this scene was honestly so weird

Some more Twin Things™ in honour of our favourite genetic identicals

-being pissed when people don’t make an effort to tell you apart
when the new freshman backliner is stuck cleaning the court after practise: hey Andrew, can you pass me the bucket of balls?
Aaron: it’s Aaron
Freshman: same difference
Aaron: *maintains eye contact while reaching out with his foot, knocking over the bucket so that balls scatter across the court* 

-being annoyed when people can’t tell them apart (”we’re not the same fucking person”) but also weirdly annoyed if they can (”you guys don’t actually look that alike!” “yeah cool what makes you think that your opinion is relevant???”) 

-hoarding extras so that your twin can have a share of the good stuff
Andrew: *takes the last two beers from the fridge, ignoring Kevin’s protests*
Kevin: why are you taking both, you know that’s my favourite brand-
Aaron: *comes out of bathroom*
Andrew: “hey, catch loser” *throws beer at Aaron*
Aaron: *swears and fumbles catch*

-’So who is the evil twin?’ questions.
Allison: *laughs*

-Matt and Nicky are watching Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows when the scene where Fred dies comes on. Aaron steals the remote and changes the channel bc honestly fuck that shit

-holding grudges for each other, even when the other twin has forgotten about it
“Andrew why do you keep targeting that dealer.” “He tripped you with his stick.” “No he di- Andrew that happened last year

-using each other as a comparison for all their weird health problems.
“urg, i feel sick.” “yeah that happens whenever I drink milk.”
“that sign over there is blurry right?” “…uh no?” “What? no, everything in the distance is out of focus.” “No it isn’t?!” “Fuck.”
(Nicky: oh my god you’ve been driving us around for three years)

-both twins secretly wanting to dress up as the twins from the Shining for Halloween

-using ‘We’ a lot
Andrew eats tuna, proceeds to break out in hives. “Dumbass, we’re allergic to tuna.” “oh we are, are we? since fucking when?”

-even when they don’t have any evidence for it
“nah we hate maths.” “actually calculus is alright.” “…who even ARE you”

-being more insulted when their twin is insulted than when they are
Aaron’s classmate in med school: your twin is, like, a pro footballer or something right?
Aaron: sure
Classmate: haha guess you got all the brains between you, huh?
Aaron: *not sure why he’s so offended, but offended all the same*

-speaking of med classes, Aaron definitely gets that little jolt of excitement whenever a lecturer mentions twins or twin studies. quietly like ‘hey, that’s me, i have one of those’ it’s a thing

-definitely have dealt with creepy dudes at Eden’s Twilight who just have to mention the Twin Thing. Andrew punched one in the kidneys. Aaron thinks he should’ve used a knife.

-the Five Second Fight phenomenon 
Aaron: *says something rude or aggressive at practise*
Andrew: *says something cruel*
silence. they stare at each other for a few seconds. Andrew slowly reaches out and flicks Aaron on the forehead. Aaron rolls his eyes and gives Andrew his Gatorade. It’s red flavour. Andrew’s favourite. They are both appeased. Everyone else is too scared to comment.

-they don’t have twin ~ESP~ or anything, because it mostly comes from years of over-exposure. they’re still working on that classic Twin Bond. 
*both of them studying at 2am”
Aaron: i freakin’ hate anatomy, why do i need to know that the hyoid bone provides attachment for the larynx-
Andrew: that bone is often fractured in victims of strangulation
Aaron: what
Andrew: in dead bodies. if the hyoid bone is fractured, often they’ve been strangled. Neil told me.
Aaron: …neat
(shhh they’re bonding)

-anyway TWINSIES 


71/365 days of fitzsimmons

So, basically...

Things I liked about the finale:

- Seeing everyone who’d passed away

- Defan 

- Bonnie kicking ass

Things I didn’t like about the finale:

- Stefan dying

- Katherine’s weak ass comeback (she just got stabbed and thrown around, how exciting)

- Stefan dying

- Why the fuck was Vicki in hell?

- SteFaN dYinG

- How the fuck did Bonnie wake up Elena? Also she sort of had Enzo in the end but not really??? Also how did Enzo wake Bonnie up just by touching her I’m??? YOU GUYS I GET THE FEELING BONNIE BROUGHT KAI BACK TO SAVE ELENA IN RETURN FOR HIS FREEDOM WHICH WOULD HAVE MADE SENSE CONSIDERING HE WANTED TO GET HIS ASS OUT OF MYSTIC FALLS AND HE WAS THE ONLY ONE WHO COULD LIFT THE SPELL. but no. plot holes! :D

- Stefan. Dying.


