this scene's lighting made me want to cry but


a prince who watched over his city as it slept

I’m planning on making a series of illustrations for the Shades of Magic series (of 15 scenes I’ve picked over the course of 3 books that made me cry or laugh or gave me extra feels)! not sure how long this’ll take me, but me and my carpal tunnel are ready

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Lance pointlessly tries to hide his tail but the bath is not big enough to hide it underwater and even if he could, his face is still covered in blue freckles, the gills in his long neck are visible and his ears are now pointed and have a blueish tone that melts into his skin.

Everyone is staring at him as he blinks at them, his blue eyes now a brighter hue, his pupils twice their normal size. They are staring as his tail, the thousands of iridescent scales in different shades of blue making a hard contrast against the grey dull walls of the ship’s bathroom.

He wants to swim away, just like he did when he was back home, in the ocean, but he’s stuck here, in his bath tub, in this ship, in space.

He might as well try to explain.


Hunk gasps, like hearing him talk surprises him, and Lance thinks about how his sister used to tell him his voice always sounded a little softer when he was himself rather than his human form. He wonders if its really that different, if it bothers them.

“I can explain?” He says smiling sheepishly but realises it was a mistake when Hunk gasps again, this time joined by Pidge and Keith and he knows it’s because of his teeth, now sharp and pointy, specially his fangs, that were always a little too big, even in his human form.

He moves a hand to cover his mouth mumbling an apology and looks at them again, he knows he looks scared, he’s scared.

He’s not afraid they’ll hurt him, they would never hurt him, he’s afraid they’ll think about him differently, he’s afraid of the hurt in Hunks eyes, the confusion in Allura’s and Coran’s ones, and specially the wary expression in Shiro’s eyes.

Like he can’t be trusted, like he’s dangerous.

Seeing Shiro look at him like that is heart breaking,

Pidge looks amazed, which honestly, he kind off expected. What he can’t believe is Keith looks amazed too, and not only that, he looks…. Dare he say? Happy? 

“Actually I can’t, explain I mean, I just, I’m” He has no idea what to say, he’s a merman? That much is obvious, he won’t hurt them? He’s okay? Maybe he should ask them if they have any questions…

But he never gets to ask, because suddenly everyone decides to start talking at the same time,

“Can someone explain to me what going on?” Allura asks.

“Why didn’t you tell me” Hunk hisses at him, he doesn’t look sad anymore, just annoyed, offended maybe.

He hears a soft “This is fucking awesome” from Pidge.

But the one that talks the loudest and makes everyone else stop and look at him its Keith, because he suddenly starts screaming,

“I knew it!” he yelps pointing at Lance “I fucking knew it! Didn’t I tell you?!”

Lance is now incredibly confused, and he’s not the only one, everyone is now looking at Keith like he lost his mind, everyone except Shiro, who is now looking at Keith with an amused expression and tender eyes.

“Keith-” he starts, but Keith is not having it, he’s now pointing at Shiro, completely ignoring his audience.

“I told you mermaids were real for years and you made fun of me! Well,” he says and takes a step forwards Lance and points at him, palms open and facing Shiro, “Suck on that!”

Pidge stars howling with laughter and soon Shiro joins her, only much more tamed, the rest of them look amused, including Keith and Lance is so grateful to him for making a scene to cut the tension he wants to cry, or kiss him.

But instead he says, “Excuse you, I’m an Aycayia, not a Mermaid.”

“Wait, so, you are not human Lance?” Coran asks him still utterly confused.

Lance clears his throat, the light atmosphere in the room turning serious again, “No, Coran, I’m not, I’m… something else”

“Yeah, a Liar, thats what you are!”

“Hunk, please, I couldn’t tell you, you know that, you cant keep a secret even if your life depended on it” Lance pleads but Hunk is not looking at him, he lifts his hand a throws a few drops of water on him, to get his attention.

“C’mon buddy, you read other peoples diaries for god’s sake! I wanted to tell you, I really did, but I couldnt tell anyone, It wouldn’t just put me in danger; it would put my whole family in danger! And you saw what they did to Shiro at the Garrison when they found him, and he’s human!”

At that, Shiro looks at him with wide eyes, and every ounce of wariness and precaution leaves him, and he sees acceptance and understating in his dark eyes and suddenly Lance really wants a hug, so he cowers into himself and puts his arms his own body.

“Please Hunk” he croaks “I-”

Whatever he was going to say gets lost in Hunks shoulders and he’s suddenly hugged tightly by his best friend.

