this scene was so hard to colour it was basically white

okay, hi. it’s me—the annoyance in this fandom. and i’d like to talk about something, so bear with me.

there’s a problem in this fandom that doesn’t need to be discussed. why not? it’s not up for discussion, basically. it’s up to you all to sit back and learn that this shit you all are pulling needs to be stopped. period.

i’m breaking it up to a couple of core parts so you all know what i’m talking about.

first of all, let’s talk about the islamophobia and racism in this fandom.

here’s the deal: shut up and listen. is that too hard? then just shut up and close your browser. delete your blog. take a walk. go on with your shitty life.

i don’t know why this needs to be explained—seriously. i don’t understand it. it’s not physics or the study of runes. it’s the basic thing called logic thinking and common decency at the least.

you’re all doing something incredibly harmful and it’s not okay. when you started calling a brown character a rat i—i thought it was a joke. and when it was pointed out it’s racist, by people of colour in this fandom, you kept doing it. why? do you take enjoyment in calling brown people rats? do you think you can get away with it? guess you can, but you can stop doing it to people of colour. it’s disgusting.

next. the idea of this season is: please don’t let me be misunderstood. the reverse of this? please don’t let me be understood. just so we’re clear. there’s no reverse. the song was in reverse, the message was clear. so you can shut up about that.

so when the fight broke up, and sana was hiding in the bathroom stall, what did we hear? the two white random, irrelevant white girls talking about how they thought (assumed, didn’t know but talked anyway) it was about homosexuality, and how muslims are homophobic. was it there for the lols? no. it was there for us. to know. that it wasn’t about that.

my point: shut the fuck up about it. it’s tiresome, getting old, it’s toxic. if you keep talking about this, you’re spreading harmful messages to others. what messages? that muslims are homophobic. which they can be, i’m not saying some aren’t. i’m saying that that’s not the point of this season and that non-muslims are equally likely to be homophobic. don’t believe me? wow, i guess it’s something that has been fed to you by media representation and… dare i say it? people talking shit of shit they don’t know on social platforms. precisely what you’re doing right now.

second thing we need to talk about: the series. yes! let’s talk about what content we have right now and why us people of colour and why muslims are upset, shall we? (note: we have all the right to be upset.)

let’s first get this out of the way: we know it’s written this way to prove some point later on in the season. probably something along the lines of muslim and brown boys not all being homophobic and shit. you know. that thing you keep shutting your eyes from. we understand that, we know that.

we’re just. not. happy. about how it’s written. it’s kind of doing a lot of damage right now. look at some of the messages some people (people of colour, muslims, muslim people of colour) receive. and what we should be getting is much more healthy scenes between muslims, muslims and people of non-faith, people of colour and white people, to weigh up to the damage its doing. we don’t get that much of that. and it’s frustrating, because we understand why (sana’s lonely) but there are so many ways to portray loneliness than completely erase healthy interactions between people on the fucking screen.

don’t bring up the hei briskeby videos, because they don’t count. i’m talking about the real episodes here. the real clips. the clips that the casual viewer will watch.

so yes. the series itself is… partially at fault here. the writing, i would say. especially filming only the people of colour in a fight and—wow. that chokehold they had on the only black guy? yikes.

what’s worse is that they surely know—or at least have a slight idea—of what outbreak their clips will give. and they keep doing it. keep feeding this shit to us, and leave us to either deal with it, or completely shut down our inboxes. which results into people thinking we’re selfish, because we don’t answer their wish to learn more about culture and islam and the experiences people of colour have.

third thing we need to talk about: vilde and noora. yup. i’m putting them on the agenda.

i, as a lesbian of colour, wholeheartedly believe that vilde’s character is poorly written this season. she’s obviously not too different from earlier seasons, but she’s definitely had more emphasis on her ignorance, and how that ignorance is dealt with is—less acceptable. i do believe, on top of that, that she will be “redeemed” (i’m just not sure i’ll buy into it) and that she will learn, apologise and maybe grow the last episode or something, since we won’t be getting any more.

but what bugs me the most about the way they’re writing her this season is that, she’s coded as possibly lesbian (or bi, if you prefer, but i’m gonna talk about her being lesbian, and you can make your own post about her being bisexual). and she’s literally the only character fully coded this way. if you’re interested in why, just… google it. believe it or not, we aren’t google. but the key point is that she is doing a lot of what us lesbians perceive as compulsory heterosexuality. and they completely villainised a potential lesbian this season which is just falling into the same shit people have done over and over again. lesbians are bad, lesbians are racist, lesbians are this and fucking that and that pisses me off. if, by the off chance, she eventually is canonically declared as lesbian, i’m not sure i will rejoice or throw my phone through my computer screen. they ruined her character to me, they ruined a (coded) lesbian to me, a lesbian, simply because they wanted to put her to be the ignorant girl who keeps shitting all over sana.

and noora. man. i’m not too mad about noora as a character herself. she’s flawed, she has her good moments and shit. but she takes up so much of her own storyline from sana’s. it’s a mess. she’s talking about herself, her problems with dickhelm, and sure, that’s what friends do—talk about what bothers you. but we’re so frustrated that she’s once again on the screen, talking about the same old thing, and rip the minutes that could’ve been spent on sana from our hands.

don’t get me wrong. we all know that sana is a listener. but there’s a line. and they jump over it, time and time again.

and then there’s the misogyny in this fandom that needs to be addressed. and this is a harder one, because it’s hard to spot.

during the course of season three—up to this day, i see this shit—people keep shitting on sonja and emma for no other reason than them being girls who got hurt in the process. sonja? remember her? she got cheated on. and while even kept saying he felt controlled by her you somehow got the idea that she’s toxic. she isn’t. a toxic relationship would not end with isak thanking sonja for the help she’s given. she knows even and—well, at the most, she might have been a bit controlling because she doesn’t understand that even is his own person with or without his bipolar disorder.

and emma? she outed isak, which is fucked up and there’s no excuse. but stop thinking she’s the absolute villain to isak’s life because she’s a girl, who got hurt, in the process. accept that, move on, because isak sure did.

you thought i’d end there? really? nope. ain’t gonna happen. i’m gonna bring up vilde specifically again.

you think she’s just a dumb ignorant islamophobe? partially true. she’s islamophobic and is not a good friend to sana. she’s ignorant, yes. but you’re reducing her character to something she isn’t. you’re reducing her to the blonde dumb girl, which is just as shitty as people defending her islamophobic behaviour. her islamophobia does not correlate to her dealing with whatever she’s dealing with (compulsory heterosexuality, if you will), but if you reduce her to a two-dimensional character it’s quite misogynistic itself. if you’re woman and doing that—check yourself in the mirror.

same goes for noora, basically, but i don’t think anyone is genuinely despising her for anything else than the shitty line here and there and the serious screentime she’s clocking.

we also had a run in with the lovely subjects of biphobia and ableism too. you all can’t stop anywhere, can you?

since we aren’t discussing, let me just point out these things:

bisexuality does not equate to cheater. a cheater can be of any sexuality. the stereotype is that bisexual people are cheaters is harmful and it ends here. whether a bisexual person/character has cheated can be discussed without bringing in their bisexuality to the conversation.