- Stefan always sacrificing it all for everyone and being so loyal and brave and kind and then DYING

- I miss Kai. Why did everyone love the siphon twins but not him.

- Why is Stefan dead

- Why didn’t they just stab Katherine and throw her in the tunnel, or tie her to a chair in the tunnel it makes NO SENSE that anyone had to die

- Did I mention Stefan’s death?

- I was expecting more out of the Delena scenes to be honest

- S T E F A N 

- How did Katherine’s hair magically curl itself between shots?

- he deserved better : ))

- Tyler’s character was tossed off the show like he meant nothing and I’m still mad

- Honestly who cares about Matt’s family

- Didn’t they say we were gonna have a two hour finale? IT FELT SO RUSHED.

- Caroline is the only vampire left which is so weird and I don’t like it

- Alaric deserved better, him and Jo were so beautiful together

- Do you think I’ve forgotten about Stefan bc I haven’t

Shit i really liked and kinda didn’t like about Ragnarok

I recently saw ragnarok and became so rejuvenated that i brought my marvel blog back but i wanted to seriously talk about like things that i liked and really didn’t just to get shit out there. 

Things i really liked (like so much that i am obsessed)

-Thor’s new hair cut/outfit, i think its actually super suitable. Gives that sort of cool ass warrior refugee look. Plus, Chris Hemsworth is beautiful. 

-The humor, oh god it was hilarious, i’ve never laughed so genuinely and so much in my life and it made the movie so charming and relatable. It was also such a departure from The Dark World and the first Thor, which dealt with so much emotional baggage for not only just Thor, but for Loki, who basically suffered throughout both movies. 

-Hulk being an actual toddler/Bruce Banner being so fucked up and anxious because WHEN DID HE GET ON AN ALIEN PLANET. 

-”You’ve been on other planets before i assume” “Yeah, one!” “well now it’s two” 

-Valkyrie. Her entire everything gave me so much to love and adore. Tessa Thompson has stole my heart yet again. 


-The little tiny glimpses of Loki and Thor’s childhood, aka the snake story, get help. It really showed how much time Loki and Thor had spent together, which i assume is a lot because age in Asgardian years work differently probably? Like imagine that, Loki and Thor spending time together and being inseparable for 100 years. It showed that they were always close despite loki feeling different or alienated, which explains why its so hard for Loki to just leave thor for dead. 

-”You’ll always be the god of mischief, but you can be so much more” See that shit destroyed me. Thor acknowledges that Loki is not like him. He’s a trickster, manipulative, and selfish. But he also acknowledges that Loki is so much more than his tricks and lies, which shows so much character growth in Thor, who sees loki as more than just an asgardian prince that was raised the exact same way opposite of Thor, but as his own fucking person.

-Thor actually not being stupid and falling for Loki’s tricks, aka his magic projections of himself/his petty, stupid betrayals. Tom mentioned that Thor was evolving and that Loki was finally starting to realize that he’s the only one not growing. Scenes like the betrayal scene and the snake scene, although meant to be hilarious, point out that Thor isn’t that idiot that just was too trusting of his brother, he sees through Loki’s tricks, he’s seen them for years, and it really shows that Loki’s getting predictable with his fake deaths and betrayals, which might hint at him changing? 

-IT FIXED THE INCONSISTENCIES. The main reason i didn’t like Dark world, though i did see it as amazing for its ability to mix the emotional darkness between Loki and Thor along with the humor throughout the movie, was because it pointed Loki out to be the type of cold blooded monster that would murder his own father. I mean I’m no Loki apologist, i love the kid but he’s killed, he’s manipulated, he’s hurt everyone around him, but i doubt he could ever kill Odin, no matter how much of a shitty father he is. Also low-key hated the whole “Loki if you betray me, ill kill you” Thor bullshit. We all know thor wouldn’t be able to do that, he still hopes Loki is his brother. 


-”I thought the world of you Loki.” Ouch. 

-Hulk and Val’s bromance. 

-The entire Valkyrie v. Hela scene. It was so beautiful and ethereal i actually nutted. 


-Loki’s face when odin called him his son. 

-Loki’s face when Hela told him to kneel. 

-Loki refusing to let Thor go back to Asgard. “Are you serious? you can’t be thinking of going back there, that’s madness!” is that? Loki cARING? 

-Loki’s character development. 

-thor in a jean jacket and hoodie in new york. 

-Thor spilling beer everywhere. 

-Loki letting Thor take the orgy ship. 

-Jeff Goldblum. Thats it. 


