this season is going to be off the................................ hook

Season 7.

The scene opens on the Swan-Jones house. We go into the house. It looks different than before – actually well-lived in now. Books and toys are scattered about and pictures hang on the walls. The camera pans past some of these pictures. There are obvious ones hanging like Emma and Killian’s wedding photos, Emma and David by the Sheriff’s car, but there are new ones, as well. Emma and Hook in the hospital room cradling a small bundle, happy and exhausted grins on their faces. There’s Henry in a graduation robe, flanked by both Emma and Regina. There’s a shot of Regina with a mystery character we haven’t seen together, clearly at their own wedding. There’s even Belle with Gideon, smiling happily. Basically, a few years have passed, and it’s been a good few years.

We hear a squeal, and the scene turns to Emma and Hook preparing a child for bed. Emma’s phone rings, and she learns that there’s a crisis on the docks. Looks like it’s a job for the Sheriff.

“Sure you don’t need backup, love?”

“Please, after the demagorgon last month, this is gonna be a cakewalk. Sure you can handle bedtime?”

“It’ll be a cake walk.”

They kiss, and Emma goes off to save the day. Because she’s Emma Swan, ass-kicker extraordinaire.

We stick with Killian and little Swan-Jones. It’s story time, and the kid holds up a “Once Upon a Time” book. They begin to flip through it, and we realize that this book is different. There are new stories than what we’ve seen.

“Your brother’s been busy, but how about I tell you about a story that isn’t in your brother’s book.”

The kid’s eyes go wide. It’s interested.

“You see, Once Upon a Time, your Aunt Regina…”

And there we go. It’s a new season. The season is literally this story featuring everyone who is coming back. There can be flashbacks within flashbacks. Emma doesn’t die. She’s off kicking ass. We learn that most everyone gets their HEA/HB. If there’s a season after that, it’s another story. The series ends with Hook telling the kid to go to sleep, tomorrow is a big day, after all.

“It’s your Mum’s birthday.”

If we get JMo to come back, the scene cuts to her party at Granny’s. Everyone is there. Henry is wearing a college sweatshirt. Snow and Charming are there. Regina is being her fabulous self with her love interest, who we meet in the story, by her side. Emma, surrounded by her family and friends, blows out the candle. We go full circle.

All Hands on Deck (m)

Summary: You go all day with a budding heat between your legs and return home with the idea of taking care of it yourself however, when Taehyung arrives home a few days early from a business trip, you decide to let him join- but only after you make him watch. 
Pairing: Taehyung x Reader
Genre: Smut, Romance
Warnings: PWP, masturbation (w/ toys), foreplay, dirty talk, multiple orgasms, teasing, oral sex, edging, etc.
Rating: M
Word Count: 6,119
A/N: This is a (sort of) sequel to Helping Hand

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From the very first moment you woke up, a hunger and a desire incurable by normal food settling low in your belly, you had known the day would be nothing but long and tiresome. The alarm had not gone off, (no doubt caused by your late-night phone call with Taehyung in which you had fallen asleep to the sound of his voice before you could reset your alarm), leaving you with nothing but twenty minutes to rush through your morning routine and no time at all to spend five extra minutes in the shower quenching the heat and ache working its way through your system.

You had made it to work on time, thankfully, but your day had not improved. Instead of an eight-hour shift full of nothing but paperwork and a few phone calls, you had been forced to sit in on several meetings, all the while ignoring the way pleasure thrummed through you as you clenched your legs just a tad tighter. It was possible the ache between your legs was due to almost having to go a week without sex however, you knew it was mostly caused from the dream you’d been deeply invested in when the sun and the birds outside had pulled you back into consciousness; the dream had been rough hands sliding across your body, teeth and tongue scraping over sensitive skin, pulling small gasps and moans until you were nothing but a desperate mess beneath his touch.

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CP bachelor AU: part 9

part 1 | part 2 | part 3 | part 4 | part 5 | part 6 | part 7 | part 8


Through group dates, individual dates, competitions, parties, product placement and public meltdowns, the show continues. Laurent has been sure of the finalists since soon after the start of filming, but he manages to weave in enough red herrings and emotional tripwires to keep a viewing audience engaged. Even Kallias looks genuinely shocked when he beats out Pallas for a spot in the last four.

Pallas looks up at Damen, rueful, and accepts Damen’s hug goodbye. They both look sleek and strong and masculine in their suits.

“So,” Nicaise murmurs, “d'you think Lazar–”

“Don’t tell me,” Laurent says, “and I won’t have to fire anyone.”

“Ugh, you’re going soft,” Nicaise says.

