this scene was both amazing and creepy

I will never get over just how good Chris is at playing an evil character. It’s become so much more obvious to me since I’ve watched him play Mon El, who is basically a big dumb puppy. I mean, he’s good at both roles, but it just amazes me how he is able to go from something like this

To this

But that alone isn’t it. Like, Kai can have the biggest grin on his face and still creep me the fuck out.

I mean his micro-expressions are amazing. He can do almost the same laugh and seem genuine in one scene and evil little shit in another.

But yeah, this boy is talented af.

To all the scarlet vision age-gap doubters

I see people post about how they can’t ship vision and Wanda because of the actors’ age difference. You are totally entitled to your own opinion, but look at it from a shipper’s point of view: First off, before I looked up the actor for vision, I had no idea he was in his 40’s because Paul Bettany looks pretty young and I dare say attractive dressed up as the character.. Plus that British accent is pretty sexy too. Elisabeth and Paul seem really comfortable with each other and are both great, professional actors. They also have amazing chemistry on screen.. And if the actors who are just playing a role think it isn’t awkward kissing or doing intimate scenes with someone of another age, I don’t see the creepy factor. And I will say this again.. They both look young and handsome and their accents are on point and I just really needed to write this post because I’m absolutely obsessed with this ship. I mean look at them, they are BEAUTIFUL!!!

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Go! Princess Precure season and finale be like

I swear I cried during most of the episodes, and the finale (a little bit too rushed, but you know, it has to be less than 25 minutes, who made this stupid rule) was the best we could have. The best Precure finale since Suite imo (the animation wasn’t really good, I can’t deny it, but the way the Cures fought Noise was great). I mean, the last time I felt like “yeah, this has to end here, adding something would be useless” for a finale was with Breaking Bad.


I’m comparing the great, flawless, amazing Vince Gilligan’s masterpiece with a kid show.

And I’m not even sorry.

I’m actually pretty sensitive with kids anime, and if I was ten years younger, I think Go!Pri would be by far my favorite show and the Cures and Yui and Kanata and the fairies and the others my role models.

YES Yui is part of the team YES she never became a Cure YES it was the perfect choice. You don’t need powers to be the hero or to be friends with your superheroes friends.

Just like the rumors said, Haruka was the only one who fought Close. And you know what? It was the most perfect choice.

The first episode was a Flora vs Close, and our little crow hated her since then from the bottom of his heart. The last episode being a Flora vs Close shows us how much Haruka grew up since the very first episode. Episode 1? Her moves were improvised, she’s not sure of herself. Episode 50? She reacts quickly, knows what to do within seconds, and is really confident. Plus, the other Cures didn’t give their powers to Flora, like in Doki Doki or Happiness Charge without thinking, because she’s the leader or something. They were ready to eliminate Close again, but finally realized that Flora’s decision - talking to Close - might be the right thing to do and if she doesn’t succeed, they’ll probably think something else. And unlike last seasons, Flora didn’t get a final upgrade form only for herself, it was shown as an alternative Grand Princess form, more suited for hand to hand fights.

And DAMN THE FIGHT WAS TOO SHORT BUT SO BEAUTIFUL, THEY FINALLY PUT THE DANCING MADNESS THEME, VERY BEAUTIFUL ANIMATION SUCH FEELS. Plus, they didn’t make a completely nonsense “Love always won” speech (I’m still a little bit perplexed with Cure Lovely speech, because kids, love is also painful, she knew that more than anyone but she didn’t really explained that. And I won’t talk about Cure Heart speech since the show was about “LOVE IS EVERYWHERE EVEN IN CARROTS”) but a “Dreams are real because there is despair, both cannot be erased, but you can overcome your frustration and sadness if you think your dream is worth to be reached, that make us stronger” speech.

I waited this theme for months, and it greatly suited the battle. I mean, Close literally said “Well, shall we dance” with so much madness in his voice.

The epilogue. I believe it’s the first time they show us grown up Cures. I was not even crying, just some water in my eyes. Btw TOEI THANK YOU TO SHOW US THAT BOYS CRY TOO. It was not like if they show us Kanata a little bit moved, and hiding his feelings because ~ boys cannot cry ~ or some stupid bullshit. No, he cried in front of Flora because he wanted to cry and it was shown as a normal thing. After the makeup episode this little and subtle scene, Toei, you did an amazing job.

When both are crying in such a beautiful way, I’m using my last tissue and trying to sweep again my glasses.

And yes Dyspear was by far the cleverest and the most underestimate villain. She gave her powers to Close in case of she was defeated. BRILLANT. Finally, Close listens to Haruka, and kind of understand her feelings, and he leaves because he’s not in the mood to fight anymore. Just the usual Close from the first episodes. The creepy and emotionless one is gone. And may come back, since he told Flora “See ya later” (and Haruka going with her usual “Have a nice day”, said with such elegance).

Last word: Cure Flora definitely has the best character development since Cure Blossom. It’s pretty funny since both share same similarities, like the power of the flowers, or how they were treated like buds who cannot bloom, and after training and experiences they both became confident and strong characters.

Dreams never end, even if you become an adult. Toei are you trying to destroy my heart?


And if you don’t get how deep this quote is just watch Breaking Bad already or I’ll curse you