-”Hello father” “OH SHIT” 

-The entire play. Loki’s rule as a benevolent god/king in which, before everyone feared him for a dictatorship militaristic form of ruling he could have, but in reality he just like ate grapes and watched plays. 

-Thor wanting to be a Valkyrie. The crowned prince of asgard, wanting to be an elite team of woman warriors. 


-Val kicking Loki’s ass. 


-Loki in a suit. 


-”I thought you didn’t want to talk about it” “heres the thing” 

-”Hello!” “Hi” *blasts everyone in room with giant laser guns* 

-”What are you? Thor, god of hammers?” 


-”i swear i left him right here” “where? on the street? Or in that nursing home thats being torn down?” 

“I’m not a witch” “Why do you dress like one then?” 

-Loki rolling his eyes when thor is approached by fans. 

-Loki calling stephen strange a shitty sorcerer and going at him with stabby hands. 

-Confirmation of loki’s love of stabbing. 

-Confirmation that Loki is a snake, and also Thor’s favorite snake.

-Loki reciting Thor’s prayer to odin with him mY SON. 

-The avengers parallel. “He’s my brother!” “adopted.” 




-”Where? the devil’s anus?” 

-Bruce fighting evil with fireworks. Good job sweetie. 

-Bruce flopping like a fish on the bifrost. 

-Thor and his sparkles. 

-Lightning eyes. 


-*Loki on a death trip* ‘this is a terrible idea” 

-Loki somehow reciting a spell to bring surtur back. what a weirdo. how did he know that. 


-im here. 



-Thor and Bruce’s bromance. 

-Jane not being there. I mean it makes sense she dumped him, he left her for two years chasing down infinity stones and constantly almost dying while she had no way of contacting him because Thor’s ass didn’t know how to use fucking email. Also i just really honestly never liked her character to begin with, i mean sure i love that Jane is a strong, smart woman but tbh i just wanted to Fast forward every time she was on screen. 

-The cute death wolf. 

-”THATS HOW IT FEELS!” “sorry i just really like the sport” 


-Val being there as a cool as member of the team rather than just the love interest of Thor. Protect her at all cost even though she probs doesn’t even need it. 


-Stan Lee’s cameo as the dude who cut Thor’s hair. Thank you for doing all of us a giant favor. Please do the same to Loki. 

-loki beating someone up with his horn hat. 

-Loki twirling his horn hat. 

-Loki being such a self serving, extra asshole that he came from the fucking fog screaming “YOUR SAVIOR HAS ARRIVED” 

-Bruce asking where tony was and then complaining about his tight crotch pants. 


-Loki’s costume being mainly blue, black, and gold :-)))))))

-Loki being 100% done with everything that happens. 

-Val knocking Loki out when he makes her relive her trauma why do people ship this you go honey that was a dick move

-Thor throwing various things at Loki to make sure he’s not a mirage. 

-he’s a friend from work, something a kid from make a wish that met chris suggested, being in the film and all of the trailers. I hope that made that kid smile. 

-”In return, i wish to be granted safe passage through the anus” 



-Loki being genuinely worried about and double checking if Thor really wants to bring him back to earth after what he did kill me honestly that would probably hurt less. 

-Loki’s face when thor said that going their separate ways was what Loki always wanted bc in reality that is the opposite go back. 

-Hela not being Loki’s daughter because 1) it proves that ya’ll should stop hoping that a comic soap opera about rich petty alien boys with daddy issues would be anything like classic norse mythology, and 2) when the fuck and how the fuck and why the fuck 

-Loki suggesting that he and Thor both rule over Sakaar together lmao ouch. 

-Loki just being really cute and quirky. 

-Thor being so fucking amazed by Val all the time. 

-”You’re late.” 

-”I saw you coming” “course you did.” 


What i didn’t like much; 

-Hela. I loved her character, but honestly here is where i think there might’ve been some failure despite how much i loved that movie. She seemed so out of place as a villain, and i feel like the whole related shit tried to mimic Guardians vol. 2, but honestly the fact that Thor didn’t care much about her made her feel so out of place. But i did like some parts, like how she was so disappointed about not being remembered or what her existence and disappointment did to how loki was raised. 

-Dr. Strange? Ok that was weird. It makes sense and it was funny to see him but to be honest i wasn’t into it. 


-tbh was not fond of frost master, don’t hate me. 

-Loki possibly taking the tesseract????? And hinting that he might turn evil again??? don’t do this to me marvel. 

-loki possibly being turned into the quirky sidekick of his brother. Loki is Thor’s equal, not his annoying little brother/wacky sidekick. I didn’t get that vibe often, but sometimes i did honestly. 

-RIP thor’s hammer. 


