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Post 3x02 Missing Scene

When Alex went home after Dorothy returned to Kansas, Kara put on her suit and did a lap around the city. It had become her habit, a way to clear her mind before settling down in an empty apartment to sleep in an empty bed. And as per her habit, Kara did a fly-by of Lena’s office at L-Corp. 

It didn’t occur to her until the last minute that Lena probably wouldn’t be there– having spent all day at CatCo, Lena should have gone home. But by the time that thought flickered through her mind, she heard music trailing faintly in the air, and spied the warm glow of Lena’s desk lamp.

Kara slowed, smiling at the sight of Lena Luthor dancing barefoot with a glass of red wine in her hand. The track playing from the speakers on her desk may have reached its peak ten years ago, but Lena’s happy bop– just shy of hitting the actual beat– brought an unexpected smile to Kara’s lips.

As she drifted closer, Lena soon caught sight of her, breaking into a wide smile and waving Kara inside. As Kara carefully opened the balcony door, she took a fraction of a second to let the cool metal under her hand ground her. Even with Psi under lock and key, Kara hadn’t quite shaken the eerie quiet of the Phantom Zone.

Lena’s continued smile coaxed her further into the room, further into the present.

The music dimmed at a touch of a remote, but Lena continued to busy herself with tidying the coffee table in front of the couch to the beat of the music, moving with an energy Kara would have called nervous if not for the smooth and easy smile.

“I didn’t mean to interrupt,” Kara told her. “I heard the music, and…”

“No, no, it’s fine,” Lena waved off. “It’s just… been a good day.”

Kara’s eyebrows lifted at the admission… of the things she’d expect Lena to say about her first official visit to CatCo, a good day came as a surprise. She covered by straightening and flipping her hair over one shoulder.

“Oh? And does that have anything to do with your acquisition of CatCo?”

Lena’s smile turned blinding once more. “Did you know I’m the first Luthor to ever step foot in the realm of mass media?”

“No, I didn’t.”

“Mhmm! If people were sheep, my father said the news was the bored shepherd, driving the public towards whatever carrot they dangled each week.” She chuckled. "He’d be rolling in his grave if he knew I’d bought CatCo.”

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen you this excited, Miss Luthor.”

“I’ve never done anything like this before!” Lena gushed. “Do you know how long it’s been since I’ve learned something from the ground up, from scratch?” Her hand gestured widely, sloshing wine dangerously close to the rim of her glass. “It’s… It’s exhilarating!”

Kara watched Lena gather a handful of papers from the coffee table and transfer them to the mess already spread across her desk.

“Did you know that social media is CatCo’s biggest eyecatcher? The majority of their public events comes from their department, not sales or advertising. Their department head is absolutely brilliant. If she loved CatCo any less I’d poach her for L-Corp’s charity season!

"And did you know their housekeeping and etiquette pages gets more unique hits than their journalistic endeavors? It’s fascinating!”

Kara’s brow lifted in curiosity. The information about unique hits was new to her, but when she glanced at the papers spread across Lena’s desk, she saw the numbers for herself. Lena was doing her homework.

Straightening, Kara folded her arms over her chest in a relaxed pose. “I was glad to hear you had gotten to CatCo before Morgan Edge. I know it will continue to do good in your hands.”

Lena stilled, turning back to face her with eyes widening in surprise. “Thank you,” she said, after a stunned beat. “From you that means a lot.”

“And they’re lucky to have a new CEO whose enthusiasm is so genuine.”

In the distance, Kara picked up the sound of sirens heading towards the waterfront. She tilted of her head in silent apology. “I have to go. I’ll let you get back to your evening.”

Kara turned to leave, then paused with her hand on the door. “I heard your speech at the dedication ceremony.”

Lena’s cheeks pinkened in a flush. “Oh. I apologize, if I overstepped.”

“Not at all,” Kara returned. She met Lena’s eyes and gave her an honest smile– the first in what felt like months. “For the record, I count you as a friend too.”

Then she was out the door and away towards the waterfront, pretending all the while she couldn’t hear the happy uptick of Lena’s heartbeat. 

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i tjink its interesting that while alicia is dead in madisons hallucination, shes like .. there? constantly? same as her being on the wall? because nick is there but hes only there for alicia? not his mother? not for all the effort she put into making christmas happen? doesn't even speak to her? questionably "better off" without her? i think its like. alicia being "with" her mother but dead inside? nick there at all only for alicias sake??

Yes, nice way of seeing it! That part back in s2 when Alicia asks her mother why she is not enough completely illustrates what you’ve said. She will never be enough. And while Madison thinks everything will be okay as long as she has Nick, he doesn’t feel that same. - Camila