this scene was so hilarious even in the manga

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The most recent ep though, what do you think about it? And I'm up to date with the manga btw.

I loved it and I cried lol. Ymir’s scenes got me all emotional.

I really wasn’t expecting for them to show the whole thing, even after having seen the preview. I thought maybe they would add just a bit, enough to foreshadow and leave people wondering or something, so they could give the full version later on future seasons. But whoa, they gave us everything and more. And it was amazing!

I personally am happy with their choice. I thought I would have to wait years to see this in anime form, so it was a gift. And I believe it makes sense to put it there, it helps anime watchers understand Ymir much better. 

Everything (or almost everything, because episode 28 was just…) they have added or modified from the original during this season has made me think that they have put a lot of thought on how they’re doing things. Isayama’s involvement is clear, but I think it’s obvious that the whole anime team are doing their best too.

This has made me more hopeful about the possibility of future seasons. I believe that the fact that they’re putting this much effort and even rearranging stuff that appeared so recently in the manga means they have long term plans. Let’s hope nothing gets in the way.

The rest of the episode was nice. Eren vs Reiner was hilarious, especially because Ymir and Bertholdt were basically there paying zero attention to them and casually chatting, and you could see Eren’s legs kicking the air in the background haha.

I was happy to see Annie even if it was a flashback. Erwin was as handsome as always. The scene with Ymir taking Historia was very well done.

It was a good episode. But I missed Levi… badly.

But well, we knew this would happen. At least we got to see Eren being beautiful many times during the episode, and I am always grateful for that!

Book of the Atlantic (Premiere day)

Just came back from the movie premiere of Kuroshitsuji: Book of Atlantic in Japan! Movie attendees all got a sweet A5 card with an original illustration by Yana-sensei, and digitally signed by Maaya Sakamoto and Ono Daisuke!

                                                  SPOILERS BELOW

Feel free to ask me questions about the movie, if you want to be further spoiled.

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I’ve been sketching a few scenes/panels/frames from the manga Noragami as a bit of a warm up. Noragami is such a beautiful manga. The story is both heartfelt and hilarious. And the art is so bloody beautiful. I can’t even handle…. (yes I’m fangirling right now ^///^…shh <3) 

J-Movie Stuff!

So, I have been watching some J-Movies this week. I watched Heroine Shikkaku, L♡DK, and Ao Haru Ride.

Heroine Shikkaku was so much fun! I loved it. I loved how fresh the story was. It was from the perspective of the “evil childhood friend” of the hero. And I loved how it made fun of shoujo manga cliches. Especially the scene where Hatori yells “I’m late, I’m late” with a toast in her hand, emphasizing she’s a main character and the teacher going “You’re not late?” was hilarious. I loved it. Even though I wasn’t really sold on the main couple’s romance, it was still so much fun to watch and in the end I want my heroine to end up with the one she loves and makes her happy. So, good for her! But still, major second lead syndrome. I now have a slight crush on Sakaguchi Kentaro.

I was not impressed with  L♡DK. There were some fun scenes, but it really was a fairly cliche shoujo manga story, wasn’t it? I don’t think it really put something fresh on the table. The romance didn’t work for me either. What the main character’s brother was even about? I don’t know. It was pretty mediocore and weird. I didn’t hate it or anything. You can watch without thinking much if you have free time. At least the secondary couple was adorable. (What are you doing there Larry Butz?)

Ao Haru Ride, on the other hand, was surprisingly beautiful. The cinematography and colours in the movie were lovely. I loved the main actress. I also loved that the story wasn’t just about romance, but also about friendship, facing your trauma and healing with the help of other people. I appreciated that. I lost my father fairly recently too. My parents were divorced and we weren’t really close. It hurts. The guilt hurts so much. I loved that the story addressed it. I was able to move on thanks to my friends, the people I chose to be my family and that’s why the movie hit home for me. The only complaint I have is that, the side characters’ stories were left hanging. I’m guessing on manga, it is handled much better because there’s no time constraint and I’m definitely going to read it. A TV series would be nice for this story too. I really liked it and I recommend it.

I have Strobe Edge on my list next. What else would you recommend that are similar to these movies? 

For my forty-third Evangelion book review, here is Newtype Film Book: Neon Genesis Evangelion #9, published by Kadokawa Shoten.  It is part of a series of books devoted to recapping the Evangelion story by using full color images from the anime, accompanied by some text… there’s dialogue from the scenes being shown, and sometimes little descriptions or explanations are also provided.  I’m more interested in collecting new artwork of the Eva characters rather than small screenshots from the anime, so I only bought the ninth volume, which starts with episode 23 and goes all the way to the end of the TV series (this book uses the original versions of episodes 23 and 24, not the Directors’ Cut versions).  Oh, and this book also comes with a removable dust jacket, although the artwork hidden underneath is simply a gray version of the cover art.

This book is not available in English or French, but there are plenty of pictures, and if you’re familiar with the Evangelion TV series then you already know the dialogue anyway.  However, if you can read Japanese, you’ll find that the additional descriptions have a few interesting tidbits.  For example, were you wondering what Misato was really offering when she tried to touch Shinji in episode 23?  Or were you wondering how Shinji’s heart was reacting to Kaworu’s words in episode 24?  I will get into that later in this review!  But first, to give you an idea of what this book is like, here’s a page from the episode 23 section:

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