-Hela’s entrance. it was so quick and like out of place i was like what wait, Loki and thor didn’t even have time to prepare or even mourn. 

-the comedy. It was its best and worst part of the movie. Sometimes it was tasteful. Other times it was too much. Thor and Loki didn’t even get to mourn for their dad who tbh was an asshole but still their dad before there was a annoying joke about kneeling. It took away from the story sometimes.

-the lack of hugging between thor and loki.

-The way they glossed over the warriors three’s death like they weren’t Thor’s closest friends and the only ones there for him when Odin tried to banish Thor to earth :-))))) I mean after all that shit he went through I’m pretty fucking sure it probably hasn’t caught up to him but ya bitch still pissed. 

-The way, Thor, who basically admitted that Loki actually meant the world to him and was the only family he had left, didn’t ask where he was after asgard exploded? Like tbh i get it, he trusts Loki, his brothers capable and strong and most of all really fucking smart, but i’d still be like :-) the fuck is Loki. I think this is a directing error though rather than like the characters fucking up but i was freaking out, i mean asgard was literally pebbles and everyone was out BUT my son. 

-No sif, i mean i get it Jaime Alexander was busy but like y'all could’ve explained smh. 

-Loki not getting a hair cut. When will his emo phase end. 

-Not getting that one flashback to 80′s asgard with mullets and emo loki. 

Overall it was pretty fucking cool, one of the best movies of the trilogy. I fell in love with the marvel cinematic universe all over again. But it wasn’t perfect. 

Fall For You (M) | 03 (Final)

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Summary: You hate a lot of things about Jeon Jungkook; you hate his arrogance, his reputation, and his pet name for you to name a few. But most of all, you hate how right it feels for you to fall into his arms, and how easy it is to fall for him.
Word Count: 13,742
Genre: fuckboy!Jungkook, college au, sprinkling of feelings
A/N: I feel like I’m sending my child to their first day of kindergarten oh my goodness. I hope you guys enjoy the last part!!

Part 01. Part 02 + Drabbles

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A mistake.

It absolutely had to be a mistake.

There was no way you were in love with Jeon Jungkook, absolutely no way in hell you had feelings for him that ran any deeper than discontent. It had been the moment, the conversation with Jungkook, the awe you’d felt when he showed you his forest. You had gotten caught up in that moment, and your mind had tricked itself into thinking you liked Jungkook.

You didn’t love Jungkook.

You loved his dick. And that was all.

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No disrespect to Jimberly at all, but I’m so glad they cut that makeout scene. It really grossed me out. Kimberly became an extremely thirsty hoe all of a sudden and it made her character’s power and independence totally disappear for me as a female viewer. It was really gross honestly and I’m not just sayin that because I ship Cranscott and Trimberly. I don’t know what they were thinking but I am SO happy it got cut! Y'all are more than welcome to disagree but the scene made me real uncomfortable in a way that’s so weird I can’t explain. If they had gotten much more time and romantic interaction, then sure, but because it’s an origin story??? Nah… good call Lionsgate. Now be smart and make Trimberly, Cranscott, and ZackxTommy canon plez, you’ve made some smart choices so far, let’s keep it going. If y'all are gonna go all the way and make the Rangers gay, then how bout y'all go all the way????

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What are your thoughts on Justice League flopping so badly?

my thoughts on justice league flopping? well. *cracks knuckles* shall we? we shall.

let me start just off by saying that i love the dceu. i’ve grown to love zack snyder, what his vision was for these characters. his films are deep, his films have MEANING, his films are smart, they’re full of heart and depth. they feel realistic. he’s handled these characters AMAZING in mos and bvs. man of steel is one of my favorite comic book movies of all time. i haven’t been a fan of dc for very long, i’d say around a year in a half but in that time i have grown to love these characters and care about them very dearly. 

also, those are just my thoughts and my thoughts alone, but i know A LOT of people, dedicated zack snyder fans feel the same way. go on twitter, search around in the dceu community, you’ll find that most of them share my opinions or some of them. 

you might not want to continue reading if you haven’t seen justice league as im about to get into spoilery territory. the rest is going to be under the cut because there is A LOT i have to say. 

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okay so i know everyone’s been talking about how this scene “might” be alluding to trans girl pidge because she doesn’t know what bathroom to use but honestly i think it’s DIRECTLY alluding to that fact.

later keith comes out of the bathroom with the blue marking (the “male” marking because apparently aliens have a gender binary and associate certain colors with it like us) so it’s pretty obvious then that he knew which bathroom to use, while pidge didn’t. because of that, i don’ think this scene above was like “haha pidge doesn’t now what bathroom to use because all the aliens look weird and we can’t tell which ones are using which bathrooms and this is just a slight nod to trans girl pidge” but rather “pidge doesn’t know what bathroom to use because she IS trans and she’s afraid to use the ‘wrong’ bathroom”


REASON # 3  — PARALLELS and PRESSURE POINTS aka Jon’s “Weakness” 

Wow. Just…wow. 