The other finalists are less surprising. Erasmus has been unfurling with happiness like a literal fucking flower as the weeks pass, increasingly relaxed in front of the camera, constantly laughing and telling fond stories about the kids on his ward. For Damen not to choose him at this point would be like kicking a whole sackful of a puppies.

Jokaste is still Jokaste. Her cattiness behind the scenes is matched only by her charm when one-on-one with Damen. She is witty and edged and lovely, and if she isn’t inundated with offers after the season goes to air, Laurent will eat his headset, or possibly hire her himself.

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luxclio  asked:

Headcannon: Yuuri is actually really strong, and he can lift other skaters,easily. Like yurio or someone gets hurt and he lifts them off the ice and everyone else is like wtf just happened.

(Yeah of course Yuuri’s strong, have you seen his canonly drawn muscles? Damn)

Everyone gets a personal demonstration of Yuuri’s impressive strength in a different way.

Georgi sees it in action at an airport, when traveling with the team to the Russian Nationals, when he nearly throws out his back trying to take Victor’s baggage off the carousel. It was as if Victor packed his own weight in gold in there. Yuuri dashes in, apologizes, and plucks it up without even blinking.

The growth spurt over the following summer hits Yurio hard, makes his movements awkwards, and his technicality on the ice suffers. One stubborn afternoon, he nearly blows out his ankle trying for a quad he’s already been warned off of. He can’t even wobble out of the rink on his own, so Yuuri skates by, lifts him up and carries him out all while Yurio protests loudly (then grudgingly spits out a thanks on the bench).

Yakov comes into the rink one morning to see Victor and Yuuri already on the ice, messing around with a new pairs ice dance routine that they’ve repeatedly been told they shouldn’t be focusing on, since neither have yet perfected their free programs for the upcoming season. He’s about to bark at them when Victor skates to Yuuri, who pushes Victor overhead into a full carry lift. It’s shockingly steady. Yakov says nothing, especially since they learn their lesson a minute later when they try it again and go tumbling onto the ice in a fit of giggles.

Mila’s not sure if she could consider herself the lucky one or not. She forgets her phone at the rink one evening, and comes back late, ducking inside to search for it. What she doesn’t find is her phone. What she does find is Victor lifted off the ground and against a wall, bare legs hooked around Yuuri’s waist, arms over his shoulders and head thrown back in ecstacy as Yuuri thrusts against him. She squeaks and runs off, phone forgotten until the next morning, when a smiling Yuuri hands it to her at practice. She barely resists commenting on the reason for his very pleased expression.

I’m supposed to be doing my taxes right now, but...

Regina realizes how she feels about Emma during the last few episodes of season 6. The wedding is incredibly painful for her to watch for that reason. Maybe she doesn’t even go? Maybe she pulls a Bandit!Regina and stares longingly through the open door.

Whatever happens, she won’t barge in and ruin it with a “Sorry I’m late”. She wants to, though. She wants to march right on in and confess her feelings, ruin the whole affair, and sweep Emma off her feet in a rainbow burst of love. But, because she loves her so, she won’t take away her choice. Emma is married to Hook.

The hullabaloo of the “final battle” occurs and Emma lives. She then makes Hook her deputy.

Season 7 starts and suddenly it’s season 1 all over again, for Regina.
Once again, her sheriff is romantically entangled with the deputy… that EMMA appointed. Regina assumes that, like Graham did before her, this is some sort of passive aggressive act of retribution. After all, Emma didn’t like Regina not being at her wedding, to hear it told. 

The thing is, Emma’s choice comes to backfire. She is SURROUNDED by Hook at all points of her day and, though he’s sweet and in love and cuddly as all fuck, Emma realizes they are quickly running out of things to talk about. Shocked, she comes to understand that they really don’t have much in common, apart from a mutual physical attraction and even that is waning. Hook is all honeymoon, romance, courtship, flowers and treating Emma like a peachy princess. But Emma’s growing tired of pink. Yes, it’s nice, but she misses red. She loves red. Red is hot and it bites back. And, after several near death experiences, Emma has come to love the fighter’s spark inside herself. 

She scares Hook with her need for conflict and passion. He’s put off by her aggression, and she’s tired of him always wanting to be the one on top, literally and figuratively. And so she decides she needs a night out with her friends. A chance to clear her head. Only, no one is available. Ruby is in Oz. Ella has kids. Others have work. Everyone’s excuse is “adulting” in general. And Emma doesn’t want to hang with her mom; she asks too many questions. 

Emma calls Regina. Regina almost doesn’t answer. 

