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Nurseydex vs The Sonnets

Alright, so I’m a theater major, and this semester we have a class completely dedicated to Shakespeare, and it’s amazing and I could talk about it for hours. Anyway, we each had to pick a sonnet and memorize it, and we recited them again today and I had a little flash of inspiration.

If Nursey studied and writes poetry, he’s likely very familiar with Shakespeare’s sonnets (and others as well but we’re talking about Shakespeare here specifically). And like… Dex strikes me as someone who hated it in high school because most of his exposure to it was being forced to read Romeo & Juliet and listening to a bunch of sixteen-year-olds struggle to read and comprehend, and he probably looked at it and felt dumb. (Which is something that happens to people and it makes me So Sad.)

So. Imagine this.

  • Dex is taking an English class (yay for required courses), and they’re looking at the sonnets and he just. Hates It. This is hard language to read and comprehend, and when you go in with a bad experience that makes you assume you aren’t going to understand, you really are not going to understand.
  • Nursey walks into the Haus and sees his Adorable Ginger Boyfriend reading a book of Shakespeare’s sonnets and gets. He’s just So Excited.
  • Derek Nurse is Not Chill about his love of the sonnets and Shakespeare’s impact on the English language
  • “You’re reading the sonnets????”
  • “Yup.”
  • “What do you think???”
  • Dex is silent for a bit. He can tell Nursey’s really excited about the sonnets (he’s not being very subtle), but he just… he Doesn’t Understand and he is Frustrated.
  • “I dunno…. I don’t really… I’m just not the type of person who gets this stuff.”
  • Nursey hears the phrase “type of person” and just. Oh no.
  • “Well… first glance it’s all pretty weird to read, but-”
  • “Some people get this but I’m just not one of them, y’know?”
  • And so “Operation Fix What High School English Class Broke” is a go.
  • Nursey, like most people who have had an actually good Shakespeare teacher, knows that if someone doesn’t understand it, it’s the actor’s/speaker’s fault. Not the listener.
  • (Nursey is fully prepared for the fines he will accumulate over the next couple of weeks)

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One More Chance

Request: Y/n is a surgeon and she and shawn had broken up but then he gets into an accident and she sees his security at the hospital and they talk and it’s fluffy and a happy ending where he asks her for another chance

a/n: I don’t know much about doctor stuff and I don’t watch any medical dramas so any doctor-ish information is from a google search…And this is kinda fluffy? More fluffy towards like the end end 😂 cut me some slack it’s a hospital and I had to make it a little tense😂😂

Your name: submit What is this?

You never did understand the whole throwing yourself into work when something drastically changed in a person’s life.  Everything was fine and dandy with your life; you had an amazing boyfriend who was out living his dream, finished your medical school and almost done your year of an internship at a hospital so you were about to start your residency.

           You loved your job.  And one of the things you loved the most was how supportive Shawn was. On the nights he was home, he would be your personal study cheerleader, staying up with you drinking coffee into the early hours of the morning, and encouraged you through your doubts.

            But then one day, when you thought everything was fine, Shawn broke your heart and broke things off between you two.  Almost three and a half years together and he called it off because he felt like he couldn’t devote enough time to you.

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Infinitely Wallflowers. (Chapter One)

Eventual Peter Parker X Reader II POV: Third Person. 

A/N: I was watching one of my favorite movies (Perks of Being A Wallflower) and decided that i’d have to make a spin-off with Peter. It isn’t exactly like the book/movie, It’s just my take with the characters from Marvel. I really hope you guys like it! Also, I couldn’t find the name of his friend anywhere, So i just used Patrick.

Warnings: Slight mentions of sexual content, Cussing, Bullying, High School, A little slow paced.

Words: 1,383 (Pretty sure that’s the highest word count i’ve had!)

Song to listen to:  could it be another change.

August 25th, 2016

Dear Journal,

I am writing in this because Aunt May told me to. She says it’ll be something ‘amazing’ to look back on in 20 years. I feel like this will be more of a reminder that I didn’t have any friends, that I never slept with that ‘one girl’, and i had those weird powers. Honestly if it were up to me, I would choose to forget these years, instead of preserving them for decades. I also wish I knew what the hell i’m doing with my life, but that’d be too easy. I don’t think anyone knows what the hell they’re doing, though. Anyway, I’m rambling. So, I guess this’ll be my life written down on paper.

Always, Peter P.

The minute Peter knew high school was going to be a disaster was when he took his first steps into the building. He couldn’t believe how boring and depressing the whole school was. Basically, everything was just bland. Bland…from the dimly lit crowded halls, where everywhere you looked someone was getting bullied, to the constantly loud students who seemed to never shut up. He tried to make his way to his locker, but the endless amount of people was so hard to get through.

Peter thought maybe his old friends from middle school would help him find out where everything was…or just talk to him, but the most he got from any them was a “Sorry, who are you?”, “Umm, try someone else,” and ‘Yeah, I don’t want to hang out with you,”…if they even bothered to give him a reply. Anyone else he tried to interact with either shrugged his presence off or rolled their eyes. Within the first hour of school, Peter could tell that High School was so much different than Middle School.

