this scene was so dark ugh

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I can't believe that Meet The Robinsons Voltron Family prompt made me cry so hard. I can't believe it but I DID. I CRIED, CATHREL. What the hell? 30 adoption interviews for Hunk. YOU KNOW IM SO DAMN HAPPY KEITH AND SHIRO WERE HIS 31ST BECAUSE ALL THOSE 30 REJECTED ONES CAN GO SUCK AN EGG BECAUSE ALL OF THOSE COUPLES WERE A BRIDGE FOR THE SHIROGANES TO HAVE BABY HUNK. THE WORLD WANTED HUNK TO HAVE THE BEST PARENTS. I still can't believe I cried. :( But thank you that was beautiful. c':

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I’m sorry, my friend. :((( But I’m not really sorry at the same time. Gods, man. The movie itself was so sad and made me cry a lot (I literally just rewatched that last scene with Lewis finally seeing his mom UGH WHY IS THAT SO SAD AND SO DARK AND EMOTIONAL OTL)

But yeah. 30 adoption interviews :(( I get sad just thinking about how Hunk gets rejected all the time. Don’t get me started with Lance either. :((((((( These kids experienced rejection way too many times at such a young age. :((( and same, I’m happy Keith and Shiro adopted them both, too. <3 HAPPY END!!

I must admit, I love the fact you cried. B)


Either way, I wouldn’t be here right now. With you.
                                                                     For 20 more minutes.

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this was such a nice scene!!

Tbh I found the battle between the clans and the Dark Forest disappointing. There was so much the Erins could’ve done:

  • We could’ve seen Crookedstar and Mapleshade battle 
  • We could’ve seen Snowfur confront Thistleclaw 
  • We could’ve seen Ashfur and Squirreflight reunite (ugh just imagine how this scene would’ve went down)
  • We could’ve seen Bluestar and Tigerstar battle
  • We could’ve seen Firestar reunite with Bluestar, Whitestorm, Lionheart, CinderpeltYellowfang etc.
  • We could’ve seen Cinderpelt kick ass
  • We could’ve seen a Graystripe/Feathertail reunion
  • We could’ve seen Graystripe fighting together with Feathertail and Silverstream
  • We could’ve seen Nightcloud reacting to the whole Crowfeather/Breezepelt conflict 
  • We could’ve seen Tallstar kick ass
  • We could’ve seen a Mothwing/Hawkfrost reunion

The list just goes on and on and none of these scenes that really should’ve happened did not and ugh the wasted potential just kills me.

star wars AU where everything is the same, with one exception: the skywalkers all know about each other and know they are all related. They are still loyal to their respective organizations, still raised by the same people. They just–know they are related. Like if Bail had told Leia about Anakin Skywalker, so Leia went to Tattooine and met Luke. And then Vader (because of course Vader is spying on Bail) heard about it, but otherwise nothing changes.

- so the first scene in ANH quite literally ends with “ARGH LEIA GO TO YOUR ROOM.” “FINE I WILL BUT YOU AREN’T MY REAL DAD” “I am absolutely your real dad that is WHY WE ARE HAVING THIS CONVERSATION AND YOU ARE NOT DEAD.”

- Alderaan blows up and it results in awkward shoulder pats from Vader and a half-hearted “have you considered using your rage for the dark side?” speech, which Leia promptly ignores.

- Luke rescues Leia. Leia immediately tells Luke “Do not tell Han we are related. I want to fuck with him.” to which Luke sighs “ugh Leia again?” implying that this is not the first time Leia has hooked up with a dude and made him jealous by hanging out with her brother.

- “THAT’S NOT COOL DAD! STOP KILLING OUR FRIENDS!” after Obi-Wan dies. Vader yells back “HE HID YOU FROM ME FOR 20 YEARS!!!! HE DESERVES TO DIE!” “yeah okay that’s fair”

- on Bespin: “You’re dating this idiot?” to which Leia glares and says, quite plainly, that Vader has no authority over who she chooses to date.

- instead of fighting, Luke and Vader just chill on Bespin until Leia picks Luke up. Vader once again attempts to convince Luke to join the Dark Side. Luke goes “Dad you don’t even like Palpatine. Half the time you try and convince us to join you just to defeat him. Why don’t you join the Rebel Alliance huh?” And Vader mutters some half-hearted Jedi bullshit about how once someone joins the darkside they can never leave and besides the rebels would never accepted him and HONESTLY HE JUST WANTS TO SPEND TIME WITH HIS KIDS so maybe he will think about it

- Vader finds out what happened on Tattooine, and sends both Luke and Leia like half a million credits each and a super encouraging encrypted email talking about how proud he is of them for KILLING A HUTT that Leia absolutely does not keep shhh SHUT UP HAN why are you going through her stuff anyway huh???

- basically, all of the awkward dad vader attempting to parent his children while also fighting them.