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Honestly, I love fairy tales and just the whole aspect of romance and fantasy together. Call me a hopeless romantic or a cheesy person, but I like imagining and seeing the scene in my head as I read or including myself into the story. These ended up to be a bit sad, ironic for celebrating something big here on the blog. I decided to do a twist on some of the AUs, so please bear those in mind. They may not correlate with the actual story, so watch out for that. Thank you so much for sticking with me and please enjoy!

Shownu - Beauty & The Beast

Held captive in his own castle, Shownu couldn’t help acting arrogant, selfish, and hostile toward anyone who dared to speak to him. It was because of the curse that he was granted, as well as the other captives who were turned into talking objects. Shownu became a beast; a beast that the townspeople feared and wished to obliterate when one father, specifically yours, found out your affiliations with the Beast and wanted you to stay safe. You were held captive just like the others in the abandoned castle, where Shownu ordered you to clean around the castle. On one winter morning, you decided to play in the snow and brought Chip, Cogsworth, and Lumiere to see the snowflakes for the first time. As a joke, you threw a snowball at his fur-covered face and watched him glare at you and hurl a snow boulder at your back. From that time on, he began to develop feelings for you. Something he couldn’t believe was happening. After giving you a beautiful night of dance and dinner– he himself didn’t realize he was falling in love until Lumiere, the candelabra had told him. Despite your protests and reassuring him that Hyunwoo was not a dangerous being, he didn’t bother to listen. As the relationship between you and Shownu grows, his protective, strict yet loving side rises to the surface, but the citizens didn’t acknowledge that. Hearing the constant banging of fists against the old wood and the bullet-like rain drops crashing onto the windows, Hyunwoo was willing to protect you at all costs, and the thought of lifting the curse escaped his mind. If he dies at that moment, so be it. He found his one true love in the ten years he was given to do so. 

Wonho - Little Red Riding Hood

Promising your grandmother that’d you visit her, you didn’t think much of it while traveling through the forest. Around the town you resided in, the citizens could recognized you by the bright, ruby red hood you wore whenever you were traveling somewhere. Stepping on the fallen branches here and there throughout the forest, your grandmother’s cozy, slight worn-down cottage caught your eye. Especially the little gnomes that stood proudly near the door. Unlocking the door with the key your grandmother had given you, the door had opened without you touching the handle. There stood a man, who looked around his twenties (physically) and had the distinguishable wolf-like ears and bushy tail behind him, swaying slightly back and forth. You held your basket close, immediately asking his identity– but taking the more offensive approach, you pushed his chest and demanded the location of your grandmother. With innocent eyes, he held his hands up and asked for you to not shoot him or harm him in any way. After some time of getting used to, you realized that he often visited your grandmother because he struggled to survive in the woods, despite his species as a wolf hybrid. How unusual. But because he was targeted by the citizens, you had to keep him safe in the cottage. Wonho was his name. He was quite the delicate wolf– his feelings could be hurt a bit easily. But his pure heart made up for it. His alluring body was a plus. You couldn’t help but admire his back as he went to fetch a bucket of water. One night, he was cornered by large, burly, hostile men with torches, and you were behind him. He promised his heart and love for you, his Little Red Riding Hood, hoping you’d stay alive. Baring fangs and having his perked up ears, it was hard to tell what would happen next. Luckily, he managed to drive them away from the cottage so they would only focus on him. Will he survive and protect your relationship with him or be burned by the scorching fire?

