this scene was so dark you have no idea


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“You’re mine to own” for possesive starters? Robbie Or Peter But I do like a possesive pan… *COUGH*smut*COUGH* Whoops srry I think I’m getting a bit of a cold… ;) k thx love ur blog


Warning/s: smut (loool)


Summary: he gets jealous

Character: Peter Pan

note: thx anon!

After Henry accidentally gave Devin a scar, Y/N immediately got an aid kit to clean the lost boy’s scar. She made him sit on a log while she cleans the wound. Devin watches Y/N as she dabs cotton on his cheek.

Peter, who was across the camp, is scowling at the scene in front of him. He didn’t like the idea of Y/N touching anyone except him. Y/N, who was oblivious to Devin having a crush on her, kissed the wound like she would with other lost boys.

Pan came stomping towards them with a deadly scowl. He grabbed Y/N’s wrist and simply said “Come with me”. He dragged her to his hut, locking the door and casting a spell so no one will be able to enter or leave the hut without his permission.

“What’s wrong?” Y/N asked. Pan looked at her with dark eyes.

“You touching that boy is what’s wrong.” He growled.

Y/N’s eyes widened but then turned into a frown.

“He was injured!” she exclaimed.

“I don’t care! I own you! You’re mine to own!” He yelled and pushed Y/N against the wall.

“And I’m going to show you who you belong to” Peter whispered, his eyes filled with lust. He then began kissing Y/N with so much force. Y/N tried to push him off which only angered him. He pulled away and snapped his fingers.

Y/N looked down to see that she was completely bare. Peter watched her with lustful eyes and then grabbed her wrists, pinning it above her head.

When he tried kissing her, she turned her head. Peter chuckled and kissed her neck instead, sucking on it gently. Y/N tried to hide her moans but failed. Peter smirked against her neck and used one hand to cup her left breast.

Y/N wasn’t able to hold it anymore and moaned. “Peter”

Peter pulled away, smirking contently.

Y/N scowled at Peter.

“Fuck y-“ she was cut off when Peter cupped her dripping core.

“Already wet for me?” he teased.

“Is it really because of you?” Y/N teased but Peter didn’t think it was funny. He cupped her core harder; making her knees buckle but Peter pushed her shoulders to the wall.

“Let’s see who really makes you wet” and with that, Peter sucked harder  on her neck while his fingers plunged themselves in her.

“Peter!” she moaned loudly.

“See? Only me can make you feel this way.” He smirked as he curled his fingers, hitting her in the right places.

“Yes, yes. Oh god” Y/N yelled as she felt her stomach flutter.

“I think I-” Y/N didn’t finished her sentence when Peter started thrusting his fingers in a fast phase making Y/N reach her edge and come all over his fingers.

He pulled his fingers out and licked them. He smirked,

“Now let’s see how much longer you can take me”


“Anemonia Nightclub (lol!!)
Jokes aside, I watched the single player trailer for Splatoon2 and I just wondered how that scene would have been like if the game had a bit of an older audience target and more emphasis on cinematic somehow.

I might or might not explore that idea further; but it’s fun to imagine things like that as a storyboard artist :))”

I realized that at some point I had gotten tunnel vision and my eyes had gotten used to the dark; so the previous versions that had color were actually way too dark and I didn’t realize it x_x

So, thank you all again for your indulgence with my trial and error process. Have an agent 4 doodle as bonus too.

Splatoon (2) © Nintendo

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Would you like to give me some idea for a simple and cute Darkstache scene? I will probably draw it on my free time in school ...Or if you want to it doesn't really have to be innocent (•>• 🌸) i need to practice some blood things if you know what i mean. Anyway, what u want? -M

like, fluffy kind of stuff? because i got tons of ideas, my friend. here are just a few for the sake.

  • them hugging will always be important to me.
  • them dressing each other for the morning, like dark’s in the process of getting his suit on but pauses so he can tie wilford’s bowtie properly.
  • kisses on the cheek. dark hiding his blushing face with his hand and pushing wilford’s face away so wilford won’t kiss him again.
  • wilford ruffling dark’s hair.
  • dark relaxing in the pool and then wilford runs up and yells “bully!” before he jumps in and gets dark soaked.
  • wilford falling asleep on the couch and dark places his suit jacket on him for a blanket.
  • them reaching their hands out for each other ahh
  • forEHEAD touch with wilford laughing and dark just looking him over with a soft smile
  • wilford trying to convince dark to wear a dress because celine loves them
  • uhhh just them being happy together i am so sold for 
Liar Liar (pt. 1)

Pairing: Bill Skarsgård x Reader

Request: a fic where the reader is like 16/17 but lies to get casted in a movie and everyone thinks shes 18/older and bill falls for her? But he doesnt know. And like she acts very cold towards him but he finds her upset and she spills and he says he still loves her and its super cute?

