this scene was so cute though

N.Shippuden 495 Review

First of all…

  • This scene though 😍😍😍
  • Been waiting on a scene like this since before my childhood.
  • The smartest ninjas in the Sand & Land village are so clueless about romance. 

Cute ShikaTema date moments.

They really have been fighting since they came out the womb.

Choji is sooo extra 😂😂

But this is the real reason we were here:

Temari was thinking about getting dicked down, our show has grown up so much. 


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But then she found out what was really going on and Temari does not like people fucking with her feelings 💀:

This episode has just blessed my week. Waiting on our Shikamaru Spinoff now 😅

Digimon Adventure Tri part 4 spoilers

I won’t post a full review or anything but just wanted to put out some thoughts.

I dunno, the whole “movie” felt more like filler to me. I think that it is the weakest of the Tri series so far. I thought that maybe, while separated, there would be some development, but it was mostly just banter and some nostalgia. I thought all of the bonding moments between the characters and their respective partners were cute, though. I just wish there was more development on Maki, because for Tapirmon was on the poster and showed up for like one minute.

There were also A LOT of scenes there to pad the running time. The digivolutions I don’t mind, but there were one too many still reaction shots and/or Machiedramon charging his attack.

Some other minor, and more personal, gripes were the lack of any progress in the Taichi-Yamato-Sora love triangle and lack of any Takari. Tbh I’m more mad at the latter because the two have not really received any significant scenes together (other than in part 1) and they were one of the most popular ships back then.

Blue Silk Pajamas

Have another stereotypical Marichat kiss scene, dang these are addicting to read and write.

They’re 18 in this one though, I don’t think those kids should be sneaking around kissing each other in the dark yet. XD

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One day Alex slips up while talking to Winn and mentions how cute she thinks Maggie’s dimples are. From that moment on everyone (at least those brave enough) at the DEO start calling Maggie “Detective Dimples” when Alex is around, and sometimes even when she is not because they are just so used to it.

Even Hank goes: “Agent Danvers, they need you at a crime scene. Please tell Detective Dimples we will handle the case.”

It embarrasses and infuriates Alex to no end, which is why they keep doing it even though Alex tries to find ways to get back at them. After a while, she just gives up and even starts joining in on their teasing.

One day she is talking to Winn at the DEO, unaware that Maggie is right behind her. Winn honestly thinks Alex is going to pass out right there and then when after she mentions that she is meeting “Detective Dimples” soon,  they hear a loud laugh behind them and Maggie saying “If you are calling me Detective Dimples, I will have to start calling you Agent Hot-Ass.”


Edward Elric and his bad taste

Riverdale Chapter 5 Recap:


This episode….. I can’t even BEGIN. Omg I’m so fucked. This show….

• Jughead Jealous ASF when Betty said she had “a date” I don’t even ship Bughead but this episode has me leaning into their lane.

• Jughead all bashful when he smiled shyly and looked to the side OMG I KID YOU NOT I WAS SCREAMING. Another Bughead scene, writers are really pushing it.

• Veronica was soooooooo jealous when Archie said she was hanging with Val. It was cute not gonna lie even though I’m Beronica and Jarchie >>>>>> Bughead and Varchie.

• Archie shirtless and sweaty…. nothing more to add here.

• Miss Grundy is finally gone.

• Cheryl going on about her brother again… but this time it was really endearing. I have to say though, they do seem a little incestuous but maybe I just can’t relate to having a sibling I actually like.

• Anyone sorta shipping Archie and Val??? To be honest Archie looks like he’s in love with every character on the fucking show 😂😂

• We finally find out more about Polly Engagement, possibly self harm but more likely suicide attempt. Nothing is adding up yet with her storyline but I think we get to meet her soon. Everyone confuses Betty for Polly though, do they really look that much alike.


• Blossoms vs. Coopers, it all started with a bottle of syrup and a murder… We find out that Betty’s Dad isn’t so innocent at all, but would he really go far enough to kill Jason?

• I personally believe Jason’s parents killed Jason…

• I wasn’t a Cheryl Stan before…. but now I’m in love with her. This smol fiery red head does not deserve the words she gets from her mother, and I’m gonna be so upset if the writers actually send her away to boarding school.