Minhyuk - Peter Pan

You were sleeping one night, and your brother and sister were sleeping in a separate room when a boy, dressed in green with a robin hood-like hat with a red feather came flying through your window in search of his shadow. This woke you up to the sound of a lamp shattering on the floor. You saw a boy staring at your wall, specifically his shadow. He turned to face you and he whispered you his name and flew about in your room. Becoming fascinated by his ability and his story, his name was Peter Pan or Minhyuk (is what he goes with)– he didn’t exactly know how he came to be. As well as the fairy he traveled with, Tinkerbell. Nonetheless, he took a hold of your hand and brought you to Neverland, a world he resided in and a land full of imagination and dreams, pirates, Lost Boys, and beautiful scenery all around. However, there was a conflict between the real world and Neverland. Despite the fun and memorable times you’ve had with Minhyuk, his mutual feelings toward you turned into love which he denied when the Lost Boys brought it up. You couldn’t help but feel love toward him as well, even if you knew the consequences. At one point, Peter told you the cost of bringing a human to Neverland: bringing a human to a world of fantasy and childish dreams will soon end it. But Minhyuk didn’t regret doing so– he just had to see, touch, and be with a human for once. When the Neverland began to disintegrate, he brought you back to your bedroom where it all started, handed you his red feather and stood at your windowsill with longing eyes that would tear up when he left. Before, he told you, “You know that place between sleep and awake, that place where you can still remember dreaming? That’s where I’ll always love you. That’s where I’ll be waiting.” Then, he’d fly out of your window, watching his body disintegrate into pixie dust and eventually, nothing.

Kihyun - The Little Mermaid

Always being held down by your father, you couldn’t experience the life of being in a relationship unless it was another one of your kind. After hearing countless stories from the sailors above, the feeling of wanting to be human grew and grew inside your heart. The other mermaids/mermen told you it wasn’t possible. So, you came across this beautiful voice above the waters. Peaking your head above the surface, you kept yourself hidden behind a boat belonging to the boy that captured your interests. He was perhaps in his early twenties, and his voice was unlike any other. He would sing while he cleaned, bring crates, or sort out the nets for the next fishing opportunity. You didn’t hold a grudge against him for doing that– he was doing what he was told to do. On one fateful night, the boat was set out to sea and with the treacherous waters, the boat tipped over, launching everyone out. You watched the boy slowly descend to his death, or until you were able to swim by and bring him to a beach not too far away from their location of departure. Cursing your inability to speak on land, you were able to stay hidden within the waves near the shore. Waking up, the boy found you in front of him, staring curiously into his eyes. He introduced himself as Kihyun. From then on, you two would speak, Kihyun not even minding the fact that you weren’t human. You saved him and the least he could do was thank you. But he developed feelings for you, and you wanted to dance on land for the first time. Charades were getting to be frustrating, and so making a deal with a cursed woman in a cave seemed like the only option for you to become human. However, you couldn’t speak when you got on land. Not only that, but the cursed woman sought out for the man who you fell in love with, planning to kill the both of you for ruining her plans of marrying Kihyun and becoming human forever. 

Hyungwon - The Prince(ss) and the Frog

You lived a normal life, working in a diner where you entertained and served the guests with delicious meals that reminded them of home. Making others happy and feel like a family at the diner was what made you content with your work. On the side, you tend to hope for romance or some sort of action in your life where it’d you bring you in a less routine-like lifestyle. One night while walking along a river in the forest a voice, presumably male, called out for your help. As you looked around, failing to find the source, the voice asked you to look lower– and there he was. Slightly perturbed, you saw a frog talking to you. At first you couldn’t believe it but with the frog’s sassy, sarcastic, and slightly arrogant personality, you came to a conclusion that this frog was once human. He even told you so. He requested for you to ask around town for a “Prince Hyungwon” because he had suddenly turned into a frog. Apparently, his arrogance and willingness to stay single as a prince had gotten him cursed and the quest for searching a loved one was given to him by a witch. If he could, Hyungwon would march to that cottage of hers and demand to be reversed. Sadly, he was only kicked back into the river and along the way, he met a crocodile who came by to talk with him from time to time. But the more the both of you spent time together, you both began developing feelings for each other. Whether you’d be his true love or not, Hyungwon didn’t know and didn’t bother considering you to be his one and only. All he could do is feel guilty for dragging you into his situation and wish that one day he could become human and thank you properly. He just doesn’t know how to do it. 