WARNINGS: underage drinking

Word Count: 1.4k

sorry ahead of time for any spelling/grammar mistakes

You were never supposed to actually get the part. With only a few commercials under your belt, who the hell would have thought you would land a role in a major film? You certainly didn’t. You only went to the audition because your best friend convinced you to. For the exposure, she said. So you lied and said you were 21 instead of 17, went to the audition, and actually got the part. 

You were so excited to hear that you had been casted that you didn’t realize the weight of the situation until after you hang up the phone. Immediately, you dialed your best friend. This was all her doing, anyways.

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Airport Reunions-Shawn Mendes x Reader

Title: Airport Reunions 

Word count: 525

Pairing: Shawn Mendes X Reader 

Warnings: Uhm, kissing? Airports? Someone throwing their bag on the floor?

A/N: I will come back and edit this, but I wanted to post it before I got second thoughts. And I’m doing this on my phone, so I have a few more restrictions, but imma fix it when I come back home to my laptop! 

Okay, I’ve fixed it a little. Thank you to the people who have already liked/reblogged this, you have no idea how much I appreciate it! 



Noise went in one ear and out the other as you scrolled down on Twitter. The scene of families reuniting and couples running into each others arms made you miss him more, so you kept your eyes trained on the screen. 

‘Soon’ you said to yourself in your head. 

You had promised your best friend Shawn, to meet him when he came back from tour. It had been long months without him. Your personal sun in the dark box called life. 

The thing was, you had come a bit too early, so now you had been standing where you were supposed to meet for an hour. His flight wouldn’t land for another ten minutes. 



You looked up to see a boy coming out from where he had landed. He ran to a girl with blonde hair and wrapped his arms around her, spinning her around in the air. Her giggles seemed to fill the whole room. And then they kissed, and you looked away. 

Shawn wasn’t your boyfriend, but you loved him anyway. Right before he left, you’d had fight. It was stupid, about Shawn’s new friend Olivia. It was honestly the most stupid thing you’d ever argued about before, because you knew it wasn’t anything to argue about. It was the big, green monster inside you rearing its ugly head. You had made up the day after. Not a shocker there, you had never been mad at each other for longer than a day. 

You looked up again as a new wave of people came out from the entrance. And there he stood in all his glory. He stopped as you made eye contact, making a few angry people bump into him, but he didn’t stop staring at you. Then he started taking long strides towards you. He threw the little backpack he had hanging on one shoulder down on the ground. His manager picked it up, but you didn’t care. All you could think about was your best friend almost running to you with a determined look on his face. You’d thought he would hug you.

 Maybe lift you up from the ground and spin you around, like the boy, Evan had done to his girlfriend Sarah. So when he grabbed your face and crashed his lips onto yours, you were shocked. So shocked in fact, that you froze in the position you were in. But he kept moving his warm, soft lips towards yours, and eventually you melted. 

His arms, which he had wrapped around your waist, tightened its grip. Your fingers went into his silky-soft locks, and you felt yourself go dizzy, either from all the endorphins spinning around in your head or from the lack of oxygen. 

“Hi.” He whispered with swollen lips when you finally pulled away. 

He leant his forehead against yours as you whispered hi back. 

“We’ve never said hi to each other like that before.” You said, a smile tugging on your lips. 

“Do you want to start say hi like that?” 

You bit your lip before pecking his lips. 

“I would love that.”

i just realised we’re getting a full ballroom scene with magnus, alec, helen and aline in the eldest curses and almost fell over

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I have a writing-related question: I often get an idea for a character or a short scene BUT there is no plot. How can I turn such an idea into a story / plot / outline / whatever? I always get stuck at this point. Without a plan where to go, writing feels like poking in the dark with a stick, hoping to miraculously hit a gold vein. Do you have any suggestions?

see, this is tough. coming up with actual plot, if you ask me, is one of the hardest and most woolly parts of writing. everyone has their own methods, and they swear by them if they’ve been using them long enough. it’s also, in my experience, really difficult to force - so yeah, a lot of it is poking around in the dark.

HOWEVER. if i had an idea for a short scene, i would absolutely write it down, because that could end up being the seed that i’d plant to grow the rest of the story. that seed doesn’t have to be chapter 1, or the most pivotal scene. it’s literally just a place to start.

let me do a diagram. i think a diagram would help explain:

i ask myself that over and over. total edge-of-your-seat excitement

i don’t know if it’s that i write out of order, but i find the “process of discovery” can be really nonlinear:

and then, once i’m at that point, it’s just filling in gaps. what else do i need to build toward the climax? what do i need to hint or say about this character, so that something they do 5 chapters later won’t seem “out of nowhere?” things like that. questions and answers, basically.

hope this helps!

“For this lovely piece of hardware, I think I’ll take your hand.”

This. This moment. It just gets me so much. Dark Hook’s theatrics were at an especially high level all throughout his existence, but this moment, just… there’s so much anger hidden behind his cocky attitude, the way he delivers the line, the irony in the words. 