The hilarious thing is I was going to write a post about Sansa being Jon’s “weakness” and his one “pressure point” for days now and never got around to it. 

And then THIS^ happened. The moment Missandei came in to speak to Greyworm before his departure, I thought “that’s a parallel” to Jon and Sansa saying goodbye because he is departing. When he called her his one weakness, though, the one reason he has “fear” - I fell off the sofa. 

Because clearly the only thing that had Jon stalling or reluctant to leave Winterfell to go south was his fear of leaving Sansa on her own, and when he tells her she has Winterfell now, it he is trying to reassure her as much as himself that she will be alright even without him. Going to the crypt, he is asking Ned’s forgiveness, I think, for leaving Sansa and exposing her to danger, despite his vow to protect her. And this will be a BIG THING in Jon’s upcoming storyline. Littlefinger finds him there and tries to “test” Jon and what LF was trying to find out is: what’s Jon’s weakness, what’s his weak spot, his pressure point, the “button”, the one thing that can shatter the calm, brave facade. 

He got his answer, and so did we. Mention Sansa, mention the prospect of “touching” Sansa — Jon turns into the incredible HULK. He goes ballistic to a frightening point, and there is so much emotion behind his anger, like it isn’t just protectiveness, Jon is *never not* extremely protective of Sansa — and there is so much more in that outburst. It’s brute violence, it’s the shaking, growling, totally-lost-his-shit kind of rage that actually stands in contrast to the time Ned chokes LF, though it’s also an obvious parallel. 

Sansa is Jon’s BIG WEAKNESS: His reaction to LF is so significant here because it also leaves LF to contemplate big time what exactly he had just provoked and witnessed in Jon. If a woman is a man’s weakness, it’s usually either his child or his wife, a woman he loves deeply and is terrified of losing (Ahem, Greyworm, ahem). 

Connect this with what’s been said in interviews that Sansa affects Jon like no other (not sure anymore what the exact words were), she inspires extreme reactions in him, born out of frustration, confusion, tension and…fear for her. We’ve seen him being inexplicably weird with Sansa (ooc some had called it even) last ep. Now LF’s simple declaration that he loves Sansa was the trigger to release whatever pent up emotion and frustration, fear and madness Jon had in him even last episode. 

And what follows the crypt scene? Another parallel. The “goodbye and departure scene” between Jon and Sansa - coming in the same freaking episode as the “lover’s departure”  between Greyworm and Missandei. Are you actually kidding me? 

If Jonerys is endgame (and it may very well be so) then this is some elaborate elaborate ship trolling…and honestly, it would be a huge waste of perfectly good screen time on a show that is already nearing its end…

