this scene touch me in so many levels ;;

TVD's true epic love story is Stelena. Accept.
  • Kevin Williamson: This show is always going to be about Stefan and Elena. It has to be. They’re soulmates.
  • Julie Plec: The bottom line is that Elena and Stefan are the true epic love story of the show. Damon is the third point of the triangle.
  • Bob Levi: For the pilot and the TV series to work, the relationship between Elena and Stefan had to be magic. I said to myself “This is phenomenal”. There is real chemistry between Paul Wesley and Nina Dobrev.
  • Paul Wesley: I just want [Stefan] in the end to find his love, that’s all he cares about. Of course I want him to end up with Elena. Cause I have to, that’s all I can hope for. Elena is his true love.
  • Paul Wesley: At the beginning it’s not a triangle, Elena and I just have this passion and love that is undying. Stefan is so desperately in love with Elena he would die for her. He would do anything for her; nurture, care and protect her, even jump in front of a bus for her.
  • Paul Wesley: It’s really the story of this sort of triangle in a sense, but really actually more so the love between my character (Stefan) and Elena.
  • Paul Wesley: I think Stefan’s the good guy, but my biggest interest is Elena and her love. He lives for Elena. Without her, he’s nothing.
  • Nina Dobrev: We want to make it as real as possible, and as genuine, and we want to make everyone fall in love with these characters and believe the love story. That’s what it’s about. It’s about Stefan and Elena’s undying love.
  • Paul Wesley: Stefan and Elena have this love that is so pure and natural, and I think that that’s not gonna change and I don’t really want that to. I think it will be challenged as it has been.
  • Nina Dobrev: Stefan is very attractive because he is protective of Elena and he loves her unconditionally. He would do anything for her, and he’s committed.
  • Nina Dobrev: She’s all Stefan, all the time though – she loves Stefan.
  • Nina Dobrev: I feel like she has high morals, and she loves Stefan. It’s always been Stefan.
  • Nina Dobrev: I think Elena would marry Stefan...
  • Kevin Williamson: Is she single right now? Elena is always, no matter how single she is, she’s still standing there with Stefan. They’re a couple who have conflicts and they have a big one looming. They’re starting to truly disagree about how to handle things. But no, I wouldn’t stay she’s going to stay single by any means. I wouldn’t say she’s single now. She may be arguing or disagreeing with Stefan at the moment, but I don’t think they’re too far apart.
  • Paul Wesley: Season one, my favorite scene was the moment when I… uhm… this is going to sound ridiculous, but it really was that entire sequence I did with Nina up to the point where we first made love. But for me it was more about, you know… (1x10) she touched my face for the first time, saw my veins, watched me turn into this creature and she accepted me for who I was and it was symbolic on many levels. It was a very intimate moment and I loved shooting that scene, that was beautiful. I think honestly that’s my favorite moment so far.
  • Nina Dobrev: With Stefan, whenever he’s around she’s just, it’s almost like she melts into his arms and she feels somewhat relieved.
  • Paul Wesley: Vampires can’t procreate. But they can practice. Maybe we’ll adopt a baby, me and Elena.
  • Joseph Morgan: But there is always going to be this connection between Elena and Stefan. So maybe eventually, that will win. Won’t it?
  • Daniel Gillies: I also don’t think Stefan is out of the picture really. Both Elijah and Daniel think Stefan is still the biggest romantic threat for Elena’s heart.
  • Candice Accola: Caroline is very much a Stelena shipper. I think Caroline has seen such a wonderful side of Stefan. She really has seen the reasons in which Elena has fallen for him, and she sees that he can protect her and bring a good side of her out. I think she sees Stefan as much more protective and, you know, a good person to be with.
  • Nina Dobrev: I think that deep down she’s in love with the person that Stefan is. She loves warm-hearted people who are loving…
  • Paul Wesley: I think the Elena/Stefan storyline is an integral part of the show. I think their love is infinite.
  • Steven R. McQueen: Damon broke my neck so screw that guy! I would go with Wesley.
  • Ian Somerhalder: No shit it’s always gonna be Stefan… It’s always gonna be Stefan. I don’t blame her, Stefan’s a better dude.
  • Zach Roerig: Stefan honored Elena’s choice to save [Matt] and he’s kind of OK with that because that’s how much he really loves Elena.
  • Claire Holt: Yeah. I think she made the right choice. They’re pretty great together.
  • Paul Wesley: Stelena will always be the core of the show, the show revolves around Stelena.
  • Nina Dobrev: Stefan feeds Elena’s soul.
  • Arielle Kebbel: It’s all about Stelena #thatsright #isaidit
  • Nina Dobrev: I love The Notebook, and I know an epic love story when I see one, and I felt like Elena and Stefan had an epic love.
  • Paul Wesley: Personally, I want Elena to be human again. Because I think it’s a better dynamic.
  • Nina Dobrev: I liked Elena the human in the beginning the best.
  • Paul Wesley: It was very surreal to shoot the last scene with Nina Dobrev. But everything must come to an end one day or another. I never imagined that Stefan and Elena would end up like this, without love, without something romantic between them.