“this lovely piece of hardware” - He doesn’t even say “you took my hand”. This line is just dripping with irony and I seriously cannot begin to describe how it makes my mind a mush with how it just IS.

It’s one of the seriously few times we see how he feels about losing his hand, and he just straight-out puts this experience next to losing Milah and Emma becoming the Dark One. He’s not fucking around. He could just as well shove Gold to a wall and scream at him in a more serious manner, but no. Here he is playing him, mocking him and his theatrics as the previous Dark One while listing all the reasons he hates him and saying he wants to kill him.

This whole scene is simply so fucking perfect and it’s been almost two years since I watched it and I still cannot articulate how unbelievably stunning it is as a whole.

July 4th (Reddie)

Helloo! i wrote this in like one sitting so i’m sorry if its terrible?? but like i love soft Reddie with fireworks so

Summary: Eddie finds out that Richie’s alone for July 4th, and plans a surprise for him

Word count: 2,175

Please leave me requests, my ask is linked in my bioooo

Also just generally leave me asks, i love them sm??

Everyone in the losers club knew that Richie’s home life was pretty bad. They never exactly asked him about it, but they knew it was bad. They rarely stayed at Richie’s house, and when they did his parents weren’t there. Richie usually avoided discussions about parents. He had talked about them fondly maybe once in his entire 16 years of living.

Eddie often felt bad complaining about his mother to Richie. Mrs. K was mental, and Eddie often complained to the group about her, and the group often made jokes about about her. But Eddie rarely complained to Richie, about his mother, when they were alone.

Eddie never really asked questions, when Richie climbed through his bedroom window, either. He just accepted the boy into his bed, warning, every night, to be gone the next morning before Eddie’s mother woke up. Eddie hated the fact that Richie would have to go home so early the next morning. Back to his house, which he had ran from in fear the night before.

Richie didn’t mind though. He just thought it was amazing how his best friend was always there for him. All of his friends were, but Eddie especially. Richie was never fully sure of his feelings for Eddie, but they weren’t the same as his feelings for the other losers, that was for sure.

That was what Richie was thinking about, when Bill snapped his fingers in front of Richie’s eyes. They were all sat in a circle, beside the quarry. It was a warm July 3rd, and all of the losers seemed to be discussing their plans for Independence Day.

“What?” Richie questioned, looking around the group. Everyone seemed to be looking at him, eyebrows raised, wondering what could have been more important than this conversation.

“We were asking what your plans were for tomorrow, idiot.” Stanley rolled his eyes, nudging Richie’s shoulder, with his own.

“Oh.” Richie nodded, slowly. He then shrugged, slightly, remembering his plans. “I’ll probably just watch movies or something.”

“But it’s July 4th! You can’t just stay home and watch movies!” Ben protested, shaking his head.

“What else am I gonna do?” Richie questioned. His voice was calm, and had a tone of disinterest. “My parents are out of town, and I’m hardly going to crash one of you guys’ family days.” He sounded like he didn’t care. But deep down he did.

All of the losers looked at each other, and Richie immediately felt awkward. He had put a downer on the mood. He stood up slowly, looking at the sky for a second, and then back at the losers. “It’s getting kind of dark. I’m gonna head home. I’ll see you guys on the 5th.” He grabbed his bag, and wandered away from the group, listening to their goodbyes.

Whilst Richie went home, Eddie formulated a plan in his head. He then told the others. “We gotta do something about Richie!” His voice came out more desperate than he had expected.

“Ok, calm down, Lover Boy.” Stanley teased. “What do you have in mind, to impress your boyfriend?”

“He’s not my boyfriend.” Eddie rolled his eyes.

“You wish he was, though.” Mike smirked, pointing an accusing finger at Eddie. Eddie’s face grew red, as he shook his head.

“Getting back to the point!” Eddie snapped. “I think we should surprise him with a party.”

“A p-party?” Bill rose an eyebrow.

“Yes!” Eddie nodded, quickly. “All of your plans are during the day! My moms plans are for us to visit my grandmother, but I can get out of it. I’ll go to Richie’s and watch movies with him. And you guys can set stuff up in the back yard, after your families celebrate. Mike, can you get us some extra food?” Mike nodded. “And Beverly, can you get some fireworks?” Beverly nodded.

“You’re a smart man, Edward.” Stanley nodded, “Richie’s gonna love it.”

“I hope so.” Eddie shrugged.

Richie was groggy, and annoyed, when his doorbell rang the next morning. He had been having a peaceful sleep, and now some idiot had ruined it, by waking him up. At 11am, as well. He opened the door, almost slamming it into the wall. Richie was working up a speech in his head, to snap at whoever was on the other side of the door. But once he saw who was on the other side of the door, all of his anger melted away. “Eddie?”

“Hey, Richie.” Eddie chirped, grinning up at Richie. He was holding a backpack in front of him, and he was in shorts and a t-shirt.

