this scene was just cute soo

What I learned from watching eps 1-4 of Hwarang:

1) The director likes messing with your feels.

2) The director REALLY likes messing with your goddamn feels.

3) Soo Ho is an extremely cute, yet really dingy, little shit that I just want to hug and feed cookies to all day.

4) Ban Ryu is extremely hot and pulls off the ‘cold guy’ persona well. If he cries, I cry.

5) Soo Ho and Ban Ryu’s rivalry is really cute tbh, fight me on this.

6) I want to see Hwarang football become a thing cause that shit is intense.

7) I don’t know if I can properly get through Han Sung’s scenes without dying from feels cause I love the person playing him so damn much.

8) Moo Myung/Sun Woo has a habit of making your skin erupt into goosebumps because of all the shit he does.

9) Aro is useless thus far.

10) The queen is a tyrannical bitch that I’d like to overthrow myself.


already choking on my pride

so there’s no use crying about it

This was just too cute. I hope to see Min Seok in another drama soon. Hopefully as the lead. I want to see him get a girl!!!

wertgrag  asked:

What you would do if amedot become Canon?

Ooh! That would be soo cute!! I don’t see it happening personally but if it did good for them 💜💚 Maybe once they have a scene together again it’ll seem more likely but right now they are close friends and I feel like Ame likes someone else… That’s just my opinion! If it did go canon I wouldn’t mind too much n__n I prefer Garnidot and Pearlapis for “unlikely ships suddenly going canon” but Amedot is still really adorable~ I’d probably reblog some Amedot and celebrate a new canon in SU, but I’d do that for any of the ships tbh!

yknow, whenever i watch the Blood Moon Ball dance scene i just get so happy because i start to focus on Marco’s face the whole time

like, you can tell that in this split second scene:

his expression is more of a surprised one. But in the very next scene, and all the way through the dance, hes definitely smiling.


Marco says her name, and the way he says it, I just cant stop screaming over it because he says it in such a dreamy tone, you know, like “hey, earth to Star!” and STAR IS SO EXCITED LIKE “OMFG HE KNOWS MY NAME HOW DOES HE KNOW MY NAME SQUEALS” 

but ok stay with me bc it gets fuckin cuter because THEN THIS

HES SMILING SO WIDE NOW BC HES ALL “oohhh this is gonna be soo good shes so happy and so into this dancing and even seems a little like shes crushing on me but prolly not but anyways shes gonna love it when she finds out its been me this whole time its gonna be great” JUST LOOK AT HIM



How the throne of glass series shipping goes
  • Throne of glass: Omg! Celeana and Dorian are cute together! I totally ship them together over chaol.
  • Crown of midnight: Woah.. Chaol and Celeana are so adorable together! They r so cute! My #1 otp definitely.
  • Heir of fire: ok... This Rowan guy is ok i guess.. Still shipping her with chaol...
  • Queen of shadows: lol. Who is chaol? Rowaelin is totally my otp! They are so perfect with one another! The way they just seem to understand one another. I bet they are totally mates.
  • Empire of storms: fuck yes! I was right! Omg that sex scene was just soo fucking hot and cute and romantic and my shipping heart hurts so much! They r so perfect for one another!! .....(end of the book)...The fuck is this shit?!! I am gunna go curl up and cry now.

Wook you goddamn bastard i loved you…this episode just showed how much of a coward he really is. I loved how he treated her but he never took action. I knew he was never the main lead but I kept hoping he would do something this episode. 

The scene where he just leaves her there and she is like “why” 

Killed me 

(Gif by

This is the most beautiful and compelling scene ever. As Wook turns his back on her. So stands by her side never leaving her. (lookin like a cute overgrown bat)

I have never cried over drama so much before!! I loved Lady Oh. Just shows how much she loved Hae Soo.

this scene really helped make Rose more personable and relatable

like all of a sudden she isn’t just some ethereal being but a relatable character with flaws and facets (get it)

Like I am sooo glad they did this. She IS an alien and she doesn’t know how to have a relationship with a human because she can’t relate to them

but she loves Greg and she wants to try.

ugh this couple is soo cute.


Ok soo i watched the movie and i love it. Q , team MI6 is Amazing!

Ben as Q - people this actor is incredible! Q and Bond - the best team ever - very cute scenes together!

But the Bond and Madeleine love - well let say i didn’t buy it. He showed more feelings about dead Vesper (with the tape scene) than with Madeleine the entire movie!!

Don’t compare it to Skyfall  - just watch it and enjoy!!

The scene with Bond and the mouse is hilarious!!!