this scene was amzing

Moments that Killed Me

- She taught them all how to program. And they just fucking did it.

-I PAY TAXES (me trying to get out of my library fees at like 20 different libraries)

-That bathroom speech that I, as a non-passing transman, would LOVE to give to all of the weird looks I get trying to piss

- Hot white astronaut, is hot mostly because he acknowledged the mothafuckin badasses behind the scenes.

- “I held it up to the light”

-He passed his phone to her. What a quiet and amzing way to show the change.

- The pencil scene, the proposal scene, all of Al Harrison who never gave a single fuck about race or gender only math (in the movie anyway) . Restoring my faith in men

- Making math look badass (BECAUSE IT IS)

- The struggle was political, and internal with like “Can I do this crazy hard thing?” Not focused on how they can be traditional women and work with The Nasa Boys.

- Again, she just fucking walked into the IBM room with her FORTRAN book and was like “Oh lol this is wrong, fixed that, mkay lessee here”


- All of it. Every second.