They go out for drinks. Emma realizes how much she’s missed her. And her fire. She tells her half as much, but the look that passes through Regina’s eyes reveals everything. 

Regina doesn’t answer her calls after that night. When all she wants to do is kiss her, like she nearly did at the bar, talking to Emma about her troubled married life is far too painful. She’s now actively avoiding her.  

And, because this is season 1 all over again, Emma has a moment where she thinks she might be pregnant. She bumps into Regina at the pharmacy and Regina sees the pregnancy test in her basket. She leaves quickly, her face flushed. 

It’s not a positive test. Emma’s not pregnant. She feels that this is important for Regina to know. Important enough for her to come knocking on her front door late that night to tell her. 

Regina’s truth comes out. And so does Emma. 

They kiss and… stuff. 

The day that Emma decides to tell her mother, it is just like season one again. Only  this time, Emma is in Mary Margaret’s shoes. And she’s leaving her husband. After only a few months of marriage, they are divorcing. Snow does her best NOT to judge, but she is very concerned. She thought Emma was happy. Emma explains how her happiness with Hook was an illusion, a projection of what she thought she wanted for her life. But that it was a dream… compared to the reality of love. Snow realizes she means she’s found love with someone else. Snow is suddenly excited. Intrigued. Trying not to overbear, but dying to know more. Whoever this is, they certainly must be special, for Emma to make such a change. When Emma admits that it is Regina, Snow’s face transitions through 50 different emotions before finally smiling and shaking her head. “Of course, it’s Regina. You’ve been obsessed with her from the start.”

“Yeah. Since day one.”

ahh. feels good. glad i got that out. 

(files w-2′s like an adult)

anonymous asked:

Old characters searching for true love. Hook still family to Henry. I swear, if we have to see Emma die so Henry can help his step dad move on and find love again, I will puke.

Are you really using a broad sweeping description for advertisers at May upfronts as a spoiler and then applying it to the one character it’s least likely to apply to in order to make yourself (and me) crazy?

Good grief. They’ve already said Henry is going to be the big love story. I think they are telling us that so we know that they don’t need to use any of the returning three for that purpose, especially next season.

My inbox has been full of question about Hook getting a new love interest, so I will address it ONE time.

Obviously I have no idea what they’re going to do, but let me run through the reasons it’s a dumb fucking idea.

Hook is one-half of the most popular, most epic, most central love-story on this show for the last 5 seasons. The audience would reject out of hand any attempt to give him a new love story, and why would they want to turn off the audience that way? They want viewers.

We just saw them getting married and pledge to love each other to eternity. What are you picturing that could come between that and still keep the tenants of true love alive on this show? What would that say about love and love stories on this show? What would it say about true love, the most powerful magic of all? Would it make you want to watch another love story? Would you believe that true love is still magic? Or would it destroy the foundations the show is built on?

This is all especially true if Emma is still alive which I 100% expect her to be. Killing Emma would demolish this reboot before it began. It’s depressing and devoid of hope and a terrible legacy to give the protagonist and the show as a whole.

This show was renewed because of syndication and streaming dollars, killing Emma kills that business. Period.

Next I have a lot of asks that go, “I can’t see them not giving Hook a new love interest, because I can’t see them not using Colin for a romantic/sexual angle…”

Let me get this straight, to you Colin is only good for how he relates sexually to a woman? He has no worth as an actor, and Hook has no worth as a character, outside of a romantic storyline? Wow. Fuck off. No seriously think about what you’re saying. It’s gross.

Think about how sick you feel at the thought of Hook with another woman, and then tell me again how valuable it would be to give Colin a romantic story to play just cause he’s hot? His value on this show as a leading man is with Emma. Period. They never even let us see him kiss Milah or flirt with a bar wench because of how fucking unpalatable that would have been to the audience. You think they’re gonna think the audience is more ready to see or now? After the wedding and 5 years of epic romance? Just stop.

I am not discussing this all summer. Because while I think killing Emma or destroying CS or giving Hook a new love interest would be shooting themselves in the foot, if they do it, it won’t matter to me because I won’t be watching.

If they kill Emma? Deal breaker

If they break Emma and Hook up? Deal Breaker

If they make me feel bad about Emma and Hook’s future? (not counting your garden variety villains and curses they need to deal with) Dealbreaker

If they give Colin a new love interest? (Even if it doesn’t mess with CS because it’s a prequel or fairy tale times-wimey hijinx) Dealbreaker

If they even have Hook look the wrong way at another woman? Deal breaker.