Jooheon - Jack and the Beanstalk

Growing up poor wasn’t easy for Jooheon (or sometimes goes by the name Jack). After his widowed mother asked him to sell the cow they had relied on for income, he made a trade with a mysterious man who offered the young boy “magical beans”. His mother grew furious with her son when he came home with nothing but these false beans that seemed to have no effect when she threw them into the ground in anger. Sending her son to bed without dinner, all she could do was worry for the well being of her small family. Overnight, the beanstalk grew and grew, reaching above the clouds where no one could see the top unless they climbed it. The next morning, Jooheon was taken aback, but at the same time having an “I-told-you-so” face. Nonetheless, he gathered enough courage to climb the beanstalk, excitedly waiting for the rewards to come when he reaches the peak. Looking around, there was a small house that could fit a few people inside. He found a talking harp and a goose that laid golden eggs. When he began to take them into his arms, you walked into the house with a basket of muffins and other bakery treats. In his eyes, immediate guilt filled his mind as you stared at him with sad eyes and lips that formed a slight pout. You worked hard to find these treasures and now they were being taken away from you. Jooheon promised to return them to you for one thing: to provide enough support for him and his mother. You agreed and you were able to get his family back on their feet. One day, you felt the beanstalk weakening, soon shaking and falling backward. Jooheon grabbed your hand and brought you to safety on the ground, where you find the beanstalk withering and dying. Your home was destroyed. Now, it was time for him to return the favor.

I.M - Alice in Wonderland

Being stuck in a wonderland of mischievous, talking creatures, vibrant colors, and magical plants were quite the step up from your normal, everyday life in the real world. Who knew that falling through a rabbit hole would lead you to this place? You met a few friendlies, and came across the Mad Hatter, and the Cheshire Cat. The Mad Hatter preferred to be called Changkyun. He wore a distinguishable hat and a charming smile you couldn’t forget. He fell in love with you but he just didn’t know it at the time. It was because of your bravery to speak against the Red Queen and beating her at chess that tied it all together. He called you Alice from time to time because everyone in Wonderland believed that you were the legendary hero that was destined to defeat the Red Queen, and slay the dragon that roamed the land. Despite denying yourself to be the hero, it eventually became your new name in Wonderland. However, as time went on, you noticed something different with the Mad Hatter. Something… concerning. He would often check his pocket watch and stare off into space until you waved your hand over his eyes. He’d snap out of it and reassure you that everything was fine– or until you had to slay the dragon and then you’d be sent back to your own world. He couldn’t come with. He was stuck in Wonderland forever. You didn’t know his thoughts or was able to figure his actions and find the meaning behind it. So, for the first time, he performed the Futterwacken (after you had finished your quest) and was ecstatic when he saw you smile and laugh for the first time. At least he had a special memory to remember before you left. When you find out that Wonderland was pushing you out, you waved goodbye to Changkyun and the others before traveling back to where you came from. Changkyun couldn’t help but regret the fact he couldn’t say the three words he wanted you to hear. 

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What if in the actor!sid au, while geno still is in the dark about sid's job, they're having a date where geno picked out a movie and so he pulls it out, and Sid is absolutely terrified because he's IN that movie. "Romance isn't usually my thing, but a friend recommend it to me, thought it might be fun" geno says. So sid just nods, keeps his mouth shut, and hides his head in geno's shoulder when it gets closer to his first scene.

“Here comes Mr. Kenneth,” Geno says, shaking Sidney’s shoulder. Sidney doesn’t look up. “Why you hiding, Sid? Is not scary movie. You like historical romance!” 

“Ms. Slater,“ Mr. Kenneth says from the screen. “Beautiful as ever, and perhaps even cleverer.”

“You flatter me,” Ms. Slater says adoringly from the television. “Hello, Daniel.”

Geno does’t speak for several moments, but his grip on Sidney’s shoulder doesn’t change either. Sidney sneaks a look up and sees his boyfriend staring at the TV with his mouth open. Then back at Sid. Then at the TV again.