HP reread IX: follow 4 more soft wizard racism
  • this whole time I’ve thought dark marks are black, but it turns out they only go black when Voldemort touches them. the rest of the time they’re “vivid red”. Karkaroff said his had been “getting clearer” all year, implying that it faded during that decade-or-so when Voldemort was an evil spirit Smeagol. so, for 13 years, some of the biggest, baddest wizards in the country walked around with pale pink skulls tattooed on their arms. death eaters rockin’ that pastel grunge aesthetic.
  • while we’re gently mocking death eaters: if Voldemort’s original plan was to kill Harry, hitch a portkey back to Hogwarts and take control using the element of surprise and his loyal buds that showed up in the graveyard, he would obviously have taken them with him, right? please picture all the death eaters and Voldemort standing around the Triwizard Cup, touching it with a single finger and patiently waiting for it to take off. that is the funniest fucking image. UNFORTUNATELY we know that the portkey is permanently active as it took Harry straight back to Hogwarts as soon as he touched it, so INSTEAD picture Voldemort counting down from 3 so all the death eaters touch it at the same time. “are we touching it ON THREE or AFTER THREE?” “on three.” “so one two three touch?” “on three! ON THREE, GOYLE, FOR FUCK’S SAKE!!!”
  • I wish JKR had let Snape stay as a morally black/extremely dark grey reprehensible fucktrumpet triple agent who was invaluable to the order — and a great example of the whole “not all bad people are death eaters” (er… anymore) thing that gets brought up w/ Umbridge — and who we could all merrily love to hate while also genuinely liking as a character. (like the scene where he shows Fudge his dark mark? so cool. SO COOL. he outs himself as an ex-death eater in front of a whole group of people including his students, colleagues and the Minister for Magic just to make a point.) instead she tried to make him into some sort of tragic Byronic hero and it was pants. BUT LET’S NOT JUMP THE GUN, EH?
  • honestly I’m surprised Sirius didn’t launch himself out of the chair and try to eat Snape at that point. (Sirius was a dog at the time. this sounds weird.) 
  • speaking of weird dog Sirius, I really think he has spent far too much time as a dog and needs to chill. he came up with A DOG NAME FOR HIMSELF. which, okay, isn’t necessarily a bad idea, but what does Sirius go for? Spike? Spot? Rover? Lucky? no. SNUFFLES. Sirius, buddy, you gotta get out of that dog mentality. you let Harry, Ron and Hermione pat you on the head to say goodbye. you gotta be a MAN! 
  • after the third task, Dumbledore sends McGonagall down the pumpkin patch and tells her to take the large, black dog that she’ll find sitting in it up to his office. CAN YOU PLEASE IMAGINE how OVER THE MOON Sirius would be with McGoogles showing up, talking to him WHILE HE’S A DOG, taking him up to Dumbledore’s office WHILE HE’S A DOG, and telling him the headmaster will see him shortly WHILE! HE’S! A DOG! he fucking loved it. I bet he was utterly beside himself. McGoog, talking to him in dog form, probably being very stern and Scots about it. and she had NO IDEA it was him. I bet he could not fucking WAIT to tell Remus.
  • there isn’t a lot of Draco Malfoy in GoF, but he pops in at the end for some Classic Malfoy interaction. he shows up in their train compartment, as is his wont, and starts gloating about how he warned Harry about hanging out with the wrong sort four fucking years ago on the day they very first met, on the train, remember, Potter? I warned you! I said this would happen, Potter! you picked the losing side! I told you to pick your company more carefully, remember? remember, Potter? when we met on the train? I told you! you should have picked me! you should have pICKED ME, POTTER, WHY DIDN’T YOU PICK ME??? WELL IT’S TOO LATE NOW!!! I DON’T EVEN WANT TO BE YOUR FRIEND ANYMORE, POTTER, SO THERE!!!!! then they all jinx him and leave him on the train with bats in his nose or something.
  • I am sure you will all be OVERJOYED to know that Goblet of Fire contains my single favourite moment from the entirety of the Harry Potter series as a whole. yes. my #1 moment. My Scene. during the third task, Harry bumps into a sphinx in the maze. sphinxes are dangerous mythical creatures, and Harry is taking part in a dangerous legendary tournament. the sphinx says, “You are very near your goal. The quickest way is past me.” and what does Harry Potter, the Boy Who Lived, the Chosen One, the saviour of the wizarding world, say to this? “so will you move, please?” that’s my SON. THAT’S MY BOOOY!!!
The Happy Ending Con 2017 - Robert & Michael’s Panel
  • MRJ would play Belle (x)
  • Robert thinks Rumple similarly had a happy ending in the end of S6. He loves Belle but he’s still a loner so probably not. (x)
  • MRJ doesn’t think Neal was trying to convince Emma from saving Hook but to keep her safe from her dangerous journey (x)
  • Robert’s fav scene is when Rumple and Neal meet again on Neverland (x)
    • Fav scene: Robert: S3 when they met again in Neverland, good quality stuff MRJ: when he found out Robert was going to play his dad (x)
  • Michael emotions talking about Bobby (x)
    • Omg Michael  he got emotional and Bobby hugged him everyone clapped (x)
  • Michaels fave is when Neil confronts Rumple in New York one of his favourite scenes ever in his career (x)
  • He said working with Bobby was the highlight of his career (x)
  • MRJ would have loved to play Julia Roberts’s part in Prettywoman. Robert doesn’t regret anything, just move forward. (x)
  • Season 2 when Rumple let bae go through the portal was the hard complicated scenes with the cold and wind machine - Robert (x)
  • Hardest scene for Michael was scene w Henry over shoulder cause Jared farted five times (x)
  • Robert doesn’t think Destiny could come back but loves the idea of his character still “flying” (x)
  • Robert’s fav woman to kiss on the show: all the women in the building  but honestly EMILIE ! (x)
    • Kissing Bex was weird. Kissing Lana was even WEIRDER. So Emilie because they had a real story (x)
  • MRJ thinks if Neal were still alive he would teach his son some life lessons (x)
  • Bobby: the show is unrelentingly sad so he wanted to add a lil bit of humour (x)
    • Robert’s added funny movements to Rumple’s character because this is a sad show in many ways (x)
  • MRJ says that playing Neal was a real challenge for him because he was so different from his character from True Blood (x)
  • Despite the stress from shooting, even for 5 years, Robert would never say no to another movie. (x)
  • Improvised scenes on OUAT that were kept? Robert says not really because producers pay and get what they want. (x)
    • Don’t you improvise on film & it makes it to TV? “abc wants it how it’s written but sometimes with Rumple but not with Gold”-Robert (x)
    • MRJ says that it’s difficult to change the script. Especially when they shoot a useful scene for the future (x)