and mental illness… it seems it’s harder for you to grasp this part. so let me put it this way: think of the most embarrassing shit you’ve done. called your teacher mum and everyone laughed? peed yourself in public? pretended to talk on the phone and your phone ended up ringing? whatever. the most embarrassing shit you’ve done. think of that. feel what you felt at that point. oh my god, what did people think of you?

do you want your crush or your partner of a few months know… that? say it involved a second person. say you… shat yourself on your best friend’s expensive, newly bought couch, felt so embarrassed you left the house and deleted all your social media and never answered their calls.

say your partner brings them up.

would you… tell them that?

i don’t mean to trivialise mental illness here (i’m struggling with my own). it’s much more complex (guilt, self-blaming, embarrassment, sadness) than what i’m saying here. i’m just breaking it down to a point where hopefully even the most abled person can understand.

you’re expecting someone who deals with this every day to just tell their partner. it’s not that easy. it’s a lot of compartmentalising that needs to be done, so you can tell that story without breaking down completely. what happened to even broke him enough to switch to a new school. that’s not something you just tell someone, regardless if you’re together with them, without having thought it through for weeks—even months—and analysed each possible turnout and reaction. that’s not something you tell someone unless you really, really, really need to.

that’s not to say that it’s… bad. that even and sana weren’t honest with isak from the start. but it’s what it is. even isn’t perfect. sana isn’t perfect. isak isn’t perfect. none of these characters are completely perfect. why not? because they’re supposed to be realistic, human and resound to us. we’re supposed to be able to relate to them, in a way.

lastly, but most importantly: stop thinking you’re so bloody entitled to send shitty asks to people, especially the muslims, people of colour and disabled people of this fandom.

now that i’ve said my piece, kindly don’t find your way into my inbox and think it’s time to discuss. as i said, it’s not up for discussion.

don’t understand what i’m talking about? congratulations, you just won the prize: read this post again until you get it.

peace the fuck out.

Going into Hidden Figures having heard a lot of controversy about the bathroom sign-smashing scene, I was concerned that the movie was going to be pretty pandering on the racism front. I was pleasantly surprised that it was not; in fact, while it did romanticise some things it also made some white people uncomfortable so, mission success overall probably. FYI I am a white woman, but these are some of the things I observed that I thought were good in terms of the portrayal of race/racism.

1. Every positive anti-racist action taken by a white character was directly and unequivocably prompted, if not demanded, by a black character. The white character doesn’t take pity on the black character; the black character states their situation firmly with their head high and demands change. Of course a there’s a degree of pity in there, bc the white people have the power and don’t technically have to do shit, but it was not just a bunch of White Saviors strolling around going ‘oh, the poor black women, let me save you’. There aren’t even any “white friends” really (eg white teachers, other helpful white people,) except as a few people from the office eg Kevin started to step up their games. And we don’t see any of the white people’s family lives, internal drama, etc, and at no point does anything become about the consequences white people may face if they stand up for the black ones. There is no ~woe is me, what I give for social justice~. And the black characters aren’t expected to be grateful for being saved.

2. Systematic & unintentional/covert racism was explicitly highlighted, rather than overt racism being used to cover up/excuse the ‘small’ stuff. The scene where Kevin Costner smashes the bathroom sign? follows NUMEROUS mentions & displays of Katherine’s going to the bathroom and the notice of her absence, her getting rained on and drenched, and then proceeding to crack and explain some hard hitting points, one of which was that somebody had put a coloured sign on the coffee and no-one had taken it off or stood up for her or even used her coffee, and one of which were that there were no coloured bathrooms in literally half of NASA and none of the white people had noticed. Also, the difference between black WOMEN’s and white WOMEN’s pays was directly targeted (”you don’t pay us enough to buy pearls!”) White characters and white audience members were uncomfortable. Racism, but also the Bystander effect and the ignorance afforded by privilege are called out HARD, with silences and camera shots that force it to hit. There is no Unacceptably Too Racist Bad Guy to unify against; it’s ALL about systematic racism and unintentional racism and the lack of willingness of WHITE people INCLUDING WOMEN to face up to it.

3. Allies are rewarded/thanked/forgiven for actions, not words.  The idea of things being “just the way they are” and “just because that’s how it is, doesn’t make it right” is brought up numerous times but they don’t leave it there. At no point is racism magically solved - not even by the sign-smashing incident. Their colleagues and superiors are still pointedly difficult. They highlight ongoing civil rights issues and violence against black activists, state vs federal differences, and informal inequalities. And the black women don’t accept apologies and platitudes; they only accept action as apologies, eg. “I truly think you [white lady] believe [that you don’t have anything against black people]” vs. said white lady actually using her privilege within the system and getting Dorothy the Supervisor position she deserved

4. White Women are White. Water is wet, but not every portrayal of women will tell you that. I think they walked a really good line with the white women, because while there were a few moments of female solidarity (eg. “She can also speak”) they were always presented as being ‘just as white’ the as the white men. Just as doubtful, just as racist, just as ignorant and/or unwilling to stand up to the system; eg they didn’t invite or let Katherine into the bathroom, they didn’t touch her coffee pot, or do anything especially kind to her until those points when some of the men were also starting to reach out. There were no ‘we’re all women here/in a man’s world’ moments. At no point did the main ladies have to accept or defend anything from, or happening to, the white women, especially not at their own expense. 

(and meanwhile, sexism within the black community and elements of the main characters’ identities as both black and female were also explored)

and of course

5. Black women as heroines. This kind of goes without saying, given the point of the movie, but it’s more than just ‘cool, black female leads’. It’s everything that means. It means the stories of real black women are being told. And not (very) whitewashed. It means black women are bestowed with extremely brilliant intelligence, sense of justice and strength of character as every protagonist must. It means black women are front and centre of their own narratives, exerting agency, portraying developed lives. They have friendships, families (all different), opinions, personalities, beyond the token and independent of, as well as inclusive of, their oppression. Non-black audiences are presented with black women they can an must empathise with, front-and-centre, and in relation to one of the greatest proudest moments of American history. Black women have leadership roles, they make landmarks, and as far as this movie is concerned, they basically save the world. When it all goes down, the entire country is waiting on the word and the work of a black woman. That’s rare af in terms of rep, and it’s a freaking treasure.

#133 - For anonymous x2

Filling the prompts “could you do one with a plus size model?” and “Fic based off of heathrow? The lil "snog her in the kitchen/ dance with her to lemonworld” bit?“

Note: To the plus sized model requester: you may also like #69 - click here. To the Heathrow requester: I hope you’re okay with how I used the song in this fic? Gives it a little more originality than a basic story based word for word on the lyrics, you know? =^.^=

You’d only done print media before; just photographs. When the opportunity came up to audition for a music video, you jumped at it. The casting call write up was vague. They needed a girl aged between twenty and thirty that was comfortable smoking on camera, and looked good in a leather jacket. That was it. There were no specific requirements about hair colour, height, body type, or anything like that.

As you waited for your turn to audition, you sat in a row of other girls. You stood out. You were the only one who wasn’t wearing makeup, and you were the only one who could be considered plus size. Knowing very little about the project, it was hard to determine if those were going to be strengths or limitations. When it was your turn, the butterflies in your stomach settled. The anticipation was what killed you. The actual audition part was easy.

