this scene was the cutest ever

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the 2x01 scene where magnus brushes alec's jacket and alec has this huge grin on his face while blushing is the cutest scene on television

definitely one of their cutest moments it cured my depression and i have been at peace ever since

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What do you think about that scene when Max said hello to Eleven but she didn't, and passed over her and hugged Joyce, because I love it💖 PS: I'm really sorry if I did mistakes, I still have some troubles with english:)

that part broke my heart but also mended my heart! eleven going to joyce was one of the cutest things ever, because look! eleven has a mother figure in her life! while i️ totally understand her blowing off max ( i️ hope they become friends in the third season bc that would make me the happiest person ever


Parker, pick a fight with Hardison’s date.

stephanie beatriz initially auditioned for the role of amy santiago…..can you even imagine anyone other than melissa fumero playing amy santiago??????? she was born for that role. furthermore can you imagine anyone other than stephanie beatriz in the role of rosa diaz?????? impossible. can u imagine anyone other than stephanie beatriz beating the shit out of every electrical device that ever stopped working for her? can u imagine anyone other than stephanie beatriz breezing into the precinct in the morning: leather jacket on, aviator glasses on, a cup of coffee in one hand and a motorcycle helmet in the other? can u imagine anyone other than melissa fumero being so wholly encompassed by her love for binders and tests? can u imagine anyone other than melissa fumero whipping out that baton and dead-legging some idiot perp that thought they could get the best of her?

can u imagine anyone other than stephanie beatriz somehow remaining stoic and deadpan yet fond and hopeful as she asks amy santiago to plan her wedding:

and can u imagine anyone other than melissa fumero being the most lovable and nerdiest dork when she accepts wholeheartedly:

tl;dr: stephanie beatriz and melissa fumero are blessings on this earth and their portrayals of rosa diaz and amy santiago on brooklyn nine-nine bring genuine light into my life




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I realize there may be people in the JoJo fandom who haven’t seen Fuu-chan and I need to remedy that fact immediately.

Fuu-chan is a little Japanese boy who loves JoJo. But don’t worry, his dad doesn’t let him see the violent scenes! His name means ‘wind’ after Part 5: Golden Wind and he is the cutest little JoJo fan ever.

Here he is at 2, with a picture of Araki!

Identifying a Jotaro figure.

Fuu-chan goes to the manga store!

Josuke seems to suffer from the same problem as Jotaro.

You will never be as excited about anything as Fuu-chan is about finding Pucci figures.

Japan loves Fuu-chan too!

He went to a 25th anniversary event in Tokyo.

ORAORA cosplayer? Fuu-chan is ready to fight!

Or maybe just pose.

Johnny’s pose is hard!

Fuu-chan loves JoJo!