From then on, Peter made sure to keep his head down, stick to himself, and stay out of trouble.

At that point, almost halfway through the first day of many to come, most people were probably envisioning how the rest of their school years would go. But as Peter was almost pushed to the ground for simply opening his locker, he was dreaming about his last day of high school…which looked like heaven from where he was standing.

To pass the time, in one of Peter’s classes, he decided to count how many days until graduation. He thought maybe it’d give him a glimmer of hope - the same kind he had before he walked to school that morning. But it actually made it much worse.

Turns out, it’d be 1,385 days until he was officially out.

1,385 days of pure, fiery hell.

His last class was workshop. It was his easiest class, But also the one he hated the most. because it was taught by the worst teacher in the whole school - Derrick Jones, AKA Ponytail Derrick. He overheard some students call him that, even to his face. Peter could go on forever listing why he hated Mr. Jones, but it was really because Jones happened to be dating his Aunt May. Normally, Peter wouldn’t be so protective over May, but something was off about Ponytail Derrick. Peter couldn’t place his finger on it, but he just couldn’t trust him.

“Kids, I’m going to give you the hardest assignment a teacher can possibly give on the first day, and it’ll only get worse from here,” a student said from behind the teacher’s desk. Peter was pretty sure his name was Patrick. The only upside to being in Ponytail Derrick’s class was getting to witness Patrick’s pure genius. He was easily the best class clown in the whole school. And he even managed to never really come off as being mean-spirited - he was just making the freshmen feel comfortable. And it made basically the whole class roar with laughter.

“Ahem.” Everyone’s eyes went wide, realizing that Derrick Jones himself was standing at the doorway. Hopefully he hadn’t been standing there for the whole thing.

“Just what do you think you’re doing, Mr…?” Mr. Jones huffed in rage, staring down the whole class - even the small amount of people who didn’t laugh. And even though Patrick was getting the death glare, He still stood his ground, With a smirk on his face.

“It’s Patrick. You either call me Patrick, or Nothing.”

“Okay, Nothing. Get back to your seat.” Patrick was surprised to see Ponytail Derrick call him out, He didn’t actually think Derrick had the guts to do it.  He nonchalantly meandered back to his seat, not even a little embarrassed. Peter just couldn’t understand how to not be completely red in that situation.

But that’s what was different from Peter and other kids - he was a shy, socially awkward, know-it-all wallflower…not to mention the fact that he was a fucking superhero. He still couldn’t believe it. Peter didn’t think he could ever be normal, and that’s what everyone wanted, right? To have normal friends and live a normal life. Not having to take risks and be stable. Peter actually longed for that. To finally not be an outcast. If he was ever considered normal even by the slightest, he would be happy.

As soon as Peter walked out of the class, he knew he wanted to try and talk to Patrick. He remembered what May had told him before he went off to school:

“You know, they say if you make one friend on your first day, you’ll do well. So put yourself out there. All you have to do is try. Just try, for me.”

Just one friend. It couldn’t be hard. Except he had gone the whole day without any good interactions directly. Apparently no one was nice. And he didn’t want to force himself to make friends with people he hated. If he was going to have a friend, he would do it right. And the one person who seemed okay could possibly be a asshole. But he really hoped he wouldn’t be.

Peter closed his locker, looking around the hallway to see if maybe Patrick was there. The deal he made with himself was that if he saw Patrick, he would talk to him. If not, then he could go home without having a socially-caused heart attack. He decided that tomorrow would be a better day. He just wouldn’t go through high school doing the same thing every day, wasting away time he could never get back. How he could do better? He had no idea. He just knew that something needed to happen,

And that’s when Peter saw her. “Holy shit,” Peter muttered under his breath. To say he was awestruck  would be an understatement. She was chatting with Patrick, leaning against one of the lockers, laughing at something funny. She had this unconventional look of beauty, not in a weird or bad way, but in a way that he could tell she was one of a kind. Everything from how she dressed, which looked straight from a 90s teen film, to the way she looked when she was filled with joy. A little part of him wanted to make her laugh like that again, but the other part was screaming at him to stop staring like an idiot and leave before anyone noticed.

But it was a little too late for that.

Suddenly, she looked in his general direction, Probably looking for one of her friends or something, but he knew that she saw him. Peter was completely frozen. Of course. And to make it worse, she actually made eye contact with him. Fuck.

But instead of saying something mean, or telling him to mind his business, she just smiled at him. A warm, true smile. Peter basically melted, cause holy shit she just smiled at him. And he managed to awkwardly wave, trying his best not to look like a lovestruck puppy.

“Y/N!” a person shouted, without a care in the world that the whole school could hear them scream her name. The girl whipped her head around to see her friend, hugging them like she hadn’t seen them in one million years.

Y/n. He repeated that name in his head a few times, soaking it in. It was a beautiful least that’s what he thought.

It fit her perfectly.

All That Glitters- 8

Pairing: Lance Tucker x Reader

Summary: When the last person you ever wanted to see again comes strutting back into your life, you swear you’ll keep your distance. It becomes much harder to do when you start to remember why you loved him in the first place.

Word Count: 2982

Warnings: Enough fluff to make you puke.