I’m going to have zero fucking tolerance for any of it, just as I have zero fucking tolerance for endless asks on the topic. If it happens, it won’t matter because I won’t be watching and you don’t have to watch either.

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jr legitimately hinted at becho (echo is a series regular next season 😒😒😒why i'll never know) and he said they've always had sparks or whatever like????? why are the writers like this??? why do they hate couples who genuinely care about each other and love couples who have abused and tried to kill each other multiple times??? in what universe, even after six years, would bellamy look at echo and not see the person who tried to kill his sister??? why do they know this character so little???

i was gonna say that the writers aren’t that dumb but like. they are. again, i wouldn’t even trust them to take care of my imaginary hamster that’s how little i trust them.

but like series regular doesn’t exactly mean much on this show. eli (wells) was a series regular (i think) and he was killed off 3 eps in. thomas (finn) was a series regular and he was killed off during the s2 midseason finale. ricky was also a series regular who was killed off (although this one was a different circumstance) devon was a series regular and he died. zach was promoted to series regular for s4 only to be killed off. so like. series regular doesn’t mean much. hell i would say that probably means her chance of dying are greater this season because a series regular dies every season lmao.

also if becho hooks up (and this is a big if because bellamy has been shitting on her in every single scene they’ve share this season) what do you think is going to happen when they realise that clarke is alive? like i said, the season finale showed us just how much bellamy and clarke love each there’s no way you can beat around that bush anymore, not when clarke has been messaging him everyday for 6+ years without response just because it helps her keep sane, and not when bellamy- well bellamy has been proving he loves her since he got stabbed in the leg and still went after her so i’mma stay mute because this is already turning into another essay.

yeah he thinks she’s dead which might allow him to move on after time but what happens when they find each other again? feelings like that don’t just disappear.

and lastly, never forget that bob was ready to leap across the stage to fight someone who brought up the prospect of becho

look at him. he hates becho more than all of us combined. i know actors don’t write the show but look at him lol if he ever gets a script with becho in it i’m pretty sure he’d hold it up and be like ‘what in the fresh hell is this nonsense?’ he’s the number one bellamy stan and he’s said before that he doesn’t fuck with expired mayonnaise.

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How they could have made the CS wedding good and set up for a 7th season: When Hook starts his vows about how he had wanted his revenge until he met Emma he then says “and I still do” or “and you gave me a way to get it”. In the moment that everyone is confused by his words he sticks his hook into Emma’s chest and rips out her heart. Hook then disappears into the crowd and escapes. CS is now a cautionary tale and it gives OUAT the big twist that they never manage to actually pull off. (1/6)

We find out that Hook had broken into Regina’s vault, and going through Cora’s things found a potion that allowed him to enchant his to steal a heart again. He could also be getting help from the black fairy or she could not exist in this storyline. Hook knows that the only way to kill Gold is to be in a land without magic. He also needs to make sure that none of the heroes will be able to save Gold once he’s without magic. (2/6)

So Hook uses Emma’s heart to cast the dark curse. Without their memories and magic it will be easy for him to kill Gold. From here there are two ways this story can go: 1. Emma actually is dead. She stays dead. That is why JMO could leave. 2. After Emma’s heart is crushed, everyone panics and notices the Large Purple Cloud of DoomTM coming towards them. Regina casts a preservation spell on Emma’s body, like she did with Daniel’s, before the curse overtakes them. (3/6) 

Season 7 unfolds with Henry finding the book and either getting his memories back, or just believing in it like in s1. He goes around town recruiting the other heroes to help him break the curse. Of course they do and magic returns to Storybrooke. (Gold could be dead in this version, since the writers seem to not know what to do with him anymore; or it could be a Belle and Gold true loves kiss that breaks this curse) They find Emma’s preserved body in Regina’s vault. (4/6)   

Henry plans to use split his heart to save Emma. Which won’t work because Regina put a spell on Henry to stop anyone from being able to remove his heart after Neverland (a nice throwback to something that seemed really important but was never mentioned again). Eventually Regina decides that she’s not going to let Emma go like this, not after everything they’ve been through, and splits her own heart to give to Emma. (5/6) 

It works! Emma is snapped out of the waking coma she’s been in for seasons & we get the old Emma back. Regina, Emma, and Henry defeat Hook (6/6)  

that relies on the person H00k loves most not being itself, but other than that, yeah it would have made a TON more sense than what they did. alas. 