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I'm not really into the Crack theory Ciel Mastermind, buuut I was reviewing about it (especially the last chapter) and I noticed something: There is a scene where Rachel says something like "If your brother gets in trouble while running a Toy store, think about being the one to come and save him, wouldn't you look impressive?", and soon after that he says "Oh I see, guess I have no choice but become the earl". 1/2

Mmm, that scene was so weird! Actually, the first few pages of ch133 where RC was crying and throwing tantrum because he didn’t want to be separated from OC made me almost believe that he might be a normal child (just a little bit clingy), but then there was this scene

which reinforced my suspicion that there is something wrong with RC :/ Yana even used a completely different font for this line to emphasise the sudden change in his tone. I honestly have no clue what’s going on with him and what exactly he meant by that, but at this point I’d even believe that he might have had some kind of split personality lol (it would be funny if after all the 2C discussions in the past 5 years it turned out that RC was the one who suffered from DID and not OC xD)

maybe he planned to kill their parents so that way Smile becomes emotionally atteched to the “last piece of family”, or in debt

That would be one hell of a super-yandere plot twist! RC definitely seems to have some sort of obsession with OC, but tbh I still can’t figure out whether it’s just brotherly love (just like Edward’s brotherly love for Lizzy) or something more dangerous :/ But yeah, we’ll see in the next chapter, i.e. in 1 week, whether he had a hand in the attack or not!! :D

And do you know what the JP fandom said about this chap?

Mmm, afaik two things were pointed out by several people:

- RC’s line “It seems I have no choice but to become Earl Phantomhive…”  
Was he really convinced by what Rachel told him? Can we really trust his “Fine!” and his bright smile? Could it be that he was just pretending to be convinced but was actually not happy at all about becoming Earl Phantomhive and being separated from OC?

- RC’s behaviour in the last 3 pages
Was RC really sleeping until 6? Could it be he was awake while OC was sleeping? If so, where was he and what did he do? What’s with RC’s look on the last page? Does he know what is happening?

yes the JP fandom has a huge distrust of RC haha

I’m sorry but was I the only one who thought “so Aria IS mentally ill” while she was talking to the corpse in the trunk.....?
neighbor au ft. hwang minhyun

this was requested by an anon!

a/n: i don’t even know if this is neighbor-y enough l o l. i moved a lot and never talked to my neighbors. why do i feel so unsatisfied with this 

  • you moved into the house next to his around high school and honestly who talks to their neighbors anymore?
  • so you didn’t really know who lived next door until you saw minhyun leaving the front door with a uniform from the same school as you. 
  • that wasn’t really your conversation starter though. minhyun has this cold “fuck off” vibe that you really didn’t want to be near.
  • turns out he was in the class next to yours. you recognized him because he was tall and very very prince-like. also, very very popular.
  • you normally stayed after school for clubs and stuff, but you didn’t really feel like it one day and decided to walk home.
  • but that was the day, you met hwang minhyun.

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anonymous asked:

here it is, take this moment to spill all your feels about jikook lately (and how your headcanon is now canon)

Oh lord. Ohlordohlordohlordohlord.

Where do I even start with Autumn Jikook? I mean, Jikook has always been a strong ship, but they seemed to have upgraded to the Ship of Dreams.

So on November 8, 2017, I woke up 3 hours earlier than my alarm because my friend Cherry was screaming in the chat about Jikook. I thought, oh, maybe it’s just a cute selca. Maybe an OT7 BTS Bomb with some shippy moments.

But I was wrong.

Oh, god, the VIDEO. Jungkook films/edits way better than YouTubers I’m subbed to who’ve been doing the video thing for years. And, not disregarding his talent, but there was more to it than that. The obvious, I suppose.

I kept tooting my own horn about my fic, and I’m sorry if I came off narcissistic about it (and I’m sure I’m not the only one who wrote about the emotion of Jungkook’s photography skills in a fic), but an actual headcanon came true. It. Came. True.