AN: Oh, God. First of all, wow. I’m amazed at the response I’ve gotten to this story and I just gotta say, I’m so happy. You guys are the greatest, I’m so glad you all enjoyed this story and I can’t wait to see how you guys feel about the ending.

Tags at the end.

Masterlist   Part 7

August rolled around faster than you would have liked. With summer ending, it meant you’d be forced to find something to occupy more of your time throughout the school year. The gym hours cut short because all the students had school during the day, and you weren’t sure sitting at home with Donut and pint after pint of ice cream was a good idea. Even if Lance wasn’t part of your life anymore- for the second time- it didn’t mean you had to sit around and be depressed about it. All in all, he was just a man. A man that wasn’t worth the time of day, according to Hope, and you agreed. You needed to move on. This was particularly hard to do when Hope reminded you about the Olympics and your plans to watch them together.

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How would you act as Shawns girlfriend

I was tagged by my amazing fake gf and love @thesmutofthemendes and my wonderful flower @wordsformendes (love you both so much

when he’s on tour: I’d be singing constantly along with him if I’m on the road with him but as I’m still a upper secondary school student, I’d be calling/Skyping/texting him at every little time I had but I wouldn’t be a burden to him because that would annoy him probably a lot haha. I’d actually ask him some help for study because as he’s graduated and I still have 1,5 years left, this would be super helpful of him. I’d write him some lyrics and melodies if something popped into my head. I have about 3 photos of Shawn in my purse and every night I’d make sure that they were in the safe place and all the little letters if he had written there would be read every time before I went to bed.

when you’re together: I’d tell him how much I need him by my side because as I’m mentally sick and I need help sometimes, I hope he won’t be annoyed by this and if I asked him to cuddle with me and give me little kisses, by this too. I’d make him some good food and ask him if he wanted to see my country (Tallinn and Haapsalu are my favourites cities in Estonia, legit want to have a little summer cottage there). I’d make wishes at 11:11 with him and wish that this would last forever, this beautiful relationship. Maybe, we would write a song together or seperately and perform to each other after we have finished it. We would watch HP films, do goofy faced pictures, bake good pastries, laugh at my horribly lame jokes and so many more things.

when you’re supporting him: I’d be make sure that I’d be by his side all the time even if he was away. I’d tell him how proud I am of him, tell how much he means to me and to the world. I’d tell him how much he means to me and how much he needs my and his family support. And of course his fans too. I’d say to him that he deserves all the support he’s getting.

when he’s sad: I’d do everything he wanted me to do. But I wouldn’t ever let him to be alone when he was sad. I would let my fingers go through his curly, brown hair, I’d kiss him softly, I’d caress him just to make feel him safe and loved. I’d make him a cup of hot cocoa/chocolate and his favourite food (probably order because I can’t make sushi and Chinese lol). I would comfort him, give him hugs and more.

when he’s happy: If he like finished a new song, I’d make sure to give him a honest feedback but tell it politely and positively that it would ruin his hype moment of happiness. I’d tell him how much I love his smile and it means a lot to me. His happiness matters so much to me and is the source of my happiness as well. I’d tell him how much every detail of his makes me day every day worth to live–his eyes, his love, his heart etc.

when you’re on the plane: If it was a long flight, I’d probably let my head fall on his shoulder and make myself safe and comfortable around the area. As I’m not afraid of flying with the plane, maybe only the huge turbolences would scared the shit of me, I’d talk with him about like stuff, I don’t know, literally everything but if he needed/wanted to sleep, I’d of course let him to fall asleep, even though I wouldn’t do it. I’d interbetween our fingers and I’d make little shapes on his skin with my thumb. I’d make sure he was feeling fine. 

when_________(you’re being attacked by the paps or any kind of people): As I’m, sometimes, very anxious and feeling uncomfortable around crowded places, I’d make sure that Shawn was there for me, either he was 1 meter or 5 meters away but the best would be if he was holding me hand because it would give that secure position and freedom to breath normally. I just want him to be here for me the time just in case when the paps would go mad and hyperenergetic. 

I’m tagging @illumeshawn, @bobbyshawndaehyun and @papishawn

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Hello I'd like to ask if you can post the Nordics trying to cheer up their S/O after they had a really bad and stressful day at school. (I've been having a lot of those lately and I could use some cheering up). Thank you, your blog is amazing (and honestly when I am stressed out I usually read your headcanons).

(Hello, I am so sorry I am late with this, I wish I would have gotten this done sooner. But if you ever have a bad day in the future, I hope this post helps you out a little, love)

APH Denmark: He would do everything and anything to get their mind off of school for at least a little while. Some days it would be some kind of huge, fun plan, and others it would be something small to make them smile. He might have some danish pastries waiting on the kitchen able to share with them while the they talk about their days. But he also might have a giant plan to go to an amusement part or something. It would always be a total surprise. If they had any homework contributing to stress, he would try his best to help, but don’t count on it too much :P It’s the thought that counts, right?