Ouat Con Denver 2017 - Friday, Beverley’s Panel
  • Beverly: “Who came out into the audience? Gil? Gil is the rule breaker.” (x)
  • “Captain Hook always flirts with me, he’s a dirty dog.” (x)
  • Colin will say hi to Beverly in her regular clothes and then when she comes out dressed as Granny he’ll hit on her. She blushes. (x)
  • Beverly pranked Colin to change the note on the bag of food in season 5 to say “Granny gets off work at 7” and Sean died laughing (x)
  • “No one pays. Do you think they’re ever going to pay their bills??” (x)
  • Beverly says Lana is really professional and hardworking and she always shows up knowing her lines and the motivation behind them (x)
  • Beverly on a wedding between Ruby and Dorothy: “Well it would be a gay affair” (x)
Grande Fratello

Requested by @latenightbooknerd

Reid dating Tony’s sister? 

Title : Grande Fratello

Pairing : Reid x Dinozzo!sister

POV : Reader’s

Word Count : 1260

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Most people you had dated were afraid of commit. Understandable most women looked for a man similar to their father or brother, because they are comfortable with such personalities and already know how to love them. The problem is they are like your dad and brother.

Loud, juvenile and as your mother so kindly puts it il maiale.


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Okay, let’s get ahead of the haters: Imagine a worst-case scenario where Rumple is not planning to lull the BF into a sense of security and later move against her. Let us imagine Rumple genuinely let her off the hook once he could guarantee the safety of himself and his family. Let us assume he did it because in spite of all her evil and her threats he feels an emotional connection to her. Let’s imagine he felt entitled to make that decision without taking into consideration anyone else’s safety and completely disregarding what awful things she did to a close member of his family, which he loves.

Now open your eyes and recognise that whole paragraph above accurately describes Snow the pure-hearted hero letting Regina go in season 2′s episode The Cricket Game

What we have been waiting for!

Sort of. 

This episode wasn’t written by Duff, but Kendall, who LOVES Sharon. 

That’s why this episode is what we want. Not quantity, but QUALITY. We learned Andy’s ex’s name, we got Andy’s past and what went wrong in his marriage, we got Sharon & Ricky talking about her marriage and ex and faith, and we got back story on Sharon and the victim! Nothing physical, yet SO MUCH KNOWLEDGE shown to us. But it only happens when Kendall writes. 

So do not stop fighting for what you believe we deserve to see. The goal is to get DUFF writing these types of scripts, not just the writers who come in for one or two episodes a season :)

Side note - Mary was GORGEOUS in this episode. Hair, make-up, clothing was ON POINT. She was glowing again. I love that when it happens ♥

Some more thoughts on Swan Queen and CS

1. I keep thinking about the scene where Emma was gathering Hook’s stuff to throw away. They did not have to put Henry in that scene. But they did. They did not have to have Henry interact with Emma even when he was in that scene. But they did again. What Henry did in that scene was showing zero concern about Hook’s absence and his mom’s breaking away from Hook. He only just took his headphone off for a second and asked “You OK?” It is very interesting.

2. The underworld true love test: What Emma did when tested was to put Hook’s life (for all she knew he was going to be killed if she abandoned him for her heart) over her own. The thing is, think about it, Emma (at that time, not the unrecognisable selfish and bullying person we saw for most of Season 06B) would do the same whoever that person happened to be. She would do that for her parents, for Henry, for Regina, for Robin, for Zelena, or even for a stranger, she would save them first. That’s just who she is (or was, should I say?). Not because she and Hook shared true love. Also, a big plot hole is, there was no guarantee that Emma would go through the test with Hook. What if someone else accompanied her?

3. Sharing one heart: I always find the sharing one heart thing very interesting. We know Snow and Charming could do it because they share true love and their hearts beat as one. Then in Season 5 Episode 20 (the underworld true love test episode), Emma tried to share her heart with Hook, which did not work. Why would Emma think of using this method is beyond my understanding. Snow came up with that idea because David lost his heart. Hook did not. He just died is all. Why would sharing a heart be the solution? I feel that it was just a clumsy way of bringing this heart sharing topic up, to make certain point. Question is, which point the writers were trying to make.

I personally think it is to hint that CS was not true love. We see that Emma held half of the heart on the way to put it in Hook’s chest, but before the heart touched Hook, Emma’s body suddenly rejected it. So they had to put her heart back. Hades’ explanation was that Hook had been dead for too long and his body had been rotting, hence it would not work. I don’t buy it. Firstly, it was not like the heart started failing after it entered Hook’s chest (hence affected by the rotting mess, whatever you call it), no. It started failing before it touched Hook. So it seems to me whatever caused it, it was not Hook’s body rotting on earth. Secondly, we just saw all the Dark Ones some rotted for hundreds of years having no problem finding a way back to life - if Hook’s plan succeeded. Nobody seems to think their body rotting would be an obstacle, so…

More interestingly, in the wedding episode, one line in the lyrics of Snow and Charming’s number caught my attention: There is powerful magic when two hearts are one. Again, they brought up this heart sharing topic. Sure, it could be nothing significant, just to make it rhyme. But it is interesting, isn’t it, to remind us in the CS wedding episode that someone did not manage to share a heart.