In the room there was a rectangular table. Behind it sat someone introduced as Andy, the director, and another as the label rep. Sitting on the table itself was a guy who presumably was in the band, or was already cast to be in the video. He was in black ripped jeans and a black and white striped shirt. His name was Van and (you had correctly guessed) he was the singer. You shook all their hands and watched for any immediate reaction. Van smiled warmly and as he blinked you noticed the length of his eyelashes. You knew models that would kill for them.

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detailed colour porn tutorial - scenery

This has been a tutorial that people have been asking me to do for quite a while but I simply hadn’t had the time to do. 

I’m doing more of these “colour porn” tutorials since this one will be strictly dedicated to scenery (I was going to do all in one but it’d honestly be way too big)

Here’s a few examples of gifsets in which I’ve used this kind of tutorial xx, xxxx and xx

I’m using photoshop cs5 to make this gifset (you can use other version of photoshop though) and you need a basic knowledge on how to make gifs.

We’re going to go from this

to this

and this

and this

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Snapchat’s From The Club

Joe rolled over in his hotel bed, blinking at the sunlight streaming through his window. His body still thought it was back in the UK, which meant he was exhausted and wanted to go back to sleep, but he knew that he and Caspar had press junkets today before the show in the evening, so getting out of bed would be required.

But wanting to put it off just a little longer, he pulled his phone across the bed towards him, blinking at the amount of snapchat notifications waiting for him to open. Joe scrolled through them quickly, seeing Jack’s, Conor’s, Oli’s, Josh’s, and Y/N’s names multiple times.

Trying to figure out what time it was back home quickly, he unlocked his phone and pulled up the Snapchat up, clicking on one of the multiple snaps sent to him.

The loud sounds of the music from a club carried through his phone’s speaker, and Joe chuckled as he watched Oli get recorded dancing, clearly not realizing it was happening as his arms practically flailed around him.

The rest of the snaps Joe opened were different moments from the night out that the boys, and Y/N, were clearly having. He saved hers for last though, opening them to see her singing along to the music, face pressed up against Jack’s, the coloured lights dancing patterns across their faces. Joe couldn’t help but smile as his eyes studied her face, glad to see that she was having fun. He had been worried the night before when he had called her, sensing sadness in her tone.

It was hard, being so far apart, Joe knew that. And it was why after they had finally hung up, he had texted the boys, asking them to go cheer Y/N up.

And apparently alcohol and the club was their answer for that request.

Although Joe wasn’t worried, he knew that the boys would make sure she was safe and having fun. Of course Joe also wished he was there with her, so he could be the one dancing with Y/N, so he could be the one every guy glared at with envy.

Rubbing his hand down and across his face, he decided to try and call her, hoping that she was home from the club, but still awake.

Staring at his phone as the FaceTime rung, he almost gave up, until suddenly her smiling face appear.

“Hi babe!” She turned to someone beside her. “Shhh, it’s Joe!”

“Joe!” Y/N’s face was suddenly replaced by Jack’s, eyes glassy from all the drinks. “How’re you?! Where are you…we’re at your house. But you aren’t here.”

“He’s in Australia, remember?” Y/N giggled, squeezing in next to Jack so she could see him.

“Hello, love.” Joe smiled at her.

“Not in front of the girlfriend, Joe.” Jack joked.

“He was clearly talking to me!” The phone was stolen once again, and this time Conor appeared on the screen. “And hello to you too.”

“Can I please talk to my girlfriend for more than a second?” Joe sighed, knowing it was hopeless after a night out. He had been with them enough to know how it worked.

“Are we still ordering Nando’s!?” Oli’s voice carried through, and he appeared over Conor’s shoulder. “Joe!” He grinned, when he saw his face. “How the bloody hell are you?”

“I’m good,” Joe chuckled. “But I’d be better if I could talk to Y/N.”

“Sorry, babe.” She said, her face appearing in the screen once again. It was jostled around a little as the boy’s voices faded, and the scene around her changed. “There. Now I can talk to you alone.” She smiled at him as she sat on their bed.

“How was your night, did you have fun?” Joe asked, bringing an arm behind his neck.

“Mhm, thanks for telling the boys to take me out to the club. It was nice to get out of the house.”

“And only another week until we can go together again.”

“I am so excited to see you again!”

“I can’t wait, love.”

The two talked for a while longer, until the drunken boys got bored and impatient and burst through the door, all demanding to talk to Joe as well, piling onto the bed.

“Oh, would you look at that,” Joe smirked. “I have to go. People to see. Meetings to attend.”

“You just don’t want to talk to us.” Jack pouted.

“Yeah, basically, mate.” Joe laughed. “Love you, Y/N.”

“Love you too!” All the boys called out, and Y/N brought the phone closer to her face.

“I love you, too. Have fun at tonight’s show. And call me later.”

“Will do.” Joe replied, and just before he hung up, he heard Oli call out very excitedly.

“Our Nando’s is here!”

Different Worlds (New Year, New Au) (Trixya) – Ellen Thwoorp

Summary- Katya is a misunderstood Goth who everyone thinks eats bats and Skype calls with Satan. In actuality she’s just a bit of a dork with the biggest crush on Trixie, the cheerleader. This is the story of the first time they met and how things never quite go as you expect them to.

A/N: Obligatory High School Au.

This is the first installation of my ‘New Year, New Au Series’. I’m challenging myself with a bunch of random AU oneshots because my usual is long multichapter fics. The more random the Au the more I like it so things might get a bit crazy. Enjoy! (These will likely all be lesbian Au because I find Brian and Brian hard to write but we’ll see.)

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Okay so, concerning my predicted ‘Stay Close to Me’ Viktuuri ending post, I’ve heard some…negative words.

That is, an Anon has challenged me. I’ll admit those kinds of flame asks I’d normally ignore, I don’t want to put unnecessary drama on people’s dash, and I happily deleted it. But afterwards, I thought I’d better address this, not for the Anon’s sake, but for the sake of sharing more info!

I was basically challenged to prove that Viktor and Yuuri would reach a point at the end of the series where they’d want to be together romantically. Sounds obvious, no? The entire show is a testimony of how their relationship grows; every single episode displays more and more of their love.

But the Anon insisted that nothing could be said about current episodes, considering what’s to occur about my theory post will potentially be in the last episode. ‘Actual proof only, no speculation!’ So basically, I was asked to give physical proof that Yuuri and Viktor care enough about each other only in the potential final episode, when that episode in question hasn’t been released yet…


Challenge Accepted.

Let me take this in a different direction for a bit and talk about skate guards. They’re the covers that fit over the skate blades. When they’re off the ice, skaters always have these on, for safety and to avoid damaging their blades.

The ones I’ve seen in Yuri!! On Ice so far have been dual-coloured. For example, Minami’s are yellow and brown, Yurio’s are purple and black.

And Yuuri’s are red and white.

What else is red and white?

Why the Japanese flag! It’s no coincidence that Yuuri’s skate guards are his country’s colour.

Now moving on to the actual skating shoes. I think almost all the skaters we’ve seen have standard silver coloured blades. All except for Viktor. His ice skating shoes have slightly golden blades.

