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I don't know about any of y'all but I started watching Arrow for the SUPERHEROES

I’ve been seeing a lot in fandom praising or bashing certain actors or actresses over the years of this series. And YES, the show has had its ups and downs, but I’m still here watching it because I came here for the Superheroes and villains but I stayed for the phenomenal actors and actresses who do their best to represent their show - even when the writing isn’t quite what they want or they have issues expressing themselves in public or their so-called fans or haters are going crazy. I came for the superheroes and I stayed for each and every actor and character. Heck, I will watch anything with EBR because I love to see her wonderful personality in any form and I want to see her in MORE STUFF! ALL THE THINGS! The same goes for Katrina Law and Caity Lotz. Stephen Amell? I’m a little more picky…meaning I saw him in new girl but I’m content to leave him in the Arrow bubble because he does Oliver SO DAMN WELL! Manu Bennett? GIMME! I mean, I was a councillor at camp this past week with an annoying bugger of a 13 year old who I almost strangled on several occassions but surprisingly one of the few things we agreed on was how awesome this show was. And it really is what the actors bring that makes it so AMAZING. Anyone who says differently can fight me.

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things i love about autumn
  • waking up and my window is cold to the touch
  • foggy mornings
  • the forest is filled with 1000 different shades of colors
  • that smell you can’t describe as anything other than autumn
  • pumpkin spice lattes 
  • halloween
  • wearing sweaters and boots and beanies
  • the crunch of leaves under my shoes
  • breathing in the cold air
  • stargazing on crisp nights
  • the feeling of coziness paired with adventure
  • drinking hot tea while reading a book outside

last episode in the anime made me think about todoroki’s past,,, this is the corniest thing ive  drawn in a while

i love my son


tv aesthetic → the office

I’m not superstitious, but… I am a little stitious.
Quick Supergirl rant

Honestly I’m still, 2 weeks later, pissed the fuck off over the Maggie/Kara conflict, ie. blatant lie the CW made up just for conflict purposes. I can’t remember a time Kara has ever tried to solve a problem by punching her way out before she has tried to talk her way out of things. It’s a lesson she learnt in Human For A Day and has always tried to talk to people, usually before Alex can have a chance at shooting them. Remember how much Kara tried to talk down Astra for most of season 1 and she was getting through to her, and Alex went straight for the kill? If anything, the words/fists argument should have been between Maggie and Alex, since Alex shoots first asks questions never and even went as far to blow up CADMUS while she was in the building.

And then in Resist, when Kara tries to talk Rhea down from invading Earth, and in fact fucks the whole plan to blow up the mothership because Alex had to wait to fire the cannon and then it got destroyed, because Kara wanted to talk to Rhea. 

I’m not even gunna talk about the fact that Maggie just happened to know who Guardian is despite never being told, and the blatant reuse of the mind controlled family member at the end of the penultimate episode that has to fight Kara into the final episode. 

Honestly it’s like they hire a new writer every week and make sure whoever they hire hasn’t seen a single episode of Supergirl.


Close enough


I’m emotionally unstable waiting for this next clip (probably on friday) so here’s some pictures of Iman looking beautiful and slaying us all with her dimples and gorgeous cheekbones!


the walking dead meme — scenes [ 2 / 8 ] — (episode one, chapter ten: later that night)

“This man found me and took care of me, we met up with other survivors and we all tried to make it… but it didn’t work.”


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