“What are you doing here, Eds?” Richie questioned, scratching the back of his neck. “Thought you were visiting your family today?”

“I passed on it. Thought I’d spend the day with you instead.” Eddie shrugged, pushing past Richie, to get into his house. Richie closed the door slowly, turning to follow Eddie through to his kitchen. “You have breakfast yet?”

“No, I just woke up.” Richie explained, and Eddie nodded, dropping his bag onto Richie’s table.

“I brought over food. Go get dressed, and I’ll make it.” Eddie ordered, rooting around in his bag for a second. Richie nodded, slowly, and walked back upstairs. He took the quickest shower of his life, and changed into his black jeans, and white t-shirt.

He walked back downstairs, and into the kitchen, quietly. He stood in the door step watching Eddie sway in front the stove, holding a pan in one hand. He had put on the radio, and some disco song, from years ago, was flooding the kitchen. Richie couldn’t help but smile, as he walked further into the kitchen. “So what are you making, Eddie Spaghetti?” Richie questioned, leaning against the counter.

“Pancakes. I even brought over toppings for you.” Eddie smiled, concentrating on the pan in front of him.

“Thoughtful.” Richie muttered, feeling his heart swell in his chest. He bit his lip, watching Eddie put some pancakes on one of the plates beside him. There was already some on it, and the plate next to it was full as well.

“There’s maple syrup, and whipped cream in my bag. Grab it.” Eddie ordered, turning the stove off. Richie nodded, letting his feet carry him towards Eddie’s bag. He reached in, grabbing the ‘toppings’, putting them on the table, and pulling a chair out for Eddie. Eddie walked over, placing the plates on the table, and slid into the seat Richie had pulled out for him.

“You know you don’t have to babysit me today, Eds.” Richie said, pouring maple syrup onto his pancakes.

“I’m not. I’m spending time with my best friend. Now stop being an ass hat, and eat your fucking pancakes.” Eddie snapped.

They had finished their pancakes by twelve o’clock, and had made their way into Richie’s living room. They had been watching movies since. Eddie had told the losers to be over by 5, organising Richie’s back garden. He told them he would take Richie out at 6. All the losers had agreed that it would look great, but on one condition.

“You gotta tell Richie you like him.” Beverly had told him, over the phone. “This is the perfect time to tell him! The losers all promise to make sure everything looks perfect, and we’ll gladly party with you two, but tell him. Tomorrow. Some stage. Otherwise we’ll never help you again.”

“What if he doesn’t like me back?” Eddie had asked. Beverly had then proceeded to tell him that she was pretty sure Richie Tozier was head over heels for him. So Eddie agreed.

Although, when Eddie’s watch beeped, telling him it was 6 o’clock, he felt sick. He didn’t want to tell Richie anymore. Fear was bubbling inside of him. His stomach felt as though it could explode.

“Can you stop that thing from beeping, Eds?” Richie questioned, looking at Eddie, who was right beside him. The couch was large, but they were still sat practically on top of each other. Eddie got up slowly.

“Cmon.” Eddie said quickly, after turning his watch off. Richie rose an eyebrow. Eddie rolled his eyes, grabbing Richie’s arm, and pulling him off the couch. Eddie ignored Richie’s protests to continue watching the movie, and Eddie dragged him through the kitchen.

“Where are we going? We still have half of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off left!” Richie argued.

“Shut up, and close your eyes.” Eddie ordered. Richie opened his mouth, to protest again, but Eddie was already interrupting. “Do it, Tozier!” He snapped.

Richie sighed, covering his eyes with one of his hands. Eddie opened Richie’s back door, looking around. The losers were scattered around the garden. There were four large blankets laid out, a table with food on it, fireworks set up in a line, a few beers and sodas in a cooler, and a few random banners.

Eddie closed the door slowly, and nudged Richie. “You can look now.” Richie slowly pulled his hand away from his eyes, and looked around.

“Oh my god!” His eyes were wide, as he took in the scene in front of him. “You guys are the best, what the fuck?!”

“It was Eddie’s idea!” Beverly said quickly. Eddie blushed, ever so slightly, when Richie looked at him. His eyes looked huge, under his glasses, and his face was practically glowing with happiness.

“Thanks Eds.” Richie grinned, throwing an arm over Eddie’s shoulder. “Lets get this party started, then!” Richie shouted, and everyone laughed at his enthusiasm.

A few hours later, the darkness had fallen on Derry. All of the losers had had a few beers, that Bev had managed to get from somewhere. Mike had decided to only have one beer, because he was in charge of the fireworks. They had all their food, just as the sun was setting, and now most of the losers were lying on blankets.

Richie was sat, beside Eddie, on one of the blankets. Beverly was sat beside Stan and Bill, talking quietly. Ben was helping Mike fix the fireworks, because it was finally dark enough to set them off.

“This is perfect.” Richie said, quietly, breaking the silence between him and Eddie. Eddie looked over at him, raising an eyebrow. “Did you really plan this all? For me?”

