this scene was just confusing

And first playthrough of Rebirth PSP is done!

What can I say? I love this game.

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I think it's gonna be Scott carrying Lydia out even tho I'm expecting Parrish because in the promo between Lydia and Stiles banging on the door theres a scene of Scott and the lighting looks like the lighting where Lydia is locked in. So maybe he finds Lydia and Stiles? Im just confused where the "You had a plan?" scene comes in. Or the person carrying her could be carrying her into the room where Stiles is banging on the door. Thoughts??


The “you have a plan” scene probably comes directly after the “shut up and let me save your life” scene. Then they’ll be going through the tunnels, hit a road bump, maybe, and Lydia will have to use her powers to save herself and Stiles. 

I think the carrying going to be towards the end of the episode, after Lydia maybe becomes physically weak from using her powers to defend her friends, so someone has to carry her. But other than that, I really have no predictions except that it’s probably P@rrish, but maybe in Hellhound mode? 

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so mika was never called yuu's gf or lover? i'm confused? op worded in a way difficult for me to understand :(

Hi nonnie! No, you just confused the chapters ^-^, let me explain:

That scene was from chapter 2 or 3 when Shinoa asks an anti-social Yuu if he doesn’t want a lover. What the post meant was that Shinoa didn’t say “girlfriend”, as in, excludding boys, but rather a neutral term, like “lovers”. This explains what the english translation of the anime did…

The chapter you’re talking about is the Ikebukuro one, 9.5, the extra chapter where Yuu screams “MIKAAA” and Shinoa asks him if that’s the name of his girlfriend. She really asks him that and you can tell just by listening to the cd drama. She clearly uses the word “kanojo”.


The Comi-(near-)tragic Story of The Hole Book

With a literal hole traveling cover to cover through the center of the book, The Hole Book (1902) inspired me at a very young age.

The story follows the hole, created by little Tom Potts when a gun he was playing with went off releasing an unstoppable bullet that travels nearly ‘clean round the world.’ We never see the bullet itself as it whizzes through each scene, but instead arrive just a moment behind, to see the shock and confusion the sudden hole creates. Had it not finally taken rest in a cake ‘with icings good and stout,’ the bullet might have continued round the world and killed poor Tom himself. An early warning in a time preceding gun control.

American artist and poet, Peter Newell published a number of books in his time. My favorites include The Rocket Book, with a similar hole blasted through each page, and The Slant Book, in the shape of a rhomboid with the horizon always at an angle, which follows a runaway baby carriage.

You can read The Hole Book here where you can also experience a fraction of the joy I felt when my mother read it to me with the robot voice provided.


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so I'm confused and I need help. So the Mockingjay part 2 DVD comes with all this behind the scenes stuff and documentaries so will that mean the box set will also come with the same or will that just contain the deleted scenes? I'm sorry I'm just really confused on what to buy I'm legit prepared to by the box set and the DVD on its own!

As I understand it, the extra scenes will be in the 4-movie packet for the US only (which is pretty unfair for international peeps IMO), as well as a behind-the-scenes documentary. The regular DVD only includes some special features (sans deleted scenes and documentary) (I think…)

This post breaks it down a little better:

You know what?

I like the Extended Cut ending.*

Like, I actually cried a little. As opposed to the original ending where I kinda wanted to cry but was mainly just confused.

There’s closure. There’s scenes of the aftermath. There’s hope. There’s a scene of Wrex and Eve holding a baby Krogan that made my heart melt.

I’ll accept it as my headcanon ending.

*note that I’m only talking about the destroy ending and the version where Shepard lives, I still think the kid being the catalyst and the other choices were stupid