In the opening credits, this is highlighted by having his blades painted in a hard yellow colour.

But if you’ll observe this screenshot of his blades next to Yuuri’s, you can see the difference in colour.

What you can also see here is that although Viktor’s skates look sleek, full-coloured and polished, Yuuri’s look scuffed, well-worn and faded. It says a lot about them as people certainly, but also financially (we’ve seen that Viktor is used to flying first class). Viktor definitely practices as much as Yuuri, but if his skates get old, he’ll probably buy newer, better ones. Simply because he can afford to, but also as it fits with his personality, a relaxed ‘why not get new ones?’. Also, I imagine Viktor would care for his skates’ outward appearance.

This shot above of Yuuri’s (and Viktor’s) skates is from episode 2.

But here in episode 5, many months later when he does his free skate in the ‘Chugoku, Shikoku, and Kyushu Championship’, he’s still got his scuffed little skates. Yuuri hasn’t thought to get a new pair. He’s probably the kind of person who’d think ‘if it’s not broken don’t fix it’. I imagine he also cares less about how the shoes look, compared to Viktor who is quite immaculate with his outward persona (dat suit).

Now as I’ve spoken of in my other post, I predict Viktor skating ‘Stay Close to Me’ for Yuuri in the final episode to express his feelings, and a stronger Yuuri joining in, the song becoming a duet, a confession and acceptance.

I’ve drawn evidence from the opening scene of the first ep of YOI where Viktor skates in what we’ve all but confirmed to be Onsen on Ice.

A trailer (or PV) will show snippets of scenes that occur within a series to be released. You don’t know where that scene will belong (beginning, middle, end?) until you’ve watched the actual episodes. But it’s highly unlikely that animators will create a scene for a trailer that won’t be shown in the actual series. We’ve already seen most parts of the Yuri!! On Ice trailer within the actual series so far.

But some parts that we haven’t seen yet are scenes that look remarkably similar to the opening sequence of episode 1, where I imagine Viktor skates in the intimate skating ring for Yuuri.

It seems that those parts of the trailer will belong to that scenario. The clothes Viktor wears, the skating routine, the location and lighting; it’s all the same.

So I invite you to look at this section of the trailer:

The location– as can be judged by the window– is Onsen on Ice, and the lighting looks similar to the intimate skating scenario earlier described.

I feel like this scene would be the ‘right-before’ we get the ‘Stay Close to Me’ skate. Yuuri’s jacket is still on (so he’d take that off), and he’s eagerly lacing up his skates, looking towards something (someone) in the rink with a very pleased expression. It certainly looks like the direct lead-up to what I believe will be the ‘Stay Close to Me’ duet.

But I want to focus here on Yuuri’s skates.

By the look of them, they are still the scuffed ones he’s been wearing for who knows how long. He hasn’t changed them. But he has changed one thing, and that is the skate guards.

Instead of his white and red ones for Japan, they’re now blue and red. If you look at the other shots further up of him tying his laces, it’s a very clear and obvious change. Yuuri who hasn’t bothered getting new skates, went out of his way to get new guards?

And they’re red and blue…with his silver blades, that’s like red, blue and silver. What do these colours remind you of?

The Russian flag no?

In the opening, as Viktor skates and jumps, it passes very briefly, but we’re shown the Russian flag on the back of his skates. So Viktor is also one who ‘wears’ his country (though not explicitly so far). Animators don’t add minute details for no reason.

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that by this point (the end of the series going by the snippet in the trailer) Yuuri is wearing a bit of Viktor. If we can take this scene to belong to that final episode, though it hasn’t been released yet, then we can see evidence, physical evidence, of Yuuri going out of his way to be more a part of Viktor.

It’s one thing to wear someone’s costume when you were in need of one anyways. It’s another thing entirely to wear their country. Yet another thing to replace a piece of yours with a piece of theirs.

Sunset tutorial

First step, planning, if I don’t draw out some lines for the basic elements of the scene, my painting gets messy really quickly. so grab your highest H pencil, (a 3-6 should work), and sketch out some of the bigger clouds you want, get and idea for the layout of your sky, where will the sun be? what will be the darkest area in your sky. 

Next plan a basic sketch of whatever is below your sky, mountains, cityscape, trees, whatever. Here’s my first big tip, if you don’t have Windsors & Newton masking fluid, go and get some. This will keep your foreground clean while you paint the sky, I use lightly tinted non permanent fluid, which shows up yellow on the page, and you peel off when its dry. This stuff is a miracle, seriously.

Now we’re going to start painting. Start in the brightest areas, thin down yellow paint and add a layer where we want our sun rays to hit. Give paint a moment to dry, then relayer. If you feel your sunlight needs to be brighter, thicken the yellow a little and blend it outwards. 

Our next step is to start mixing in orange. water down the orange and mix it with some yellow. Start dragging strokes outwards form the yellow, pulling the colour and mixing more evenly. Gradually darken the paint, and continue to drag from the light areas. Once we have the yellow to orange gradient laid down, wait for it to dry and was can start adding clouds. 

Take a darker shade of orange and start designing your clouds. I typically use a round brush for this, but you might like to use a softer bristled brush,  to create soft edges. I have two methods for this, you can see on the bottom the clouds are very solid, they have a defined shape. For this I simply pull colour from the orange out into the yellow into the shape I desire. For the clouds on the top, I start by taking a wet paint free brush and lightening some of the edges of the sky around where the clouds will be. Then I dab orange on the page and let the water mix and swirl the paint. You can then add a darker layer of paint on top of the cloud to give it shape.

Now we’re going to start adding the basic sky colours, for this example I will be using pinks and lavenders. Now I always had a hard time making nice, bright pinks with watercolours because of my hesitancy to use white. What I’ve found as a replacement is to mix a bright red and peach colour together, that gives it the hot pink look without the dullness of the white. To make a nice lavender, simply mix purple into the pink colour. 

This step is fairly simple, lay down the pinks in areas of the sky receiving medium light. Although I will be darkening this scene up quite a lot, It’s always good to start light and work dark. You can work with gradients here too. As pink is a lighter colour than lavender, place pink closer to the light areas and blend outwards into lavender.

Now we’re really going to start shaping our sky. we’re going to continue our gradient of pink to lavender, and fade it into a deeper purple. The farther up the sky you go, the more blue tones you can add in. Again, start light, we can darken and add more depth later, but for mow just lay out the base colours. 

I’ve also started to add more depth to the centre cloud formation. Finding the right balance between too blended and too sharp can be tricky, but it’s best to blend heavily on the bottom layers so we can add darker contrast above. What I do to create the shape, Is I take a stiffer brush, maybe a point or an oval, and I draw a bubbly, fluffy shape. Then I we the inner edges and blend into the cloud. Try to keep your cloud edges from touching the edges of your sky, but if this happens simply wet your brush and blend outward, don’t worry we will define clouds more heavily in the next step.

So for this piece I decided to create dark clouds over top of a light sunset, I am quite fond of dynamic contrast but you don’t have to make your sunset as dark as this one. 

