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Here’s Part 2!

This is part 2 of The Finale, the ending storyline for this askblog. It helps to have been following the story, but to keep it simple:Papyrus and Alphys wait for Doctor Gaster and company to return from a dangerous mission to rescue Sans. They only need to wait a minute, surely everything will be fine…?

the sound is from the game, although some of the audio was from FreeSound


이게아닌데 - TAEYANG cover by HOYA

Tipsy Analysis: The MOMENT in Rocknaldo

Spoilery rambling under the read more. I currently have a migraine that I am not treating in the healthiest way (read: just had a glass of wine) but this episode man … Specifically a certain moment (I’ll do an analysis on the episode as a whole later because I actually really liked this one.

This ramble is about this certain moment …

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