this scene was funny as hell

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So is the shovel talk scene racist/homophobic/etc? The lighting on Dom Sherwood was on point but I'm not sure about anything else. :/

I am not in a position to talk about it being maybe racist or such so I am waiting for @amorverus‘s input on this matter again and how she saw that scene.

But to me, it mostly was just uncomfortable to watch. I mean they tried to write it somehow kind of funny? But I was just shifting in my seat, trying to hide my embarrassment while also shaking my head. Like… are the writers fucking serious? A shovel talk of some kind? From Jace? Defending it kinda with him being Alec’s parabatai and worrying about him? Especially since we kinda only knew through this talk that Malec actually had sex???

I cannot believe.

Reasons why Parks and Rec deserved an Emmy

- Set in small-town Indiana, still manages to have 40% of it’s ensemble cast be POC, and not one of them is a token either

- 40% of the cast are women. ¾ are POC. All of them are badasses. 

- Every single fucking episode is funny. Seriously. 

- Perd fucking Hapley. I can’t even explain, you just have to watch 

- Pawnee citizens holy hell 

- The flawless political commentary behind the Langman’s and the Male Men 

- The scene in Comeback Kid where Get On Your Feet is playing and they’re all struggling to walk on ice 

- Chris Traeger and his mental illness. They worked it in so that it was comedic, but if it glorified anything, it was asking for help and accepting it. 

- Okay just Chris in general 

- Gary Jerry Larry Terry Gary Gergich Gengurch Gergich 

- Donna, the character who is exactly who she needs to be throughout her life. She acknowledges the need to change her behavior occasionally, but it doesn’t dent her confidence one bit. 

- Ann Meredith Perkins, you beautiful sun-ray nurse. The best friend everyone needs. Quirky and grounded and intelligent. 



- Everything Tom Haverford has ever said 

- Ben fucking Wyatt. I can’t even elaborate without crying and combusting. Much better nerd than any weasel from The Big Bang Theory. Feminist. Best Husband Ever. 


- Cones of Dunshire and Requiem for a Tuesday 


- April Blart, Mall Cop 

- April’s character development *heart eyes* 

- Andy and April’s love 

- Mouse Rat and hits like The Pit, Catch Your Dream, and - 5000 CANDLES IN THE WIND 


- Bert Macklin, FBI 

- Johnny and Johnathan Karate 

- Andy Dwyer, secret genius 

- Ron Swanson, the manliest man to ever man, owner of the world’s best character development, hater of Canada and vegans, beautiful beautiful man 

- Duke fucking Silver 

- I dig your groovy tunes man

- Ben and Leslie’s healthy, realistic, and beautiful relationship 

- Benslie proposal 

- Benslie wedding 

- Ben’s triplets freakout 

- the BOX 

- Amy Poehler plays the most amazing woman to ever grace any screen. Leslie Knope, a socially inept but selfless woman who dedicates her life to public service, her family, and her friends. Deeply flawed main character that wasn’t made lovable by her unfortunate but relatable love of sugar and hatred of vegetables, but instead by her love for others and thoughtfulness and work ethic and optimism. Food habits aside, her character flaws were acknowledged by the writers, her loved ones, and her. No one is an enabler for Leslie Knope’s bad behavior. When she does something shitty, she gets called on it and apologizes. But at the end of the day, hard work and positivity make a difference, and she achieves her dreams. 

- Positivity. The people on this show like each other. They believe in and support each other. They apologize when they’re wrong. They forgive when they’ve been wronged. They go out of their way to make lives better. And it is still funny.

Important things in Moana:
  • Moana is an awesome princess and one of the few characters that I got attached to at the start
  • The breathtaking scenery
  • Dwayne Johnson voices Maui
  • Heihei, who provided animal comedy relief without acting like a dog
  • Mini Maui, who was also a very funny character
  • Pua, who should’ve came with Moana on her journey
  • Grandma Tala
  • The way the ocean is personified
  • The scene that’s basically a huge Mad Max: Fury Road reference
  • The sadistic glam crab from hell that references David Bowie
  • The plot twist with the Lava Monster
  • The fact that Maui and Moana don’t become a couple
  • The soundtrack which is a million times better than Frozen’s
  • Moana is and always will be a much better movie than Frozen IMO
  • Basically nearly everything
  • I would gladly pay to see this movie again

This is an Euler’s Disk. It’s a physics toy that demonstrates angular momentum, potential energy, and kinetic energy.