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With all due respect, I'm curious why you ship farnesca so strongly. I'm not saying you're in the wrong for doing so by any means. Personally it kinda rubs me in the wrong way because of how much history Casca has with Guts and how much of a mean spirited blow that would be to him after everything. It's also the fact she is severely impaired, mentally and the gross trope of lesbianism being a choice after traumatizing events turning a girl against men.

This is going to be long.  put on your seat-belts kids it’s time to go on a farnesca ride

warning: there are mentions of rape and abuse below the cut!

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What is your favorite thing about EddEddy? Friendship and/or relationship?

There are so many layers to the way they work together, and not just to say their characters are deep, but also that scenes with them are FULL of good little touches that showcase the level of detail in the animation. There’s really no point in the show where the artists ran out of ways to draw Edd and Eddy interacting and I’m so impressed and grateful that their dynamic was able to produce so much material.  It’s a frequent topic of discussion around here that Ed falls into the background in later seasons, and it surprises me that Edd and Eddy stay fascinating the whole way through, even if they fell into a bitter cycle for a while.  The other thing I like is that, when I get asks about them, I don’t even need to pick whether I’m talking about friendship or a relationship, because the bond between them is self-evident in the show, even when they aren’t on good terms in an episode.

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Is it weird that I've never actually watched the show, but I adore *ADORE* Sterek? I found my way to Sterek through a Supernatural fic originally, and I'm hooked!

Honestly? This makes me really happy.

Sterek fandom is an amazing place with so many incredible fanworks, and a level of passionate, creative, beautiful fans I’ve never seen anywhere else. This fandom puts so much into building Stiles and Derek’s characters and relationship from the fragments we were given on screen, allowing them depth and a chance to heal and grow in ways that were barely touched on in canon.

And while I would recommend checking out some Sterek scenes –– or just music videos, maybe? –– because the Dylan/Hoechlin chemistry is beautiful to behold, it’s not necessary at all. It’s completely understandable to get hooked on Sterek from fanon, and seriously so well worth it.

Welcome to the fandom!!


1x12 “Faith”
“Must be rough. To believe in something so much and then have it disappoint you like that.”

Forever one of the most beautiful episodes. Forever one of my fave scenes. Because this dialogue between Layla and Dean is just so beautiful on so many different levels. Most of all though it gets to me because of that one small gesture, the way she touches his face - a woman that so strongly reminds of Mary and Dean barely knows but you know he is fond of that expression, that touch - because it’s so gentle and it’s so beautifully contrasted to all the other times over the episode that people are grabbed or touched on their heads either by Roy LeGrange or the Reaper.

This is one of the maaaany reasons why i love Carol so much. 

She killed that walker and the axe or knife gets stuck in his head. I know it’s a little detail but it’s so important for her development because she had to LEARN how to fight and this looks SO REAL to me.

I believe her. I believe everything Melissa does. Her performance is always so touching on so many different levels. Everything Melissa does is PERFECTLY done. 

gif: anarchygrimes.

Someone needs to do a slowmo step by step analysis of that mother fucking hug.

Because in a matter of seconds that’s man’s breathing becomes so heaving and shaken…

I’ve watched this scene like 10 times already and I cry every fucking time.