“Why wouldn’t I?” Richie shrugged slightly, blushing. “It’s a holiday, Rich. I couldn’t bare the thought of you being alone on a holiday.” Eddie explained, smiling slightly at Richie’s blush.

“I just didn’t expect it.. I would’ve been fine spending the day alone.” Richie shrugged again. Eddie rolled his eyes, slightly.

“I got it!” Mike called. “Get ready to be amazed!” He seemed excited, as Beverly tossed her lighter at him. Mike caught it, and lit one of the strings quickly, and moved back, with Ben. Everyone in the group watched, as the firework flew into the sky, and exploded. Everyone let out a soft ‘ohhh’, as they watched it. Mike began lighting the other fireworks, moving away again.

“They’re beautiful.” Eddie stated, staring in amazement up at the sky.

“So are you.” Richie blurted. Eddie turned his head quickly, staring at Richie. Richie blushed, instantly, feeling embarrassed about what he had said. Eddie stared at him for a second, processing exactly what he had said.

‘So are you’ was running around his head. Richie thought he was beautiful. He had just admitted it. And Eddie could feel adrenaline coursing through his veins. Was Beverly right? Did Richie like him back? Did Eddie have a chance here? There was only one way to find out.

Eddie leaned forward, quickly, and pressed his lips to Richie’s. He pulled away almost instantly, but Richie still felt it. The soft, light kiss that Eddie had placed on his lips.

Richie’s mind was scattered, as he grabbed Eddie, pulling him onto his lap. Eddie was practically straddling him. And Richie’s hands were holding Eddie in his place. Eddie opened his mouth, to say something, but Richie cut him off by smashing his lips against Eddie’s, just as another firework went off. Eddie’s arms slowly snaked around Richie’s neck, pulling them closer together.

Eddie’s lips were soft against Richie’s chapped ones. Richie’s tongue swiped against Eddie’s bottom lip, asking for entrance. Eddie’s lips immediately parted, giving Richie access. Their tongues seemed to dance around each others mouths. Richie squeezed Eddie’s hips, which made the smaller boy jump slightly, and Richie smirk.

Richie pulled away slowly, looking up at Eddie, who’s face was lit up by the fireworks, still exploding. Eddie was panting slightly, and his eyes were sparkling. Richie kissed him again, quickly. Barely a peck.

They had been in there own little world, but were brought out of it by cheers. Richie peered over Eddie’s shoulder to see their friends, clapping and cheering, and staring at them. Eddie turned his head, looking at them and laughing quietly, before turning back to Richie, gazing down at him. They both stared at each other for a second.

“Happy 4th of July..” Eddie mumbled, kissing Richie again.

The Roscoe Adventures

Author: @dylanobsessed
Rating: IT IS FLUFFISH & DEF HAS SOME SMUT SO ( for real there is smut )
Pairing: Stiles x OC ( reader kind of )
Notes: i suck at making it stiles x reader cause i can never write the right way ??? maybe i’ll get better with practice lmao
Words: 2198 ( oops )

It’s been awhile since Stiles and I decided to take our annual camping trip — which is just a secluded area we stumbled upon a couple of years when we were supposed to be hunting for the latest supernatural creature lurking around Beacon Hills. We used the back of Roscoe as our tent for the night, having it set-up with various blankets, pillows, and everything else we needed to make this camping trip feel complete. Pulling into the lot it caught me off guard a little bit, seeing as it seemed to take us nothing to get here when on other trips it never felt this short. Not that I minded in the least.

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Andreil Fanfiction Recommendation Masterpost - aka fanfics I’ve enjoyed big time (an on-going list)

 and eveMost probably no one really cares, but I’ve thought it would be nice if I’ve made a post of the fics I’ve read so far (I’m not really a big fanfic reader myself to be honest and I’ve only started to read andreil fics recently so the list isn’t long), because I most probably loved them to bits or had parts I’ve thought were marvellous and I want others to read them as well.
Again, my recommendation might not mean much, but hey, I’m still doing it.
Obviously, I’m going to edit the list whenever I finish something and enjoyed it a lot. Also, I would be more than happy to receive recommendations. :)
(Also, if you read something, pleeeasssseeee, give them kudos AND comments, because they deserve it so much!)

List of Andreil fics you definitely must read:

Lessons in Cartography by crazy_like_a 
It starts after The King’s Men and deals with Andrew and Neil’s relationship and personal development thorough. I think it’s wonderful and honestly, sometimes I kind of forget I’m not reading the canon book but a fanfiction.
(It also has lots of nsfw scenes and honestly, I love the way the author makes Neil and Andrew take slow steps in this area and experimenting what can and cannot be done. It’s wonderful.)

The Cartographer and the World by crazy_like_a 
It’s the sequel for Lessons in Cartography and it is just the same amazing. (It’s still on-going.)