Justin wasn’t purposely rebellious. He was a rascal in an unassuming, almost charming way. He sometimes got into trouble for things he didn’t even realize were wrong. Like the time he was suspended from catholic school.
Justin loved movies and would often repeat lines from them. When he was around seven years old, he watched a movie called ’‘Good burger’’ which was based on one of the sketches on a nickelodeon network show. In one of the films scenes, a customer at a burger joint is complaining to Ed, a simpleton who works at the restaurant, about the hamburger he ordered. After his rant, the irate customer storms out of the place and yells over his shoulder to Ed, “See you in hell!” Ed responds good-naturedly, “Okay, see you there!” The scene was cute and funny, meant to make you laugh.
One afternoon when Justin rode the bus home from school, the catholic bus driver wished him a good day as she let him off. Justin smiled, waved, and told her, “See you in hell, Bev!” He was suspended the next day. Justin wasn’t trying to be mean, just funny. Unfortunately, the bus driver didn’t appreciate my sons humor.
—  Pattie Mallette, Nowhere But Up.

Katya and Violet bond in a deleted scene

This is a really sweet, cute moment. This whole youtube channel is full of great and funny scenes with the queens that never made it to air. In my opinion, season seven is worse without them. Kennedy talks about her life in the navy, Trixie and Max talk about going to school together, there’s even a scene where they show the painful hell Violet and the girls have to go through as beauty queens. It’s all humanizing gold. 

If they had put all of this back in as opposed to fake shade and drama, people would have viewed this season differently. 


I had a dream a couple days ago about a Coldflashwave Hellboy fusion AU and it was super rad and super sad and would not leave my head until I drew it out and made Nikki color it XD

Mick was Hellboy, Len was Abe (who gave Mick his name because what kind of name is Hellboy and Mick is short for Micheal, and wouldn’t it be funny if the prince of hell was named after an angel?), Barry was Liz, Harry was Professor Broom, Lisa was Kate, I think, and Eobard was Rasputin. In the end I drew the scene right after Broom’s funeral when they’re all back in the empty shell of a house.

Len has the parka because he doesn’t believe in wearing clothing, Mick, but if I must just pick one and that was all Mick had on hand (Len now treasures it and the goggles he got later to protect his night vision with a fervor previously only seen in dragons).

Barry was thought to be the cause of his parents deaths, because of course in this timeline they burned. He claims he didn’t, that something else did, but the BPRD has never heard of another firestarter so Barry’s words must just be grief.

Wish we had more time to do more on this, but at least it’s out of my system for now >>:

the funniest line deliveries (imo) for each of The Magnificent Seven


“Then just shoot him in the head, hell I don’t know, avenge me.” - Sam Chisolm

“Oh good they brought their pitchforks, we may stand a chance after all.” - Josh Faraday (OR “Je-sus-wept”)

“You little shit! We got a lot to talk about!” - Jack Horne

“I’m hungry.” - Red Harvest

C’MON! GET SOME GRAVEL IN YOUR CRAW! GODDAMNsonsabitches” - Goodnight Robicheaux

(1000% poker faced) “That is funny.” - Billy Rocks

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"I know a lot of people think that if rukia dies in icihgo's arms he'd be screaming her name" Bru. That... already happened. Waaaay back in Rock Musical BLEACH 2011. Which Kubo praised to the high heavens. IchiRuki has literally got it all, it's not even funny. XD

DUDE i completely forgot about that kjhgkjfdkgjfdhgkdfj that scene was dramatic as hell

here’s the vid for anyone who wants to watch it

Goblin Review: Episode 12

What an ending, ya’ll. What. An. Ending. I honestly teared up so many times this episode and it’s not even funny. =/ Gramps passed away, we know the truth about Deok Hwa, Sunny remembered her past, Shin learned about the Eunuch, and both Grims and Shin realized that he is Wang Yeo. Wow. (I’m honestly sorry if this is kinda shitty, I didn’t have much time to write this.)

