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Who do you think is responsible for the censorship of sanvers, the writers or the CW? I'm inclined to believe it's the latter. I feel like this is probably standard practice for various networks with "family" shows, but I'm seeing a lot of anger directed towards the writers specifically, and I don't know if it is the most productive thing. Not that the writers shouldn't be criticized for other things.


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Ok so I watched the RGU movie..

and i noticed this on the picture frame in utena’s room:

and i just..


Skam 4x05 updated opinion

I had time to think about what happened in Skam lol, my last post was a little harsh, I just really can relate to Sana and was a bit out of it after seeing her in pain. This all just touched me more than I thought it could. But I trust Julie has this major plan. Anyways, so here my opinions after having calmed down:

Boy Squad vs Balloon Squad
I still stand with the Mikeal-was-outside and Isak-nagged-him-out-of-prior-shown-interest-to-the-Even-Mikael-relationship-theory. The Balloons saw it as a threat, then went and punched Isak. Just seems reasonable. Also I dont believe that Yousef is gay or whatever, that’s last seasons story, would be way to repetitive. But yes he probably had some bigger influence on the Evenstory. Maybe he was really unaccepting of Even being gay and feels guilty about it, which made him stop being religious. Also now I think that the incident could actually have an effect on the balloon squad. With Yousef bailing on his friends. Also Elias knew about Yousana, and he will know about Sana hurting. That could lead to a conflict. Sidenote: Really want to know why Elias got drunk last week..

Vilde and the Pepsi Max Bitches
It looks really bad still. But I just can’t believe its in Julie’s interest to make Vilde this racist villain, who backstabs her friends for blond and popular bitches. I heard some people say we are underestimating her like in S2 and she has a bigger plan.. Okay her judgmental behavior and snitching to the Pepsi Max Girls doesn’t look all that good, but maybe, just maaaybe there will be a way to explain this?!! Maybe not. I don’t know. We will have to suffer through this annoying Vilde a little longer. But I would love to see her be part in taking down the Pepsi Max hoes. That could make up for it…a little.

I tried to put myself into her shoes by now. Sana really had a few chances to tell her about Yousef, he had been a topic in their conversations a few times. She was hurt about William, felt betrayed by Sana and kissed this hot Turkish dude. Fine. Still find it bad that Noora never asked about Sana’s feelings.
Also that teaser.. (why is S4 so much about Noora ffs) It made me really nervous. It’s obviously Noora- her lips, her skin, her hand, her hair. She is biting down on a to the metaphorical carrot, representing Yousana. *Eskilds voice* DRAMA!

The more I think about that clip, the more pain I feel for this fictional character. It was just blow after blow for Sana. She really doesn’t deserve this, we can all agree that we just want Sana to be happy.
I have no idea where the second part of the season is headed. Maybe Sana will silently cut her social robes and confine even deeper into herself until she breaks? Or she will go all out and try revenge? Will she send an Email to William from Noora’s Account? Will she try to take down Pepsi Max? Will she call out her friends? Will she confront Yousef? Maybe all of the above will happen. Its all open at this point. I just want her to not get hurt anymore. That clip was just too much. Lets this be the lowest point and lets hope things will keep going up from now on.. please.

As we all know, Yousef was acting really OOC. First he’s smiling coming into the Bar, but once he looked at Even and then Sana he seemed sort of pissed. Then he ignored Sana throughout the night, until he calls her to break up a fight between 9 guys while touching her quiet intimately and his hand lingering on her neck/back, even though Yousef always respected Sana’s boundaries. Then he doesn’t even go to help his friends. And lastly he kisses Sana’s best friend.
So I’ve read alot of theories, but none make perfect sense to me personally. It seems there isn’t one reason for all this, there must have been multiple factors leading to this. Most people seem to think, that this scenario is reasonable: He was upset about Sana supposedly setting them up with Even and hiding that. Also being hurt, cause he believed she only invited them for that and not out of personal interest in Yousef. That anger made him not respect Sana’s boundries and touch her (a little rude?). He didn’t help his friends because Noora stopped him on his way (although: Bros before hoes. She would still be there after the fight to comfort). Noora being upset about Williams new GF tried her luck with Yousef and in the process innocently told him about what Sana had said to her, like him being immature and only playing with Norwegian girls. So he was even more upset and that made him kiss Noora back. But he didn’t seem that into it, cause he still likes Sana.
Personally I think (and I don’t know if anyone has said it already) Noora might have mentioned one more thing.. Also remember Julie never introduces characters if they don’t have a future influence.. so Noora might have mentioned Sana and her being in Grønland and meeting those muslim guys, that one dude and Jonas 2.0, who did seem to flirt with Sana. So Yousef thought she betrayed him first with her dating someone else and did what he did. If you look at it from this perspective, it was just blow after blow for him as well that night. Soo yeah, kind of feel bad for him too if that was the case. Sidenote: Imagine a jealous Yousef seeing Sana with Jonas 2.0, that would be an interesting scene.
Regarding the other theories. Like explained before, I don’t think he is gay and I dont believe Noora was his love interest all along, since he supposedly only actively connected to Sana after meeting the girls? (Kill me please) Digging way to deep here guys, cause how could we possibly misread the flower picking, the basketball playing, the shy looks, the smiling, the deep conversations, the speechlessness, the heart emoji, the alt for deg, the carrot pealing… Oh man, Julie better have this damn masterplan. She probably does too, and part of it is people like me going crazy about what this all could possibly mean. It will all end well but it might not be what we hoped for in the beginning of the season. And that also unsettles me.