You can see I’ve started defining the inner shapes of the cloud. I started by adding a darker layer on top of the outer most edges of the clouds, and creating increasingly darker layers. The darker my strokes, the less I blended and the more defined my cloud shape became. I did this with all my clouds, the pinks becoming dark reds and purples. All strokes follow the general shape of the cloud outline.

The sky above has also been darkened, a combination of pure purple and navy blue will serve as a nice dark sky colour, lightly blend in black starting from the corners of the page. You dont want the black absorbing your whole image. 

Finally, peel off the mask, and paint your foreground. I did a super simple silhouette but added some depth by lightly colouring the mountains giving them a very basic shape. For the stars I mixed a little bit of white acrylic in with my white watercolour because I feel that acrylics show up better on black. I used a toothpick to dot on some stars, but using a white ink pen would also work well

Ok, well I hope this was what you were looking for and I hope it makes sense, and other specific question feel free to ask. I’m kinda terrible at teaching, but hopefully this gave you some ideas. auburn-trees

anonymous asked:

could you share your thoughts about the ladies costumes on got? like whose costumes you liked and when, which ones you didn't etc?

Ah, sure! Be warned—naturally I have a lot of thoughts.

I think the GoT costumes are stunning. In fact, the production design has always been one of my main reasons for watching. Most designers only dream of having that kind of budget and that many talented people in the costume department (including a full-time embroiderer like Michele Carragher). So the product is bound to be pretty great. I preferred Michele Clapton as designer, and the overall concept really remains hers. Clapton left after Season 5 and was replaced by April Ferry.

Specific Thoughts

As I’ve mentioned before, I believe the costumes were strongest in Seasons 1 and 2, before the budget exploded. Sure, the extra resources help secure the best fabrics and quality garment construction/detailing, but I liked a lot of the simpler (messier?) designs. i.e. what we saw with Robert’s visit to Winterfell, in the very beginning. I found the earlier hair and makeup much better too, though Cersei’s stuff was a little wild (I’ll make a few comments on wigs/makeup/styling as well, though note that these form separate departments in TV production).

high collars and layers r’hllor bless

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Oxymoron(ic) (2/4)

Summary: “Hey I have to photograph someone for class will you be my model?”
((In which Dan hates contrast and Phil is a walking oxymoron))

Genre:  fluff and traces of angst (probably who knows these days)

Warning: swearing and some mentions of self hatred/self criticizing

Words: 4k

A/N: Chapter2 HON HON HON what the fuck am I doing with my life im writing 2 gaymena nd eating chocolate rasins I wasnt rAISED THIS WAY. SHOUT OUT 2 hcwell FOR LISTENING 2 ME COMPLAIN UR SUCH A DARLING  I OWE U MY EVERYTHING LOTS OF LOVE AND KISSES 2 U


Danblew into his steaming coffee trying to cool the dark beverage as hewrapped his hands around the delicate warming cardboard, trying toresist the urge to sacrifice his taste buds for the buzz of caffeinehe so desperately needed at this time in the morning. Despite the very late notice of a text from an unknown number signed off as ‘Jacxk Hwoard’ at 2:13am, Dan had done what was asked of him and arrived at the school grounds no later than 7am to shoot some practice shots for PJ and Jack. He had to persuade his Mum to give him a lift- claiming it was very important for his photography coursework- and his ever sweet mother had agreed, frowning the entire drive and almost crashing into a telephone box when a cat darted across the road.

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A/N: just sort of an imagine that came to my head and I had to type it out… I hope it’s okay and not total crap.

Basically you’re a fellow YouTuber & you’re filming a video with Caspar that ends up with some Joe kisses.

“Christ! Caspar I’m going to freeze to death!” You exclaimed watching as Joe and he poured bags of ice into the bath, the lights and cameras set up round the small space.

“No you won’t, just - shut up.” Caspar lost his words as he put the empty ice bag into the bin and grinned a pearly white smile at you.

You stood in your black bikini with a white towel wrapped around your shoulders, your hair was up in a messy bun. “My nipples are hard just looking at it.” You murmured lowly and Joe turned his head quickly giving you a slight evil grin.

“Can I feel?” He asked wiggling his eyebrows and Caspar scoffed. You had been friends with these two & the others for a little bit over a year now and finally spent more of your time with them since you moved from (place) to London.

Yours cheeks flushed looking to the towel covered tile floor, “Wh-no! Shut up!” You finally managed feeling like Caspar having trouble with your words.

You always had some feelings for Joe but you were too nervous and on edge to bring them up with him, thinking it might ruin the friendship.

“Alright guys seriously…” Caspar said, he was holding his vlogging camera up to his face; “hi guys this is behind the scenes of the new Brain Freeze video! Y/N is staring in it today! We’ve never had a girl before so… This’ll be fun!” He squinted while he smiled before turning the camera at you. “Are you nervous?” He asked you and you stared at the camera.

“No, not nervous at all to plunge myself into ice cold water!” You tried to sound sarcastic but gave Caspar and evil look over the camera.

Panning the camera back to himself Caspar tried looking serious. He whispered; “I think she’s kidding.” He turned his camera off and clapped his hands…

You looked down at the icy bath, standing on the edge of the tub, you felt goose bumps forming up your arms and legs, your heart fluttered with nervousness.

“Rolling.” Joe said looking from a view finder to you, he flashed you a warm smile but you swore you could see a bit of nervousness in his eyes for you.

“Alright,” Caspar introduced himself in his camera and finally looked at you, you nervously shook as you brought your feet down to the cold water.

“Ahh!!” You squealed feeling your muscles tense up as your body sunk into the ice. “HURRY UP!” You yelled at Caspar who seemed to hesitate on purpose with the questions. “it’s freezing! No seriously!” You started to chatter.

With questions coming at you, you got four wrong before as Caspar posed the fifth you practically screamed the answer at the top of your lungs and flung yourself from the water as quickly as possible.

“oh my God, oh my God, oh Christ.” You jumped from one frozen foot to the next, wrapping your towel around yourself shaking.

“The foil! The foil!” Caspar exclaimed pointing at the roll, Joe grabbed it and started wrapping it around your shoulders and body as you shook in cold.

“Fuck, fuck!” You couldn’t think of any other words in the moment, the foil doing absolutely nothing to help. “You’re fine, you’re okay!” Joe tried to keep telling you.

“I’m so cold!” You wobbled off in the tin foil clothes to Caspars room, flipping down on the bed you tried rolling into his covers.

“Awh you’re making my bed wet.” Caspar looked over you, but laughed at the same time, he pulled his covered around you as you lay your head on his pillow.

“Hold on I need to get the camera to film the ending,” he disappeared into the hallway.

“Never again!” You hissed to yourself. “I’ll never be warm again!” You exclaimed dramatically feeling the weight on the bed shift and you looked over…

“Bit dramatic aren’t you?” Joe laughed, running his fingers through his hair. “You don’t understand how cold I am!” You said to him seriously unamused he was laughing at your suffering.

“Sure do! I’ve done it remember? You laughed your ass off when you seen the video, I would know we were skyping remember?” Joe reminded and your facial expression dropped.

“Oh yeah.” You admitted becoming still before your teeth started chattering again warming up a bit but you still felt absolutely frozen.

You kept looking up at Joe with your (colour) eyes blinking rapidly, as he stared down at you.