Eun Tak: This episode did’t really have much to do with her but it was really cute to see her start at university. “No blind dates, no romance, and no Tae Hee.” Lmao, Shin has some great rules for her. And the scene in the photo booth was honestly cute as hell. 💞 Her main role was being the middle guy between the Eunuch and Shin. She was even scared enough of the Eunuch to put lighters in every one of her jackets…poor girl. Also, I love the fact that Yeo always goes to her for advice or just to chat; they’re such good friends now haha. And I find it interesting that she could’t see that ghost; was it because she was distracted thing about the Eunuch and Yeo or is it because she’s losing her ability to do so now?

Deok Hwa: Oh, I cried with him when he was crying about Gramps passing. Yook Sunjae is honestly doing such a great job with his acting; from alternating from a serious deity And Shin saying that he has him as family? My heart!! I guess we were all half-right about Deok Hwa being the deity; I don’t know why, but I never thought of the deity using Deok Hwa as a vessel. That was brilliant. Tbh, I like the deity; I liked the fact that he orchestrated Shin and Yeo meeting and living together. Despite not getting along at first, he used their lack of knowledge to get them to bond. I think that will be the deciding factor in determining their fate.

Sunny: Who knew that it would only take a kiss for her to remember her past life? It seemed like Yeo was trying to make her forget meeting him again when he asked her to look into his eyes, but it didn’t look like she forgot anything. It’ll be interesting to see how else she’ll get involved now that she knows the whole truth.

Goblin/Grim Reaper: My favorite bromance is on the verge of imploding and I am not okay. Tbh, I hope that they forgive each other quickly and figure out a way to send the Eunuch to hell! Yeo doesn’t seem to completely remember but that fact he was able to deduce that he may be Wang Yeo was pretty cool. He’s so different from who the King was and I predict that the Eunuch’s plan to getting them to kill/hate each other won’t work. We need a happy ending of course, right?

Eunuch: He says he wants to destroy both Shin and Yeo and I can understand why for both. Shin, because he killed him, and Yeo because I’m guessing he changed after the Queen died. But I feel like there should be more to it than that? And why can’t Shin use the sword to kill him? As a goblin, he obviously has more powers than a ghost so why doesn’t the sword affect him? Maybe because the Eunuch was the first kill after he became a goblin and has been roaming around for 900 years along with Shin? I assume that the only way to kill him would be for Shin and Yeo to work together. Ugh, so many questions.

I’m not prepared to admit that we only have 4 episodes left, but we do. Time flies when good dramas are on, right? 

Drop an ask and talk to me! I’d love to discuss!

(Review Episode: 1, 2, 34, 5, 6, 7, 891011 )

my reaction to The Scene
  • *bellamy stands near clarke, being supportive*: oh Snap that's my damn otp right there haha, probably all we're getting though
  • *reaches his hand out, caresses her shoulder*: oH SHIIIHIITTT OKAY okay cool cool cool cool this is fine i'm fine this scene is over now, right? that's all the bellarke we get
  • *clarke grasps his hand back*: whhaatttt. A tt the Fuck. The fck this is SO FINE!!!?? IM Great?? Cool cool that's cool and fine and dandy nbd. i'm so chill lol!!!! LowerYourExpectations.gif
  • *The Nuzzle(TM)*: sdgfhhfdgfdhgHSGDHFGHDFG OKAY!!!!!!!!!! OKAY YOU GOT ME!!!!! VERY FUNNY!!!! BELLARKE IS IN LOVE, HAHAHAHAHAHH -- what the FUCK??? What in the actual fresh hell??? They LOve EaCH oTheR SdfgdhsgJHDGSHFJHFGD THIS IS OUR YEAR
something about eyewitness

it is so important that they don’t make ryan kane likable. he is evil and he is deeply disturbed. even when its mentioned that he is a victim of war. he has fought in war, he has seen terrible things, but even then he is so profoundly creepy that it is impossible to see anything redeeming about him. 

it happens quite often in media, that villains are still kind of likable… or they’re funny or have funny scenes or redeeming qualities. television is notorious for making murders and rapists seem like normal people with reasonable motives. 

a lot of tv shows would play off his behavior as an act of love for bella or fear of losing his job or getting caught, but not eyewitness. they lay out his emotions so well that every move he makes terrifies you. THIS IS HOW VILLAINS SHOULD BE, THIS IS HOW EVIL SHOULD BE PORTRAYED IN MEDIA. 

when every single person who watches a show wants the villain to rot in hell, you have a good villain.