma’s confronted with alone time with Regina, the woman she shares a son with, whom she has sacrificed for, a woman who has supported and chosen Emma for no reason other than she cares. They want each other to be happy. Emma has always wanted to give everyone their happy ending, with Pirate Beard claiming it’s her, so shes really trying to live that hetro dream she’s seen all around her, but it’s not making her happy despite her saying she is. She keeps her distance from Regina because of her Gay Panic, and Regina keeps her distance because she doesn’t want to get in the way of Emma’s supposed happy ending after she’s spent so long trying ensure Regina gets hers.

The closer they’ve gotten the further apart physically they keep themselves so they don’t tamper with each other’s happy ending. And that breaks my heart because they should realise that they are each other’s happy ending.

I don’t know if I articulated my thoughts properly, but this is my theory on why they seem to always be so far apart despite how close they’ve grown in their relationship.


Okay, I don’t know what it is, but I never liked Ezra & I still don’t like Ezra to this day. Something about him way always so off and creepy to me and the more we find out about his character the creepier he gets.

First of all, if you think back to when he “found out” that Aria was a high school student, he literally lost his shit on Aria. Then in season 4, we find out that, oh wait, you already knew that my friend. Not only that, but he knowingly used Aria and hooked up with an under aged girl that he was fully aware went to the school he was going to be teaching at, IN A BAR BATHROOM. Like I’m sorry, but that’s a little terrifying and creepy. Like Aria was sixteen in the pilot, and he would have to have been at least twenty two. Which not only is illegal, but is a weirdly large age gap.

Second, we spend an entire season focusing on Ezra is A, only to be told the most bullshit excuse on the entire planet, it was for a book. YOU DONT SET UP SECURITY CAMERAS ON THE ENTIRE TOWN AND PAY PEOPLE TO SPY ON OTHERS FOR YOU AND CREATE A LAIR JUST FOR A BOOK! You don’t move to a city and apply at a job and start sleeping with the under aged best friend of the girl you’re “writing a novel about.” That is absolutely terrifying. He knew all of the girls before he even applied to teach at rosewood and got involved with Aria knowing exactly who she was and how old she was and that she was a student. YOU DONT DO ALL OF THAT TO “WRITE A TRUE CRIME NOVEL.” You do that if you’re a sociopath stalking and tormenting them. Not only that, but are we forgetting about the gas mask costume Ezra was wearing when spencer sliced his hand in the house in ravenswood? Not only that, but he was monitoring the fucking police scanners. HOW DOES AN ENGLISH TEACHER KNOW HOW TO HACK SECURITY CAMERAS. Also, are we forgetting about the giant mass of cash in his bedroom drawer after Alison’s body was stolen and Jason offered a reward for information?

On top of all of this, what do we really know about Ezra? We know he has a brother. We know his mother, and we know he had a crazy ex girlfriend who pretended her child was his. Other than that, what do we really know? He was creepy and hit on Alison before Aria? What about when he creepily showed up on the ghost train when he wasn’t even on it? Or the sketch behaviour when he sent Aria to get chickpeas and then went to his sketchy perv cellar. Why the fuckity fuck did his lair have giant blown up pictures of Alison hung on the walls in order to research a book. WHY IS THAT NECESSARY??? We know very little about his parents or his home life. He always said he didn’t feel like a Fitzgerald.

Maybe it’s just the fact that Ian is so much better at being a bad guy than a good guy, but something about him just seemed so weird and off to me. And I know the chances of Marlene making him A or making him involved are very little because of Ezria but I find him very very creepy. Honestly I never liked Ezria from the beginning. That relationship right from the beginning is the billboard for what not to do in a relationship. It has never, nor do I think it ever will be a healthy relationship. It was fucked from the beginning. All of the boys mysteriously disappeared in the episode where Tanner was looking for the dollhouse way back when. I don’t know what it is, but he’s sketch.

also: side comment, HANNA IS AN IDIOT. On what fucking planet does she think she can outsmart anyone involved with the A team. Honestly. Did she really think that she could just effortlessly drug Noel, no problem, and torture answers out of him? What was she planning on doing? Dragging his unconscious body out of the bar through the bar customers and out the front doors? Is she even strong enough to do that? And hitting him in the head with a fucking metal bar? REALLY? That’s great, let’s just hit him in the fucking head in front of his cabin where video cameras have been set up and give A more things to show the police. Like what was she planning on doing? Showing up to the police station with an unconscious Noel and saying “hey so I have this unconscious tormentor with me that I beat with a metal rod but I have literally no evidence whatsoever that he was involved in tormenting me 5 years ago.” BITCH REALLY?

also: Ezra can go live in the Colombian forests with Nicole & leave Jaria because LOOOOVEEEE. The way Jason looks at Aria is just the cutest and sweetest thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life. Like she is literally a queen to him and she deserves someone like that not her high school English teacher that spent months stalking her and her friends for “a novel.”

Its not even Killian killing Charming’s father that pisses me off–at this point that no one in this show has a clean past, and Hook is far from the only one to b guilty of this. It just feels thrown in there to add to the angst level for something that Hook and possibly Emma (depending how she is brought into this) have to suffer). And don’t get me wrong–if Charming reacts angrily, then he has that right to be pissed off. But right when he and Hook are getting along and ready to move forward in a good way, this twist is thrown in.

And I know based on spoilers everything will work out–Emma and Hook will get married and Hook will (most likely) make amends for what he did. I just wish we didn’t have to go through that, especially given how much is going on this season.

I do see that some are enjoying this, and that’s great–I’m happy for you guys, and I can see why you guys are enjoying this. To an extent, I’m curious to see where it all goes. I just right now don’t feel right about this twist.