Honorable Mentions:
- Evak singing was cute af
- The Boy Squad is back finally
- Sana looked so damn beautiful, still not over it
- Chris and Sana’s friendship and throwback was cuuute
- Vilde’s weird blinking when Magnus kissed her..
- I think I own that exact shirt Noora was wearing lol (H&M everybody, it’s actually a bodysuit)
- Balloon Squad looked on fleek as always
- Eskild is back finally
- The fight scene was actually really cool (New Level is a great work out song btw)

Sorry for the length. Just trying to get through this Pause while getting my shots of Skam (Skam - not even once). Thanks to all the people writing beautiful fanfics, much appreciated. How are you guys holding up?

Okay, guys. Okay.

I have been saying that this is a great arc, and all the writers had to do was not mess it up.

They messed it up.

We should have seen Fitz break through just a little. We should have seen him struggle. Her name should have been on his lips when he woke.

But that doesn’t happen. Fitz comes out confused, and is re-kidnapped .5 seconds later.


Next episode we will have Fitz with AIDA, who will be trying to convince him that he really loves her, that he really is the bad person she brainwashed him into being, and he will have to figure out who he really is. That should actually be a great scene if they do it right. I mean, they just did some stupid FitzSimmons. So, we’ll see.  

One of two things will happen, I think:

1. There is an even more epic reunion, where Fitz frees himself mentally while Jemma frees him physically. He apologizes for putting a gun to her head and they work it out and we die from happiness.

2. They pull another 3A. Who does Fitz really love? It’s not wrong to love two people at once, right? Is a romance built from manipulation REAL?? Has he changed too much to be the man Jemma loves???? We’ll never really know, because they’ll put it in some gray area and then two episodes later make jokes about it.

I’m not really sure which is more likely. I really feel like I did when we found out Will was actually real—all the clues pointed to something GREAT, and then somethie mediocre happened. So I will just lower my expectations from here on, I guess. 



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What are your absolute favorite HJ fanfictions? :D

Everything by @those70scomics / @thestupidhelmet ~ her profiles: ffnet and AO3. My faves from her are:

Made Bare 

Summary:  A heartbroken Hyde considers his relationship with Jackie kaput. Too bad Jackie sees it differently. She intends to get a proper resolution with him, but breaking through his hostility—and getting past his wife—may well prove impossible.
Rated: M
Comments: This is my favorite fanfic by Lisa, and also my canon for the show’s season 8. Literally. It’s perfect.

Hyde’s Long Way Home

Summary: Hyde goes on a self-destructive bender after finding Jackie with a towel-wrapped Kelso. The day after that, he wakes up … and it’s the same day as before. He’s doomed to live the same day over and over — unless he can figure out a way to live it right.
Rated: M
Comments: The mothership. This fic is the reason why I write for this fandom. This story is an experience to read. From the start to the end, it makes you part of Hyde’s journey and every arc is pretty much alive with you. Wonderful fic.  


Summary: Hyde finds himself homeless on a night where Jackie is without parents. The gift he gave her last Christmas draws him to her, but his attachment lingers past that rainy first night, grows through countless experiences, and leads him across state lines. Their relationship is a high-stakes gamble, but Jackie may fold before Hyde can show all his cards.
Rated: T
Comments: The post-series part of this fanfiction is WONDERFUL. Jackie’s characterization in this piece is one of my favorites, she sounds so much like her, it’s just perfect.   

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by 夏一


➥ DAY 2 - Favorite Season 1 scene

“… and then something strange happened”

Rilaya in GMNY

Okay, so this is probably going to be really, really long, but I’m going to go through all of The New Year and discuss Rilaya in-depth through each scene and interaction, with theories, because I’m literally so far down the trash chute that I can’t see the top anymore xD @rilayabookwyrm helped discuss and come up with a lot of this, too :) Heads up: a lot of this is going to be really tedious and nitpicky because when I’m thorough, I’m thorough. Sorry about the length!

First off: the opening scene. This scene is really great, actually? We have Riley and Maya eating together, pretty awkward, talking about what happened in Texas. Seems pretty straightforward. Maya doesn’t want to talk about it, Riley does, and it parallels the scene in The New World when Maya wants to talk about Riley kissing Lucas. The difference is…Riley actually grabs Maya’s face to imitate Lucas. Twice. I’m trying so hard to think of a reason that she would do that aside from actively wanting to hold Maya’s face like that, but I can’t think of one no matter how much I look through a hetero lens. If she were jealous of Maya, she probably wouldn’t have done that. If she were jealous of Maya, she wouldn’t be so willing to put herself in Lucas’ place. She wouldn’t have done it twice.

Maya, on the other end of the stick, seems incredibly uncomfortable and also sort of uninterested with talk about Lucas. Part of it could be that she doesn’t like talking about it to Riley, who she knows used to like this guy, but part of it could also be because she just doesn’t like him that way. Part of it could be because she likes both Lucas and Riley, or that she thinks she likes Lucas but her feelings for Riley are subconsciously interfering.  All of these seem equally likely to me, but check out Maya’s face when Riley grabs her:

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I used to be excited because maybe Maura’s continuous comments and gestures of (friendly) love toward Jane throughout the entire series were part of a story arc where eventually Jane was going to come out of her assholish shell and do something nice back to her or save her life or at least say something kind or be an okay friend for just one 10 second scene but I guess it’s about time to admit I was wrong and Jane is just an asshole inside another, more poorly written asshole and nothing is going to happen and the show’s just gonna be over

I’m back from vacation! Which means I can start trickling in all my comics/screenshot redraws from the bomb *-*