The Unkindness of Ravens by crazy_like_a 
“After Kevin publicly announces his intention to play for the Foxes, Riko sends Nathaniel Wesninski to convince him to return to the Nest. Unfortunately for Riko, Nathaniel has other plans.”
It is heavy and triggering but truly brilliant in my opinion.

Creatures We Find in the Forest by crazy_like_a
Everything is more or less the same, BUT, imagine Andrew being a vampire (and so is Riko while we are at it).
Let’s just say I LOVE this author’s works, okay.
Also, if I’ve said TUOR is triggering, now here, Evermore part truly is. I cried.

Monster by NightMuse
“A look inside Andrew’s head throughout The King’s Men.”
I loved to read this fic (it’s still on-going, hopefully it’s going return from war soon), I personally love reading fics from Andrew’s point of view, I doubt I’m alone with being curious what is going on in Andrew’s head. But this one is truly amazing, I think?

Better Than a Grave or a Hearse by iaquilam
Andrew POV and again, Raven Neil but his attitude problems remain the same, waking Andrew’s curiosity.
Apparently, what I’ve enjoyed the most about this fic is that certain scene when Neil disappears. I’ve always wanted to read that scene from Andrew’s POV because I just need to know what he thinks and how he feels (he does feel, idc what anyone says). What I think, the scene in this fic could be even canon, I feel it’s pretty close to how it happened or how he felt and I just love it.

light fires at night (to push back the void) by inthesea 
OH MY GOD and Andrew POV. Is that enough of a description?
This story is beautiful. And it’s not only fluff and softness, it does not cast aside the dark parts, trying to erase them. And it’s all good. Because they learn to live with it, together, as they get closer and closer.
And, I’ve cried so much at the ending you have no idea. (also do not be confused by ‘3 chapters’, it’s super long.)


The Road to Nowhere by emmerrr 
Post-Apocalypse fic where an epidemic strikes and everyone needs to survive. The Foxes are such a group and they take in Neil.
I love this story. It is not only clever,I like the way it’s written and how everything is ‘designed’ but also, the andreil moments are wonderful!
Also, there is Twinyard bonding which is a plus point! (Also, there is Jerejean for interested parties.)

fear in a handful of dust by flybbfly
It’s Harry Potter AU with quidditch instead of exy and yeah, if you thought Andrew’s past cannot be made any more painful then you were wrong.

How to Survive the Ravens’ Nest by A_Minyard
It’s basically ‘what if Andrew had been recruited as a Raven and Neil was caught and taken to Evermore as well’.
It’s interesting in my opinion, also, well, you know… it’s Riko and Evermore, so yeah, lots of trigger warning.

Like Lightning And Gasoline by Stormsong
In which Andrew is a witch and turns out Neil is his familiar. And now that they bonded they can’t really be apart. And if this is not enough reason for you to read (it’s nicely written!), then imagine Neil being able to turn into a cat! (And sleep on Andrew’s lap for instance.)

A Raven’s Chance by abernathy
LOTS OF TRIGGER WARNING. In which Neil is a Raven and has the “honor” to be Riko’s boyfriend. Obviously no one approves and Andrew has a word or two as well.
Riko is a sick fuck as usual (maybe with a more ‘humane’ feel?) and we are happy for Andrew’s existence.
Obviously this is not a RIko/Neil fic, it’s Andreil to its core. BUT if you get triggered by the rikoneil thing then better to avoid. (I personally love how Andrew is trying to get Neil away from Riko and out of Evermore, they have really nice moments.)

My way home… by ionlyloveyouironically
“Two years after they run, Mary Hatford decides it’s not working.At age 11, Andrew Doe moves into a massive house with his new foster mother, Stella Josten. They make a picture-perfect family: mother, son, and strange boy who lives inside the walls.”
It’s really interesting!

tumbling ain’t the same as falling by badacts
Vixen!Neil is all I’m going to say, have fun. :D

The King’s Men (Andrew’s Point of View) by naj10ajm03
Well, as the title suggests, it’s the book from Andrew’s POV that I love a lot tbh.

Chains (Part 1)//Theo Raeken

this was the only gif close to what i wanted ok bare with me here 

Request: @redstringlovers: can you do an imagine with theo and reader where like maybe they have been dating for a while and he wants to propose to her so he plans out this really sweet evening and stuff? Thanks😘Sammie I love you so very much but I took your request and fucked it up. I’m coming back from my hiatus and hitting y’all with a two-parter. This is not what you asked for but it’s halloween month bitches, so it’s time to get spooky. If you wanna get even spookier with it, you can go listen to these songs on youtube: here and here

*this is also very loosely inspired from a scene in Penny Dreadful

*also I have no idea what kind of “creature” my villain is ok he’s just kind of a jumbled mess


Darkness. Darkness was all I saw when my eyes fluttered open. My head tipped upwards from where it was hanging in front of me to try to observe my surroundings but proved unsuccessful. The muscles in my shoulders ached as the chains around my wrists did nothing but tighten each time I tried to maneuver out of them. The cold chain swiping my back along with the shadowy surrounding gave me chills. Moonlight began to shine from the cracked skylight above, illuminating the otherwise dark and dank room. The stone of the walls beginning to chip and the grimy floor covered in what I could only imagine to be dirt and dried blood.