4. All the unfortunate parallels: just a few examples to make a point: First, in Camelot, there was one episode where Hook took Emma on a horse-ride and they ended up romantically kissing in a field filled with pink roses. Interestingly, in the same episode, the pink rose is the recurring theme. At the beginning of this episode, it was a symbol of the young love between King Author and his queen when they were kids. But it was also shown in the latter half of the episode that the pink roses turned to be a false appearance covering up the broken marriage, broken kingdom, that were both beyond amending. It was shown that Author used magic to charm his queen into “loving” him again, even though all was false. *cough* Doesn’t that sound familiar? ;)

Second, in S06E15, the very next episode after the first Hook proposal, there is a very interesting theme about Jasmine’s engagement ring. Except that it was not romantic. Jasmine lost her Agrabah after she was manipulated into accepting Jafar’s proposal and gave him the ring. I don’t think we need to discuss more about this parallel.

5. The red leather jacket: I was surprised to see that the writers in S05E20 (again, the underworld true love test episode) portray (on the face at least) the red leather jacket as a negative armour, a wall, a way of escaping rather than fighting and facing. I was surprised because throughout OUAT it has been shown as a positive sign, a parallel to Prince Charming’s outfit, and a symbol of THE Emma. Most striking example is in Season 3, when Emma got her memory back and was headed back to Storybrooke to save her family, right before leaving her apartment in Boston (or NY? Can’t remember), she said “just one last thing”, and brought out her red leather jacket to put on, with a very confident and very Emma smile on her face. So, yes, I was surprised. Then I was disgusted by how this protective wall armour theme was seemingly used to give context to what Emma said before the true love test. She said she guessed that she had her armour up for too long that she forgot she did not need it with Hook. More interestingly, we see in Season 06B that Emma was NOT wearing her red leather jacket most of the time. But in the wedding episode, before she finally needed to face the black fairy, she wore the red leather again. Same as the finale. I don’t really know why this was the case. But a simple explanation could be that she thought what she really was (a strong, badass, and kind woman) was an armour (symbolised by the red leather jacket), which she should not be needing around Hook. In other words, she thought she should give up what she truly was to be with Hook. That would not work obviously.

This also reminds me once again how Hook was always in the centre of the things that threaten to deprive Emma of who she really is. Her magic, for a starter. The sorcerer’s hat, the scissors, the cursed kiss (by Zelena), you name it. Regina on the other hand, was always the person that insisted on Emma being true to who she was. She was the one that admired Emma’s magic power and tutored her. She lost it at Snow and Charming when she heard that they agreed to let Emma give up her magic. She brought Emma back from her singing princess model. ;) She told Emma that Emma of all people should know that there was always a third way.

Moon of My Life

Member: Jun
Word Count: 2535

“ARE YOU KIDDING ME?” Junhui shouted beside you, almost knocking the half empty bowl of popcorn off of his lap. “THEY CAN’T JUST END IT THERE, CAN THEY? I GOTTA KNOW WHAT HAPPENS NEXT” he looked back and forth between you and the dark screen rolling credits in front of him.

“That’s Game of Thrones for you, babe.” you smiled, reaching over to hang onto his shoulder. You had spent the whole week binge watching the show from the moment you woke up until the wee hours of the morning with him. You had a lot of seasons to get through, and now you were officially caught up. You had already seen all of it, but Jun hadn’t. However he was hooked right from the beginning, and you enjoyed watching someone else go through all the excitement and pain of the show for the first time.

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TBH, if they’re to kill any of the four listed cast members off per that random pap guy who’s info I still don’t trust, my money is on Rumple.  

1) RC has been clamoring to get back to Scotland and has made as much apparent in a lot of his recent interviews (I was surprised to see his name on the list for contract renegotiations).

2) Rumple’s character has become stagnant.  Seriously, it’s like watching him run into a brick wall over and over each season.  He hasn’t developed at all, and TBH, I think dying in an attempt to do something heroic (like saving his son or something kinda like in season 3) would be a great way for him to exit the show.  He’d be missed in flashbacks, but other than that his character is disposable.

3) His character dying would explain why they reportedly aren’t trying to bring Belle back for another season.