APH Finland: The nice thing about Finland is that he would always be willing to sit with his S/O and allow them to vent about all of your school problems. It would be like an after school therapy session, in a way. If they were having any problems with the schoolwork he would do everything he could to help them with it. But he would try to make it somewhat fun and stress free, so that they could kind of get a mental break while at the same time being productive. 

APH Sweden: Like Finland, he would let his S/O vent about everything as soon as they walked in the door. He is the type of person that seems to listen rather than talk, and would genuinely care about their issues. I feel like he would try his best to keep the house stress free for them when they got home. The fireplace would be lit, the atmosphere would be inviting, and he might even have a little treat them (that Finland might or might not have made). Though it isn’t much, it would still be plenty to make his S/O feel better after a rough day.

APH Iceland: Ha. Ha. Okay. So before I get to what he would do, I want to share another head canon about him first. For some reason I get this thought that when he is overly stressed from being a country and all, he makes him self a stress blanket burrito and will lay wrapped in it for the rest of the night in front of the tv or something. If his S/O came home feeling as stressed as he does, I think he would be ever so kind as to invite them into his blanket burrito with him. The contact and the comfort alone would be enough to destress them, and  it would also be some nice quality time full of sarcasm and dorky jokes.

APH Norway: Something tells me that he also gets really stressed out during the day, so he and his S/O would find themselves winding down together. They would never do anything too extravagant, but it would still be nice. Norway would usually be fine with whatever his S/O needed to do to destress, whether it was a nice walk outside or a bubble bath. He would be the best Nordic to help with any horrible homework they brought home, and would be able to calmly and easily teach them how to do everything. He would be able to make studying so easy, there would be hardly any stress.


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How did u start with writing fan fiction and getting so good at it? I look at your work and what people create for u and how amazing it is. Basically my question is how did u get such a following and how did u get so good?

I started because I had had surgery, had trouble getting around, and needed something to do to scratch my creative itchies. I’d been reading fanfic, so writing one wasn’t a huge leap.

Developing writing skill is just a matter of writing almost every day for about three years now. I had the good fortune to go to schools with teachers that insisted I master grammar and basic rhetorical devices, which has been helpful, and I’ve always read like a fiend, which is, I think, crucial.

I’ve done a couple posts on developing writing skills and building an audience, but the main thing is write constantly, post regularly, and make that posting a popular pairing in a popular fandom. It doesn’t matter how brilliant your fanfic about obscure characters in a book no one reads is; that will never get the readership a halfway competent dramione will. There just aren’t as many people interested.

All of that said, write because you love it, not because you want to build an audience. Writing is mostly solitary and can be frustrating. If you aren’t enjoying it for yourself, no amount of readers will compensate for the time you spend fretting over the story. Please yourself first, the rest of us second.

The Posts:

Here is one of Ibuzoo’s:

And one of Maggie Stiefvater’s:

An Angel In A Leather Jacket (ch.1)

Read it on AO3!

SUMMARY: An argument starts it all. Hell comes after for Dan Howell, the school pastel boy. He only wanted to help, but got backstabbed in the end. From safe position in the school hierarchy, Dan is up to neck in an affair he never had and starts finding threats in his locker. He needs someone on his side if he wants to make it to the end of high school. A mysterious punk boy promises him protection. The condition he needs to meet, though, is far from normal.

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  • Aries: The "I just said something borderline offensive, so I'm just going to laugh to ease the tension" laugh.
  • Taurus: The "I'm really enjoying our conversation and I'm glad that I have the honor of being around your crazy antics" laugh.
  • Gemini: The "I just told the most amazing joke, good job me." laugh.
  • Cancer: The "That really wasn't that funny, but I really need some money so HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!" laugh.
  • Leo: The "HAHWHSHNDHFKDODNDNSKODBWBMGMTNEJDJSNDBDJJ (that wasn't even that funny, but I just have to obnoxiously laugh)" laugh
  • Virgo: The "This embarrassing gossip about Jessica from Middle School is hard to believe, but it's so amazing" laugh.
  • Libra: The "Low-key trying to make you find me more attractive because of my adorable laugh" laugh.
  • Scorpio: The "I may have had too much to drink or I'm just super tired, but for some reason I find every other word you say hilarious" laugh.
  • Sagittarius: The "I have no idea what you just said, but I'm too awkward to ask you to repeat what you said" laugh.
  • Capricorn: The "I can't believe you just said that, so the only appropriate response is strange laughter" laugh.
  • Aquarius: The "I really just blew that joke, but maybe if I laugh other people will too" laugh.
  • Pisces: The "Oops! I just laughed during Aunt Becky's sad story to lighten up the mood again" laugh.

cherylsweetheart101  asked:

Okay, I think that even as a kid Richtofen was pretty scrawny kind of kid who was really smart in school but was constantly bullied by the other kids cuz he always had a talent of being a genius. Would you agree? BTWs this is one my first questions im asking u and I love everything on ur page, I literally die laughing in a quiet room while reading ur posts. UR AWESOME!!!