“What if I blow on you?” He laughed and lent close to your face blowing his breath on you. “Not helping! Your breath stinks!” You exclaimed lying closing your eyes and turning your head away a bit.

With your eyes closed you shivered before you tensed and froze. You felt lips touching yours before pulling away and your eyes open wide.

Seeing Joe looking nervous and cautious. “I… Did you just kiss me?” You stammered.

“Yeah… I … Uhm… I did. Sorry.” Joe admitted looking away from you now and you felt the cold feeling across your body slowly fading away.

“No, I … I really enjoyed it.” You felt like you were blushing but you didn’t know how exactly that was possible being so chilly.

“So, would be alright if I did it again?” Joe asked you and you smiled, “it would,” you nodded and closed your eyes as your lips met with his.

His warm lips against your cold ones felt amazing. You shifted one of your covered arms from the foil and blankets to carefully move up touching the side of his face.

“Finally!” Caspar exclaimed breaking you apart quickly both looking in the direction his voice came from. “Caspar!” You said darkly seeing the camera in his hand.

“You’ve gotta cut that out!” Joe sounded serious.

“No way! This is going to get me so many views!” He squealed in delight, looking to Joe he looked at you and finally he looked back at Caspar.

The girlish look of delight slowly faded and became serious as Joe got up from the bed - advancing toward him.

“NO! No! N-n-n-no!” Caspar bolted as Joe started off behind him and they disappeared from view.

You couldn’t help but laugh before grinning to yourself as you curled over in the blankets…

The Mutant Problem

I know this strictly speaking isn’t Spider-Man related but I wanted to touch on it nevertheless…

See over the years a common criticism of the X-Men franchise has been how nonsensical it is for the denizens of the Marvel universe to treat mutants (like the X-Men) with prejudice whilst they are fine with other super powered characters such as the Fantastic Four.

Here is my attempt at resolving the issue.

Okay for starters not ALL the super powered beings of the Marvel universe are treated with open arms and not EVERYONE is prejudiced against mutants.

The Hulk and the Thing and even Spider-Man are treated with a certain amount of mistrust if nothing else; often they’re even seen as freaks.

If you think about it when the X-Men debuted in 1963 the Marvel universe was pretty sparsely populated. Spider-Man, the FF, the Avengers (i.e. Antman, Wasp, Hulk, Thor and Iron Man) and a few other characters were essentially it.

 Now the Hulk, the Thing and Spider-Man WERE treated with a certain amount of mistrust and fear, but many of the other characters were not (at least not to my knowledge).

Most of them though were either characters who didn’t have powers (like Iron Man), used some form of science to give them their powers (Ant Man) or had powers innate to them being something from beyond this Earth (i.e. Thor who is a literal God).

And apart from guys like that the FF and the Avengers frankly had really good public relations. The FF were the first super humans to really make the scene in ‘modern day’ Marvel New York and they built themselves up as celebrities. In fact in Mark Waid’s run on Fantastic Four in the 2000s he even has Reed Richards admit that he purposefully built the FF up as celebs in order to avoid them being treated as freaks. From the sheer novelty alone the FF would’ve been more accepted by the general public, to say nothing of the scientific contributions or thier public displays of heroism over the years.

The Avengers were also an ‘official’ essentially government approved super hero team, which in the minds of the masses legitimised them and kind of conveyed the message that:

They are ‘alright’

Plus later on Captain America, the living legend of WWII joined their ranks and I’m sure a lot of people in the Marvel universe adopted the attitude that if they’re good enough for Captain America they’re good enough for them too.

But with the X-Men…they were masked individuals with very obvious super powers (not feats of technology) who came out of nowhere and disappeared just as suddenly. They were the unknown and a lot of people fear that.

Then you have all the mutants not just randomly appearing in public but manifesting entirely randomly and at alarming speeds all across the world, within the very homes of the citizens of the Marvel Universe. The idea that you or your family members (including your children) could just suddenly develop (potentially dangerous and uncontrollable) super powers is an incredibly frightening one.

If this makes any sense it’s kind of the distinction between being okay with super humans being ‘over there’, but not being okay with them being closer to home. This is besides the fear that the human race itself is at an obvious physical disadvantage compared to mutants or that mutants could essentially breed out humanity.

So how and why normal humans might fear mutants (however misguidedly) is not hard to understand.

Equally it is possible that this ‘lack of legitimacy’ that mutants have compared to the Avengers/FF is why so many people accept the latter but not the former. The FF arrived early on enough that they were embraced by the public and are beloved celebrities and the Avengers have government backing. Mutants though have none of these and could run around unchecked. This is probably why so many people were in favour of the various Mutant Registration acts, now that I think about it.

There is however another explanation we could use. 

So…basically people’s problems with the X-Men/Mutants in the Marvel universe is that it makes no sense for people to be prejudiced against them but be okay with non-mutant super heroes. 

That is the gist of people’s objections right? That it makes no sense and isn’t rational? 

Well here is the thing…its prejudice…Prejudice doesn’t   make sense. Prejudice isn’t  rational. 

Forget any political or sentimental beliefs you hold, from a purely logical (and even biological) point of view prejudice towards people of a certain skin colour or sexual orientation makes 0 sense. 

It makes 0 sense and yes has been hypocritical over the centuries. How many stories have we heard about people who are prejudiced still liking a certain black or gay or whatever celebrity or entertainer, or even just someone they know? Many people are/have been racist or homophobic, and yet they make ‘exceptions’ to their prejudice. They don’t like gay people but 

This  guy is alright

 They don’t like Asian people but

 You’re not like those other  ones!

 And this has gone on for literally centuries.

 Just look at European history.

White people in the North and South of England might have fought Civil Wars and displayed prejudice against one another, but they’re united in their racial prejudice against the French or Germans (who’re also white) and most of those predominantly white nations all agreed that, despite their racism to one another, they are all ‘superior’ to any given non-white person from Africa or Asia.

Or heck what about Nazi Germany? This is a period of time where a disturbing amount of people subscribed to the idea of there being a superior race made of tall, muscular, blonde haired and blue eyed Aryan folk. And that was an idea many put forward by their supreme ruler who was…a short, weedy dark haired guy…yeah…

Additionally in some countries where racism was practiced (and I believe still is in parts of the world) your standing as a citizen was measured upon just how dark or light your skin colour was. You could very obviously not be white, but if you were a black person with a comparatively paler complexion you were seen to be ‘better’ than other black people with darker skin tones.

A very sad example of this can actually be found in the biography of the prominent African American leader, Malcolm X.

According to his biography, his mother Louise married his father Earl Little partially because Earl had a very dark complexion, a trait Louise found attractive because she herself was ashamed of her own lighter skin complexion (I think because she was born out of a white man raping her mother, but don’t quote me on that).

Earl actually favoured his son Malcolm more than his other children precisely because Malcolm had the lightest skin complexion of all this children. Earl Little was someone who supported black pride and Pan-Africanism, which demonstrates a certain contradiction in his actions.

How could he have black pride but favour one of his children above the others because   his skin complexion was closer to a white person’s?

Well there are probably multiple explanations, but a pretty big one is that prejudice inherently makes no sense.