Basically, the only things I have against him dying is the fact that he’s already died once before, and that he is one of the more popular characters.  But even still, he’s the least popular of the four currently renegotiating their contracts.  

Just for the hell of it, I’ll add my reasoning for why I don’t think it will be any of the other characters.


1) A&E love Regina way too fucking much to ever kill her off.

2) Despite my feelings towards her, she is pretty popular.

3) Lana would never leave this show because it’s literally all that she does and I’m pretty sure she needs it more than Jen, Colin, and RC.


1) His character has fucking died 3 times.  Killing him again would be so beyond redundant that it just isn’t an option if these writers have any competence at all.

2) He’s arguably the most popular character on the show and heavily used for marketing.  They would seriously be hindering themselves in terms of advertising for season 7 if he was no longer on the show.

3) Colin being on the show has not hindered his ability to do other projects, so he’s still free to do other things while committing to one more season of the show.

Emma (where do I even begin OMG):

1) Emma is the main character.  I know this doesn’t make her 100% safe, but the whole show has been about her finding her family and her happy ending.  Not to mention the finale is the two-parter episode right after she gets fucking MARRIED.  I know the writers suck, but would they really be so low as to finally have her get married to her TL and then kill her off next week?  For a show about hope, that’s pretty dreary.

2) They have been pushing this “EMMA IS GOING TO DIE OH NO” narrative way too hard for me buy it.  A&E love shock value, and constantly advertising that Emma is going to die, then actually killing her would not be very shocking.

3) Per Jen’s own words, she loves OUAT and Emma Swan.  She said that she is “fiercely loyal” to the show and “very protective” of Emma’s character.  So do you really think she would be okay with A&E killing Emma off when she’s on the brink of getting her happy ending?  She would fight harder than any of us to protect Emma’s HE, don’t you forget that.

4) They would lose CS.  If this pap is right, then that means Colin would continue on the show without Jen.  Killian would be without Emma.  I’ve seen this reiterated a thousand times, but I’m going to do it again.  They.  Are.  A.  Package.  Deal.  Either they both stay, or they both go.  The show won’t make it with just one of them.  CS is such a huge draw to the show and a major vehicle for the promo department.  So, just like if they lost Hook, they would be seriously hindering themselves in terms of promotional material for season 7.

5) Jen, like Colin, has been able to do other things outside of OUAT, so it’s not like she’s been restricted to the show for the past 6 years.  

6) *sigh* as much as it pains me to say this, killing off Emma would also mean they would lose $Q viewers.  So think about that.  They would not only be losing the largest shipping fandom, but also one of the other more prominent ones.  The ratings aren’t great as it is, and they know what a big deal shipping is in terms of bringing in viewers.  Do you really think they would kill off the common half of two big ships?  No way they do that and bring in a fraction of the ratings they’re currently getting. 

So as you can see, there are many more reasons against them killing off Emma than there are for any of the other characters.  And this isn’t even including the fact that Jen, Colin, and Lana are the three cast members who are attending all these fan conventions (RC is only attending one that I can think of).  I know that people don’t think that conventions have anything to do with the show, but I see it as a promotional thing.  

If my theory is correct and the show gets renewed and Rumple is killed off, they’ll already have their three primary cast members for season 7 scheduled to attend all these conventions and promote the show.  They would even be able to discuss things happening on the show too, which wouldn’t really be possible if one of them was no longer on the show.  It’s also another show of how dedicated the three of them are to OUAT.  Do you really think they would have agreed to attend so many conventions if they didn’t love their jobs?

Anyway, this is just the way I’m seeing things right now.  I’m getting a little tired of all the “ALL THE EVIDENCE POINTS TO JEN LEAVING!!!” crap when it really looks like the opposite to me.  To each their own I suppose, but I just wanted to share what I think.

not gonna go into this in detail rn but the intense hate for the girl squad vs the nothing but love for the boy squad i’ve seen really smells like a lot of internalized misogyny. 

like yes. we’re supposed to be annoyed with the girls bc they are being ignorant. i love sana so fucking much and it truly hurts to see her feel so excluded. it’s just interesting how we didn’t see any of this kind of hatered for the boys in season 3. they constantly talked isak into hooking up with girls, got pissed when he didn’t want to go party with them, used gay as an insult in front of him, etc. “but they didn’t know that isak was gay!” no they didn’t, just like the girls don’t know that sana is hurting. 