Mod: I TOTALLY agree with that! I imagine Eddie getting bullied as a little kid and him, due to his intellegence and just his anti social nature, even getting bullied in college

and also, I know this ask is like months old, but still thank you so so much! I’m glad I managed to make someone laugh and smile, it’s beyond nice reading something like that after these unpleasant past few months, thank you so much my friend I hope you’re having an AWESOME day! 

isayni  asked:

Hey there, my little sister has just been diagnosed with dyscalculia and attention deficit after a very rough year at school. I'm wondering if you have any advice on how I should approach it or if there's something I can do to help her. She shuts herself up very often, so I want to make sure I don't make her feel bad about these issues.

This is a really amazing question. For me it helped when people treated it like it was normal, didnt make a big deal about it. But if your sister had such a rough year it might do her good to get a bit of a pep talk, talk to her about how so many people have these kinds of disabilities, and that it will help her figurr out how her brain works. That there are communities online of other people to talk to. Generally she just needs to know that it doesnt make her stupid.

Learning disabilities may hinder her ability in school, but that doesnt mean she isnt smart, it just means its hard for her to conform to classroom learning. Tons of incredibly smart people have disabilities, bill gates for example.

Just be understanding and caring and that will go a long way

it’s honestly amazing how good i feel less than two minutes after my mom leaves


Now let me explain why I admire Daveed Diggs so much: I admire him because he never stopped working. Even in the workshops he thought he wouldn’t actually be apart of the final show, but he showed up to every workshop and reading. And even while doing readings for Hamilton he was working on his own music career. Now as a musical lover I appreciate him in a whole other way. Every night he gets on stage and wears his curls like no ones business. As a kid I always saw actors with straight hair. For school musicals and plays I would always make my mom straighten my hair because that’s how all actors had it. So to see him onstage with his curls down and in a ponytail makes my heart happy in ways I can’t describe. Also, this man raps on broadway. HE RAPS! He raps crazy fast too! Rap is one of my favorite forms of music so to see someone who resembles me rapping on a platform I’ve been around my whole life is something that I can’t even put into words. I’m just grateful. I’m grateful that he showed up to all the readings, I’m grateful that he pushed himself to do this, I’m grateful that he’s enjoying himself while doing it. And he doesn’t forget where he comes from either. He’s playing these flamboyant amazing characters yet he would name an award after him “the shy and awkward award”. Constantly brings awareness to things his passionate about. He wants the youth to express themselves. How can someone not like this man? How, let me know cause it doesn’t seem possible. I really want Daveed to win the tony for so many reasons. But thank you, thank you for representing mixed kids who love rap and rock curly hair. Thank you for showing us work pays off. Thank you for just being you.

anonymous asked:

I really appreciate your "Reunion After A Long Time Apart" fics. It's something I had wanted for myself, but that I never got to have - I never got to go away from where I was and spread my wings and grow on my own. I never got to go away and come back and have people see just how much we've changed. I wish I could do something like that, but I'll make do with reading your amazing fics for now...

Oh nonnie! I’m sorry to hear that it’s something you regret not being able to do, but I can understand. I ended up becoming a sort of caretaker for my grandparents during high school, and I felt guilty even thinking about going away and leaving them alone (and, in retrospect, I learned that my grandmother was a bit manipulative emotionally and played on that guilt somewhat), and now I’m in the situation with my mother and youngest brother, so, yeah. I’m totally happy where it counts, but I don’t think I’d have managed so easily without having fandom as an outlet. I’ve been able to meet so many amazing people that I’d never have met without having a fandom in common, and I’ve lost some amazing people who drifted to other fandoms or off-line, but the impact that they had while in my life was memorable.

So, anyway. I went into a personal ramble I didn’t intend because I just wanted you to know that I get it. I’m happy that my fics can provide you with a bit of an outlet the way fandom has helped me, too. And I will say that one reason I probably enjoy this trope, especially with a character like Stiles or even Jackson, is because I think getting away would help them find themselves, whereas some people don’t need that chance to learn who they are.

ponyboy-and-friends  asked:

Hey, so it's the "ass-face school play" person, just wanted to say, thank you so much for the ship, this account is amazing, and I have never forgotten to drop the mic after my mistakes... it's a quirk. Imagine your most idiotic teacher watching you say ass-face and drop a mic... I'm such a good role model for the younger students. Take notes children, take notes. Thanks again.👌❤️👌

😘😘 No problem. I love doing ships; I’ve been told it could make someone’s day. I literally laughed when I read the whole “ass-face” part because I wish I had the balls to do something like that.

Mr. President | Part 5  (Luke Smut)

Summary: Luke’s the president of the biggest frat around, and he also happens to be your brother’s high school best friend who you haven’t seen in years

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4


Luke’s POV

My body has been on edge since the moment I saw Y/N walking around in the towel that had barely been long enough to cover her ass, the beads of water dripping down her body that I so desperately wanted to lick off of her. And then we spent nearly the whole dinner flirting, my hand touching that silky skin of hers, before being forced to stare at her from afar, unable to touch her but our eyes continually connecting, sparking something inside of me that I have yet to tame.

I thought for sure I would get my release when her mom talked her in to showing me my room, but then just as we were getting there she pushed me off of her making me wait once again, and then when I finally had her amazing pussy wrapped tightly around me I still wasn’t allowed to find my release.