The stink of mold clouded my head as I tried to think of what had happened before I was brought here. The last thing I remember was being at home. I don’t think I was doing anything particularly important, but I don’t remember much after.. Wait- as I put myself back in that moment, I began to see flashes. My brows furrowed as I tried to concentrate. I saw myself back at home, putting my textbooks back in my bag as he grabbed me. The chains on my wrists pulled but didn’t budge as I tried to call out to her, but they were gone. His dark cloak wrapped around her body and the vision disappeared just as fast as it had come. Tears fell from my eyes as I tried to settle my heavy breathing. I couldn’t see him in the moment but he was there. He took me from my home.

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so ring of the lucii + luna rough concepts. does her crown look familiar?
there’s a context for this scene, but more on that later - for now, the ring. it grants power in exchange for life energy- so basically it’s a parasite that channels the old gods through the bearer.
Ignis does not like it, because he knows it’ll take Luna away from him, the same way it took the king.

Touché (Part 7)

Genre: Hitman!au, Hitman Jungkook
Pairing: Reader/Jungkook
Length: 2.9k

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Finale

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Riverdale Video: Cole Sprouse Ponders Jughead's Dark Turn in Season 2, Reflects Fondly Upon First Love Scene
If you felt like Jughead was enjoying the feel of that Serpents jacket a little too much in the season finale of Riverdale, you have every right to be concerned. TVLine recently caught up with acto…
By Andy Swift

“Not really (nervous). Lil and I are professionals” (followed by a huge, freakin’ smug smirk) = “we’re also a couple and we have sex a lot. Like basically non-stop”

“I was excited” = “you have no idea, man I was so fucking hard….banged Lili back in the trailer immediately afterwards. Didn’t even get all our clothes off. Doing the scene added a whole new dimension, amirite?”

“yeah…..Jughead’s gonna go darker….” = “let me tap dance a bit about the show as a whole, because by ‘darker’ I mean ‘wear tighter clothes and get naked with Betty a lot’. Oh and probably tell Douchie to go fuck himself at some point”

Golden Sun fandom, I need some advice!

With E3 just passing and giving us hope through the Metroid remake that Golden Sun may have the same, I want the Golden Sun hype to come back and bring awareness to Nintendo and Camelot that we are still here and kicking! I want them to know that though we have been asleep because of all the years that passed, we still want Golden Sun 4! Even a Golden Sun remake would be awesome!

Thus, in order to bring the hype back, I want to make a Golden Sun comic based on the original two games. My problem is that I have so many ideas but I don’t know where to start. So here’s where I want your advice, Golden Sun fans: let me know in the tags what kind of comic you prefer! Feel free to vote for more than one!

1) Isaac from Dark Dawn reliving his memories of the first two games / reminiscing as his son Matthew goes off on his own journey

2) The first two games transcribed into a Highschool AU

3) A comic version of some of the important scenes/battles that happened in the first two games

4) Life in the eyes of Alex, the mystery that no one understands

5) My secret ship: blazeshipping (I like to call it sinshipping lmao)

6) Goofy Djinn side adventures!

Let me know as well if you guys have even better ideas! I don’t mind opening an ear!
I hope to hear from you guys soon!

Head Writer: Okay, so we want to have childhood scene for each of the main characters in our ending theme, but since we don’t have access to Fai’s backstory, we’re going to have to make some educated guesses based on what we already know. Any ideas?

Writer 1: Hmm. Well, we know he comes from a cold, snowy world, so we could put him in an arctic setting. Maybe looking pensive as a snowy gust of wind blows his hood down. You know, keep it simple and plausible. We already have had plenty of foreshadowing about him having a dark past so we want to keep the mood somber.

Head Writer: Hmmm. Any other ideas?




And to finish this series as he always does is the second half of the Busan line, our dear golden maknae, Jeon Jungkook aka kookie aka can we talk about his arms for a second I need to talk about his arms bc when did this happen like ik he’s always been in great shape but lately he’s been getting more and more muscular and I’m truly not ready like chill child you’re 4 idk why are your arms are doing the thing who’s allowing this haha