After a moment, he hugs back and he laughs relieved when Hunk complains about getting wet, they hug for a long time, with his hands entangled in Hunks hair and Hunks on his shoulders while they listen to Keith excitedly explain what a mermaid is to Allura and Coran.

He lets go of him with a yelp when he feels someone touching his tail, he pushes Hunk away by the shoulders to look and sees Pidge poking at the scales, Shiro leaning being her trying to get a closer look.

He blushes furiously and slaps her hand away, “No! Bad touch!”

Pidge laughs a little embarrassed and apologizes, telling him his tail is really beautiful and Lance smiles proudly at her and thanks her.

The commotion as died down and Lance is starting to feel a little exposed, wanting to spend some time alone in the water so he clears his throat again,

“So, I know you probably have a lot of questions and I promise I’ll answer all of them, but would guys mind…”

Everyone nods and leaves one by one, he exchanges a look and a smile with all of them, some more meaningful than others, he’s confused and intrigued by the look Keith gives him because if he didn’t know any better he’d say the kid looks enamored but they leave him alone in the end and he can finally relax in his little bath, he sinks his head under the water and breathes,

Everything was going to be fine now.



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Omg!! There’s more coming, including Coran, Hunk and Pidge building a big pool for their fish friend! And a bit of klance, because i cant help it. And bonding with Shiro ,because who doesnt love bonding with Shiro. But for now i humbly present you with this.

Thanks so much for the anon to encouraged me to write this, i cant tell you how happy you made me.

Since Lance is Cuban and i fucking love that about him i searched for Cuban Mermaids and found this and i think its fucking perfect for him so yeah…

Aycayia:: was a mermaid in which its name means “she with a lovely voice” among the Neo-Taino nations of the Caribbean such as Puerto Rico and Cuba. She was known to be seductive and sexually generous, being the incarnation of beauty and of sin who gave men pleasure but robbed them of free will. She would often times be “visited” by the men seduced by her beauty.


I just finished watching Berserk’s third movie and I’m BROKEN… I’m literally broken in tears and it’s not even like I didn’t already know what was going to happen! I read the whole manga first and the eclipse made me cry like a lost baby, BUT the impact of some particular scenes ANIMATED is completely different.
I think the story reached its darkest phase with the eclipse, firstly because we have to witness the pitiful shadow of a man Griffith has become, secondly because nothing makes sense anymore. Past, present, future, all the memories and the dreams that were shared between those people are gone forever. The eclipse literally absorbed in itself all the light everyone treasured deeply in their hearts.
I don’t want to write a long post about Griffith, because I don’t think I’ve gathered enough clarity to complete such a task, but I definitely would like to… This character is extremely complex, even if now he is a creature made not to be recognizable or comprehensible, his past human self was full of angles and flaws and sadness, silenced and suffocated into a fragile cage made up from ego and remorse. Griffith was a walking disaster and I’m sure that he’s a victim in a sense… Fate, Fortune, whatever… this awful wheel pulled him closer and closer since the very beginning, his childhood was already marked by the red behelit. In my opinion, the influx of that thing was ALWAYS present and helped him, in a way or another. A canonical proof of my assumption is Griffith’s “miraculous” survival during the fox hunting ceremony. The behelit was just THERE, ready to be pierced by a poisoned arrow. Too convenient, right? Griffith was helped by the “confidence of the conqueror” since his early days, when he moved his first steps towards an incredible dream. Yes, incredible, because Griffith’s ambition was too high to be reached by a mere human, born in poverty. But the funny thing is: Griffith wasn’t ACTUALLY born to be human in the first place. His short life as a body of blood and flesh was inevitably stained by pain and desperation. Griffith had a dream too magnificent, too harsh, and in the long way he decided to walk towards the castle of light, he had to be a martyr, thus sacrificing every weakness that could’ve been a nuisance, sacrificing his humanity. The cruelty and the irony of all this is that you can never, ever, REALLY stop being human if you’re born as one. So we witnessed Griffith’s remorse for that little soldier who wished to become a knight, we witnessed Griffith’s disgust after selling his body for cash and equipments, we witnessed Griffith smiling and playing with Guts, worrying for Guts, risking his own life (thus his dream) to protect Guts. Guts was the biggest crack in Griffith’s silver armour. I don’t want to analyse all the different shades of their relationship, BUT I think Griffith loved Guts, truly, in a way he wasn’t capable of understanding. Griffith was always alone right? Even among lots of companions, he always tried to be something else, to represent someone else, to incarnate a symbol, more than a man leading dutifully his troops. Because normal men are allowed to create real and mutual relationships, are allowed to be tied down by other things, feelings, a sense of home, friendship, passion, lust, love… Griffith wanted to estrange himself from everything unnecessary, he wanted to be a martyr for his own dream, but he also had a human soul and a human body and his deep feelings for Guts that, in the end, betrayed him. And you know, the worst thing is that Griffith HAD to fail, because there wasn’t any way out for his mortal life with an ambition so tensed towards divinity… Griffith’s fall was inevitable, because his humanity was too much of a burden. So… how do you lose your soul? Dying or, well… evolving into something completely different.
But at the and of the day, who is the real mastermind? The one who threw hell upon Griffith and everyone around him?
FATE and nothing more.
Griffith received the behelit, Griffith started to dream and win and win and win also thanks to the behelit that gave him strenght, a kind of spiritual connection, confidence. If you ALWAYS win, it’s obvious that you, sooner or later, will develop a strong sense of self determination, nothing seems too difficult to scare you. Yeah… Griffith has been tricked in a terrible way. The world loved him, the world convinced him to go on and on and on, but no one told him how to express feelings and process defeat. When Griffith lost Guts, his whole identity got destroyed, scattered in pieces.
Griffith never loses… Griffith never falters… everyone is disposable…
but no, no, the truth is different, so different: Griffith lost Guts… Griffith can’t stand up, his knees are weak… Griffith can’t live without Guts… Griffith is JUST A HUMAN.