• I would’ve liked more Jarchie 😕

• Also, Jughead’s home situation wasn’t brought up again 🤔

• Veronica’s Mom is going through some deep shit lmfaooo and possibly something good happened for Veronica’s Dad? An inference from Mrs. Blossoms comment about “have you come here to gloat?”

• Archie finally picked music over football, although he still going to be on the team.

I think that’s it wow, all in all this episode was 15/10. My crops are thriving, my skin is clearer, I just ran into some money, life is great and so is this show tbhhhhhhhhhh.

Unlikely duo

Request: Could I please request an imagine where the reader is a river vixen, of high popularity, and considers cheryl and reggie her best friends and despite how different they are her and jughead started dating, and even though pep rallies are definitely not his scene he comes to support her (and see how cute she looks in her uniform)

A/N: This is SO SO short.  But it’s cute little drabble i think it’s sweet.

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Word count: 323 words

Warnings: none

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You would always smile at the sight of Jughead on the sidelines. One day you would ask him whether it actually was fun for him or if he just came for you, but today wasn’t that day.  The Bulldogs had a huge game coming up, and as a River Vixen, it was your job to hype the crowd, whose job it was to hype the team.  

You were a flyer, which was… terrifying.  Jughead always said he worried about you going up in the air like that, that he had to look away, but in all honesty you trusted your team.  Plus, if anything, they’d catch you and then drop you if any mistake were to occur, not that you’d just… free fall.

It didn’t matter, today, though, because you weren’t doing any ridiculous routines.  Just a usual one.  

Moments before you were supposed to start, you looked to find Jughead.  Not spotting him in his usual place made your palms sweat a bit, but you had done just fine before you met Jughead.  It wasn’t like you couldn’t do it.  

You just didn’t want to.  

In reality he was just down the field, talking to Archie.

“Didn’t know you came to football games,” Archie teased, knowing full well why he was here.

“Not here for the football,” Jughead grinned, looking in your direction as the cheer started.  

“Not really your scene is it.”  

Jughead nodded, but his eyes never left you.  “She loves it,” he answered.  

“And you love her,” Archie suggested, his eyes in the same direction.  

Jughead hummed in agreement.  “And I love that outfit.”

“You’re gross,” Archie laughed.

“Yeah, I mean… She supports me and my writing.  And she sometimes uses the wrong ‘its’” Archie turned to his friend, happy he had finally found someone.

The band eventually tuned out, and you came skipping over to him.  “How’d I do?” You chirped, leaning over the fence.  

He smiled, “Beautifully.”


There’s a limited time Valentine’s Day event happening in Bleach Brave Souls (the mobile game), called “Social Obligation or Genuine Feeling?” This is the kind of event I love, with the Shinigami Women’s Association, humor, and ships, of course! (It is Valentine’s Day!) (Feel free to use my BBS screenshots if you’d like.)

Here’s Ichigo and Rukia on Valentine’s Day. Rukia doesn’t seem to really ‘get’ Valentine’s Day–she only made one chocolate, for Byakuya, but Ichigo seems to want to receive chocolate from her. Instead she gives them some of Momo’s Aizen glasses cookies. ^_^;

What you do get in this event, and in a lot of BBS events, is the casual intimacy between Ichigo and Rukia–like her reminding him to tell his family she won’t be home tonight. That’s pretty sweet, even if it’s not a Valentine’s Day chocolate. ^_^

Links to all the posts in this post: Social Obligation or Genuine Feeling?

Yeah the kiss was great, extremely cute and all and I understand the majority of tumblr are hormone-pumped teenagers dreaming of their first true love, so it’s probably that I’m closer in age to the characters.

But in my opinion this scene is much more significant relationship-wise.

Because think about it - they just had kind-of an argument and both were probably rather disappointed in Victor’s actions (I feel him though, I dunno what to do with crying people either), they weren’t even able to face eachother properly until Yuri was on the field, and yet he allowed Victor to touch him through all of this - and that means some serious mutual respect and trust!