And in the case of mutants how hard is it to imagine that certain groups of people who have problems with mutants influence the government or the media and hard sell to the public the idea that ‘mutants are bad’ to the point where that idea takes root and is just commonly accepted general knowledge. Much like the assumption that back in the day Jewish people, or black people or Asian people were ‘inferior’ to white people?

Those ideas didn’t come about just cos you know. I mean many children simply don’t make a big deal about people’s race or skin colour. That’s something that kind of develops due to outside influences as they grow older. Additionally in most respects prejudice doesn’t really exist in the animal kingdom at all. The breed or different colourings of dogs are meaningless to those animals. A bulldog, a Labrador and a Chihuahua don’t distinguish their own breed from one another, they just see one another as fellow canines.

In this way the complaints of fans or people who argue about nonsensical it is for there to be prejudice against mutants but not other super humans is kind of redundant and stupid.

They’re basically asking for prejudice to make sane and rational sense. Except prejudice by its very nature isn’t sane or rational, and it makes no sense whatsoever.

For these reasons the whole prejudice against mutants (as opposed to other super humans) is not really something to get hung up over.

And if nothing else mutants provide a good metaphor for examining the theme of prejudice. This not only provides fertile storytelling opportunities, but also is a genuinely important topic to discuss and understand.

So what I am trying to say guys is cut the X-Men a break guys.

rouxblikon  asked:

Hello- lots of questions... In Broadchurch, Tess wears black in every scene but the one in 2x5 with Daisy. When Miller meets Tess she is in black, but Hardy and Miller both in crisp white, representing good and Tess is in black for- bad? Is she really an antagonist? Considering that Tess has not done anything wrong to Hardy besides the obvious Sandbrook scandal. And why is she in white in the dinner scene with Daisy? Another clue from the colourist - is Tess only ever good to Hardy around Daisy?

But Tess is an antagonist in the strictest sense. In film terminology, an antagonist is defined not as “evil” or a “villain” (though they may certainly be that) - they are a force for change. They generate the conflict that drives the story. The antagonist in Broadchurch, the driving force for change, is of course Joe. But Claire, Ricky and Lee are antagonists too, since they present obstacles and problems of their own to our protagonists.

Tess, too, is an antagonistic transformative force. She turned Hardy’s world upside down. She generates conflict in that she is what separates him from his daughter. She refuses to reopen the Sandbrook case when he asks (because of “personal inconvenience” and to protect her career, ugh) and as his ex-wife, he is hung up on her emotionally.

To reiterate, an antagonist is someone (or something) that forces the protagonist to change. They make the protagonist realise what they need within themselves. Hardy is utterly broken by what Tess did to him, and what he needs is to let this pain go, relinquish the doubts and insecurities it caused, and accept that he deserves love.

So Tess is an antagonist - she is the antagonist against whom Hardy must struggle to achieve emotional growth. She is the antagonist who stands in the way of him having a family. She bars him from being able to engage in a healthy relationship with someone else, since he still desires the family he had with her, and accidentally calls her “love.”

If Hardy does overcome this antagonist by working through his issues, the outcome will be: he’s no longer in love with Tess; he will no longer struggle with trust issues or self-esteem; he will be in a position to enter into a new relationship.

A relationship with whom?

His true love, Ellie Miller.

In S1, Ellie replaced Tess as his DS, and her friendship allowed him to get over the trust issues Tess had engendered in him. In S2, Ellie’s assistance in solving Sandbrook, and the way he was able to tell her all his emotional troubles (finding Pippa, her being the same age as Daisy, etc) meant that Ellie gave him the support he needed from Tess in that crucial moment, when she let him down in every way. Ellie is a rock for Hardy, and all the support he sought from Tess, he receives from Ellie.

Ellie and Tess are deliberately compared and contrasted. They are cast to look similar - same age, same build, same brown hair. Both worked as Hardy’s DS. Ellie basically fills the space Tess used to occupy in Hardy’s life, both at work and in his home. But personality-wise, Ellie and Tess are exhibited as exact opposites. A workmate propositioned Ellie - she refused. A workmate propositioned Tess - she had an affair. Tess kept secrets from Hardy; Ellie says “there are no secrets between him and me.” Tess is selfish, Ellie selfless. It goes on.

This is reflected in the camerawork too. You’re right to pick up on Tess in black v. Ellie in white.

They’re basically opposing mirror images of each other. Hardy, meanwhile, is in white to match Miller.

The scene with Daisy, I think she’s in light blue, and she’s literally let her hair down to show that she’s in a relaxed, informal setting. In terms of colour, blue is always more significant. Blue stands for bluebells, the blue ocean, Joe’s blue coat; it stands for the murders. It stains everyone in the town, from Ellie to Beth and others; it absolutely permeates Hardy’s life.

This is the scene after Hardy wakes up, after vividly hallucinating about all the people who are metaphorically drowning him:

Blue and dark shades surrounding Hardy; green and white and brightness for Miller. She is the focal point of this shot, and is a literal bright spot. Notice the placement of the hands, done deliberately so it looks like they’re touching, Ellie gripping the bed frame as hard as she can, like she’s holding his hand by proxy. (This is a beautifully composed shot ok I love it.)

aaaand cue Tess.

She gets nothing but blue curtains around her. True, this whole scene is done in cool colours, and Tess gets to wear red - but the placement of those curtains - almost like water - is deliberate. She is one of the people who is drowning him.

tl;dr There is always a dissonance between what the protagonist wants and what the protagonist actually needs. The purpose of the antagonist is to expose that dissonance, make the protagonist realise what it is they truly need, and push them to make positive change within themselves. Hardy wants his old family back. He says as much to Tess. But what he needs is to let Tess go, and let the past go. She’s toxic and abusive, and he needs to move on. And, of course, he needs Miller. In his own words: “I need Miller.” Tess is the antagonist who will force him to realise this. She is the antagonist who stands in the way of the family he craves and the loving partner he desires and the daughter he adores, and he must overcome her if he is ever to achieve happiness.

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I can't remember if you've answered this before but I was wondering if you could talk about your storyboard/thumbnail process?

sure! i don’t know what i could say that’s particularly unique re: my own methods, but i’ll do my best. i’m also not sure if you’re using the terms interchangeably or as separate processes, so! i’ll mention both.

(this post is image heavy)

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osamusdazai  asked:


Hi and thanks you for the interest! I tried to make a list of the details/facts I found the most relevant; some of these I may have mentioned before, but perhaps bear repeating. Since you’re all probably sick of hearing me rant about Room 25, this might as well be the last post I make about the subject. (I can reply in private if there’s anything additional you want to know, though!)

To preface: you can find previous real life pictures from Room 25 here. I rewatched this scene to take screencaps and felt like my brain was being wrinkled. Did I really go there? Did I enter a twilight zone? Nobody knows. To have your brain wrinkled as well, you can check out the short video tour I made of the room so the similarities really hit you.