I was so wound up, i couldn’t think straight, the only thing on my mind was everything and anything about Y/N. The way her lips felt like velvet against mine, and how she tasted like the wine we had shared over dinner. The way her unfairly amazing body found a way to fit perfectly against mine no matter what position we were in. Even the way her nose would scrunch up as she squeezed her eyes shut whenever she came. 

It was weird that suddenly I couldn’t get these things off my mind, as I had spent nearly my entire life around her, but since the moment I had seen her dancing at my party I couldn’t stop. The guilty feeling about continually corrupting my best friends little sister, had me nearly leaving her presence every time I saw her, but then she would do something that had me unable to move.

Those exact feelings were rushing through me right now as my mind started to clear while I looked around her childhood bedroom, which was filled with all of the things that had been important to her in high school; pictures of her friends, medals from her accomplishments in sports, posters of her favorite bands. There was even a picture of her and Max that I had taken of them on one of the rare occasions where we all hung out together. 

I had to get out of here I couldn’t keep doing this with her, I would eventually hurt her and then I would never be able to show my face around here again. I sat up, just about to swing my legs over the side of the bed when I heard her voice behind me, “And where do you think you’re going Mr.?” The way the words dripped from her lips had me trapped under her spell again.

I turned my head and immediately all thoughts of leaving were gone. She had put on my button up shirt, under which I could see her hardened nipples, and had even added a pair of over the knee socks and a pair of heels that made her already long legs look miles longer.

She slowly started walking towards me, the shirt rising up dangerously high with each step, until she was standing just where I was about to put my legs, “You weren’t going to leave before I could reward you, were you?” Her fingers playing with the necklace that was hanging against my chest as she said it.

I shook my head, pulling my legs to the side of the bed so that she was standing between them, and grabbing on to the bare skin that was right in front of me, between her socks and the bottom of my shirt. “Good,” She said, her eyes sparkling as she pulled away from my grasp, “Because I need you here for this. Now if you don’t mind standing up and taking a seat here for me.” She motioned towards her desk chair that she had placed against the door to her bathroom.

I stood up, eager to see where this was going. When I had gotten comfortable, Y/N leaned down, her hands gripping on to my thighs as she just barely ghosted her lips over mine, “Now usually, there’d be music, but I don’t think you want my family walking in on what’s about to happen so just imagine it.”

Then she slowly walked away from me, her hips swinging from side to side before she turned around, unbuttoning my shirt until it hung off of her body, threatening to reveal her breasts at the slightest movement. I could feel my body approaching the state I had been in earlier, as she started to run her hands over her body while she dropped down to the floor her legs pressed together so I couldn’t see anything, “Do you want to see just how horny I still am for you Lucas? Just how much you turn me on, even after I’ve already came for you?”

The blood was rushing from my head downwards, the lack of blood in my brain making me unable to speak, so I just vigorously nodded, gripping the arms of the chair tighter as I watched her slowly open her legs up towards me, her pussy glistening from how wet it was. I muttered out a curse under my breath as she bent forward her knees touching the ground and her hands following quickly after as she crawled towards me.

When she leaned forward my shirt gave way, revealing her beautiful breasts, that were swinging as she crawled across the floor towards me. My heart was pounding in my chest as I watched the way her back arched with each movement forward, until suddenly she was at my feet, gripping on to my knees.

At this point I was completely hard again, and when she started sliding her hands up my thighs I could feel my body start to quiver again, but before she got to where I needed her she grabbed on to the arms of the chair pushing herself off the ground. Once she was standing up, she placed her hands against the wall a little bit above my head, before slowly leaning in, her breasts getting closer and closer to my face.

“God, Y/N you look amazing.” I moaned from beneath her, my hips starting to buck in to the air ever so slightly as I looked for the friction I needed so badly. She pushed back off the wall, spinning her body around, before glancing over her shoulder at me as she let my shirt fall from her body, leaving her in nothing but her socks and heels.

Swaying her hips from side to side, she slowly lowered herself until she was hovering over top of me, her ass brushing against me in a way that had me calling out her name. When she heard the desperation in my voice, she ground down against me, leaning back so her entire back was pressed against my chest. I grabbed on to her hips, and guided her against me as I started whispering in her ear, “You’re going to make me cum without even getting me inside of you. Hell, I could’ve cum just from the sight of you in my shirt and those damn heels.”

She was moaning at every word I said, and wrapped her arms around my neck, her fingers digging deep into my hair, as her body writhed atop of mine. “Shit, Y/N, that feels so good.” She just moaned in response, grabbing my hands from her hips and running them up her body and over her breasts, before bringing them down to her heat.

I was so on edge, my body thrusting up against hers, that as soon as she dipped my fingers in to her slit and I felt how wet she was I came before I could even comprehend what was happening.

When I came down, Y/N stood up letting me see the cum I had just sprayed on her back, hearing me groan at the sight she turned around a smirk on her face, “I’m glad you like that Lucas, because I’m not done with you yet. So why don’t you come sit on the bed while I go clean up the mess you made on me.”

