this scene...i can't

Kara and Lena meeting for the first time in 2x01

I just realized that scene is so funny when we go with Kara crushing on Lena from the first moment she sees her and Lena actually already knowing that Kara is Supergirl!! I’m rewatching their scenes for the 100th time

So Kara is acting a little nervous when she walks with Lena and Clark into the office, it’s noticable when Lena has her back turned to them for the first time.. 

Then Lena says that Superman saved the day and Kara’s first reaction is to add that Supergirl was there too.

So Kara has a crush on Lena and wants to make sure she knows that Supergirl is as much of a hero as Superman trying to impress the girl

And Lena already knowing about Kara being Supergirl would explain this reaction so much other than Lena being totally gay for Kara

Her first reaction is surprise, then that smirk and then she’s already turning her back to them again so they don’t see her reaction which is her totally laughing about Supergirl telling her how Supergirl saved the day because SHE ALREADY KNOWS and Lena probably thinks Kara is being really cute while introducing herself

and later where Lena tells them that she tries to make a name outside of her family, she asks if they understand that and then she looks to Kara who agrees with her right away which just makes me think about HOW MUCH THEY HAVE IN COMMON AND HOW THEY JUST GET EACH OTHER 

also look at Kara’s cute smile

A Scene I Can't Stop Thinking About

While most fans took the kiss of episode 7 as the confirmation of Viktuuri being canon, honestly I found something in episode 6 to be all the proof needed to believe Viktor and Yuuri are a couple. 


Last I checked, coaches don’t hold their students from behind, but your boyfriend probably would. 

And Yuuri doesn’t seem to mind at all. Now, that blush could be from Chris’ mature Eros performance, but my money is on his internal monologue being: Holy shit, we’re doing this right now?

For me, this brief sequence showed something that words couldn’t: Viktor and Yuuri being comfortable enough to be in each other’s arms IN PUBLIC. The gesture is so casual that no bystander would ever guess they weren’t a couple, right? And yes, perhaps while they might not have slept together yet or even kissed, they both made it more than clear over episodes 5&6 that they have romantic interest in each other and are completely okay with that fact.

Nat goes on an undercover mission to a politicians’ party, she’s really bitter about the outfit choice and Steve’s mocking isn’t helping. 


If you want to get out of here, all you have to do is sing.


So this is an eternal farewell. Then we must speak the most pathetic language that we can think of. With thees and thous? That way we will never forget the pathos of this moment.