  • As you might know, this is not actually the entrance to the hotel. As it says on the sign, Push is the bar that’s connected to the Russell Hotel, and the entrance to the hotel is higher up the street to the left. However, if they were to have breakfast, this is where they’d eat it. (We went to have drinks at the bar the night I booked the room, and they’re pretty nice. Maybe when these idiots are of age they’ll come back and have some too, haha.)
  • I noticed a couple of people commenting that ep 12 must have been a blessing for the hotel in terms of tourism. This is a nice idea, but in all honesty the hotel probably only benefited from ep 12 in terms of curiosity – it’s a lot fancier than the show lets on, and on a location very close to Circular Quay (i.e. a tourist spot). The clientele is mostly middle-aged businessmen or wealthy tourists, so any swimming tourists are just an added bonus.
  • To go with the above, it is obviously pretty unrealistic that Rin and Haru would have stayed at this kind of hotel in the first place. The city is filled with hostels for backpackers, so I guess KyoAni went for aesthetic rather than realism here. On the other hand, the location IS ideal for everything the two of them did outside the Olympic Park – the Harbor Bridge and Milsons point are close by, so in that regard I can imagine Rin opting for location. Whatever, fiction can afford to take some financial liberties.
  • This is all accurate, and they use the phone on the right to call up reception when someone isn’t there. Fun fact: the piece of furniture to the left? There’s a heater/boiler kind of thing inside, and it’s where they keep the scent bottle that makes the hallways smell nice. I know because I had to ask – the wonderful receptionist lady opened it to show me, and apparently the bottle is some kind of Winter blend that probably has cloves or something in it. The hallways basically smell like you’re walking inside a cinnamon bun. Mmmm
  • As you might know, there’s currently no keychain for Room 25. The guy receptionist said there was such a demand for them online that they’re getting it replicated, and that he’ll place them online (on ebay) for a set price so that anyone interested can have one. He asked me to leave my email so I’d get notified when they were done, and there’s other people he’s been in contact with so eventually you should be able to buy it as a souvenir!

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With the third WicDiv trade landing through my letterbox this weekend, I thought it was probably finally time to polish off my look back over the Commercial Suicide arc. So, with no further bitching about the hard-drive crash which wiped out v1 of this piece, here it is:

Looking at Commercial Suicide as a whole, there are plenty of interesting things to talk about. The widening of the series’ scope, similar to what Gillen & McKelvie did for Phonogram with The Singles Club; the way the motif of dead parents increasingly rises to the surface; that incredibly pointed title… But I want to look at something very specific, and weird, about the arc.

The six issues switch artists as they jump between subjects, each instalment focusing on a single character. In comics, this tends to communicate that we’re going to jump into the head of a previously undeveloped character (look at Vertigo titles with nearly-rhyming titles like Sandman or Y: The Last Man or Transmetropolitan) but, for the most part, Commercial Suicide actually keeps us at arm’s length from the nominal star of the issue.

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xlady-saya  asked:

It's not part of the meme but mehh do you have any other sarumi headcanons? ^^ idk I really like ur other ones...*_* so awesome <3

Hey! I’m glad you like my other headcannons XD! Thank you!

Not sure what kind of headcannons you like so I will put down a few fluffs and angsts and NSFW etc.


  • Saruhiko doesn’t really know how to do houseworks properly. I mean he knows the basics when he lived in the S4 dorm by himself and sure because of his damn parents. However one time when he did the washings because Misaki got called in for work, he put both white and colours together and bought front-loader washing powder for their top loader washing machine and forgot to turn on the hot water supply. When Misaki came home and took out the washings it was a disaster with red-stains on Saruhiko’s white work shirts (from his Homra T-shirt) and black fur balls everywhere from Saruhiko’s furry jacket (which is supposed to be handwashed/dry cleaned). At the end Misaki had to redo the whole thing again and Saruhiko was just secretly watching him around the corner LOL …
  • Saruhiko’s PDA alarm setting: 6:00am for work
    Misaki’s PDA alarm setting: 6:00am, 6:05am, 6:15am, 6:30am, etcetcetc for work.
    Saruhiko mostly wakes up 5 minutes before the alarm rings or just wakes up when it rings. But Misaki usually puts it on ultimate snooze and Saruhiko gets super annoyed by those alarms and he will forcefully wake Misaki up (with kisses and tickles and pinching and harassing you-know-where-XD) after he gets ready.
  • Both of them are really weak with alcohol, but Misaki pretends he’s fine. Misaki is a loud drunk fiery ball like he won’t stop shouting/talking/laughing/moving his body around and it gets a bit stupid sometimes. Saruhiko is quiet usually when he’s a bit drunk he will just fall asleep. Therefore whenever there is workplace dinner/Homra party etc Saruhiko will secretly swap his soda with Misaki’s “adult soda” so Misaki won’t get drunk. When Saruhiko eventually gets drunk Misaki will have to take him home (and then Saruhiko can cling onto Misaki whole night XD)
  • “Fuck you asshole” “Shut your face virgin” are probably how they say “I love you” “I miss you” because tsundere dorks never learn.
  • Saruhiko is not a dessert person. But every two days after work he will buy crepes/donuts/puddings home as an after-dinner treat for thank Misaki for all the hard work but pretend that “they’re on special”.
  • Misaki loves Saruhiko’s fluffy sweaters etc. When Saruhiko’s not home he will put them on while snuggling on the coach watching TV/play games. Saruhiko knows about it tho because it will smell like Misaki.
  • They put each other as “emergency contact” and “first of kin” but never tell each other. Saruhiko secretly bought insurance for Misaki and put his family as the kin so just in case anything happened to them Misaki’s family at least be looked after.
  • Saruhiko brings his lunchbox to work everyday and the alphabet boys will get super jealous on how good the lunchbox tastes. One time Domyouji asked if he could taste the veggies since Saruhiko doesn’t like veggies anyway but Saruhiko replied with a tongue click “Tsk. That’s my food.” and ate his veggies (because MISAKI COOKED FOR HIM EVEN HE HAS TO SUFFER LOL).
  • Sometimes when they can’t sleep at night they go to 24hr game centre to play a few games like the past and buy ice blocks on their way back. Then Misaki starts talking about their middle school and Saruhiko will tease him for not growing since then XD.


  • Saruhiko still feels guilty when he sees the scar on Misaki’s arm because he threw a dagger at Misaki and stop it from healing with the red aura.
  • Misaki hates Saruhiko’s hair style. Whenever Saruhiko gets home he’d ask him to go to shower. His new hair style reminds him of asshole Niki, and how Saruhiko behaves like Niki when they were fighting. He doesn’t want Saruhiko to live under his shadow. He prefers Saruhiko’s hair down so Misaki remembers him as the middle-school Saruhiko, his best friend.
  • Saruhiko is not a deep sleeper. He is still afraid of dreaming. He avoids having dreams because most of time he recalls the scene in the dark alley, and also Misaki walking away from him.
  • Misaki has never deleted the message app. He reads the chat history from time to time (more often when they were in the “break up period”). 
  • After they move in together, in the beginning Misaki gets annoyed at Saruhiko never locks the door properly. However he doesn’t know that Saruhiko never locks his door since after they broke up and moved to S4 dorm. He was back to his childhood self. Because there is nothing important in his dorm room anymore. Saruhiko is still getting used to it after they move back in together.

NSFW (Under the cut): *Warning: I’m a TOP!Saru shipper so no R18-Misaru here*

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