Jungkook edited Jimin like a dream, but a very real, concrete one that he gets to live, to adore and hug and kiss and be with. Truly, he made sure we saw that, too. We saw the vulnerability and tenderness of his adoration for Jimin in the filters, the shots, and the music. Like, holy crap, the lyrics.

And that’s another thing. Jungkook is a fan of Troye Sivan; he probably knows the song. Not only that, with the careful way he edited the video, he wouldn’t just choose any old song with a good beat. He’d be picky with his song choice. He did say that every time he does a cover (particularly in languages foreign to him, I assume), he looks up the lyrics. I imagine he wouldn’t be any different when finding a song that fit the video.

Anyway, back to the video. 

Jungkook showed his high regard for Jimin by giving him the focus of the video. Sure, there were some really pretty shots of Tokyo, but only about 10%, honestly. A significant majority of the video was of Jimin, freely laughing and smiling and enjoying himself. It wasn’t so much going to Tokyo and seeing what it had to offer that made Jungkook enjoy the trip, it was being with him.

I’ve seen others (particularly @/satellite-jeon, since I remember her Ask response off the top of my head) mention the contrast of focus between Jimin’s cute, but cheesy little montage and Jungkook’s high-production one: “us” vs. “you.” Jimin’s footage came off as sweet and fun, but something about them seemed shy, too, like Jimin was saying, “yes, I went on a trip with someone I care about,” but got skittish about including the depth of his emotions about it. He let us be outsiders looking in. (I mean, that was how it seemed to me, personally).

But Jungkook. He did a great job of showing us his POV of the world and of Jimin. The teacup ride scene, for example. I wasn’t just watching Jimin have fun and be cute; it felt intimate, like I was Jungkook himself. It sounds weird, but you get what I mean?

So that was the gist of my interpretation/feelings about the video. I hope it made sense and sounded eloquent enough, but honestly, I don’t know how to put into words how it pulled my heartstrings.The video has a way of getting me giddy and ramble-ly and all over the place.

Also, sorry. I wrote an essay. LOL

Sadie Killer - Thoughts/Things I Liked

- Powder sugar on the side… YOU CAN DO THAT?! *is fat*

- We all miss Lars, too. I hope he gets back to Earth with the Off Colors, soon.

- Steven, don’t waste napkins! Save a tree!

- All the fake-band-names-that-resemble-real-band-names were beautiful

- Buck that was kind of a dick move signing everyone up for public singing when they weren’t asked first. lol

- “WE FOLLOWED YOU. Sorry if that’s weird”. Honestly, Steven, you’re the only one who could get away with that.

- Everyone embracing Sadie’s love of horror films is adorable. I love these laid back episodes.

- Once they started playing the music, I half expected them to start a version of “This is Halloween”.

- “Tired from work”… Same, girl. Same.

- “The Working Dead” LMAO I’m in the Walking Dead fandom, so that amuses me greatly.

- Lipstick around your eyes… Well, that’s something. I love the background in this scene, it’s a cool overlay.

- “First, lose your youth to your boring job. Then, lose the only person you’ve ever felt truly close to. Then, lose your mind working all his shifts”. Damn, girl.


- HOSHIT, Sadie quit her job! Who’s gonna’ work there, now…OH SHIT I BET IT’S MAYOR DEWEY. LMAO

anonymous asked:

What were your top ten scenes from Call Me By Your Name and why? I could read your opinion on the scenes for days!

Ohh thank you, that’s so sweet :) Right, honestly, thank you for this question. I was trying to narrow it down to my top five scenes for another post and I was having trouble so now I don’t have to restrain myself haha. Film spoilers ahead, m’loves…

1. Visions of Gideon - I keep calling it ‘Visions of Gideon’ but I mean the entire winter sequence. It’s a fantastic “epilogue” for the film but it hurts like hell, it really does. I love how Elio experiences a million emotions in the last ten minutes, how Timmy plays that out, how the final shot just encompasses everything we’ve witnessed over the summer and everything we’ve just learnt - how it stamps all over my heart tbh. I also love it because it wraps up the span of 20 years in the book into one little sequence - I spoke about that more HERE.

2. Oliver cataloguing slides with Mr Perlman - the scene really begins in the hallway when Oliver bumps into Elio, teases him and is so chill you wouldn’t think anything of it, but at the same time as Elio going upstairs to find what Oliver has left him, we see Oliver completely flustered trying to take in the information about the statues that are “all so… sensual” apparently while thinking about what he’s done - I love it. It’s also a nice recurring thing where Oliver does something daring then afterwards is shocked at his own nerve i.e this scene and the morning after scene. It’s brilliant.

(Under a cut because this got really long… and spoiler-y!)

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