this scene was so hard to color i just


I think this is what happened behind the scene. I love how they became get along at the end. they’re perfect as brothers imo.

The first cover has gold colored title and the second is silver. Then the third might be bronze.

So looks like it will be kind like dance partner. I wish they make Yuuri dance with other characters too. That would be rad and maybe awkward but it would be awesome and looks fair because they also need appreciation right
lowkey wants to see Otabek in the CD’s cover


Nothing’s changed. You’ve always been okay on your own. But sometimes, even I… Even I…


So these are just the sketches for the time being but this is a short comic/redraw with Klance of the scene where Finn and Flame Princess hug! I’m posting it like this juuuust in case I don’t get off my ass and get around to finishing it (color and all!)

Five more pages under the cut!

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for @supercavanatic i promised i would gif this for her (Alisha the wink is in the 7th gif)


‘‘I don’t think you’re going to last ten minutes in this tournament. He disagrees. He thinks you won’t last five…’’

– ‘’I don’t give a damn what your father thinks, Malfoy. He’s vile and cruel. And you’re just pathetic.’’


One Punch Man || EP 6

They continue. 

  • “The Cyborg Prince”
  • “Behind the steely exterior, I feel his fragile self.”
  • “Among the top five handsomest heroes.”

Enough already!


aqua’s story - enchanted dominion

“But remember one thing–as long as there is light, there will be darkness.”