Tl dr: I love berserk, I love Griffith, I love everyone and I’m suffering.

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Some people think its just stupid to be so heart broken over a fictional characters death but to me Lexa’s death felt more real then anything ive ever felt before. Ive been mourning over her death because she didnt deserve to die that way nor did she deserve to be killed at all. The fact that they did the clexa sex scene before Lexa’s death made it even more unbearable. They were finally starting to move their relationship towards the light and let it be known but then lexa got shot. When I saw that I couldnt stop crying, I just wanted her to be okay. I wanted her to live I kept praying but all I could was feel betrayed. I miss Lexa so much….reblog if you do too.

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Kudos to Grant and more to Candice for giving us that powerfully emotional scene in the S.T.A.R. Labs hallway. They both were, legit, about to cry. It was so angsty. Iris was so angry and Barry was so scared that he messed up beyond repair. Then he tried to run back in time, yet again, only for her to be snatched up by Jay Garrick. And then that cute little end scene and comic book kiss. WestAllen is perfect 👌🏽

I AM SO WITH YOU. They made me want to cry, too. I love that Iris set her boundaries once again, and you could see how scared Barry was and how he knew she was right. 

Honestly, even him running away worked for me. Over and over again, Barry has shown that he wants Iris to see him in the best light. He wants to be her hero - hell, he even engineered their meet cute in Flashpoint so that he could be her hero, lol. So whenever he’s faced with her disapproval, his first instinct is to hide or run away.

But Jay reminded him that he needs to be a damn grown-up about it.

Grisha Army Challenge 7 of 25: Favorite Moment from Shadow & Bone → A combination of scenes from Chapter 14 & 15 (because it’s complicated)

So I couldn’t pick one scene to be my favorite moment from Shadow & Bone although I could have picked the “kiss” but I already talked about how much I love that scene and that’s not really my favorite moment. Nope, it’s actually not. It’s actually a combination of scenes from Chapter 14 & 15. Instead of making a graphic of one specific scene, I decided to make a mix of songs that remind me of my favorite moment.

The Presentation // Listen on 8tracks

Angels - The XX // “light reflects from your shadow, it is more than I thought could exist, you move through the room, like breathing was easy, if someone believed me”

Salvation - Gabrielle Aplin // “I never meant to fall for you but I was buried underneath and all that I could see was white”

Explosions - Ellie Goulding // “I’ve fallen from grace, took a blow to my face, I’ve loved and I’ve lost, I’ve loved and I’ve lost”

Cosmic Love - Florence and The Machine // “the stars, the moon, they have been all blown up, you left me in the dark”

Illuminated - Hurts // “time waits for no one, so do you want to waste some oh, oh tonight? don’t be afraid of tomorrow, just take my hand, i’ll make it so much better tonight”

Cold - Aqualung // “held between heaven and hell as they’re dancing over and over”

Never Gonna Change - BROODS // “and you escape me like it’s nothing, like words I should have never said, and the stress comes to the surface, but all of the heroes are dead”

Haunt - Bastille // “we’ll make our arrangements about when to meet, and i’ll leave you in the doorway”

If you want to know more about the inspiration for this mix and which scenes made up my favorite moment, click read more! Warning: SPOILERS FOR S&B AND S&S!

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