  • For the full backstory that explains things a lil bit, you can read Jin’s part but I’ll give you a quick summary for the people who haven’t read the other parts
  • Bts runs the town, they keep everyone safe
  • They keep other groups out of their town, as well as make sure no major crimes are committed
  • But if a company is willing to pay a lil fee, they’ll add a bit more protection to that said company
  • Sometimes those companies decide to fuck around and be like nah we’re not gonna pay anymore but you can still keep that protection up
  • But bts doesn’t really accept that shit so they have a couple of tiers of people to send in to talk to the CEOs to see if they can change their minds
  • Jin does the assessing, he normally can get them to agree to pay purely by using his naturally charming personality but sometimes they’re stubborn as fuck
  • That’s when he sends Yoongi in, yoon is all intimidation and it’s h ighl y unlikely for a CEO to be able to say no when they’ve got Yoongi glaring them down
  • But if even Yoongi can’t do it, they send Hobi in
  • Hobi goes straight for the boss and befriends them and makes them realize that it isn’t such a bad idea to pay
  • Namjoon does everything behind the scenes aka bts and handles all of the contracts, the phone calls etc.
  • Jimin and Tae are both fighters (although tae leans more towards being a talker)
  • But onto kookie
  • Okay so one of my favorite, if not the ultimate favorite, hair styles on kook was that dark blondeish color he had for 0.6 seconds bc it looked so good so mafia!kook is gonna have that color
  • Plus the blonde plus all black would just be w ow
  • Like you know those boots kook wears a lot that would happen, also some black skinny jeans bc legs for days and probably a loose shirt like this isn’t head canon shit tbh this is just Jungkook and I love it
  • His tattoo is in Korean
  • Okay but just picture how nice it would look on him like just following the curve of his collarbone
  • He’d wear it with pride honestly
  • Like all of the boys are proud as can be but their shirts normally cover their tattoos
  • But not kook oh no he wears shirts that show off the tattoo bc he’s v v proud of his group but also no one’s complaining bc kook’s collarbones are like 10/10
  • He is a fighter
  • He’s one of the best on their team, if not the best
  • He’s got both strength and speed in his corner so he’s pretty unbeatable
  • We’ve all seen how fast he is I mean in one of those idol races, he literally slowed down at the end bc the gap between him and the others was so wide and the cameras can barely keep up with him like what is this kid honestly what do they feed him
  • So that fact alone is enough to make me think he’d be more about speed with his fighting tactics
  • But oh wait this kid is also strong as fuck
  • I will forever bring this up bc it’s just !!! but at the age of 1 5 he was lifting Jimin up like he was a fucking pillow like don’t mind me I’m actually a child but I’m just gonna casually lift this other kid up why is this not talked about
  • So I think he’d be like 50/50 with the speed and strength
  • He’d know when to use his speed to his advantage and when to use his strength
  • But fights are v v rare so he thankfully doesn't have to worry much  
  • Normally Tae can talk his way out of fights so the others don’t even have to worry but there are times when kook has to defend himself
  • You are from a rival group
  • Your group comes into Busan, looking for a new place to stay
  • You actually meet him in class one day, you end up sitting in his usual seat accidentally but he ends up letting you keep it bc he’s too shy to actually manage more than a couple of sentences
  • You think it’s actually really cute how shy he gets like he can barely make eye contact with you, he’s playing with the bracelet on his wrist, he keeps shifting his weight from foot to foot
  • You tell him to sit next to you instead of sitting all the way in the back
  • After a couple of weeks of sitting with each other, he ends up building enough confidence to actually talk to you
  • You ask him out, much to his surprise but also to his delight bc he had been so nervous about asking you out like what if you say no?? what if you only think of him as a friend?? do you even think he’s a friend is he just the guy you sit with??
  • But lol no you’re crushing on him just as much as he’s crushing on you
  • You have no idea that he’s from the same group your group has been arguing with for the past month
  • His group isn’t too welcoming even though your group is only searching for a new place to call home
  • But their skepticism isn’t invalidated since your leader could easily be lying (even though she isn’t but they don’t have any way to confirm that)
  • He’s heard of the new mafia group in town, Namjoon had told him they seemed stubborn that it may come down to a fight to defend their town
  • He was ready to go except the night both of your groups meet up to try to discuss it before resorting to a fight, he sees you
  • You both just O.O
  • “You’re part of the mafia?!?!?!”
  • “Why did I not know this?? We’ve been dating for like 4 months”
  • “I mean to be fair, I do have the name tattooed onto my chest so ??”
  • “I thought it was a band”
  • You can just hear the collective “shit” that echoes from literally everybody but you two
  • Bc “of all the boys in Busan, you have to choose the one in the group trying to run us out of the city”
  • You and Jungkook step aside to discuss it while your leaders try to make a deal
  • You two come up with a plan of your own while the leaders’ voices are getting louder and louder from the frustration bc now they have to think about their maknaes being in love
  • “Okay but wait Namjoon if I can vouch for them, can we let them stay?? If they do anything to break the rules, we can throw them out but I really think they don’t mean any harm”
  • It takes a bit of convincing on both sides but joon can see the look in kook’s eyes that tell him he truly does believe your group is safe
  • He finally agrees to let them stay if they follow the previously set rules
  • Mafia!Jungkook is like a secret weapon bc he’s basically unstoppable but he’s also the main reason bts lets your group stay in Busan bc they can all see how much he loves you and how much you love him