“I was gonna–” Sidney squeaks out. “I was gonna tell you. But it didn’t seem…important….I forgot…?”

Geno shakes his head slowly as he blinks, and Sidney fears for the worst as he starts to untangle himself from Geno’s embrace. He stops moving when Geno ropes him back in wordlessly.

“That Mr. Kenneth,” Geno manages, his mouth sounding dry. “He kind of look good. Very hot.”

Sidney reddens. “Geno, you–”

“Think your ass is little bit better.”

Sidney smacks him on the thigh as Geno laughs, and Sidney knew then it was alright.  


One of the moments that make me ship RyuAnn so hard, is that at Shido Palace, I mean, this scene is so beautiful, epic, sad…
The way of who they look each other once that Ryuji made it to the top, how Ann was too shocked about “Ryuji’s dead”, how she start to screaming and panicking… for him

Dude, I’m such a RyuAnn trash, but I really love all the feelings on this part

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oh my gosh, your new chapter of ghost lights is unreal. It's so beautiful and perfect, and once again, the depth you give Noah and Robin is astounding! The way you handle scenes is literally perfect, like, you know exactly when to say what, and when not to say anything?? If that makes sense? I don't really know how to put it into words haha. You've made me care about Robin and Noah as though they're personal friends of mine. Thank you so much for giving us this story! <3

wh what the hell ////

is your plan to kill me with your messages becAUSE IT SURE IS WORKING

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2X14 thoughts???

OK so I have had an extremely exhausting day today, so i am going to omit the downs of this episode and stay on the positive side of it…

Overall I Liked the episode but it is hard to say if I enjoyed it.. Maybe i can decide on that after the second watch or may it is just my exhaustion talking…

Anywas first off Moments that made me pause the episode (Yes there were a few and in no specific order) :
-The Seelie Realm (Damn it was Beautiful)
-The Seelie Queen was a KID?????????? Um OK??? I guess….
-Maryse with Alec & Izzy (Both Scenes brought me to near tears)
-Malec Phone Convo (Malec Fans u guys know why)
-The Malec Handshake (Again U know why)
-Dom in Snow!!!!! Damn he was Gorgeous

Now Moments I Enjoyed: (in no specific order)

- Jace playing the Piano
-Alec being the Head of the Institute
-Malec phone convo
-Magnus infront of the Mirror..
-Maryse & Alec
-All Alec & Luke Scenes (THANK YOU GOD!!! FINALLY…)
-Sebastian & Raphael
-The Meeting??? (what a mess was it???)
-The Seelie Realm… WOW
-Again the Seelie Queen is a KID????? REALLY???? (ok so i was wrong)
-The Malec Handshake
-The little chest bump Magnus does (Cuteness OVERLOADED…)
-Luke & Valentine (Finally he fought him in his human form GAH!!!!!!!)
-Seb playing the piano… He could do THAT????
-Raphael & Izzy (I hate Rizzy,but their last scene had me on the verge of tears)
-The last scene of the Episode (HOLY FUCKING SHIT… GAVE ME THE CHILLS)

Favorite Quotes: (In no specific order)

- “How did you know Kaelie?? Book Club.. Wait you read??? Yeah.. Why does everyone find that so hard to believe??” (ROFLMAO ALEC’S EXPRESSION WAS PRICELESS)
- “After you Mr Vice President“
- “I don’t wanna be accused of any warlock favoritism”
- “I need you there Magnus, but as a warlock representative, NOT AS MY BOYFRIEND” (ALEC GIDEON LIGHTWOOD FINALLY SAID IT… MY BOYFRIEND… AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.. I lost my shit hearing it…)
- “That tree almost tore Simon’s pretty face off… You think I am pretty” (Hello JIMON)
- “Lovely to see you MR LIGHTWOOD and you MR BANE” (AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH they made me lose my shit.. AGAIN)
- “I wouldn’t miss it.. I have tremendous respect for the new head of the Institute“ (me too Magnus… Me too)
- “I thought u said she was Ancient, but she haven’t even hit puberty”
- “Well I implode MR LIGHTWOOD (AGAIN) for his progressive thinking… Cause you are totally unbiased” (Raphael, U little piece of Shit… Magnus’ look though… Had me laughing my ass off)
- “Everyone have a reason to want Valentine dead… I more than Anyone“
- “Despite everything I hope you don’t give up on Love, I hope you fight for it, LIKE YOUR BROTHER” (FINALLY MARYSE… I felt soo bad for her)
- “You don’t get to die today” (FUCK Sebastian GAVE ME THE CHILLS)
- “I wanna fight for it” (the DAMN Rizzy scene almost had me in tears)