My head spun at the thought of cumming again, but I blindly followed her lead, taking a seat on the edge of the bed. I watched as she walked back over to me, the way her hips moved putting me in a trance. She got down on her knees in front of me, glancing up at me quickly with a smile on her face, before licking a quick stripe up my shaft, right along the vine that I could already feel beginning to pulse again.

Y/N continued to pleasure me, her mouth treating my dick like her own personal lollypop while her hands played with my balls, and within minutes I was completely hard again panting and gasping for air. “Princess, please.”

She paused briefly, pulling me out of her mouth, only to be replaced with one of her hands, slowly stroking me up and down as her other hand kept massaging my balls, “What is it Luke?” She looked at me so innocently, even though I could see a line of spit connecting her mouth to my cock.

“Please, just, just let me get inside of you.” I muttered under my breath, covering my face with my hands.

She quickened the pace of her hands, “I’m sorry, I didn’t quite understand that?” I could hear the laughter in her voice, she wanted me to beg for this.

I peeled my hands off of my face, starting to panic as my dick twitched in her hands, “Please Princess,” I grabbed on to her wrists to stop what she was doing, “I need to feel your walls wrapped around me, pulling me in to that warm, wet pussy, until I cum so hard I forget my own name.”

I knew I had won, when I heard the sharp intake of breath, her hands leaving my body, a sigh of relief falling from my lips as she laid down on the bed spread out in front of me.

I wasted no time, in getting on top of her, “Ready?” I said, lining myself up with her entrance, thrusting in to her as soon as she nodded. I gasped in ecstasy as I held myself still, deep inside of her.

Unable to keep myself still for long, I pulled back before thrusting in again, watching how her eyes fluttered each time I did it. Wanting her as physically close to me as possible, I grabbed on to one of her legs, wrapping it around my waist, and she took the hint wrapping her other around me as well.

The new angle, had me hitting a spot inside of her that clearly drove her crazy, her hands found my back, dragging her nails down it as her legs wrapped around my hips with all the strength she could, “Fuck Luke! Don’t stop what you’re doing!” She was starting to get loud, and while I loved when she was vocal I couldn’t let her wake up her family.

“Princess you gotta stay quiet for me alright, or else I’m going to have to stop.” She whimpered when I said that, “And I can tell you don’t want that to happen, now do you.” She shook her head, quieting her moans down.

I had slowed my pace down considerably, trying to hold on for just a little bit longer, but when she started squeezing herself around me I knew I was about to be done for, and apparently so did she, “Come on Luke, cum with me.” Her hands were gripping on to my butt, trying to get me as deep as physically possible. I could tell I hit something especially sensitive inside of her as she let out a squeal, my stomach clenching at the noise.

My thrusts were becoming faster and sloppier, and she was clenching around me more and more frequently, our whines of pleasure mixing together as we both were making our way towards our highs.

I reached my hand down between us, moving my thumb against her clit, desperate to get her there before me, “That’s it Princess,” Her eyes shut, as her back arched up, “Cum for me.” She clamped down around me, her body convulsing underneath me.

I held on for as long as I could, watching  the tendons in her neck tighten and stand out against her normally smooth neck, her eyes fluttering, and the way she pulled her lip between her teeth, but as much as I wanted to just stare at her and feel her body against mine as she came, my body was too sensitive to hold off my orgasm forever.

Thrusting hard in to her one last time, I stilled and began to shoot my seed deep inside of her, her name spilling from my lips, until the pleasure began to subside and I could open my eyes once again, only to find her staring straight at me with her sultry eyes, that she could barely hold open.

I lowered myself down, so that I was completely pressed against her, but still holding my weight off of her. We stayed like that for quite some time, our eyes locked on each other, before she glanced away.

My heart sank as I watched her mouth open, knowing what she was going to say before she said anything, “I think you should get going,” I nodded, pulling out of her, and searching the room for my boxers and jeans, quickly pulling them on, as I was just buttoning up my pants I heard her shift around on the bed, “look Luke, tonight was just as much my fault as it was yours, but we really can’t let this happen again.”

Her voice was much quieter than usual, and much softer, like she was trying to let me down easy, but I detected the unsureness that went along with it. Finishing buttoning up my pants, I turned around to see her picking at her comforter. 

Taking a seat on the bed next to her, she glanced up, giving me the perfect opportunity to pull her in for a kiss. It was slow and gentle unlike many of the ones we’ve had before. I grabbed on to the back of her neck, deepening the kiss. This any kiss we had had before, it was sensual yet innocent, wanting yet comfortable, in fact it was unlike any kiss I had ever had.

When we pulled away, I rested my forehead against hers, willing my heart to calm down. When finally I trusted myself to stand up without falling over, I opened my eyes and placed a kiss on her cheek, “Good night Y/N.”

When I got back to my room, I laid in my bed and tried to figure out what the hell had just happened.

A/N: Things are progressing!! I hope you liked Luke’s POV, and of course this part of the story. Come tell me things, and of course if you want part 6, let me know here! I hope you’re all enjoying the holidays, and thanks for reading

Part 6 up now!

A Little Screwed Up

Request: Can you do a reader Lucifer fanfic where the reader and Lucifer end up in his cage together and end up confessing that they love each other? Thank you!