just like isak pretended so hard to look straight, sana tries to hard to come off as tough and unbothered. from eva’s and noora’s perspective in season 1 and 2, it almost looks as if sana is looking down on the other girls (obs she isn’t but she came off as really intimidating to the other girls), and like sana is too cool and strong to be hurting. that’s how we sana sana in those 2 seasons aswell. we thought that she was just quiet and observing, but now we see that that’s how she is bc of how excluded she feels. the girls have yet to see this. 

sana is scared of showing her friends who she really is (which is that sometimes she isn’t tough or cool or unphased), just like isak was scared of letting his friends know that he’s gay. we didn’t hate the guys through season 3, because we understood that even tho they were hurting isak without realising it, it was because they had no idea what was going on in isak’s head. we trusted that they would learn bc we knew they weren’t bad people, and we knew they’d change their behaviour if isak just told them. this exact mentality should apply now aswell. the girls are hurting sana, and they’re not even realising it. and it’s heartbreaking to watch, especially if we look back at earlier seasons from sana’s pov. but these girls love sana, and i promise you that by the end of this season, they will have realised how their behaviour has affected sana, and that they will have to change it.

Supergirl Theory

I have had a theory of what might happen on Supergirl with regards to Karamel for some time, but after seeing Kevin Smith’s new interview, it’s made me think they might be moving the storyline in that direction sooner than I thought. It is well-known what a huge fan of DC lore and Karamel he is, and this is what he had to say:

The benefit of doing the show (as a director) is I know what’s happening for now till the end of this season, and I also know what happens next season. And I’m gonna tell you right now, it fucking makes me cry…[The EP told the story and their plans] And I, like, instantly was rolling tears, it is so fucking good. They (The EP) told me some shit that they’re doing which as a DC fan made me just nuts spontaneously in my fucking pants. But also as somebody who just likes good stories, I was like.. That’s fantastic. Good shit coming up, man” -Kevin Smith

SHIIIIIT! There is gonna be angst like we’ve never seen before. I think 2x17 is going to be a bit lighter and fun after all the angst of 2x16/The Flash crossover, but I have a feeling the season is going to end with a major dramatic cliffhanger that is going to rip our hearts out of our butts… My guess is they’re going to bring in the Phantom Zone storyline that is so tied to Mon El’s character in the comics. That would not only cause angst but a season finale is perfect timing to begin a separation between characters. We as fans would feel the separation, and it allows the writers to control the timeline without disrupting the flow of the show too much. The writers are able to take liberties and have time and again changed things on the show that are canon in the DC comics, but I think this story is too good and too tied to Mon El’s character for them to not use it on the show. 

My theory is Mon El will succumb to lead poisoning by being shot by his own mother. Dark, I know, but we know she is the villain of this last part of the season, and after trying (and failing) to convince Mon El to return to Daxam with them, I think she will just be super pissed and want him to suffer. Perhaps she shoots him directly or she’s aiming for Kara who is somehow vulnerable and Mon El jumps in front of her. Oh yeah, I like that idea more… They would then send him to The Phantom Zone in stasis while they work on a cure for his poisoning. Maybe they stretch this out for a good chunk of the season, but I would hope they figure something out within the first few episodes, because, you know, Chris Wood ;) However, instead of keeping him in the PZ for centuries like they did in the comics, I bet this all takes place over the course of a few months. It would also bring this season full circle since it began with Mon El arriving in a pod, and it would end with him being sent away in one…. *heart breaks just thinking about it*

I think this true love separation trope will definitely be explored at some point though, if not now than later. It’s a challenge that writers love putting true love couples through (Han x Leia and Hook x Emma for example). 

I could be waaaaay totally off base with this, but it’s something I definitely wouldn’t mind seeing, as much as it’s going to hurt…..

I’m gonna be honest. I hope the OUAT ratings do not go up today. Let me be clearer; I absolutely loved the songs. I think the composers did a marvelous job and most of the actors are natural singers. I will be singing this entire soundtrack for a long time. BUT, the way the writers have alienating fans of any ship or character that is not Captain Swan is inacceptable. And please don’t tell me this isn’t true:

Regina was nonexistent during season 4 and 5
Neal was killed only because his presence was an obstacle for CS
Rumbelle has been the only punching bag of the writers in term of relationships
OutlawQueen was obliterated (and no, the travesti they pulled off with the Wish Realm is trash)
SwanQueen fans were treated like crap
Rumple’s redemption was thrown out of the window so Hook was promoted to hero status the whole time since season 4. 

And I could go on and on…
I really hope one day the writers understand why they destroyed their own show. I am not opposed to Captain Swan existence. But the writers never balanced this relationship with other characters and couples. And that is something I will never be able to forgive.