Maybe I missed something… Anywas didn’t realize the post was EXTREMELY LONG when typing it… Sorry about it…

There are days were I’ll be working and not thinking about much except how a scene feels or how the dialogue is going and get lost in it as if I belong there. Never once do I think how lucky I am–how lucky I am to be one of the voices of such magnificent beauty, it is hard to believe someone actually breathing somewhere in this world is so unimaginably beautiful inside and out, he himself is more of a fairy tale than anything either me or even Tolkien could dream up.

My issues with the EN localization can be summed up in 2 major points:

1. There’s a huge disconnect between JP Prompto’s sullen and honest sadness and the EN sarcastic bitterness (which I haven’t heard the EN vocals on most scenes yet so it may not be as vast as it feels when hearing one thing and reading something that seems so completely different - camp scene was the most jarring)

2. PANDERING. And maybe it wasn’t meant that way, but there’s two lines in EN which have been taken so shippy like for a certain slash pair that I’m sure is obvious. Which honestly, if it had been across languages, it would’ve felt natural and shippers will be shippers. I don’t get mad about that, I take small stuff and blow it out of proportion for my ships, too, when it’s all in good fun. But the exact phrasing used in EN makes it feel like pandering to shippers when the JP wasn’t like that at all. (Like the post-credits scene)

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Strong mood in the last ask, I desperately need to know what you originally planned for the last chapter??? Also is that tears in j's eyes in the wips?? It's getting me worried, (beautiful beautiful art my dear,Can't wait for the finished piece) seriously chapter 5 is one of my favorite chapters in all the fics I've ever read. 👏💜


Ok, ok. Since it’s you and you asked so nicely, I’ll tell you.

So this was all super planned out and ready to go until a while ago the plot told me to go fuck myself and I had to redo this entire section of the story, but BASICALLY Bruce was gonna visit Crane and it’d be like the scene in the posted chapter, except during that time an assassin or two were gonna sneak into the mansion and end up *whispers* killing Alfred. And J realised something’s up (didn’t quite figure out the detail for that one) and managed to get the cuffs off and tried to stop the assassin but didn’t quite make it in time, so just had a little torture fun time with them instead.
So, when Bruce came back, he’d see Alfred and go absolutely Batshit-uber-crazy and then he was gonna see J covered in blood and think it was Alfred’s and when J said it was the assassin’s, Bruce would go into a rage and attack J, who let him do it because he knows Bruce needed to let it out somehow. And when J’s asked why he killed them, he’d say it’s because Bruce would have done it otherwise and that’d make Bruce just break down and J would hold him and be there for him and…yeah. Super angsty.
But I just couldn’t do it. Firstly because I couldn’t bring myself to hurt Alfred like that. I luvs him too much, but also because I originally thought I needed something like that to make Bruce break down before he’d finally admit what he feels for J, but as the story’s gone on, they’ve kinda been getting there on their own and, also, I didn’t wanna cheapen what they have by basically saying “Bruce will only get with J if he’s desperate”. Because I don’t think that’s necessarily true and not the sorta message I wanna send. So, yeah. It ended up being what it is now and I’ll let you decide if it’s a good change or not.

As for the J pic, it’s smudged eyeliner and mascara from the rain, but it could also be tears if you like, because, y'know, there’s no such thing as too much angst.