A/N: I am so sorry for the hiatus! I don’t really feel like giving you guys the whole “school is making me busy” spiel, but I wanted to make sure I had at least one update before Thanksgiving! Also, I am VERY thankful for hitting 2000 followers! You guys are amazing!

Words: 1208

Warnings: Satan? idk

Originally posted by castiel-for-king

“Shit,” you muttered when you opened your eyes, unable to see anything around you. Everything was dark and you were chilled to the bone. You stood up quickly, trying to feel around for something, maybe a source of light. You never found a thing, your hands waved around in the darkness for hours as you searched.

“Hell isn’t well lit. I need to remember to make some renovations before my next visit.” A snarky voice clicked his tongue. The words were frightening, but you found comfort in the fact that you weren’t alone in the darkness.

“Be quiet Lucifer,” another voice spoke. This one was more firm and serious. “We’ll be down here for millennia before you get out again.”

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crossroadscastiel  asked:

Okay so this is me formally requesting more Hannibal as the monster under Will's bed because this concept is just too amazing. Does Will grow to care for the monster under his bed? Does he confide in him? Does he think of him as a protector and feel safe knowing he is there? Does Hannibal eventually take Will to the dark place beneath his bed where he resides? SO MANY POSSIBILITIES.

sequel to this post

Will curled under his blankets, head tucked tightly and securely beneath his pillows to keep any noise from sneaking into his head. The day had been long with too many people with too many thoughts and urges causing Will to hide in the bathroom stall until his teacher had found him.

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Okay, while everyone wants to talk about POC of the cast I wanna discuss something important: Farkle is Jewish. This is kind of amazing to me? For a tv show to do? Most of what I’ve seen of tvs portrayals of the Jewish people are just kinda jokes about their part in the Holocaust. Like “better get a Jewish accountant” and things like that. And in fact, when I was in Middle School I had kids go up to the one Jewish kid in my class and “Heil, Hitler!” at him while he looked uncomfortable.

This is so important to me because I sinceriously hope that when they bring this episode up they take it seriously. Not like OH WOW YOUR JEWISH but not make dumb jokes and talk about the actual impact to the Jewish people. Because they’ve been the slaves of multiple cultures dating back to Egypt. They’ve always kinda received snide remarks on tv??? And they’ve been shorted throughout history too.

So, yeah, I’ll just be a nerd over here hoping they’ll continue to show Farkle as an amazing person. And treat that carefully. You have no idea how nervous I am about the historical aspect of that episode.

Save The Day- A Peter Parker Imagine

Anonymous Requested: Can you do one where the reader and Peter get in a fight because they got hurt in a fight against a villain or something. Then she’s like why do you even care and he’s like because I love you! Cliche I know lmao. You’re writing is awesome so I think you’d make it awesome

Based off of The Amazing Spiderman Vol. 2

Save The Day

After a long day of school and studying, you and Peter were walking home together. It was quite late at night and Peter didn’t want you to walk home by yourself. You passed by the city bank, when someone knocked you down as they were running past you. They had a giant bag and there were people running out of the bank, calling after him. You saw the person then fly into the sky with the bag and you knew exactly who it was. It was the Vulture. You gave Peter a knowing glance and you two ran off to go fight the Vulture.

Now, you yourself had no powers but you couldn’t leave Peter by himself at this moment. You couldn’t let anything happen to him. You two hadn’t been friends for too long but you had had a crush on him for years. You found he was Spiderman on accident when he helped you fight off a drunk man and his mask slipped off on accident. Ever since, you always made sure that he was safe before he went off and made sure he got home. You were also his alibi whenever Aunt May asked where he was.

Peter found The Vulture up on the rooftop so, you two went up there to find him. “I knew you’d be here,” he said, waiting for the two of you to get onto the roof. You were a little scared, but you knew Peter would save the day. “So, you brought a friend,” Vulture says, looking past Peter to look at you. “You aren’t going to touch her,” Peter stated. “Oh really now?” in one swoop, the Vulture has you dangled over the side of the building. “Peter, just grab the bag and go. It’ll be ok,” you said, trying to do what’s right. “No! I won’t leave you!” Peter said, coming towards you. The Vulture drops you and you start to fly off the side of the building. You prayed that Peter would grab the bag, but Peter grabbed you with his web and pulled you up. Peter webs the Vulture, leaving him trapped and grabs the bag.

Peter and you fly across the city and you hold onto him for dear life. He drops off the bag to the building, which turns out to be 1 million dollars worth of diamonds. Peter carries you home, since you were so winded and he kicks the door open, putting you on the couch. He sits next to you and pulls you onto his chest, running his fingers through your hair. “Peter, why didn’t you just let me go? You could’ve grabbed the bag,” you said, pushing him away. “You can’t expect me to do that, [Y/N]!” Peter exclaims. “Why not?” you yelled back, standing up now. “Because I love you!” The room grew silent. Neither of you knew what to say. “Listen [Y/N], I’ve got to go. I’m sorry, I’m an idiot,” he said starting to walk out. You grabbed his arm and turned him around, with enough force that caused him to crash into you. You grabbed his face and kissed him so he got the message. “Peter, I love you too”.