Also omg there’s no way it could be that good! *cries forever*

Episode Review:
2x14 The Fair Folk
by isabelle

Rating: 5/5

Caution: SPOILERS!

Okay, I’ll try to shut off fangirl Isabelle, but I’m still sobbing on the inside, so please don’t judge me, lol! Obviously, as a Clace fan, this episode was a big deal. At first I was really worried about the Seelie Court scene. As a book fan I didn’t know what to expect and was a bit afraid they could not live up to my expectations. More about the Seelie Court later!

Let’s start with the opening scene with Jace playing piano and Sebastian was really lovely. Finally we got to see piano playing Jace. I was waiting for this moment and it was beautiful! 

Alec is such a good leader. He looked natural as the new Head of the New York institute and him seeing so confident made me really happy! How he came up with the meetings idea and got every Downworld leader together. The Mr. Lightwood / Mr. Bane scene was super cute. Even though they tried to stay formal, they had hearteyes during the entire scene.

It was nice to see Meliorn and Raphael together again. Meliorn is one of my favorite Downworlders. His line about Sebastian (him ‘mistaking’ him for Jace) was so funny! If I didn’t know any better, I appreciated Sebastian’s comments to Raphael. He’s right, their relationship is toxic and based on an addiction. It would be better for Izzy to stay away from Raphael. But, something tells me Sebastian want Izzy for himself and has a plan for her?

Who the hell does he have locked up in that room?? I’m honestly very excited to see more of this psycho side of Sebastian.

Somehow, Simon succeeded to make me laugh. When he first showed up with Clary to meet Jace I was annoyed with him not taking the meeting with the Seelie Queen seriously, but when they got there he had some funny lines. 

It was nice to see Maryse back at the institute. I loved her scenes with her children. It really does look like she’s sorry for her actions. 

I thought Luke’s actions were very out of character? I understand his hate towards Valentine, but him wanting to kill Valentine in his cell didn’t make sense to me. It just came out of nowhere in my opinion. Anyone else got A.D. (Pretty Little Liars) feelings when Luke got the calls? Oh, and I still do not trust Ollie. I think she’ll find out soon enough what Luke exactly is.

Finally, the Seelie Queen / Seelie Court. How I loved these scenes! I love Lola as the Seelie Queen, she played the role so well! I immediately was creeped out by her. Great casting! 

The Clace kiss… What can I say? It was so good!! Oh, my feelings. Of course I felt bad for Simon. His face when he saw her kissing Jace was so sad. But, the Clace fan in me was too excited to give it a lot of attention. The intensity that was described in the books… I felt it. The look in both their eyes when the kiss ended, yes, yes, yes!! They did a wonderful job with this scene! Ruelle’s song ‘The Other Side’ made it even more perfect. How I love her music.

How I loved this episode. How I’ll replay the Clace kiss the next two weeks. Yes, two weeks. Unfortunately Shadowhunters won’t return till July 10th. 

(SPOILERS! sort of? just being careful.)

I had to draw this out - it is undoubtedly one of my most favorite scenes out of the movie. I was so impressed by Chris Pine during this moment because his acting was so convincing. I liked his take on Steve Trevor throughout but he really clicked as a character for me here. I thought these lines were beautifully written, and his delivery was so perfect that it really stuck with me while I was leaving the theater. I feel like this moment alone is a beautiful example of their relationship.


gif request meme: favorite hero heroic moment + game of thrones (for @thatrobbstark)


not to be That Person™ but do you see the arm? 

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Misawa day theme: Development

Miyuki and Sawamura relationship development

The moment in Wonder Woman with the glasses had me cracking up for more than one reason. First of all, because Steve is like, “She’s still too distracting. Here,” and has Diana put on the glasses and then Etta goes, “Ah right, the specs. Put them on and suddenly she’s no longer the most beautiful woman you’ve ever seen.” Then Diana looks in the mirror and seems to like the glasses. So the scene is funny in and of itself but it’s also a slight dig at Superman and Supergirl and their ridiculous glasses disguises hahaha.